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(Marriage Sicencee 






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in 2013 



flftarriage ^Licences 


dfacult^ Office 

Commencing 1632. 

The names of the parties to whom these licences were granted are 
printed in the chronological arrangement and the precise form in which they 
exist in the manuscript calendar thereof kept at the Faculty Office in 
Knightrider Street, London. It will probably be thought desirable that 
an alphabetical index should hereafter be furnished. 

Abstracts of the particulars of some of these entries were made by 
that well-known genealogist, the late Col. Joseph Lemuel Chester. These 
are printed in Vol. XXIV. (1886) of the Harleian Society's publications 
entitled " Allegations of Marriage Licences issued from the Faculty Office of 
the Archbishop of Canterbury , at London, 1543 to 1869 "J 1 The title of that 
volume is somewhat misleading, for although it contains all the allegations 
that exist (viz., those for some thirteen years-) before 1632, yet after that 

1 With respect to the kindred office of the Vicar-General (the only office besides the 
Faculty which extends over the whole of the province of Canterbury), abstracts of all the 
marriage allegations therein from 25th July, 1660 (the earliest record now remaining), down 
to 30th June, 1694, have been printed by the Harleian Society (Vols. XXIII., XXX., XXXI., 
XXXIII. and XXXIV.), the latter volumes supplementing the first one which contained 
selections only. Thus, when the index to the Faculty Office is printed down to 1694, the 
public will have a complete list of all the existing licences issued for the province of the 
Archbishop of Canterbury down to that date. The allegations for 1664 (from 2nd Jan., 1663-4 
to 13th Feb., 1664-5) at the office of Vicar-General are unfortunately missing, being supposed 
to have been burnt in the great fire of London. 

2 Viz., those from 22nd Nov., 1543 to 25th April, 1549, and those from 4th April, 1567 to 
16th Sept., 1575, so that of the whole space of eighty-nine years (1543 to 1632) no less than 
seventy-five [!] are missing. 

b Marriage Licences in the Faculty Office. 

date it ceases to be a complete list and is merely a selection — a fairly full one, 
indeed, down to 1703, but subsequently from 1703 till 1800 containing not 
more than three or four entries in each year, while from 1800 to 1829 tner e- is 
less than one a year, and during the forty years from 1829 to 1869 but one [!] 

The entries that hereunder are marked with an asterisk (*) are those 
which were abstracted by Col. Chester and printed in the volume above re- 
ferred to, the names within brackets being those given by him whenever they 
differ from the names in the calendar at the office. It should, however, be 
borne in mind that inasmuch as Col. Chester's abstracts were taken from the 
original documents at Lambeth Palace, the names so bracketed are presum- 
ably the most correct. 

Permission to print this very useful calendar has most obligingly been 
accorded to this Society by William Price Moore, Esq., Registrar of the Court 
of Faculties, to whom the Council takes this opportunity of tendering their 
hearty thanks for the same. 




Carriage licences 


jfacult^ ©ffice 

[From 141H Oct., 1632, to 31ST Oct., 1695.] 

October, 1632. 
Greene, George, and Hill, Alice 

14 Anderton, Edw. 

15 Davies, John 
Radcliffe, Hen. 

*Wells [Welles], 

Gayle, Ralph 
; Belgrave, John 
'Fitzer, Humph. 

16 Blith, Thomas 
Smithwicke, Geo. 

*Barnaby, Robt. 

17 Lowe, Richard 
*Hastuild, Daniel 

[Hastvild, David] 
Storey, Simon 
Fawsett, J as. 
Browne, John 
17 Lasingby, Roger 

Bishoppe. Margt. 
Peirce, Eliz. 
Darbishire. Mary 
Gifford, Susan 

March, Dorothy 
Fleete, Faith 
Coombey, Ann 
Kitchell, Frances 
Haynes, Joane 
Bedford, Ann 
Ailiffe, Susan 
Fuliambe [Ful- 

jambe], Eliz. 
Fellowe, Mary 
Fawsett, Mar. 
Curtis, Cath. 
Bridge, Richard- 

Crayford, Eliz. 
Wynne, Alice 
Cole, Jane 

Totnell, Jane 
Harper, Mary 

18 Drury, Edward 
Grove, Roger 


* Dickinson, Edw. 
20 Nayler, Edwd. 

*Stapleton, Abraham Ford, Fortune 
Goodsall, Jas. Simpson, Eliz. 

Smart, George Clarke, Margery 

*Boemond, Nicholas Barrow, Susan 
Bryan, Nicholas Jackson, Barbara 
Dubo, Charles Mottershed, Do- 

Earle, William Singleton, Mary 

22*Matthew, John and 
*Raynton, Nicholas 
23 Neale, Samuel 
"Tisdale, Roger 
24*Younge [Yonge], 
Garrett, Wm. 
Poole, John 
*Hinton, Thos. 
*Cooper, John 
*Wardley, Rich. 

25 Davies, Hugh 
Morris, Thos. 

26 Gammon, Nicholas 
Drinkwater, Wm, 
Butt, William 
Wood, Henry 

27*Stratton, Edwd. 

29 Burton, Jeremy 

*Goodwynn, Chs. 
Stevens, Richd. 
Sturte, Wm. 
Parnell, John 
Pecke, John 
Lovett, John 

30 Nightingale, John 
*Strange, Thos. 
*Van Winterbecke, 

*Casson, Edwd. 
3i*Williams, Walt. 
Wiseman, Edw. 
Nelson, Wm. 
Lupton, John 
*Lave [Lear], 

Beale, Ann 
Moulson, Rebecca 
Till, Ann 
Gyles, Elizabeth 
Sheldon, Kath. 

Hammond, Mary 
Pennard, Bridgt. 
Exton, Eliz. 
Cooke, Ann 
Whalley, Cath. 
Duke, Lydia 
Stileman, Margt. 
Pidgeon, Abigail 
Elwith, Jane 
Smith. Jane 
Colgate, Frances 
Sharde, Mary 

Clarke, Felis. 
Rawn, Ann 
Saywell, Sarah 
Hunsdon, Ann 
Arnold, Eliz. 
Perry, Elizabeth 
Stibrancke, M argt. 
Biwater, Eliz. 
Gibson, Mary 

Bense, Jane 
Witty, Jane 
Davies, Grace 
Roberts, Cath. 
Parker, Ann 
Collington, Mar- 

< I la rriage L i ce nces. 


November, 1632. 
1 Wiltshire, Ralph and Greaves, Alice 

Chelsworth, Wm 
West, YVm. 

* Borough [ Bur- 

roughs], Miles 

* Bailey [Bayley], 


2 Carter, Thos. 
*Palmer, Ambrose 

3 Nelham, Richd. 
Garrett, John 
Smith, William 

4 ^Bailey [Bayley], 


5 "Cole, John 

Wells, Francis 
Parker, John 

7 Knightley, Rob. 

8 Broome, Chris- 

Tremlett, John 
*Mawry, Thos. 
9*Plummer, Thos. 
10 Prior, Henry 
Dacres, James 
*Crawley, John 

12 Turley, Edwd. 
*Newcourt, Roger 

Waytt, John 

13 Attwinks, Rich. 
George, Joseph 
Searle, Walter 
Bee, Cornelius 
Day, Nicholas 

i4*Dove, John 

Gibbs, Robert 
Taylor, John 
"Cheney, Ihos. 
15 Rutt, Bartholomew 
Broad, Richd. 
*Goodyeare [Good- 
yer], John 

15 [i6]*Ceeley, Thos. 

16 Prowde, Chas. 

"Sherrington [Sher- 
ington], Francis 
Shepherd, Robt. 

Dawson, Wm. 

17 Groome, Ambrose 
Powell, Lewis 

19 Reeve, Simon 
17 Dowland, Wm. 

Eastland, Jane 
Fell, Elizabeth 
Palmer, Eliz. 

Morriss, Eliz. 

Reynolds, Eliz. 
Skeath, Mary 
Ositer, Alice 
Smith, Parnell 
Rixon, Cath. 
Reddidge, Margt. 

Woodley, Ann 
Wright, Alice 
Neale, Ann 
Yorke, Ellen 
Windle, Abigail 

Whiter owe, Eliz. 
Trosse, Margery 
Bur re, Ann 
Allen, Jane 

Cawson, Edith 
Avery, Cath. 
Lambert, Mary 
Mapleston, Mary 
Tomes, Alice 
Morgan, Cath. 
Shaddocke, Eliz. 
Hill, Mary 
Lake, Frances 
Toppin, Eliz. 
Hurst, Isabella 
Knott, Alice 
Garratt, Joane 
Merrey, Ann 
Ellis, Susan 
Westbrooke, Alice 
Crumpe, Patience 


Denne, Ann 

Bennett, Awdry 

Mountague, Ur- 
Kent, Joane 
Mabsden, Eliz. 
Endsor, Joyce 
Exell, Joane 
Dewens, Chantee 

17 *Meade, Francis and 

18 Barker, John 
i9*Coppinger [Co- 

pinger], John 
Scriven, Michael 
Wright, Wm. 
Shepherd, Wm. 
Stanford, John 
20*Cooper, Edmond 
*Morris, Richd. 

21 Bates, Thomas 
Child, John 

*Sanford, Thos. 
King, John 
*Hoop [Hooper], 

*Brooke, Thos. 

22 Rudd, Thomas 
Webb, William 
Lewis, Humphrey 

23 Wilthard, Richard 
24'Talboys, Richard 

Jones, Anthony 
26 Worsham, John 
Langton, Francis 
"Burgis, Robert 
Town send, Wm. 
Gcugh, Richard 
27*Codd, William 
Berry, Ben]. 
Kinde, John 
2S Morris, John 
Wardinge, Thos. 
Dawkins, Nich. 
Lasinby, Thos. 
King, James 
29*Gore, John 
*Kighley, Edw. 
Dyer, Edward 
30 Burnam, Robt. 
Reade, Edward 
Chapman, \\ ni. 
Potter, John 
* Bannister, Law- 
*Parkington [ 
ington], Bernard 

1 Lowley, Paul 
Willimott, Edw. 
Dodsley, Wm. 
Thorne, Nicholas 
Walcott, John 
*Tenderringe [Tend- 
ring], Thomas 
4*Sanders, Humfrey 
Allowaie, John 
*Gumbledon, John 

Ditchfield, Sarah 
Birchmore, Mary 
Jackman, Judith 

Wormstall, Ann 
Benson, Isabella 
Holloway, Margt. 
Brooke, Ann 
Pitch, Isabella 
Gratwicke, Eliz. 
Hunt, Juliana 
Paine, Mary 
Gilby, Marx- 
Wale, Anne 
Templer, Anne 

Hope, Aleby 

Wheatley, Sara 
Emott, Margt. 
Farmor, Dorothy 
Dorrington, Mary 
Abarrow | Aba- 
row], Eliz. 
Elkin, Anne 
Hixe, Bridget 
Perryan, Frances 
Pitcher, Joane 
Ridley, Ann 
Janes, Anne 
St. Leger, Mary 
Sorrell, Cicely. 
Stellin, Kath. 
Griffin, Joanna 
Tayler, Ursula 
Pemberton, Mary 
Smith, Joane 
Williams, Susan 
Kempe, Dorothy 
Barnes, Isabella 
Adams, Man- 
Fisher, Elizabeth 
Randall, Eliz. 
Hancrofte, Joane 
Hall, Joane 
Dynham, Mary 

Cackram, Eliza- 


Smith, FI ester 
Plumber, Joane 
Butts, Rose 
Coxe, Alice 
Hobb, Phoebe 
Rowley, Eliz. 

Berrey, Eliz. 
Thurbie, Mary 
Gamage, Florence 


Faculty Office. 


*Groome, Rich, am 

i Rocobacke, Doro. 


, 1632. 


Vaughan, Rich. 

Cooter, Frances 

4 Haddon, Wm. and Rotto.i, Judith 

*St. Leger, John 


Manhood, Robt. 

Pettiverre, Martha 


5 Bolton, Thomas 

Downes, Jane 

*Steede, Wm. 

Sandys, Hester 

Batten, Henry 

Dibble, Joane 

Davenport, Thos. 

Glyde, Sarah 

*Round, Godfrey 

Morecocke, Eva 


*Seyliard, John 

Seyliard, Sarah 

Baxter, Robert 

Hanbidge, Susan 

Howe, Richard 

Stringer, Eliz. 

Swinhowe, Geo. 

Gilby, Maria 

* Anderson, Hen. 

Caesar, Jaconina 

Goulde, Wm. 

Smith, Jane 

"Lemman, Phillip 

Searle, Isabella 

Basenett, Richard 

Rightus, Eliz. 

*Banbrigge, Henry 

Platts, Maria 

Kempton, Jacob 

Maddoxe, Eliz. 

*Lister, Anth. 

Craddock, Sarah 

"Adams, James 

Grigge, Kath. 

Hill, Edward 

Kinge, Martha 

6* Kent, Henry 

Grange, Anne 

Hoare, George 

Driver, Eliz. 

Snowe, Henry 

Halsey, Anne 


*Maning [Man- 

Hockeridge, Eliz. 

Rudd, Humphrey 

Pruddon, Alice 

ninge], Thos, 

Hitchcock, Wm. 

Turlington, Margt. 


Jervis, Thos. 

Addams, Joane 

*Radcliffe, Hugh 

Hanley, Margt. 

Eborne, Thos. 

Mills, Joane 


Weld, Anne 

*Freake, John 

Covert, Damejane 

*Langton, Richard 

Cockshott, Eliz. 

Whithorse, Robt. 

Wassell, Sara 

7 Chafer, John 

Porter, Alice 


Pentney, Robt. 


*Bettingham, Hy. 

Tucke, Eliz. 



Rabbitt, Robt. 

Francke, Anne 

8*Cary, Robert 

Casworth, Margt. 

Stone, Peter 

Symons, Agnes 

North, William 

Jordan, Dorcas 

''Portbury, Hen. 

Nelson, Margt. 

Newe, John 

Bury, Ann 

Rawnce, Wm. 

Thompson. Joane 

Broxuppe, Thos. 

Walker, Ann 

"Goodwynn, Benj. 

Cicile [Cecil ?], 

io*St John, Sir Paulett 

Vaughan, Eliz. 


*Brockett, Thos. 

Seylia'.id, Eliz. 


Barber, Henry 

White," Eliz. 

Tailor, Wm. 

Barrett, Mary 

Ashmore, Ralphe 

Slater, Eliz. 

Hale, Thomas 

Dowsett, Tho- 


*Tempest, Thomas 

Crewes, Eliz. 

rn a sine 

Paine, Edward 

Forshell, Sara 

*Washmond, John 

Jennings, Phihppa 

Parker, Xath. 

Bangham, Eliz. 


Allen, Richard 

Clarke, Eliz. 

Draper, Thos. 

Merrick, Eliz. 

Gilpin, Edmond 

Milborne, Jane 

11 ■ Alford, Sir Edw. 

Cooper, Dame My. 

Bidgood, Andw. 

Daniell, Susan 

Deane, John 

Pitt, Maria 

*Clulo, John 

Barton, Jane 

Ravenscroft, Sam. 

Goodfellow, Anne 

Tailor, John 

Gibson, Maria 

Sanders, Thos. 

Gould, Joane 

Venner, James 

Goodson, Agnes 

*Masters, Patrk. 



*Mayne, Stephen 

Blundell, Mary 



*Haies, Richard 

Powell, Eliz. 

Hunt, John 

Haslewood, Anne 

Sumpner, Simon 

Hadsley, Ann 

*Carter, Nicholas 

Glover, Martha 


White, Thos. 

Gardiner, Barbara 

i2*Barnard, Rich. 

Aleway, Dorothy 

Blakelome, Ralphe 

Runkin, Dionisia 

Brewer, John 

Man, Joanna 

Winders, Wm. 

Huckle, Margt. 

Whetham, Nath. 

Tirrell, Joanna 

* Phage, Wm. 

Bearden, Alice 

Simonds, Thos. 

Worsley, Eris- 


Sheeres, Robert 

Whiteinge, Sara 


Samon, Richard 

Wrighte, Eliz. 

i3*Hatcher, Nicholas 

Clifford, Eliz. 

*Copeland, Christ. 

Potter, Ann 

Reade, John 

Blood, Margt. 

*Butcher, Rich. 

Midford, Man- 

*Leveston, J as. 

Alsmith, Anne 

Bingley, Bryan 

Jones, Helen 

14 Bradshawe, J. 

Selby, Elizabeth 

Bennett, Isaac 

Motte, Rabbidge 

*Dale, Thomas 

Ridgeway, Anne 

*Higham [Heig- 

Harman, Helen 

Holmden, John 

Woodstock, Amy 

ham], Edmond 

Haley, Thos. 

Morton, Eliz. 


Barloe, Robert 

Smith, Joane 

Gurnard, Rich. 

South, Eliz. 

Wigginton, Math. 


i5*Stubbing, Edmond 

Wolley, Jane 


[J one] 

Barwell, Rich. 

Nash, Margaret 

Powell, Daniel 



Ward, George 

Barber, Mary 


Scott, John 

Boone, Marcye 

1 1 la rriage L icences. 

l>63 2 -33 

January, 1632-33. 
1 Comber, John and Foster, Dorothy 

2 Mackeson, John 
*Mathew, John 

Bucke, Isaac 
Calley, John 

3 Alchorne, Thos. 
*Hulse, Richard 

4*Tallget, Thos. 

* Lewis, John 

5 Pearson, Wm. 
Welch, Thos. 

7 Gamble, Anthony 

Game, Edward 
*Winstanley, Richd. 

8 Marriott, Edw. 
Savage, Peter 

"Leyell [Heyell], 

Glover, Edward 
9*Jobson, John 

10 Porter, William 
Newton, Henry 
Nanny, Griffin 

11 Baker, Henry 
*Prentis, Stonard 

Bayett, Zachary 

* Brewster, Wm. 

12 Burbank, Jeffrie 
Jones, Walter 
Paice, Anthony 

13 Knosley, John 
*Potter, Thomas 

14 Hudson, John 

* Hayes, Walter 

Biddill, William 
*Saxby, Thos. 

15 Petchey, Richd. 

* Dover, John 
*Clarke, Charles 

i6*Andros, Amis 
Hagger, Wm. 
Carter, William 
Hay ward, Thos. 
*Fawkenor, John 

17 Dyer, Richard 
*Bowyer, Thos. 

Bichernole, Rob. 

Hall, Thomas 
*Faldoe, Henry 
*Pordage, John 

Carpenter, John 

Addams, Rich. 

18 Holland, John 

Davies, Isabella 

Jemson, Sara 
Davies, Isabella 
Atree, Elizabeth 
Smith, Clara 
Mervin [Mervyn], 

Martin, Maria 
Gilson, Eliz. 
Gynne, Mary 

Hedgwith, Margt. 
Coles, Frances 
Nichols, Leah 
Badman, Anne 

Lake, Katherine 
Claud [Oland], 

Carter, Sarah 
Wheeler, Margery 
Clarison, Kath. 
Smedley, Cicily 
Bennett, Eliz. 
Peate, Susan 
Godfrie, Phillipi 
Brown, Eliz. 
Walker, Joane 
Watson, Ann 
Hall, Sara 
Beale, Esard 
Holland, Margery 
Backisith [Beck- 

with?], Ruth 
Salter, Joane 
Bunburie, Eliz. 
Argent Mary 
Smith, Ann 
Spencer, Sara 
Stone, Elizabeth 
Shackerley, Sara 
Sharpe, Cath. 
Spann, Jane 
Buckley, Ann 
Hooke, Margaret 
Beard, Frances 
Hide, Elizabeth 
Pinke, Eliz. 
Pordage, Eliz. 
Freeman, Mary 
Hall, Gertrude 
Holmes, Joane 
Tailor, Elizabeth 

18 Rayner, Wm. and 

* Hopkins, Wm. 
*Lee, Sir John 

Feildinge, Nath. 
Tome, William 
ig*Lloyd, Fulke 
Brooke, Robert 
Grosier, Richd. 
Parke, Mathew 

21 Pattinson, Thomas 
Mesho [Michau], 


22 Allom, John 

* Barnes, Richd. 
Palmer, Peter 
Gywer, Thos. 

24*Bell, William 
Young, Timothy 
Heath, Richd. 

Heather, John 
Camwell, Robt. 
Browne, Richd. 

26 Francis, John 
Griffith, Richd. 
Brooke, John 

27 Townsend, John 
Sweatnam, Thos. 

28 Cooke, John 
Collinson, Wm. 

*Luffenham, Thos. 

Grenoway, J as. 
*Lowther, Robt. 

Filkes, Edwd. 

29 Hunsdon, John 
*Gheste [Cheste], 


30 Skipwith, Hen. 
Reynolds, Thos. 

*Felton, Timothy 
*Dodson, Wm. 
Wollerson, John 
3i*Whitney, Thos. 
Nichols, John 


1 Chinery, Geo. 
2*Needham, Joseph 
*Colmer, Wm. 
Nicholls, Wm. 
Mason, Gilbert 
Churchman, Ozeas 
5 Pickard, Rich. 
Brunkard, Elkanah 
*Larkin, Win. 
*Turner, Timothy 
Parsons, John 
Hall, Richard 

Bryan, Dorothy 
Hillois, Joane 
Bayley, Ann 
Nicholl, Bennett 
Powell, Ann 
Collant, Ann 
Gladman, Eliz. 
Wood, Blanch 
Withiman, Bethia 
Bonnever, Anne 

Benham, Margery 
Brandon, Susan 
Allett, Anne 
Crosse, Elizabeth 
Bell, Margaret 
Fusher, Eliz. 
Catt, Mabell 
Robbins, Margt. 

Browne, Susan 
Stevens, Dorothy 
Kenricke, Alice 
Beaver, Isabella 
Evans, Man- 
Greene, Eliz. 
Henderson, Ellinor 
Prout, Margaret 
Powell, Joane 
Beadell, Eliz. 
Starky, Mary 
Linsey, Mary 
Holcrofte, Eliz. 
Wrighte, Ann 
Frimlin, Susan 

Aepley, Alice 
Foster, Joane 
Watson, Susan 
Stockwood, Mgt. 
Benton, Grace 
George, Margt. 
Coosen, Joane 


Evans, Sibell 
Putchen, Dorothy 
Smalman, Eliz. 
Tirrey, Ellen 
Radley, Joane 
Kaly, Mary 
Barnaby, Sara 
Beckwith, Eliz. 
Bedell, Jane 
Johnson, Ann 
Browne, Frances 
Goward, Mary 

^3 2 ~33] 

Faculty Office. 




*Heard, Thos. ana 
Jackson, W'rn. 

I Mallary, Mary 
Richmond, Doro. 

5 Tryse, Francis am 

/ Christian, Mary 

*Jones, William 

Burte, Jane 

6*Hughes [Hewes], 

Browne, Eliz. 


Middleton, Thomas 

Barrett, Mary 



Harricke, Thos. 

Starling, Mary 

*Porter, Francis 

Stratford, Cath. 

l 9 

Tailor, Richard 

Banshawe, Han- 

Stowe, Robt. 

Robinson, Alice 


*Ayres, Thos. 

Pratt, Susan 

Plowman, Rich. 

Danniell, Ellen 

*Smith [Smythe], 

Bulstrode, Cicily 

*Bull, Josiah 

Yates, Ann 


Michell, Thos. 

Bracy, Susan 

* Allen, Henry 

Drury, Frances 

*Wickham, Humfray 

Ward, Martha 

Paull, George 

Harris, Eliz. 

*Godfrey, Rich. 

Mallett, Eliz. 

Hinton, John 

Coulsell, Ellinor 

*Gladin, Richd. 

Medringham, My. 

*Rawle, Wm. 

Webber, Cath. 


Longe, Wm. 

Hargrave, Mary 

7 Bishopp,Zacharia 

Ang-ood, Mary 

Biddle, Thomas 

Whitlocke, Eliz. 

Dod, William 

Browne, Susan 

*Branch, John 

Dickens, Ann 

*Linch, Ethell 

Hanbury, Blanch 

*Barcroft, Chas. 

Crosby, Dorothy 

[Lynch, Ithiell] 

*Goldsbury, X icholas 

Gilbert, Mary 

Bland, Wm. 

Cartwright, Susan 

Neale, Henry 

Thomas, Christian 

8 Walker, John 

Marryott, Joane 

*Plummer, Hy. 

French [Trench], 

Farry, Joseph 

Sharpe, Ann 



/ Crofte, Lucy 


*Bassett, 1 hos. 

Dethicke, Mary 

g Grove, John 

Younge, Rose 

Turtney, Rich. 

Howe, Jane 

Browne, Geo. 

Griffin, Sara 

Swetnam, Luke 

Wrighte, Ann 

*Knolles, John 

Blunt, Ann 


Lomas, James 

Walston, Deborah 

1 1 *Benther [Bouchier], 

Gill, Elizabeth 

Hill, Thomas 

Honton, Ellen 


*Cordwell, Sam. 

Machen, Ann 

Parker, John 

Morgan, Ursula 

Browne, Geo. 

Dayes, Ellen 

Rowe, Thomas 

Marson, Sara 

Wilkes, Thos. 

Blenkworth, Mar. 

Morris, Henry 

Aston, Amy 


Hatton, Hart ho. 

Kinge, Ann 

Dike, Richard 

Mannister, Eliz. 

Zouch, John 

Winter, Cath. 

Garrett, Wm. 

Reade, Margaret 

Trumper, Thos. 

Tavernar, E lienor 

12 Parry, William 

Lockwood, Mar. 

*Jane, John 

Marten, Eliz. 

* Vincent, Rich. 

Simnell, Ann 

*Hill, Robert 

Grove, Eliz. 

Johnson, Thos. 

Mansfield, Ga- 


Manson, Robt. 

Sanders, Margery 


Cooper, 1 hos. 

Gray, Jane 

Saunders, John 

Vidgedowne, Joan 


Brather, John 

Marshall, Dorothy 

Norton, Thos. 

Forolson, Anne 


*Witcombe, Thos. 

Page, Rebecca 

Faux, John 

Dawes, Joane 

"Handley, Wm. 

Swinnerton, Sarah 

*Skelton, John 

Summers, Pru- 

"Harrison, Thos. 

Tilney, Ann 


Bailey, Richd. 

Price, Elizabeth 

Langley, Wm. 

Hollis, Dorothy 

Loyd, Wm. 

Browne, Penelope 

*Higham, John 



Gibson, Thos. 

Start, Eliz. 

estone], Eliz. 

Read, John 

Abraham, Mary 

14 Tudbole, John 

Ellis, Joane 

*Jocelyne, Terrell 

Wilmer, Eliz. 

Fisher, Henry 

Harris, I 7 ranees 

Parrott, Thos. 

Mason, Eliz. 

Dunne, Thomas 

Martin, Jane 

"Berridge, Wm. 

Secheverell, Doro. 

Hills, Samuel 

Amees, Eliz. 


Slade, Richd. 

Bradnott, Mary 

Watson, Rich. 

Burley, Margt. 

"Bradford, John 

Leech, Gertrude 

*Burton, Thos. 

Nurse, Elizabeth 

' Boulton, Sam. 

Little, Ellinor 

15 Prescott, Roger 

Johnson, Margt. 

*Day, Robert 

Wood, Eliz. 

i6*Carter, John 

Tomlins, Ma van 

*Kingswell, Richard 

Clifton, Dame 




Heather, Edw. 

Halliwell, Joane 

Nightingale, Wm. 

Hall, Elizabeth 

18 Blake, Richard 

Spittle, Agnes 

"Heath, Robert 

Heath, Mary 

*Denney, Sir Wm. 

Kempe, Dorothy 

*Petter, John 

Aldridge, Eliz. 

* Flute, William 

Jewell, Christianna 

Willis, Wm. 

Darby, Mary 

'Johnson, John 

Lake, Margt. 

*Hill [Hele], 

Sericant [Serie- 

*Southen [Sow- 

Winch, Ann 


ant], Eliz. 

then], Henry 

Bourne, Geo. 

Gowre, Dorothy 

Marriage Licences. 

[i 6 3 2 -33 


1 *Turner, John a 

Mills, Robert 

* Browne, Wm. 
*Davenant, Wm. 
*Markley, Wm. 

2 Hutchins, Wm. 

* Fisher, Wm. 
Bowen, Henry 
Long-man, John 
Lancaster, John 
Whitfield, Wm. 

*Clement, J as. 
^Martin, Richd. 

Boulton, Richd. 
*Luker [Leiker], 

Grime, Samuel 
*Yeomans, Simon 

4 Godley, James 
*Browne, Mathew 

Baldwyne, Wm. 
Clarke, Thos. 
Richardson, Geo. 
Webster, Thos. 
Been, Robert 
*Lawson, Robt. 
Winter, Richd. 

5 Andrews, Robt. 

*Yorke, John 
Dickinson, J as. 
6*Faldo, Thomas 

7 Stephens, Geo. 
Wigginton, Wm. 

8 Hart, Robert 
Chater, Robert 

9 Druce, Abel 
Brown, Freeman 
Risdale, Wm. 

11 Sawell, Richd. 

* J ones, Thomas 
Rowson, John 

12 Tailor, Thomas 

13 Bulman, Edw. 

* Mathews, Miles 

14 Smith, Henry 

1 5 Hogge, Henry 
Roberts, Daniel 

*Woodcocke, Thos. 

i8*Warner, Bartho. 
Brice, Daniel 
Atfield, Henry 
Ashdon, John 

i9*Hill, Edward 
Lines, William 


/z^Wadey [Wasey], 

Legatt, Susan 
Gouldsmith, Eliz. 
Holmes, Eliz. 
Crumge [Crumpe], 

Nicholson, Ellen 
Barnes, Alice 
Tewe, Ellen 
Stone, Ann 
James, Frances 
Hill, Ann 
Ward, Helen 
Huntley, Rose 
Harrison, Jane 
Lake, Ann 

Cannon, Joane 
Bowles, Eliz. 
Shelley, Cath. 
Willmer, Ann 
Shone, Jane 
Reddinge, Eliz. 
Sayres, Mary 
Corke, Alice 
Peacocke, Mary 
Backhouse, Eliz. 
Ryder, Bridget 
Woodcutt, Thom- 

Cantrell, Judith 
Hill, Elizabeth 
Constable, Eliz. 
Clarke, Susan 
Stockdale, Eliz. 
Gibbins, Sara 
Round, Ann 
Rowles, Edith 
Greene, Eliz. 
Hill, Elizabeth 
Peele, Margaret 
Godwyn, Eliz. 
Grammer, Sara 
Fisher, Eliz. 

Gostwicke, Eliz. 
Ay re, Ann 
Coker, Mary 
Bennett, Jane 
Bembowe, Joane 
Moore, Lydia 
Plover, Mary 
Napton, Joane 
Tye, Joane 
Dover, Susan 
Bennett, Cath. 

19 Marten, Edw. and Clifton, Mary 
2i*Osney, George Turnor, Ursula 

Fawsett, Sam. Wolsey, Jane 

22 Howe, Thomas Charlton, Cath. 


25 Tirrell, Avery 

26 Snoxell, John 
Ridgebrooke, J ohn 

* Buckley, John 
Jones, Arthur 

27 Simes, James 
Woodward, Rich. 

28 Snary, John 

28 Marshall Hy. 
Griffill, Leonard 

* Fland [Eland], 


29 Fison, John 
*Gent, George 

30*Pagett, James 
Holt, Emanuel 

South, Ruth 
Price, Mary 
Phillips, Edith 
Glr.nvile, Joane 
Clarke, Margery 
Weekes, Eliz. 
Clarke, Mary 
Merritt, Ann 
Deane, Joane 
Peirce, Mary 
Blagrave, Ann 

Hamond, Margt. 
Hale, Elizabeth 
Sayer, Nazareth 
Spirlinge, Eliz. 

April, 1633. 

1 Reynolds, Wm. Wadnall, Sara 
Liddall, Dennis 
Cokeclough, Rich. 

2 Curtis, Launcelot 
* Benson, Henry 

3 *Treadware [Tred- 

waie], Walter 
Cooke, Francis 

4 Rogers, John 
Williamson, Daniel Gillings, Ann 

5 Johnson, Hubbard Turley, Kath 
Owen, William 

*Lions, Peter 

6 Dickenson, Robert 
Hobs, Richd. 

Awdor, Ann 
Pike, Mary 
Roads, Mary 
Dearlove, Eliz. 
Winnall, Eliz. 

Coaringe, Eliz. 
Timson, Joane 

Bacon, Francis 
Ceding-, John 

10 Williams, Rich. 

11 Worden, Robt. 
Ward, George 

12 Snailham, Rich. 
Hues, Thomas 

*Hellowe, Thos. 

13 Marshall, Chris- 

*Morrice, Poynes 
i5*Hudson, Mich. 
*Dike, Randal 

Hoggett, Mary 
Eyres, Ann 
Meredith, Eliz. 
Keare, Ann 
Chandler, Mary 
Battle, Ann 
Goslin, Susan 
Morris, Ann 
Seale, Joane 
Stevenson, Eliz. 
Canington, Mary 
Huitt [Hewitt!, 

Paine, Dorothy 

Cole, Dorothy 
Pollard, Eliz." 
Ward, Margaret 

Shockburgh,Gaspar Stora, Elizabeth 

16 Huggett, Abraham Chilman, Joane 
*Goodall, Peregrine Sherman, Mary 

Blayne, John Childe, Dorothy 

*Chapman, Geo. Cowles, Mary 

17 Tomlin, Ferdinand Ashley, Margaret 
Gurley, James Pett, Thomasine 


Faculty Office. 

April, 1633. 
17 Stanley, Geo. and Callowe, Ann 

18 Cawston, Wm. 

Jervie, William 

Catterell, Sam. 

*Bowyer, James 

*Bush[Bash], Sir 

Brickleton, Gilbert 
*Smith, Brian 

Cobbe, Ann 
Harrison, Cath. 
Okoroe, Rose 
Milward, Sara 
Mountague, Mary 

Manning, Ellen 
Horsmonden, Ann 

19 Richardson, josiah Bridges, Ann 

* Turner, Simon 

* Wilson, Wm. 

* Bedford, Geo. 
20 Amler, William 

Hackney, Thos. 
Brigges, Miles 
Brigges, Peter 
Gwynn, David 
Towres, Rich. 
Bowyer, Hugh 
22 Parkes, Wm. 
*Collett, Thos. 
Lambe, Francis 

Swifte, Thos. 
23*Goodall, Edwd. 
Towersey, Walter 
Agge, William 
*Ward, John 
24 Endsworth, John 
*Gamond [Gam- 
mon], Richd. 
*Sandys, Wm. 
Crofts, Thos. 

Warren, Mary 
Clinkett, Joane 
Scras, Edith 
Clay, Mary 
Tewson, Margaret 
Berry, Elizabeth 
Fernall, Ann 
Burre, Abigail 
Williams, Joane 
Blewe, Alice 
Williamson, Eliz. 
Collins, Eliz. 

Lucas, Ellen 
Valentine. Sara 
Easte, Isabella 
Lisle, Dorothy 
Walden, Frances 
Feilding, Ann 
Jones, Elizabeth 

Steed, Cicely 
Beecher, Mary 

Appletree, Anthonie Macham, Anne 

"Mellish, Wm. 

Craftes, Sampson 
*Merriton [Meri- 

ton], John 
Stronge, Jonathan 

25 Kettle, Thob. 
Harrison, Hen. 

*Powell, Richd. 

Carpenter, Rich. 
Ford, John 
"Williamson, Geo. 

26 Landage, Thos. 
Adelin, Thos. 

*Beardwell, John 

27 Orchard, Rich. 
Kidd, Wm. 

*Kirke, David 
Abell, Edmond 
Westewood, Wm. 

*Maior, John 


Turner, Cath. 
Ederidge, Sarah 

Haies, Man- 
Spite, Mary 
Haukins, Eliz. 
Batten, Dame 

Manninge, Phoebe 
Roberts, Alice 

Parson, Ellen 
Randan, Elinor 
Graves, Mary 
Keene, Sara 
Gosse, Ann 
Andreive, Sara 
Fowle, Joyce 
Flory, Thomasine 
Brotherston, Hester 

27 Wiseman, John and Dods, Mary 

29 Chapman, Hen. Page, Margaret 

Garrett, John Kinge, Ann 

Bosman, Robt. Stringer, Dorothy 

Robinson, Thos. Shory, Ellen 

Cumber, Roger Field, Rebecca 

Littleton, John Ball, Martha 

Britteridge, Francis Newland, Mary 

May, 1633. 

2*Burnham, Wm. Crampton, Margt. 

Boulton, John Johnson, Jane 

Hart, Wm. Beeke, Mary 

Harwood, Moses Wilson, Jane 

*Clarke [Clerke], Ellis, Elizabeth 


Coles, John Kirkham, Frances 

Hill, John Moulton, Cath. 

Gregory, John Childe, Leonard 

Lee, Richard Buck, — 

4*Jones, John Gadlinstone, Mary 

*Bedingfield, Hum- Hixe, Abigail 

Parnell, Wm. Duke, Joice 

*Moore, Oliver Bulmer, Eliz. 

5 Laiford, Mathew Georges, Frances 

t>*Savage, Jerome Clarke, Eliz. 

Paice, William Wood, Parnell 

Alder, John Searle, Eliz. 

^Chester, Henry Read, Ann 

io*Whitehead, Francis Richardson, Eliz. 

Dyer, Joseph Burt, Helen 

10 Elkington, Thos. Bixe, Catherine 
*Thornhill, Sir John Quantillan, Alice 

Dyer, Philip Pearce, Eliz. 

Jones, Wm. Kew, Dorothy 

*Keech, Thos. Lowe, Dorothy 

*Grimes, John Vesie, Jane 

Petit, Ellis Rankin, Letitia 

11 Johnson, Thos. Poarke, Cicely 
*Cowell, John Woodson, Ursula 

Lukins, Xath. Pepys, Elizabeth 

James, John Paine, Susan 

Pittle, \\ r m. Tutman, Eliz. 

15 Selby, Robt. Bennett, Eliz. 
*Infield, James Newton, Mary 
*Alleston [Alliston], Elborowe, Chris- 

Wm. tiana 

16 Shanke, Robt. Wescott, Jane 

17 *Parson [Parsons], Thurnebarne, Ann 


Wright, Rich. Howe, Mary 

Davison, Arth. Gateward, Ann 

Chapman, Thos. Mills, Catherine 

20* Marsh, Wm. Browne, Winifred 

Tudham, Thos. Stoadher, Margery 

*Thomas, Anth. Galloway, Jane 

*Butler, Peter Barham, Alfra 


Hattrell, John Saxby, Mary 


Marriage Licences. 

l* 6 33 

May, 1633. 
21 Foster, Edwd. and Gills, Anne 

Hill, Richard 
Guy, Nicholas 

*Burton, George 
22 Boddington, John 
23*Walton, John 
Harbor, Isaac 
24 Ely, Leonard 
Seaman, Wm. 

Croxon, Ann 
Keymes, Ann 
Burgoine, Jane 

Nicholson, Mary 
Jackson, Ann 
Jerrard, Cath. 
Harwood, Cicely 
Coxhead, Ann 
Samon, Susan 

Brohowe, Cornelius Coles, Mary 


[From 23rd May, 1633, to 16th January, 

January, 1646-47. 

i6*Mallocke, Roger Alexander, Rose 

i9*Bridgeman, James 
20 Sherwood, Wm. 
2i*Duncombe, Henry 
23 Jackman, Hy. 
[25*Petley, Thos. 
28*Haddon, Alex. 
29*Crossett, J as. 
30 *Williams, Wm. 


2* Bridges, Rich. 

4 Bunyon, Robt. 


io*Dowle, Thos. 
i5*De Grey, Jas. 
i6*Smyth, John 
15 Harte, Solomon 
i6*Ellys, Hugh 
20 Goulde, John 

22 Franklyn, John 
*Ware, Richard 

Radcliff, Walter 

23 Lee, John 

24 Culley, Peter 

Gurney, Prothera 
Cooper, Eliz. 
Atkinson, Mary 
Hebbs, Helen 
Perry, Eliz. (a)] 
Pickering, Martha 
Edwards, Eliz. 
Clarke, Rebecca 


Adams, Margt. 
Pope, Elizabeth 
Briant, Anne 

Clarke, Frances 
Stutewell, Eliz. 
Desbrough, Anne 
Blake, Ellen 
Brewster, Mary 
Williams, Eliz. 
Trewin, Margt. 
Rawling, Mary 
Alsworth, Frances 
Johnson, Susan 
, Sarah 

March, 1646-47. 
1 Dodsley, Mathew Fleming, Rebecca 
4*Trotman, Sam. Wartup[Warcup], 

3 Childe, Wm. Clarke, Anne 

10 Prettifoss, Jonathan Rowley, Deborah 

11 Chittinden, Wm. Ridley, Jane 
i5*Horsey, John Woolwich [Wool- 
rich], Ellenor 

(a) Entry crossed out and the word " vacaf' 
placed in margin. 

i6*Younge, John 


i7*Chaloner, Robert 

22 Lovelace, Thos. 
*Briscoe, Robt. 
*Burwell, Francis 

23 ^Carpenter, Thomas 

Pancas, Wm. 

24*Fotherby, Hy. 


2 Smith, John 

5 Morlen, Thos. 

7*Lewes, Thos. 
Whitfield, Griffin 

8 Doggett, Thos. 
Pixe, William 
Carter, Thos. 
10 Meade, Francis 

12 Hodgskins, Ste- 

Slightor, John 

13 Smith, Robert 

15 Catchpoole, Wm. 

*Chester, Thos. 
Hatch, John 

16 Wildbow, Nicholas 

17 Rayner, Chris- 

20* Newman, Hy. 

*Jones, John 
^Holland, Wm. 

24*Jackett, Wm. 
26*Langley, Roger 
27 Gamage, Nicholas 
*Vaughan, Wm. 

d Cooles [Corlis], 
Nicholas, Margery 
Knipe, Elizabeth 
Slaney, Dorothy 
Hampton, Susanna 
Towne, Mary 
Smith, Rachel 
Gibbs, Elizabeth 

Hutton, Mary 


May, Hanibel 
White, Margaret 
Highlord, Frances 
Johnson, Mary 
Hall, Anne 
Tailor, Elizabeth 
Style, Gertrude 
Bury, Mabel 
Grimes, Mather 

Allen, Jane 
Catmore, Mary 
Durbar, Mary 
Carter, Anne 
Low, Mary 
Baron, Frances 

Cenie [Conie], 

Ridgeway, Jane 
St. Aubine, Len- 

Turner, Martha 
Keightley, Mary 
Woodcocke, Anne 
Smith, Joane 

May, 1647. 

1 Williams, Jas. Wedmore, Anne 

Warroupp, Wm. Allaby, Frances 
4 Onley, Samuel Davenport, Kath. 

7 Purgons, Wm. Nicholson, Mgt. 

11 *Clements, Benjamin Townsend, Mary 

20 Cooke, Robert Martin, Lucy 

21 *Whitehorn, Gabriel Gawen, Kath. 

Salisbury, Gabriel Wilson, Mary 

24 Watkins, David Wadworth, Apis 
*Wentworth, Samuel Moyle, Phoebe 

25 Fenwicke, Geo. Young-, Jane 

27 Waller, Thos. 
Berriman, Hy. 
2g*Norden, John 
3i*Bacon, Nicholas 
*Fitzwilliam, Robt. 

Morris, Mgt. 
Thompson, Judith 
Skinner, Eliz. 
Frestone, Eliz. 
Ayre [Qy. EyreJ, 


Faculty Office. 

June, 1647. 

1 Parker, Stephen and Bayley, Eliz. 

2 Robinson, Stephen Chew, Mary 

8 Conthram, Job 
g Man, John 
*Garth, George 

1 1 *Skipwith, Thos. 

14 Jones, Evan 

15 Terrent, Jermh. 
*Nutt, Wm. 

Bennett, Wm. 
21 Richbell, Ralph 
Wright, Chris- 
Towers, Peter 

23 Potter, Thos. 

24 Williams, Rbt. 
Colles, Thos. 

20*Coke, Richard 
28 Swallow, John 


3 Staw, James 
5 Bishopp, John 
6*Mugford, Edw. 
io*Chowner, Bray 
8 Grigg, Edward 

12 *Temple, Miles 
*Edmunds [Ed- 
monds], Geo. 

13 Corsellis, Peter 
*Earle, Thomas 

i5*Elforde, Walter 

pson], Leonard 
i4*Goswell, Thos. 
Hoper, Thomas 
i6*Treavor [Trevor], 

Sir Thos. 
i7*Poore, Abraham 

19 Loft, Richard 

20 Brett, Thomas 
23*Butler, Henry 

Swift, John 

27*Emery, Richard 
31 Best, Thomas 

Alnoke, — 
Langley, Mary 

Flemming [Flem- 
ing], Mary 
Poyner, Sarah 
Barr, Hester 
Martin, Cath. 
Clarke, Mary 
Isbrooke, Eliz. 
Vincent, Audrey 

Webber, Cath. 
Shadbolt, Mary 
Robinson, Martha 
Stevens, Mary 
Rous, Mary 
Colford, Eliz. 


Tailor, Elizabeth 
Bridges, Mary 
Winspurr, Anne 
Midleton, Anne 
Scotchford, Eliz. 
Chandler, Susan 
Younge, Mary 

Baysgoole, Anne 
Whetcombe, Eliz. 
Chambers, Anne 
Price, Catherine 

Plucknett, Doro. 
Teange, Anne 
Portrie [Fortrie], 

Moore, Alice 
Andrews, Sarah 
Bridges, Eliz. 
Parkhurst, Mary 
Ryley, Mary 
Pollard, Anne 

Arther, Elizabeth 
Evans, Lydia 

August, 1647. 

2*Gray, Thomas Steward, Margery 

6*Berkingham,[Beck- Sames, [Sammes], 

ingham], Wm. Eliz. 

9 Ellis, Richard Seoright, Eliz. 

18 *Champneis, Henry Carew, Susan 

*Lany, John Cage, Anne 

20*0'Burne and Copping, Anne 

[Barnes], Wm. 
2i*Ford, Andrew Rodden [Radden], 


27 Hawes, James Stone, Elizabeth 

28 Langley, Rich. Man, Amy 

September, 1647. 

1 Hart, William 
8 Browne, Rich. 

15 Day, Thomas 

16 Laddie, Roger 

24 Snowe, Allen 

25 *Scott, George 


5*Beresford, Chris- 
9*Russell, Erancis 

14 Underhill, Thos. 

15 Cooper, Robert 
23 Johnson, James 

"Lawson, Wm. 
29*Chauncey, Alex. 
3Q*King, William 

Hopper, Blanch 
Champion, Eliz. 
Beacher, Eliz. 
Wheatley, M artha 
Denison, Frances 
Cheyne, Eliz. 


Morgan, Mary 

Townsend, Jane 
Warman, Jane 
Beechinge, Mary 
Dynes, Joane 
Thompson, Mary 
Scriven, Magdal. 
Bracey, Mary 

November, 1647. 

9*Lane, William Sherley, Alice 

i2*Wiseman, Mark 
23 Chenicke, John 

dowes], Edmund 
26*Haw[Hare], Sir 
White, Wm. 
Rithe, Wm. 

Fowle, Eliz. 
Reefe, Agnes 
Cocking, Margt. 

Crane, Mary 

Taylor, Dorothy 
Mapliyden, Sara 

December, 1647. 

3*Browne, Geo. Dobell, Anne 

4 Parkes. Henry Tibbitte, Chris- 

i8*Gresham, Marma- Corbett, Alice 

24 Hart, John Cropp, Eliz. 

*Sambrook, Jeremiah Cole, Mary 
27 Ward, Thos. Coombes, Alice 

30*Smyth, Thos. Howell [dame], 


January, 1647-48. 

4 Luttrell, Francis 
[*Saltren, John 
*Snell, Josiah 

io*Leeds, Charles 
24 Wood, Walter 

Pearse, Mary 
Pearse, Mary] 
Andrews, Thom- 

Taylor, Sara 
Sherman, Mary 

February, 1647-48. 

12 Tanner, Geo. Fry, Mary 

26 James, Nicholas Wright, Julia 


A la rriage L ice n ces. 


February, 1647-4S. 

24*Squier, John and Thompson, Eliz. 

Wright, Michael Bowden, Bridgettt 
28*Avery, Dudley Large, Jane 

March, 1647-4S. 

13 Robinson, John Ashley, Eliz. 

Blackhall, Richard Blackhall, Anne 
23 Milway, John Tomlin, Mary 

March, 1648. 

25*Knight, Rich. Gilbert, Sibilla 

3o*Jemett, Robt. Newman, Tim. 

3i*Keepe, Charles Alie, Philadelphia 

April, 1648. 

26 * Wolley[Welley], and Whithe [Whitle], 
Thomas Mary 

5 Wallis, Wm. 
io*Kidbye, Wm. 
24*Elwes, John 

25*Daniell, Geffrey 

May, 1 

3 Hammond, Wm. 
4*Alwin [Allwin], 

5*Levett, Wm. 

6 Penfold, Thos. 

12 Price, Malachi 

13 Woodward, Henry 

tham], Stephen 
i8*Leigh, John 
20*Sympson, Nich. 

Austen, John 
30 Howell, Wm. 


2 Downham, Franci 
9*Clarke, George 
12 *Turner [Turnor], 

14 Humphrys, John 
i9*Beale, John 
23 Lechford, Thos. 

*Norbury, Geo. 
27 Bidgood, John 
28*Mosely, John 


s Fry, Magdalen 
Holman, Mary 
Toke, Anne 

Norwood, Margt. 
Ell, Abigail 
Waller, Helen 
Claxton, Mary 
Jenkins, Eliz. 
Nurse, Agnes 

Mainwaringe, My. 
Warden, Mary 
Palmer, Christiana 
Dowell [Dorrell], 

Southby, Cath. 


Stimson, Eliz. 
Burdett, Eliz. 

Kilburne, Eliz. 
Strudwicke, Eliz. 
Ford, Mary 
Simpson, Joane 
Babbinge [Bab- 
bington], Ellen 
Newberry, Eliz. 
Rowse, Mary 
Fenton, Anne 
Humfry, Eliz. 

July, 164S. 

i*Wentworth, John Powell [Pennell], 


*Bishopp, Humfrey Mitchell, Anne 

n Bladwell, Thos. Jones, Mary 

17 Sutton, Humfrey Lane, Elizabeth 

i9*Fiddes, Thos. Battle, Mary 

25 Buskin, Allen Hase, Mary 


2 Chalkehill, Na- 

5*Evelin, Richd. 

8*Pelham, Edw. 
11 Isted, John 
i7*Keightley, Wm. 
18 Wilkins, John 

21 Parker, George 

22 Roake, John 
*Worsopp, Thos. 

25*King, Richard 
26 Richardson, Alex. 

i4*Boney, John 

2o*Milles, Robt. 
26*Conyers, Chris- 


6*Borlace, Wm. 

Browne, Richd. 
7*Holland, John 

io*Terry, Robt. 

Rythe, Jeffery 
20 Clay, Clement 


2*Cleeve, James 
6 Ratcliffe, Fran. 
* Locke [Lockton], 
8*Howes, Wm. 
*Rowe, John 
11 *Turner, John 

15 Bowtell, Thos. 
i8*Skinner, Ed. 

2i*Paine, George 
24 Jennings, Thos. 
29 Jenkins, Henry 


7*Baker, Giles 

Sander, Thos. 
n*Alleyn, John 
25*Glover, Robert 
26*Hamlyn, Daniel 


Loveden, Joane 

Mynne, Eliz. 
Fane, Dame Diana 
Marten, Eliz. 
Williams, Anne 
Weller, Anne 
Stone, Anne 
Asfeild, Anne 
Ashton, Anne 
Squire, Joane 
Winefish, Anne 

, 1648. 

Dower [Dowse], 

Wakeman, Mary 
Langhorne, Eliz. 


Bankes, Joane 
Smith, Sara 
Bensford [Beris- 

ford], Man- 
Crane, Anne 
Poyntell, Martha 
Marshall, Grace 


Crittal, Eliz. 
Durant, Eliz. 
Fairfax, Mary 

Garrard, Bridgett 
Warren, Cath. 
Corett [Covett], 

Marten, Margery 
Waintworth [Qy. 


Wivill, Catherine 
Grimdon, Hannah 
Poore, Mary 


Brenley, Rose 
Anscombe, Anne 
Somers, Frances 
Camocke, Frances 
Gough, Zenobia 

January, 1648-49. 

2*Adams, Wm. Pike, Anne 

4 Browne, Nich. Lett, Frances 


Faculty Office. 

1 1 

January, 1648-49. 
4 Graves, Wm. and Smith, Joane 

io*Boys, Samuel 

11 Bridges, Wm. 
16 Bruton, Nich. 
23 *Melborne, Jas. 

Parker, Phila- 
Gough, Jane 
Powell, Cath. 
Price, Margaret 

February, 1648-49. 

i*Ellis [Elles], Callet Catlet], 

Josiah Elizabeth 

i9*Prestwood, George Gilberd, Anne 
20* Broadway [Broad- Richards, Eliz. 

nax], Robert 
22 Tredwey, John 
24*Pye, John 

27 *Mildmay, Anthony 
*Astie, Francis 

Turton, Mary 
Paynton Rayn- 

ton], Rebecca 
Murray, Anne 
Brimskill Brun- 

skell], Honora 

March, 1648-49. 

3 Francis, Daniel Mathews, Jane 

*Flyer, Thomas Mustay Mus- 

tarsj, Eliz. 

8*Drury [Dury], Giles Turgis, Eliz. 
*Field, Thomas Brigstock, Eliz. 

9* Wright, Wm. 
i2*Boteler, Philip 

i3*Thomas, Wm. 
24 Allen, Abraham 

Savile, Manners 
Longham [Lang- 
ham], Eliz. 
Dalby, Susan 
Boothe, Eliz. 

March, 1649. 

30*English, Wm. Hutsford, [Amie] 

31 *Graham als. Clerke, Alice 

Graimes, Thos. 

April, 1649. 

7*Keeling, John 


io*Parr, Richard 

*Hassor [Hussey], 


18 Bowyer, James 

ig*Lewkenor, John 

23 Baily, Richard 

24 Pedder, Wm. 
*Astwood, Wm. 

27*Appleton, Robt. 

12 *Twisleton, John 

16 Paine, John 
i9*Peirs, Sir Thos. 

22*Lewis, William 
*Cawllop [CarellJ, 

Jermyn, Joanna 

Moyse, Eliz. 
Brownlowe, Eli- 
Lowe, Susan 
Minne, Anne 
George, Ellenor 
Lowe, Mary 
Lurse [Hurst], My. 
Moore, Martha 


Finnes [i.e., 

Fiennes], Eliz. 
Comber, Anne 
Master, Etheldred 

als. Audrie 
Banastre, Margt. 
schamp], Hester 

23*Luther, Thos. and Jackson, Anne 
26*Lilborne, Robt. Beake, Margaret 

30*Mordant, Hy. Holyat, Letitia 

June, 1649. 

n*Halton, Sir Wm. 
*Robinson, John 


Mormory, Sam. 
27 *Edgare [Edsawe], 


2*Abarrow, Wm. 
9 Friend, Wm. 

10 Oliver, John 

11 Giles, John 

12 Chamblet, Sam. 

13 *Westlake, Thos. 

i4*Evans, Mich. 
2i*Davenant, Robt. 
31 *Gamage, Iidwd. 

i*Wright, Wm. 

18 Pole, George 
30*Belt, Daniel 
31 Roberts, Wm. 

Fisher, Ursula 
Ignes [Jaques], 

Williams, Ursula 
Hall, Joane 
Newman [New- 
nam], Sarah 


Hunt, Mary 
Smith, Margaret 
Holloway, Alary 
Wood, Elizabeth 
Poole, Mary 
Primm [Jermin], 

Goldman, Joice 
Harward, Jane 
Symons, Mary 


Paradice [Para- 
dine], Mary 
Lindley, Jane 
West, Anne 
Campian, Joane 

September, 1649. 

12 Parker, Robt. Cullen, Eliz. 

2S*Medcalf, Adrian Salmon, Anne 

11 Isted, Thomas 
15 Hurst, John 
i7*Hampton, Walter 
25 "Farry [Harrys], 


Wallace, Frances 
Beze, Frances 
Mellish, Mary 
South, Elizabeth 

November, 1649. 

7 Wood, Nicholas 
14 Perkins, John 
22 Tailor, Besaiell 
24*Gastrell, Sam. 

Bailie, John 
29*Prestwich, Thos. 

Snepp, Margaret 
Smith, Judith 
Porter, Eliz. 
Habers [Havers], 

Collar, Sara 
Hunt, Mary 

December, 1649. 

5 Glover, George 

6 * Lenawler [Know- 

ler], Robert 
12* Wakefield, Wm. 
i5*Leche, Wm. 
19 Harrington, Wm. 

Barker, Anne 
Giver [Ower], 

Large, Anne 
Evelin, Jane 
Turbill, Bridgett 


1 1 /# rriage L icences. 


December, 1649. 

20 Wate, Francis <7//rf Browne, Anne 

21 Lane, William Borham, Anne 
26 Banbury, Gregory Perry, Mary 

Trussell, Edward Chadwick, Sara 
3i*Williams, Thos. Roydon, Martha 

January, 1649-50. 

i2*Coddington, Wm. Brindley, Anne 

i5*Darcy, Honble. Howard, Honble. 

Conyers Frances 

28 Lycoris, Edw. Goulder, Mgt. 

March, 1649-50. 

5 *Bramston, Wm. 

8*Osborne, Tim. 
19 English, Wm. 
2Q*Jenkyn, Henry 

Lehunt, Jane 
Wardell, Arabella 
Lofte, Marian 
Culmer, Anne 

March, 1650. 

27 Goode, John Martin, Susan 

30 Growden, Rich. Blyth, Anne 


2*Gould, Thos. 

3 Barlett, Edw. 
19 Napleton, John 
24 Davies, Thos. 

Elliott, Mary 
Greenstreete, Anne 
Pordage, Martha 
Harris, Cath. 

May, 1650. 

14 Nicoll, Thomas 
17 Curkes, Stephen 
27*Ratchford, Augus- 
tus [Augustine] 
29*Tucker, Henry 

Hakes, Margt. 
Randolph, Mary 
Ellis, Jane 

Newell, Eliz. 

June, 1650. 

5*Polley, George 
2i*De Beauvoir, 

22*Cole, Francis 
25 Simmons, Wm. 

9*Lister, Samuel 

i5*Lumley, Martin 
20 Surman, Edw. 
22*Walker, Anth. 
24 Savage, Geo. 
27*Eure, Ralph 

Bourne, Wm. 

Sheires, Margt. 
Fantratt [Fau- 

tratt], Eliz. 
Rigg, Bridgett 
Burrage, "Mary 


Gates [Oates], 

Langham, Anne 
Cole, Elizabeth 
Sadler, Eliz. 
Stokes, Eliz. 
Aerley [Aderley], 

Henton, Martha 

J e fiery 

and Lowther, Doro- 

September, 1650. 

11 Smeeth, Wm. 
Dring, Robert 
i2*Gallard, Edwd. 
23*Cotton, George 
24*Crompe, Thos. 

Gurndle, Eliz. 
Searchfield, Doro. 
Dighton, Judith 
Paulett, Anne 
Shatbolt, Anne 

August, 1650. 
i5*Pilkington, Lyon Moyle, Phcebe 
26*Vincent, John Griffis [Griffith], 

27*Rooke, Lawrence Heyman, Barbara 

October, 1650. 

5 *Bocher [Becher], 
7*Curtis, Wm. 

11 Stempe, John 
22 Clarke, James 

Nevy, Barbara 

Shepheard, Mary 


Heater, Cath. 
Seed, Judith 

November, 1650. 

2*Greene, John 
6*Lennard, John 
*Christian, John 

*Marsh, John 
23 Wood, Edward 

2*Cullen, Abraham 

4*Turner, John 
11 *James, Thos. 
i2*Thatcher, Robt. 
23 Gibbon, Anth. 
28*Trussell, Edwd. 
"Hampson, Thos. 

Coles, Bridgett 
Binding, Jane 
Pickermeg [Pick- 
ering], Anne 
Barcroft, Anne 
Childrene, Eliz. 

R, 1650. 

Rushow [Rush- 
out], Abigail 
James, Margaret 
Collins, Eliz. 
Osborne, Susan 
Denton, Susanna 
Brigham, Margt. 
Richards, Susanna 
Dennis, Mary 

January, 1650-51. 
16 Hodilowe, Rich. Pitchford, Susanna 


1 *Cary, William 
*Lowe Love],Wm. 
io*Forsett, Edward 

*Conway, Edw. 
i2*Lovell, Henry 
22 August, Francis 
25 Darwin, Peter 
28 Hothirgall, Theo- 


Sherer, Susan 
Burgoyne, Eliz. 
Feild, Anne 
Finch, Anne 
Guyse, Elizabeth 
Holt, Mary 
Briott, Judith 
Cole, Elizabeth 

March, 1650-51. 

5 * Lawrence, [Lau- Great, Rachel 

rens], Robert 
io*Blagden, Edw. Bennett, Martha 


Faculty Office. 

l 3 

[From 10 March, 1650-51,10 21 Aug., 1660.] 
August, 1660. 

2i*Cooper, Edw. 
22 Gwinn, Rich. 
28 Hore, John 
3i*Cliffe, Allen 

and Johnson, Martha 
Dawling, Felice 
White, Frances 
Bankes, Grace 

29 Mikells, Robert and Wild, Elizabeth 
Thursfield, Francis Smith, Elizabeth 

31 Chapman, J as. Garway, Margt. 

Velleers, John Westerbon, Magd. 

Deane, Wm. Waterman, Alice 

*Leghe, Richd. Chichley, Eliz. 

September, 1660. 
1 *Phillips [Sir] , Darcy, Catherine 

4*Elliott[Eliott],Wm, Godfrey, Barbara 
10 Head, Richard Harford, Eliz. 

Blythman, Win. Boteler, Jane 

Chartoris, Jas. Mashrotherjudith 

24 Mawson, Humfrey Hind, Mary 

Sanders, Henry Walter, Eliz. 

26*Castle, Sherard Sedley, Susan 

27 *Woodyeare, Geo. Gasdon iHasdon], 


November, 1660. 

* Barker, Rich. 
2i*Gipps, William 

i6*Blake, Richard 
io*Knight, John 
20*Lambert, Lord, 

Richard, Earl 

of Cavan 
21 *Duncombe, Giles 

23 Noden, Hugh 
Hubbsrd, John 

24*Baron, Apsley 
27 Lockley, Wm. 
28*Gataker, Chas. 


3 Baldwin, Thos. 
5*Delanne [De- 
laune], Geo. 
6 Rolfe, John 
7*Price, Gervase 
io*Fitch, William 
11 Ruse, Henry 
i5*Lovel, Benj. 

Butler, George 
21 *Weston, John 
Stokes, Francis 
*Fell, George 

24 Marshall, John 
*Price, Thomas 
*Hicks, Edward 

Burman, Stephen 
26 Robinson, Tim. 

Kelson, John 
27*Stone, Henry 
28*Jenner, Thomas 

Wray, Theodosia 
Chester Cheston], 

Bathurst, E liz. 
Moore, Elizabeth 
Wray, Am phi lis 

Alston, Ellinor 
Hawkins, Rachel 
Cole, Elizabeth 
Yeomans, Susan 
Fosse, Sara 
Wharton, Sara 

r, 1660. 

Jones, Sara 
Allen, Dorothea 

Yardley, Sibill 
Mayer, Martha 
Clark, Anne 
Pierson, Eliz. 
Williams, Grace 
Smith, Anne 
Rowndell, Anne 
Ball, Jane 
Potter, Hannah 
Smith, Rebecca 
Stansby, Sara 
Carter, Mary 
Acrod, Susan 
Hodges, Rebecca 
Rawbone, Eliz. 
Cox, Mary 
Poe, Anne 


2 Gilbert. Wm. 

Chamberlaine, J ohn 
3*Tomlinson, Rich. 
*Saintloe, John 

Knight, Geo. 
4*Eyre, Richard 

Wright, Wm. 
8 Dansey, Amos 

1 1 Gordman, John 

17 Berry, John 
Hughes, David 

21 Ball, Edward 
Reason, Wm. 

22 Cotton, Sam. 

23 Williams, John 
24*Templer, Benj. 
29 *Weekes [Wickes], 

3i*Stiles, John 
* Doily [Dauly], 

Watmer, Wm. 
Cole, Thomas 


5 Spurling, Thos. 

6*Collins, Sam. 

*Johnson, Thos. 

Gore, Gerrard 

Fendall, John 

8 Combridge, John 

*Harcourt, Geo. 

12 Hodgson, Bennett 
Fleshere, Balthazar 
lies, Stephen 

22 Baron, Benj. 
14 Spratt, John 

Shrubsole, John 
I5*lngram, Arthur 
16 Morrice, John 
*Corbett, Thos. 

18 Nutt, William 
*Soame, Wm. 

ig*Dickens, Thos. 
i8*Harcourt, [Sir] 


20 Harbin, Henry 
*Hussey, Sir Thos. 
*Speed, Samuel 
Bull, John 


Yarborough, Cath. 
Lloid, Margt. 
Cook, Elizabeth 
Wiseman, Mary 
Richardson, Eliz. 
Fuller, Susan 
Wickley, Mary 
Davenett, Anne 
Land, Winifred 
Tiler, Mary 
Cooke, Hannah 
Blofield, Anne 
Goodwin, I )orothy 
Parett, Marx- 
Mortice, Eliz. 
Cumberland, Sara 
Cranidge, Mary 

Ashly, Dorothy 
Terry, Elizabeth 

Wood, Susan 
Dix, Frances 


Sawell, Anne 
Brett, Mary 
Bowden, Anne 
Russell, Anne 
Shaw, Sara 
Rivers, Rose 
Cony, Ellinor 
Perkins, Priscilla 
Siddall, Mary 
Lloid, Lucy 
Wood, Anne 
Street, Dorothy 
Woodward, Alice 
Lowfield, Anne 
Lowther, Mary 
Garrard, Mary 
Brunskett, Eliz. 
Haughton, Mary 
Nevill, Elizabeth 
Waller, Anne 

Alcorne, Cath. 

Warham, Eliz. 
Langham, Sara 
Underwood, Rose 
Johnson, Cath. 


Ma rriage L icences. 


February, 1660-61. 

21 Wheeler, Francis and Green, Elizabeth 
*Baker, William Alborne, Eliz. 

*Wilson, Thos. 

22 Dancy, Jonathan 
*Hobson, Rich. 

23 Davey, Robert 
Crosse, Samuel 

25 Worrall, Thos. 
Blanchard, Robt. 

*Horton, Francis 

26 Dring, Peter 
Browne, John 


1 Fisher, \\ "m. 

2 Atlee, Samuel 
Sanders, Thos. 

7 Tomkins, Wm. 

*Piggott [Pigott], 


9*Mosse, Thos. 

8*Sherard, Lord 


12 Marshall, Sam. 

*Boteler, [Sir] Edw. 
i6*Glascocke, Wm. 

18 Chin, Micah 
20*Templer, Thos 
2i*Horton, Rich. 
23 *Browne [Brawne], 

Pack, Anne 
Allen, Man- 
Paine, Rebecca 
Parker, Frances 
Lluellin, Mary 
Brond, Anne 
Wheeler, Martha 
Arthur, Penelope 
Kinsman, Sara 
Walker, Mary 


Bennett, Eliz. 
Marston, Mary 
Pedder, Grace 
Evans, Eliz. 
Moore, Cath. 

Hope, Elizabeth 
Christopher, Eliz. 

Hickman, Prothesa 
Russell, Jane 
Foster [Forster], 

Collins, Susan 
Gwynn, Eliz. 
Howland, Susan 
Street, Mary 

March, 1661. 

25 Sugar, Edward 
28 Lee, Jonathan 
30*Machell, John 
*Dod, Randolph 


2 Fox, John 
3*Reading, J as. 
6 Wright, John 
g Bowridge, Wm. 

10 Withers, Wm. 

11 Widmore, John 
i3*Griffin, John 

Paine, Richard 
White, John 

15 Medowes, Robt. 
Francis, Henry 
Tayler, Daniel 
Pendleton, Thos. 

15 Green, John 
Gould, James 
Hunt, George 

i6*Jacob, Henry 

Slufford, Joice 
Head, Martha 
Butler, Prudence 
Tutchin, Hester 


Thomas, Margt. 
Smith, Mary 
Moore, Eliz. 
Walters, Sara 
Fellowes, Sarah 
Willmott, Eliz. 
Dawney, Anne 
Pococke, Anne 
Amner, Prudence 
Flere, Margaret 
King, Elizabeth 
Thrale, Eliz. 
Wheate, Mary 
March, Jane 
Perkins, Susan 
Buckston, Eliz. 
Ashburnham, Mar- 

i7*Collins, Richd. a 
2o*Searanch [Sea- 
ranck], John 
Lobley, Benj. 
22*Adams, John 

24 Walker, Hastings 
Dutton, John 

25 Yorke, William 
26 *Choute [Chute?] 

Sir George 
*Toke, Nicholas 
2Q*Doyley, Thos. 

Hondan, Dennis 
30 Loveday, Jeremy 

Tayler, Henry 
30 Thorisby, Francis 
* Loving, John 
Ireland, George 

May, 1 

2 Moore, Thos. 

*Radcliffe, John 
6*Cary, Ernest 

*Clarke, Fred. 

8 Star key, Philip 

9 Gasley, Thos. 
Besbeech, J as. 
Sanders, John 
Andrewes, John 
Aldridge, John 

*Vaux, Thomas 

10 Apthorpe, Edw. 

1 1 Shipthorpe, Anthy. 
13 Arthur, Wm. 

Guilford, Fran. 
*Hume, John 
i4*Cullyer, Wm. 

Potter, George 
15 Peake, Gregory 

Fletcher, Thos. 
i6*Blundell, Sir Geo. 
i7*Sutton, John 
i8*Kidgell, John 
*Compton, Sir Char. 

Orgher, John 

21 Tryer, Thomas 
*Rye, George 

22 Burnell, John 
*Day, Mathew 

23 Hamlin, Wm. 

24 Coveney, Thos. 

25 Royse, Job 
25 Milson, Thos. 

Clark, Edmund 
Ashton, John 

27*Gardiner, Sir Wm. 
28 Dodwell, Jeremy 

nd Tayler, Susan 
Fites, Sarah 

Hoare, Anne 
Ridley, Bridgett 
Stinton, Eliz. 
Howe, Dorothy 
Perry, Martha 
Freak, Cicely 

Toke, Joane 
Medlicott, Susan 
Sonnett, Anne 
Green, Alice 
Newbold, Anne 
Walroole, Bridgett 
Barcroft, Anne 
Neale, Margaret 


Bent, Martha 
Bowcher, Judith 
Creswell, Eliz. 
Lenthall, Mary 
Raymond, Mary 
Orsby, Elizabeth 
Stevens, Joane 
Sumner, Anne 
Bolt, Rebecca 
Beale, Frances 
Saxby, Anne(fl)] 
Giles, Jane 
Sweepe, Eliz. 
Terrick, Mary 
Gilbancke, Jane 
Slee, Mary 
Cole, Dorothy 
Ladmore, Albina 
Aungier, Barbara 
Gray, Rebecca 
Yardley, Eliz. 
Beak, Jane 
Pedder, Hannah 
Willmer, Felicia 
Wilkinson, Jane 
Pooke, Sara 
Tippinge, Eliz. 
Coberd, Jane 
Johnson, Eliz. 
Henzey, Mary 
Andrew, Deborah 
Templer, Jane 
Slarke, Mary 
Clarke, Magdalen 
Cooper, Temper- 
Brocas, Jane 
Mason, Eliz. 

(a) Misplaced at end of volume. 


Faculty Ojjice. 

l 5 

May, 1661. 

30 Trymmer, W'm. 
Oliver, John 
Mace, William 
Selwin, Richd. 

31 "Towse, John 

Lee, Henry 
Fenley, Francis 

and Fisher, Ann 
Ellis, Mary 
Price, Hannah 
Honeylove, Eliz. 
Brewster, Grace 
Bolt, Mary 
Lee, Anne 



Clarke, John 
* Harper [Harpur], 

Sir John 
"Hall, Thomas 
Eyres, Edmund 
Walker, Thos. 
'Willis, John 
Guy, Richard 
Jewles, John 
; Donne, Benj. 
Dexter, Thos. 
Raymond, St. Clew 

1 661. 

Fays, Elizabeth 

Cox, Mary 
Daniell, Kllinor 
Sangar, Anne- 
Watson, Agnes 
Price, Cath. 
Lyme, Faith 
Loosemore, Anne 
Barker, Eliz. 
Warkman, Anne 
Barkstead, Anne 

Burch, Richd. 
io*Lytton, Sir Rowland Lucy, Rebecca 
Peasley, Edmd. Mattock, Mary 

"Raymond, Jonathan Jemmett, Anne 

11 Lynam, Philip 
1 3 * Palmer [Palmes], 

n*Haymore, Rbt. 
13 Gouge, Nicholas 
1 5 * Bully vant, W m . 

Plompton, John 
i7*Hoyle, Henry 
18 Barrett. Win. 
1 g Mawdridge, John 

Walford, Mathew 
*Coren, John 
24* Dunn, Isaac 
20 "Hudson, Edw. 

Weller, Thos. 
27 Ayd, Thomas 

Plummer, Thos. 
29 Kempe, W'm. 

July, i 

1 Hall, George 
"Barnard, Hy. 

2 Cranenburgh, John 
3*Pead, Robert 

"Swanton, Francis 

3 Gosnold, Edmd. 
4*Howard, Thos. 

8 "Atkins, Francis 

9 Kirby, Henry 
io*Baily, George 

Howard, Sarah 
Taylor, Anne 

Cawood, Mars- 
Warner, Rath. 
Rogers, Lydia 
Loggins, Grace 
Delawne, Eliz. 
Baynon, Martha 
Knight, Sarah 
Parker, Sarah 
Land, Elizabeth 
Gifford, Jane 
Wright, Frances 
Legatt, Eliz. 
Abbis, Anne 
Hovenden, Mary 
Langley, Mary 


Darney, Susanna 
Stringer, Eliz. 
Beake, Mary 
Blowley [Blom- 

ley], Elizabeth 
Phillips, Phillippa 
Ligoe, Elizabeth 
Heren, Dorothy 
Chase [Chafe], 

Best, Dorothy 
Wiggin, Eliz. 

11 Osborne, Geo. and 

Langford, Edward 
"Holmes, Gabriel 
13 Smith, George 

Roycroft, Arthur 

Cutt, Nicholas 

Gibbs, W'm. 

Proby, Edward 
22*Fettiplace, Giles 
2o"Abney, Edward 

Merrett, Francis 
22 Randall, Thos. 
2o*Pagett, W'm. 

22 Cockett, Stephen 
Peele, William 

23 "Hodges, W'm. 
"Wright, W'm. 

24 Elcocke, Robt. 

' Ruffin, John 
Chamberlaine, Nath. 

"Rossington, Robert 
Andrews, John 
Laxton, John 

26*Harbord, W'm. 

27 Osborne, Thos. 

29 Eversden, Geo. 
Sam, Theodore 

31 Coppinger, Francis 


2 Lambert, Christop. 
Rootes, John 

3 Glover, John 
Holmes, Giles 

6 Chipp, Joseph 

Dickenson, Peter 

Fisher, Thos. 
8 "Wight, Thos. 
10 Lambert, Thos. 

Skippey, Thos. 

Grenerin, Isaac 

12 Chare, Abraham 
Budge, W'm. 
Meadows, Rob. 
Pirn, Phillip 

15 Potter, Adam 
i7"Pertyman [Prety- 
man], Sir Geo. 
19 "Holies, Sir Francis 
*Kings, William 

"Wickes, Paul 

21 Tall, John 
Onley, John 

22 Evington, Thos. 

Cranfood, Hepsi- 

Quoish, Mary 
Lanyon, Anne 
Bishopp, Joane 
Allybon, Frances 
Pilkington, Magy. 
Potto, Christiana 
Sheaff, Eliz. 
Purnell, Mary 
Andrewes, Da- 
mar is 
Pitts, Anne 
Andrewes, Susan 
Pierpont, Trances 
Lambe, Martha 
Russell, Eliz. 
Goodman, Eliz. 
Harbore ( Har- 

bord], Kath. 
Walker, Sarah 
Hurlstone, Lydia 

Lowe, Elizabeth 
Chankill, Bethia 
Cant, Elizabeth 
Duck, Mary 
Taylor, Gilian 
Egglesfield, Eliz. 
Spurwood, Eliz. 
Darnell, Mary 


Blackeley, Anne 
Rawlins, Mary 
Bishop, Susan 
Smith, Rebecca 
Hereford, Eleanor 
Weedon, Jane 
Green, Mary 
Wiseman, Mary 
Humfries, Anne 
Miller, Grace 
Impey, Mary 
Paine, Mary 
Cooper, Cath. 
Taylor, Eliz. 
Wild, Mary 
Maddock, Susan 
Houghton, Dame 

Carr, Lucy 
Nevell [Nevill], 

Buckley [Buck- 
by], Elizabeth 
Nicholls, Jane 
Hunt, Joane 
Hutch, Joane 


Ma rriage L ice n ces. 


August, 1661. 

22 Goudge, John and Eve, Elizabeth 
Berrington, Samuel Ansley, Anne 

23 Lugge, John 

24 Fawcett, Edwd. 
Todd, Charles 

*Sandys, Sam. 

27*Lee, Moses 
26*Horne, John 
27 Dutton, Robert 

Atfield, Eliz. 
Moorehouse, Ellen 
Smith, Sara 

, Lady 

Rogers, Eliz. 
FitzJohn, Anne 
Wodden, Mary 

28 Myngs, Christopher Stone, Rebecca 

29 Wilson, Thos. Bowden, Martha 
Brisco, Robert Pitt, Mary 
Harby, Job Holmes, Joane 

30 Bartlett, Henry Pierce, Mary 
Dorrington, Edward Croyden, Alice 

31 Waren, John Phillipps, Margt. 
Browne, Joseph Hunt, Ellen 
Sadler, William Heather, Alice 
Jenifer, Wm. Prusen, Eliz. 


2 Worth, Robert 
*Seymor, Edwd. 
5* Ball, Thomas 
"Wither, Robert 
Love, Benjamin 
Prist, George 
6*Fifield, Richard 

Stanford, Hy. 
10 Mussage, Peter 
n*Jones, William 

13 Tadpole, Rich. 

14 Stapley, Wm. 
Hasline, John 

17 Stubbs, John 

Orton, Pierce 
i8*Feerby, Percival 
19 Gargrave, Rich. 
21 Fancourt, John 
23 Carter, George 
24*Yeomans, John 

Baker, Jeremiah 
25 Dixon, Thomas 

Bamford, Robt. 
28*Pennant, Hugh 

Longman, Rich. 
28 Wickes, John 
30*Winch, Rich. 

Brokett, Edm. 

r, 1661. 

Fendall, Eliz. 
Wilford, Frances 
Cooper, Eliz. 
Hunt, Elizabeth 
Harper, Anne 
Gillman, Dorothy 
Cooke [Cocke], 

Woodgate, Mabel 
Bonus, Susan 
Robinson, Eliz. 
Butler, Jane 
Blower, Anne 
Wokham, Anne 
Wilkes, Mary 
Smalbrooke, Cath. 
Maniford, Eliz. 
Hobson, Barbara 
Burton, Anne 
Terrick, Alice 
Tayleur, Eliz. 
Overy, Eliz. 
Williams, Doro. 
Markham, Joice 
Jones, Elizabeth 
Poling, Eliz. 
Wheatley, Martha 
Browne, Dorothy 
Merrydale, Judith 

October, 1661. 

i Howkins, John Clough, Jane 

Hough, Gilbert Tickner, Anne 

[ *Vernon, John Wallyn, Eliz.(6)] 

(a) Misplaced at end of volume. 

(/>) On a leaf inserted at end of volume. 

3*Bard, Thomas and Gott, Mary 

4 Pate, Robert Constable, Anne 

*Lurkin[Luckin],Wm.Everard, Winifred 
5*Walsh, Charles Moore, Jane 

6*Cross, Longworth 
Woodford, Samuel 

7 Travis, Gervase 

8 Nicholl, Thos. 

Alston, Elizabeth 
Beale, Alice 
Clayton, Alice 
Finch, Elizabeth 

Spurlings, Lawrence Hedges, Mary 

*Wells, John 

Perkins, Edm. 
9 Stanton, Henry 

Bullock, Henry 

Buston, Wm. 

Garratt, Thos. 

Colman, Edw. 

Gibbon, Thos. 

Finch, John 
to Underwood, Edm. 
[ *Scott, Alex. 

1 1 Hewitt, Francis 
Bearston, Edmd. 

12 Connor, Dennis 
Wood, John 

*Bedell, Edw. 

De Pleurs, Hester 
Mutus, Mary 
Wroth, Man- 
Pale, Susan 
Francks, Eliz. 
Helme, Dorothy 
Chase, Jane 
Symons, Anne 
Chapman, Eliz. 
Doyly, Eliz. 
Anne «)] 
Webb, Elizabeth 
Benn, Dorothy 
Burgess, Anne 
Griffin, Margt. 
Aysrough [Ays- 
cough], Mary 
Pepys, Jane 
Shelley, Grace 
Culling, Sarah 

Nayler, Oliver 
14 Ragdale, Nath. 
i6*Lytcoat [Lytcott], 

17 Battle, Wm. 

i8*Eyres [Eyre], Sam. Lucy, Martha 
Hale, Robert Chipp, Mary 

*Somerskales[Somer- Gardiner, Eliz 
scales], John 

Seering, Martha 

Bancks, John 
21 Blundell, Rich. 
Briscoe, Henry 
Russell, Robert 
*Bennett, Sir John 

Heme, Stephen 
Bell, John 
24 Gilborne, Percival 
"Phillipps, Thos. 
Seymour, Gabriel 
Niblett, Richd. 

*Clitherowe, J as. 
25*Dauling, Thos. 
26 Harris, Lewis 
26 James, Francis 
Atkins, Richd. 
28*Pecke[Picke], Wm. Tomlins, Eliz. 
3o*Barton, Robert Herris, Anne 

*Mohum, Wm. Morgan, Mary 

Graham, Wm. Hughes, Anne 

31 Collier, Richd. Wade, Anne 

(a) Misplaced at end of volume. 

Rose, Mary 
Hay don, Mary 
Leasey, Eliz. 
Burt, Elizabeth 
Mulgrave, Eliz. 

Countess of 
Hawkin, Kath. 
Hinger, Mary 
Marston, Lydia 
Vanghan, Eliz. 
Smith, Elizabeth 

Gregory, Mary 
Webb, Jane 
Smalfield, Mary 
Lewes, Margery 
Ellis. x\nne 


Faculty Office. 


November, 1661 

1 Godfrey, John and 
Price, John 

2 Pierson, Wm. 

* Pindar, Wm. 

4 Coggs, John 

Smith, James 

5 Algar, John 

6 Nicoll, William 
Weale, Christopher 

7 Blunt, Richd. 
9 Roberts, Wm. 

11 *Spring, Sir William 

*Atkins, Thos. 

*Rawe, Wm. 
i2*Houlditch [Heal- 

ditch], Abraham 
i3*Humfreston, Wm. 
18 Arthur, Owen 

20 Sparks, Henry 
Wells, William 
Skegg, Edward 
Rivers, Edward 

21 Plumer, Richd. 
23 Page, John 

Rubens, Aloy 
Finch, Robert 
Roberts, Edmund 

25 Piers, Gabriel 

26 Goring, Lawrence 
Whitby, Sam. 

* Beckett, Wm. 

27 Horton, Henry 
Nobbs, Samuel 

29*Boteler, Philip 
27 Mason, John 
29 Rigby, Hugh 

Tench, Anne 
Bell, Margaret 
Fuller, Margaret 
Jorden, Catherine 
Overton, Hester 
Shelley, Anne 
Pitts, Jane 
Thayer, Ellen 
Simons, Hester 
Imbie, Elizabeth 
North, Mary 
Palmer, Bridgett 
Allen, Anne 
Moorecock, Eliz. 

Manning, Sarah 
Beane, Julia 
Wilcox, Averina 
Pitman, Grace 
Atkins, Anne 
Martyn, Susan 
Warren, Mary 
Wild, Lettice 
Greene, Elizabeth 
Turner, Isabel 
Parkhouse, Eliz. 
Benham, Margt. 
Bitter man, Anne 
Gifford, Sarah 
Hodgkinson, Alice 
Harlock, Eliz. 
Creed, Elizabeth 
Whitlock, Grace 
Lewkner, Eliz. 
Davies, Ellinor 

December, 1661. 

2*Pennington, Jacob 
Rogers, John 

3 * Blunt [Blount], Thos 
4*Russell, Thos. 

*Rudd, Rice 
6*Austen, John 
7*Ward, Philip 

*Seymour, Edw. 
9*Hinckley, Edw. 

Francis, Thos. 
io*Gipps, Thomas 
Hayward, Philip 
Hurlston, Robt. 
Bence, John 
n Raddon, Edwd. 

Blofield, Mary 

Grosvenor, Anne 
Fisher, Mary 
Cornwallis, Doro. 
Hale, Rose 

Wale, Margt(a)] 
Benner, Margt. 
Backhouse, Sarah 
Cropley, Mary 
Burbage, Eliz. 
Jackson, Susan 
Wood. Joane 
Godney, Anne 

[11 *Risley, John and 

* Whetstone, SirThos. 
Ireland, George 

[i2*Haughton, Thos. 

14 Smith, Nich. 

20 Cooper, Gervase 

18 Pitman, Thos. 

19 Bennett, Roger 
20*Ripley. Abraham 

21 *Watkins, Wm. 

23 Mellish, Henry 
Thornton, Bartholo. 

*Pix, Nathaniel 
Goffeight, Solomon 

* Wombwell, Stephen 

Merifield, John 

24 Matthews, Wm. 
Bucksted, Nich. 
Colman, John 

26*Steward, Hoo 

Bissell, John 

Edwards, Hy. 
31 Crouch, John 

"Maddocks, Richard 

Temple, Chris- 

tiane (aj] 
Rolfe, Elizabeth 
Carter. — Widow 

Nuby. Susan 
Quiney, Sarah 
Scisson. Jane 
Cripps. Anne 
Isham. Susan 
Carnwath, Coun- 
tess Catherine 
Gedden, Eliz. 
Leeson. Ellinor 
Austen, Anne 
Lloid, Penelope 
Driver [ Driden, i.e. , 

Dryden] Lucy 
Last, Martha 
Davies, Eliz. 
Right, Sarah 
Lack, Alice 
Raven, Margaret 
Steed, Sarah 
Daniel, Judith 
Bromley, Mary 
Andrewes, Cath. 

January, 1661-62. 
2 Wilde, William Strange, Anne 

Cudgden, Thos. 
Jeffery, John 

3 *Collier, Abel 

Hall, John 

4 *Firth, William 

Cursy, Henry 
6*Jones, George 

7 Rutt, Richard 
Eaglestone, Ed. 
Colier, John 

*Clerk, Edward 

8 Brisco, John 
Rodey, Wm. 

1 1 Manning, Thos. 
Norton, Daniel 

Lidgold, Anne 
Goldstone, Susan 

Pease, Hannah 
Stacy, Jane 
Cox, Anne 
Terry, Elizabeth 
Welden, Mary 
Collins, Ellinor 
Heath, Elizabeth 
Boys, Bridgett 
Kittle, Mary 
Mathews, Joane 
Morton, Jane 
Amhurst, Eliz. 

Crafton[/.t..Crofton], Clifford, Susan 
Sir Edwd. [Bart.] 

(a) Misplaced at end of volume. 

13 Smith, James 
Askew, Thos. 

*Maynard. Edw. 
Hayes, John 

14 Fasby, James 
Wells, Thomas 

15 Carr, Robert 

16 Saunders, John 
*Stone, Richard 

Cock, Dorothy 
Browne. Mary 
Francknell, Eliz. 
Baker. Elizabeth 
Woodford, Mary 
Baldwin, Alice 
Netheway, Anne 
Sanders, Grace 
Loe, or Lee, Dor- 
othy (a)] 
(a) Misplaced at end of volume. 


Ma 7-riage L icences. 


January, 1661-62. 

18 *Crome, Valentine flwrfDashwood, Phillis 
*Bowles, Oliver Markham, Jane 

20 Fielder, John 

21 Chambers, Joseph 
Power, Robert 

22 Tyndall, Walter 
Smith, John 
Gostlin, William 

23 Attford, John 
Oxburgh, John 

Peterson, Sarah 
Cacher, Elizabeth 
Smith, Anne 
Harris, Rachel 
Sims, Sarah 
Norwich, Sarah 
Every, Dorothy 
Wise, Ethelreda 

Perin, Christopher Crutchfield, Sarah 

24 Figge, John 

25 Buckler, Thomas 
Lacey, John 

27*Exton, Robert 

*Antrobus, George 
29 Vyner, Edward 

Heath, Richard 
3i*Lort, Sir John 

*Hide, Humphrey 
Buller, Richard 

1 Hill, Abraham 

Dixon, John 
3*Morris, William 
Taylor, Edmund 
Leedham, Stephen 
Hockton, Francis 
*Adams, Charles 
4 Robinson, Thos. 

*Venables, Robert 
5*Mors, William 
Lawrence, Ralph 
Austin, Obadiah 
Clarke, Thomas 
*Shenton, W 7 illiam 
Paddy, Samuel 
*Syndry, David 

6 Bolton, William 
Gibbon, Jeremiah 
Kings, Richard 
*Freeman, Sir Geo. 
7*Creamer, Sir John 
8 Smith, Thomas 
Good, Edward 
Fuller, Samuel 
*Mildmay, Robert 

10 Tyer, Thomas 
*Maior [Major], 

Stace, Samuel 
*Dallender, Mathew 
Colt, Christopher 

Baylie, Jane 
Fillmore, Anne 
Barrett, Mary 
Osborne, Anne 
Bramston, Cath. 

Harrison, Mary 
Stanhop, Dame 

Osbaston, Eliz. 
Lee, Elizabeth 

Pratt, Elizabeth 
Clifton, Mary 
Light, Frances 
Ripps, Anne 
Gravell, Winifred 
Vise, Catherine 
Burdett, Sarah 
Hale, Alice 
Leigh, Elizabeth 
Colston, Martha 
Hillard, Elizabeth 
Barnes, Martha 
Bourne, Jane 
Meggs, Sarah 
Roberts, Anne 
Euston [Easton], 

Reading, Eliz. 
Medhurst, Judith 
Harris, Elizabeth 
Brett, Sarah 
Fabian, Ursula 
Barnett, Elizabeth 
Pennington, Eliz. 
Stevens, Jane 
Harris [Haynes], 

Porter, Anne 
Royston, Mary 

Sheppard, Joane 
Starkey, Lucy 
Walter, Benet 

11 Beawtie, Thorn as a 
Moore, Hugh 

* Barrett, Edward 

12 Myn, James 
i5*Ogle, John 

Wight, Robert 
17 Baker, Abraham 
ig*Garrett, Edward 
2i*Pepys, Charles 
25*Hamond, William 
26*Mayden, Robert 
27 Sayers, Thomas 
28*Goffe, William 

;zrfDrake, Rebecca 
Franck, Mary 
Calf, Jo sin a 
Harme, Elizabeth 
Howard, Eliz. 
Cuttane, Rebecca 
Ware, Bridgett 
Smith, Mary 
Smith, Joane 
Panckhurst, Eliz. 
Stretton, A 1 bin a 
Burch, Anne 
Boughton, Mary 

March, 1661-62. 

1 Ryland, Joseph 

3 Wood, Lambert 

4 Rowland, Robert 
6 Cooper, William 
8 Wedding, William 

10 Sergeant, Ralph 

Salkeld, Samuel 
*Hutchins, John 
n*Duffield, Edmond 
13 Alfounder, John 

Davenport, Wm. 
15 Tayler, William 

Loane, Richard 

Weller, Andrew 

Rawlinson, Richd. 
20 Manning, Isaac 
24 Aukland, Samuel 

March, i 

25*Kent, Richard 
Brewster, John 
Savidge, Henry 

26 Parker, George 
Clark, John 

*Merreatt [Merreall], 

Goodchild, Jeffery 

27 Shelton, George 
Wood, John 

28 Lokey, Henry 
Webb, William 

2g*Stawell, George 
*Holmden, John 

Meazy, Nathaniel 

Tay, Richard 
31 Laycock, Thomas 

Daney, John 

Kneaton, Thomas 

Kean, Mary 
Bawcock, Sarah 
Elliott, Elizabeth 
Harris, Elizabeth 
Pratt, Elizabeth 
Boughton, Mary 
Oyles, Catherine 
Orchard, Mary 
Morgan, Anne 
Pollard, Phcebe 
Francis, Mary 
Bowyer, Grace 
Lance, Joane 
Dickenson, Eliz. 
Byam, Edith 
Harbottle, Anne 
Hall, Elizabeth 


Collett, Mary 
Mead, Elizabeth 
Harpley, Hannah 
Hawes, Elizabeth 
Partridge, Eliz. 
Butler, Sarah 

Whiteshead, Sus. 
Briggs, J ane 
Wood, Elizabeth 
Pinck, Susan 
Walcott, Sarah 
Austen, Ursula 
Midleton, Sarah 
Wicks, Elizabeth 
Thompson, Eliz. 
Endabrook, Hest. 
Beech, Anne 
Deakins, Hannah 

April, 1662. 

1 * Hutchinson, Edm. 

Starkey, Philip 

2 Manyford, Henry 
*Green, Roger 

Man, Susan 

Penney, Edith 
Green, Anne 

66 2 ] 

Faculty Office. 


April, 1662. 

2 Law, John and Bird, Anne 

Case, John Pigett, Sarah 

Chard. Adam Pennycott, Dor. 

3*York, James Beecher, Eliz. 

Kingham, Daniel Latham, Cath. 

5 Badcock, Nicholas Legg, Mary 

East, Jeremy Jenkins, Margery 

Fothergill, John Mathewes, Eliz. 

7*Craven, Sir A.nth. Wiseman, Theod. 

Singleton, William Hunt, Martha 

*Darling, Edward Stiles, Frances 

8 Knapp, John 

9 Burr, John 

10 Pell, Valentine 
Dory, George 

11 *Aylett, Thomas 

12 Fry, John 
White, Henry 

14 Wright, Robert 

Barlowe, Mary 
Ward, Alice 
Edwards, Eliz. 
Speed, Mary 
Arwaker, Jane 
Gun, Joane 
Mould, Mary 
Cosby, Elizabeth 

Binge[Bynge],John Johnson, Phila- 

Dashwood, Mar. 
Raven, Catherine 
James, Anne 
Williams, Anne 
Whoule, Anne 
Brent, Frances 
Lawson, Joane 
Hobbs, Mary 
Cowsie, Dorothy 
Gainsford, Fran. 

i5*Roberts, William 
16 Swanstone, Richd. 
i7*Dixon, Henry 

Francis, John 
i8*Godsalve, Richard 
2i*Carr, William 

Patteone, Thomas 

22 Young, Henry 

23 Allen, Richard 
*Jenkinson, Thos. 

Corsellis, Nicholas Cutton, Susan 
24*Seaman, Daniel Rowe, Man 
Hayward, Daniel 

25 Smith, Thomas 

26 Goldsmith, Thos. 
*Purefoy, George 

28 Jones, William 
*Glanvill, Julius 

29 Ailay, Richard 
30*Bristowe, Richd. 

Cooper, John 
Breareley, John 
*Deligne, Erasmus 
Lovell, William 
Page, William 

Hobbs, Bridgett 
Bugby, Anne 
Henwood, Joane 
Savage, Anne 
Fussell, Margaret 
Bagnall, Anne 
Phetty, Elizabeth 
De Butt, Eliz. 
Dennis, Mary 
Wickham, Joice 
Charnock, Mary 
Parkes, Dorothy 
Rawlins, Frances 


1 Gilbert, Thomas 
Rogers, Thomas 
Lambe, Wm. 

5 Vaughan, John 
Clements, Wm. 

* Roberts, Edwd. 
Dicken, Thomas 

6 James, Samuel 
Nower, Francis 


Peck, Mary 
Weller, Sarah 
Riest, Jane 
Man, Rebecca 

Merridale, Susan 
Warde, Susan 
Sansum, Eliz. 
Bargrave, Hester 

7 *Shetterden, Thos. an 

Bownett, Richd. 

8 Vicars, Thomas 
Button, Francis 

9 Godbid, Wm. 
Burr, James 

*Beale, Sir John 
10 Webb, John 
*Delaune, Wm. 
*Knipe, Randolph 
*Walden, Richd. 

12 Butridge, Samuel 
Hall, William 

13 Francis, John 
Doxey, Robert 

Deighton, John 

14 Vandeurs,Cornelius 
Griffis, Robert 

15 Newton, Jonathan 

Hall, Samuel 
Batchelor, Edwd. 

16 Kelsey, Thomas 
Smith, Nathaniel 

*Ingram, James 
i7*Gee, Orlando 
*Jeffery, Francis 
Picke, Robert 
20*Holloway, Humfrey 
Baily, Thomas 
Bennett, isaac 
21 Long, James 
23*Seale, Thomas 
26*Gould, Thomas 

27 *Cartwright, Thos. 

Bardolph, Simon 
Pybus, Christopher 
Menlove, Richd. 

28 Whistler, Ralph 
Wilmott, Alex. 
Warner, Robert 

29*Kinaston, John 
30*Danvers, John 
Blundell, Thos. 
Anderson, Chas. 
31 Arnold, Bennett 
* Anderson, Edm. 
*Morden, John 

c/Plumer, Elizabeth 
Norken, Sarah 
Brookes, Eliz. 
Hodgkinson, Eliz. 
Jackson, Audrey 
Blowe, Penelope 
Duke, Jane 
Lowen, Elizabeth 
Barkham, Dorcas 
Nutt, Anne 
Leighton, Barbara 
Martin, Mary 
Clark, Alice 
Braddock, Anne 

Wellavise, Jane 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Pitcher, Wilmot 

Smith, Anne 
Rodey, Elizabeth 
Wright, Bridgett 
Green, Mary 
Orchard, Dorothy 
Barker, Elizabeth 
Wreith, Anne 
Foster, Anne 
Stephens, Hester 
Doegood, Susan 
Robinson, Eliz. 
Clunn, Catherine 
Pinck, Anne 

Wight, Sarah 
Russell, Douglas 
Needham, Mary 
Wilkinson, Anne 
Freeman, Cath. 
Alman, Elizabeth 
Eloy, Sarah 
Piercy, Phillippa 
Stafford, Dorothy 
Gascoine, Mary 
Davies, Joane 
Castleton, Jane 
Cox, Margaret 
Brand, Susan 

June, 1662. 

2 Aylerugge, Thos. 
Ives, John 

3 Young, Richard 
Bowden, Richd. 
Bellwood, Chas. 
Dyer, John 

4 Foster, William 
Thorrowgood, Mat. 

Jones, Abigail 
Andrewes, Jane 
Carpenter, Alice 
Sowdon, Hannah 
Field, Sarah 
Mitchell, Amy 
Coleman, Sarah 
Warde, Joane 


Marriage Licences. 


June, 1662. 

4 Curteis, William and Brett, Sarah 

7 Pasfield, Samuel Johnson, Dorothy 

Churchill, Wm. 
9 *Clutterbuck, Thos. 
*Hales, Thomas 
10 Deane, John 
*Holder, John 
u*Morley, Sir Wm. 
I 3*Osgood, Richd. 
Rogers, Geo. 
Hoare, John 
i4*Powell, David 

16 Beckett, Henry 
*Quatremain, Wm. 

Brett, John 

17 Price, Henry 
*Yong, Thomas 

Leech, Absolam 
Le Maine, And. 

Chubb, Dorothy 
Norton, Susan 
Wood, Mary 
Mawdett, Eliz. 
Warren, Bridgett 
Denham, Anne 
Hackett, Eliz. 
Nuby, Elizabeth 
Fifield, Elizabeth 
Home, Sarah 
Kentish, Sarah 
Dike, Mary 
Duke, Sarah 
Randall, Mary 
Fox worthy, Marg. 
Parrett, Elizabeth 
Molton, Catherine 
Boone, Frances 

18 Francklin, Richd. 
i9*Munings [Monins], King, Catherine 

*Jeane, Richd. 
Martin, Wm. 
Collins, Robt. 
20 Mortimer, Peter 
2i*Caesar, Chas. 
Clement, John 
Whitley, Richd. 
23*Ducy, Sir W T m. 

*Hood, Job 
*Tomkins, Thos. 
Bruser, Anthony 
25*Davies, John 

Brockden, Thos. 
26 Wood, Richd. 
28 Mill, Leonard 
*Verney, Edmund 
Smithet, Thos. 
30 Wood, James 
Bilting, Richd. 


1 Ashworth, John 
Ley ton, Wm. 

*Whitby, Thos. 

2 Massall, John 
Richardson, Jn. 

4 Lake, John 

5 Smith, Michael 

7 Palmer, Roger 

8 Broome, Isaac 
Andrews, Robt. 

*Russell, Francis 

9 *Wymondesold, Ed 

Prichard, Richd. 

Cooke, Mary 
Gilham, Mary 
Draper, Grace 
Lorenger, Margt. 
Levinthorpe, J o an e 
Ede, Mary 
Jackson, Eliz. 
Seymour, Frances 
Wood, Catherine 
Ellis, Jane 

Hill, Joane 
Ben, Sarah 
Gawsell, Susanna 
Edgerley, Anne 
Bedford, Margt. 
Hooper, Mary 
Abell, Mary 
Batty, Sarah 
Shorter, Elizabeth 
Benson, Elizabeth 


Raye, Anne 
Stubbs, Alice 
Hewson, Anne 
Feltis, Mary 
Arnold, Elizabeth 
Emerton, Margery 
Jolley, Elizabeth 
Meakins, Eliz. 
Hoare, Magdalen 
Smith, Mary 
Lytton, Anne 
m. Freeman, Hannah 
Hemington, Jane 

11 Sandidge, John and 
Gany. Wm. 

*Bainbrigg, Thos. 
Skelton, Robt. 

12 Dike, Edward 
* Parker, Wm. 

14 White, John 
*Scothorine [Scot- 

horne], Mathew 
*Houblon, Jacob 

*Smith, John 

15 Cobham, John 
Jordan, John 
Allen, Thomas 

16 Andrewes, Dan. 
Cornish, Edwd. 

*Frankland, Hugh 

17 Jatt, Moses 
Powell, W 7 m. 

i8*Miles, Robt. 

Smore, Edwd. 

Jones, Humphrey 
19 Cockeram, John 
21 Shrawley, Wm. 

Richards, Robt. 

Fogg, Simon 

Thompson, Theoph. 

Fudge, William 
* Johnson, Joseph 
*Leventhorpe, Staft'd 

23 Dodd, Robert 
*Neale, Francis 

24 Newby, Henry 

25 Coe, W 7 illiam 
Dodridge, And. 

26 White, James 
"Nicholas, Edwd. 

28*Rich, Lord Chas. 

29 Smith, George 

30 Clement, John 
Stanton, Joseph 

*Lovelas, John 
*Lluelyn, Martin 


2 Marriott, John 
4*Dawling [Dauling], 

5 * Willoughby, Wm. 

Byfield, Wm. 
Mitchell, Edwd. 

6 Gregory, Daniel 

7 Martin, Edwd. 
Wheatley, Wm. 

8 Chevers, Thos. 
Wilkins, Henry 

9 Stratton, Thos. 
n*Perkins, Theoph. 

Holdway, Frances 
Phillipps, Anne 
Stretchley, Sarah 
Mason, Mary 
Walker, Grace 
Green, Anne 
Allen, Dorcas 
Oldham, Dorothy 

Whincopp, Anne 

Wood, Joice 
Reader, Sarah 
Bennett, Margt. 
Hawes, Mary 
Sparkes, Eliz. 
Potter, Judith 
Dray, Mary 
Allison, Dennis 
Rogers, Sarah 
Fludd, Lucie 
Coney, Mary 
Paine, Anne 
Biker, Sarah 
Merrion, Anne 
Spencer, Cath. 
Williams, Abigail 
Hassard, Mary 
H olden, Mary 
Rawlinson, Mary 
Flexmore, B'rb'ra 
Tarrall, Abigail 
Mason, Anne 
Bullock, Sarah 
Dodd, Alice 
Morris, Dorothy 
Roberts, Ursula 
Richardson, Anne 
Cavendish, Dame 

Newman, Pr'd'nce 
Fincher, Anne 
Marginson, Rach'l 
Pye, Martha 
Long, Martha 


Hughes, Anne 
Brett, Elizabeth 

Waldron, Grace 
Williamson, Alice 
Buckley, Anne 
Rogers, Harm an 
Wells, Elizabeth 
Gale, Mary 
Spenser, Anne 
Bishop, Margaret 
Cantrell, Jane 
Wright, Jane 

66 2 ] 

Faculty Office. 


August, 1662. 

11 Hall, Thomas and 
Heather, John 
Wells, John 

12 Guy, Robert 

Gifford, Daniel 

14 Colley, Francis 

15 Baker, Thomas 
i6*Prise, Thomas 

18 Malyn, Thomas 

*Williams, John 
Plukenett, Christ- 
Bostall, John 
Pope, John 

19 Miller, William 
Banckes, Wm. 

20 Walpole, Thos. 
Lloid, Elias 
Wilcock, Hen. 
Harvey, George 

"Marshall, John 

21 Herd, Daniel 
Onby, Robert 

[27] *Gurdon, Brampton 

22 Ballard, Thos. 
Garner, Edwd. 
Hodges, Thos. 
Bigge, John 
Vevers, Gilbert 

*Johnson, Francis 

23 Hewett, John 
25*Peke, Mathew 

Evans, Abel 

Upcher, Wm. 

Chirett, John 

Rowland, Wm. 
26 Chalke, Wm. 
27*Powall [Povall], 

29 *Cumberbach, Wm. 
3o*Orchard, Thos. 

Calthorp, Ambrose 

Hall, Anne 

Earle, Jane 

Wells, Mary 

Woodford, Han- 

Woodford, Susan 

Moore, Anne 

Crathorne, Margt. 

Wray, Diana 

Merry weather, 

Doggett, Avis 

Nayler, Martha 

Browne, Cath. 
Bride, Sarah 
Potter, Anne 
Crew, Rebecca 
Noble, Joice 
Parker, Mary 
Sparke, Rebecca 
Goodwin, Isabel 
Warren, Sarah 
Minshull, Alice 
Lee, Catherine 
Thornhegh, Eliz. 
Mead, Susanna 
Wilcocks, Joane 
Haines, Elizabeth 
Saywell, Rebecca 
Browne, Mary 
Green, Alice 
Gedding, Eliz. 
Purchas, Martha 
Green way, Alice 
Knight, Elizabeth 
Hill, Elizabeth 
Penrose, Mary 
Peere, Jane 
Manby, Hannah 

Winwood, Eliz. 
Parrett, Susanna 
Foster, Elizabeth 


1 Stevens, Wm. 
Smith, John 

2 Gosewell, John 
Goodson, Wm. 

3 Dilkes, Edward 
Willson, Lewis 
Markham, John 

*Aucher, John 
Wells, John 
Benet, William 
4*Vicars, Samuel 
Marnham, Hen. 

BER, l662. 

Robinson, Mary 
Child, Martha 
Gray, Anne 
Sparks, Elizabeth 
Blichenden., Mary 
Carleton, Eliz. 
Mitchell, Anne 
Peake, Susan 
Hill, Judith 
Pease, Martha 
Monger, Anne 
Stanny, Anne 

6 Bishop, John and 
5* Adams, Henry 
*Davy, Wm. 
*Hurst, Thomas 
Culcheth, Ralph 
Hartwell, Richd. 
*Pemberton, John 
8 Clarke, John 

Warren, John 
9*Thomson, Stephen 
*Moyser, Christoph. 
Kinman, Richd. 

10 Clarke, John 
Haythorne, John 
Vernon, Edwd. 
Collins, Richard 

*Duboys, John 

11 Gun, John 
Richardson, Geo. 

i2*Grove, Richard 
Atherton, Henry 
Norris, John 

13 Charvell, Richd. 

15 Wetherlee, Richd. 
Pennard, John 

16 Todd, Jonathan 
*Wood, Thos. 

Midleton, Thos. 
Morris, Wm. 

17 Brough, Robert 
Cotterell, Richd. 

18 Lucar, Giles 

Carr, Thomas 
Rowles, George 
Marsh, Thomas 
Turner, John 
Litleton, Thos. 
Smith, Ralph 

*Swann, Samuel 
20 Chauncey, Edwd. 

*Penney, Edward 

22 Taylor, Isaac 

Renalls, Robt. 

Stedman, Michael 

23 Byne, Magnus 
Blackwell, Robt. 

24*Spering, John 
Broxup, Edwd. 

25 Round, John 

26 Milborne, John 

27 Hutchinson, Josias 
29*Flaunce [Faunce], 

30 Parker, Thos. 

Smith, Elizabeth 
King, Anne 
Roane, Sarah 
Tey, Mary 
Tonge, Mary 
Taylor, Rebecca 

Baresley, Mary 
Rotheram, Anne 
Price, Margaret 
Nicoll, Mary 
Bish, Mary 
Bland, Sarah 
Hewardine, Mar- 
Medle, Anne 
Davy, Mary 
Higham, Mary 
Sandys, Frances 
Waldo, Sarah 
Lewis, Dido 
Raymond, Mary 
Long, Sarah 
Thompson, Mary 
Symonds, Anne 
Mason, Joane 
Dunton, Elizabeth 
Vendemond, Anne 
Porter, Elizabeth 
Castleden, Parnell 
Rumbould, Anne 
Love, Dorcas 
Allen, Hannah 
Mason, Mary 
Billington, Em- 
Stevenson, Eliz. 
Johnson, Eliz. 
Martin, Jane 
Sadler, Catherine 
Simbold, Frances 
Moseley, Susan 
Sprignell, Cath. 
Laite, Mary 
Somers, Jane 
Sprackling, Mar- 
Twiday, Mag- 
Light, Susan 
Bartlett, Sarah 
Gladman, Sarah 
Doggett, Susan 
Leather, Deborah 
Marshall, Anne 
Langley, Eliz. 
Snico, Sarah 
Head, Elizabeth 

Higgs, Elizabeth 


Marriage Licences. 


September, 1662. 

30 Mould, John 
Criche, Richd. 
Punter, Thos. 
Brooks, Thos. 

and Flight, Mary 

Pimble, Elizabeth 
Mathewes, Eliz. 
Blackborne, Eliz. 


1 Jackson, Henry 
Barton, John 
Gardner, Wm. 

2 Jones, William 
Willmore, John 

*Adams, Charles 
Davis, John 

3 Walspeck, Robt. 

4 Flereby, Solomon 
Allen, Zachary 

6 Mede, Mat hew 

7 Cutler, Wm. 
*Wright, Francis 

*Ogle, Sir Thos. 

Birch, Nathaniel 
8 Arney, Henry 

Crompton, John 

James, Joseph 
*Walton, George 
g Thwaite, Wm. 

Carr, William 

Hobbs, John 

Mathews, Robt. 
Dell, Stephen 

10 Mutlow, Wm. 
Bone, John 
Lane, John 

*Savage, John 
Clarke, Wm, 

11 Twiford, Robt. 
Dudfield, Peter 

13 Hoper, Dudley 
*Child, Richard 

Yorke, James 

14 Fryer, Henry 
Crosse, Nathaniel 

*Dormer, Gabriel 
Cotton, George 
*Argall, Thos. 

16 Talcott, Joseph 

17 Noise, Francis 

18 Jewks, John 
20 Allen, Robert 

Seed, John 
Gibbons, Joseph 
Danvers, Samuel 
22 Watton, Jacob 


Pilkington, Anne 
Bagley, Dorothy 
Bridge, Dinah 
Walkley, Sarah 
Seysions, Meriall 
Varney, Elizabeth 
Cleaver, Eliz. 
Mason, Susan 
Brian, Mary 
Hay ward, Anne 
Hudson, Mary 
Tucker, Elizabeth 

mill, Dame 

Anne], Anne 
Goodman, Eliz. 
Belamy, Margt. 
Moythen, Eliz. 
Selting, Joane 
Hide, Sarah 
Limbrey, Frances 
Johnson, Isabel 
Wormlayton, Re- 
Baggs, Mary 
Wetherley, Dor- 
Towers, Alice 
Warner, Anne 
Attlee, Anne 
Alchorne, Anne 
Manfield, Helen 
Jesson, Frances 
Fisher, Mary 
Dorrington, Mary 
Dad [Dod], Eliz. 
White, Anne 
Foster, Joan 
Jackman, Anne 
Steventon, Mary 
Felton, Fortune 
Wild, Anne 
Hopkins, Eliz. 
Fulcarre, Rebecca 
Rowning, Abigail 
Paggett, Margt. 
Do, Elizabeth 
Langley, Mercy 
Escott, Elizabeth 
Williams, Martha 

20 Hill, Thomas and 

21 Woodcott, Thos. 
Elliott, Nicholas 
Foster, Henry 

22 Wagner, John 
Seawell, Peter 

Allen, John 
*Collins, Walter 

23 Shettleworth, Wm. 


24 Clutterbuck, Jerome 
27 White, Charles 

Tirrell, Walter 
*Bramston, Edwd. 
Beauchampe, Wm. 
28*Cutler, Edward 
Clarke, William 
Smith, John 

29 Fawkner, John 
Ashby, Charles 
31 James, Alexander 


1 Cobbett, Randall 
Pickaby, Anthony 

3 Harvey, Thos. 
Kedermister, Edmd. 

4 Allman, Robert 

Reeve, Henry 
Chaplin, J erningham 
Richards, Chas. 
King, Sebine 

5 Colson, Robert 
Buckland, Baptist 
Read, John 

6 Blatch, Thomas 
7*Bulkeley, Joseph 

Whyting, Isaac 

10 Warring, Briantt 

11 Moss, Thomas 
Fazakerley, Hen. 
Preston, Roger 

12 Pemble, Walter 
Walker, Edward 

*Cade, Andrew 

13 Read, Zachary 
15 Ordway, Joseph 

17 Bradshaw, Cornelius 
Grunsell, Wm. 

18 Boghurst, Wm. 
Swayne, Richd. 

*Blisse, Wm 
Goodwin, Edward 

19 Royle, Thomas 
Hooper, Joseph 

Barnesley, Eliz. 
Jones, Susan 
Mershe, Anne 
Comings, Margt. 
Gore, Margaret 
Harrington, Re- 
Smith, Rose 
Cacott, Elizabeth 
Glascock, Mary 
Lugg, Mary 
Ridge, Margery 
Carter, Joane 
Brewerton, Cicely 
Roe, Mary 
Browne, Anne 
Danish, Elizabeth 
Millington, El- 

Dabor, Helen 
Harvey, Elizabeth 
Hebbe, Mary 


Booker, Anne 
Charvill, Kath. 
Pewett, Agnes 
Gee, Katharine 
Perin, Penelope 
Awnsham, Jane 
Chaloner, Martha 
Harstaff, Sarah 
Pery, Mary 
Nicholas, Margery 
Wright, Alice 
Rumbley, Hester 
Balguy, Susanna 
Philips, Dorothy 
Smith, Anne 
Browne, Eliz. 
Rogers, Elizabeth 
Shottoe, Frances 
Manton, Dorothy 
Winchurst, Sus- 
Walley, Mary 
Attwood, Isabell 
Barber, Elizabeth 
Brookes, Mary 
Hide, Mary 
Vidgen, Sarah 
Marshall, Anne 
Sanders, Eliz. 
Agge, Elizabeth 
Blunkett, Mary 
Hewson, Anne 


Faculty Office. 


November, 1662. 

ig Zouch, George and Henley, Margaret 

Fox, Christopher Tanner, Grace 

*Brograve, John Harby, Emma 

20 Nicholas, Ambrose Browne, Judith 

21 Tyndale, John Deane, Elizabeth 

22 Shittinge, Thos. Griffith, Martha 

Burnap, Samuel 
24 Browne, Henry 

Warnham, Thos. 
*Lowe, Michael 
*Holles, Freschville Crome, Jane 
*Ashford, Thos. Galhampton, 

Baynes, Kath. 
Brown, Judith 
Britten, Elizabeth 
Hardwin, Mary 

25 Price, William 
Turner, John 

Wheeler, John 
*Bishe [Bisshe], 

26 Page, George 

Henzey, Mary 
Astley [Dame], 


Morgan, Mary 
Parr, Ellen 

Redworth, Susan 

Langston, Nicholas Bryenton, Mary 

Colvile, John 
Henderson, Wm. 

27 Byer, William 
Higden, Thos. 

28 Cheney, John 

29 Eldred, John 

Cely, Anne 
Hayward, Eliz. 
Pusey, Martha 
Field, Joane 
Syms, Elizabeth 
Rivers, Charity 

December, 1662. 
1 Towers, Christoph. Daniel, Ursula 

3 Buckley, Abel 

4 Johnson, Henry 
Kirby, Robert 
Lewis, Robert 

5 Bull, Arundel 

Brograve, Simon 
Finch, Richard 
Hobbs, Edward 

6 Pummis, John 

8 Browne, John 
Andrewes, J as. 

9 Chalfont, Christoph. Wilson, Sarah 

10 Duncan, John Kettle, Anne 

1 1 *Ailet [Aylett], Robt. Ailet [Aylett], 

Watts, John 
Mayo, James 

Grigger, Mary 
Heme, Letitia 
Browne, Anne 
Larman, Alice 
Newlove, Thorn- 

Ward, Susan 
Dover, Sarah 
Jackson, Susan 
Dossett, Eliz. 
Gray, Mary 
Calcott, Frances 

Woodcock, Anne 
Buck, Maria 

Austin, Jane 
Zouch, Judith 

Cuddington, Alice 
Holliar, Elizabeth 
Nelson, Christian 
Goodwin, Cecilia 
Harrison, Cath. 
18 *Percy, Lord Jocelyn Wriothesley, Lady 


13 Geerthy, John 

[Troughton], Jn. 
*Heathfield, Thos. 
i5*Lygon, William 
Snowden, Thos. 
i6*Lee, George 
i5*Barrow, Robert 

17 Goodman, Geo. and 
*Jeltham [Feltham], 

Beacham, Thos. 
i9*Mildmay, Humfry 
20*Crane, John 

Puttman, Thos. 
22*Noel, Thomas 
Whitton, Geo. 
*Bedmgfield, Robt. 
Howse, George 
*Luckyn, Thos. 
Burrowes, Jar vis 
24*Killigrew, Peter 

26 Scott, Thomas 
White, John 

27 De Vaux, Theod. 
29 Cape, John 

29 Manning, Walter 
Dawson, Joseph 

*Moore, David 
Hutchins, Wm. 
*Smith, Richard 

30 Neall, Thomas 
Hurlocke, Geo. 
Dodsworth, Chris- 

*Baskervile, Richd. 
Cooper, George 

31 Litlebury, Robt. 
Duncombe, Wm. 
Ashburner, Francis 
Warnes, Thos. 
Grove, William 

Langston, Jane 
Portrey, Mary 

Abram, Anne 
Steele, Catherine 
Fawler, Elizabeth 
Drought, Mary 
Terns, Martha 
Rudd, Mary 
Harvey, Eliz. 
Absolom, Sarah 
Blundefield, Mary 
Bateman, Sybil 
Twisden, Frances 
Swaine, Phoebe 
Bevan, Jane 
Calfe, Alice 
Machin, Anne 
Smith, Joane 
Felton, Elizabeth 
Agar, Anne 
Crawford, Mary 
Pincke, Susan 
Sargeant, Eliz. 
Overell, Mary 
Pooke, Elizabeth 

Taylor, Elizabeth 
Raines, Anne 
Newton, Kath. 
Ailiffe, Sarah 
Harbut, Leah 
Austen, Sarah 
Laurence, Mary 

January, i 

1 Barnard, Thos. 
Constant, Daniel 

2*Forster, Steward 
Hoddenot, Maurice 
Waightman, Jn. 

3 Gardiner, Robt. 
Warner, Christoph. 

5 Akers, alias Ake- 

hurst, Alexander 
* Davis, John 

6 Bell, James 
Mayne, Wm. 

7*Dorrell, Thomas 
8 Shrimpton, Richd. 
Downer, John 
Bull, Young 
10 Farrington, John 
Mead, Samuel 
*Lomax, Nathaniel 
Barnsby, W T m. 
12 Davison, James 
Palmer, Thos. 


Lea, Anne 
Hamerton, Dor- 
Wild, Susan 
Hart, Mary 
Birch, Avice 
Downes, Judith 
Williams, Margt. 

Fuxon [Juxon], 

Harward, Mary 
Fewster, Eliz. 
Bromfield, Eliz. 
Hopkins, Eliz. 
Burber, Frances 
Highfield, Mary 
Bearblock, Margt. 
Lewin, Mary 
Widnell, Kath. 
Haurtridge, Mary 
Digby, Anne 
Barnes, Frances 

2 4 

Marriage Licences. 


January, 1662-63. 

12 Thompson, Sam. and Clarke, Elizabeth 
Richardson, Richd. Moone, Mary 
Bolton, William Wyrley, Dorothy 

13 Atkinson, Timothy Grove, Elizabeth 
Farnbarrow, Thos. Bleak, Mirabell 

*Silvester[Sylvester], Burrell, Jane 


Walton, Samuel Clarke, Mary 

14 Girling-, Edmond Briggs, Mary 
*Fuller, Thomas Pickering, Eliz. 

15 Wells, William Hawkes, Mary 
*Clipsham, Robt. Hughes, Jane 

Cockerell, Wm. Carey, Margaret 

16 Price, John Roth well, Anne 
Durham, John Brisco, Hester 

17 Maldwyn, Jacob Nobbs, Elizabeth 
*Daintrey, Wm. Stucky, Elizabeth 

ig*Stagg, Thomas Clendon, Hannah 

Craddock, Wm. Clifford, Dorothy 

Murvell, Wm. Jacob, Susan 

Hamond, Thos. Power, Sancta 

*Cocke, Thomas Churchman, Mar- 

20 Thomazon, Geo. Phillipps, Avis 
Samford, Ezekiel Adams, Anne 

21 Keene, Henry Bull, Jane 
Bird, Richard Collins, Ellen 
Girle, Joseph Francklin, Anne 

22 Proctor, Edwd. Prowse, Eliz. 
24 Osborne, Nicholas Lloid, Susan 

23 Jones, Edward Safe, Mary 

24 Aldersey, Randall Freeman, Mary 
26 Miller, Richard Randall, Margery 

*Howell, Edwd. Mattery[Mallory], 


27*Pierson, Richd. Powell, Sarah 

Hollis, Joseph Calvert, Barbara 

28 Stoutwill [Stoutivill Catesley[Catesby], 

(Stuteville?)] Abigail 

Lawzill, Thomas Wells, Alice 

29 Allen, William Spencer, Jane 
*Wager, Chas. Goodson, Pru- 

28 Mandey, Robt. Tovey, Anne 

31 Vincent, James Wells, Anne 

Oakes, Edward Mitchell, Grace 


2 Moore, Humfry 

3 Williams, Wm. 
Parnaby, John 
Watts, John 

5 Watts, John 
Lasher, Henry 

*Kegg, John 
Stratford, Stephen 

6 Skinner, John 


Day, Grace 
Booker, Eliz. 
Wilkinson, Mary 
Sadler, Jane 
Thorley, Eliz. 
Paul, Frances 
Booth, Dorothy 
Jorden, Elizabeth 
Johnson, Mary 

7 Maynston, Thos. and Burrowes, Anne 

9 Beard, John Maynard, Anne 

10 Jennings, Wm. Hallam, Sarah 

14 Alexander, Richd. Blackall, Mag- 

11 Klenhelig, Chas. Howe, Elizabeth 
* Henley, Robt. Hungerford, Cath. 

Gage, Joshua Alden, Elizabeth 

*Milton, John (a) Minshull, Eliz. 

12 Elliott, John Hickman, Mary 
Andrew, John Mersam, Eliz. 

13 Bishop, Zachary Waggett. Alice 
Hawkins, John Halsey, Mary 
Clarke, Francis Bethell, Elizabeth 

*Spier, John Price, Jane 

14 Beheathland, Henry Cutts, Sarah 
Stephens, Richd. Bury, Mary 

*Pinchback, John Keeling, Johanna 

Marwood, John Sharcomb, Eliz. 

*Salmon, Henry Sprignall, Re- 


16 Cardrow, James Hull, Anne 

14 Couse, Robert Affer, Elizabeth 

i6*Wallopp, Robt. Lambert, Mary 

17 Fenn, Francis Nevile, Mary 

16 Wilkins, Henry Anderton, Mary 

17 Golding, John Collins, Mary 
Perkinson, Samuel Hardwick, Sarah 

18 Barrett, John Sachell, Anne 
*Morley, Richard Bradburn, Anne 

Bush, Peter Hall, Purnell 

19 Legatt, John Pigott, Elizabeth 
*Williams, Robt. Bourman, Eliz. 

20 Bustan, Richd. Hart, Margaret 
Lloid, George Francklin, Eliz. 

21 Fisher, William Milburn, Bethia 

23 Simpson, Richd. Cooke,Thomasine 
Boomer, Christoph. Wright, Winifred 
Snow, Richard Hamond, Eliz. 

*Drury, Dru Morris, Elizabeth 

Barnes, John Walters, Mary 

Procter, Thos. Gregory, Joan 

24 Dee, Richard Hurst, Mary 
Bucknall, Ferdin- Dobbs, Mary 


25 Bouquet, David Marmington, Sar. 
Showell, John Katrell, Mary 
Browne, Wm. Grover, Anne 
Biddle, Sampson Port, Anne 
Edwards, Henry Botsford, Christian 

26*Bennett, Thos. Jemmett, Dorothy 

*Andrewes, Sir Hen. Drew, Elizabeth 

Jackson, James Conyers, Anne 

*Holden, Joseph Wagstaffe, Ellinor 

^Woodward, Edwd. Turner, Elizabeth 

27*Reynell, Carew Tooke, Elizabeth 

28 Beert, Robert Driver, Margaret 

Wyer, Thomas Giles, Anne 

(a) Extracted verbatim, as relating to the cele- 
brated Poet. 

66 3 ] 

Faculty Office. 


February, 1662-63. 

28*Daires[Dacres], and Gerrard, Francis 
Smythyman, John Medcalfe, Anne 
Randall, Abraham Williams, Ellinor 
*Yeomans, Edmund Willmer, Eliz. 

March, i 
2*Inwood, John 

Sheppard, Edwd. 
Bleeze, Francis 

3 Lockar, David 
Onions, Richd. 
Parker, John 

4 Herricke, Jonathan 
*Gilby, Richd. 

6 Davy, Edward 
4*Alchorne, Richd. 

7 Johnson, Thos. 
Karcady, David 

9 Vale, John 
10 Lockey, Wm. 
14 Griffin, Anthony 
17 Saires, Peter 
1 g Woodroff, Stephen 

Harrey, Edwards 
21 *Wroughton, Wm. 

Chiswell, Mark 

23 Mould, Thomas 
*Thorne, Thos. 

24 Maybanck, Richd. 
Taylor, Seth 


25 Venn, William 
26*Shaksper, Hen. 
30 Moores, John 
27 Taylor, Joseph 

Dunster, James 

30 Lovett, Robert 
Baily, Thomas 
Green, William 

31 Fox, Griffith 


Halie, Arabella 

Smith, Mary 
Parkman, Eliz. 
Cooke, Eilinor 
Chiswell, Eliz. 
Barnard, Anne 
Atkinson, Eliz. 
Lynn, Martha 
Lewis, Anne 
Ball, Elizabeth 
Allen, Hannah 
Swis, Rebecca 
Ward, Mary 
Watkinson, Mary 
Grindy, Man- 
Edges, Elizabeth 
Kingwill, Eliz. 
Hamond, Mary 
Winter, Mary 
Key, Isabell 
Rookes, Sarah 
Boteler, Eliz. 
Dale, Margaret 
Hooton, Eliz. 


Hague, Anne 
Hartwell, Eliz. 
Markham, Mary 
French, Lydia 
Natt, Hester 
Brinsden, Anne 
Drink water, Han. 
Henn, Man- 
Hale, Marv 

April, i 

2 Cole, Richard 
*Steevens, John 
Eyles, Thomas 
4*Ballett, William 
6 Thomas, Wm. 
7*Stokes, Humfry 

8 Gelstrop, Peter 
*Baude, Thomas 

9 Hobday, Thos. 
Scadding, Nicholas 

11 Carnsew, John 
Willard, Samuel 


Deacon, Judith 
Smith, Mary 
Lucke, Anne 
Clopton, Bridgett 
Bostock, Jane 
Cordell, Mary 
Wright, Frances 
Brandon [Brand], 

Eybrooke, Sarah 
Wilson, Susan 
Carne, Mary 
Hodder, Susan 

13 Deane, Tobias and 
N orris, Thomas 

14 Houghton, Humfry 
Thompson, Benj. 

15 Fells, Thomas 
Smith, John 
Litleton, James 

16 Collett, Joseph 

17 Street, Thomas 
Siddowne, John 

*Wright, Mathew 
*Needham [Nedham], 

18 Collins, Jerome 

* Nedham, March- 

Colbeach, Thos. 
Bugbird, John 
20*Sharpe, Thomas 
Taynter, Ambrose 
Hall, William 

Curteis, Francis 
21 Cooper, Richard 
Sparrow, Randolph 

* Dawes, John 
Spurling, Thos. 
Bryan, Esias 

22*Russell, John 

Gamble, Wm. 

Cannings, John 

Wingfield, Henry 
23*Robinson, Wm. 

Bennell, John 

24 Minshall, Thos. 

25 Brafield, Thos. 

27 Coles, Benjamin 

28 Fuller, William 

29 Parker, Wm. 
Hord, Thomas 

30*Harpham, Wm. 

Archdeacon, Sarah 
Rose, Mary 
Furmage, Mary 
Skynner, Anne 
Johnson, Mary 
Durrant, Anne 
Bridges, Eliz. 
Roffey, Mary 
Collins, Mary 
Burt, Anne 
Harrison, Mary 
Gabrey, Jane 

Medley, Phillippa 
Thompson, Eliz. 

Walton, Hester 
Adams, Susan 
Freebody, Eliz. 
Pike, Isabel 
Woodgate, Pene- 
Shipper, Anne 
Goodman, Jane 
Lamborne, Han. 
Hawkins, Chris. 
Gray, Anne 
Cooper, Anne 
Rich, Frances 
Lee, Anne 
Cleay, Jane 
Bate, Anne 
Gardiner, Phcebe 
Thompson, Grace 
Warrell, Emma 
Williams, Alice 
Marsham, Rose 
Pettifor, Mary 
Oliver, Elizabeth 
Gun, Catharine 
Barker, Barbara 

May, 1663. 

2 Mount, Richard Jarvis, Elizabeth 

Crosse, Randolph Bowden, Mary 

4 Cox, Robert Clarke, Anne 
*Molins, Christopher Marshall, Sarah 

5 Wilson, Roger Towler, Sarah 
Rolfe, Thomas Hickley, Cath. 

6 * Widdapp [ Widdop], Compton, Eliz. 


*Milner, Nicholas 
Partridge, John 
7 Jennings, Thos. 
9 Whiting, Wm. 

10 Wilcox, George 

1 1 *Bruton, William 

Dewy, Paul 

12 Garland, Humfrey 

13 Coosens, Richard 

Bullock, Mary 
Lucas, Joane 
Plumer, Mary 
Terry, Catherine 
Friend, Penelope 
Honychurch, Eliz. 
Baines, Mar)' 
Blisse, Jane 
Cicell, Elizabeth 


Marriage Licences. 


May, 1663. 

i3*White, Walter and 
i4*Dawney, Sir John 
15 Merist, Richard 

19 Stanley, Arthur 

20 Norton, Richd. 
Terry, Mathew 
Farwell, Joseph 

" Baker, John 
2i"Rudge, Edwd. 
Sandis, Henry 

22 Bowes, Urias 
Thomson, Wm. 

23 Tuckner, Henry 
Nissey, Robert 

25 Colbrooke, Thos. 
Spelsworth, Sam. 
Quartermaine, Thos. 
Bird, Samuel 

26 Smith, Robert 
Taylor, Robert 

27*Deane, Edward 
Howe, George 
Marriott, Richd. 
Cooke, Thomas 
Chamberlaine, Hugh 
Bryan, John 
Hastings, Mathias 
*Parry, Richard 
28 "Binding, Henry 
30*Browne, Richd. 

Collins, Jane 
Johnson, Dorothy- 
Cole, Elizabeth 
Cheston, Jane 
Dunse, Ursula 
Springall, Mary 
West, Margaret 
Farrenden, Ruth 
Dethick, Susan 
Bradnum, Mary 
Gilberd, Mary 
Blease, Anne 
Inwood, Jane 
Mattison, Eliz. 
Hince, Elizabeth 
Mosse, Anne 
Bluicko, Ellinor 
Godfrey, Kath. 
Champion, Alice 
Parshelan, Sarah 
Parker, Joane 
Hegham, Susan 
Easton, Mary 
Elliott, Deborah 
Brett, Dorothy 
Antrobus, Mary 
Jacob, Sarah 
Smith, Anne 
Coleburne, Eliz. 
Stock, Mary 


2 Osmond, James 

Watson, Wm. 
3*Scotton, Edwd. 
Hawke, Michael 
*Fowler, Thos. 
Browne, Timothy 
May, William 
Rhett, Edward 
*Sedley, Sir Isaac 

12 Dourne, John 
"Gilbert, John 

1 3 "James, Higgins 

Jeffs, Miles 
Perry, Robert 

"Finch, Charles 
Beard, Richard 

"[Jones, Nicholas 

16 Spring, James 
Mabb, John 

17 "Long, Alexander 

18 Bitten, Thomas 
Manning, Jeremy 
Woodward, John 
Sanderson, Thos. 

20 Swan, William 


Page, Elizabeth 
Benton, Elizabeth 
Archer, Margaret 
Blaunchett, Mary 
Piers, Jane 
Mathews, Hester 
Sellwood, Cath. 
Bimdoke, Eliz. 
Marsh, C icily 
Crofts, Elizabeth 
Blagrave, Emma 
Goodwin, Eliz. 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Nicolls, Elizabeth 
Baldwin, Mary 
Mayfield, Ellinor 
Vaughan, Sus- 
Arthur, Martha 
Page, Catherine 
Tudman, Cath. 
Ditting, Rachel 
Hamden, Frances 
Ranee, Frances 
Dennis, Sarah 
James, Jane 

20*Peake, John and 
22 "Williams, Wm. 
"[Shaw, Sir John 

Standish, Robt. 
Hamond, J as. 
Sanders, Thos. 

23 Hamond, John 
Bissill, Wm. 
Fluitham, Wm. 
Gibson, Francis 

24 Marshall, Edwd. 
"Eve, Henry 

26 Mills, Edwd. 

Hale, Judith 
Lane, Catherine 
Kilmorey, Bridget, 

Shew, Susan 
Prior, Christian 
King, Grace 
Dore, Marion 
Beard, Elizabeth 
Gouge, Elizabeth 
Wright, Sarah 
Plowman, Anne 
Robinson, Martha 
Poole, Lettice 


1 Eastland, Geo. 
2*Castell, Wm. 
Andrewes, John 

3 Haskins, John 

4 Browne, Wm. 
Langford, Wm. 

"Cotton, Sir Robt. 
Vere, Joseph 
Skelton, Wm. 

6 Childley, Wm. 
Lutener, Robt. 

7 Albin, Thos. 
Lunt, William 

8 "Abbott, Edwd. 
"Palmer [Palmes], 

W 7 illiam 

9 Fenton, John 
Davenport, Edwd. 

"Pollard, Richard 

10 Lippett, Edwd. 
"Markham, Thos. 

Blowmore, Hen. 

1 1 Richardson, Richd 
Bourcheir, John 

i3"Digby, Lord John 
Bucknell, Miles 
Pricketts, Hen. 

14 Clements, John 
Senson, Henry 
Holden, Josiah 

"Child, Josiah 

15 Allen, Abraham 
Mander, Geo. 
Bridges, Robt. 

16 Bowden, Robt. 

17 Garard, Gilbert 
Poore, Wm. 

"Fulman, Thos. 
Brooker, Thos. 

18 Earle, William 
Kitchin, Thos. 
Stanton, Abraham 

20 Gould, Stephen 


Creed, Dorothy 
Batten, Martha 
Martin, Eliz. 
Gould Margaret 
Remington, Mary 
Manning, Sarah 
Morrice, Gertrude 
Best, Anne 
Mebstone, Mary 
Nicholls, Jane 
Rennord, Rachel 
Brandreth, Mary 
Marshall, Mary 
Reyner, Anne 
Ewry, Mary 

Hill, Anne 
Brook, Sarah 
Duck, Mary 
Tucker, Elizabeth 
Nevill, Anne 
Ricketts, Mary 
Ewer, Mary 
Waterhouse, Eliz. 
Wyndham, Rachel 
Reddinge, Judith 
Baker, Elizabeth 
Read, Mary 
Davenport, Anne 
Hide, Catherine 
Atwood, alias 
Stone, Mary 
Rolt, Jacomo 
Webb, Barbara 
Child, Joane 
Lepepper, Eliz. 
Harris, Grace 
Thurman, Joane 
Dike, Dorothy 
Bridges, Philip 
Joyner, Mary 
Mulleney, Eliz. 
Treadwell, Cath. 
Hill, Ursula 

66 3 ] 

Factclty Office. 


July, 1663. 
20*Sheman, John and Hurt, Hannah 

Denton, Thos. 
[2i]*Carey [Cary], 

21 *Sherwood, Wm. 

Boys, William 
22*Gerard, Chas. 

Beck, Godfrey 

Cooper, John 
24* Vernon, W r m. 

Page, Richard 
* Witter, John 

Sare, John 

25 Chandler, Edwd. 
Boswell, Richd. 
Gibbs, Richard 
Fisher, John 

27*Bull, Edward 
Broome, Samuel 
Fryer, William 

29 Harlowe, Wm. 
Coleman, Samuel 
Peplowe, Edwd. 

Knapp, Elizabeth 
Wollaston, Eliz. 

Bruce, Elizabeth 
Cranfield, Amy 
Windover, Alice 
Freeston, Eliz. 
Mason, Isabel 
Fitzherbert, Anne 
Rull, Elizabeth 

purne], Eliz. 
Fowler, Joane 
Howe, Anne 
Robinson, Abigail 
Silvester, Eliz. 
Kempe, Anne 
Steynor, Anne 
Jefferson, Eliz. 
Warden, Joane 
Nightingale, Anne 
Warner, Susan 
Taylor, Catherine 
Cutten, Anne 

Savage, W'illiam 

*Parish, Geo. [D.D.] Crawley, Anne 

Adkins, Daniel Helder, Alice 

Lawrence, Dansey Light, Mary 

Pountney, John Rye, Dorothy 

31 Pifinch, Richd. Jones, Catherine 


1 Robinson, Robt. 
3 Friend, John 

Turkington, Thos. 

Thompson, Jos. 
4*Powell, Edwd. 
5 Dreble, Jacob 
6*Cromwell [Crum- 

well], George 
7*Coleman, Thos. 
8 King, Francis 

*Billingsley, John 
Wheatley, Wm. 
Turpin, Andrew 

11 Palmer, George 
Clayton, Thos. 
Morris, John 
Towt, Lawrence 

12 Lund, Thomas 

13 *Chamberlain, Martin 

14 Probart, Baskerville 
Codrington, Wm. 

15 Farmer, John 
17 Sturges, Xath. 

Davies, Thos. 
*Poulet, John [Hon.] 


Terry, Margaret 
Knight, Elizabeth 
Sweeper, Susan 
Hudson, Mary 
Banister, Mary 
Wylde, Frances 
Bolles, Elizabeth 

Mathews, Sarah 
Robinson, Thom- 

Devenish, Ann 
Cupper, Jane 
Hyett, Deborah 
Richardson, Mart. 
Coles, Mary 
Weekes, Mary 
Halfpenny, Doro. 
Smith, Margaret 
Knolles, Mary 
Rand, Ellinor 
Hay, Sarah 
Hughes, Jane 
Cubitt, Hannah 
Mitchell, Mary 
Popham, Essex 

18 Watts, Thos. and 
*Barnham, Sir Robt. 


19 Marsh, John 
Bryant, Thomas 
Ratcliff, John 
Taylor, Walter 

20 Darney, Mark 
Hooper, James 

21 Van, Thomas 
Pearse, John 

*Wyche, Sir Cyrell 
*Jenkin [Jenkins], 

Shefford, John 

22 Goldingham, Jn. 
Rawston, Wm. 
Buckenham, Hugh 

24 Hamlin, Henry 
Newark, John 

25 Whitehouse, Jn. 
Fitkin, Robt. 
Browne, John 

*Brewster, Samuel 
Llewis, Ralph 
King, James 
26*Ashenhurst, John 

27 Thomas, Robert 
*Jarrett, Wm. 

Nevell, James 

28 Morgan, Thos. 
Tirer, John 
Connocke, John 

29 Davies, Thos. 
*Ralegh, George 

31 Coulson, Wm. 
*Broad, William 
Richardson, Chas. 
Fitzgerald, Richd. 

Mead, Margaret 
Lowfield, Hannah 

Smart, Katherine 
Hickman, Joane 
Bowcher, Judith 
Wilding, Sarah 
Lewis, Francis 
George, Susan 
Warre, Elizabeth 
Thornbury, Lois 
Jermyn, Elizabeth 
Neale, Mary 

Ovey, Martha 
Pingley, Mary 
Brown, Elizabeth 
Sampson, Hannah 
Johnson, Mary 
Goodwin, Doro. 
Betts, Martha 
Jacob, Joane 
Nicolls, Margaret 
Home, Anne 
Phipps, Margaret 
Sherwood, Doro. 
Wells, Elizabeth 
Wilson, Anne 
Choute [Chute], 

Stacey, Margaret 
Bransford, Mary 
Deane, Sarah 
Graham, Phila- 
Broadhurst, Eliz. 
Jermyn, Judith 
Dod, Margaret 
Mabb, Mary 
Padnall, Barbara 
Seywell, Mary 

September, 1663. 
1 Sexton, Peter Burges, Elizabeth 

Gill, Henry 
*Craven, Sir Robt. 
Hudson, Daniel 
Child, William 
2 Clarke, Thos. 
Frost, Jonathan 
Hutchins, Geo. 
Baker, Thomas 
Mathews, John 

Watkins, Margt. 
Broughton, Margt. 
Tomalin, Anne 
Mills, Frances 
Mayhew, Grace 
Andrews, Eliz. 
Rose, Mary 
Southcott, Susan 
Wilkes, Anne 

3 Patterson, Cornelius Neve, Priscilla 
Chittenden, Wm. Day, Catherine 

4 Burchett, Nathaniel Hawes, Damaris 
Tomlins, Samuel Hall, Elizabeth 

5 Fisher, James Weblin, - 
Leeves, Robt. Byne, Elizabeth 

7*Thomas, Christoph. Turbin, Mildred 


Marriage Licences. 


September, 1663. 

7*Harris, Thomas and 

Marshall, Richd. 
*Digby, John 

Long - , Thomas 

Norfolk, Thos. 

Wright, Richd. 

Cole, Robert 

Perry, John 
8*Goulston, J as. 

Usher, Robert 
g Bowdler, Wm. 

10 Yeokney, Wm. 
Stephens, Wm. 
Aspley, Thomas 

*Beaumont, John 

11 Place, William 
Winchester, Edwd. 

i2*Goddard, Wm. 
Barnard, John 
*Underwood, Jn. 

i4*Atkinson, Hen. 
Wilson, Robt. 
Brand, James 
Staines, George 
Alsopp, Edwd. 

15 Harding, Richd. 
Harris, John 

* Alexander, N icholas 
Murray, John 
*Clarke, John 

16 Cranwell, Wm. 

17 Arbilier, Lawrence 
Murray, Christoph. 
Robinson, Wm. 
Andrewes, Robt. 
Shallcrcsse, Sam. 
Mallory, James 

18 Hyett, Richard 
ig*Kittermaster, Wm. 
21 Elbany, Edwd. 

Wright, Ezekiel 

Lane, Henry 
23 Grew, Richard 

Boughton, John 

Hall, Charles 
25 Ames, John 

Choone, Henry 

28 Christian, Wm. 
Beckham, John 

29 Parker, John 
White, William 
Payne, Lewis 

*Toke, John 
Hopkins, W 7 m. 
Maddox, Wm. 
Rickman, John 

Lake, Dorothy 
Smith, Anne 
Pinckney, Frances 
Keeling, Eliz. 
White, Alfra 
Wye, Elizabeth 
Perry, Hester 
Gasely, Sarah 
Rowley, Mary 
Atkinson, Sarah 
Lane, Mary 
Wells, Jane 
Cripps, Martha 
Flewellin, Judith 
Compton, Dame 

Dodson, Mary 
Edwards, Margt. 
Scrope, Dorothy 
Smart, Ellen 
Collins, Mary 
Prestwood, Anne 
Wood, Mary 
E gg> Joane 
Crouch, Abigail 
Arnold, Elizabeth 
Child, Mary 
Stent, Mary 
Smith, Joane 
Tiller, Dorothy 
Alford, Joanna 

Heale, Elizabeth 
Hornell, Eliz. 
Johnson, Ellen 
Bartlett, Mary 
Chisholme, Eliz. 
Howell, Mary 
Godman, Mary 
Harland, Margt. 
Shordan, Eliz. 
Browne, Sarah 
Pickett, Mary 
Burd, Mary 
Brodridge, Eliz. 
Sutton, Anne 
Jones, Sarah 
Plomridge, Ellen 
Totney, Alice 
Wright, Frances 
Fish, Elizabeth 
Body, Margaret 
Hattrell, Mary 
Best, Anne 
Hill, Elizabeth 
Rivers, Rachel 
Butler, Mary 


1 Clarke, Jacob and 
Caley, James 
Haywood, Richd. 

2 Cole, Martin 

3 Clarke, John 
Lambe, Thos. 
Gardner, John 

5 Baylie, Wm. 

6 Davies, Wm. 
James, Peter 
Wilson, Henry 

7 Moore, Francis 
Crompton, Thos. 
Greenoway, John 
Howson, Wm. 

*Pigott, Alban 

8 Perkins, Wm. 
Carse, John 
Newton, Wm. 
Sanders, Wm. 

9 Hawes, John 
10 Hurd, Andrew 

12 Worthington, Wm. 
i3*Bruse, Richard 

14 Mackreth, John 

15 Hickson, John 
Smith, Edward 

16 Debnam, John 
Arnold, John 
Compton, Edmund 

17 Jones, Philip 
Rusted, Robert 

19 Roope, Anthony 
*Day, John 

Smith, John 
Shott, Robert 

20 Old nbury, Hen. 
"Baxter, Robert 

Humphries, John 
Troite, Thomas 

21 Maccuby, John 
Rowland, Wm. 

22 Trymingham,Vinct. 

23 Mantle, Thomas 
24*French, Martin 

Strudwick, Wm. 

26 Hinsilf, Thos. 
*Hodilow, Geo. 

27 Passhall, Robt. 
*Robinson, John 

Trunkett, Wm. 
Cooke, Nicholas 

28 Stubbs, Philip 
Gurney, Joseph 
Gardner, Timothy 
Bartrum, Simon 


Ellis, Frances 
Butterfield, Mary 
Wasecote, Eliz. 
Bristowe, Susanna 
Thorp, Mary 
Place, Mary 
Butland, Honor 
Long, Grace 
Gambell, Sarah 
Pithes, Mary 
Carpenter, Eliz. 
Waller, Mary 
Bethel, Margaret 
Thomas, Anne 
Woodcott, Sarah 
Paul, Judith 
Abby, Elizabeth 
Penny, Anne 
Wallis, Mary 
Green, Mary 
Moore, Hannah 
Griffith, Elizabeth 
Kempton, Eliz. 
Fletcher, Mary 
Langden, Anne 
Hawkins, Eliz. 
Fossett, Dorothy 
Aylett, Elizabeth 
Bants, Joane 
Carenall, Ann 
Clendan, Frances 
Greenhill, Susan 
Jones, Margaret 
Wells, Beatrice 
Adston, Ellen 
Rumball, Margt. 
West, Dorothy 
Roane, Elizabeth 
Wood, Rose 
Bolton, Alice 
Underwood, Mary 
Hay ward, Joane 
Bennett, Elizabeth 
Browne, Joane 

well], Judith 
Albury, Joane 
Green, Katherine 
Barker, Abigail 
Broughton, Mary 
Nayler [Neyler], 

Mawde, Elizabeth 
Edwards, Mary 
Hiller, Elizabeth 
Grace, Judith 
Ridge, Mabel 
Ascoll, Mary 

i66 3 ] 

Faculty Office. 


October, 1663. 

28 Cromandale,Johnrt;jrfGlough, Anne 
3o"Moxon, Josias Lavender, Rebecca 

November, 1663. 

2 Stevens, Thos. 
Churchman, Sam. 
Blanch, Charles 

3 Wheatley, Wm. 
Vanderhull, Moses 
Sibley, Solomon 
Sutton, Thomas 

"Woolnough, Hen. 
Green, John 

4 Green, Daniel 

5 Robinson, Francis 
Willhead, John 
King - , Robert 

6 Sergeant, Richd. 
Butcher, Robt. 

9*[Ward, William 

Lamplugh, Thos. 

Smallman, John 
Morgan, Thos. 
Spratley, John 

10 Wadsworth, Thos. 
Luck, Thomas 
Bradshawe, alias 

Blount, Maurice 

11 Lambert, Wm. 
Gould, Jason 

"Marshall, Ralph 

12 Whiting, Hen. 
Jones, Henry 
Butterfield, Richd. 
Minors, Richd. 

13 Chase, Henry 

14 Seed, Thomas 
i6*Hambleton, Wm. 

Collier, William 

17 Malyn, Joseph 
Gilham, John 

18 Prier, John 
Swaby, Henry 

20 Jordan, Philip 

21 Jorden, Abraham 
Giles, Henry 
Southworth, Peter 

23*Tigh, Lester 
Drury, Richard 
Cooper, Thos. 
Ellis, John 

25 Williams, David 
Northen, Richd. 

26 Caton, John 

Barrow, Mary 
White, Sarah 
Rackett, Susan 
Wright, Mary 
Gatt, Joane 
Hooton, Mary 
Woodruff, Margt. 
Piatt, Elizabeth 
Atkinson, Mary 
Raymond, Alice 
Stevens, Mary 
Warner, Bridgett 
Rolles, Lettice 
Briggs, Elizabeth 
Bridges, Mary 
Strutt, Dame 

Elizabeth] (a) 
Davenant, Cath. 

Claridge, Jane 
Gwatkins, Kath. 
Kirkman, Eliz. 
Sharpe, Margaret 
Stonell, Mary 
Chandler, Frances 

Miles, Frances 
Hill, Lidia 
Lambton, Isabell 
King, Elizabeth 
Francis, Mary 
Abram, Susan 
Pitcher, Jane 
Spann, Naomi 
Rowe, Margaret 
Dale, Elizabeth 
Mason, Margaret 
Briggs, Elizabeth 

Turkenden, Anne 
Stone, Alice 
Robinson, Anne 
Lenger, Elizabeth 
Wells, Anne 
Grindon, Man- 
Sanders, Mary 
Chambers, Grace 
Morgan, Mary 
Taylor, Joane 
Daine, Rebecca 
Huntman, Eliz. 
Barron, Frances 

26 Mayo, Thomas and 

Robinson, Hugh 
27*Bywater, Richd. 
*Barkley, Thos. 
Inwood, Wm. 
28 Felkin, Thos. 
30 "Pierce, Henry 
Briggs, Cornelius 
*Ryves, Richard 

"Smith [Smyth], 

Archer, Rebecca 
Slade, Frances 
Pepley, Elizabeth 
Wright, Hester 
Parker, Elizabeth 
Chapman, Mary 
Young, Cicely 
Pickering, Mary 
Northley [Nor- 

they]., Rachel 
Rosier, Margaret 

December, 1663. 

(a) On leaf at the beginning of the volume. 

1 Cuenott, Samuel 
Botley, Benj. 
Grimble, Thos. 

'Wilkinson, Robt. 

2 Knox, Mathew 
*Longeville, Hen. 

3 Griffin, William 

4 Putter, Samson 

5 "Witt, John 

7 Symons, Francis 


8 U the vat," Richd. 
Furbusher, Francis 

" Paine, John 
10 Hurst, Thomas 
12 Webb, Hugh 
Masterton, John 

14 Wilkins, John 
*Von Ittern, God- 


15 Merefield, Thos. 

16 Harman, John 
i7*Turbill, Wm. 

18 Myles, Arthur 
Atlee, Samuel 
Farmer, Thos. 
Porter, William 
Parker, John 

19 Alford, Thomas 
24 Knight, Richd. 
22 Lovejoy, Thos. 

"Gardner [Gardiner], 
2^ "Stirling, Earl of 

Farmer, Richd. 
24 Andrewes, Harman 
Cooth, Edwd. 
Cooke, William 
Hibberd, Wm. 

29 Alder, George 
"Fleetwood, Chas. 

30 Gage, Humfry 

31 "Hopping, John 
"Watts, Richd. 

Sherard, Anne 
Brooke, Amy 
Rea, Sarah 
Pitts, Alice 
Nicolson, Dorothy 
Smith, Martha 
Gray, Elisha 
Tanner, Sarah 
Wall, Sarah 
Clutterbooke, Eliz. 

Hawley, Lucy 
King, Ellen 
Andrew, Anne 
Day, Mary 
Long, Abigail 
Liddall, Barbara 
Copland, Mary 
Pargiter, Susanna 

Alexander, Margy. 
Donnall, Mary 
Whitfield, Hannah 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Harford, Mary 
Sanders, Rose 
Mathews, Joane 
Moore, Elizabeth 
Andrewes, Joane 
Holloway, Ursula 
Marlow, Alice 
Keeling, Anne 

Lee, Judith 
Richardson, Marg. 
Jones, Elizabeth 
Procter, Elizabeth 
Deacon, Philadel. 
Goddell, Eliz. 
Atkins, Anne 
Hartopp, Dame 

Harrison, Avis 
Ford, Gertrude 
Werden, Cath. 


Marriage Licences. 


January, 1663-64. 

1 Gwentree, Edwd. and Churcher, Susan 

2 Sargeant, Ralph Brewood, Eliz. 

4 Betton, Thomas 
2 Fox, Richard 
4 Kendall, Thos. 
*Kerwin, John 
5*Corbett, Sir Richd. 
[Bart ] 
Croxon, Jeremiah 
Taylor, Jacob 

6 Smart, Samuel 
Robinson, John 

7 Bell, Mathew 
Pearce, Robert 

8 Sands, Abraham 

9 Deane, Robert 
*Charnley, Thos. 

11 Grumbridge, Hen. 

12 Walton, Samuel 
*Palmer, John 

Gibson, Robert 
* Barker, Win. 
Chapman, Wm. 

13 Shorter, Robt. 
Mayne, Thomas 
Leigh, Leonard 
Browne, Fabian 

16 Chipp, Robert 
Barker, John 
'Athy, Richard 

Laxton, Elizabeth 
Bunny, Mary 

Clifford, Mary 
Tym, Margaret 
Davy, Jane 
Udall, Victoria 

Cowne, Susannah 
Fletcher, Cath. 
Stoner, Frances 
Shadbolt, Grace 
Lambe, Frances 
Eling, Elizabeth 
Hall, Joanna 
Aldworth, Eliz. 
Lapley, Anne 
Austen, Martha 
Underhill, Anne 
Stacy, Mary 
Cockey, Jane 
Dixon, Elizabeth 
Best, Rachel 
Harrowbin, Sarah 
Wilkinson, Eliz. 
Glover, Jane 
Vernon, Joane 
Rogers, Elizabeth 
Hinde, Mary 
Dix, Susan 
Greatrake, Sarah 

Ball, Mathew 
18 Kinnersley, Francis Lambe, Mary 

Watson, Henry Halton, Mary 

Pike, Thomas 
ig*Litleton, alias 

Tuiker, Edwd. 
20 Terricke, Samuel 

Adcock, Richd. 

Grenaway, Mary 
Bush, Elizabeth 

Hough, Anne 
Pryddith, Dorcas 

*[Greaves, Sir Edwd., Tyther.HesterJ(a) 
21 Houghton, Francis Clarke, Mary 
Pitman, Robert Gatcliffe, Anne 

Bathurst, Robt. 
25 Jickson, Thos. 

27 Walter, Thos. 

28 Driver, John 

29 Bond, Edward 
*Bickerton, Hugh 

Carter, Andrew 
Sanders, Wm. 

30 Beadle, James 

Nokes, Anne 
Andrewes, Lidia 
Davies, Mary 
Woolley, Sarah 
Nivington, Eliz. 
Foster, Anne 
Mountford, Anne 
Bowler, Susan 
Browne, Kath. 

February, 1663-64. 

1 Fabian, Thos. Trinley, Eliz. 

Laston, Wm. Acred, Sibilla 

(a) On leaf at beginning: of volume. 

1 Shoare, John an 
Adman, Robert 
Lampson, John 
Backhouse, Thos. 
Cliffe, Stephen 

3 Ward, Henry 

6 Neale, Ralph 

5 Diston, Jacob 
*Collins, John 

6 Brett, Nicholas 

*[(- -) Sir (- -) 

Arnold, Robert 
Rudger, Thos. 
9 Smith, Thomas 
Skelton, Henry 
Wright, Peter 
io*Phillips, John 
*Prucian [Prujean], 
Sir Francis 

11 Bleake, Walter 
*Brighowse, Wm. 

Walter, Thomas 
Simons, James 

12 Edwards, John 

13 Nicholls, Chas. 
Taylor, Zachary 
Terry, Mathias 

15 Ditch, William 
*Miller, Sir Humfry 

Meggott, Geo. 
Wells, Robert 
Wyer, Jamts 

* Fairfax, Wm. 

16 Kentish, James 
Ackson, Thos. 

*Fane, Sir Francis 

17 Pickfat, George 
*Hart, Robert 

Rabnett, Joseph 
Brookes, Robt. 
Thoroton, Richd. 

18 Carter, Daniel 
Sanders, Edmund 
Bernard, Francis 
Goldfinch, Edmund 
Felton, Adam 
Biizard, Thos. 

*Ibbetson, John 

19 Ellis, Edward 
22 Walraven, Peter 

20 Pierepont, Hen. 

* Baldwin, Geo. 
*Coddington, J as. 

22 Scarborough, Jn. 
Drake, John 

d Bunne, Anne 
Titherton, Mary 
Wilkinson, Mabel 
Cook, Mary 
Singer, Deborah 
Pilgrim, Abigail 
Finch, Katherine 
Stratton, Mary 
Weary [Wearg], 


Morris ( )] (a) 

Dover, Anne 
Byfield, Joice 
Clarke, Jane 
Hasleupp, Anne 
King, Elizabeth 
Cresea, Anne 
Fleming, Dame 

Hurst, Anne 
Medcalfe, Jane 
Eastopp, Eliz. 
Wine, Elizabeth 
Cage, Susan 
Rolfe, Agnes 
Parker, Sarah 
Blunt, Elizabeth 
Gilbert, Rachel 
Burlace, Mary 

Curwen, Mary 
Hodges, Alice 
Salter, Mary 
Smith, Catherine 
Chalkhill, Eliz. 
Harris, Christiana 
Rushworth, Han. 
Frankish, Eliz. 
Pierce, Margaret 
Morecroft, Francis 
Bourman, Eliz. 
Boys, Mary 
Cutts, Anne 
Cotterell, Amy 
Fitzjames, Anne 
Chillman, Susan 
Lyfrod, Mary 
Humfreys, Anne 
Foster, Jane 
Auger, Mary 
Alder, Prudence 
Heath, Joice 
Hone, Elizabeth 
Regnieur, Eliz. 
Ashby, Sarah 
Hancock, Cath. 

[a) On leaf at beginning of volume. 

66 4 ] 

Faculty Office. 


February, i 

22 Davies, James and 
Sandys, Henry 
Morecott, Valentine 
Simmes, Abraham 

23 Tanner, Anthony 

24 Spencer, Edwd. 
Applewaite, Thos. 

25*Grenville, Bernard 
26*Cowley, Robt. 
29 Newman, Richd. 


Paine, Margaret 
Coutes, Frances 
Lloid, Mary 
Webster, Jane 
Rice, Mary 
Hill, Elizabeth 
Jobourne, Anne 
Morley, Anne 
Clarke, Elizabeth 
Purson, Mary 

March, 1663-64 

2*Crawley, Thos. Cooper, Sarah 

3 Carter, Robt. 

4 Wittnell, Wm. 
7*Boughey, 1 im. 

Underwood, John 
8 Rowe, Thomas 
*Lock, Mathew 
12 Mayor, William 
14 Russett, Daniel 

Wyatt, John 
i6*Lee, William 
i8*[Brerewood, Wm. 
21 Burch, Edward 

Spencer, Mary 
Drury, Elizabeth 
Nicholls [Nicolls], 

Etheridge, Eliz. 
Edwards, Bethia 
Smyth, Alice 
Price, Elizabeth 
Early, Margaret 
Fortune, Anne 
Baker, Rose 
White, Eliz.] (b) 
Coxeter, Deborah 
Wise, Phillippa 

'Langharne [i.e., 
Laugharne], Thos. 

22 Ingram, Ralph Edwards, Sarah 

23 Betteridge, August. Scandaver, Sarah 

March, 1664. 

26*Lawe, William 

Byron, Christoph. 
29 Arnold, William 
3i*Bland, Richard 
Darvall, Daniel 
*Sparks, John 

Watkins, Dorothy 
Traves, Anne 
Beaver, Mary 
Disbrowe, Eliz. 
Willis, Anne 
Aldridge, Eliz. 

April, 1664. 

4 Clarke, Nicholas 
Speed, Richard 

5 Stephen, Chas. 
Hall, Francis 
Gathorne, Xathan. 

6 Beamont, Aaron 

7 Jelliman, John 
Words, Hugh 
Fox, Francis 

8*Litton, Robert 

Hoyle, Samuel 
*Cowper, Wm. 

Wright, Edwd. 
9 Sturt, Robert 

Worlredge, Thos. 

Turvin, John 

* Finch, John 

(b) This entry unsigned 

Hicks, Bridget 
Man, Mary 
Fitzherbert, Anne 
Broadbent, Hester 
Burrows, Mary 
Savage, Elizabeth 
Cfark, Elizabeth 
Knowles, Sarah 
Gray, Wilmot 
Cartwright, Grace 
Carr, Sarah 
Holled, Sarah 
Young, Ellinor 
Heather, Anne 
Powell, Anne 
Wood, Margaret 
Barker, Mary 

and crossed out. 

9 Osmond, John and 

11 Crowne, Edm. 
Westwood, Jonath. 

*Holland, Anthony 
Sheppard, John 
Browne, John 

*Oglethorpe, Sutton 

12 Carpender, Maurice 
*Tompson, John 
*Maxwell, Archibald 

Wallingford, John 

13 Dovey, Thomas 
Wharton, J as. 

14 Sharp, Thomas 

15 Shipley, Hugh 

16 Gifford, Jonathan 
*Perrett [Perrott], 


Lay, Robert 
i8*Harvey, Wm. 

Dye, William 
19 Gledwell, John 
20*Hope, Cornelius 

Hughes, John 

21 Francklin, Geo. 
Harris, Edmund 

22 Harvey, Wm. 
Tonge, Henry 


[Pollexfen], Jas. 
*Pead, Isaac 
25 Cley, James 

Witter, Thomas 
26*Eden, Tobias 

Bucknell, Reginald 
Stoutiville, Richd. 

27 *Light, Constantine 

Norman, Robt. 
Hulke, John 

28 Bancks, Robert 

*Jemet, Richard 

29 Wither, Nicholas 

30 Pettit, Francis 

Jeffery, Jane 
Beckham, Frances 
Cockerell, Sarah 
Heale, Anne 
Combers, Susan 
Brewer, Mary 
Robinson, Eliz. 
Johnson, Mary 
Perkins, Sarah 
Wright, Ellen 
Abbott, Mary 
Grubb, Elizabeth 
Darnelly, Hannah 
Percivall, Anne 
Chandler, Alice 
Sellendrine, Allice 
Patman, Susan 

Lawne, Dorothy 
Browne, Bridgett 
Moore, Dennis 
Stevens, Clara 
Gregg, Catherine 
Tomes, Mary 
Bull, Elizabeth 
Wood, Elizabeth 
Parry, Sarah 
Durson, Sarah 

Adams, Deborah 
Mather, Jane 
Williams, Eliz. 
Love, Anne 
Bromfield, Sarah 
Harford, Grace 
Leversage, Anne 
Hudson, Elizabeth 
Hamond, Susan 
Winstanley, El- 
Bettenham, Marg. 
Hall, Barbara 
Watkins, Alice 

May, 1 

2 Fowler, John 

3 Pierce, Robert 
Cole, Henry 

*Hesilrige, Robt. 
5*South, John 
6 Winchurst, Jeffery 
9 Ivory, Luke 
Oram, Edward 
Morrell, Henry 
* Barnard, John 

Knight, John 
10 Butler, Henry 
Osbaldeston, Thos. 


Walgrave, Mary 
Treddle, Jane 
Harris, Frances 
Rolle, Bridget 
Thompson, Eliz. 
Cope, Elizabeth 
Moore, Sarah 
Messenger, Eliz.. 
Estredge, Eliz. 
Gray, Letitia 

Ditchfield, Eliz. 
Millett, Sarah 
Terry, Anne 

3 2 

Ma rriage L icences. 


May, 1664. 
10 Whiting, Wm. and Jenner, Mary 

n*Rolt, Thomas 
"Hodgkins, Ralph 
Gabry, Mark 
i3*Kenrick, Richd. 
14 Holland, Robt. 
Denny, Edwd. 

16 Warren, Robt. 
Parker, John 

"Wiseman, Sir Wm 

Watkins, James 
"Harpur, George 
*Wall, John 

17 Monck, Edward 
Spilsbey, John 

i8*Smith, Richard 
Joice, Thomas 
"Uphill, Richard 
19 Vivian, Isaac 
21 Peacock, Henry 
Harrison, Francis 
Bullivant, John 

23 "Biggs, John 

24 Houldsheap, And. 
Batchelor, Wm. 
Pike, John 
Bingham, Nath. 
Bubb, Giles 
Dalton, James 

Cox, Mary 
Lutton, Christian 
French, Ellinor 
Gethin, Rebecca 
Wren, Rebecca 
Hill, Cordelia 
Marshall, Grace 
Harrison, Mary 
Hewytt, Arabella 

Orchard, Eliz. 
Wardour, Kath. 
Garrett, Parnell 
Waters, Margery 
Tang-ate, Mary 
Belgrave, Sarah 
Orton, Anne 
Turvey, Mary 
Sheafe, Maty 
Storer, Rebecca 
Brickwood, Eliz. 
Sims, Elizabeth 
Fowle, Jane 
Bird, Elizabeth 
Rutter, Mary 
Batchelor, Sarah 
Duncombe. Mary 
Holloway, Margt. 
Francklin, Grace 

25 "Johnson, Launcelot Rickman, Mary 
"[Berkley, Edwd. Holies, Eliz.] (a) 

27 Trigg, William 
Stone, Henry 

28 Buggin, Anthony 
*Maddocks [Mad- 

doks], Benj, 
Parker, Robert 

30 "Crowe, Robert 

Jaques, Joseph 
Jackson, Thos. 
"Maplesden [Map- 
lisden], Edwd. 

31 Gilmore, John 

Sheere, Elizabeth 
Hames, Elizabeth 
Langstone, Mary 
Glascock, Doro. 

Tooker, Muriel 
Hall, Katherine 
Smith, Mary 
Linley, Elizabeth 
Hignell, Mary 

Turner, Elizabeth 

June, 1664. 

1 "Anderson, Stephen 
"Hitchcock, Geo. 

Roberts, Richd. 

3 Gilbert, Robert 

4*Johnson, Thos. 

6 Ventham, Nath. 

"Meynell, Isaac 

Pickard, Wm. 

Gurney, Christoph. 

Smyther, John 

Glynne, Mary 
Raven, Elizabeth 
Fancon, Mary 
Jennings, Hope 
Martin, Olive 
Ventham, Winifred 
Dicer, Elizabeth 
Calcock, Rebecca 
Nutton, Anne 
Starling, Frances 

(a) On leaf at beginning of volume. 

7 Pack, Thomas and Woolett, Deborah 
Whithead, Richd. Yate, Ellinor 

"Birkhead, Wm. Midleton [Mid- 

dleton], Mary 

8 Edmeads, Hen. Penniston, Cath. 
Poyner, Samuel Phillipps, Eliz. 

"Pinck, Henry Starky, Elizabeth 

9 Wood, Thomas Ley, Mary 
"[Benskin, Francis James, Fran.] (a) 

Marshall, Aaron Hawkins, Margt. 

11 Sims, Elias Ogden, Mary 

Moone, Luke Pedder, Mary 

i3*Neale, Thomas Gould, Elizabeth 

"Whalley, Stanhope Hide, Elizabeth 

"Cardinal, John Latham, Susan 

Taylor, James Williams, Mary 

14 "Whitney, Eustace Nelson, Ursula 

Bush, John Baker, Hester 

15 Tomlin, William Anderson, Frances 
Robinson, Godfrey Mitchell, Amy 
Holliday, Richd. East, Susan 

16 Smyth, Thomas Thomas, Anne 

17 "Hide [Hyde], Fettiplace, Ger- 

Humfrey trude. 

Farman, Edwd. Drury, Sarah 

"Hodges, Wm. Walter, Mary 

i8"Fitzwilliams, Geo. Lister, Martha 

Kifford, Thomas Ellis, Judith 

"Parris, James Allen, Elizabeth 

Conway, Mar- Jones, Elizabeth 

2o"Compton, Sir Elmes, Jane 

21 Hardy, Mathew Warkman, Eliz. 
Harrow, Sam. Gentell, Jane 

22 Browne, Wm. Newman, Ellen 
"Southouse, Thos. Filmore, Ellinor 

Fearn, John Nicholls, Margt. 

23 Pigott, Nicholas Taylor, Elizabeth 
"Lassells, Henry Slater, Anne 

Inge, John Bailie, Anne 

25 Whitehead, Richd. Speller, Mary 

27 Symcotts, Robt. Reynolds, i\nne 
"Rossington, St. Jn. Coney, Anne 

28 Fisher, William Arnold, Mary 

29 Edwards, Richd. Feabin, Mary 
30 "Newman, John Gregory, Eliz. 

July, 1664. 

1 Pickman, Robt. Atkinson, Dorcas 
Jeneway, Jeremy Bowman, Ann 

"Bates, Wm. [D.D.] Gravener, Margt. 

2 Munday, W 7 m. Measey, Dorothy 
4*Knightley, Richd. Wood, Sarah 

Cock, Humfry Lort, Mary 

5 Brisco, John Gath, Beatrice 

6 Mason, John Meredith, Mary 
"Soame, Edmond Midleton [Myd- 

delton], Mary 

(a) On leaf at beginning of volume. 

i66 4 ] 

Faculty Office. 


July, 1664. 

"Slater, John and Gould, Anne 
7 Kent, William Crask, Susan 

Bartholomew, Rich. Border, Susan 
Tourney, Ralph Honywood, Anne 

Worledge, Margt. 
Lamden, Jane 
Bla gg"> Judith 
Dudley, Margaret 
Wright, Judith 
Smith, Dorothy 
Withers, Eliz. 
Pell, Elizabeth 

Ellis, Ellis 
8 Knight, Francis 
9*Covell, Thomas 

Bull, Henry 
1 1 Stukelry, William 
White, William 
Melsom, Robert 
* Edwards, John 
*Helford [Holford], Helford [Holford], 

Carew Mary 

*Hutton, Christopher Bowes, Catherine 
Hancock, John Browne, Alice 

i3*Jones, Richard James, Margaret 

Walraven Mathias Jacob, Mary 
Miles, John Lewin, Anne 

Maddocks, Cornelius Henley, Mary 
Guise, William Perryman, Anne 

14 Feast, Richard 
Smith, William 

18 Lloid, Jeffery 
Alcock, Laurence 

19 Wells, Roger 
Cooke, Thomas 
Criche, Richard 
Smith, Samuel 
Dukeson, Nathaniel Billington, Anne 

21 Wilkins, Erancis Skeete, Bridget 

Williams, Mary 
Palmer, Elizabeth 
Weaver, Lucretia 
Morgan, Penelope 
Bingley, Mary 
Gilberd, Eliz. 
Miller, Mary 
Coombes, Eliz. 

Bourne, Bernard 
22*Rowe, Cheiney 
23 Alport, Ralph 

*Bodurda, Griffith 
26* Johnson, John 
*Morley, Edward 
Smith, Richard 
27 Berryman, Samuel 
*Sewell, Robert 

Cooper, Jane 
Stone, Elizabeth 
Weal, Elizabeth 
Shaxton, Kath. 
Ekins, Elizabeth 
Bowyer, Anne 
Wilmott, Anne 
Clarke, Elizabeth 
Ryves, Jane 

30*Allington, Lord Win. Noel, Julian 

August, 1664. 

Kitson, Elizabeth 

1 *Plumer [Plomer], 

2* Rule, John 
*Cooke, Thomas 
Bowman, Thomas 

3 Ashe, Jacob 
Purvis, John 
Smyth, Edmund 
Horsnell, George 

6*James, Llewellin 
Taylor, Samuel 
King, John 

8 Dunill, Thomas 

9 Crockett, Thomas 
10 Haskins, William 

Walker, Eliz. 
Britten, Margt. 
Rea, Mary 
Woodford, Sarah 
Goodson, Mary 
Lea, Susanna 
Fuller, Mary 
Shory, Anne 
Jackson, Eliz. 
Young, Mary 
Cooke, Emma 
Bennett, Mary 
Hearne, Mary 

Owens, Edward and 

12 Law, Thomas 

13 Cleaver, Nathaniel 
i5*Allington [Alington] 


18 Sefton, William 

16 Hodges, Stephen 

1 7* Rogers, William 

*Maule, George 

Read, Thomas 

18 Noel, Richard 
Peck, Isaac 

19 Burnell, John 
"Bannister [Banister], 


20 Dickens, Nicholas 

23 Sexton, John 
Parkins, Nathaniel 

"Bowyer, Henry 

24 Gallilye, Thomas 

26 Wild, Ralph 
Taylor, Thomas 

29 Papworth, John 
Street, John 
*Fortescue, Charles 
Watson, John 

30*Buck, Samuel 

3i*Knaplock, William 

Porter, Grace 
Mills, Anne 
Smith, Mary 
Havers, Elizabeth 

Haughton, Margt. 
Tibb, Anne 
Luckin, Jane 
Hare, Jane 
Grimshaw, Martha 
Blowen, Margt. 
Bell, Elizabeth 
Heydon, Eliz. 
Howell, Elizabeth 

Litler, Sarah 
Chillcott, Eliz. 
Green, Elizabeth 
Willis, Magdalen 

Edwards, Lydia 
Hewson, Joice 
Hill, Ruth 
Watkins, Anne 
Bodenham, Fr'ces 
Spencer, Rebecca 
Rowley, Anne 
Crookes, Susan 


1 "Harvey, Michael 
Crabb, George 
Payne, John 
Page, Isaac 

3 Bate, Dyer 
Coupland, Peter 
Bolton, Edward 
Turner, Isaac 
Cannon, William 
Wyatt, William 

5 "Bradbury, William 

7 Harvey, John 
Turwin, George 

8 Quiddington, Wm. 
Lady man, Thomas 

9 Clarke, Thomas 
*Smith, Robert 

14 Matthew, John 
i3*Biddle, John 

14 Linch, John 
Ellis, William 

Hay ward, Henry 

15 Mille, John 

16 Smart, William 
i7*Clarke, John 

Hoe, Thomas 

19 Moore, Anthony 

20 Lansdell, John 

r, 1664. 

Yeoman, Agnes 
Whitworth, Jane 
French, Elizabeth 
Singer, Anne 
Arlibeare, Aucilla 
Weaver, Susanna 
Bowles, Susan 
Hodges, Judith 
Williams, Marg'y 
Wardley, Ellen 
Browne, Jane 
Barnard, Eliz. 
Urlyn, Deborah 
Sands, Elizabeth 
East, Rebecca 
Adams, Elizabeth 
Boswell, Mary 
Walmesley, Olive 
Hall, Frances 
Cosinett, Eliz. 

Silvill, Anne 
Pellatt, Hester 
Sloper, Anne 
Piers, Margaret 
Needs, Elizabeth 
Whistler, Anne 
Edsall, Isabell 


Marriage Licences. 


September, 1664. 

21 *Nutley, William and 
*Haselfoot, Thomas 
Aspenall, John 
Pierson, Robert 
Hawkes, Edward 
*Bond, John 

23 Byne, John 

24 Graves, Humfrey 
26 Gould, Edward 

Warren, Robert 

Cooke, John 
*Nutt, Edward 

Perriss, Henry 

Fullilove, Jonathan 
27*Cary, James 

Edwards, Joseph 

Wilson, James 
•Pottexfen [Pollex- 
fen], Henry 

Kennard, John 

28 Hobbs, William 
Limbrey, Henry 

29 Yeomans, William 
Nayler, William 


3*Campion, James 
Francklin, Thomas 
Fettiplace, John 

4 Johnson, Edward 
Staple, Anthony 
Beamont, Richard 

5 Underwood, Thos. 
Avard, Thomas 

*Leycester, Ralph 
*Kekewich, Edward 

6 Briteridge, John 

7 Feltham, Thomas 
Blisse, Thomas 
Tompson, John 

8*Crew, John 
Cantrell, Thomas 
io*Arden, Thomas 
Crumpe, Henry 
11 Hawkins, Henry 
*Bower, Richard 
i2*Champion, Thomas 
Wilkinson, Thomas 

13 Cooper, Philip 

14 Prince, William 

15 Rickett, William 
Giles, Henry 

17 Haies, Samuel 
Bushell, Thomas 

18 Gooding', Ambrose 
*Hancock, Robert 

Dodsworth, John 
Poole, Samuel 

Preston, Mary 
Veasey, Rebeca 
Nash, Elizabeth 
Dighton, Anne 
Eade, Catherine 
Field, Elizabeth 
Springatt, Eliz. 
Radcliffe, Eliz. 
Fetherston, Anne 
Parker, Dorcas 
Legenham, Mary 
Willys, Elizabeth 
Lucas, Judith 
Stretton, Eliz. 
Dabson, Anne 
Hill, Anne 
Hignett, Hester 
Duncumbe, Mary 

Baldoke, Mary 
Carter, Elizabeth 
Mathew, Jane 
Kisbie, Elizabeth 
Hall, Sarah 


Myles, Martha 
Wells, Anne 
Sexton, Mary 
Burges, Mary 
Mead, Anne 
Baston, Mary 
Charleton, Mary 
Ayleman, Eliz. 
Eardley, Eliz. 
Vane, Frances 
Fellowe, Eliz. 
Sutton, Margaret 
Stephens, Hannah 
Buddie, Sarah 
Wagstaff, Mary 
Puffe, Prothesa 
Long, Theodosia 
Marsh, Susanna 
Coston, Anne 
Gorton, Mary 
Rootes, Marah 
Harris, Mary 
Covell, Anne 
Emett, Mary 
Wynne, Susan 
Skelton, Martha 
Armstone, Joice 
Green, Margaret 
Francklin, Anne 
Reynolds. Susan 
Eaton, Catherine 
Reeve, Amy 

20 Saunders, Andrw.^wrf 

21 Steward, John 
*Neeve, Edward 

24 Beale, Edward 
Nutt, Thomas 
Hutchins, Charles 

26 Stadham, Thomas 
Jones, John 
Ewer, Abraham 

29 Bryden, Thomas 
Kingdon, John 

Okeley, Mary 
Seakes, Martha 
Towers, Cath. 
Harvey, Alice 
Jordan, Rose 
Wiseman, Doro'y 
Lee, Hester 
Bashpoole, Eliz. 
Pritchard, Reb'a 
Harding, Mary 
Rowe, Jane 

November, 1664. 

1 Shoard, Richard 
Mickell, Robert 
Turpin, John 

2 Mudd, Thomas 
4 Ash, George 

Collett, Thomas 

7 West, John 

8 Lane, Thomas 
9*Hopkins, Thomas 

Gloucester, als. 

Warkman, Edm'd 
Tay, John 

10 Turley, William 

11 Taylor, Richard 

12 Hicks, Thomas 
Strongitharm, Thos. 

14 Sangar, Richard 
Dickinson, John 

15 Bird, John 
Woodhouse, Wm. 

i6*Adams, Michael 
Vandeurs, Cornelius 
Batkin, John 

17 Jolley, George 
Crowland, John 

18 Shatchwell, Wm. 
Wiggens, Thomas 
Walcott, Thomas 

19 Lane, William 
2i*Plaistow, John 
22*Brereton, Edward 

*Rous, Anthony 
23*Evelin, Sir John 
Richardson, Brian 
24 Graves, Thomas 
Mapson, James 
26 Wells, Thomas 
*Shelly, Timothy 
Cleburne, Mathew 
28 Harman, Thomas 

Ponder, Anne 
Seakes, Frances 
Bell, Mary 
Raines, Elizabeth 
Needham, Eliz. 
Maplesden, Helen 
Hall, Avis 
Hay ward, Jane 
Benion, Sarah 
Collett, Elizabeth 

Cox, Joan 
Bennett, Eliz. 
Mullins, Mary 
Gould, Rebecca 
Cooke, Mary 
Hewitt, Mary 
Parker, Sarah 
Packer, Rebecca 
Robinson, Dorcas 
Bradshawe, Anne 
Gostlin, Mary 
Watts, Anne 
Rose, Anne 
Smith, Mary 
Gouldsmith, Eliz. 
Rogers, Lettice 
Shelton, Anne 
Ritherdon, Joan 
Chapman, Eliz. 
Lake, Elizabeth 
Wrey, Elizabeth 
Glynne, Anne 

Shingleton, Anne 
Gouge, Joane 
Richardson, Anne 
Watson, Margt. 
Michell, Cath. 
Allen, Martha 
Perse, Mary 

December, 1664. 

t *Parker, Peter Cripps, Susanna 

2 Archer, Thomas Fowke, Mary 

3 Badcock, William Bond, Mary 

66 4 -5] 

Faculty Office. 


5*Maxy, Henry and 

Browne, Edward 

6 Hopkins, Joseph 
*Nokes, Nathaniel 

7 Fownes, Thomas 
Broman, William 

12 Hockett, Thomas 
Darey, Robert 

14 Ford, John 
Ayshe, John 

15 Chalkhill, William 
Fownes, William 

16 Nott, Edward 
Blackwell, William 

21 Wigfal, Richard 
Laurence, Stephen 
Green, William 

22 Robinson, Josias 
Rose, Thomas 
Burdett, Thomas 

23 Mervin, George 
Pye, Hum fry 

24 Payton, William 
Pitt, Simon 

26 Shaw, John 

Cole, Jaspar 
28 Fownes, George 
30 Phillipps, William 

Dugles, Mark 

January, i 

2*Marsham, John 
*Grevill, Foulke 
Mudd, William 
Stevens, Robert 

3 George, James 
*Spire [Spier], Win. 

Cave, Philip 

4 Sweet, William 
Davies, Edward 

*Pell, Daniel 
*Deacon, Marmaduke 
6*Barwell, Edward 
io*Franckland, Hugh 
11 *Norden, John 
Wilde, John 
*Temple, John 
i3*Ball, William 
i4*Holford, Richard 
White, James 
Wright, Richard 
Sabin, Gilbert 

16 Graves, John 

17 Gamble, William 

18 Dray, Thomas 
21 Rooke, John 


Lowe, ah. Lough 

Woodding, Eve 
Gardner, Eliz. 
Taylor, Rebecca 
Mulsoe, Rebecca 
Rowed, x\lice 
Stevenson, Jane 
Heme, Elizabeth 
Fuller, Elizabeth 
Hancock, Anne 
Fearne, Hannah 
Brooke, Ellen 
Webb, Anne 
Lucas, Elizabeth 
Towards, Susan'h 
Morris, Anne 
Green, Mary 
Thompson, Mary 
Stacy, Catherine 
Baduley, Anne 
Cole, Mary 
Smithett, Mary 
Fairbeard, Martha 
Richards, Eliz. 
Haynes, Anne 
Rare, Mary 
White, Catherine 
Manning, Susan'a 
Rogers, Mary 


Danvers, Anne 
Dashwood, Sarah 
Daniel, Susan 
Harvey, Elizabeth 
Holt, Catherine 
Lloid [Lloyd], 

Hill, Alice 
Munden, Eliz. 
Appleton, Eleanor 
Smart, Elizabeth 
Thebridge, Eliz. 
Holman, Mary 
Buggin, Mary 
Dover, Sibilla 
Standiver, Mary 
Marten, Frances 
Vaughan, Alice 
Crew, Sarah 
Lowin, Anne 
Bulward, Mary 
Tompson, Mary 
Smith, Katherine 
Russell, Sarah 
Barndell, Sence 

Cooper, John and 
*Gerrald, James 

23 Phillipps, Henry 

24 Anderson, Thomas 
Tredwell, Daniel 

25*Paltock, Thomas 

Sawtell, Edmund 
Priaulx, John 

26 Harris, John 

27 Flude, Randolph 
"Dawe, Robert 

Fowkes, Thomas 

28 Murrall, William 
"'Cheshire, John 

31 Morgan, Richard 

Williams, Andrew 
*Gregory, Henry 


1 *Heath, Richard 
*Strode, Thomas 

[*Hale, Robert 
Hackwell, Richard 
Walter, Thomas 

2 Alderton, John 

3 Smith, William 
*Beverley, Oliver 

4 Duthias, David 
Hunt, Thomas 

6*Broderwicke, Wm. 
Rowell, Thomas 
Lasinby, Richard 

7 Bredwell, Nicholas 

10 Copen, Edward 
Goulding, George 

11 Evans, John 
i3*Gill, Robert 

15 Walker, Richard 

16 Soft, Christopher 
*Drax, Henry 

Braman, John 

17 Davies, Daniel 
i8*Ellis[Ellys], John 

*Tregonwell, John 

22 Dabbes, John 

23 Birkhead, John 
*Whyle, Samuel 

Lee, Joseph 

25 Pratt, Robert 

Pickering, Anne 
Howson, Sarah 
Jeffery, Mary 


Beedon, Eliz. 

Browne, Anne 
Hill, Mary 
Hampkin, Hester 
King, Sarah 
Bromhall, Eleanor 
Grimes, Elizabeth 
Arnold, Hester 
Smyth wicke, Eliz. 

Ray, Mary 
Pope, Anne 


Weston, Cath. 
Odber, Mary 
Chokke, Frances] 
Gayton, Margaret 
Plumer, Sarah 

Poole, Susan 
Chare, Jane 
Nicholls, Mary 
Pullen, Hester 
Dewy, Mary 
Waldegrave, Sar. 
Terry, Judith 
Laurence, Marg't 
Cooke, Sarah 
Jackson, Jane 
Case, Elizabeth 
Smith, Jane 
Phipp, Elleanor 
Stone, Mary 
Tufton, Frances 
Merlott, Elizabeth 
Boston, Dorothy 
Mosier, Susanna 
Faine, Elizabeth 
Puckley, Sarah 
Hulcup, Martha 
Babington, Mary 
Miller, Martha 
Bowyer, Sarah 

March, 1664-5. 

2 Hayes, James Legay, Grizilla 

6 Cox, John Parker, Margaret 

*Goddard, Daniel Gravett, Elizabeth 

Rogerson, Thomas Robinson, Eliz. 

7*Fuiler, Francis Rogers, Bridgett 

8 Bedall, Samuel Vinckle, Sarah 


Marriage Licences. 


March, 1664-5. 

g Perkins, George and Smyth, Ruth 
11 Fossett, Henry Wilkin, Cath. 

13 Davies, William Collinson, Eliz. 
Neale, Jacob Barwick, Ellinor 

14 Mascall, Humphrey Rodolph, Eliz. 

15 Stridewick, William Avis, Sarah 
Cockram, Thomas Rotheram, Anne 

17 Coles, John Vere, Agnes 

Steevens, John Gouldston, Anne 

20 Taylor, William Nicholls, Thomas- 

2i*Hnett, John 
Browne, John 
Lidde, Hugh 
Wilkins, Robert 

22 Wood, John 
Welsh, Peter 
Pratt, John 

23 Barnaby, Thomas 
Shaw, Robert 
Giles, Edward 

24 Amy, James 
Smyth, Richard 
Rosse, John 
Blincoe, Nicholas 


25 Dennison, George 
Marriott, Isaac 
Tiplady, Edward 
Tisdale, John 
Durrant, Thomas 
Elmes, Charles 
Jeanes, William 
Friend, Thomas 
Sheppard, Stephen 
Allen, John 

27 Vannew, Giles 
28*Gray, Peter 

Lascells, Henry 
2o,*Jones, Humfry 

Bates, Henry 
30*Siderfin, Thomas 
31 Weldon, Simon 

Lov/man, Faith 
Newington, Sarah 
Marley, Elizabeth 
Blincoe, Ellinor 
Head, Anne 
Swayne, Susan 
Francklin, Ellinor 
Barnaby, Anne 
Leigh, Alice 
Skeet, Elizabeth 
Trendle, Susannah 
Filewood, Eliz. 
Speed, Susan 
Armitage, Sarah 


Sadler, Elizabeth 
Godfall, Anne 
Porter, Margery 
Retter, Jane 
Pennard, Lidia 
Bowman, Eliz. 
Tucker, Amy 
Bannister, Eliz. 
Sanderton, Mary 
Haward, Eliz. 
Jefferis, Sarah 
Hutchinson, Eliz. 
Eldred, Mary 
Jones, Dionisia 
Marriott, Alice 
Lightmaker, Eliz. 
Studeley, Jane 

April, i 

1 Garstang, Hugh 

Cropper, John 

Knight, John 

* Richards, John 

Sheppard, Alex. 

3 Whorwood, Gerard 

4 Newman, Thomas 
7*Hervey, Francis 

8 Harris, George 
10 Amonnett, Samuel 
*Frowd, Sir Philip 
Delapiere, Peter 


Dutton, Margaret 
Ashurst, Sarah 
Ainge, Sarah 
Brewer, Anne 
Tilly, Anne 
Gouldman, Jane 
Warner, Jane 
Dickens, Eliz. 
Blackman, Mary 
Sonnett, Cath. 
Jacob, Margaret 
Bate, Mary 

1 1 *Hopper [Hoper], and 

*Maxwell, Francis 
Tripp, John 
Stabersfield, John 

12 Coates, William 
Oldham, Jasper 

*Rayson, William 
Bosworth, John 

13 Tompson, Richard 
i4*Wigmore, Daniel 

*Gray, Alexander 
Willis, Richard 
15 Conly, Thomas 

17 Wynton, Nicholas 

18 Gee, Francis 
Mayers, Richard 

19 Snoden, Francis 
Rogers, Emanuel 
Eyre, Thomas, 
Price, Thomas 

20*Pownsett, Samuel 
*Hutchinson, Edm'd 

22 Million, Henry 

24 Clarke, John 

25 Tylar, Charles 
Clark, John 
Smith, Edmund 
Jones, John 

26 Dickenson, John 
*Vivian, Thomas 

Chance, Daniel 
29 Tudor, Edward 

Jones, Priscilla 

Rafts, Rebecca 
Harvey, Anne 
Iddenden, Jane 
Shipside, Sarah 
Lambe, Mary 
Davenport, Susan 
Goodwin, Eliz. 
Homewood, Mary 
Herris, Frances 
Otter, Sarah 
Smithsend, Judith 
Skidamore, Eliz. 
Douglas, Mary 
Peckover, Han'h 
Loveney, Sarah 
Palmer, Elizabeth 
Wingfield, Mary 
Effard, Sarah 
Andrewes, Eliz. 
Parker, Mary 
Plackstone, Mar- 
Fowler, Susannah 
Coleman, Bridget 
Charfield, Mary 
Baker, Elizabeth 
Pennant, Martha 
Thackary, Pati'ce 
Jackson, Grace 
Blathwaite, Fr'ces 
Moulder, Eliz. 
Coates, Mary 

May, 1665. 

1 Davies, Richard Patye, Rebecca 
Rodey [Rodes], Sir Thornton, Martha 

Francis [Bart.] 

2 Ward, James 

Sabre, Henry 
Astley, John 

3*Nicholls, Joseph 
*Woodward, Roger 
Wood, Robert 

4 Rogers, John 

5 Barnsley, Walter 
Gregory, Samuel 

*Pargiter, William 
Tindall, John 

Crislow, Theo- 

Lefin, Ansafe 

Plumbey, Mary 
Crossley, Susan 
Tidman, Anne 
Johnson, Amy 
Bowden, Eliz. 
Munn, Mary 
Jessop, Dorothy 
Venables, Hannah 

6* Hurbin[ Harbin] John Strode, Elizabeth 

8 Seward, John 
io*Bateman, Hugh 

9 Knight, William 
Hobson, Richard 

10 Swaine, Tristram 
Leneave, William 
*Banson William 

Gillow, Mary 
Bateman, Eliz. 
Erbery, Anne 
Clarke, Elizabeth 
Harcourt, Mary 
Horeh, Judith 
Grove, Frances 

i66 5 ] 

Faculty Office. 


May, 1665. 

Moseley, Mixunceaiid Hodson, Hannah 
*Keylway, Thomas Green, Elizabeth 
Parradine, William Andrewes, Mary 
11 Battishill, Peter Battishill, Joiee 

Redworth, James 
12 Satchwdl, Henry 

Parlett, John 
*Goulston, Edward 

Davye, Thomas 
i3*Caryll, Richard 

Pitcher, John 

East, Gilberd 

Knowles, Susan 
Curnett, Eliz. 
Paine, Alice 
Tookey, Joane 
Collins, Sarah 
Bartholmew, Eliz. 
Nurse, Mary 
Wildgoose, Susan 

15 Johnson, Lawrence Chamlett, Jane 

Harman, Alice 
Braynt, Elizabeth 
Shoreley, Eliz. 
Shaw, Isabel 
French, Mary 
Savile, Anne 
Lee, Mary 

Jenks, Richard 
East, John 
Gofton, Thomas 
By land, William 

16 Bland, Richard 
^Harris, John 

Kett, Loy 

Leadbeater, Thomas Costine, Anne 

17 Winter, Henry Mayo, Ursula 
Walker, William Whitehead, M'tha 

i8*Prowse, Richard Waring', Hannah 

Braman, Francis Gawen, Ellen 
i9*Marsh, Sir Thomas Brent, Anne 
20 Graves, Benjamin Longman, 

Strong, Abigail 
Thomas, Eliz. 
Read, Elizabeth 
Miles, Anne 

Goodall, Richard 
Caverley, John 
Yates, Henry 

22 Hill, Arthur 
Dickinson, Francis Dickinson, Mary 

23 Wade, Thomas Eaton, Elizabeth 

Jones, Thomas 
24*Hall, Jacob 

29 Knapp, John 

30 Knight, John 

31 Parrott, Thomas 
Hall, John 

June, i 

1 *Plumpton, Andrew 

Everard, Robert 
Clothier, William 
"Henslow, Thomas 
Wilson, Thomas 
Stevens, William 

2 Ellis, Thomas 
Cawley, Thomas 

3 Gunson, John 

5 Harrison, Clement 
Brampton, Henry 

Wade, Philip 

6 Bedford, Robert 

7 Strange, William 

Hodian, Judith 
King, Susanna 
Moore, Jane 
Huggett, Ellinor 
Gallaway, Grace 
Biddle, Jane 


Bewley, Mary 
Hall, Margaret 
Welland, Eliz. 
Moyle, Mary 
Pollard, Anne 

Browne, Mary 
Naylor, Sarah 
Batterson, Alice 
Leomar, Alice 

Russell, Rebecca 
Inglebert, Sarah 
Partridge, Susan 

Etheridge, Rchd.and 
Simons, Nicholas 

8 Bryan, John 
*More, Edmond 
*Twisden[ Twysden], 


9 Heath, John 
io*Shawe, William 

12 Terry, John 

13 Shugsbeare, John 

14 *Duckenfield, Robert 

15 Robinson, John 
Jones, John 

*Baker, John 

16 Jackson, Richard 
19 Wood, Charles 
21 Mullins, James 

Holloway, James 
Gilstrop, William 
"White, Blase 
22*Pryaulx [Priaulx], 

24*Cornwallis, Sir 

26 Long, Richard 
Darbyshire, James 

"Buckler, Stephen 

27 Avery, Valentine 
"Harvey, Sir Peter 

29*Farnham, Edward 

Mason, John 
Wright, Edward 
Dowley, Richard 
30*Briggs, Sir Humfry 
Thorp, John 
Hewett, John 

Hill, Mary 
Beardsley, Susan 
Layton, Jane 
Rawlinson, Anne 
Crosse, Frances 

Castleman, Alice 
Hough, Margaret 
Walter, Hannah 
Rudall, Anne 
Estcourt, Jane 
Waller, Mary 
Yate, Elizabeth 

Cooper, Bridget 
Todd, Judith 
Hinde, Dorothy 
Pendleton, Margt. 
Cottison, Eliz. 
Burges, Anne 
Blundell [Blon- 

dell], Anne 
Jones, Elizabeth 

Sexton, Phelip 
Howard, Isabel 
Heath, Sarah 
Scott, Elizabeth 
Berkeley [Berk- 
ley], Abigail 
Higgens [Hig- 

gons], Cath. 
Maiden, Mary 
Blackmore, Margt. 
Haule, Jane 
Morton, Anne 

Beckett, Judith 
Whale, Martha 

July, 1665. 
1 Harryman, Luke Rew, Elizabeth 

Couch, John 
*Naylor, Francis 

3 Mosse, Richard 

4 Lacy, George 

Theballs, Anne 
Beadnall, Bethia 
Cotton, Anne 
Branton, Anne 

Rawlins, Nathaniel Wood, Elizabeth 
*Cope, William Hill, Mary 

Walter, Thomas Field, Nancy 
5*Burdett, George Garford, Sarah 
6*Hitchcock, George Slaney, Eliz. 
Howard, Thomas Charteris, Mary 
*Deane, Christopher Willis, Agnes 
8 Colley, John Den, Margaret 

Earle, William Sanders, Johanna 

11 How, Thomas 
13 Pike, Josias 
Prior, William 
Stringer, John 

Gates, Dorothy 
Pennock, Johanna 
Smith, Rebecca 
Hudson, Joane 






July, 1665. 

* Husbands, Edw. and Branton, Mary 
14 Kempe, Henry Lapish, Sibil 

17 Waddington, Math. Phetty, Deborah 

18 Smith, William Powell, Ellinor 
ig*Troutbeck, John Wray, Dame 

*Goulding, Edward Adler [Dame], 

*Upton, John 
Knottesford, Wm. 
Robins, Edward 
20*Couch, Robert 
Cooke, Thomas 

Clarke, Ursula 
Munday, Anne 
Brian, Bridget 
Frencham, Anne 
Raworth, Cath 

2i*Briggenshaw[Brig- Justice, Elizabeth 
ginshaw], Richard 
Russell, Emanuel Dix, Frances 
26*Pugh, Charles 

Holden, Richard 

27 Poole, Benjamin 

28 Moore, John 

29 Carteret, Philip 


3 Wade, Henry 
Houser, Wologang 

5 Bailey, Edward 
8 Forgie, John 

10 Sly, Robert 
*Blackwell, John 

14 Aylwin, Herbert 

15 Melton, John 
18 Newton, John 

Fox, Thomas 
Abbott, Nicholas 
22 Reeves, Richard 

24 Looden, John 

25 Powell, Richard 
Bromhead, Henry 
Wasecoat, William 
Watts, George 


1 Clarke, Edmund 

2 Cory, Ferdinando 

4 Marshall, Henry 
7* Withers, Jacob 

11 Gattare, Henry 
i2*Williamson, George 
15 Webb, John 

20 Skegg, Edward 
Giver, Thomas 

21 Egerton, John 

22 Nott, William 

26 Hunt, Leonard 
28 Ashmole, William 

30 Allen, Samuel 

Robinson, Han'h 
Eason, Sarah 
Meux, Elizabeth 
Johnson, Anne 
Montegu [Lady] 


Hemsley, Margt. 
King, Isabella 
Rowland, Sarah 
Searle, Alary 
French, Elizabeth 

Haines, Hannah 
Sage, Anne 
Trigg, Elizabeth 
Gibbs, Anne 
Pritchard, Anne 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Watson, Anne 
Cowell, Susan 
Spicer, Bridget 
Benicle, Rebecca 
Aves, Katherine 

, 1665. 

Wood, Elizabeth 
Whitchcott, Jane 
Sellen, Dulcebella 
Rider, Dorothy 
Rennigar, Anne 
Longworth, Eliz. 
Boote, Margaret 
Curtis, Mary 
Turton, Mary 
Jefferies, Eliz. 
Hallum, Ellen 
Hancks, Anne 
Welton, Frances 
Bolton, Mary 


5 Demetrius, Geo. and 

6 Lawe, John 
Tunman, Thomas 

9 Hampton, David 

10 Awson, Henry 
Rudder, Henry 

11 Britten, Robert 

12 Snell, Francis 
Tanturier, Daniel 

16 Warren, Thomas 

17 Scutt, Edward 

18 Oxlad, Edward 

19 Mores, Richard 
Smart, William 
Dammant, George 

20 Brailsford, Peter 

21 Hatton, David 
Danter, William 
Warner, John 

23 Thomas, Peter 

24 Awbrey, Richard 
28 Barfoot, Thomas 
31 Jude, Arthur 

Bar tram, Thomas 


2 Standish, Henry 
Church, William 
Peck, Isaac 

4 Wosencrofte, John 

7 Gibbons, Philip 
Crouch, John 

9 Spencer, Edward 
Hunt, Henry 
10 Bourne, Henry 

16 Sumner, William 

17 Brookes, John 

21 Cannon, Richard 
Smith, Thomas 

* Penny, William 

22 Silver, John 

27 Mingeam, John 
30 Keaver, John 


2 Sanders, Thomas 
Child, Jacob 
Britten, Robert 

4 Parts, Thomas 
Whitwood, John 

5 Bullock, Joseph 
*Napper [Napier], 


6 Hutton, James 

7 Dowson, John 
Killing, Tobias 

9 Blostock, John 


Grimes, Anne 
Norton, Eliz. 
Poole, Joane 
Powell, Bridgett 
Thorogood, Kath. 
Culchech, Mary 
Crouch, Elizabeth 
Springall, Kath. 
Clough, Mary 
Maddison, Deb'h 
Desborrow, Eliz. 
Warner, Ruth. 
Woodson, Mary 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Haddock, Alice 
Liddall, Mary 
Ayres, Elizabeth 
Whitlock, Eliz. 
Robinson, Sus- 
Davies, Jane 
Ordway, Eliz. 
Brown, Mary 
Moore, Philippa 
Bradley, Anne 


Ward, Sarah 
Clarke, Alice 
Miller, Elizabeth 
Rutter, Susan 
Sanders, Agnes 
Bodell, Elizabeth 
Mayo, Jane 
Holden, Martha 
Freeman, Eliz. 
Shaw, Joane 
Towe, Elizabeth 
Badger, Anne 
Deane, Elizabeth 
Twelfe, Anne 
Jesper, Elizabeth 
Marshall, Rachel 
Tabby, Mary 


Blowen, Barbara 
Warts, Hannah 
Cooper, Mary 
Nicholls, Cath. 
Walley, Ellen 
Hall, Hester 
Bannister [Banis- 
ter], Dorothy 
Urmeston, Cicely 
Hargier, Margt. 
Wilde, Susan 
Champion, Han'h 

66 5 -6] 

Faculty Office. 


December, 1665. 

Girle, Henry and 

Inman, John 
13 Martin, Charles 

Brighter, Francis 
16 Nicholls, Richard 

Barnes, William 

18 Gray, John 
Fleitcroft, Robert 

19 West, Francis 

20 Seamer, Richard 
Holloway, John 

28 Alder, Richard 
*Arminger, William 

Blount, Samuel 

29 Cox, Edward 
Lucas, Thomas 
Bellamy, William 

Alcocke, Anne 
Ruddy, Mary 
Marriott, Merriall 
Neale, Anne 
Gunning, Mary 
Grimsditch, Anne 
Bigg, Rebecca 
Butterfield, Emma 
Wildie, Frances 
Eymont, Eliz. 
Bishop, Margaret 
Murden, Rebecca 
Blackman, Eliz. 
Abrooke, Mary 
Dutton, Bridget 
Everett, Elizabeth 
Burrow, Sarah 

January, 1665-6. 

1 Jones, Thomas 
Morris, John 

2 Coltman, William 

4 Reeve, Jonathan 

5 Malory, Mathew 
Crichlow, John 

6 Allford, Ralph 

9 Edwards, Thomas 

12 Ashby, John 
Wise, Stephen 

13 Hilliard, Robert 

16 Darcy, Thomas 
Drakeford, William 

17 Astell, Richard 
*Weaver, Francis 

18 Juxon, William 
Satchwell, William 

20 Blackloe, James 
22 Swane, James 

23*Clark, Thomas 
Alsopp, John 

Saunders, Andrew 

25 Lewis, Edward 

26 Sawyer, John 
Andrewes, William 

27 Clare, Francis 
Marston, Samuel 

29*Oneby, Thomas 

31 Hicks, Benjamin 

Clarke, John 

Gardner, Lucy 
Bird, Anne 
Thomas, Mary 
Marriott, Mary 
Mountague, Mary 
Stikes, Elizabeth 
Bell, Prudence 
Trowle, Cath. 
Barrakill, Anne 
Davies, Jane 
Moody, Mary 
Apleby, Alice 
Day, Mary 
Gatley, Anne 
Harper, Elizabeth 
Timson, Elizabeth 
Eagles, Blanch 
Love, Joan 
Demullin, Theo- 

Fleming, Mary 

Hone, Susanna 
Eldridge, Alice 
Barnard, Eliz. 
Bourne, Mary 
Bristowe, Bridget 
Smith, Mary 
Richardson, Mary 
Botley, Jane 
Mikell, Ellinor 

February, 1665-6. 

2 Humbarston, Ran- Burton, Elizabeth 

Playfere, Thomas Mabb, Mercy 

Williams, Gabriel Quarles, Cath. 

5 King, Thomas an 

Abbott, Robert 
6*Drakes, Henry 

8 Causton, Henry 
Ball, William 

9 Coniers, John 
Coniers, Edward 

10 Bayford, John 

12 West, John 
Cooper, Alexander 

13 Coombes, Robert 
Flutter, Thomas 
Maw, John 

* Berkley, Herbert 

14 Erbery, Nicholas 
i6*Fewtrell, Henry 
17 Allen, Thomas 

Cheyney, Thomas 
19 Allin, Mathew 

* Fenn, John 
*Duckett, George 

20* Marriott, James 
*Tayer, Robert 

Cooper, William 
Parker, John 
Grave, Robert 
Stallenge, Lott 

21 Dowley, John 

22 Stevens, Moses 
Redhead, Gabriel 
Bishopp, Gregory 
Blundell, Nicholas 

23 Hunt, John 
Ward, William 

24 Buckston, Thomas 
Worlick, D re wry 
Peate, Zachariah 

26 Clark, Edward 
Farley, William 
Hainsly Thomas 
Brogden, Andrew 

27 Oatridge, Thomas 

d Williams, Eliz. 
Pixell, Mary 
Marshall, Cath. 
Turbatt, Eliz. 
Burnlys, Eliz. 
Glisson, Mary 
Nicholes, Hannah 
Ward, Rose 
Mikell, Frances 
Marshall, Eliz. 
Johnson, Isabel 
Tillard, Mary 
Allen, Elizabeth 
Aston, Elizabeth 
Bett, Sarah 
White, Mary 
Powell, Emma 
Sharpe, Anne 
Bergainey, Eliz. 
Baldwin, Cath. 
Wells, Mary 
Haughton, Anne 

Elcock, Mary 
Hobbs, Mary 
Byatt, Hannah 
Bell, Anne 
Nicholls, Hannah 
Gould, Winifred 
Dodd, Hannah 
Ashley, Martha 
Stert, Elizabeth 
Hunt, Anne 
Withers, Eliz. 
Gosnell, Mary 
Cooke, Mary 
Buckley, Eliz. 
Liney, Elizabeth 
Byton, Sarah 
Hicks, Mary 
Billington, Mary 
Kellaway, Anne 

March, 1665-6. 

1 Clarke, Thomas 
Garner, Ralph 

2*Millett, John 

5 Leake, Robert 
Sares, John 

6 Rotte, Abraham 
Wingrove, Charles 

8 Bannister, William 

9 Taylor, Mathew 
12 Castell, Edward 

Stutsberry John 
15 Rolfe, Simon 

Denton, Judith 

Antrum, Mary 
Richardson, Amy 
Holland, Susan 
Hassell, Mary 

Robotham, Anne 
Sallows, Frances 
Parker, Elizabeth 
Medley, Edith 
Francklin, Sarah 




(image JLicences. 


March, 1665-6. 

Wilkins, Henry and Ward, Alice 
17 Gray, Roger Waters, Anne 

20 Knight, Thomas 

21 Kenton, Francis 
Piper, Robert 

22 Underwood, Edw 

Carrier, Jane 
Trayford, Isabel 
Craddock, Ruth 
French, Lidia 

March, 1666. 

26 Stanton William 

Pachey, John 
2S Morris, Hum fry 

30 Parslow, Richard 

31 Tooley, John 
Shakemaple, John 

April, i 

2*Wilford, John 

3 Garbrand, Ambrose 

Pitts, Stephen 

Fisher, Gary 
5 Alley, Alexander 
7 Robins, George 

Waller, Thomas 
g* Young, Robert 
*Gray, George 

10 Lodge, Thomas 

11 Foster, Henry 
Stanley, Robert 

12 Rowlidge, Henry 

13 Wilder, William 
Lucy, Francis 
Gwynn, Richard 
Underhay, Edward 
Fagg, Edward 

14 Raven, William 

Hope, Luke 

""Bargeman, John 
Hills, Henry 

Wilcox, Clement 

16 Harding, William 
Kerrington, George 
Griffin, Francis 
Tax, John 
Woods, John 
Butterfield, Thomas 
Clark, Nicholas 
Windsor, Richard 

17 Greenway, Richard 
Ward, William 
Taylor, Thomas 
Day, William 

18 Whiston, William 
Barlowe, Thomas 
Wilson, Thomas 
Hall, Thomas 

Petchit, Anne 
Foye, Thomasine 
Sherrin, Margt. 
H olden, Man- 
Holmes, Man- 
Harding, Sarah 


Croxon, Mary 
Leake, Mary 
Burr owes, Mary 
English, Eliz. 
England, Mary 
Coles, Jane 
Turner, Frances 
Alye, Anne 
Searle, Sarah 
Sharpe, Mary 
Collett, Anne 
Wright, Martha 
Fellowes, Anne 
White, Margaret 
Fenn, Anne 
Wright, Anne 
Cherry, Elizabeth 
Richards, Sarah 


Dickens, Eliz. 
Versinge alias 

Knoffe, Eliz. 
Thoroton, Eliz. 
Leaver, Margery 
Thetford, Eliz. 
Bradford, Anne 
Maddison, Sarah 
Fletcher, Anne 
Farloe, Joane 
Newland, Sarah 
Grace, Dorothy 
Deaton, Margery 
Lamson, Joane 
Sharp, Tabitha 
White, Joane 
Booker, Margery 
Alchorn, Charity 
Acton, Alice 
Churchill, Mary 

21 Baron, George and 
Bowell, William 
Dobbins, Richard 
Smelt, Christopher 

23*Tulse, Thomas 
Mitten, Richard 
Bevel, John 
Pyne, Robert 
Harvey, James 
Yates, Thomas 
Cope, Thomas 

24 Greene, Anthony 
Mudd, Strangeways 
Freeman, Edmund 

25" Martin, William 
James, Richard 
Hayter, William 
Hillier, John 

26* Cotton, Richard 

Johnson, Nathaniel 

27 Shuttleworth, John 
Coates, William 

28 Phillips, Samuel 
Tarlton, Joseph 

30 Morgan, Rowland 
Nicholas, William 
Taylor, Joseph 

Cox, Elizabeth 
Whiting, Rebecca 
Crosier, Eliz. 
Wallis, Sarah 
Blake, Dorothy 
Coleman, Eliz. 
Ganton, Eliz. 
Vassell, Mary 
Stokes, Elizabeth 
Purfeild, Beatrice 
Smith, Sarah 
Broxon, Anne 
Russell, Anne 
Martin, Catherine 
Elliott, Frances 
Lambe, Elizabeth 
Marnby, Mary 
Searle, Barbara 
Lumley, Dame 

George, Eliz. 
Lylles, Elizabeth 
Fulwood, Eliz. 
Freer, Elleanor 
Lane, Margaret 
Morton, Hannah 
Mun, Elizabeth 


May, 1666. 

1 Maling, John Peele, Elizabeth 

Middleton, Thomas Hammond, Eliz. 

Pike, Thomas Gibbard, Eliz. 

3 Trimmer, Edward Baldwin, Lucca 

4 Mitchell, John Bates, Mary 

7' Burwell, Nicholas Legros, Frances 

Towler, Thomas Nye, Elizabeth 

Scofield, Anne 
Metcalfe, Anne 
Hodsden, Thomas Tompkins, Mary 
Gale, Leonard Johnson, Phillippa 

Burton, Henry 
Arnold, Samuel 
8 Pierce, Richard 

Seymour, Eliz. 

Allen, Mary 
Varnon, Rose 
Wright, Anne 
Widmore, Dorcas 
Vanderstick [Van- 
dersteck], Eliz. 
Dickens, Abraham Warren, Lettice 
11 Jackson, Thomas Cockdell, Hannah 

g*Tredinham, Sir 
Davies, Mathew 
Ken, Jon [Ion ?] 
10 Lewis, Owen 
*Rolfe, William 
"Brown Sir John 

12 Knight, Walter 
Mayhew, John 
* Jenkins, William 
14 Palmer, William 

Smyth, Elizabeth 
Wright, Anne 
Cadwell, Mary 
Parsons, Anne 

Worthington, Wm. Watson, Sarah 
Bedford, Edward Oxley, Faith 


Faculty Office. 


May, 1666. 

15 Ellis, Robert and Ward, Barbara 
Solley, Benjamin Gunter, Lidia 
,; Gillman, Thomas Baylie, Elizabeth 
Goodyeare, Robert Scott, Elizabeth 

Langham, Eliz. 
Fenn, Jane 
Tompson, Eliz. 
Walker, Mary 
Osborne, Eliz. 
Wilson, Anne 
Maddock, Mary 

* Pierce, Edward 
Milles, John 

16 Wallop, Robert 
Lowe, John 

17 Malthus, John 
Waddupp, Simon 

18 Barnes, William 
Castle, alias, Cooke, Lilly, Elizabeth 

21 Mollambe, Thomas Downing, Judith 

* Luxford, George Gainsford, Dor. 

23 Pike, James Mason, Alice 

24 Jacob, Henry Lewes, Jane 
'"Lowe, George Knight, Margaret 

26 Newhouse, Edward Whitehead, Mary 
Home, Robert Grove, Mary 

Savage, John Phipps, Lucy 

28* Duncumbe, Richard Partefoyle,[Parte- 

soylej, Rebecca 
Crofts, lid ward 
Thursley, Thomas 
Peacock, Robert 
Bovell, Thomas 

Jones, Elizabeth 
Jefferson, Mary 
Lentall, Elizabeth 
Bulse, Martha 

29 Pendleton, William Gudgin, Margt. 

Child, Roger 
Bullock, John 
*Aahley, Michael 
Upington, John 
30*Fanshaw, John 

*Bowyer, William 
"Johnson, Francis 
31 Jackson, Ralph 

Zouch, Mary 
Sadler, Catherine 
Haywood, Mary 
Perryman, Eliz. 
Hubberd [Hub- 
bard], Anne 
Wingate, Lett ice 
Bradshaw, Anne 
Crosfield, Lucie 

June, 1666. 

1 Mallory, James Tooker, Mary 

Goddard, William Carpenter, Fr'ces 

Goddard, Aubrey 
Wilford [Wils- 

ford], Anne 
Hall, Catherine 
Ford, Rebecca 
Deane, Jane 

Shaw, John 
*Jermy, Francis 

2 Lawford, John 
Best, Philip 
Capp, Richard 
*Lloid [Lloyd], Chas. Huxley, Cath. 

*Savill [Savile], John Tryon, Sarah 

4 Paite, Edward Bennett, Susan 
Hayman, Edward Staveley, Eliz. 

*Reeve[Reeves],Chas. Coleman, Grace 
Murray, Charles Burton, Jane 

5 Edes, John Marsh, Winifred 
Greatrake, John Poole, Mary 

6 Thompson, Robert Thompson, M'tha 

7 Edwards, Henry Southen, Eliz. 

Coates, George and 
*Sheriffe, Thomas 

8 Gardner, Henry 

9 Phelps, Timothy 
'Jennings |Jenings], 

lid ward 
1 1* Atkins, David 

Cooper, John 

12 Rawlins, Edward 
Goldsborough, John 
Coldbeck, Robert 
Singe, lid ward 
Day, Charles 

13 Turner, Robert 

14 Middleton, Richard 
16 Grindall, Jonathan 

18 Tew, Edward 
Denise, Claudius 

19 Hogburn, William 
21 Peterson, Obadiah 

Raddon, William 
Cherry, Richard 
t Wilcoxen, Richard 
22*Bourman [Thomas, 
D.D. («o*"Sir")], 
Sir Thomas 
Dickenson, George 
'Mathews, Mark 
Dabbs, Arthur 
23 Lather, John 
25 Larke, Joseph 
Beke, Henry 
Gould, Ralphe 
* Wymondseld [ Wy- 
mondsold], Wm. 
28* Pincke, Thomas 
30 Ward, Thomas 

Cage, Elizabeth 
Diton, Mary 
Veale, Elizabeth 
Turner, Joane 
Home, Elizabeth 

Pottifer [Pettifer], 

Holbeach, Katha- 
Bygrave, Ellinor 
Gilbert, Mary 
Parsons, Anne 
Singe, Alice 
Gulston, Jane 
Badger, Frances 
Collett, Jane 
Foden, Sarah 
Horseman, Margt. 
Kalthoff, Kath. 
Willett, Sarah 
Timme, Elizabeth 
Somers, Eliz. 
Latham, Sara (a) 
Starkey, Elean.(a) 
Lapp, Eleanor 

Jesson, Anne 
Meddewes [Med- 

dowes], Eliz. 
Gosnell, Mary 
Wharton, Mary 
Yeates, Elizabeth 
Townsend, Anne 
Fowke, Anne 
Petty ward, Anne 

Stocker, Jane 
Gesimon, Susan 

July, 1666. 

2 Grimshaw, Thomas Strong, Mary 
Jones, Robert Wright, Kath. 

Aylworth, William Steward, Mary 
Attwood, Henry Beesenth, Eliz. 
Heckford, William Hamond, Mary 
Hearwood, William Smith, Sarah 

4 Blechynden, Edw. Blyth, Mary 

5 Somers, Isaac Perkins, Anne 
6* Sedgwick, William Dunmell [Dun- 
moll], Anne 

(a) These two entries are the first and second 
of seventeen (21st June, 1666, to 2nd September, 
1668), written on a loose page at the beginning of 
the index volume, the word "Warrants" being 
added in pencil. With respect to the last of these 
two Col. Chester writes: f'This entry on a leaf 
at the beginning of the volume in Latin ; in mar- 
gin [is written] gratis". 


Marriage Licences. 


July, 1666. 
g Whittle, William rt/jrf May, Ruth 

10 Day, George 
Phelpe John 

1 1* Doyly, John 
Hanckes, Peter 

12 Marsh, Thomas 

Vaughan, Parnell 
Leech, Susan 
Cholmley, Margt. 
Sudbury, Mary 
Marsh, Bridget 

Woodnesse, Thomas Bellamy, Mary 
Brightwell, Nicholas Bense, Mary 

Lus, Lucy 
Andrewes, Mary 
Duke, Elizabeth 

Tucker, Rebecca 
Mitley, Rebecca 

14 Wade, Richard 
Cooper, William 
Jaunce [Faunce], 

16 Dakins, Philip 

17 Walker, Michael 
*Wingfield, Francis Rose, Elizabeth 

19 Hamsworth, Robert Butterfield, Eliz. 

21 Horton, Richard King, Elizabeth 

*Woolfe, John 

Wilson, William 

Hawthorne, Nath. 

*Gray, William 

Love, William 
23 Sequence, Thomas 
25 Duncombe, Arthur 

Underwood, John 

27 Hall, Edward 

28 Woodison, Julian 

30 West, William 
* Leigh, Thomas 

31 Kempe, William 
Starky, John 

Pinchion, Anne 
Weaver, Ursula 
Denham, Anne 
Seame [Soame], 

Bull, Elizabeth 
Ward, Elizabeth 
Waine, Dorothy 
Rott, Faith 
Ash, Elizabeth 
Benwell, Hester 
Oakes, Grace 
Maynard, Johanna 
Lloid, Elizabeth 
Isgar, Hester 

August, 1666. 

3 Fowke, Roger Johnson, Anne 

4 Pellatt, William Wood, Mary 

6 Wigg, William Smith, Elizabeth 

Ogle, Christopher Smith, Elizabeth 

7* Coulson, Christopher Man, Elizabeth 
Dudley, Alexander Taylor, Jane 

8 Ogden, Nicholas 

Fox, Henry 
13 Chaire, John 

* Pleye, George 

*Budden, George 

* Roberts, William 

15 Hodsell, Edmund 

16 Pritchard, John 
Turner, John 

17 Home, Samuel 
Tayspitt, Jacob 

* Salter, Edward 

18 Davitts, Thomas 

Frith, Peace 
Odeham, Eliz. 
Bates, Mary 
Rennes [Reynies], 

Tabitha (a) 
Collis, Mary 
Binns, Mary 
Stonehouse, Eliz. 
Dale, Elizabeth 
Lucas, Joanna (a) 
Turpin, Mary 
Sherley, Sarah 
Graves, Rosam'd 
Cooper, Catherine 

Cooper, Christopher Kent, Elizabeth 

(a) These two entries are the third and fourth 
of seventeen, as to which see note to entry 21st 
June, 1666. 

20 Greene, Thomas and 
Bennett, Isaac 

* Greene, Richard 
Orange, Edward 

23 Christmas, Michael 
Sturt, John 

24 Salter, W r illiam 
Kidd, John 

25* Whitfield [ Whitfeld], 

* Napier, Sir John 


* Bowes, Paul 

27 Street, Henry 
Fewster, George 

28 Lillycrap, Peter 
Abbott, Richard 
Hobbs, Samuel 

29 Cawthorne, Philip 
Newport, Robert 

30 Penny, Edward 
Pinke, Edward 

31 Baily, Roger 
Owsley, John 
Wilcox, Richard 

September, 1666. 
1 Bennet, Thomas Clarke, Ellen 
Nicholls, William 

* Berry, John 

Rolfe, Sarah 
Roberts, Sarah 
Mordaunt, Eliz. 
Sharpe, Elizabeth 
Leake, Alice 
Williams, Kath. 
Williams, Eliz. 
Ellil, Dorothy 
Theobalds, Sarah 

Biddulph, Eliza- 
beth (a) 
Sturges, Bdgt. (a) 
Pratt, Elizabeth 
Reeve, Mary 
Miller, Lucy 
Jones, Mary 
Hurst, Susan 
Singe, Elizabeth 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Butler, Amy 
Calfebud, Mary 
Day, Anne 
Higley, Anne 
Arthur, Joice 

22*Brouners, Michae 
24* Buller, Francis 

Wilkin s, Jane 
Stevenson, Sarah 


Maynard, Cath. 

[relict of Sir 

John Maynard] 

October, 1666. 
11 Burr, Robert Nash, Hester 

Harford, William Leake, Mary 
Fortescue, Edmd. (c) Aland, Sarah (c) 
17 Savage, William Thornbury, 

Thornbury, Thomas Potter, Martha 
2o*Rewse [Rowse], Norwood, Mary 

22* Phipps, James Hawkins, Dor'thy 

23 Davies, Believer Sherman, Sarah 
29* Masham, Sir Francis Scott, Mary 
Waite, Valentine Alwinckle, Anne 
30 Wild, Thomas Coppin, Mary 

Jones, William Chappell, Eliz. 

(a) These two entries are the fifth and sixth of 
seventeen, as to which see note to entry 21st June, 

(b) "Immediately after this entry is the fol- 
lowing : Civitas (potiusue urbs) Londinu tu 
fiammas reducitur, Septemb. 2nd 1666." 

(c) Parents of the first Baron Fortescue of 
C redan, co. Waterford, so created 1746 


Faculty Of/ice. 


November, 1666. 

3*Conyers, Sir and Jermin, Julia 
Christopher [Bart.] 

5 Henley, John 
Hames, John 
Crow, John 

6* Simpson, John 

Aveanen, Hannah 
Leman, Mary 
Glascock, Ellen 
Jackson, Mary 
Wood, Mary 
Debancke, Eliz. 
Foyle, Sarah 
Farr, Rebecca 
Wight, Frith 
Winbury, Eliz. 
Balding, Mary 
Walsham, Eliza- 
beth (a) 

Sherbrooke, Wm. 
Kirk, Thomas 
9 Knott, William 

* Stone, Samuel 
1 2* White, John 

Hanson, Thomas 
*Stinton, Rowland 
Askew, Anthony 
27* Evelying [Evelyn], 

13 Brigsford, William Barker, Anne 

14 Fawkner, John Fox, Elizabeth 
Reeves, George Wisemen, Sarah 
Allan, Henry Norcott, Amy 

i6*Cudwell [Cadwell], Sutton, Thomas- 
Richard ine 

* Fisher, Sir Thomas Ducy, Elizabeth 

1 7* Martin, Richard 

Jones, Henry 
20* Thornborough, Ed 

mund [Edward] 
21 Pickering, Francis 
24* Smith, Powdrell 

* Stephens, James 
26* Broughton, Chris- 

27*Nanfan, John 
Larkin, Miles 
29 Glasier, William 

Tindall, Mary 
Fisher, Amy 
Fox, Mary 

Hinton, Jane 
Wright, Eliz. 
Dannett, Eliz. 
Temple, Martha 

Finch, Ruth 
Child, Elizabeth 
Cooke, Hannah 

December, 1666. 

i*Lloid [Lloyd], Wm. Fleming, Valen- 

tina Basiela 

Thornehill, Jane 
Ayleffe [Ayloffe, 

Lady], Margt. 
Cobbee, Eliz. 
Hyway, Sarah 
Strowd, Martha 
Hammott, Jane 
Stringer, Eliz. 

* Sparrow, John 
3* Wall, John 

Peet, William 

4 Barber, John 

* Johnson, Robert 
Cannon, John 

5 Ward, Thomas 
Hammond, Edward Haunch, Eliz. 

6 Potts, Andrew Dancks, Ursula 
8 Amos, James Jaques, Margery 

10 Byndlos, John Gillart, Judith 

(a) "Entered among 13th November and the 
date afterwards altered." 

(/>) The seventh of seventeen entries, as to 
which see note to entry 21st June, 1666. 

1 1* Whitney, Thos. and 

i2*Veale [Veel], Thos. 

"Fleetwood, Miles 

Perrott, Nathaniel 

14 Strowd, Thomas 
Mumford, Barth. 

15 Tithy, James 
*Zouch, Samuel 

Massey, Thomas 
18* King, Sir Edmund 
[D.D. (not Sir)] 

19 Berry, Edward 

20 Low, Thomas 

* Packer, Philip 
24 Hovener, Henry 

* Hooker, Cornelius 
Ladbrooke, Edward 

26 Langhorne, Luke 

* Perin, John 
Watford, John 

31* Man waring [Mayn- 
waring], Edward 

January, i 

1 Drake, Joseph 
4* Baker, John 
5 Woodbridge, Row- 
9* Gwynn, Marmaduke 
10 Deane, William 
1 2* Green, Richard 

'Woodward, Francis 
14* Rich, Samuel 

16 Whitfield, Thomas 
Bazeley, William 
Harvey, William 

17 Carew, Thomas 
i8*Tibbes, John 

Davies, Robert 
19 Lowen, James 

21 Jones, Thomas 
Rutt, Ralph 

22 Apthorpe, Thomas 

23 Fleming, William 

24 Wright, John 
Page, Thomas 

* Littleton, Adam 

25 Young, Simon 
Chickley, John 
Sadler, William 
Harris, Lewis 

28* Browne, Weston 
29*Tomkins, Thomas 

Spriggs, John 

Cope, Elizabeth 
Farwell, Amy 
St. John, Dame 


Breeding, Eliz. 
Ferris, Ellen 
Cawdle, Sarah 
Col wall, Anne 
Gilder, Anne 
Polsted, Rebecca 

Evans, Elizabeth 
Rutland, Frances 
Isgar, Sarah 
Gunston, Eliz. 
Swift, Mary 
Alvey, Jane 
Bostock, Susan 
Player, El Una 
Keat, Elizabeth 
Ayleffe [Ayloffe], 


Sawcer, Eliz. 
Cooper, Cath. 
Bradbridge, Mar- 
Gwillim, Mary 
Parker, Sarah 
Hodgson, Barbara 
Arnott, Elizabeth 
Dukeson, Susan 
Lidgould, Rebec. 
Rayner, Anne 
Rolles, Margaret 
Southcott, Eliz. 
Maidstone, M argt. 
Rumney, Anne 
Pierson, Alice 
Davies, Jane 
Myles, Jane 
Martin, Sarah 
Hardrick, Frances 
Jedrell, Elizabeth 
Andrewes, Eliz. 
Rich, Susan 
Dawes, Rose 
Charwell, Joane 
Greene, Elizabeth 
Read, Eliz. (a) 
Wilson, Mary 
Halfe [Halse], 

King, Anne 

(a) The eighth of seventeen entries, as to which 
see note to entry 21st June, 1666. 






February, 1666-7. 

r Gooch, John and 
Venman, Christopher 
4 Berry man, Samuel 

6 Lody, James 
*Horsford, Ridley 

7 Jones, Henry 
Bryan, Arthur 

Batchler, Thomas 
8* Roper, Edward 
Wright, Richard 
Hamman, William 
g* Wentworth, Wm. 
Armstrong, Edward 
Burt, Richard 
Wood, John 
*Chilcott, Richard 
1 1 "Sterne, Richard 

Gardner, Thomas 
i2*Lowther, Anthony 

13 Haggar, Thomas 

Par ran, Edward 
* Blake, Robert 
De La Rue, Francis 
Hall, William 

14 Robinson, Thomas 
i5*Newce, William 

Hill, Francis 
*Alchorn, John 
*Eyton, Kenricke 
i6*Tisser, John 
18 Bellknapp, Samuel 
Steevens, William 
Joyner, Thomas 
Heath, Edward 
Staines, Edward 
19* King, John 
22 Culliford, William 
28* Peyton [Sir] Thos. 

Spalding, Eliz. 
Cart, Mary 
Hester, Mary 
Hatsey, Mary 
Einsworth, Mary 
Jolley, Hannah 
Bunny al ias Carey, 

Skerrett, Sarah 
Butler, Catherine 
Broad, Hannah 
Johnson, Margt. 
Apsley, Isabella 
Wakeling, Mary 
Archer, Catherine 
Williamson, Mgt. 
Lane, Martha 
Loveland, Mary 
Cheyney, Margt. 
Pen, Margaret 

Thurston, Joice 
Taylor, Hester 
Wrottesley, Anne 
Taylor, Alice 
Fisher, Isabel 
Shieres [Sheires], 

Jennings, Eliz. 
Colepepyr, Fr'ces 
Johnson, Rebecca 
Scutt, Lucy 
Nicholls, Eliz. 
Mathews, Mary 
Halfpenny, Anne 
Greene, Mary 
Martin, Sarah 
Bennett, Joice 
Ayliffe, Honor 
Thornhill, Dame 


March, 1667. 

25 Puddwant, Thos. and Living, Elizabet 
30* Todd, Robert Green, Martha 

March, 1666-7. 

4 Rymeli, John 
8 Lake, James 
9*Hutton, Edward 

* Eccleston, Robert 
18 Atkins, Thomas 
Shephard, William 
Panckridge, Wm. 
20 Garrett, Samuel 
Ivory, William 

22 Oswin, Thomas 
*Rutter, Richard 

Steele, Richard 

23 Harmer, Samuel 

Westbrooke, Eliz. 
Knight, Eliz. 
Lybbe, Mary 
Castell, Isabella 
Hart, Susanna 
Elmer, Dorothy 
Grace, Anne 
Hide, Elizabeth 
Watts, Anne 
Aldwin, Marx- 
Weld, Elizabeth 
Daniel, Susanna 
Rippett, Mary 

April, i 

2 Williams, William 

4 Wyse, John 
Terry, John 
Pluckwell, George 
Young, Samuel 

6 Bowles, Jonathan 

9 Clements, Daniel 

10 Johnson, William 
Lane, James 
Ramsbury, William 

11 Stafford, John 

1 2* Sanders, Samuel 
Le Keux, James 
Jole, Thomas 

13 Trapps, Ambrose 
Browne, John 

16 Clarkson, William 
Johnson, Jeremy 

17 Draper, John 

19 Hatley, Ralph 
Blacktopp, Thomas 
Robson, Thomas 

20 Raper, Thomas 
22 Rowe, Joseph 

Sessions, John 
23* Goring, Percy 

Maynard, William 
27 Dale, William 
25 Thomas, Cadogan 
29 Hasell, James 
Sidney, David 
Poyner, Edward 


Spurling, Mary 
Trott, Anne 
Hodges, Alice 
Ruseller, Margt. 
Devon, Elizabeth 
Langley, Amy 
Merefield, Grace 
Field, Helena 
Cade, Ellen 
Anderson, Jane 
Snignell, Hannah 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Browne, Hannah 
Woolfe, Mary 
Stubbs, Elizabeth 
Tucker, Anne 
Draper, Anne 
Stamford, Alice 
Baker, Hannah 
Bridges, Eliz. 
Lownes, Eliz. 
Stretchley, Mary 
Cox, Elizabeth 

Spencer, Eliz. 
Taylor, Dame 

Home, Grace 
Snell, Elizabeth 
Dyson, Sarah 
May, Elizabeth 
Moore, Elizabeth 
Wicks, Elizabeth 

May, 1667. 

1 Sheaff[Sheafe],Rich. Knatchbull, Mary 
4 Baker, John Dodsley, Mary 

8 Batch, John Bunion, Mary 

Chalkhill, Thomas Lawrence, Sarah 
Thompson, Nicholas Petro, Sarah 
10 Allen, John Griffin, Anne 

1 1* King, Edward Nevill, Bridgett 

Grayngena, George Dafforne,Anne (a) 

Tooker, Arthur Satterthwaite, 

Hawes, William Elphick, Rose 

17 Griffith, James Hunt, Mary 
Rawlinson, Richard Rogers, Anne 

18 Clark, George Haselwood, Mgt. 
Johnson, W 7 illiam Le Keux, Hester 

(a) The ninth of seventeen entries, as to which 
see note to entry 21st June, i6t»6. 


Faculty Office. 


May, 1667. 

20 Hopperton, Robt. and Winter, Dorothy 

* Russell, George Stanley, Averina 

22 Norman, William Rolfe, Margaret 

Tompson, Francis Heather, Sarah 

Coape, Henry Tresham, Cath. 

23* Nightingale, Jeffery Slingsby, Dorothy 

*H anbury, John Waller, Mary 

25* Leicester, Robert Watson, Eliza- 

*Arney, John 
*Garway, Alan 
27 Cable, John 
Bloy, Giles 
*Poynte, Sir John 

30* De Vaux, Sir Theo- Gofton [Goston] 
dore Judith 

Dabbs, Arthur Rye, Lucie 

beth [Meriell] 
Ground, Eliz. 
Stoddard, Eliz. 
Chiles, Susan 
Layton, Bridget 
Caesar, Anne 

June, i 

1 Cornewell, Thomas 

4 Bland, John 
Thursfield, Francis 

5 Barrett [Barrell], 

Lawford, Robert 

12 Vince, John 
i3*Lovell, George 
14* Withers, Nicholas 

18 Watts, Edward 

1 g Sowthen, Joseph 
22 I nee, James 
24 Sexburn, Henry 
25*Symonds, John 
27 Wright, Daniel 

July, i 
i*Beke, Richard 

* Head, Francis 

2 Parten, Hugh 
Friend, James 

5 Steer e, William 
8* Proctor [Procter], 

9 Cheveley, George 

* Rosier, Edward 
10 Jacob, Valentine 

13 Ward, Jeremy 
16 Taylor, Edmund 

Collins, Francis 

19 King, William 
King, Samuel 

20 Thornton, William 
24 Vick, Phillip 

26 Phillips, John 
29 Smythee, Jerrard 
31 Litle, George 


Sadd, Hannah 
Hoard, Sarah 
Wadmore, Jane 
Velley, Ruth 

Allen, Mary 
Sherwin, Eliz. 
Mayer, Dorothy 
Hassard, Eliz. 
Master, Martha 
Deardy, Eliz. 
Dodd, Mary 
Hill, Alice. 
Burgoyne, Jane 
Rowe, Hester 


Pewlet [Powlett] 

Ent, Sarah 
Rogers, Mary 
Deering, Diana 
Davies, Catherine 
Whincop, Awdrey 

Arden, Elizabeth 
Seldon, Mary 
Maddocks, Eliz. 
Bispham, Rachel 
Flint, Elizabeth 
Dudley, Anne 
Smelt, Elizabeth 
Rudd, Margaret 
Hatton, Thamar 
Rowland, Wini- 
Watson, Amy 
Walpoole, Eliz. 
Simonds, Margt. 


1 Orme, William and 
z Bedingfield, Edmond 

Gough, Robert 
3 Griffis, George 

Williams, John 
5 Ayng, John 
7 Wells, William 
* Maddison, Henry 

14 Dickens, John 

15 Chamberlayne, 


20 Godfrey, William 

21 Spencer, Ambrose 
Biggs, John 

22 Daniel, Daniel 
23* Harwell, Edward 
26*Verney, Sir Grevile 

27 Cotton, Timothy 

28 Browne, Philip 

29 Baker, Thomas 
31 Perman, William 


Webb, Mary 
Brisco, Elizabeth 
Harris, Mary 
Beckley, Eliz. 
Browning, Eliz. 
Clement, Eliz. 
Sturdy, Elizabeth 
Cume, Sarah 
Day, Catherine 
Smith, Mary 

Winton, Dorothy 
Stanley, Eliz. 
Fisher, Jane 
North, Mary 
Baldero, Margt. 
Russell, Dame 
[Lady] Diana 
Sillesby, Eliz. 
Locksmith, Rose 
Blew, Anne 
House, Elizabeth 

September, 1667. 

2 Wintle, W'illiam 
Hurst, William 
Croome, Richard 

6*Carew, Thomas 
Kenion, Robert 
Searle, Ambrose 

7 Stanton, John 
Paine, Thomas 

Clift, Margaret 
Norris, Hester 
Moraise, Sarah 
Heatley, Mary 
Allot, Mary (a) 
Trowte, Alice {a) 
Westcarr, Anne 
Hunt, Amy 

c/Ruthven, Lord Pat- Macdannell, Jane 
rick [Patrick, Lord] 
Marsh, Michael Clarke, Elizabeth 

Whitewood, Wm. Michell, Anne 
10 Watkins, Henry Babb, Hester 
n Lucas, William Venall, Anne 

14 Reynolds, Rowland Powell, Mary 
16 Martin, Thomas Goodwin, Mary 

17 Lathe, Francis 
Hubbald, James 

18* Burton, Thomas 
Bath, John 

Lake, Sarah 
Butler, Susan 
Watkins, Eliz. 
Childes, Joane 

Walker, Benjamin Cressey, Mary 
* Dally, John Inwood, Susanna 

20* Palfrey, Thomas 
21 Sainthill, Robert 
23 Woodford, Chris 

Glassupp, George 

Clifford, Roger 
25* Buckworth, Edmund Denny, Anne 
26* Sergeant, Thomas Carill, Hannah 
27 Ireland, Thomas Potter, Mary 

[a) The tenth and eleventh of seventeen entries, 
as to which see note to entry 21st June, 1666. 

Maxham, Margt. 
Somers, Mary 
Crowther, Eliz. 

Dawson, Eliz. 
Smith, Winifred 


Marriage Licences. 


September, 1667. 

Stollard, Walter and Bertram, Frances 

30 Porter, William Pee, Mary 


1 Orchard, Thomas 
Phillips, Joseph 
Houghton, Richard 
Ullock, Henry 

2 Cowdry, Richard 
Vaux, Nicholas 
Sparks, Thomas 

3* Goring, Henry 

4 Worrell, John 

5 Cooke, Edward 
Gregory, Edward 

7 Shaw, Thomas 
9 Dickensen, Samuel 
Stilton, William 
*Nanfan, Thomas 
n*Jermy, William 
14 Johnson, Rowland 
*Corbett, Wallis 
i5*De Gomme, Sir 

17 Norton, John 
28* Knight, Nathan 


4* Powell, Thomas 
7* Rogers, Peter 
11 Leatherland, John 

Meads, John 
13 Boat, Isaac 

Wilson, John 
i5*Lynde, Robert 

18 Gillott, Edward 
19* Chaplin, Samuel 
21 Paine, John 

23 Rawson, Thomas 
26 Yonell, Peregrine 

Blonsum, Robert 
27* Knight, William 

Nash, Daniel 
30* Hickman, Henry 

Benion, Samuel 
* Scandrett, Stephen 


Martin, Anne 
Smith, Joane 
Smith, Cath. (b) 
Johnson, Mgt. (b) 
Owen, Phenix 
Gladman, Mary 
Gee, Elizabeth 
Morewood, Eliz. 
Broe, Mary 
Webb, Anne 
Pedder, Mary 
Reeve, Deborah 
Wilford, Mary 
Morgan, Anne 
Brighton, Eliz. 
Boys, Anne 
Baldwin, Eliz. 
Seabrough, Judith 

Lucas, Katherine 

Ridley, Anne 
Stroode, Margt. 


Peche, Anne 
Worsley, Eliz. 

Walker, Margt. 
Bennet, Frances 
Barton, Sibilla 
Milles, Mary 
Morris, Jane 
Wells, Hester 
Burton, Jane 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Pearse, Mary 
Underwood, Mgt. 
Porter, Dorothy 
Knight, Amy 
Strode, Joanna 
Sutton, Sibill 
Walker, Abigail 

December, 1667. 

4*Cutts, Richard Manton, Dorothy 

Browne, William Craddocke, Alice 

(a) The twelfth of seventeen entries, as to which 
sec note to entry 21st June, t666. 

(/>) 'The thirteenth and fourteenth of seventeen 
entries, as to which see note to entry 21st June, 

6*Gascoyne,Thos. and Jenks, Jane 
Rolles, Anthony Everard, Anne 
* Lambden, William Alder, Susanna 
Hatton, George Hawtrell, Sarah 

7*Twisden, Roger Marsham, Margt. 
9*Manwaring [Main- Perkins, Anne 
waring], Mathew 

1 1* Bell, Edward 

Lacy, Thomas 
1 2* King, Peter 
16 Corney, Peter 

Powell, Jerome 
18* Master, James 

Caryle [Caryll], 

Came, Martha 
Bridges, Eliz. 
Cooke, Jane 
Winter, Sarah 
Turner, Joice 
Widdowes, George Hill, Tryphena 
* Honywood, Sir PhilipNeale, Frances 

20 Craven, John 
Curtis, Thomas 

21 Grisold, William 
Lenham, John 

23 Laurence, William 
Doegood, Robert 
Crew, Arthur 
26 Gates, Richard 
30 Nelson, Abraham 
Burnett, John 

Walsall, Mary 
Jones, Mary 
Buffkin, Mary 
Phillipps, Rachel 
Charles, Ellen 
Daniel, Hester 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Weldish, Judith 
Elwes, Frances 
Hide, Elizabeth 

3i*Brigginshawe, Rich. Dunkar, Mary 


1 Davies, Edmund 
3 Kingston, Mathew 
8 Gould, Nicholas 
10 Bulcock, William 
13 Berry, Daniel 
15 Nicholls, Thomas 
* Oborne [Osborne], 
16* Farewell, John 
Goodwin, William 
Rawlins, Richard 
Lovell, John 

21 Brannock, Robert 

22 Barley, Francis 
Sanders, Thomas 

23 Brooke, William 

24 Slightholme, Thos. 
25* Forster, Sir Regd. 

27 Weddell, Robert 

28 Franck, Henry 
29*Starkey, Thomas 

Wedd, William 


Fenwicke, Anne 
Edwards, Sarah 
Raymond, Eliz. 
Pullman, Eliz. 
Beck, Mary 
Lile, Ellinor 
Pykerell, Mary 

Knight, Mary 
Dooey, Anne 
Ayres, Ellinor 
Southin, Alice 
Morris, Eliz. 
Roundall, Eliz. 
Champneys, Eliz. 
Middleton, Susan 
Crouch, Mary 
Haywood, Alice 
Allen, Elizabeth 
Felton, Mary 
Arnold, Elizabeth 
Darby, Elizabeth 

February, 1667-8. 

1 Ridge, Peter 

3 Machon, Thomas 

Jervis, John 
4* Haskard, Gregory 

5 Dickman, William 
Honnor, Francis 

Richards, Eliz. 
Roberts, Mary 
Perkins, Jane 
Fame [Fane], 

Burrell, Lydia 
Starken, Eliz, 


Faculty Office. 


February, 1667-8. 

10 Ewers, William and 
Sawkins, John 

11 Gwyan, Richard 
i3*Lambe, Christopher 

Ash, Richard 

Allison, Mary 
i5*Rushworth, Charles 
*Langton, Joseph 

Hancock, Richard 
17* Davenport, Thomas 
19 Norgrave, William 

21 Hinde, James 
Dafforne, Isaac 

22 Taylor, Thomas 
27*Norrys, Robert 

* Greaves, Sir Edw. 
Westwood, Jonathan 
29* Webster, Joshua 
*Stourton, John 

March, 1667-8. 

5 Tilborge, Jacob Raccliffe, Mary 

9* Raymond, John Marsh, Hannah 

io*Winnington, Robert Reeve, Dorothy 

Gregory, Eliz. 
Eltham, Alice 
Cheeveley, Grace 
Lambe, Elizabeth 
Dorsett, Anne 
Dudson, Charles 
Stevenson, Fr'ces 
Borlase, Frances 
Ascoll, Elizabeth 
Cooper, Rachel 
Pigott, Jane 
Barton, Ursula 
Scriven, Susanna 
Heathfield, Sarah 
Jenks, Sarah 
Calfe, Alice 

Smith, Sarah 
Farrar, Mary 
Rea, Alice 

n*Slee, George 
i3*Cooke, Ralphe 

16 Hoare, Hopewell 
i8*Keling, Sir John 

19 Lee, Thomas 
Trym, Thomas 

20 Parsons, Francis 
Hancock, Anthony 
Crouch, Moses 
Osborne, Samuel 

*Selby, Henry 
Hughes, Charles 

21 Brockett, Joseph 
Townson, Robert 

23 Horler, William 
24*Gamon, Richard 


25 Silvester, Joseph 
Hartley, John 

26* Calvert, Samuel 
Tayer, Thomas 

27* Crosse, James 

30 Jordan, Thomas 
* Complin, Philip 

31 Sharp, Thomas 

Pepper, Frances 

Avianen, Edith 
Bassett, Eliz. 
Taylor, Frances 
Rogers, Elizabeth 
Moring, Sarah 
Jemison, Margt. 
Pyne, Jane 
Myers, Sarah 
Howell, Jane 
Knight, Kath. 
Glegg, Frances 
Isaacson, Jane 
Samon, Anne 
Kilvert, Mary 


Kent, Elizabeth 
Buddie, Eliz. 
Huntley, Florence 
Hobbs, Jane 
Greene, Elizabeth 
Kirkham, Sarah 
Purdue, Elizabeth 
Pigott, Anne 

7 Barnes, Philip and 

Ingram, Robert 
13 Maydwell, Philip 
i5*Villiers, William 

i6*0'Hara, Charles 

Gale, Thomas 

Fitch, John 
2i*Bond, John 

Clements, John 

22 Stephenson, John 
*Hackwell, Thomas 

23 Myles, William 
25* Bond, George 
27*Tichbourne, W T hite 

Piatt, William 
* Dering, Nicholas 
29* Cox, Richard 
Done, Thomas 

Trimbrall, Sarah 
Taradee, Eliz. 
Keene, Elizabeth 
Letts [Potts], 

Rowe, Catherine 
Bulfell, Susanna 
Russell, Melior 
Spencer, Priscilla 
Barnes, Frances 
Cosen, Emblome(?) 
Mumford, Mary 
Westley, Margt. 
Hoskins, Eliz. 
Supple, Anne 
Bensted, Jane 
Scott, Elizabeth 
Glascocke, Mawde 
Lloid, Catherine 

April, 1668. 
1 Wright, Richard Pritchard, Ellen 

Reynolds, William Annable, Mary 
3* Turner, Thomas Cheeke, Kath. 

May, 1668. 

2 Exall, Robert Felts, Elizabeth 

* Gilbert, Henry 

* Polhill, John 
4 Burnham, Thomas 

Cooke, William 

6 Bond, Robert 

7 Winhall, Thomas 
8* Barrow, Samuel 

Beddell, Thomas 
9 Wayne, Charles 
Backlir, George 

Turvin, Thomas 
Phillips, Thomas 
Gisby, vSamuel 

12 Thompson, Mathew Burneham, Alice 

13 Esday, Henry Baber, Elizabeth 
*Lucy, Sir Kingsmill Berkley [Berke- 

Skipwith, Eliz. 
Cason, Frances 
Joice, Catherine 
Mathews, Mary 
Bard well, Mary 
Langley, Jane 
Clarke, Dame 

Abbott, Anne 
Eversden, Eliz. 

Hoskins, Martha 
Pixley, Jane 
Stepping, Eliz. 


Smoake, Richard 

14 Deckett, John 

16* Taylor, James 

19 Tweed, Daniel 

21 Edwards, Thomas 

22 Ailiffe, John 

25 Howlett, Thomas 

26 Currudus, James 
30 Wright, Thomas 

Dixon, William 
*Lee, Richard 

ley], Theophila 
Fox, Anne 
Piggott, Eliz. (a) 
Judkin, Grace 
Sawyer, Dorothy 
Bull, Sarah 
Miller, Anne 
Surry, Joice 
Shimen, Jane 
Grandin, Sarah 
Dixon, Elizabeth 
Rumball, Mary 

June, 1668. 

i*Saxton, Joseph Woodnoth, 

2 Kember, Nicholas Turner, Mary 

(a) The fifteenth of seventeen entries, as to 
which see note to entry 21st June, 1666, 

4 8 

Ma r ridge L icen ces. 


June, 1668. 

5 Whetham,Nath- and Gale, Elizabeth 

Wyatt, William 

6 Watts, William 
Allam, Thomas 

10 Kellaway, Robert 
11* D'Assigny, Marius 

Cardiff, Edward 
15 Smith, William 
17 Charles, Peter 
"Pell, Richard 

Bennett, Nicholas 
30*Woogan, William 

Reynolds, Thomas 

Hosier, Francis 

Callcott, Elleanor 
Howells, Bridget 
Daniel, Anne 
Fitzor, Frances 
Effard, Elizabeth 
Hill, Elizabeth 
Pritchard, Alice 
Mellen, Rebecca 
Hudson, Jane 
Charlwood, Mary 
Jacob, DameEliz. 
Brisco, Anne 
Hawes, Elizabeth 

July, 1668. 

4 Pinner, Humfrey Tipping - , Alice 
6*Legard, John 

Langston, John 
8* Stroud, George 

Hamond, Richard 
Spencer, Thomas 

Slannying [Slan- 

nyng], Margt. 
Long, Sarah 
Paston, Dame 

Browne, Mary 
Burren, Mary 

i8*Tooker, Humphrey Commings, Eliz. 

20 Ebbatt, John 
2i*Plevey, Francis 
23 Hudson, John 
24" Garway, Allan 

Bourne, Mathew 

Clarke, William 
27" Farewell, James 
2S Thompson, Edmond Shuttlewood, 

30 Halme, John Wheatley, Eliz 

Miller, Elizabeth 
Weld, Anne 
Clarke, Susan 

Mayhew, Anne 
Morris, Mary 
Bingham, Eliz. 

S* Cockett, John 

io*Charles, John 
May, Samuel 
1 1 Irons, John 

* Phillipps, Hugh 

* Hill, William 

13 Gunter, Humphrey 
15 Watts, William 

17" Nelthorpe, Henry 
Moxon, Joseph 

25 Baker, Samuel 

26 Dandy, Henry 

27 Fenner, Richard 
31 Smithe, John 


Flexmore [Flex- 

mer], Anne 
Ricroft, Man- 
Charles, Mary 
Hall, Elizabeth 
Hayes, Elizabeth 

Pearse, Mary [a) 
Wharton, Dorothy 
Stayner, Mary 
Turner, Susanna 
Clarke, Mary 
Brett, Anne 
Hey ward, Anne 

{</) The sixteenth of seventeen entries, ns to 
which see note to entry 2Tst June, 1666. 


1 Nash, John and 

Archer, Robert 

"James, Charles 

2* Hungerford, Mathew 

4 Brailsford, James 

9* Gellibrand, Henry 

10 Cheyney, Edward 

Northcott, John 
12* Hare, William 
14 Gerish, William 
16 Willder, Robert 

'Moore [More], 
17* Hicks, Edw. [D.D.] 
Underhill, Edward 
21 Sheild, Robert 

Betts, Henry 
23 Chiswell, Robert 
25 Lowreston, Robert 
26* Jennings [Jeninges], 

Leper, Mathew 

28 Davies, John 

29 Walker, Roger 
King, Hum fry 

30* Richards, Thomas 

, 1668. 

Southerne, Mary 
Chi vers, Mary (a) 
Atkins, Mary 
Browne, Sarah 
Baldero, Anne 
Lock, Mary 
Goodwin, Mary 
Limbridge, Mary 
Chapman, Martha 
Rose, Rebecca 

Paine [Payne], 

Howell, Sarah 
Constable, Jane 
Bancks, Anne 
East, Mary 
Watkins, Mary 
Tayler [Taylor], 

Peters, Anne 
Ginman, Susan 
Martin, Elizabeth 
Reynolds, Mary 
Hurst, Martha 

October, 1668. 

6 Sterne, Thomas 
9* Day, Matthew 
12 Piggott, John 
13" Waldo, Edward 
15 Shepheard, John 
17 Cruttall, John 

Henry, Edward 
19 Allambridge, Samuel 
28* Strode [The Hon.] 
*Cockman, Thomas 
30 Martin, John 

Paine, Man- 
Carter, Hester 
May res, Anne 
Thorp, Elizabeth 
Tapper, Anne 
Wilcocks, Anne 
Fabian, Susanna 
Humbler, Vertue 
Savill [Savile], 

Weemes, Jane 
Johnson, Mary 

November, 1668. 

3 Preston, John 
Shyler, James 

4 Compton, Francis 
Meade, Thomas 

6 Wright, Samuel 
12 Steele, John 

*Newcomen, Edward 
i6*Trentbeck [Trout- 
beck], John [Dr. 
of Physic] 
Rudyerd, Thomas 
17 Adderley, William 

Noble, Ellen 
Syng, Elizabeth 
Wade, Elizabeth 
Yates, Anne 
Wright, Kath. 
Sergeant, Mary 
Cheales, Mary 
Gawdy, Frances 

Bascowen, Alice 
Power, Christiana 

(a) The last of seventeen entries, as to which 
see note to entry 21st June, 1666, 

66 9 ] 

Faculty Office. 


i8*Womocke, Lan- and 
way [Lawrence, 

19* Baker, Robert 

20 Mervell, William 
24* Shapcofe[Shapcote], 

27 Field, Allan 

* Bishop, Thomas 

28 Hamond, William 
30 Wake, Edward 

Boughey, Samuel 
*Sowton, Stephen 


1 Shewell, Thomas 
Arthur, John 

2 Sleath, Richard 
3*Brunsell, Henry 

[Dr. of Laws] 

* C on way , A I a r m a - 

5 Singer, Richard 

* Hinde, George 
7*Hartop, Sir William 

Lampson, William 

11 Collins, John 

12 Phelps, Timothy 

17 Johnson, George 

18 Thackerley, Wm. 

19 Lea, Thomas 

21 Pepiatt, Edward 

22 Haines, Edward 
*Wilden, Robert 
*Waterson, William 

23 Dutton, John 
26 Gough, Richard 

28 Bowles, Roger 

29 Tankard, Dillington 
31 Richman, Thomas 

November, 1668. 

Aylmer, Anne 

Coles, Marth- 

Johnson, Mary 
Bawdon, Cath. 

Hill, Jane 
Collins, Mary 
Eastmon, Mary 
Venables, Mary 
Hoare, Grace 
Woodhall [Wood- 
all], Anne 

1 668. 

Rix, Man- 
Mills, Jane 
Poynes, Cath. 
York, Mary 

Hussey, Anne 

Hambwoke, Amu 
Munday, Dinah 
Ashburnham, Eliz. 

Nayler, Dorcas 
Clarke, Elizabeth 
Gosling, Hannah 
Faris, Mary 
Ratcliffe, Rebecca 
Spencer, Mary 
Bowry, Anne 
Trevor, Anne 
Tokeley, Sarah 
Hawkesly, Margt. 
Crofts, Margt. 
Tinsley, Sarah 
Bridger, Jane 
Hodges, Eliz. 

January, 1668-9 

2 Riches, John (a) Davall, Anne (a) 

4 Lee, John 

5 Marriott, George 
Wynoll, Thomas 
Westbrooke, John 

6 Peters, Benjamin 
n*Guybon, Francis 
i2*Wymousell [Wy- 

mondesold], Rich. 
13 Powell, Henry Debnam, Anne 

(a) Parents of the well-known Mrs. Catharine 
Bovy, or Boevey, of Flaxley, co. Gloucester. See 
Ballard's British Ladies, etc. 

Pates, Susan 
Easton, Mary 
Pocock, Anne 
Scoinfield, Eliz. 
Sanders, Margt. 
Byne, Susanna 
Baker, Elizabeth 

14* Harris, William and Tichborne, Mgt. 

Dawson, Thomas Crossett, Eliz. 
16 Atkinson, Ralph Battison, Jane 

28 Brion, George Gold, Mary 
Crosier, John Lightfoote, Eliz. 

29 Slinger, Richard Burrowes, Eliz. 


1* Brereton, Dod 

5 Sherrer, William 

6 Hanslopp, William 
Phillips, John 

9* Browne, Thomas 

Browne, John 
10* Lucas, John 
1 1 Jackson, William 
12 Barfoot, William 

* Barnard, John 

1 5* Sherwood, John 

* Butler, James 

16* Mason, John 
*Helworthy [Hol- 
worthy|, Sir Math 

17 Man, William 
Anderson, John 
Compton, Henry 
Browne, Thomas 

18 Wykes, William 
Lloyd, John 

20*Selby, William 

22 Graves, George 

Jeffery, George 


Edmonds, Sarah 
Francis, Eliz. 
Child, Elizabeth 
Rowswell, Eliz. 
Pooley, Cecilia 
Booker, Mary 
Stilloman, Anne 
Pore, Mary 
Pitcher, Susan 
Packer, Rachel 
Giles, Anne 
Meere [Moore], 

Goodwin, Eliz. 
Henley, Susanna 

Peake, Rebecca 
Wingfield, Mary 
Hiley, Mary 
Latten, Elizabeth 
Belladge, Mary 
Gresham, Jane 
Howell, Eliz. 
Forman, Ellen 
Ford, Anne 

March, 1668-9. 
1 Barnett, Philip Chipp, Elizabeth 

Davies, Anne 
Smith, Alice 
Cawton, Eliz. 
Godden, Eliz. 

3 Ward, William 
Harvey, Robert 
5*Tuke, Richard 

8 Leer oft, Richard 

9 Wallinger, Edward Pullen, Amy 
10 Robrough, vStephen Wills, Mary 

Bennett, Robert Green, Mary 
i5*Etherington, Lewis Bedell, Anne 
23 Balchild, James White, Prudence 

March, 1669. 

29 Tredway, Ralph Biddle, Susan 
30* Lawrence, Edmond Diggs, Mary 


1 Ingram, George 

2 Baily, Mathias 

7 Munne, Thomas 
Bennett, John 

8 Jammett, James 
Fletcher, John 

9* Deewitt, Lewis 
10 Still, Daniel 


Slade, Lucy 
Rotheram, Thom- 

Carter, Mary 
Foskett, Mary 
Manning, Anne 
Wilson, Anne 
Hagar, Hester 
Beales, Margaret 


Ma rriage L icences. 


April, 1669. 

10* Rich, Edward and Ward, Mary 
* Bathurst, Theodore Rippington, Let- 


12* Hawkins, Francis 

13 Goddard, Richard 

14 Dorman, Thomas 
* Chaplin, William 

15 Burt, Walter 
ig Broomer, Benjamin Parker, Elizabeth 

Vanden, Ancker Wheeler, Mary 

Layfield, Bridgett 
Smith, Deborah 
Huggins, Mary 
Fowler, Mary 
Best, Anne 


20 Alden, Charles 
Massam, Thomas 
Harrison, Andrew 

21 Tothaker, Robert 

23 Watts, Williams 

24 Fosbrooke, Roger 

27 Frith, John 

28 Godman, Edward 
29* Pocock, Robert 
30 Ekin, George 

Crosse, William 

Mawdett, Ursula 
Cockroft, Martha 
Palmer, Elizabeth 
Grimsdale, Joane 
Robins, Sarah 
Purse, Elizabeth 
Daniel, Hannah 
Wroth, Jane 
Lough, Sarah 
Hiller, Susan 
Kempe, Elizabeth 

May, i66q. 

i*Gilbourne, George 
4* Bradley, William 
5 Story, Stephen 

Griffin, John 
7* Stone, Henry 
8* Hubbard, Charles 

Frith, Henry 

10 Marwood, George 
Pearse, Edward 
Gellop, George 

11 Johnson, Jeremy 

12 Jeffs, Robert 

14 Brooks, Doble 

15 Maberley, Francis 
*Sheeres, Edward 

Coleman, Richard 

17 Hill, Thomas 
Lodge, John 

*Kirkham, Joseph 

18 Carter, Henry 
Duke, John 

20* Leigh, Robert 
21* Palmer, Edward 
*Phelips, George 
22 Woodman, John 

Seeley, James 
26* Field [Feild], Thos. 

Ferar, Thomas 

27 Gregory, Richard 

28 Richers, Edmond 
West, Joseph 

* Bigland, Edward 
Clowdesley, Arthur 

Plaistowe, Eliz. 
Holland, Eliz. 
Lightfoote, Eliz. 
Corbett, Cath. 
Priaulx, Frances 
Stamford, Jane 
Peesy, Mary 
Swinock, Mary 
Methwin, Grace 
Duncorn, Charity 
Bird, Christian 
Bishop, Elizabeth 
Menger, Jane 
Russell, Cath. 
Wilkins, Lidia 
Hamend, Susan 
Hersfall, Anne 
Marsh, Elizabeth 
Mosse, Frances 
Duke, Elizabeth 
Baker, Mary 
Staunton, Eliz. 
Shaxton, Eliz. 
Frankhom, Eliz. 
Batchelor, Hester 
Pymlowe, Anne 
Wetton, Eliz. 
Wilder, Mary 
Hinson, Sarah 
Booth, Jane 
Richier, Anne 
Cooke, Elizabeth 

29 Tipper, Robert and Matthews, Sarah 

* Fitzwilliams, Win. Creamer, Anne 
31 Castell, Thomas Grindee, Mary 
Smith, Oliver Wheeler, Judith 

June, 1669. 
i*Jones, Sir Samuel Tryen [Tryon], 

Mitchell, Mary 
Wheeler, Eliza- 

4*Luxford, Edward 

8 Bruce, George 

11 Marshall, Christoph. Gell, Elizabeth 
14* Martin, Ames[Amos] How, Mary 
15 Willett, Thomas Cunningham, 

i8*Seldon, Edward 

22 Bellingham, John 
"Hunt, Creswell 

Botler, Thomas 
Lines, Thomas 

23 Laycock, Thomas 
Bigg, Thomas 

24 Boyce, Joseph 
25*Gilby, Richard 

Bennett, Mary 
Brokes, Eliz. 
Hely, Mary 
Searle, Anne 
Sampson, Joane 
Albain, Elizabeth 
Punter, Martha 
Becke, Margt. 
Hickford, Eliz. 

26* Coles, Gilbert [D.D.] Henderson, Mary- 

East, Thomas 

28* Swan, Robert 

29 Palmer, William 

30 Harvey, Griffith 

Sailes [Sales], 

Gamon, Eliz. 
Noble, Elizabeth 
Clarke, Sarah 

July, 1669. 
3* Hudson, Robert Wood, Jane 
*Fettiplace, Edmund Seames [Soames], 


5 Abbot, Henry 
* Pierse, Thomas 
Arnold, John 
White, Arnold 

Wilkinson, Margt. 
Courtupp, Eliz. 
H odder, Mary 
Rolt, Catherine 

7 Sternthwaight, John Disley, Anne 

Thompson, Ralphe Margrave, Sarah 
8* Collet, John Glover, Elizabeth 

9* Osbaldeston, Wm. Carr, Mary 
10 Weekes, Jonathan Twine, Elizabeth 

* Watson, James Wade, Mary 
Culpepper, William Parsons, Mary 

12 Tull, Richard Davies, Anne 

Richardson, Wm. Tedman, Mary 
i3*Gatton, Oliver 

*Swaine, Thomas 
14 Preston, Abraham 

*Halsted, Laurence 

* Bathurst, Lancelot Gawen [Gamon], 


16 Garthoone, Francis Mettershell, Eliz. 

17 Wall, Samuel Harwood, Eliz. 

19 Hall, Stephen Justice, Margt. 

20 Booker, Richard Jeynes, Dorothy 

Speake, Ellinor 
Crosse, Elizabeth 
Smith, Mary 
Barcroft, Alice 

Cornish, John 
Hare, Richard 

Charney, Eliz. 
Nayler, Sarah 

66 9 ] 

Faculty Office. 


July, 1669. 

23 Batailhe, Wm. and Hough, Cath. 
26* Cutler, Sir John Tipping, Elicia 

27 Lewis, Henry 
28* Seward, Henry 
30 Eastman, Arthur 
3 1* Russell, [The Hon.] Vaughan, Dame 

William Rache 

Waterson, Mary 
Tring, Susanna 
Snead, Alice 

August, i66g. 

2 Phelps, John 

3 Read, James 

4 Cosen, Edward 
Girle, Benjamin 

11 Wood, Ephraim 
i3*Pett, Phinehas 
* Rogers, Thomas 

14 Hart, William 

Newman, Henry 
20 Noe, Nicholas, 
23 Finch, Nathaniel 
24*Bendish, Thomas 
Pinck, Robert 
Mead, John 

25 Denman, Thomas 

26 Flood, John 

27 Ward, William 

28 Bray, David 
Miller, Thomas 

*Hene, Henry 

51* Clare, Charles 

Welnough, Anne 
Bradbury, Joane 
Mott, Elizabeth 
Osgood, Grace 
Terrell, Anne 
Rogers, Hester 
Panten [Panton], 

Rutland, Sarah 
Guyse, Angelet 
Attree, Margaret 
Robinson, Sarah 
Ireton, Bridget 
Wells, Dorothy 
Akris, Elizabeth 
Oliver, Mary 
Bookey, Mary 
Reeves, Sarah 
Penneyer, Alice 
Pattridge, Susan 
Sike [Dike], 

Fowle, Anne 

September, 1669. 

3* Godfrey, Benjamin Piggot, Mary 
6 Sawyer, John 

Burnay, Abraham 
3 Pelling, Henry 

Keffey, George 

Test, John 

5 Christmas, Robert 
*Parkes, John 

6 Hammond, John 
7*Hamond [Ham- 
mond], Thomas 

8 Harvey, William 
o Shelley, Richard 

Kemp, Thomas 
2 Ludd, Edward 

Barrow, William 
*Ruding, William 

Sandford, John 

Gouge, Mary 
Fox, Sarah, 
Burdett, Eliz. 
Spires, Joane 
Test, Katherine 
Markham, Anne 
Phelps, Mary 
Fish, Beatrice 
Benson, Martha 

Davies, Elizabeth 
Cooper, Mary 
Taylor, Elleanor 
Rivett, Erances 
Singleton, Judith 
Clifton, Abigail 
Bennett, Mary 

* Walrand, Alexander Cornelius, Mary 
3 Humfries, Henry Hopwood, Sarah 
5 Page, George Ward, Anne 

2 Rowland, William Wigson, Silence 


2 Harris, John and 
4* Man, Robert 

Sedgwick, Robert 
Child, Nathaniel 

5 Deane, Thomas 

6 Swallowe, Edward 

11 Styles, Robert 
Diston, Jacob 

12 Deane, Gamaliel, 

13 Sheppard, Erancis 
16 Leigh, John 

19 Codd, Rowland 
Rayman, Thomas 
Russell, Thomas 

21* Death, Thomas 

25 Portman, William 
27 Clapham, William 


Pend, Elizabeth 

nardiston], Jane 
Lucas, Anne 
Grove, Mary 
Peacock, Mary 
Pen, Sarah 
Silver, Martha 
Wigley, Eliz. 
Hall, Jane 
Meades, Eliz. 
Downes, Susan 
Davies, Anne 
Millett, Elizabeth 
Austen, Elizabeth 
Rolt, Ethanna 

Hartwell, Eliz. 
Pott, Hester 

November, 1669. 

1 Crane, Henry Hunt, Sarah 

Tryon, Thomas Waide, Jane 

4 Hare, Richard Stonehouse, Eliz. 

7 Wolridge, Edward Harbett, Mary 
9 Bacon, Richard Greenhill, Anne 

8 Hurlestone, Nicholas Bell, Catherine 
10 Cowley, Robert Adams, Elizabeth 

17 Pownall, Samuel 
Henrick, John 

18 Hayman, Thomas 
Lovett, Henry 

Cary, Mary 
Foote, Anne 
Frend, Mary 
Tull, Catherine 
Willett, Alice 
Pedison, Jane 
Shervill, Joane 
Pratt, Lydia 
Hierne [Hiorne], 

Raper, Christopher Cornish, Mary 
* Bellamy, Edward Godfrey, Anne 
30 Tyas, Daniel Spye, Mary 

Shawe, Robert Geffery, Hannah 

December, 1669. 
1 Lake, John Button, Mary 

Brunsell, Henry Barry, Sarah 

19 Swannell, John 

20 Seviar, Thomas 
Garland, John 

22 Poole, Anthony 
23* Hester, Thomas 

Cooke, Thomas 
2* Tucker, John 

Browne, Anne 
Bussane [Bass- 
ano], Frances 
3*Gundrey, Nicholas Solme, Anne 
* Barker, Henry Wender, Mary 

Smith, John Snowe, Margaret 

7 Plantin, Chamberlin Scruby, Elizabeth 
Morgan, William Atkins, Dorothy 
Tillier, William Averie, Susan 

8*Hovell, Hugh Hulbert, Martha 

9 Witcherley, John Wood, Elizabeth 
13* Adams, Nathaniel Colston [Coleton], 



Marriage Licences. 


i5*Estcourt, Sir and 

Thomas [Knt.] 
17 Paske, Thomas 

* Palmer, William 
20 Warren, Isaac 
2i*Searle, John 
24* Payne, Henry 
* Etherington, James 

28 Bringhurst, Edward 
Harman, Edmond 

29 Walley, George 

Kirkham, Anne 

Amy, Ellen 
Sandford, Eliz. 
Warner, Joice 
Nicoll, Anne 
Brewer, Frances 
Pierce, Anne 
Darnelli, Mary 
Clay, Anne 
Weston, Eliz. 

January, 1669-70. 

1 Dawson, Joseph 
4 Chillingworth, Fran. 
Harrison, Robert 

6 Stacey, Thomas 

7 Desmarets, Isaac 
Chase, Richard 

8 Branes, Andrew 

11 Richardson, John 

12 Maidstone, Nath. 
Thriscrosse, Henry 

13 Turner, Edward 

14 Peachey, William 

15 Venck, Mathis Jan- 

19 Debney, Arthur 
26* Waldo, Samuel 

Woods, Mary 
Hellstock, Eliz. 
Kanes, Anne 
Jordan, Elizabeth 
Tildesley, Susanna 
Jeffereys, Marg. 
Winter, Anne 
Flower, Anne 
Litleton, Jane 
Francis, Anne 
Lowe, Anne 
Hall, Man- 
Harrison, Eliz. 

Symonds, Kath. 
Allen, Sarah 

February, 16O9-70. 

1 Taylor, Gerard Man, Mary 

*Davyes, Sir Thomas Ridges, Elizabeth 

3 Mason, Anthony Colston, Mary 

4 Woodhouse, Francis Goodborne, Eliz. 

5 Alder, George Grove, Margaret 
*Beane, George Abbott, Susan 

7 Nicholas, Mathew 

8 Rolfe, William 
io*Searle, Andrew 
11 Newton, John 

* Newton, Richard 
i2*Porter, William 
Gower, Anthony 

Baker, Judith 
Burges, Elizabeth 
Searle, Grace 
Young, Martha 
Lone, Anne 
Rainsford, Eliz. 
Blanden, Mary 

Thompson, Richard Sherwood, Sarah 

14 Nicoll, Henry 
Westerne, Robert 
Biggs, Robert 

15 Sandis, Henry 
i8*Cosens, John 

Goodwin, Thomas Andrews, Mary 
28 Cockeram, Wm. Mills, Elizabeth 

Lister, Elizabeth 
Crosse, Anne 
Timewell, Doroth. 
Knight, Kath. 
Parker, Mary 

March, 1669-70. 
4 Croome, Walter Bateman, Mary 

7 Barham, Francis Stillgee, Mary 

8 Hall, John Chivall, Susanna 
11 Beckcutt, Tutchley Robinson, Susan 

21 Defer, Daniel and Harris, Katherine 

22 Sizer, John Britten, Elizabeth 

March, 1670. 
29 Spencer, John Taylor, Anne 

April, 1670. 

2 Greatrake, James Bunnion, Anne 
5 Stinton, George Havers, Frances 

8*Townsend, Thomas Bridges [Bryd- 

ges], Margaret 
9 Beare, John 

12 Humfry, Michael 

13 Chrissenwheate, 

16 Claris, Henry 
18 Holder, William 
2o*Twisden, Thomas 

Kilby, George 
21 Phillipps, Morgan 

Coles, Joseph 
25*Womock, Lawrence Corbett, Catherine 
*Christian, Edward Primatt, Eliz. 
26*Smith, George [Dr. Offley, MarY 
of Physic] 

Warren, Eliz. 
Tamplin, Bridget 
Travell, Anne 

Ellett, Abigail 
Sawkell, Frances 
Walter, Judith 
Pane, Anne 
Steevens, Eliz. 
Vasey, Sarah 

* Gilbert, John 
Yieldall, William 
27 Terry, Robert 
28*Clarke [Clerke], 

Painter, Elizabeth 
Bishop, Rebecca 
Goulding, Anne 
Seame [Soame], 

*Seton [Loton], Edw. Lockyer, Aholibah 

"Bridgman, Orlando Cave, Mary 

29*Wheeler, John Whitmore, Cath. 

30* Bucknall, Ralph Birch, Elizabeth 

Strupar, Theodore Kellett, Rosamond 

May, 1670. 

2 Elkins, Tierk Collins, Rebecca 

4 Street, Richard Napp, Mary 

"Parker, Robert Benion, Martha 

Coleburne, Richard Poultney, Margt. 

6*Cater, Samuel Kendall, Anne 

7*Poole, Nevill Bard, Elizabeth 

9 Johnson, Thomas Paite, Martha 

io*Hayne, Joseph Harris, Elizabeth 

*Gere [Geree], John Tracy, Elizabeth 

n*Adams, John Page, Isabell 

Buckeridge, James Andrews, Jane 

Currey, John Writer, Elizabeth 

Pattison, James Harrison, Isabell 

12 Thurban, Thomas Million, Sarah 

i4*Taylor, Thomas Ekins, Susanna 

i7*Dashwood, Samuel Smith, Anne 

Boone, Samuel Errington, Mary 

20 Kilburne, Thomas Hemsley, Anne 
Bray, Henry Heath, Anne 

21 Sadler, Samuel Hughes, Eliz. 


Faculty Office. 


21 Man, Samuel 
Ellis, Samuel 

24 Cooke, John 
25*Smith, William 
28 Irenton, Henry 
30 Gray, Alexander 
3i*Powell, Jerome 

May, 1670. 

and Potter, Elizabeth 
Merry weather, 

Wilde, Jane 
Barker, Elizabeth 
Hilton, Elizabeth 
Ofield, Mary 
Phipps, Sarah 

June, 1670. 

2 Axtell, John 
6*Holles, Sir Erancis 

7 Bassett, Robert 

8 Parnell, Thomas 
Kent, William 
Parsons, William 

io*Wetherall, Richard 

11 *Shory, William 

14 Key 1 way, William 
Grace, Edward 

15 Brookes, Richard 

16 Kinsman, Harold 
i7*Tryer [Trye], 

18 Segrave, Henry 

20 Charles, William 
Monlas, Moses 

21 Watts, Thomas 
*Mott, Mark 

23 Johnson, Thomas 
25 Sturt, John 
2g*Turner, John 

27 Leyne, Ferdinando 

29 Wickes, Thomas 

* Robinson, Mark 

* Bussett [Bassett], 


30 Warner, Robert 
Chapman, Stephen 

Cookes, Eliz. 
Pile, Anne 

Yates, Elizabeth 
Hughes, Eliz. 
Painter, Elizabeth 
Ange, Susan 

Powell, Mary 
Burnham, Ellinor 
Prichard, Hannah 
Ralfe, Elizabeth 
Turner, Deborah 

Boozie, Mary 
Baylie, Jane 
Oldfield, Mary 
James, Elizabeth 
Adge LAdye], 

Trice, Elizabeth 
Waters, Dorothy 

[Sanders], A 1 ice- 
Do wning, Margt. 
Bathurst, Judith 
Snape, Mary 
Mynn, Sarah 

Williams, Man- 
Walker, Susan 

July, 1670. 

2* Levens [Levinz], 

Hallcott, John 
_|/ Gray, Isaac 

Woodruffe, Richard 
5* Philipson, Christo. 

* Harrison, Richard 
(TPeesly, Richard 

Barnes, John 

* Booth, Hon. Henry 
7 Rodle, William 

Tomlinson, Joseph 
Aldworth, 1 nomas 

Linesay [Livesay], 

Taverner, Mary 
Lewster, Eliz. 
Newham, Eettice 
Topham, Clara 
Moore, Mary 
Baskett, Margt. 
Binfield, Dorothy 
Langham, Mary] 
Harris, Sarah 
Townsend, Eliz. 
Browne, Hannah 

9 Yieldall, George and 

* Pottenger, John 
16 Parcy, Thomas 

1 9* Amherst, Jeffery 
Leyonberg, John 
Boston, Jabez 

* Young, John 
Winch, John 
Harrell, Christian 

26* Barnardiston, Sir 
Thomas [Bart.] 
27 Beckley, Daniel 
29 Ferryan, Abraham, 
Chiswell, Richard 

Bishop, Margaret 
Moore, Ellen 
Robinson, Grace 
Yates, Elizabeth 
Battin, Elizabeth 
Smith, Mary 
Sessions, Judith 
Gouge, Elizabeth 
Frankithe, Anne 
King, Elizabeth 

Grenfield, Anne 
Whyneatts, Cath. 
Maior, Mary 

August, 1670. 

1 Pynim, John 
Williams, Roger 

2 Ansell, Leonard 
3* Hancock, John 

4 Willdy, John 

5 Nicholls, Richard 
8 Bradley, Samuel 

Hopton, Jeremy 
10 Carr, George 
Kirby, John 
Blomer, Thomas 
*Fincham, Robert 
11* Bernard, Sir John 

13 Yates, Thomas 
i5*Brighouse, Michael 

* Lawson, John 

i6*Houblon, Isaac 
Bradshaw, John 

20 Stonehall, John 

23* Scott, Stephen 

24* Axe, Thomas 
Kirke, Henry 
Pelhampton, Nich. 

27* Rickards, Erancis 

29 Maplisden, Edward 
*Pagett, Erancis 

30 Card well, Thomas 

31 Smith, William 

* Leigh, Christopher 
Bland, John 

Flood, Jane 
Jones, Erances 
Capon, Jane 
Whelden, Barb. 
Chadwick, Anne 
Dawkins, Prud. 
Young, Sarah 
Howston, Mary 
Murdock, Eliz. 
Powell, Jane 
Beavis, Margt. 
Dukeson, Martha 


Minshall, Ellen 
Palmer, Elizabeth 
Isaacson, Sarah 

King, Elizabeth 
Wittle, Elizabeth 
Braman, Rose 
Butler, Elizabeth 
Birstall, Dorothy 
Bennett, Blanch 
Hudson, Sarah 
Hopgood, Sibell 
Lane, Mary 
Boyleston, Mary 
Taylor, Temp. 
Mathews, Sarah 
Clent, Constance 
Selsby, Mary 

September, 1670. 

1 Jackson, William 

* Goldingham, Thos. 
3 Taylor, Jonathan 

* Wright, Isaac 
6* Eyre, Edmond 
7*Harwood, Ralph 

* Ryves, George 
io*Dawley, Henry 

Dance, Margaret 
Mathews, Hann. 
Charrington, Avis 
Holman, Eliz. 
Somer, Erances 
Offley, Martha 
Prowse, Mary 
Collins, Mary 


Marriage Licences. 


September, 1670. 

10* Clarke [Clerke], and 

14* Cressey, Evering- 
Badcock, William 
*Hincks, Samuel 
16 Hunt, John 

I g Marriott, Robert 

20 Wright, John 

21 Barker, Samuel, 
24 Mason, Thomas 

Chipp, Edward, 
26* Gale, John 

27 Hayward, Nicholas 


4 Glover, William 

6 Goodwyn, Edmund 

7 Blount, John 

10 Lathwell, Thomas 
1 1* Hayward, John 
Reeve, John 

12 Williamson, Robert 

13 Grave, William 
15 Jackson, John 

18 Chambers, John 

19 Shaw, Mathew 

20 Lucas, Nicholas 

21 Flower, Richard 

24 Sturt, Henry 

25 Davies, John 

29 Redmell, Thomas 

Forman, John 
31 Hinde, Francis 


1 Blackmore, Humfr^ 
Balster, John 

2 * Chester, Grenade 


3 Tomes, Thomas 
8*Moyer, Lawrence 

II Chebsey, George 
12 Tucke, Henry 

14 "Taylor, Maximilian 

15 Temple, John 

16 Gorin, Richard 

18 Munday, Jacob 

19 Marshall, James 
21 Smyth, Thomas 

*Ives, Francis 
22*Coventry, W 7 alter 

23 Moore, John 

24 Mascall, William 
*Alston, Sir Edward 

Clagett, Richard 

Blick, Mary 

Neville, Anne 

Stone, Elizabeth 
Brisco, Anne 
Gilney, Elizabeth 
Russon, Eliz. 
French, Elizabeth 
Edlin, Sarah 
Bennett, Martha 
Hooke, Joice 
Huntbuck [Hunt- 
back], Dorothy 
Paul, Mary 


Lean, Anne 
Lewis, Sarah 
Newcombe, Jane 
Phelps, Susan 
King - , Anne 
Golder, Isabell 
Burrowes, Reb. 
Clements, Mary 
Oldham, Rebecca 
Baron, Mary 
Mattingley, Mart. 
Woodman, Eliz. 
Bruce, Frances 
Bushell, Anne 
Gunnell, Sarah 
Read, Mary 
Dyne, Beatrice 
Deale, Susan 

, 1670. 

Stocker, Joane 
Bowden, Susan 
Hawkins, Anne 

Jellett, Judith 
Charlton, Frances 
Hoard, Margaret 
Barnett, Elizabeth 
Tyndall, Margt. 
Warren, Jane 
Borsee, Anne 
Tylliard, Dorothy 
Dacres, Catherine 
Turner, Dorothy 
Calamy, Susan'ah 
Holcombe, Anne 
Stringer, Rebecca 
Alsop, Sarah 
Stratton, Anne 

Cogger, Mary 

25 Barton, William and Perryman, Lidia 
29 Burrowes, John Slowe, Joane 

30*Wheeler, Thomas Lister, Elizabeth 
*Long, George Jennings, Mary 


5 Free, Samuel 
3* Webber, John 
5*Buller, Francis 
7 Morewood, Joseph 

Lovely, John 
8*Lynch, Sir Thomas 

Gouge, Thomas 

12 Hibon, Jacob 
*Collier, John 

13 Milton, John 
*Lindley, John 
*Mellage [Molloy], 


14 Horlock, Joseph 
i6*Sanders, Samuel 
17 Barrett, Robert 

*Carnsew, John 
Maynard, Henry 
19 Hawgood, Thomas 
Smith, Aaron 
*Edgcumbe, Sir 
Richard [K. B.] 

21 Mackley, William 
Cox, John 

22 Bellamy, John 

23 Sinckfield, Martin 
24*Hellier, John 

Fawson, George 
Booker, Peter 
Wilkinson, John 
Rutter, Samuel 
Beaver, Mathew 

27 Leach, William 
Stepney, Rowland 

28 Nedham, George 

29 Fell, William 


Winstman, Gert. 
Fairchild, Anne 
Maynard, Mary 
Vaughan, Eliz. 
Day, Susan 
Harbert [Herbert], 

Hamms, Anne 
Defond, Mary 
Wingate, Isabell 

East, Anne 
Wilson, Anne 
Day, Elizabeth 

Spires, Mary 
Armyne, Margt. 
Menshew, Sarah 
Ewer, Susan 
Montague, Mary 
Ellis, Elizabeth 
Wood, Prudence 
Montague, [the 

Hon.] Dame 

Allen, Anne 
Elton, Gertrude 
Reylend, Mary 
Davis, Mary 
Hellier, Eliz. 
Kittell, Martha 
Mason, Anne 
Greenbanck, Ellen 
Neave, Elizabeth 
Berry, Anne 
Rowland, Mary 
Martin, Anne 
Bancks, Lydia 
Baker, Elizabeth 

January, 1670-1. 

4*Rumsey, John 
7*Harrison, William 
5 Caryll, Charles 
g Benning, Philip 
11 Lenton, Heritage 
14 Leman, Thomas 
18 Coddington, Wm. 

Oliver, Nicholas 
2i*Mitchell [Michell], 

25 Barker, Samuel 
28 Yeo, Nicholas 

Fisher, Elizabeth 
Allison, Constance 
Edwards, Mary 
Hoyles, Lucretia 
Philp, Elizabeth 
Storey, Elizabeth 
Chambers, Rachel 
Williams, Margt. 
Berrie, Elizabeth 

Cragg, Judith 
Warren, Joane 

:6 7 i] 

Faculty Office. 


7 Clarke, John and 

Dennett, Paul 
10 Clifford, John 
ii Winter, William 

Seddon, Charles 

13 Basnet, Nathaniel 
i5*Gilbert, Thomas 

14 Thody, Benjamin 

15 Weldon, Charles 
Miles, Henry 

16 Weekes, John 

Rawbone, Simon 

17 Fisher, Henry 
21 Nash, John 
22*Clerke, John 
24 Baker, Thomas 
27 Gurson, John 

Hill, Robert 

1 670- 1. 


Willshire, Man 
Howe, Frances 
Smith, Alice 
Tomlins, Rebecca 
Smith, Hester 
Foster, Mary 
Lee, Marx- 
German, Eliz. 
Pery, Hellen 
Bassenge, Ellea- 

Shipton, Phebe 
Harvey, Dorothy 
Fuller, Elizabeth 
Lane, Anne 
Smith, Deborah 
Sandford, Anne 
Jones, Mary 

March, 1670-1. 

1 Brerecliffe, Timothy Love, Mary 

2 Holiday, Hugh Gath, Santey 
East, William 

3 Day, Henry 
Wyvill, Francis 

4*Burges, Thomas 

6 Cobb, John 

7 Lyell, James 
8*Cheeke, Thomas 

10 Clarke, Edmond 

i4*Collins, John 

16 Brotherick, Bethel 

20 Muttlebury, John 

2i*Nicholas, Ambrose Wastfield, Hestei 

22 Godden, Henry Hollis, Mary 

Lyde, Jane- 
Leigh, Susan 
Hewley, Anne- 
Barton, Ursula 
Sprigg, Cordell 
Tanner, Rebeeea 
Russell, Letitia 
Witham, Jane 
Hawes, Anne 
Wood, Mary 
Pigot, Catherine 

March, 1671. 
29 Egleton, Francis Terry, Anne 
3i*Farewell[Harewell], Hall, Appelina 
Henry [Appollina] 

April, 167 1. 

1 Welley, Robert Kinge, Anne 

11 Beles, Isaac Flemney, Margt. 

Bullivant, Benjamin Pretty, Hannah 
*[2i]*Quarles, Roger, Wade, Sarah 
14* Bowles, John Corbet, Mary 

i.5*Musgrave, Christo. Francklin, Eliz. 

Hill, Thomas 
Poppinjay, John 
17 Blosse, Jeremiah 
Jester, John 

19 Turvile, Richard 

Cheyney, Dorothy 

Sharpe, Margaret 
Doe, Sarah 

Palmer, Judith 

20 Owen, John and Greves, Abigail- 
22 Skippe, Richard Machin, Margt. 

Pardoe, John Dicks, Anne 

24*Chisenhall, Edward Platyers 

[Slatyers], Eliz. 
27 Segar, John White, Sarah 

29 Martin, Edward Wackett, Ellen 

King - , Edward Poike, Elizabeth 

May, 1 67 1. 

1 Mash, Peter Sparkes, Sarah 

2* Milbourne, Ralph Richardson, Wini. 

Wilkins, William Sikes, Margaret 
6 Beresfoote, William Robinson, Alice 
Thorowgood, Ralph Partridge, 

9* Lewis, Edmond Baskett, Margt. 
*Eyre, William Griffith, Mary 

io*Kingsmill, Riehard Aldham, Ennisey 
13 Hatch, Thomas Peckham, Margt. 

16 Smedley, Thomas 
Cosens, John 

17 Richards, Robert 
Collison, William 

19 Penstone, Stephen 
Pollard, Thomas 

20 Hickes, Daniel 
23 Smith, John 

Johnson, Samuel 
25 Wood, Edward 
27 Heming, Samuel 
29* St. Leger, John 

30* Butler, Franeis 

Bowring, Anne 
Barne, Mary 
Solmes, Catherine 
Pane, Dorothy 
Tubb, Alice 
Preston, Anne 
Stott, Anne 
Seward, Anne 
Rooper, Maud 
Cruse, Jane 
Venables, Eliz. 
Harfleet, Margt. 

Ward, Elizabeth 

Partesoyle, Thomas Robinson, Sarah 
"Robins, John Chamberlayne, 

31 Morris, Aaron White, Joane 

Child, Xatham Grove, Ellen 

June, 1671. 
3*Mawdesley,Thomas Carey, Anne 

7* Rowland, Arthur 
*King, Zachary 
Frare, Ralph 
8 Massie, Ralph 
10 Walker, William 
Taylor, Riehard 

12 Cowse, William 

13 Walton, Samuel 
i6*Cowper, John 

20*Cooke, John 
21 *Codd, William 
22*Napier, Alexander 

23 Graves, George 

24 Patten, Robert 

27 Paine, William 

28 Done, William 

Marston, Eliz. 
Robinson, Eliz. 
Arlibeare, Mary 
Walker, Margt. 
Grumbridge, Jane 
Spence, Isabell 
Shirley, Rebecca 
Aspenall, Anne 
Llewin [Lewin] 

Waterhouse, Anne 
Browne, Alicia 
Mason, Mary 
Bower, Sarah 
Byfield, Dorcas 
Odway, Mary 
Rishton, Cath. 


Marriage Licences. 


June, 1671. 

28*Rycroft, Josiah and Wood, Barbara 
29 Dane, Thomas Braster, Martha 

30 *Dorrington, William Graveson, Han'ah 
Powell, William Plomer, Elizabeth 

July, 1671 
4 Vanacker, Francis Berry, 

5 Lyng, William 
7*Hilton, John 
10 Burrow, James 

Boevey], Corn. 
Cecill, Hannah 
Beninge, Eliz. 
Young - , Margaret 

Chudleigh, Thomas Cole, Elizabeth 

Browne, Lewis 
i2*Barret, Michael 
13 Warley, Edward 

18 Jones, Samuel 
Francis, Thomas 
Witty, John 

19 Elvis, Beaumont 
Hayhurst, Thomas 

2o*Blyton, Mathew 
Chase, John 

21 Weston, Anthony 

22 Yates, Richard 
*Ballow, Augustine 
*Smith, Thomas 

24 Lambard, Thomas 

Cooke, Hugh 
26 Carr, Robert 
27*Vivers, Robert 
31 Delaport, Gabriel 

Browne, Agnes 
Keeling, Anne 
Edmonds, Anne 
Middleton, Anne 
Elding, Constance 
Thornbush, Han. 
Strong, Mary 
Bocock, Mary 
Hicks, Mary 
Greville, Anne 
Baker, Sarah 
Parratt, Grace 
Philpot, Elizabeth 
Duncumb [Dame], 

Brattle, Grace 
Martin, Agnes 
Philipps, Rachel 
Mellish, Anne 
Cesterman, Sarah 

August, 1671, 

1 " ; Mosier, John 
2*Rashleigh, John 
5*Bell, Rowland 
*Ashbury, Joseph 
14 Turpin, Nathaniel 
16 Vernatty, Anthony 
18 Swaine, Thomas 

21 Smorthwait, Rich. 
Watts, Richard 

22 Nash, Richard 

23 Hide, Benjamin 

27 Dare, Peter 

28 Draper, John 

30 Aldersey, Robert 
*Gubbes, John 

Martin, Jane 
Gamlin, Mary 
Hamond, Anne 
Moore, Elizabeth 
Spreston, Anne 
Becker, Peeternell 
Jenner, Mary 
Newman, Julian'a 
Lynell, Lidia 
Clarke, Mary 
Brittell, Sarah 
Salmon, Margaret 
Lee, Barbara 
Stanley, Sarah 
Leach, Elizabeth 

September, 1671. 

1 Garraway, Christo. Facey, Joane 

5*Calverley, William Heylyn, Eliz. 

*Firebrace, Basil Hough, Eliz. 

Blackwell, George Elphick, Mary 
*Pike[Peke], Edw. Wentworth, Eliz. 
Fletcher, James Benson, Jane 

5*Cobden, Richard and 
n*Rayney, Edward 

* Fagg, Robert 
*Foot, Samuel 

14* Rogers, John [Clerk] 

* Haswell, Henry 

1 5* Baron, George 
16* Lush, Robert 

Barnes, James 
18 Standfield, Christo. 

Taylor, Richard 
20*Goodall, John 

22 Bearsley, Charles 

23 Norfolke, Thomas 
Lawson, Robert 
Watson, Martin 

25 Buckler, William 
Davies, Thomas 
Cleft, Edward 

26 Fayell, James 

27 Keene, Thomas 
Reynolds, Robert 


4 Burey, John 

Goodwyn, Joseph 

10 Jessop, Richard 

11 Browne, William 
Ashby, Thomas 
Vaughan, Thomas 

12 Palmer, James 

13 Clipsom, James 
1 6* Garret, Joseph 

Harford, Rooert 
1 7* Cooke, John 
25 Sporling, John 

* Waller, John 
27* Stanton, William 

28 Partridge, William 


1 Rymer, Thomas 
Eales, William 
Weekes, Hugh 

2* Ford, Charles 

4 Pyond, Stephen 
7 Taylor, Robert 

7 Stern, Robert 

8 Smith, John 
Edwin, Jonathan 

Stanton, Thomas 

9 Osborn, Daniel 
io*Nicolls, John 

13 Richardson, Thomas 
Kingsley, Thomas 
Hetheredge, James 

14 Davis, Mathew 

Peters, Sarah 
Moseley, Anne 
Culpepper, Eliz. 
Owen, Mary 
Seal, Anne 
Baldero [Boldero], 

Howland, Eliz. 
Garrards, Prise. 
Ellott, Martha 
Thorogood, Fran. 
Parker, Mary 
Coale, Mary 
Ray, Anne 
Geddon, Mary 
Dodwell, Martha 
Howards, Alice 
Brett, Elizabeth 
Buck, Sarah 
Hurley, Elizabeth 
Waygood, Joane 
Keight, Frances 
Johnson, Mary 

1 671. 

Hodgkins, Susan 
Cawthorne, Eliz. 
Plumer, Anne 
Clifford, Eliz. 
Kingsley, Marg. 
Wentridge, Eliz. 
Brigstock, Alice 
Ashby, Jane 
Eyre, Anne 
Powell, Alice 
Stringer, Susan'h 
Dainty, Elizabeth 
Galigay, Anne 
East, Anne 
Hazard, Mary 


Eldridge, Ann 
Brian, Edith 
Twinney, Judith 
Chadleigh [Chud- 

leigh], Doro. 
Whitton, Eliz. 
Pricklowe, Abig. 
Speight, Mary 
Briscoe, Ann 

Birtshmirth, Mary 
Hurst, Mary 
Baker, Sara 
Litler, Elizabeth 
Oxford, Diana 
Hall, Barbara 
Turpin, Mercy 


Faculty Office. 


November, 1671. 

16 Garrett, Henry and 
20 Ay erst, John 
22 Loing, William 
*Harvey, Robert 
24 Myles, Robert 
Ward, Edward 
27*Lowe, Robt. [Rev.] 
*Yaxlee, Charles 
Wright, Edward 
28*Thorne, Daniel 
29 Wilson, Edward 
Taylor, William 
*Braham, Sir Richd. 

Ward, Elizabeth 
Drake, Sarah 
Ecton, Dowsabell 
Pilkington, Barb. 
Debnam, Mary 
Coverley, Eliz. 
Knight, Sarah 
Sedgwick, Mary 
Lovsey, Ellianor 
Cockayne, Eliz. 
Griffith, Grace 
Averill, Ellen 
Brandling, Doro- 

December, 1671. 
1 Hartley, Eliasheb Shinton, Susanna 

Friend, Edward 
5 Fletcher, Phineas 
6*Prescott, James 

Mason, John 
7*Plumptre, Henry 

8 Hooke, Nathaniel 

9 Hattrill, William 
Mayne, Samuel 
Hinton, John 

Stoughton, Anne 
Woodhall, Eliz. 
Staper, Anne 
Gilmore, Margery 
Blayney, Mary 
Bee, Anne 
Milson, Anne 
Walley, Eliz. 
Duckett, Mary 
Adams, Elizabeth 

n*Crofts, Philip 

Boddington, George Steale, Mary 

14 Scales, Thomas Phipps, Eliz. 

16 Samways, Richard Fairbanck, Eliz. 

i8*Strange, Benjamin Elphick, Cath. 

21 Spurrier, Thomas Mayo, Catherine 

22 Daniel, Henry 

23*March, Lewis 
Sands, Henry 

25*Pott, Edmund 
Gawton, William 

26*Wall, Erancis 

2g*Ashby, John 
30 Quinnell, John 

Poweli, Mary 
Jackson, Mary 
Williams, Jane 
Cruttenden, Sarah 
Barham [Bark- 
ham], Lucy 

Willis, Clacey 

Hazard, Nathaniel Edwards, Sarah 

January, i 

3 Gibbs, John 
Smith, Richard 
Huckwell, Richard 
4*Thomas, Joseph 

Field, Joseph 
6 Lowe, John 

Pedding, Nicholas 
8*Pocock, Thomas 
n *Blenkarne, Thomas 
12 *Ayleffe [Ayloff], Wm. 
i5*Chappell, William 


Galls, Mary 
Osborne, Susan 
Prachett, Anne 
Boulstraw, Eliz. 
Huish, Deborah 
Bateman, Joane 
Courtier, Mary 
Mayott, Anne 
Bray, Jane 
Harvey, Susanna 
Heeley, Margaret 

16 Taylor, Henry and 

Kidd, Francis 
i7*Kidley, Walter 

Stanton, Charley 

19 Harborne, John 
Garrett, Hugh 

20 Gregg, Thomas 
25 Gaskill, John 


2* Barlow, John 
3 Dyer, Cornelius 
*Clutterbuck, Jaspar 

6*Halsey [Haulsey], 
*Waldoe, Joseph 
5 Vinton, Abraham 
9*Rawlinson, Curwen 
io*Mandy, Oliver 
*Stanley, Richard 
King, Thomas 

12 Knepp, John 

1 3 * Wagstaffe, Willia m 

14 Barnet, Philip 
Wood, Thomas 

15 Weeden, Daniel 
i6*Gresham, Edward 

19 Deane, George 
Savery, Walter 

*Langley [Langlois], 

20 Southey, Richard 
Rose, Lewis 
Lucas, Michael 

2i*Felton, Timothy 
23 Sturges, Henry 
24*Witham, Henry 
*Dayrell, Francis 
2()*Bridges, George 

Lloyd, Friswell 1 
Price, Alice 
Adams, Mary 
Forder, Elizabeth 
Kaine, Agatha 
Pufford, Elizabeth 
Forder, Catherine 
Mosse, Margaret 


Lloyd, Beatrice 
Gilbert, Anne 
Hams [Hames], 

Nevet, Margaret 

Nevet, Alice 
Hart, Mary 
Monck, Elizabeth 
Chaderton, Reb. 
Wall, Mary 
Roberts, Anne 
Crosby, Mary 

Langley, Rebecca 
Man, Grace 
Mainard [May- 

nard], Martha 
Fielde, Joane 
Baron, Honora 
Pilkington, Mary 

Owen, Anne 
Morris, Lettuce 
Allis, Elizabeth 
Hunt, Hannah 
Pidgeon, Sarah 
Jones, Elizabeth 
Lewis, Elizabeth 
Bridges, Eliz. 


1 Grace, George 
7 Gadbury, Richard 
9 Totty, Robert 
13 Taylor, James 
18 Foster, Benjamin 
22*Farringdon, Charl 

*Guydott, Carew 
23 Greene, John 
26 Barton, John 
Sansom, John 


1 Boult, Roger 
Cock, John 

2 Wood, John 


Bradenham, Eliz. 
Pollard, Frances 
Smith, Anne 
Johnson, Sarah 
Edwards, Mary 
es Taylor, Mary 
Fuller, Anne 
Parron, J one 
Wilshire, Sarah 
Thrustone, Anne 


Jenkins, Mary 
Haynes, Ann 
Farding, Margt. 


Marriage Licences. 


April, 1672. 

3 Prestwood, Thos.a/jrf Twiford, Johanna 

5 Fenton, Jonathan Griffin, Margaret 

6 Higgins, Thomas Westhall, Mary 
8 Redoch, John Viccars, Cath. 

g Strickland, Richard Thompson, Eliz. 
io*Langley, Sir Roger Hobson, Barbara 

12 Trimbellitt, James Staynes, Eliz. 
15 Pearson, Thomas Cave, Mary 
20 Carter, Isaac Stokes, Grace 

17 Robinson, William Hodgson, Frances 

18 Goone, Richard Burd, Anne 
20 Wood, Robert 
22* Mildmay, William 
25 Briggens, George 

Woodman, Paul 

Clincott, Richard 
27 Mawditt, Jasper 
29 Kempe, Edward 

Tompson, Bennett 
Carr, Frances 
Topping, Eliz. 
Beaker, Mary 
Winter, Anne 
Venables, Dorothy 
Stockton, J ohanna 

May, 1672. 

3 Crouch, Edward 
Woodward, Richard 

4 Mosse, Robert 

9 Snagg, Mathew 

13* Denton, Barnabus 

11 Ashman, Thomas 

15 Hiller, John 

*Androse, Daniel 

20* Scrivener, George 

Limpany, Robert 
21 Helmes, Shadrach 
25 Read, Alexander 
Gould, William 

* Donellan, Nehemiah 
Coomer, William 

27 Flint, Richard 
Richardson, Samuel 
Clarke, Thomas 

28 Cotes, William 

* Wroth, George 
*Rich, Sir William 

30 Keene, W T illiam 

Calvert, Eliz. 
Calvert, Rebecca 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Hodson, Eliz. 
Carleton, El lean or 
Stanton, Margt. 
Hill, Elizabeth 


Currey, Dorothy 
Cornish, Isabell 
Abbott, Frances 
Trevers, Anne 
Collington, Ursula 
Banes, Mary 
Wise, Elizabeth 
Taylor, Martha 
Shaw, Sarah 
Eddoes, Ursula 
Thurckittle, Abi. 
Shuckburgh, Eliz. 
Bruce, Dame 

Coleby, Elizabeth 


3* Stanton, Stanley 

5 King, John 

* Worth, William 

6 Waring, Ralph 
8 Harrison, John 

11 Chatwin, William 

12* Piatt, John 

18 Wade, Richard 


Alston, Elizabeth 

Seames, Anne 
Dalling, Elizabeth 
Mott, Catherine 
Jordan, Hester 
Darker, Susan 
Stringer, Rebecca 
Daniel, Margaret 

22 Grace, Jonathan and Fleming, Mary 
24* Blackamore, Arthur Hathorne, Anne 

25 Austen, Samuel Reinolds, Joane 

26 Pratt, George Ibbett, Mary 

27 Cox, Nathaniel Ball, Sarah 
Goldfinch, Stephen Golder, Anne 

July, i 

1 Gould, William 
3 Dunton, John 

Blythe, Robert 
9 Rollinson, Joseph 
* Penruddock, Thos. 
Badger, John 
Bates, Thomas 
i5*Huffam, Richard 

17 Jeffs, Abel » 

20 Godfrey, Peter 
26 Foijet, Josias 
25* Taylor, Edward 
26*Rosse, Thomas 
29 Tripp, Charles 
Cole, William 

5 Warmen, Richard 

6*Gerrard, Francis 
7*Holford, Richard 
10 Maddason, Nath. 
12 Wood, Thomas 
14 Mathews, William 
16 Barrett, Abraham 
19 Walcroft, John 
2i*Holsworth, George 

23 Cason, John 

24 Shelver, Barnaby 
Winch, William 

28 Smith, Robert 
King, Thomas 

29 Welch, Michael 


Goulstrey, Alice 
Burr, Catherine 
Hervy, Mary 
Chalkhill, Mary 
Hanham, Fiances 
Abbott, Anne 
Read, Anne 
Delayney [De La 

Noy], Mary 
Read, MarY 
Brett, Judith 
Cranford, Maudlin 
Barker, Mary 
Mintern, Mary 
Day, Sarah 
Dudsbury, Lidia 



May, Rebecca 
Stainer, Elizabeth 
Foster, Anne 
Cook, Alice 
Curry, Mary 
Yenns, Mary 
Facey, Elizabeth 
Archer, Anne 
Browne, Mary 
Heath, Lowes 
Gardner, Ruth 
Hunt, Anne 
Yowell, Jane 
Wakelin, Mary 

September, 1672. 

3 Sibballs, Robert 

6 Lee, Michael 
Brinckley, John 

7 Browne, Zachary 
12 Oinscomb, Ambrose 
16* Ernle,Sir John[Knt.] 

19 Finch, William 

20 Fowles, John 
23* Hale, Thomas 
24 Parks, Thomas 
26 Peachey, Paul 
28 Maior, Thomas 

* Keene, John 

Luellin, Ellen 
Paine, Anne 
Barker, Mary 
Barnes, Sarah 
Carver, Margaret 
Seymour, Dame 

Cooke, Alice 
Wotts, Mary 
Pleydell, Eliz. 
Sturges, Joane 
Key, Rosamond 
Cole, Anne 
Noble, Mary 


Faculty Office. 



18 Burman, Jacob and 
i *Launder, John 
2 Kendall, Jonas 
3*Price, Thomas 
7*Ralegh, Charles 
ii Roe, John 

*Pinnick, Joseph 
15 Miller, Richard 
i9*Carleton, Thomas 

Beaver, Thomas 
21 Cooper, William 
23 Hooker, Edward 
28 Finney, Christopher 


Hawkins, Mary 
Pratt, Anne 
Powell, Sarah 
Isaacson, Ellen 
Earneley, Frances 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Bradley, Eliz. 
Miles, Anne 
Baker, Anne 
Mathews, Sarah 
Dyer, Mary 
Hamly, Susan 

November, 1672. 

2*Herbert, Arthur Phesant, Anne 
Ball, Edward Benningstone, 

4 Wickes, Nathaniel Smythsby, Mary 
8 Lewen, Thomas Coplenday, Eliz. 

12 Grace, Robert 
Slater, William 

18 Plomer, Anthony 
Young, John 
Brunce, William 

22 Sherwood, John 

Silvester, Eliz. 
Nodes, Anne 
Egerton, Grace 
Dawes, Susanna 
Porter, Katherine 
Oldisworth, Mary 

23*Prideaux, Edmond Austin, Susanna 
27 Barwell, Edward Richardson, Cath. 
29 Northey, William Turner, Elizabeth 

December, 1672. 

3 Greene, John Roffey, Catherine 

6 Spirling, Hendrick Havelaw, Getruet 
7* Potter, William Fletcher, Eliz. 

io*Fisher, Edward 
n*Bridges, Harry 

Hedges, Eliz. 
Holies [Rt. Hon.], 
Dame Diana 
22 Bayley, Jonathan Harrington, Mary 
i6*Leigh, Theophilus Craven, Eliz. 
*Rawden [Rawdon], Corsellis, Hester 
20*Rogers, Henry Gregory, Cath. 

24 Whittingham, John Galland, Martha 
Dier, Roger Barnett, Eliz. 

*Howard, Thomas Paltock, Anne 
27 Castle, William Bradford, Mary 


2*Allen, Samuel 
6 Jefferson, John 
7*Plaistow, Thomas 

8 Orme, Edward 

9 Harris, Thomas 
10 Smith, William 
i3*Tilghman, John 

20 Bowles, John 

21 Hunsden, John 
Hooper, Benjamin 


Dowse, Eliz. 
Winter, Mary 
Rash, Mary 
Burdin, Elizabeth 
Rochester, Doro. 
Dowse, Mary 
Bowles, Sarah 
Townsend, Anne 
Weeks, Mary 

22 Guillin, Devereuxrt^/Robinson, Anne 
24*Ebrall, Samuel Gifford, Sarah 

27 Corner, Isaac Thruckston, Mary 

29 Chaplin, Richard Smith, Margaret 
31 Hamond, James Mosse, Mary 

February, 1672-3. 
4 Cooke, Richard 

5 Kemmis, Thomas 
Doninge, Nicholas 

8 Jackson, John 
10 Wright, John 
Dowson, George 
Westbrook, Caleb 
Jackson, William 

12 Linord, John 

14 Littleton, John 
Adway, Edward 
Tieth, Jacob 

15 Bromley, Thomas 
27 Garrett, Thomas 

March, i 

1 Aycrigg, James 
5*Taylor, William 
7*Loftus, Adam 

13 Du Jorden, Theod. 
15 Roome, William 

Carpinter, Edmond 
18 Jorden, John 
2i*Culpepper, Henry 

Turner, Elizabeth 
Smith, Mary 
Draper, Susanna 
Phipps, Mary 
Hudson, Margaret 
Elkes, Mary 
Bouchier, Judith 
Dickenson, Eliz. 
Smith, Margaret 
Oppie, Mary 
Reddish, Victoria 
Kingdon, Mary 
Hardy, Sarah 
Poison, Cassandra 


Turner, Anne 
Turner, Dorothy 
Bridges, Lucy 
Worrill, Elizabeth 
Holder, Barbara 
Fuller, Ellin or 
Pettifer, Dorothy 
Wentworth, Doro. 

March, 1673. 

26*Tenant, Joshua Meere, Elizabeth 

*Charlton, Stephen Pooke, Susanna 

27 Jackson, William Blunt, Mary 

31 Moore, John Blakelock, Rebec. 

April, 1673. 

2 Brooks, William Dier, Naomi 

5*Forster, Stuart Powlett, Eliz. 
Millington, Thomas Collins, Ellen 

7 Ebbs, Edward Edridge, Sarah 
*Bradshaight, Roger Murray, Mary 

8 Joyce, William Low, Mary 
*Barrowes, Edward Maidston, Eliz. 

9 Spratt, Samuel Geay, Mary 
10 Bell, Anthony Segar, Jane 

Heron, Richard Baggelley, Susan 

12 Jenner, Edward Coates, Alice 
14 Hampstead, Edward Freeze, Hannah 

King, Roger Long, Anne 

Watts, William Miles, Mary 

i8*Blayney, John Rich, Katherine 

24*De Lawne, Gideon Weckerlin, Anne 

2 5*Duncombe, John Pearson, Bridget 

28*Skipwith, Thomas Maddison, Eliz. 

30 Theobalds, Daniel Browne, Margt. 

Phillips, William Wood, Anne 


Marriage Licences. 

[ l6 73 

May, 1673. 
1 Bennet, Sirjohnrt/jrf Howe, Bridget 

6 Gladwin, Edward 
9* Wood, Basil 
10 Smith, Henry 

14 Willis, Francis 

15 Evans, Thomas 
i7*Oxenden, Sir James Choute, Elizabeth 

1 6* Bowyer, Hen ry 
20 Andrews, Robert 
23 Manley, George 
26 Gamull, Valentine 
28 Baxter, William 
30* Howard, Francis 

Tayler, Anne 
Hedges, Jane 
Nodes, Dorothy 
Sherwood, Mary 
King, Hester 

31 Catten, William 

June, i 

2 Pridmore, Edward 
Weller, William 

3 Pett, Anthony 

5* Harris, Arthur 
6*Mutloe, John 
7 Dodson, Nathan 

13 Streater, Benjamin 

* Rose, Edmund 
1 6* Arthur, John 

20 Salebancks, John 

24 Traveis, James 

25 Wilkinson, John 

* Steward, Hoe 
26*Parkins, William 

July, i 

1 Steere, William 

2 Bristowe, William 

10 Bennett, Thomas 
Jones, Walter 

11 Newman, Nicholas 

14 Prieste, Nathaniel 

15 Steed, James 
i6*Rosse, William 
17 Stone, William 

Winch, Richard 

* Cheyney [Cheynej, 

28 Miller, Samuel 

Greenfield, Martha 
Stafford, Anne 
Barnard, Eliz. 
Ledshem, Eliz. 
Hearne, Jemima 
Pelham, Phila- 
Vocem, Elizabeth 

Sanders, Alice 
Franck, Katherine 

Turner, Theophila 
Harewell, Eliz. 
Weston, Mary 
Penfold, Anne 
Suffield, Anne 
Man way ring, 

Leake, Sarah 
Spiers, Anne 
Sied, Mabell 
Seymor, Ellinor 
Blackwell, Susan 

Stone, Catherine 
Raworth, Eliz. 
Stevens, Martha 
Tate, Elizabeth 
Self, Elizabeth 
Revilliack, Doro. 
Jager, Elizabeth 
Rushworth, Eliz. 
Warman, Cath. 
Cornish, Mary 
Duncomb, Mary 

Ladd, Mary 

August, 1673. 

4 Sparks, John 
i2*Cosens, John 

Aspinall, Eliz. 

16 Tindall, George Haytor, Phillippa 
19 Havergall, Thomas Whiting, Mary 
23 Snelling, Randolph Jenney, Alithea 

2g*Wordell, John and Harlow, Penelope 
Ayres, Francis Paine, Mary 


i*Burdin, Joseph 

* Quissinburrow, Sam. 
3 Condley, John 
5*Goodrick, Richard 
8 Manningham, Nich. 

10* Austen, John 
11 Smith, Arthur 

15 Lane, Nicholas 

16 Branson, John 
17* Chute, George 

* Lander [Launder] 

., J ohn 
18 Sheppard, John 

20 Raplee, John 

23 Rigge, William 

* Wheeler, Thomas 

24 Cooke, Francis 

25 Ambrose, Joseph 

26 Barker, William 

27 Tayler, John 


8 Usher, Richard 

9 Goddard, Joseph 

10 Hayden, Mathew 
n*Baylie, Henry 

* Bolitho, John 
Greasley, John 

14 Hall, James 
20 Elborrow, Richard 
21* Lloyd, William 
27 Wilkin, Thomas 
29 Langford, Joseph 


3 Richardson, John 
8 Johnson, Thomas 

1 1 Pruden, Edward 

12 Foot, Richard 
Richer, John 

13 Hill, Thomas 

17 Jenney, Thomas 

18 Obrien, Daniel 

19 Snooks, John 
22 Scorey, William 

Manning, William 

24 Pilkington, Samuel 

25 Archer, John 
29 Holford, John 

, i673- 

Massinger, Mary 
.Warner, Mary 
Serjeant, Mary 
Awsiter, Dorothy 
Lidgould, Anne 
Mascall, Jane 
Noble, Mary 
Somers, Sarah 
Tyson, Hannah 
Baker, Catherine 
Allen, Mary 

Wells, Man- 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Carter, Phillippe 
Tayleur, Hannah 
Read, Mary 
Sherwing, Ann 
Sellers, Anne 


Green, Elizabeth 
Fish, Elizabeth 
Cox, Anne 
Poyke, Dorothy 
Cox, Anne 
Westbrook, Eliz. 
Pursell, Judith 
Keck, Hannah 
Adams, Anne- 
Smith, Hester 
Cooke, Elizabeth 


Carpenter, Mary 
Arnold, Anne 
Archer, Elizabeth 
Tunstall, Eliz. 
Fisher, Elizabeth 
Cartwright, Anne 
Allen, Mary 
Twist, Elizabeth 
Brackston, Mary 
Brookhouse, Mary 
Blechenden, Chris. 
Wright, Anne 
Durham, Eliz. 
Milborne, Fran. 

December, 1673. 

1 Parks, Stephen Boughey, Sarah 

Jones, John Doe, Katherine 

2*Carleton, Mathew Bowles, Eve 


Faculty Office. 


December, 1673. 

2 Lewis, Ephriam and Duncomb, Eliz 

3 Carter, Harbutt Angolen, Phillis 

4 Derry, John 
2*Willmott, William 

8 Man, Daniel 

9 Cooper, Robert 
10 Lammas, Stephen 
i5*Barrett, Pau 

Richards, Susan 
Hussey, Frances 
Read, Margaret 
Hodsdan, Mary 
Fourness, Mary 
Hurleston, Kath. 

Marchant, William Allnett, Elizabeth 

i6*Sayer, Henry 

17 Worgan, John 
19 Purse, Nieholas 
20* Cowley, Thomas 

*Bate, Edward 
24 Kember, Robert 
27 Plummer, William 
Barker, Francis 

Cleaver, Phi la 

Haskins, Mary 
Elliott, Sarah 
May, Dame Mary 
Lovet, Penelope 
Higgins, Man- 
Humphrey, Mary 
Gomeldon, Eliz. 

29 Woodroffe, William King, Elizabeth 
*Jones, Francis Cholmley, Tho- 

rn azine 
Miles, Sarah 
Newell, Sarah 
Gibson, Anne 
Norton, Sarah 

*Walrond, William 

30 Sale, Samuel 
Cole, Richard 

*Reymes, Nathaniel 
[Vernatty, Nathaniel 
— Reymes] 

31 Fazakerley, Wm. Sherew, Anne 
Shallcross, George Terrell, Rebecca 


5 Johnson, William 

6 Pelham, John 

8 Tremayne, Philip 

Chacklin, Henry 
i3*Adams, William 

Elsworth, John 

Tuckfield, Thomas 
*Windham, John 
20*Wall, Nathaniel 

Radcliff, Walter 

21 Beale, Edward 

22 Thorowgood, John 
24* Wight [White], 

26 Briscoe, Thomas 
28* Warner, Henry 

Wallwyn, Thomas 
29 Drinkwater, Franci 
3i*Coles, Richard 


Hewett, Anne 
Lake, Martha 
Nubbs, Ann 
Manning, Mary 
Ward, Elizabeth 
Coles, Mary 
Foundes, Alice 
Smith, Millicent 
Partridge, Jane 
Southwood, Eliz. 
Taylor, Mary 
Sunderford [Sind- 

erford], Eliz. 
Nicholl, Mary 
Maxey, Man- 
Bolt, Mary 
s Lane, Elizabeth 
Sprackling, Alice 

February, 1673-4. 

3*Parker, Robert Chute, Sarah 

6*De Launey, Peter Hayes, Mary 

10 Woolfe, Phillomett Nuen, Rebecca 

11 Pomfrett, John White, Elizabeth 
i3*Bishopp, William Cave, Theodosia 

14 Strelley, William and Whitbourne, 

18 Stannard, George 

23 Arnold, Miles 
*King, James 

Whitehall, John 

24 Blease, Samuel 
* Dan vers, John 

Witham, Anne 
Castellan, Mary 
Bowcocke, Susan 
Wheeler, Alice 
Jackson, Sarah 
Duke, Sarah 

March, 1673-4. 
7*Gibbon, Edmond Amory, Frances 


25 Garrat, Thomas 

26 Biddle, Edmund 

28 Mildmay, Joshua 

29 Gregory, Jeremiah 

March, 1 

2 Hamon, Thomas 
Jackson, John 

5 Ewres, John 

7 Green, John 
i9*Greenaway, Robert 
18 Barton, Robert 

i r >73-4- 

Cooke, Susanna 
Williams, Doro. 
Playter, Mary 
Alexander, Mary 

r »73-4- 

Spencer, Mary 
Sheppard, Anne 
Hinson, Catherine 
North, Mary 
Bird, Judith 
Brunsly, Hannah 

March, 1674. 
27 Minge, Thomas Preston, Eliz. 

April, 1673 (sic, but 

7*Bagshawe, Henry 
11 Smith, William 
i5*Moore, William 
i8*Watts, Sir John 
Meridale, Edmond 

22 Somers, Thomas 
Briggs, Samuel 

23 Roydon, Henry 

24 Swanson, John 
Russell, Ralph 

25*Hide, Robert 

27 Pemel, Peter 
28*Kelk, James 
29 Packman, John 

should be 1674). 
Nicholls, Mary 

Cox, Bridj^ett 
Reading, Sarah 
Waddington, Jane 
Butler, Anne 
Durban, Elizabeth 
Walker, Elizab'th 
Hook, Parnell 
Whaley, Eliz. 
Underbill, Eliz. 
Pope, Dame Fen- 

King, Erne (?) 
Duke, Anne 
Kettlewell, Joane 

May, 1674 

8 Thorne, William Frier, Susan 
2 Hibbert, John 
*Jones, Evan 

13 Cooke, James 
*Boldero, Daniel 

14 Spencer, Robert 
16 Browne, William 

18 Arnold, John 

19 Blunt, Christopher Coombes, Isabell 
^Chester, Hasledine Hawkins, Jane 

20 *Britteridge, William Moore, Elizabeth 

Symon, Anne 
Herbert, Jane 
Newton, Eliz. 
Gaile, Elizabeth 
Ansell, Sarah 
Drury, Katherine 
Chalfount, Anne 


Ma rriage L ice nces. 


May, 1674. 

23 Warren, Basil and Peirson, Eliz. 
25*Sowton, Samuel Rider, Anne 

27 Jones, Thomas Greene, Elizabeth 

28 Warren, Thomas Culmer, Eliz. 

June, 1674. 

1 Tucker, Hugh Evans, Sarah 

*Longe, Thomas Ingram, Eliz. 

3 Dawes, George Bagneld, Eliz. 

5 Cope, Samuel West, Margaret 

Collingborne, Thos. March, Elizabeth 

6*Hardres, Thomas Short, Mary 

Minsterill, Henry Smith, Margaret 

8*Agar, Thomas Bolles, Mary 

11* Fettiplace, Edmund Allen, Elizabeth 

12 Berren, John Prentis, Temp. 

15 Castell, William Lock, Elizabeth 

Curtis, Mary 
Barker, Truth 
Davies, Elizabeth 
Horton, Elizabeth 

* Williams, Roger 
17 Browne, Samuel 
Bagnold, Charles 
22* Wynne, Edward 
23 Hornby, Nathaniel Crouch, Anne 
25 Sewell, John Parkin, Abigail 

Ramshaw, William Goulding, Alice 
26* Knowies, William Dawes, Jane 
30 Davis, Thomas Cox, Joane 

*Skipwith, John Baylie, Dorothy 

July, 1674 

2 Turvin, William Ashbie, Lidia 
3* Stancliffe, Samuel 
27 Read, Andrew 
4 Fage, Robert 
Harding, John 
6*Umfrey, [Qy. Hum- Smith, Elizabeth 
phrey], Finch 

Ash, Elizabeth 
Lowrey, Ellianor 
Howell, Elizabeth 
Bronson, Frances 

10 Wellinger, John 
13 Linton, John 
18 Sorell, Robert 

20 Hancock, Robert 

21 Plummer, John 
Knight, Robert 
Pearce, Edmond 

27*Molins, William 

Corbett, Simon 
30* Fletcher, William 
3i*Carew, Richard 

Fife, Mary 
Mascall, Mary 
Kinsey, Jane 
Blathwaite, Anne 
Southwood, Eliz. 
James, Mary 
Higgenson, Mary 
Stocker, Mary 
Wondey, Eliz. 
Rowly, Susan 
Tanatt, Penelope 

August, 1674. 

i*Baber, Sir John Bayning, Vis- 

countess Anne 
Harrison, Dorothy 
Lorrenge, Mary 
Noise, Susanna 
Labrone, Rosa- 
Enstis, Margaret 

3 Ball, Henry 

* Smith, Joseph 
5 King, John 
8 Norwood, John 

11 Baldwin, Jeremy 

1 1 Frier, Andrew and 

17 De Witt, Lewis 
Lyon, George 

18 Langrish, Barrell 
Frencham, James 

1 9 * Goodrick, John 
* Clarke, Christopher 
Watson, Martin 
21 Godfrey, Stephen 
22*Swan, Samuel 
24 Spenceley, Samuel 
26 Gibson, Thomas 

Harwood, Hester 
Syndry, Kath. 
Moore, Katherine 
Burton, Judith 
Baker, Elizabeth 
Stanley, Mary 

Jerman, Mary 
Read, Margaret 
Collins, Elizabeth 
Keene, Dorothy 
Towers, Sarah 
Thorne, Susanna 

September, 1674. 

2* Bromley, George 

Mason, Simon 
2* James, John 

4 Phillips, William 
5*Gybbon, Robert 
9* Lister, Bernard 

Shore, John 
15 Cox, Richard 
18 Betts, William 

Higginson, Michael 

21 Jones, Gabriel 

22 Lambe, Henry 

23 Twines, Robert 
Bateman, Mathew 

26 Stillman, John 

28 Comings, Christo. 

29 Hankinson, Robert 


2 White, Nathaniel 

3 Fox, Francis 
5*Thompson, John 

7 Everard, Richard 
Edmonson, Joseph 

8 Rudway, Robert 
9*Sherard, Francis 

10 Ashley, . Robert 
12 Heywood, John 

14 Morse, Richard 

15 Waters, Thomas 

20 Barter, Thomas 

21 Gardiner, John 

24 Budd, Nathaniel 
28 Davies, Walter 

30 Lylles, Richard 

November, 1674. 

3 Hatter, William Johnson, Eliz. 
6 Radcliffe, Hugh Alchorne, Susan 

3 Nailour, Richard Soaper, xA.nn 
4*Lovering, Jonathan Haynes, Joanna 

Potts, Thomas Wells, Anne 

5 Cartwright, Thomas Butler, Susanna 

4 Jennings, Robert Bright, Mary 

Barton, Elizabeth 
Abiohn, Rebecca 
Johnson, Eliz. 
Abbott, Elizabeth 
Phillipps, Eliz. 
Barker, Frances 
Tabor, Bridget 
Blackwell, Mary 
Proctor, Dinah 
Nott, Elizabeth 
Rogers, Anne 
Foster, Elizabeth 
Rogers, Elizabeth 
Hunt, Mary 
Trymnell, Anne 
Hill, Mary 
Bradley, Kath. 


Norman, Martha 
Warren, Mary 
Snow, Elizabeth 
Pitman, Mary 
Jones, Magdalen 
Smith, Margaret 
Fiennes, Eliz. 
Phillipps, Anne 
Line, Mary 
Miles, Deborah 
Hunt, Deborah 
Solby, Sarah 
Walklate, Susan'a 
Allen, Sarah 
Robinson, Judith 
Brett, Mary 


Faculty Office. 



7 Ringstead, Fran, and 
g Bacon, John 
1 1 King, John 

Norris, William 
18 Carter, Henry 
1 g Taylor, John 
23 Oulton, Edward 

Winston, Delabere 
25* Coke, Robert 

27 King, Robert 

28 Armesbee, Thomas 


Ay ling, Elizabeth 
Menrice, Man- 
King, Elizabeth 
Strughill, Bridget 
Edwards, Eliz. 
Reman, Elizabeth 
Pitt, Elizabeth 
Leake, Mary 
Osborne, Dame 

Anne [Spr.] 
Wallett, Anne 
Standish, Sarah 

December, 1674. 

2 Copinger, John 
*Velley, Thomas 
Dixon, Charles 

4 May, Caleb 

9 Walden, John 
14 Barker, Richard 
i6*Whitfield, Timothy 
18 Martin, Thomas 
21 Day, Thomas 
28 Pillett, Richard 
29*Pinfold, Richard 

30 Taylor, Thomas 
x Hale, Thomas 

31 Markham, Benjamin 

Barnes, Mary 
Shalcrosse, Sarah 
Snow, Mary 
Bohemus, Anne 
Kirke, Mary 
Sparke, Sarah 
Cobb, Mary 
Pachy, Alice 
Lawley, Mary 
Haycoke, Cath. 
Vaux, Elizabeth 
Bewler, Elizabeth 
Leburne [Leb- 
rune], Rebecca 
Miller, Jane 

January, 1674-5. 

1 * Allen, Edward 
5 Knight, Henry 
12 Back, John 

Sewer, Robert 
i3*Challoner, William 
i8*Pope, Richard 
zo Freeman, Thomas 
25*Ramsey [Ramsay], 

>6 Waters, Richard 
;g Richardson, John 
Trennick, William 

Cornwallis, Eliz. 
Froome, Anne 
Cowley, Mary 
Clayton, Eliz. 
Freeston, Christ. 
Moore, Mary 
Ogden, Jane 
Rosse, Mary 

Parker, Mary 
Samyne, Eliz. 
Marshall, Anne 

February, 1674-5. 

2 Holt, W T alter 
Turner, Thomas 
Russell, John 

4 Ascott, John 
9 Hunt, Hugh 

1 Rayner, John 

3 Waldron, Isaac 
7*Robins, William 

Marsh, Thomas 

5 Busby, Joseph 

3 Randall, Mat hew 

Wicks, Margaret 
Cooper, Grace 
Brinsmaide, Mary 
Wright, Eliz. 

bigg's, J ane 
Potter, Elizabeth 

Byfield, Priscilla 

Harper, Mary 

Lammas, Mary 

Dechier, Mary 

Robinson, Cath. 

24*Monson, Henry and Cheyney, Eliz. 

"Coleberne, Thomas More, Mary 
27 Webber, John Godsall, Anne 

March, 1 

4* Williams, William 

5 Seaman, Robert 

6 Aram, Jarvis 
8*Blackhaller, Henry 
g Dunning, Richard 

i3*Marsham, John 

i5*Cateret [Carteret], 

16 Ellis, John 
i7*Lloyd, vSir Evan 
Hawys, Philip 
Dutchman, Joseph 
20 Strode, John 
Hatch, Anthony 


Townsend, Margt. 
Headland, Sarah 
Glassopp, Frances 
Northleigh, Joane 
Ellis, Thomasine 
Sawyer [Sayer], 

Grenvill [Lady], 

Long, Mary 
Tanat, Mary 

Towes, Hester 
Monckman, Anne 
Deane, Alice 
Lawrence, Margt. 

March, 1675. 
30 Waggett, Joseph Richardson, Anne 

Smith, Anne 
Smith, Rebecca 
Fuller, Mary 

April, 1675 

1 Dawson, John Mandy, Anne 

2 Smith, William 

3 Barrett, Robert 
8 Venables, John 

10* Parker, John [Clerk] Helme, Mary 

Cowell, Thomas Vanspaine, Alice 
12 Francklin, Joseph 

Browne, Henry 
2 Hampton, Francis 
1 3* Corbet, John 
Heath, Robert 
* Miller, John 

Bromley, Kath. 
Wombell, Mary 
Ravener, Mary 
Watson, Susanna 
Baxter, Margt. 
Summer [Sum- 
ner], Alice 
Goodwin, Jane 
Stiles, Katherine 

14 Antrobus, William 
19 Bulfell, Francis 
21 Boddimeade, MathewEdlin, Mary 
26* Harris, Morgan Fawcet, Ursula 

Ward, William Christopher, 

28 Badley, Thomas Tyms, Susanna 

5 Watts, James 

7*Sledd, Daniel 

8 Way, Richard 

14 Glover, Samuel 
Cudden, Thomas 

15 Bagster, John 
Gould, James 

x Taylor, John 
*Hatt, Richard 



Wilford, Magda- 
Margetts, Dinah 
Morris, Judith 
Jurin, Ann 
Spence, Elizabeth 
Willis, Margaret 
Wilmer, Mary 
Kent, Margery 

6 4 

Marriage Licences. 



i7*Hatton, Robert a 
18 Peirce, Francis 
Heintz, Simon 
1 g Smith, William 
Ryde, William 
Clarke, John 
*Wace, John 

20 Godby, John 
22 Draper, Richard 
25 Dards, Robert 
2g*Waldo, Edward 


nd Brewster, Cecilia 
Tristram, Sarah 
Mills, Alice 
Rolles, Anne 
Norwood, Joane 
Bulfell, Sarah 
Whitebread, Let- 

Falconer, Jane 
Orlebar, Sarah 
Sharratt, Anne 
Shuckburgh, Eliz. 

June, i 

3*Bard, William 
4*Hewett, George 

5 Kid well, William 
7*Leeson, John 
8*Clough, William 

*Plaistow, Richard 
9 Savage, Richard 

11 Gosse, Henry 

12 Jones, Henry 

7 Edmondson,Thoma 
i4*May, Thomas 
Hazell, Thomas 
Porter, Robert 

i7*Shute [Chute], 
Arden, John 
Nosell, Stephen 

18 Armitage, George 

19 Cocker, Robert 
23 Clayton, John 
26 Johnson, Joseph 

Goman, Edmond 
28 Coo, Robert 

Heming, Edmund 
30*Jenner, David 

July, i 

1 Hatley, John 
3 Revett, John 

Giver, John 
5*Alington, Lord 

6 Waldron, William 
7*Amcotes, Vincent 

Johnstone, William 
12 Long, Jacob 
i6*Skipwith, H umber 

19 Rayner, Christophe 

20 Violet, Thomas 

21 Cole, David 
26 Hales, John 

Glover, Rebecca 
Ashby, Mary 
Maddax, Jane 
Dover, Anne 
Llewellin, Sarah 
Gibbons, Ellen 
Anderson, Eliz. 
Hunter, Elizabeth 
Love, Mary 

s Hill, Sarah 
Aldworth, Anne 
Hassard, Sarah 

St. John, Joanna 

Briscoe, Eliz. 
Lambert, Eliz. 
Cheyney, Frances 
Turner, Mary 
Semon, Anne 
Bellinger, Anne 
Morgan, Bridgett 
Game, Elizabeth 
Pott, Martha 
Sann, Mary 


Glascock, Judith 
Sams, Ellen 
Hading, Sarah 
Vernay, Lady 

Walklate, Judith 
Mildmay, Amey 
Watts, Elizabeth 
Harris, Elizabeth 

- Coney, Elizabeth 

r Broome, Martha 
Smith, Susanna 
Westley, Mary 

29*Warden, John and Ottway, Anne 
Pix, Joshua Lott, Mary 

August, 1675. 

4* May, Thomas Lee, Frances 

Young, Thomas Franckwell, Anne 

7 Dory, George Leman, Dorothy 

9 Claeton, Richard Powell, Anne 
1 1 Browning, Thomas Martin, Alice 

13 Pike, George Woddman, Wini- 


14 Stewart, Thomas Partridge, Brid- 

17 Smith, Abraham Dickinson, Gris- 

20 Hulme, Edward Read, Martha 

21* Hopkins, Richard Sherwood, Rose 

24 Posey, Roger Marshall, Mary 

25 Fevin, John Glover, Sibilla 


i4*Ashburnham, Sir 
Denny [Bart.] 

i5*Kitson [Ritson], 
Phillips, George 

16* Trench, Edmond 

17 Tisbury, William 

18 Robins, Henry 
20 Lloyd, John 
21* Reeves, George 

Graves, John 

22 Waters, John 

23 Sopp, Edward 

* Eyre, Sir Chris- 

24 Read, William 

27 Drew, George 

28 Margetts, Henry 

r, 1675. 
Watkins, Anne 

Holmes, Rebecca 

Lancelles, Alice 
Roberts, Bridgett 
Waltham, Susan'a 
Hall, Elizabeth 
Middlemore, Alice 
Phipps, Anne 
Isley, Elizabeth 
Tull, Jane 
Kellet, Margaret 
Jason, Dame 

Blakeley, Joan 
Delves, Elizabeth 


r*Cawood, Thomas 

Lered, Robert 
4*Holmshead [Hollin- 
shed], Francis 

* Martin, John 

5* Burlton [alias Bur- 
ton], Thomas 
9 Gill, William 

12 Childes, Thomas 

13 Bedford, Edward 
14* Cutler, Thomas 

16 Mathews, John 

* Garrard, Samuel 

23 Evans, John 
25 Peach, Thomas 

October, 1675. 

Plumpton, Eliz. 
Sassell, Margt. 
Hampton, Anne 

Aldin, Mary 
Iremonger, Kath- 

Moore, Margaret 
Dudley, Sarah 
Harris, Elizabeth 
Fettiplace, Dame 

Walker, Eliz. 
Poynes [Poyner], 

Winch, Hester 
Alewin, Elizabeth 


Faculty Office. 


October, 1675. 

27 Lambe, John and Markland, Anne 

28 Brand, Thomas Poyntell, Judith 


2*Grove, John 

5 Hoper, Richard 

6 Perry, Thomas 

8 Merry, Bartholomew 

9*Crouch, Robert 
16 Hardey, William 

Crocker, John 
18 Gibbon, Philip 
25 Wooden, William 
3o*Haselden, John 


3 Shepard, Thomas 

7 Dove, Richard 

10 Ilyff, William 

11 Clark, Thomas 
15 Michell, Stephen 

Rimington, George 
16* Parker, James 

20 Custis, John 
Ives, William 
Green, John 

21 Lucas, Thomas 
23 Crow, Mark 

24* Barnardiston, Geo. 

Romew, Peter 
29* Lamb, Ralph 


Selwood, Eliz. 
Stedman, Eliz. 
Mathews, Anne 
Hillton, Martha 
Ferbeard, Martha 
Beck, Anne 
Hulse, Elizabeth 
Ballard, Elizabeth 
Harriott, Priscilla 


Brooking, Eliz. 
Pearce, Jane 
Smith, Mary 
Pack, Martha 
Parker, Anne 
Pockley, Eliz. 
Webb, Sarah 
Sturges, Anne 
Ball, Elizabeth 
Malcher, Mary 
Mathew, Mary 
Tudor, Ellen 
Tyler, Catherine 
Grimes, Elizabeth 
Morris, Elizabeth 

January, 1675-6. 

4 Pomroy, George Baylie, Elizabeth 
Woodroffe, Edmund Kerby, Mary 
Grosvenor, John Rapier, Elizabeth 

5 Northage, Thomas Asborne, Eliz. 
Flight, John Finch, Mary 

7 Melling, John Jones, Anne 

12 Bythell, William Spencer, Eliz. 

13 Ashley, Richard Lovell, Cecilia 
*Hall, Thomas Abdy, Elizabeth 

17 Goldsborough, John Smith, Mary 

Cartwright, John Barker, Catherine 

24 Mills, Richard 

*Sterry, Samuel 
27 Ansell, Thomas 
28* Cox, John 
29 Playdell, John 
Emerson, Francis 

Coocker, Rosa- 
Webb, vSarah 
Barnes, Jane 
Walker, Margt. 
Cox, Elizabeth 
Wapls, Anne 

February, 1675-6. 
1 Jeffrey, William Tredway, Jane 
Rawlinson, Robert Follwell, Marv 
Buckhead, Robert Goodfellow, Fran- 

i*Drafgate, Rich, and 
*Taverner, John 
2 Glover, John 
Cust, John 
Diminsdale, Samuel 
3*Rivers, George 
Satterthwait, Wm. 
Gostlin, William 
5 Warner, Robert 
7 Hodges, James 
Alben, Anthony 
Pope, Daniel 
12 Elkin, Henry 
i4*Eaton, William 
19 Webb, Nicholas 
2i*Preston, Jacob 
26 Bennett, John 

*Clark, William 
29 Pearson, Thomas 

Blackhall, Martha 
Satterthwait, Jane 
Kennett, Mary 
Ryley, Deborah 
Knight, Margaret 
Pease, Mary 
Crook, Susanna 
Tempest, Mary 
Cullen, Hannah 
Waren, Susan 
Gittens, Margaret 
Kift, Elizabeth 
Wood, Rebecca 
Baylie, Anne 
Pitman, Anne 
Waldo, Elizabeth 
Smith, Margaret 
Etheridge, Mary 
Meare, Catherine 


1 *Osbaldeston, Ed 

4*Boughton, John 
6 Lindsey, John 
*Dowsett, John 
7*Yerbury, Richard 
8 Ruffine, James 
Page, Samuel 
ii Goffe, Thomas 
17 Francis, Thomas 

20 Bonsee, John 

21 Disell, John 


Bradill [Braddyll], 

Buggin, Grace 
Colvill, Dorothy 
Clerk, Amy 
Walcott, Eliz. 
Young, Elizabeth 
Gun, Ellen 
Brookesby, Eliz. 
Blyford, Mary 
Greene, Elizabeth 
Hayden, Damaris 

March, 1676. 

27*Ward, Edward Pappillon [Papil- 

lon] Elizabeth 
Tarver, Thomas Napper, Gertrude 
29 Hackshaw, John Harvey, Arabella 


1 Smith, Thomas 

8 Gough, Richard 

9 Crosfield, Robert 
n*Bigg, Richard 

Sankey, Samuel 
i7*Scoles, Jaspar 
19 Nicoll, Richard 

Hensley, Joseph 
26*Case [Casse] John 

27 Philipps, William 
*Fincham, Richard 

28 Tatham, John 

29 Kinn, William 


Pigot, Mary 
Hewford, Eliz. 
Piatt, Anne 
Worsapp, Frances 
Bellamie, Eliz. 
Maud, Abigail 
Haycock, Rebecca 
Beard, Elizabeth 
Bright, Elizabeth 
Morgins, Sibill 
Hurleston, Rose 
Hollo way, Eliz. 
Barefoot, Eliz. 


May, 1676. 

3 Mell, Charles Colthurst, Eliz. 

x Ruffin, John Hills, Anne 

Staines, Richard Parker, Dorothy 


Marriage Licences. 


May, 1676. 

3*Rutt, Jeremy and Hillary, Elizabeth 

Lasher, Frances 

8 Smith, Nicholas 
Glover, John 

Davies, Richard 
Peacock, Barnes 
i3*Dudson, Thomas 


Dendy, Margaret 
Ay let, Alice 
Brond [Brand], 

Thorn azine 

Lay, Hester 
Tilson, Joanna 
Partridge, Jane 

Guidott, Eliz. 

15 Burton, Thomas 
25*Welbye, Adlard 
26* Pannfforth [Pauns 
forth], Tracy 
* Burd, Robert 

29 Hawkins, Nicholas Evans, Rache 

30 Edwards, James Notte, Elizabeth 
Allen, Thomas Seed, Margaret 

3i*Kingsmill, George Jones, Elizabeth 

June, 1676. 

2*Plummer, Andrew Parrey [Parry], 


8*Copley, Lionel Boteler, Anne 

12 Stevens, Samuel Jurin, Elizabeth 

i3*Blandy, John Gleed, Mary 
14 Wilshier, Lawrence Clark, Mary 

17 Nichols, John Higby, Anne 

2i*Ellis, William Bennett, Eliz. 

23 Sherwood, William Greene, Hannah 

24 Murdin, John Brincklowe, Sarah 
27 Raye, Thomas Richards, Alice 
29 Shipsea, Robert Crouch, Sarah 

July, i 

1 Gough, John 
4* Wright, Nathan 
5* Freeman, Ralph 
6 Haselwood, Edm'd 
10 Ashton, William 
12 Boston, Anthony 

Heyrick, Samuel . 
14 Abdy, Christopher 

Shrigley, John 
i7*Buggin, Butler 
18* Doughty, Henry 
20 Lawne, Mark 

26 Arnold, Joseph 
Way, William 

27 Watson, Anthony 



Martin, Sarah 
Ashby, Elizabeth 
Dycer, Dorothy 
Leigh, Hester 
Chew, Frances 
Roper, Mary 
Harlow, Susan 
Oneale, Elizabeth 
Coles, Alice 
Burnett, Winifred 
Bristow, Anne 
Taylor, Margaret 
Snagg, Anne 
Sanders, Mary 
Fewiell, Audrie 
Batchelor, Kath. 

August, 1676. 

1 Baker, John 
2* Binion, Edmond 
3 Gleane, Thomas 
Wright, Henry 

Palmer, Rose 
Burd, Katherine 
Wedden, Eliz. 
Masters, Frances 

7 Potter, Richard and 

8* Child, Josiah 
14 Lugg, Peter 
16 Bradenham, Robert 
18 Ward, Thomas 
22 Davies, Thomas 
24 Morris, William 
26* Sands [Sandys], 

29 Donne, James 
31 Barnard, Richard 

Whitley, Eliz. 
Willughby, Emma 
Dawson, Abigail 
Ashenesse, Susan. 
Vickars, Mary 
Howell, Mary 
Shreusberry, Sar. 
Blundell, Eliz. 

Grant, Loies 
Brigden, Mary 

September, 1676. 

1 Highmorc, Richard Hodges, Susanna 

2 Reddish, Edward Poulter, Anne 
Rawlinson, Richard Andrews, Hannah 

5 Welch, Thomas Ridge, Mary 
7 Lewin, John Augustine, Mary 

12 Sewell, John Stanway, Anne 

16 Charlwood, Thomas Hyett, Sarah 
19 Best, Richard Walford, Eliz. 

" Whorwood, Wm. Bridgewood, Sar. 
20* Whistler, John [Clk.] Whistler, Eliz. 
Smart, Thomas Prior, Tabitha 

26* Denis, Mathew Beavan, Hannah 

27 Grove, Robert Richardson, Mary 
Sandford, Jonathan Carter, Elizabeth 

28 Sowersley, Leonard Osbaldiston, Dor. 
29*Pitfield, Sir Chas. Fortney [Fortrey], 



4 Dove, Thomas 

5 Dallicock, John 
White, Joseph 

9* Stoning, John 
1 1* Cooke, Richard 

Spencer, Timothy 
14* Baker, Aaron 
16 Crouch, Henry 

Sadler, Edward 
18 Walker, Thomas 
21* Bale, Gratian 

Willan, Chris. 
26 Shelley, George 

* Stone, John 
27*Llewellin, John 
3i*Townshend, James 


1 Bowman, Thomas 
Smith, Henry 

6 Wood, Charles 
Newman, Henry 

*Tomkys, Isaac 

7 North, Arthur 

13 Wight, Edward 

14 Harrison, Peter 
i5*Cole, Stephen 


Gidling, Eliz. 
Gibson, Alice 
Jacob, Elizabeth 
Coddington, Ellen 
Hicks, Ellinor 
Carter, Jane 
Tompson, Martha 
Elmur, Marcy 
Castle, Sarah 
French, Sarah 
Roberts, Dorothy 
Child, Elizabeth 
Smith, Hannah 
Holney, Ellinor 
Nedham, Barbara 
Jackson, Johanna 


Man, Joanna 
Crouch, Martha 
Harward, Susan 
Brookes, Jane 
Manning, Mary 
Brett, Margaret 
Weston, Susanna 
Roberts, Martha 
Hockenhull, Mary 


Faculty Office. 

6 7 

November, 1676. 
1 5 *Woodroffe, Benj.a/^Stonehouse, Dor. 
*Hackett, Thomas, Whatton, Cath. 
Lord Bishop of 
Down and Conor 
17 Leech, John Walbridge, Mary 

29 *Wimpriess, William Chilinsworth, Eliz. 
Stephens, William Bollen, Elizabeth 


5 Boughton, Stephen 
7 Wagstaffe, John 

13 Mullineaux, William 

14 Hendlowe, George 
i5*Parker, John 

Pratt, Henry 

Jones, Robert 

16 Bowman, James 

19 Hobbs, Thomas 
*Harris, John 

20 Cooke, Joseph 
Osman, John 
Hallett, Henry 

22 Peirce, Walter 
Dixon, Thomas 

23 Fisher, Benjamin 
26 Hinde, Joseph 

29 Westwood, Edward 

30 Russell, John 
Stanney, John 
Neale, vSamuel 


Nye, Johanna 
Hammond, Anne 
Parker, Anne 
Ashton, Ursula 
Davies, Elizabeth 
Wright, Sarah 
Kirkton, Eliz. 
May res, Mary 
Sandford, Anne 
Biscoe, Bethia 
Sprint, Elizabeth 
Gritton, Mary 
Baker, Elizabeth 
Elford, Elizabeth 
Hussee, Judith 
Harman, Sarah 
Bradley, Mary 
Staynes, Judith 
Fanden, Mary 
Dorman, Eliz. 
Adderley, Joane 


4 Whiston, Nicholas 
6 Jenkins, Anthony 

13 Allin, Thomas 
i8*Robinson, William 
19 Houghton, Mark 
22 *Martindale, Thoma 


25 Turner, Thomas 

26 Ashby, Joseph 
*Shartliffe, William 

Heme, Thomas 
29 Lench, Ralph 
31 Payne, Joel 

Knott, Thomas 


3 Pur vy our, W'llliam 
8*Tomlin, Roger 
9 Dodd, William 
10 Player, Thomas 
12 Brookesby, Obadiah 

14 Smith, Richard 
Alwinckle, Gilbert 

*Whitfield, Timothy 
17 Cooper, Edmond 
Roe, Henry 


Joice, Beatrix 
Du Prye, Susanna 
Fielding, Mary 
Tooke, Margery 
Darby, Anne 
s Jordan, Margaret 

Snelling, Grace 
Wilkes, Mary 
Blore, Peteranella 
Willis, Sophia 
Nicholls, Susanna 
Allingham, Alice 
Harding, Sarah 


Champnyes, Sarah 
Morland, Mary 
Godfrey, Sarah 
Birthy, Jane 
Ladbrooke, Anne 
Manning, Anne 
Derham, Sarah 
Mildmay, Mary 
Doffinby, Jane 
Cooper, Mary 

19 Archer, George and 
George, John 

22 Harrison, Israel 

23 Ashdowne, Richard 
*Champion, Peter 

24 Higgins, Thomas 
Feney, Richard 

26 Olave, Robert 
27*Tyler, William 
*Parsons,Sir Richard 
28 Rickabye, William 

Palmer, Elizabeth 
Harris, Mary 
Fites, Sarah 
Osburne, Anne 
Arundell, Eliz. 
Ireland, Winifred 
Pickmer, Eliz. 
Baker, Anne 
Littleton, Dorothy 

Hanson, Johanna 


1 Burnell, Thomas 
8*Francis, Richard 

12 Nicholas, Robert 

13 Hasell, James 

16 Wright, Thomas 
i9*Parsons, John 

Twisleton, John 
20 Conney, Thomas 

22 Bates, William 


4 Barker, John 

5 Browne, Thomas 

11 Hudson, Thomas 

14 Smith, William 

16 Fowles, Thomas 

12 Peter, Samuel 

13 Grover, Samuel 

14 Brown, Thomas 
*Clyve, Edward 

16 Parmee, William 

Fellowes, William 
i8*Gee, John 

23 Harris, Robert 
Lloyd, Joshua 

*Dawborrne, Edwai 
30 Tompson, Robert 
Hull, Thomas 


Beard, Elizabeth 
Davies, Margaret 
Rumamond, Mary 
Petto, Hannah 
Barham, Anne 
Warner [Ward- 

ner], Anne 
Atherton, Mary 
Cogen, Margery 
Brisleden, Anne 


Workeman, Mary 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Spalding, Eliz. 

Cooke, Barbara 
Harris, Abigail 
Best, Elizabeth 
White, Margaret 
Phillips, Susanna 
Chapline, Margt. 
Chesley, Margaret 
Fox, Dorothy 
Sanger, Grace 
Woodwell, Anne 
d Edwards, Eliz. 
Prouting, Anne 
Nye, Susanna 


i*Workman, John 
Worster, Robert 
Langford, Joseph 
Goff, Francis 

2 Turner, John 
*Okes, John 

6*Banckes, Uriah 

7 Attlee, William 

8 Kingwell, James 
10 Shackmaple, John 

*Meace [Meuce], 
i4*Valavine, John 


May, Constance 
Rowell, Sarah 
Danger field, Mary 
Jackson, Eliz. 
Cripps, Susan 
Hutchings, Mary 
Dawson, Isabell 
May, Anne 
Cheeke, Mary 
James, Lidia 
Phips, Abra 

Eales, Anne 


Marriage Licences. 


May, 1677. 
16 Denning, Thos. and Matterson, Sarah 

21 Simonds, John Newland, Eliz. 

22 Browning, Thomas Knight, Katherine 
Jervis, Roger Dodd, Elizabeth 

23 Janby, Gregory Sadler, Frances 
26*Lomax, Laurence 

Ranee, Thomas 
30*0ifford, James 

Wilson, William 
31 Lupton, Thomas 

Hayden, Mirabella 
Kempton, Eliz. 
Fisher, Clare 
Pecok, Rechord 
Allington, Mary 

June, i 

1 Charles, Thomas 

*Weston, John 
7 Rigby, Richard 
Cottrell, Francis 
g Thornton, Samuel 
16 Baker, Mathias 
Bryan, Edward 

18 Wright, Robert 

19 Purchase, Thomas 

20 Stripling, John 

2i*Owen, John [D.D.] 

22 Buck, William 

23 Turner, Thomas 

Shales, Henry 

27 Taylor, Richard 
*Martin, Giles 

Stock, Henry 

28 Prickman, Joseph 
30 * Wilkinson, John 

*Lowe, George 


Hide, Hannah 
Hall, Frances 
Hough, Christian 
Remnant, Mary 
Alsop, Isabella 
Walton, Elizabeth 
Mosseler, Deborah 
Hart, Elizabeth 
Greene, Mary 
Woodcott, Sus- 
Doyley, Dorothy 
Spillett, Eliz. 
Bowdler, Thorn as- 

Tumbridge, Sus- 
Miles, Abigail 
Street, Elizabeth 
White, Elizabeth 
Ash, Elizabeth 
Adye, Mary 
Luttrell, Kathe. 

July, 1677 

7 Miller, Thomas Clarkson, Anne 

9 De Lannay, Peter 
io*Mariett, Thomas 

12 Bate, Robert Read, Maty 

Stanbridge, William Sprigg, Hester 

Hester, Sarah 
Ingoldsby, Jane 

Heath, Elizabeth 
Western, Martha 
Harwood, Mary 
Lucy, Constance 
Johnson, Susanna 
Brent, Margaret 

13 Ward, Richard 
i6*Gott, Peter 
i7*Radford, Thomas 
i8*Burgoyne, John 
20*Powell, Richard 
2i*Bowyer, Robert 

*Stydolfe, Sigismund Rolle, Margaret 
Hart, Edmond Russell, Elizabeth 

*Dalton, Samuel Harper, Elizabeth 

24 Merry weather, Rich. Watkins, Susanna 
25*Dawkins, William Smith, Lidia 

August, 1677. 

1 Throswell, Samuel Juxon> Elizabeth 
* Gardiner, Jas. [Dr.] Hall, Anne 

1* Newington, Fer- and 

3 Smith, William 

6 Turner, John 

7 Asbridge, James 

14 Turner, John 

15 Horsfall, John 
Trevisa, Peter 

20 Harley, Stephen 
2i*Burston, Robert 

23 Turner, Jonathan 

* Hanscombe, Wm. 
27 Stevens, Henry 

*Pettixfen [Poilex- 
fen], Nicholas 
29* Popple, Edmund 

30 Bridgman, William 

31 Johnson, Spencer 

1 Powell, Samuel 

3 Boughton, Henry 

4 Williams, Samuel 
*Conningsby, John 

7 Doubleday, Francis 

15 Borne, Robert 
Harris, Rene 

26 Harwood, Richard 
Collett, George 

27 Coombes, Kitchell 


5 Taylor, Thomas 

8 Culdner, George 

* Batson, W i 1 1 i a m 
io*Babington, Thomas 
12 Kildale, Thomas 

16 Skipwith, Thomas 
20 Drake, Thomas 
22 Cole, William 

Smith, George 

24 Phillpot, Charles 
Theobald, Richard 

25* Wadbrooke, Peter 
27 Burton, Thomas 
29 Marshall, William 
30* Lloyd, Evan 
31 Brooke, Edward 

Trever, Dame 

South, Anne 
Hayton, Anne 
Gibbs, Sarah 
Hurding, Dorothy 
Home, Mary 
Stock, Anne 
Bridgnorth, Anne 
Kirke, Sarah 
Hannah, Eliz. 
Hammon, Anne 
Long, Mary 
Meynell, Eliz. 

Burton, Mary 
Balland, Eliz. 
Harper, Anne 

1 l6 77- 

Gray, Martha 
Cooper, Elizabeth 
Brewer, Mary 
Aram, Mary 
Brooke, Grace 
Bowin, Mary 
Hiett, Joane 
Freeman, Mary 
Aldersey, Eliz. 
Wheatley, Eliz. 


Nicholas, Eliz. 
Heath, Frances 
Kempsall, Han'ah 
Hall, Margaret 
Pidgeon, Rebecca 
Dickenson, Han. 
Steele, Mary 
Wright, Mary 
Taylor, Anne 
Guy, Elizabeth 
Gleane, Grace 
Berners, Martha 
Croucher, Eliz. 
Kite, Sarah 
Maxey, Elizabeth 
Wibourne, Eliz. 

November, 1677. 

1 Blenerhassett, John Kistell, Jane 

2 [22]*Rogers, John Deane, Alicia 

26 Bradshaw, Arundel Tooth, Elizabeth 
Lee, John Hobbs, Elizabeth 

December, 1677. 
4 Crouch, Abraham Jordan, Judith 
8 Bagnall, George Nutt, Anne 
12 Potter, William Gloster, Anne 

6 7 8] 

Faculty Office. 

6 9 

December, 1677. 

i4*Wilford, Thos. and Audley, Anne 
20 Grove, John Harvey, Mary 

24 Butler, John Foster, Mary 

28 Mobbs, Samuel Bristow, Anne 


2 Heames, Gabriel 
3*Mortlocke, Henry 
Halsall, Richard 
*Harcourt, Simon 
4*Stanney, Timothy 
5 Henvest, Richard 
7*Symes, James 
n*Perris, John, Jun. 

14 Platter, Thomas 

15 Trice, Jasper 

22 Wherrett, Thomas 
24 Puxty, Alexander 

28 Burgesse, John 

29 Raullins, Patrick 

30 Taylor, George 

31 Freeman, Thomas 


Sprange, Dorothy 
Stillingfleete, Eliz. 
Story, Catherine 
Anderson, Eliz. 
Mole, Clemence 
Thornden, Dor. 
Nevill, Elizabeth 
Pavey, Anne. 
Smith, Rachel 
Babington, Margt. 
Ingland, Sarah 
Fissenden, Sarah 
Hudson, Anne 
Fowkes, Eliz. 
Cox, Elizabeth 
Holland, Frances 


i*Emes, John 
4 Meggott, George 
Brawne, William 

6 Dove, Joseph 
Chadwick, John 

7 Edwards, Samuel 

8 Smyth, John 
Wanly, Nicholas 
Riley, George 

13 Alldridge, Daniel 

14 Emmett, Morris 
i8*Faulkson, Lord 

Marcus Give [of 

19 Morris, Richard 
George, Thomas 

20 Trape, Joseph 

22*Nevill, William 
25 Browne, John 
26*Brosse [Bressey], 
Laughton, Thomas 
27 Clarke, John 


Farrar, Sibill 
Crosse, Mary 
Anstenson, Eliz. 
Carpenter, Eliz. 
Smith, Anne 
May, Elizabeth 
Harper, Martha 
Crosse, Cornelia 
Cowarding, Dor. 
Robinson, Isabella 
Taylor, Catherine 
Nedham, Eliz. 

Neve, Anne 
Hine, Mary 
Rickards, Ange- 

Hale, Elizabeth 
How, Jane 

Heath, Mary 
Procter, Ellen 

March, 1677-8. 

2 Hall, Thomas Edmonds, Eliz. 

19 Edringame, John Sturges, Eliz. 

20 Love, Allen Umfrey, Mary 
22 Kirkham, John Wood, Jane 

March, 1678. 

25 Arbuckle, Robert Hawkins, Honor 

*Coles, Walter Cooper, Catherine 

28 Bradbury, Edwd. and Snelling, Mary 

29 Atterbury, Thomas Winslow, Jane 
Moore, William Strowd, Jane 
Lowen, John Warner, Jane 

30 Redmayne, John Salter, Mary 

April, i 

6 Balch, John 

Greene, William 
8 Downes, William 
13 Fisher, Cuthbert 
15 Richards, John 
17 Lardner, Richard 
Neighbour, William 

22 Shon, Richard 

23 Davis, Humphrey 
Cox, John 

25*Bothby [Boothby], 

26*Clapham, Sir Chris- 

29 Pricklow, Robert 

30*Nowes, Charles 


Wheeler, Kath. 
Thynne, Eliz. 
Palmer, Mary 
Holland, Dorothy 
Knight, Ruth 
Sanden, Frances 
Ward, Elizabeth 
Nicholson, Alice 
Rosogen, Prud. 
Raymond, Susan. 
Child, Anne 

Nedeam [i.e., 

Hodder, Margaret 
Stevenson, Eliz. 

i*Boughton, Edward 

Maynard, John 
3*De Garencieres, 
King, Thomas 
g*Mazine, John 
10 Saunders, John 
Stanes, Stephen 
13 Smith, Robert 

16 Saunders, William 

17 Parratt, Abraham 
*Oades, Thomas 

2i*Ingelo, Nathaniel 
Horton, Philip 

25 Delaite, Timothy 
Hickes, Moses 

27 Moulton, Robert 

29*Mede, Thomas 

May, 1678. 

Boughton, Abigail 
Crutch, Anne 
Barker, Elizabeth 

Kendall, Dorcas 
Rawlinson, Mary 
Wood, Mary 
Grove, Elizabeth 
Boswell, Margt. 
Smith, Anne 
Ainger, Mary 
Phelpe, Katherine 
Evans, Anne 
Truckwell, Hester 
Vicars, Rebecca 
Le Noble, Anne 
White, Mary 
Paltocke, Hester 

June, 1678. 

3*Cully, John Killingworth,Eliz. 

5 Humphrys, Thomas Martin, Elizabeth 

6 Nash, Henry 

Bedwell, John 
io*Seddon, Thomas 

1 1 *Lorkin, Samuel 
Mansfield, John 
Gardner, John 

Towers, Anne 
Nicholas, Frances 
Dutton [Dutton- 
Colt], Elizabeth 
Lowen, Anne 
Grove, Susanna 
Eling, Anne 
Tempest, Kath. 

17 Gargrave, Robert 

i8*Le Neave [Le Neve], Bent, Anne 

i9*Newcomben [New- Morton, Martha 

comen], Thomas 


Marriage Licences. 


June, 1678. 
ig Cusdell,Thomasrtmf Sherwood, Mary 

21 Gravill, Benjamin Lucas, Anne 

22 Curll, Thomas Hailes, Anne 

25 Higginson, John Cooper, Margaret 

26 Worthington, Ed. Burges, Jane 

July, i 

i*Cloet, Jasper 
*Feild, Edward 
2* Done, Thomas 
Chamberlaine, Wal- 
5 Cocke, William 

8 Wells, John 
i3*Edon, Thomas 

Sedgewick, Samuel 

15 Roberts, Mathew 
17 Beart, Ralph 
24 Hubert, Edward 

* Wheeler, Thomas 
28 Heady, John 
31 Cox, Peter 


2 Bay lie, John 
Raphson, James 

3 Colthurst, Thomas 
5*Horwood, William 

* Adams, James 

9 Dean, Thomas 
14 May, John 

Evered, John 

16 Mould, Jacob 

17 Curtis, John 
Callow, George 

20*Antrobus, Richard 
* Satterthwaite, Hum 
Blithe, Daniel 

21 Ewin, Richard 

* Constantine, Geo. 

22 Hussey, James 
Mather, Job 

24 Treadwell, Thomas 
28* Dyke, John 
Fisher, James 

* Lowe, Charles 
29* Jones, John [Dr. of 

31 Sanger, Edward 


Robinson, Anne 
Batchelor, Sarah 
Griffith, Jane 
Dalton, Mary 

Oseland, Martha 
Hales, Anne 
Cooling, Anne 
Cradocke, Barb. 
Greene, Susanna 
Parrott, Alice 
Reeves, Susanna 
Legay, Juda 
Hames, Eliz. 
Vernon, Eliz. 


Barbouer, Eleanor 
Bankworth, Brid. 
Thicknes, Man- 
Fowler, Elizabeth 
Kellett, Hannah 
Tinson, Dorothy 
Filkin, Alice 
Drayton, Jane 
Freeman, Lettice 
Delanney, Hannah 
Hale, Sarah 
Seyliard, Mary 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Almond, Alice 
Jorden, Elizabeth 
Lee [Ley], Han'ah 
Badger, Mary 
Hammond, Mary 
James, Dorothy 
Levins, Judith 
Day, Elizabeth 
Downes, Mary 
Starkey, Mary 

Grice, Susanna 

September, 1678. 

3 Humphryes, Rich. 
Hurlock, John 

4 Rowland, Thomas 
* Prince, Joseph 

9* Parker, William 
11 Willan, Jeffry 

Wood, Anne 
Chace, Elizabeth 
Peate, Sarah 
Channell, Judith 
Bird, Grace 
Fawcett, Judith 

12* Stuart [Stewart], and 

i3*Tatham, Henry 
14 Swinoke, John 

17 King, Giles 

19 Upton, John 

20 Mitchell, William 

21 Curtis, Richard 
Nash, Thomas 

23 * Washington, Rob. 

Parr, Erancis 
Theed, John 

24 Goodall, John 

25 Drinkwater, Wm. 
Clarke, John 

26 Tomlinson, Richard 
28 Marchant, Richard 
30*Carter, Thomas 


2 Hubbard, Thos. 

11 Stevens, John 
Evered, Thomas 
Immings, Thos. 

10 Kerby, Joseph 
i7*Woods, Thomas 

21 Scrivner, Thomas 
Manton, Thomas 

28 Meare, Joseph 
Smith, William 


4 Jeroe, Isaac 
o Henson, Robert 
Blount, Charles 
9 Allibone, Abraham 

13 Russell, William 

14 Cooke, Joseph 
Netherstreet, Geo. 

18 Ward, Cary 

22 Langford, Wm. 
26 Swayne, Richard 

29 Leake, John 


3 Bates, Thomas 
Rayner, Michael 

4 Shorte, Henry 
6*Neve, Philip 
7*Hodgkin, Michael 
9*Parker, Edward 

12 Maynwaring, Rich 
14 Wright, Anthony 


17 Turpin, Edmund 

18 Clarke, Samuel 
Clarke, John 
Cozens, William 

Hovell, Clemence 

Beck, Anne 
Bennett, Kath. 
Harris, Elizabeth 
Warren, Mary 
Nicholas, Alice 
Holton, Dorothy 
Griffin, Sarah 
Taylor, Jane 
Man, Mary 
Wigg, Dorothy 
Clarke, Cisly 
Greeve, Mary 
Clowdesley, Eliz. 
Ragdale, Anne 
Field, Margaret 
Style, Elizabeth 


Lane, Frances 
Lynde, Honor 
Barnes, Mary 
Steele, Abigail 
Sutton, Susanna 
Harwood, Mary 
Pilver, Mary 
Burroughs, Anne 
Baker, Elizabeth 
Wostncroft, Eliz. 


Wild, Anne 
Driver, Christian 
Boyce, Susanna 
Walden, Mary 
Cutler, Anne 
Lane, Henrietta 
Austen, Sarah 
Jones, Dorothy 
Purchase, Eliz. 
Allison, Elizabeth 
Surman, Anne 


Scutt, Jane 
Browne, Sarah 
Tilbey, Elizabeth 
Gregory, Anne 
Howard, Rebecca 
Tallbott, Alice 
Sail, Mary 
Boteler, Mary 
Henley, Kath. 

Gamson, Eliz. 
Bale, Elizabeth 
Allen, Mary 
Lambert, Sarah 


Faculty Office. 



18 Broughton,John and 

19 Curtis, Richard 
Seeds, Richard 
Greene, Thomas 

20 Collinson, John 

Towse, Edmund 
Barefoot, John 
* Castle, Richard 
*Chipchase, Paul 
2i Smith, John 
Monck, John 
Holden, George 

23 Waxham, John 
*Shipton, John 

24 Emmett, William 

25 Thorne, Richard 

30 Redwood, John 
*Biddulph, Michael 

31 Joyner, Edmund 

January, i 

1 Burdikin, Thomas 

3 Blight, Charles 

4 Painter, Richard 

6 Chadwick, Richard 

8 Hurst, Edward 

9 Tooley, Samuel 
n*Redford, John 

13 Dunn, Jerman 
15 Porter, William 

18 Williams, James 
20*Tradford [TraffordJ 

Paschall, John 

24 Marks, Joseph 

25 Crooke, Thomas 
27 Poynter, John 
31 Heath, William 

Taylder, John 


3 Morris, Samuel 

4 Wilks, James 

5 Smith, Barnard 

7 Crich, John 
Harris, Edward 

10 Game, John 

Holmes, Thomas 
12 Cambridge, John 

14 Potter, Richard 

15 Banard, John 
Allen, John 

19 Vale, George 

20 Freeman, Thomas 
Perrott, John 

22 Edmonds, John 

, 1678. 

Squire, Mary 
Parrick, Eliz. 
Dudley, Mary 
Sheirs, Eleanor 
Aylett, Mary 

Taylor, Sarah 
Jermyn, Mary 
Sellwood, Eliz. 
Young, Sarah 
Sutton, Anne 
Philipps, Eliz. 
Parker, Sarah 
North, Eucy 
Fleetwood, Mary 
Prigg, Anna 

Mayor, Susanna 
Coldham, Sarah 
Whitly, Mary 
Ladore, Ellen 


Groves, Eliz. 
Bollen, Judith 
Crocker, Mary 
Broome, Dinah 
Dorke, Avis 
Allistrey, Rebecca 
Slater, Martha 
Bockett, Martha 
Stevenson, Margt. 
Allyn, Mary 
Ormes, Susanna 

Gratiana, Susan. 
Worth, Rachel 
Stevens, Mary 
Watts, Mary 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Glasse, Anne 


Palmer, Elizabeth 
Church, Anne 
Jauncye, Elizabeth 
Crumpe, Anne 
Goodyear, Eliz. 
Hawkins, Margt. 
Couchman, Anne 
Allwood, Anne 
Mason, Anne 
Clarke, Dorothy 
Brattle, Sarah 
Blyton, Mary 
Ravens, Mary 
Siser, Elizabeth 

24 Russell, Robert and 
*Seaton, Ralph 

26 Alexander, Robert 
Davy, Thomas 

*Pecok, Richard 

27 Britton, John 
*Desbrowe [Dis- 

browe], James 
*Neale, Sir Charles 
*Twisleton, Philip 
*Pyers, William 

28 Barker, Henry 
*Feilder, William 
*Pye, Edmund 

Hodge, Samuel 

Yorke, Catherine 
Comyn, Catherine 
King, Mary 
West, Mary 
Lawrence, Gert. 
Papworth, Sarah 
Marshall [Marsh], 

Clerke, Frances 
Comyns, Anne 
Howell, Frances 
Phipps, Anne 
Tyrrell, Martha] 
Wright, Anne 
Ralph, Michall 

March, i 

1 Chapman, George 
Ballard, Thomas 

3 Temple, Henry 
Scott, Francis 

7* Granger, Thomas 
12 Man, John 

17 Nodes, Richard 

18 Chiffins, Abraham 
i9*Harwood, Richard 

24* Ingoldsby, Richard 


Man, Joane 
Dawson, Anne 
Weblow, Sarah 
Wancourt, Lucy 
Baker, Angelica 
Booky, Sarah 
Hill, Mary 
Crouch, Elizabeth 
Novett [Nevett, 

i.e., Knevitt], 

Collmore, Mary 

March, 1679. 
31 Argall, Charles Kenton, Anne 

April, 1679. 
3*Langrish, Gilbert Chamberlaine, 

7 Fewin, Robert 
Lee, Abraham 

8 Creed, Charles 
9*Lant, Thomas 

* Proctor, John 

Appleton, Sarah 
Wright, Eliz. 
Burton, Dorothy 
Bromfield, Joice 
Hughes, Eliz. 

14 Crutcher, Nicholas Goodman, Jane 
i6*Martlett [Bartlett], Ward, Abigail 
Tirrey, William Kyrwood, Anne 

17 Chambers, Abraham Norton, Hester 
Waller, Richard Shish, Sarah 
Slater, Nathan Aylett, Anne 

18 Blanch, George Hannington, Anne 

19 Barnard, William Taylor, Elizabeth 
21 Hassenden, Thomas Prior, Elizabeth 

Astree, Robert 
22 Wilder, Robert 
26 West, George 

28 Mayo, William 

29 Monlas, Moses 

30 Slackhouse, John 
Peter, Robert 
Smith, John 

Aberston, Mary 
Chaldon, Cath. 
Lord, Elizabeth 
Orton, Sarah 
Roberts, Frances 
Cooth, Jane 
Reeve, Agnes 
Highway, Han'ah 


Marriage Licences. 


May, 1679. 
3 Matthews, Rich, and Goodricke, Eliz. 

7 Lee, Joseph 

8 Bridges, John 
9*Haynes, Charles 

12 Langford, Thomas 

Foster, Baszelon 

Britteridge, William Bromley, Anne 
14 Addison, Daniel Huntman, Eliz. 
16 Thorpe, John Comberidge, Anne 

i7*Hutchinson, Francis Boteler, Martha 

Feltum, Margaret 
Young, Mary 
Hudson, Eliz. 
Lee, Elizabeth 
Harvey, Eliz. 

ig*Barker, Scorey 

20*James, Hastred 

Clifton, John 

21 Gills, Thomas 

22 Butler, Thomas 
24 Gardiner, Thomas 
27*Wilson, Orlebar 

Jones, William 
28 Timme, Joseph 
[*Newnham, Lewis 


House, Robert 
29*Elliot, James 
3i*Turney, Barnard 

Robinson, Anne 
Meggs, Margaret 
Crosby, Peternell 
Kendall, Christian 
Gibson, Mary 
Norrice, Ursula 
Hay ton, Anne 
H anbury, Eliz. 
Manforth, Mary 


Wright, Anne 
Wiseman, Han. 
Smith, Mary 

June, 1679. 

2 Barber, Gabriel Weaver, Eliz 

Burton, George 
*Buckeridge, Nich 
3*Hoster, Robert 
5 Paine, John 

Marstone, Eliz. 
Amhurst, Hellena 
Aldworth, Susan. 
Vining, Margaret 

6 Creswicke, Francis Ridges, Mary 

Hose, Thomas 
Cooper, John 
Moore, Andrew 
7*Jackson, Isaac 

Hindrey, Mary 
Chalkeley, Anne 
Munday, xMartha 
*Mill, Sir John (Bart. J Grey, Margaret 
11 Dansie, George Woodward, Mary 

16 Haywood, William Spleen, Elizabeth 

* Herbert, Thomas N orris, Mary 
20 * Wagstaffe, William Briston [Bristow], 

23 Clarke, James Pinder, Katherine 

Sill, Richard Peirce, Elizabeth 

Powle, Henry (see Frances(Countess 
below) Dowr. of Dorset; 

Lipscombe, James Medcalfe, Eliz. 
27*Steward, John 
[ 2 8*Powle, Rt. Hon. 

30 Wormall, Israeli 

Luffe, Mary 
Dorset, Frances 

Countess Dow.] 
Marsh, Rebecca 

July, 1679. 

1 Thompson, Robt. Mitchell, Eliz. 

2 Allnutt, Zachary Wingfield, Anne 

5*Young, William and 
7 Baker, William 
Morgan, John 
Simonds, Thomas 
8*Powlett, Charles 

[Earl of Wiltshire] 
9*Mewtas, Edmund 

"Gramer, Francis 
n Exton, Thomas 
14 Harry, Benjamin 
Cox, William 
Duncomb, Thomas 
16 Coller, Benjamin 

19 Fowler, Robert 
Crow, Richard 

20 Mullineaux, Isaac 
*Blount, Christopher 

21 Goodwin, Thomas 

22 Lewthwat, Henry 
24 Durnford, James 

*Parfett, John 
Williamson, Joseph 
28 Ruffehead, James 
29*Strode, Edward 
Snawdon, George 
Tindall, Daniel 
30 Barker, Edward 

King, Mary 
Jackson, Anne 
Foreman, Mary 
Green, Mary 
Coventry, [Hon.] 

Norcupp, Rachel 
Abell, Patience 
Brookes, Margt. 
Pemberton, Mary 
Peck, Mary 
Kingham, Mary 
Thompson, Lydia 
Bearing, Temper. 
Abethell, Anne 
Rutland, Eliz. 
Zouch, Dorothy 
Weedon, Mary 
Parry, Alice 
Gresham, Eliz. 
Woodford, Doro. 
Rimington, Alice 
Preston, Anne 
Clayton, Martha 
Pepys, Elizabeth 
Mandy, Mary 
Pennyman, Anne 

August, 1679. 

4 Rotheram, George 
6 Smith, Ralph 
8 Cuddington, John 
(j Keneston, John 
n Winter, William 
i2*Gardner, Edmond 

13 Travell, Thomas 

14 Philips, Samuel 
i5*Perkes, John 
16 Birch, Edward 
18 Dudley, William 

*Higford, John 
i9*Savage, Richard 
26 Higgins, John 
Hara, Charles 
Hooper, John 
Sterrupp, Thomas 
Denny, William 
East, John 
Peirson, Nathaniel 
27*Lewkener, John 
Gibbons, Thomas 
*Young, Barthol. 
29 Bland, John 
^Marshall, Robert 

Wilford, Eliz. 
Garrett, Sarah 
Parker, Mary 
Young, Anne 
Wade, Mary 
Lysons, Anne 
Pocock, Elizabeth 
Paice, Anne 
Wentworth, Eliz. 
Benson, Mabell 
Mathews, Susan'a 
Gill, Joane 
Downes, Penelope 
Hamson, Eliz. 
Syms, Margaret 
Lambert, Margt. 
Wheeler, Jane 
Deaves, Elizabeth 
Bissaker, Anne 
Hales, Frances 
Mariscoe, Jane 
Ward, Judith 
Greene, Katherine 
Allen, Anne 
Bellasis, Margaret 

September, 1679. 

3 Amye, William Farmer, Elizabeth 

4 Paine, Robert Falckenor, Sarah 


Faculty Office. 


September, 1679. 

5 *Lightboune, J as. and How [Hough], 


Lloyd, Thomas 
West, William 
Isted, Thomas 
10 Launce, Thomas 
Paine, John 

Porter, Elizabeth 

Humfrey, Eliz. 
Surman, Jane 
Wood, Alice 

12 Cromwell, William Gould, Elizabeth 
Ferris, Nathaniel Blinckarne, Sarah 

13 Curtis, Joshua 
15 Bilboe, William 
17 Warner, Nicholas 
23*Welch, George 

'White, Daniel 
Hunt, Edward 

24 Proctor, William 

29 Stiles, Robert 

30 Skip with, Thomas 


1 Arnold, Andrew 

2 Day, Nathaniel 
3*Low, William 

Squib, Arnold 
*Clopton, Edward 
4 Worlick, Samuel 

*Winbery, Christo. 
13 Wells, John 
*Baker, Stephen 

15 Goodrich, Thomas 
Power, John 

16 Holloway, Robert 
i8*Chantler, Francis 
2i*Lyte, Thomas 

22* Vincent, Henry 
23 Coleman, Richard 
*Trevor, John 

27 Packe, John 
Jeffs, Elias 

*Green, Robert 

28 Russell, Elias 

29 Allen, Thomas 
*Leechmere [Lech- 
mere], Sandys 

Wright, Sarah 
Taylor, Lettice 
Warner, Eliz. 
Bromley, Mary 

berland], Jane 
Mackeness, Cha- 
Hard win, Margt. 
Skilton, Anne 
Marre, Anne 


Baker, Mary 
Price, Joane 
Turner, Prise ilia 
Simmons, Eliz. 
Combe, Martha 
Glover, Elizabeth 
Wentworth, Dor. 
Stiles, Anne 
Fishman, Mary 
Norman, Eliz. 
Buckler, Anne 
Skinner, Mary 
Collins, Anne 
Coward, Mary 

Serle, Rebecca 
Honey, Eliz. 
Morley, Eliz. 
Richardson, Han. 
Busse, Elizabeth 
White, Martha 
Paige, Katherine 
Blackwell, Anne 
Holmes, Joanna 

November, 1679. 

1 Mand, Gamabiell 

3 Keble, Thomas 
Jesson, James 

Geale, Thomas 

4 Hawes, Thomas 

5 Gardner, Henry 

Owen, Sarah 
Moulins, Judith 

Cheney, Eliz. 
Cary, Mary 


6 Grace, Robert and 
Moone, Alexander 

7 Mawson, Humphry 

1 1 *Dodsworth, John 
*Mapleloft, John 

[Dr. of Physic] 

12 Astell, Roger 

15 Hanch, Christopher 
zi Winton, Francis 

*Vaughan, Charles 

24 Allen, Finch 

25 Foster, Stephen 

26 Norman, Thomas 

27 Marryatt, Obadiah 

29 Blundston, Joseph 


i*Cranmer, John 

2 Vaxe, John 

3 Fox, John 
Barnes, Gilbert 

* Staples, Alexander 
Baxter, Thomas 

1 1 Coleman, John 

12 Watts, William 

16 Woolett, Robert 

17 Chambers, John 
Sheldon, John 

"Baxter, John 
Watson, Jacob 
Rodman, Francis 

18 Hickman, Mathew 
Hinde, Samuel 

20* Cozens, Thomas 
22 Pontin, Daniel 
Randall, John 
Wood vile, Henry 
Townsend, Henry 
23* Lane, Thomas 
24 Tatham, Samuel 

Collins, Phillip 
27* Smith, Charles 
Glover, Thomas 

30 Smith, John 

Sedgwick, Mary 
Bachelor, Anne 
Carter, Frances 
Stapylton, Eliz. 

Parrott, Eliz. 
Sparks, Dorothy 
Sadler, Elizabeth 
Drew, Margaret 
May, C lenience 
Dacony, Ruth 
Swan, Elizabeth 
Grice, Anne 
Maccarnesse, Dor. 


Gilbert, Dorothea 
Andrews, Mary 
Smith, Katherine 
Blackwell, Mary 
Hickman, Eliz. 
Byrom, Susan 
Trimmer, Anne 
Barnes, Margaret 
Ballard, Bridgett 
Holditch, Eliz. 
Savage, Frances 
Norden, Eliz. 
Striblehill, Martha 
Kellett, Jane 
Brooks, Joane 
Parnell, Eleanor 
Taylor, Elizabeth 
Cooper, Elizabeth 
Banks, Margaret 
Norman, Sarah 
Hawks, Margaret 
Puckle, Mary 
Sandbrooke, Reb. 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Salisbury, Mary 
Vanheck, Hester 
Huddle, Winifred 

January, i 

5 Anderton, Silvester 
* Furnis, Richard 

6 Normavill, William 
7* Bollwood [Bel- 
wood], Roger 

Grainge, John 
10 Bye, Thomas 
12 Ash, Jacob 
i3*Doreham [Dere- 
ham], Henry 

14 Turvin, William 

15 Southworth, Roger 

16 Hall, John 

Smith, Anne 
Ellerker, Mary 
White, Anne 
Fothergill, Doro. 

Brittnell, Mary 
Turner, Thomas. 
Stanbury, Eliz. 
Sonlas [Soulas], 

White, Mary 
Cole, Frances 
Syrton, Frances 


Marriage Licences. 


January, 1679-80. 
16 Rant, Jacob and Tuson, Rachel 
2i*Philipps, Hugh Fauntleroy, Hene- 

Whiting, John 
22* Stone, William 

Culley, John 
24 Nye, Henry 

Fisher, Sarah 
Calvart, Susanna 
Nicholls, Judith 
Gynes, Hannah 

Armstead, William Durden, Anne 

Hannat, James Wales, Mary 

26 Fox, Hawes, Mary 

28 Rayner, John Byland, Mary 

February, i 

2 Stevens, William 
3*Nisbett, James 
Knight, Robert 
4 Price, Joshua 
5*Pawlett, Edward 

*Day, Edward 
6 Heberden, John 
*Parry, Richard 
9 Lissiman, Richard 
Burlton, Humphry 
10 Garrett, Charles 

12 Shackleton, Thomas 

13 How, Thomas 
Shipton, William 
Francklyn, Daniel 

16 Wynch, Benedict 

17 Fly, John 
Waller, Arthur 
James, John 

i8*Barker, Arthur 
19 Shilton, Joseph 
Dyer, John 
Boulton, Thomas 
21 Johnson, John 

*Petitt, Clement 
23*Millington, Thomas 
[Dr. of Physic] 
*Whiteley [Whitley], 

Carpenter, John 

24 Andrews, John 

25 Gale, Robert 
26*Peyton, William 


Rowse, Lucy 
Hay, Mary 
Nigholls, Mar)- 
Browne, Mary 
Hayles [Little- 
hayles], Han- 
nah Little 
Bartlett, Mars- 
Martin, Elizabeth 
Willmore, Margt. 
Ballash, Elizabeth 
Wootton, Cath. 
Lee, Mary 
Pamplett, Margt. 
Saunders, Anne 
Brown well, Eliz. 
Jewster, Anne 
Lannde, Mary 
Purser, Elizabeth 
Harris, Elizabeth 
Katherill, Kath. 
Curtin, Lydia 
Pocock, Anne 
Hill, Mary 
Hamerton, Sarah 
Hayes, Anne 
Ward, Johanna 
King, Anne Han- 
Lowes [Lewes], 

Bromfield, Eliz. 
Hazard, Mary 
Bateman, Anne 
Curtis, Martha 

March, 1679-80. 

1 *Greene, Robert Wigmore, Anne 

Jolley, Joseph Bussey, Sarah 

2 Flaunders, Thomas Bye, Catherine 

3 *Belasyse, Sir Henry Benson, Dorothy 
6*Barker, Hugh Whitehead, Eliz. 
8 Rogers, Thomas Westhrope, Sus- 

Hill, Edward Galen, Elizabeth 

9 *Thorold, Sir Wm.and Garrett, Rebecca 

10 White, W 7 illiam 

11 Pettiver, W'illiam 
17 Heape, Samuel 
20 * Wentworth, Ruis- 


Hill, Sarah 
Ball, Anne 
Packe, Eveling 
Ady, Susanna 

March, 1680. 

27*Fussell, Arthur Hussey, Elizabeth 

30*Plott, Thomas Bressey, Susanna 

April, 1680. 

3 Pecknell, John Thomas, Mary 

Backhouse, Wm. Hooke, Alice 

5 Spaine, Thomas Huggins, Mary 
*Floyer, John [Doctor Fleetwood, Mary 

of Physic] 

6 Bloore, Joseph Warren, Sarah 

7 Fosbrooke, Francis Fuller, Elizabeth 
8*Harrison, Edward Larkin, Jane 

Williams, Oliver 
9 Bradley, John 
Harrison, Thomas 
Smalpiece, Robert 
10 Phesant, Richard 

Garrett, Thomas 
*Clayton, Peter 

Bull, Richard 
12 Griffin, Bennett 
14 Doble, Thomas 

Burley, William 

Becher, Katherine 
Cordre, Johanna 
Page, Martha 
Carter, Elizabeth 
Momma, Edith 
Friend, Hester 
Morris, Lydia 
Morris, Elizabeth 
Palmer, Celicia 
Deckle, Margaret 
Barnes, Martha 

Woodhouse [Wode- Samnell [Samu- 
house], John ell], Anne 

i7*Pitfield, Alexander Waller, Elizabeth 

19 Widnes, John 
*Rous, Anthony 

Pollock, William 

Figg, Thomas 
20*Groome, Thorpe 
21 Clarke, William 

Arnold, Jonathan 
24 Trimnell, Michael 

26 Sumpner, Gilbert 
Smith, Henry 

27 Renshaw, Mathew Edwards, Anne 

Burt, Susanna 

North, vSarah 
Blackerby, Margt. 
Williams, Jane 
Filliter, Anverne 
Rogers, Mary 
Hargrave, Anne 
Ducke, Margaret 
Finch, Anne 

28*Pye, Charles 

* Mathews, John 

29 *Rawlinson, Thos. 

Luffe, Robert 

* Brookes, John 

30 Fewtrell, George 

Hobart, Phillippa 
Middleton, Han. 
Taylor, Mary 
Jeames, Elizabeth 
Saunders, Eliz. 
Holker, Katherine 

May, 1680. 

3 Taylor, Edward Brookesby, Margt. 

4 Francklin, Richard Dancey, Eliz. 

5 Motteram, Mark Parker, Joane 
Gawton, Henry Green, Elizabeth 


Faculty Office. 


May, 1680. 

8 Sizer, Richard and Helby, Abigail 
io*Biddulph, Anthony Hall, Constance 

Harmar, Jaspar Audley, Rose 

11 Cash, Abraham Taylor, Jane 
Allen, Richard Franck, Frances 

12 Tayler, John Nash, Lettice 
Bridge, John Peppen, Susanna 

15 Savage, Thomas James, Alice 
19 Woodhull, Thomas Colley, Anne 

17 Barker, Thomas Purrett, Judith 

18 Glasbrooke, Edward Sherwood, Jane 
2i*Tong, Thomas Cheeke, Iili/abeth 
23 *Fortescue, Sir San- Lenthall, Eliz. 

dys [Bart.] 

24*Coryton, Sir John Wayte, Anne 

Hiller, Nathaniel Holford, Joanna 

25 Gallamore, John Short, Joane 

Barrett, John Hall, Rebecca 

26*Hussey, John Dawkins, Rebecca 

27 Bache, William Wivell, Grace 
28*Coles, Sabian East, Martha 

29 Fryer, Stephen Savage, Elizabeth 

31 Willard, John Murick, Anne 

Howse, John Phillipps, Martha 

June, 1680. 

1 Flavell, Andrew Walsham, Rebec. 

3 Charge, Jefferey Fowkes, Martha 

Shaw, George Bentley, Isabella 

Jones, Thomas Reade, Mary 

7 Fowler, Charles Couper, Anne 

*Hill, Thomas Sergeant, Mary 

9 Foster, Richard Kingsland, Mary 
Loder, William Grantham, Anne 

14 Hunter, Robert Smith, Martha 

i5*Squibb, Arthur Laroche, Eliz. 

*Fordham, William Taylor, Elizabeth 

16 Hawkins, Alexander Powell, Martha 
Clarke, Robert Cullin, Margaret 

17 Mayers, Robert Langeridge, Mary 

18 Powell, Thomas Parry, Hellena 
ig*Grove, Thomas Coles, Mary 

*Hayward, Zachary Hide, Anne 

21 *Glyn, John Walbourne, M'tha 
*Walton, Charles Greene, Eleanor 

Hart, Richard Pynnell, Elizabeth 

Jones, James Howes, Elizabeth 

22 Forrest, Richard Harman, Eliz. 

23 *Barton, Thomas Garland, Eliz. 

24 Sheriff, Daniel Wilkinson, Susan. 
Emery, Stephen Kirsey, Mary 

25 Juxon, John Parker, Mary 
26*Burton, Sir Thomas Clutterbuck, Anna 


28 Bate, Samuel Faunt, Elizabeth 
Blackwell, Richard Lane, Mary 

29 Sawcer, John Cox, Catherine 

29 Shepherd, Saml. and Bedford, Mary 

30 Pickering, Peter Webb, Sarah 

* Price, Sir John Warcupp, Anna 

[Bart.] Maria 

*Hockenhull, George Lindsell, Eliz. 

July, 1680. 

1 *Champante, Henry Bowcock, Eliz. 

2 Dunton, Gilbert Shipton, Mary 
3*Skyllyng, Henry Howes, Elizabeth 

5 * Mitchell [Michell], Stead, Deborah 


Crosse, John Brower, Mary 

6 Hawkins, John Taylor, Sarah 
Newson, Samuel Darby, Sarah 

*James, Caine Soame, Susanna 

7 *Garraway [Garway], Budgeon, Frances 


8 Vans ah. Voss, Pat. Trant, Mary 
Atwell, William Tyford, Katherine 

9*White, Richard Percivall, Anne 

Porter, Robert Dobyns, Eleanor 

10 Hartus, Henry Mannering, Jane 

Morrison, George Jaggard, Sarah 

12 Davenant, John Armstrong, Rebec. 
Loder, Robert Peedle, Penelope 
Rasey, John Smith, Elizabeth 

13 Maddocks, William Tomlin, Eliz. 
Morehouse, Thomas White, Mary 

14 Kemp, Mark Cholmeley, Mary 
*Dodd, George Woodruffe, 

Wright, John Hudson, Jane 

15 Morgan, William Jones, Anne 

17 Tonycliffe, Ralph Messinger, Eliz. 
21 Hill, Benjamin Cutting, Jane 

Christopher, Daniel Herring, Anne 
22*Tracey, Ferdinando Keck, Katherine 
23*Keeble, Walter Hampson, Anne 

24 Roouch, Thomas Flower, Agnes 
26 Kempe, Francis Davison, Eliz. 

27*Webb, Samuel Blanchard, 

*Calvert, Francis Atkin, Judith 
28*Nedham, John Lampton [Lamp- 

low], Susanna 
*Markham, William Smith, Isabella 
29 Hoye, Thomas Merry, Elizabeth 

31 *Jones, William Hildeyard, 

Bourne, Joseph Andrewes, Anne 

August, 1680. 

5 Mayle, Thomas Browne, Mary 

Young, Mathew Wilgrace, Joyce 
Chichester, Richard Brangwin, Anna 

6*St. John, Oliver Hammond, Eliz. 

7 Bedborough, Arthur Bartelet, Mary 
Norton, John Kidwell, Anne 

7 6 

Marriage Licences. 


August, 1680. 

g Bagnall, Gibbons and Wilson, Sarah 

Parker, Mary 
Coates, Margaret 
Cromwell, Doro. 
Dent, Anne 
Bax, Sarah 

10 Jacob, Roger 
Pluckrose, Joseph 

^Mortimer, John 

11 Westwood, John 
Vanacker, John 

12 Goudge, John 
i8*Rogers, Robert 
19 Copping, Stephen 
20*Taylor, William 

Harward, Vincent 
21 Poyner, George 

24 Cooper, Edmund 

25 Robinson, Thomas 
Miles, Edward 
May, James 

27 Lock, Jarvase 

30 Peacock, William 

31 Dobbins, Daniel 

Tenderin, Cecilia 
Reynolds, Mary 
Copping, Hester 
Liger, Katherine 
Weston, Mary 
Jennings, Eliz. 
Corney, Eliz. 
Walker, Eliz. 
Briscow, Mary 
Gill, Rose 
Hill, Man- 
Smith, Eliz. 
Hale, Martha 

September, 1680. 
1 Whitehead, Andrew Blatt, Mary 

Shaw, Edward 

Dell, John 
3 Greatrix, John 

Barber, John 
6 Gandy, Thomas 

Alcock, Thomas 

Triton, Susanna 
Wingfield, Eliz. 
Adams, Dorcas 
Manison, Eliz. 
Seymor, Hannah 
Sutton, Olivia 

Van Boselar, Cornel Grifneth, Sarah 

7 Parkhirst, John Martin, Susanna 

Russell, Ralph Marshall, Susan'a 

9 Gardiner, Nathaniel Passmore, Frances 

10* Radcliffe, Edward Shuriey, Penelope 

Wagstaffe, John Hatt, Jane 

Weekes, John Glascock, Martha 

J 3 Joyce, William Hopkins, Eliz. 

Hammond, William Lane, Anne 

14 Fisher, Richard Webb, Frances 

Cooney, Thomas 

16 Maxon, William 
Sheriffe, William 
Webb, Thomas 

17 Eaton, John 

18 Shear ley, William 
21 Hallett, Thomas 

Darby, Paul 

Stiles, Jane 
Greenaway, Alice 
Flatman, Eliz. 
Hammonds, Kath. 
Marsh, Rebecca 
Rand, Anne 
Barber, Anne 

22 Boddicott, W T illiam Scutt, Jane 

Atwell, Thomas Purefoy, Mary 

Winckles, Paul 

Passill, John 
2^ Antill, John 
25*Shenton, William 

Moore, Rebecca 
Boreman, Mary 
Howell, Mary 
Robinson, Dame 

28 Turner, John Godden, Mary 

29 Whelear, Christoph. Salter, Alice 
Evans, Thomas Owen, Elizabeth 


2 Staphurst, Nich. and 

7 Waring, Edward 

8 Hampden, Richard 

9 Smart, William 
Wheeler, John 

9 Duckett, Man sell 

12 Skynner, Edmund 
Day, John 

13 Payne, Roger 
Haynes, John 

i4*Pyott, Richard 
15 Baker, John 
i8*Durnall [Darnall], 

20 Parsons, William 

21 Terrant, William 

22 Ray, William 

25 Browne, Arthur 

26 Luscombe, Thomas 

27 Barker, Richard 

28 Thaxton, Lancelott 
Berkenhead, Rand. 

30 Thornbury, Thomas 
*Robinson, George 
Walpoole, Richard 


Bromfield, Eliz. 
Wickham, Mary 
Lever, Elizabeth 
Cotton, Margaret 
Pope, Elizabeth 
Dorrill, Elizabeth 
Norris, Anne 
White, Hannah 
Higford, Sarah 
Harwood, Margy. 
Knott, Jane 
Howard, Sarah 
Stronghill, Con- 
Skinner, Mary- 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Green, Mary 
Fitzherbert, Anne 
Dortley, Joane 
Harrison, Anne 
West, Sarah 
Burt, Susanna 
Pead, Elizabeth 
Seyliard, Mary 
Ladbrooke, Sarah 


1 Salter, George 
*Hey, John 

*Boteler, Francis 

2 Newbery, Richard 
Heath, Thomas 

3 Yate, William 
Walker, Benjamin 

4 Hodges, Samuel 

5 *Gratwick, Thomas 
8 How, Joseph 

Robinson, Ely 
10 Br.ough, John 

15 Jones, John 
Mann, Toby 

16 Cornish, George 
Callow, George 

"Smith, Christopher 
Page, John 

18 Cart, Edward 

19 Yarde, Robert 
Ladd, John 

20*Laxton, Martin 

22 West, Henry 

23 Kippey, Thomas 
*Addams, John 

24*Duppa, Baldwin 
25*Mosse, Benjamin 
27*Johnson, Thomas 
30 Calfe, Peter 


String, Margaret 

Stone, Martha 
Parkhirst, Sarah 
Rich, Mary 
Randall, Eliz. 
Patchett, Sarah 
Laundy, Susanna 
Geering, Mary 
Merry weather, 

Loveday, Eliz. 
Sindey, Susanna 
Cooper, Mary 
Jenings, Rebecca 
Bates, Anne 
Farmer, Mary 
Mounteney, Gert. 
Anderson, Eliz. 
Purchase, Martha 
Pearce, Ellenor 
Parramore, Rebec. 
Jones, Elizabeth 
Fellowes, Eliz. 
Blackhall, Eliz. 
Holden, Elizabeth 
Moore, Jane 
Meriton, Sarah 
Baker, Ellen 
Greaves, Mary 


Faculty Office. 



4 Tudman, Benj. and 
Morgan, John 

6 Capell, George 

7 Masfield, John 

8 Somersett, Charles 
Spire, Benjamin 

i4*Master, vSamuel 

io*Wright, Francis 
*Leche, John 

20 Bell, Richard 

21 Grinell, James 

23 Shelley, Peter 
Bingley, Michael 

24 Floyer, Peter 

28 Sherlock, Richard 

29 Saunders, Joseph 
Duke, Charles 


Pegge, Mary 
Middleton, Anne 
Cole, Sarah 
Aldridge, Sarah 
Goodier, Eliz. 
Miller, Bridget 
Durham, Letitia 

Smith, Frances 
Duke, Elizabeth 
Hazell, Elizabeth 
Stockdell, Doroth. 
Sheldon, Susanna 
Loder, Lettice 
Clowdesly, Sarah 
Busshell, Eliz. 
Roberts, Frances 
Page, Elizabeth 

January, 1680-1. 
1 Pufford, Edward Sea, Elizabeth 
4 Blundell, Thomas Cooke, Anne 
Harman, Nathaniel Hill, Elizabeth 

5 Pyke, Richard 
*Davies, Anthony 
Annesley, Samuel 

10 Mannington, John 
Beeckman, Daniel 

11 Goddard, George 
Orbell, Thomas 
Goodwin, William 

12 Jarratt, Joseph 
Burbery, Thomas 

Smith, Mary 
Lipyeat, Anne 
Cooke, Mary 
Darke, Anne 
Taylor, Mary 
Ayngier, Alice 
Ayngier, Eliz. 
Draper, Martha 
Bancks, Hannah 
Webb, Sarah 

Greygoose, Edward Wright, Hannah 

i3*Gwyn, Bacon 

14 Vicary, Ludwick 

15 Lee, Jonathan 

17 Bradford, John 

18 Millett, Edward 
*Smith, Thomas 

Juxon, Rebecca 
Brewer, Rachel 
Gilbert, Christian 
Robinson, Anne 
Pachin, Sarah 
Smith, Constance 

19 "Horinold [Horniold], Fitzherbert, Doro. 

Stone, Eleanor 
Martin, Martha 
Timberley, Jane 
Ailey, Elizabeth 
Norwood, Eliz. 

20 Simson, John 
22 Roynon, William 

25 Allen, William 

26 Eyles, Francis 
Hooke, Richard 

27 Farewell, Christoph. Southcott, Mary 
Wade, Bryan Henry, Sarah 

29 Freeman, Thomas Webb, Anne 
31 Randes, Henry Darrin, Anne 

February, 1680- i. 

1 Cleere, George Eldersham, Eliz. 

Dudney, Thomas Timan, Elizabeth 
Kaynes, John Berry, Audrey 

Towerson, William Howard, Anne 
Armstrong, Richard East, Elizabeth 

2 Poole, Thomas and 
4 Gore, William 
7*Hooper, Giles 

8 Nodes, Richard 
Smith, William 

9 Turvin, Richard 

Samyne, Peter 
"Montgomery, Alex. 
Middleton, Charles 
Traherne, Edward 

10 Bridges, James 
Smith, Richard 
Horton, Robert 

11 Cowling, Matthias 

Ashley, Jacob 

12 Colwall, Arnold 
*Baber, Sir John 

Wanley, Andrew 
Burman, Richard 
14 Witham, John 
18 Best, John 
i9*Butler, Richard 

21 Newbolt, Jerome 

22 *Stanbridge, Wm. 

Bateman, Charles 
2^ Radford, Arthur 
25 Cooke, James 

Townsend, Sarah 
Radwell, Mary 
Brightriffe, Mary 
Davison, Eliz. 
Nodes, Barbara 
Knipe [alias 

Clark], Anne 
Sermon, Edith 
Rockeby, Bridget 
Samford, Anne 
H olden, Susanna 
Pearson, Anne 
Stanhope, Anne 
Fernley, Mary 

Hanson, Kath. 
Anable, Susanna 
Killmory, Bridget, 

Viscountess of 
Hutton, Frances 
Davies, Margery 
Reade, Mary 
Moore, Dorothy 
Cowcher, Lucy 
Atkins, Sarah 
Vaux, Katherine 
Grover, Cassandra 
Al worth, Denny 
Crowther, Sarah 

March, 1680-1. 
2 Lodge, Edward Minterne, Susanna 

Lynch, William 
3 Hoole, John 
9 Hacker, Peter 

Smith, Athaliah 
Kelley, Dorothy 
Van Wachten- 

donck, Con- 

Fortrey, Mary 
Petty, Susanna 
Atkins, Elizabeth 

i2*Parker, Phillip 

14 Tebby, Thomas 

17 Stephens, Richard 

21 Hartcliffe, Philemon Partheriche, Eliz 

23 Woodward, Francis Lane, Sarah 

28 Greasly, John Winckle, Eliz. 

30 Hayward, John Hill, Elizabeth 

April, i 

1 Mott, Richard 
Penney, Henry 
Davies, John 

2 Clapham, James 
King, Thomas 

* Metcalfe, Samuel 
Holloway, Richard 

4 Barber, James 
Alistone, Edward 

5 Yates, Thomas 

6 Hammond, Edward 
*Watkins, Henry 


Bristow, Eliz. 
Meades, Mary 
Short, Elizabeth 
Rippin, Prothesa 
Fox, Sarah 
Heighes, Eliz. 
Spire, Anne 
Duck, Elizabeth 
West, Susanna 
Bontin, Elizabeth 
Lydgould, Ellenor 
Newby, Jane 


Marriage Licences. 


April, 1681. 
6 Hart, Anthony and Royley, Hannah 

Villers, Mary 
Steere, Elizabeth 
Parker [Parkes], 

Francks, Susanna 

7* Jones, Arthur 
g Willett, John 
*Meriton, Thomas 
Raban, Thomas 
io*Calthorpe, Re} T nolds Knight [Dame] 

ii Booth, William Sandys, Hester 

Howell, Thomas Foster, Elizabeth 
13 Knight, Matthias Wheatley, Rachel 

Warburton, Hamlett Fowler, Mary 
15 Bretland, Thomas Ness, Hannah 
Clarke, Walter Fendall, Mary 

i6*Tolhurst, John Challener, Jan- 

18 Ladbrooke, Richard Prestwood, Margt. 

* Durham, Henry Buck, Anne 

2 1* Atkins, vSir Robert Dacres, Anne 
Plomer, William Grave, Hannah 
Bradley, Robert Feild, Elizabeth 

Templeman, Daniel Pierceman, Mary 
23 Rosingrave, Daniel Washborne, Anne 

27 Hammond, Thomas Alsopp, Mary 
Warner, Charles Shaw, Mary 
Orum, Maurice lies, Jone 

28 Cutler, Nicholas Haswell, Anne 

29 Langton, David Beardsley, Eliz. 

May, 1681. 

2 Hill, Richard 
Pecke, Henry 
Abell, William 

4 Byne, Richard 

5 Hadsell, W T illiam 
Savage, John 

7* Hutchinson, Thos. 
8*Goldwell, Henry 
Wills, Nathaniel 
Sutton, Richard 
io*Blosse, Charles 

11 Ash, William 

* Longueville, Henry 
Porter, Nathaniel 

12 Smith, Robert 
Evans, Edward 
Wilkes, Benjamin 

13 Wilkins, Ben edict 
14* Westhrope, George 

Aspleen, Samuel 

*Davye, Daniel 

Ernmes, Eulke 

i6 Mackey, John 

*Heath, Robert 

Moore, David 

18 Crowhurst, William 

Duffell, Jane 
Whitehead, Anne 
Mayne, Elizabeth 
Lea, Rachel 
Fuller, Hester 
Harvey, Elizabeth 
Woodcock, Mar)' 
Shelley, Frances 
Slater, Rebecca 
Jaques, Susanna 
How, Alice 
Massinbird, Eliz. 
Briscoe, Anne 
Fuller, Mary 
Tresham, Eliz. 
Tonge, Martha 
Charleton, Eliz. 
Hinton, Rebecca 
Amhurst, Sarah 
Tule, Sarah 
Stephens, Mary 
Agar, Elizabeth 
Towne, Mary 
Byne, Frances 
Sparkes, Mary 
Hamond, Anne 

18 Stanbara, John and 
Wilson, Edward 
Richards, Thomas 

19 Sands, Humphrey 
Gregory, William 
Coape, Samuel 
Awse, Robert 
Wycliffe, Francis 

20 Harford, Heritage 
Keene, Abraham 

*Calvert, George 

21 *Fountayne, Thomas 

Savery, Andrew 
Browne, Philip 
23 Harrison, John 
*Scott, George 

25 Richards, David 

26 White, Thomas 

28 Hyde, Edward 

29 Christmas, Richard 

30 Harmar, Philip 

31 Norton, W 7 illiam 
Mordaunt, John 
Tayler, William 

Ward, Rachel 
Newton, Joane 
Chaloner, Dorcas 
Underhill, Kath. 
Cotting, Mary 
Lever, Mary 
Kelley, Mary 
Sams, Martha 
Deane, Susanna 
Liveing, Mary 
Thornton, Anne 

Chester, Anne 
Lemond, Sarah 


Strickland, Ursula 
Walker, Priscilla 
Page, Mary 
Brashaw, Mary 
Agar, Elizabeth 
Wright, Elizabeth 
Tidd, Ruth 
Wells, Elizabeth 
Turner, Anne 
Palmer, Sarah 

June, 1681. 

1 Terrent, William 

Moyse, Francis 
3 Hooke, Thomas 
8 Curtis, John 
Ball, Joseph 
*Monsey, Robert 
Knight, Edmund 
10 Hendley, Bowyer 
Cowell, Benjamin 
*Turvill, Benjamin 

12 Hall, James 

13 Ashby, Richard 

14 Holt, Thomas 
Mildway, Edward 

15 Nowell, John 
20 Lloyd, John 
2i*Drake, William 
22 Toft, Jonathan 

Neale, Benjamin 

Clarke, John 
24*Stoneing, John 

25 Peirson, Robert 

Wood, Benjamin 

27 Chapman, George 
*Crowne [Croone], 

Sutton, John 

28 Bushell, John 

29 Hale, John 
Phillips, David 

Winder, Elizabeth 
Archer, Dorothy 
Dodd, Anne 
Ives, Elizabeth 
Cooper, Elizabeth 
Fincham, Anne 
Mosse, Katherine 
Sharpe, Mary 
Brattle, Jane 
Tyton, Anne 
Haughton, Eliz. 
Burton, Jane 
Clarke, Mary 
Martin, Anne 
Broadhurst, Eliz. 
Carter, Dorothy 
Bockett, Maria 
Smith, Mercy 
Noell, Hannah 
Davies, Elizabeth 
Gibbon, Anne 

Welbeck, Jane 
Hellow, Frances 
Comings, Eliz. 
Heath, Dame 

Harwood, Eliz. 
Rolls, Alicia 
Crouch, Mary 
Bristow, Margt. 


Faculty Office. 


July, 1681. 

6 Omett, William and Adams, Jane 
*Bainbridge, Henry Nelthorpe, Eliz. 
Snelling, Thomas Bonwick, Kath 
7*Bourn, James 

Geale, Thomas 
9 Standen, Thomas 
Paitson, Richard 
n*Shorter, John 
Stevens, Robert 
Croston, James 

13 Greene, William 
Salsbury, Foulk 

14 Pager, Richard 

15 Shelbey, George 
Clarke, John 
Gardiner, John 

18 Watts, Joseph 
ig*Howland, John 

*Brent, Nathaniel 
20 Marsh, Daniel 
22 Lane, Thomas 

30 Fisher, John 

Pouncefort [Paun- 

cefort], Eliz. 
Richardson, Mary 
Hopper, Elizabeth 
Vincent, Frances 
Phillips, Elizabeth 
Richards, Abigail 
Biddle, Margery 
Nunne, Sarah 
Dixon, Hester 
Bartlett, Jane 
Ridge, Susanna 
Scott, Sarah 
Langford, Anne 
Finn, Lydia 
Child, Elizabeth 
Roydon, Elizabeth 
Page, Sarah 
Williams, Sus- 
Lindsley, Susanna 

August, 1681. 

1 Baker, Richard 
"Pennyman, William 

Pendlebury, Nich. 

2 Winter, Edward 
4*Skegnes, John 

Mole, Edward 
6 Astull, Joshua 

11 Scriven, Nathaniel 

12 Harvee, Charles 

13 Dawson, Richard 
i8*Perrott, William 
20 Noble, John 

Metcalfe, James 

23 Burrows, Arkalus 

24 Lancaster, Thomas 
30*Lloyd, John 

Housman, Eliz. 
Browne, Annab. 
Haynes, Anne 
Edwards, Kath. 
Longueville, Sus- 
Thoroton, Mary 
Atkinson, Mary 
Dockray, Margt. 
Sedley, Mary 
Benett, Sarah 
Lewis, Hannah 
Haddock, Jane 
Taylor, Mary 
Giggs, Mary 
Laymon, Mary 
Gosse, Dorothy 

September, 1681. 

2 Acton, John How, Sarah 

3 Lambert, Henry 

5 Baker, Lancelott 

6 Edes, Richard 
Turner, Thomas 

7 Biddle, Daniel 

8 Orrin, Robert 
io*Wagstaffe, William Fincham, Anne 


i2*Pratt, John Ricroft, Hester 

Welsh, Thomas Skinner, Abigail 

Huntman, Joseph Bennett, Mary 

Woosly, Eliz. 
Edmonds, Mary 
Davison, Mary 
Bartelett, Doro. 
Stavely, Eliz. 
Lake, Eliz. 

12 Dashwood, Thos.cmrfHillersden, Penel. 

13 Yardley, William Lynn, Mary 
Burrell, Launcelott Harbin, Sarah 

16 Husband, Richard Barcroft, Mary 

17 Coward, Stephen Towse, Margaret 

20 Cawthorne, Edward Reade, Sarah 
*Hayward, Richard May, Anne 

21 Waldron, Thomas Maptidd, Eliz. 
Markham, Benjam. Page, Rebecca 

23 Heywood, Joseph Hurst, Rebecca 
Cock, James 
Barker, Thomas 

24 Marshall, Thomas 
26 Dyer, George 

Harte, William 
Wray, Daniel 

Cresell, Margt. 
Carpenter, Mary 
Sandford, Man- 
Leigh, Sarah 
Bedford, Sarah 
Penner, Eliz. 

Mawhood, Samuel Cocks, Dorothy 
'Herbert, Thomas Hood, Anne 

27 Moffett, Thomas 

28 Kinge, Roger 
Gough, Edward 
Sanders, George 

2g*Pepys, John 
Beale, John 
30 Sedgwick, Moses 

Leeke, Mary 
Hendle, Alice 
Weston, Jane 
Goodall, Man- 
Baxter, Susanna 
Watts, Sarah 
Lambert, Mary 

October, 1681, 

1 Flood, Stephen 
3 Wheeler, John 
4*Meldrum, Robert 
*Nicholes [Nicholls], 

5 Goodwin, Thomas 

Leech, Thomas 
6*Knighton, James 
7 *Wells [Welles], Doy 


Golding, Judith 
Shaller, Mary 
Justice, Anne 
Sherlock, Hannah 

Massam, Mary 
Jones, Elizabeth 
Fanshaw, Kath. 
Wells, Elizabeth 

9*Bathurst, John Jewrin, Anne 

10 Nelson, Simon Bruser, Joice 

1 1 Bryden, Thomas Lincolne, Sarah 
*Terry, Michael Baker, Elizabeth 

Lawrence, Thomas Harris, Hester 
14 Woolls, John Hockley, Martha 

*Brazier, Pelham Moore, Anne 
i5*Copley, Sir Godfrey Purcell, Kath. 

*Wells, Arthur 
17 Peirson, Robert 
ig*Margetts, Henry 
20 Ballard, Thomas 
22 Stace, John 
24*Chandler, Richard 

Dell, Mercy 
Ireland, Sarah 
Gage, Diana 
Moody, Susanna 
Smith, Jane 

H oil way, Frances 
Brice, Elizabeth 

25 Johnson, Henry 
27 Rayner, Thomas 
31 Hare, Sir John [Hare, Gainesford, Mary 
St. John, Gent.] 
French, Richard Raymond, Sarah 


Marriage Licences. 


November, 1681. 
2 Palmer, Richard and Muglestone, Mar\ 

Davis, Margaret 
Malet, Zenobia 
Wright, Anne 
Welman, Rebecca 
Cox, Elizabeth 

3 Weld, James 

4 Hough, Daniel 
Finch, William 
Martyn, Joseph 

5*Rogers, Richard 
*Machell, John[Jun., Holt, Susan 
7 Knight, John 
9 Luff, Samuel 
*Webster, Richard 
Eslopp, Richard 
i2*Duncombe, Henn 
*Nanson, Philip 
i4*Rogers, Robert 
i5*Humble, William 

Hunt, Richard 
i6*Kenrick, John 
*Nash, Samuel 
18 Peasley, Thomas 

Estwicke, Francis 
1 9 *J ones, George 

Andrew, Alice 
Saton, Rachel 
Rix, Susanna 
Hanbury, Sarah 
Child, Olive 
Duncombe, Han- 
Langton, Susanna 
Haslerigge, Fran- 
Wingfield, Anne 
Trott, Sarah 
Trott, Elizabeth 
Bower, Anne 
Johnson, Eliz. 
Heath, Elizabeth 
Hawkes, Susanna 
Hall, Mary 

*Duncombe, Stint 

21 Hinde, George 

22 Hall, John 

23 Sawbridge, Richard Jones, Doroth) 
24*Eyton, Kendrick Beale, Elizabeth 

Hardy, James Hore, Susanna 

*Nelthorpe, James Cox, Mary 
[28*Sherarr, alias Sher- Spicer, Jane(rt)] 

wood, Richard 
30 Travell, Alexander Deale, Martha 

December, 1681. 

2 Hooper, Philip 

5 Woolfe, Benjamin 
Saunders, William 
Moore, Joseph 
Morey, Samuel 
Morris, Roger 

6 Dowse, Thomas 

7 Say, Alexander 
Pissey, John 
Fletcher, Richard 

8*Villiers, Sir Edward 
10 Hatley, Jonathan 

Parrett, Abigail 
Baxter, Jane 
Styles, Abigail 
Walker, Sarah 
Hall, Tabitha 
Marshall, Alice 
Fletcher, Rebecca 
Lyde, Elizabeth 
Welch, Jane 
Sabin, Mary 
Chiffinch, Barbara 
Ginder, Anne 

{a) " This entry is signed by ' John Spicer,' but 
entirely crossed out, and the names not put in 
the margin !' [note by J. L. Chester]. The mar- 
riage, however, took place, and certain Chancery 
proceedings show that she was living as "Jane 
Sherrer, widow," in 1706, and died Aug., 1717. 

13 Eaton, John and 
*Seaman, Aldred 

14 Willard, Thomas 

Baron of Otter- 
bury [Henry, Lord, 
Baron of Chir- 
Spineage, Anthony 
Page, Thomas 
*Capell, Edward 

Norwent, Thomas 
*Bradshaw, Arundel 
i5*Frewen, Thomas 

17 Stevens, Richard 
ig*Furnis, Charles 
Holme, Richard 

20 Hepstinstall, John 

21 Hayes, Daniel 

23 Davis, Samuel 

24 Courtley, Edward 
Bond, Anthony 
Hugor, Robert 

26 Buck, Thomas 

29 Steward, James 
Muddle, John 
Dane, Robert 

30 Griffith, Humphrey 

Greene, Mary 
Venner, Ursula 
Wray, Martha 
Newport, Dame 

By water, Anne 
Moore, Mary 
Pitcher [Pitches], 

Burt, Ellenor 
Barnett, Elizabeth 

Dame Jane 
Collier, Katherine 
Smith, Rebecca 
Norman, Anne 
Stephens, Anne 
Sedley, Elizabeth 
Arnold, Anne 
Coles, Mary 
Gooding, Sarah 
Coles, Anne 
Beale, Phillis 
Hands, Elizabeth 
Bale, Abigail 
Ashley, Elizabeth 


January, 1681-2. 
2 Baker, Robert Smith, Margaret 

Heme, Edward 
4 Burt, Richard 
7 Lobb, John 
g Jeneway, Thomas 
Mosley, Nicholas 
n Carter, Edmund 

Mawley, Edward 
i4*Deacon, Thomas 
16 Woolley, Martin 

Greenwood, Anne 
Jones, Elleanor 
Palmer, Mary 
Fuller, Margaret 
Stanton, Bridgett 
Deane, Jane 
Rotheram, Eliz. 
Washington, Eliz. 
Cardiffe, Mary 

Matrevers, Richard Wyan, Elizabeth 
Welbeloved, Henry Sandford, Martha 
17 Nicoll, Richard Archer, Martha 

Champneys, Richard Smart, Mary 
Jarvis, Maurice Browning, Mary 

Cosbe, Alice 
Burr, Agnes 
Rea, Ursula 
Dimmock, Mary 
Calfe, Elizabeth 

Needier, George 
Austin, John 
Slyford, John 

20 Harvie, George 
*Lloyd, Edward 

Tiddmarsh, Samuel Wall, Sarah 

21 Searle, William Palmer, Mary 
25 Thornton, Christo. Morgan, Jane 

27 Banne, William Astell, Mary 
*Whitehead, Joseph Mulso, Elizabeth 

28 *Wheatley, Nathaniel Taylor, Elizabeth 

68 2 ] 

Facility Office. 


January, 1681-2. 

30 Bridgman, Jacob and Cutler, Lydia 

31 Styles, John Worlidge, Anne 
Smallpeece, John Piper, Jane 
Perkins, William Clunn, Jane 


1 Wilcocks, John 
Hearne, John 
Houghton, Mark 

4 Neale, Robert 
Bett, Richard 

6 Sherley, Samuel 

8 Neale, William 
Willes, William 
Lawrence, Daniel 

9 Godfrey, Henry 

10 Woodman, Thomas 
14 Murry, William 
Ellenett, Daniel 
i8*White, John 

21 Bristow, John 
"Rogers, Benjamin 
* Sands, Henry 
*Guise, William 

22 Parr, John 

23 Marsh, Samuel 
"Goodman, John 

24*Withers, William 
25*Lutterell, Narcissus 
Mores, Francis 
*Philpott, Henry 
Pilkington, John 
Peters, Thomas 
Parker, Thomas 
Home, Richard 

26 Simpson, George 

27 Browne, John 
Poynter, Samuel 

*Cranmer, John 
King - , William 
Humphrey, Stephen 


Dawson, Eliz. 
Harrison, Mary 
Phillips, Elizabeth 
Pride, Rachel 
Hewes, Anne 
Bellard, Elizabeth 
Mortimore, Margt. 
Sherlock, Mary 
Sherringham. Eliz. 
Andrewes, Fr'ces 
Castleman, Alice 
Burt, Mary 
Petts, Mary 
Agleway, Susanna 
Eaton, Anne 
Painter, Anne 
Watson, Anne 
Snell, Dorothy 
Stevens, Mary 
Mathew, Mary 
Hayes, Margaret 
Baker, Sarah 

Webb, Mary 
Adams, Anne 
Dodd, Hannah 
Whittle, Anne- 
Ware, Sarah 
Home, Frances 
Thompson, Kath. 
Edwards, Kath. 
C r essenor , M a ry 
Woods, Anne 
Bannister, Eliz. 
Heape, Evelyn 

March, 168 1-2. 
1 * Marty n, William Sion, Judith 

3 Elliott, Henry 
8 Hurlock, John 
Wythers, John 
Frayzer, Francis 
10 Bonnell, John 
14 Whetstone, Thomas Bellchambers, 

Turney, George 
Boseman, Richard 
20 Coulam, Thomas 
*Scargill, Daniel 

Pharow, Eliz. 
Till, Katherine 
Palmer, Elleanor 
Thornton, Eliz. 
Maurice, Mary 

Ratcliffe, Sarah 
Turner, Hannah 
Orman, Elizabeth 
Garman, Sarah 

March, 1682. 
30 Conine, James and Wayte, Susanna 

April, 1682. 
3* Knight, Gilbert Layton, Rebecca 

4 Jenkinson, John 
White, William 

5 Wilson, Samuel 
Sudger, Thomas 

*Cosens, Robert 
6*Nelson, William 

Whitwell, Margt. 
Hill, Joyce 
Noble, Mary 
Mainstone, Margt. 
Sparke, Dorothy 
Fane, Dame Ka- 
Lane, Alice 
Gardner, FYances 

Bexhill, Samuel 

10 Meakins, William 

Newcombe, Richard Boyce, Rebecca 

n*Rawson, Charles Howkins, Sarah 

Tucker, William Coliey, Rebecca 

12 Dunslon, John Great, Elizabeth 

r5 Eustes, William Goldsmith, Mary 

Godfrey, Nathaniel Hide, Hannah 

Ernes, Francis Richardson, Helen 

May, Griffin Botler, Charlott 

^Gardiner, William Goodman, Bridg'tt 

Carpenter, John Mylls, Elizabeth 

Hambleton, Charles Rawlings, Doro. 

*Dowdeswell, Wm. Gibbard, Eliz. 

17 Palmer, Richard 
Coleman, Stephen 

18 Yate, John 

King, Thomas 
Jeffrey, Jabez 

1 g Weedon, George 
Starkey, James 

22*Longe, Henry 

26 Atkins, Joseph 

27 Dover, Richard 

28 Cooke, John 

Marriott, Susanna 
Ibbott, Judith 
Bowers, Hester 
Church, Anne 
Durley, Elleanor 
Dell, Mary 
Greene, Susanna 
Harrington, Den- 
Howard, Anne 
Weeks, Deborah 
Jones, Katherine 

Newberry, Richard Gough, Bridgett 

Mawson, Thomas Holder, Elizabeth 

Cuthbert, Robert Doverleld, Kath. 

29 Owen, Thomas Broad, Anne 

Lane, Abraham Hamsley, Susanna 

Gomeldon, Cath. 
Doding, Jane 
Webster, Eliz. 
Hemingway, Sar. 

May, 1682. 

1 Davies, William Allen, Amphillis 
*Layton, Benjamin 

Mann, Edward 

2 Battell, John 

3 Say well, John 
*Willaston, William Tudor, Jane 

6*James, Thomas Feilding, I^liz. 

*Chapman, Thomas Ogden, Elizabeth 

Morey, Thomas Fewtrell, Sarah 

8 Ridge, William Carter, Mary 

10 Fletcher, John Cooke, Hannah 

Cunningham, James Willett, Mary 

12 Skinner, John Gratwicke, Anne 

Harris, Arthur Mason, Sarah 


Marriage Licences. 


May, 1682. 

i3*Snell, Nicholas and Baldwing [Bald" 

win], Hester 
15 Pepiatt, John Barnes, Anne 

*Ginder, Thomas Deane, Dorothy 

Suffolk, James [Ho- Mountague, Dame 

ward], Earl of Anne 

Dawson, Robert Mell, Abigail 

19 Leonard, Thomas Knott, Elizabeth 

20 Heyman, Peter Browne, Mary 
Eyre, Robert Briscoe, Anne 

23 Bray, William Dockley, Dorothy 

Weedon, Thomas Castle, Anne 

24*English, John Child, Anne 

*Badd [Babb, John, Olney [Osney], 

Clerk] Deborah 

*Noell, Hon. Baptist Fanshaw, Sus. 

*Richmond, John King-, Elizabeth 

29 Lyfe, Thomas Woodman, Man- 
Ramsey, Benjamin Jones, Anne 

*Herbert, Lord Chas. Childe, Rebecca 
[Charles, Lord] 
Lumley, Richard May, Katherine 

30 Gregory, Thomas Taylor, Katherine 
Golding, Edward Lawford, Mary 

*Gibbs, Samuel Wittenrong [Wit- 

tewrong], Ellen 
*Heathcoat, Gilbert Rayner, Hester 
*Rogers, William Cornewall, Eliz. 

31 Jobson, John Fitzhugh, Mary 

June, 1682. 

1 *Waklin, William Powell [Rowell], 

Wells, Francis Gregory, Martha 

2 Jaspar, Richard Elliott, Alice 

3 Hillman, John Sandford, Eliz. 

5 Michell, John Auvenell, Martha 

6 Wilson, William Cavanaugh, M'tha 
7*Richardson, William Stillingfleet, Mary 

Dand, John Raye, Dorothy 

Moore, Samuel Sturt, Elizabeth 

8 Phipps, Robert Greene, Mary 
Ambrose, Richard Lenthall, Eliz. 

9 Harrison, Samuel Smith, Sarah 
i2*Enoch [Enock], 

Richard [Clerk] Thornton, Susan'a 

13 Van Hughson, Rich. Lewis, Mazarine 
Knight, Francis Tipping, Martha 

14 Bowes, Thomas Gaines, Mary 

16 Ilsley, John Harbin, Jane 

17 Nicholas, John Burges, Francis 

19 Williams, Charles Tomlins, Anne 

20 James, John Minton, Man- 
Richmond, Howes- Ely, Hester 


21 Wood, Joseph Hedges, Elizabeth 
*Smith, George Ralett, Sarah 

Dodson, James Knowlton, Sarah 

24 Mitchell, John and 
26 Beaulieu, Peter 
*Thornburgh, John 
*Catline, Thomas 
Dove, John 

29 Grevatt, John 
"Fitch, Thomas 

30 Stackhouse, William 
Cowden, Robert 
Briggs, William 

Merritt, Elizabeth 
Vallon, Elizabeth 
Durham, Eliz. 
Spelman, Eliz. 

Bridgman, Eliz. 
Parker, Elizabeth 
Smallbrooke, Sar. 
Hide, Marina 
Phillips, Mary 
Hobert, Hannah 

July, 1682. 

1 Jenings, Daniel Peele, Mary 

3 Hallett, George Davidge, Eliz. 
Goldsmith, Thomas Young, Lydia 
Griffin, Benedict Tuttle, Christian 
Abbott, John Stamp, Mary 

4 Ridges, James Archer, Eleanor 
Stancliffe, James Richbell, Eliz. 
Phenny, George Buck, Elizabeth 

5 Miller, William Barnes, Rachel 
Savage, William Barnes, Editha 

"Russell, Hon. James Trott, Dame Eliz. 

7 Pyrke, Jonathan Cooper, Mary 

8 Plestow, Thomas Emmery, Anne 
10 Fleming, Thomas Goldsmith, Mary 
n*Hart, Raw son | Esq.] Haselrigge, Ara- 

12 Guest, Thomas Young, Rebecca 

13 Clench, Edward Drinker, Eliz. 
*Wilshire I Wilsherel, Upton, Dorothy 


17 Mann, Samuel Shippybottom, 


*Chapman, Thomas Goodman, Eliz. 

Hall, Edward Hall, Mary 

i9*Bromfield, John Child, Elleanora 

Hughes, John Crew, Mary 

Lunn, Thomas Gore, Anne 

21 Holland, Thomas Polley, Alice 
*Mackadam, Daniel Sidie, Elizabeth 

22 Butterworth, John Emerson, Eliz. 
24' Crabb, John Fitchett, Eliz. 

25 Watson, John Laney, Mary 
*Webb, Nathaniel Westbeere, M'tha 

26 Alcock, Joseph Russell, Elizabeth 
Hinson, Charles Pitt, Sarah 
Watson, Thomas Langley, Margt. 

28 Barnes, Richard Reeve, Susanna 

29 Oatway, Isaac Chapman, Eliz. 
*Lodington, Benj. Clarke, Triphosa 

31 Bradbury, Charles Preston, Abigail 

Carter, George Pierson, Elizabeth 

August, 1682. 

1 *Cary, Christopher Lenthall, Margt. 

Short, William Ashby, Alice 

2 Page, Edward Carpenter, Mary 

68 2 ] 

Faculty Office. 


August, 1682. 
2*Peacock, Lawr. and Lytcott, Mary 
3 Peacock, Benjamin Gladman, Eliz. 
5 Andrewes, William Comings, Mary 

Robinson, Debor'h 
Rea, Hester 
Bay lie, Mary 
Cleaver, Anne 
Jackson, Patience 

Bourne, Joseph 
*Ashcroft, John 
12 Spane, Thomas 
Burren, Anthony 
*Cezar [Caesar ?], 

Beard, Walter 
i4*Thompson, Roger 

15 Jackson, Edmund 

16 Clements, Francis 
1 8 *Thistlethwait, Thos. Sturmy, Mary 

Clarke, Roger Eyres, Elizabeth 

17 French, Daniel Singer, Anne 
22*Cobden, Richard Cobden, Mary 

Whitehurst, John Seaton, Elizabeth 
*Fortescue, William Gregory, Kath. 
23 Powell, Richard Dicks, Easter 

Savage, Bridgett 
Jones, Elizabeth 
Smith, Mary 
Edwards, Margt. 

Hubbard, John 
24 Smith, Ralph 
28*Walford, Hugh 
Eves, John 
Watson, John 
Long, Thomas 

Cox, Anne 
Farss, Mary 
Hooper, Arabella 
Axtell, Frances 
Seywell, Sarah 
Charner, Jane 

29 Lancashire, Robert Randes, Ellen 

30 Hamlett, Ambrose Skinner, Hannah 


4 Wetherhead, Wm. 
Lodge, Edward 
Burton, Thomas 

6 Malin, William 

7 Baines, Robert 
Smart, Edward 

8 Cruso, John 
i3*Honour, Thomas 
14 Acton, Thomas 
i5*Chandler [Chaun- 

deler], Richard 

18 Felps, John 

19 Pressly, William 
20* Winter, Sir Edward 

25 Cox, W'illiam 

26 Curtis, John 

27 Pewteris, John 
Wilmott, Robert 

28 Turner, Erancis 
*Brinley, Isaac 

29 Inge, John 

30 Lewis, John 

, 1682. 

Faldo, Rebecca 
Allford, Abigail 
Rosin, Dorothy 
Kidd, Elizabeth 
Rivers, Dorothy 
Shires, Mary 
Sheward, Eliz. 
Penney, Jane 
Young, Amy 
Carle [Curie], 

Dame Barbara 
Robinson, Mary 
Haskins, Sarah 
Withe alias 

Wyett, Emme 
Evans, Elizabeth 
Grant, Mary 
Clapton, Anne 
Langton, Mary 
Grant, Dorothy 
Barrington, Mary 
Castle, Susanna 
Ransford, Joane 

October, 1682. 

2 Knapp, George Clutterbuck, Mary 

Eaton, Israel Cannings, Rachel 

Brownrigg, Tobias Bilney, Anne 

3 *Villers, Henry and 

4 Clerk, Isaac 

9 Warren, Robert 
Browne, Thomas 

1 1 Bant, John 

12 Burgis, John 

13 Raymond, Charles 
Eddows, John 

17 Cannon, John 

19 Grey, Alexander 

20 Dickins, William 

21 Gardiner, Benjamin 

24 Shapleigh, John 

25 Blackhead, Stephen 

27 Sands, John 
*Markham, Henry 

28 Stevenson, Robert 
3o*St. John, Henry 

I Esq.] 
31 Best, Nicholas 


1 Bland, Richard 
*Spicer, Stewart 

2 Blinkhorne, John 
4*Brigstock, George 
6 Bill, Erancis 

8 Steavens, Francis 

Goad, John 
io*Trenchard, John 
Partridge, \\ illiam 
11 Lawton, Josiah 
Torrent, Samuel 
*Kyrton, John 
Hilton, Thomas 
13 Peek, Thomas 
Hilditch, Richard 

16 Duhamel, Peter 

17 Smyth, Peter 

18 Crosse, William 

21 Newell, George 

22 Peddock, John 
Vines, Richard 
Golding, James 

23*Mellersh, John 
24 Holmes, John 

28 Greene, William 
*Barty [Bertie], Hon. 


29 Hayne, John 
Dyer, W'alter 

30 Eustis, Thomas 
*Shelton, Henry 


Pepes, Olivia 
Graves, Fortune 
Raunce, Hannah 
Barnard, Mary 
White, Anne 
Andrews, Sarah 
Weston, Mary 
Merwin, Eliz. 
Horman, Alice 
Osborne, Rebecca 
Day, Jane 
Stanley, Mary 
Marriner, Mary 
Lee, Elizabeth 
Clisbee, Susanna 
Weaver, Hester 
Blackwell, Eliz. 
Pemell, Susanna 

Curtis, Mary 


Deakins, Rachel 
Brokett, Anne 
Rottenbridge, Dor. 
Culpeper, Kath. 
Bagshaw, Agnes 
Priaulx, Mary 
Paine, Anne 
Speake, Philippa 

Atkinson, Hester 
Redman, Margt. 
Strong, Lucy 
Medowes, Phillip. 
Tate, Barbara 
Felstead, Eliz. 
Gasking, Jane 
Power, Anne 
Barwell, Anne 
Wooldridge, Mary 
Watson, Anne 
Indrey, Anne 
Peters, Sarah 
Woodward, M'tha 
Cheale, Dorothy 
Colvile, Martha 
Baker, Joane 
Bennett, Eliz. 

Houghton, Han. 
Stedman, Lucy 
Ilsley, Mary 
Churchman, Hes- 

December, 1682. 

1 * Frith, William Ayscoghe, Eliz. 

Page, William Crips, Sarah 

8 4 

Ma rriage L icen ces . 



2 Fish, George and 
4*01dfield, James 

5 Pattison, Francis 

6 Sturt, Abednego 

7 Hatton, Charles 
g Evetts, James 

Mauncer, Abraham 
ii Tanner, Barnard 
i3*Vincent, Thomas 
Martaile, Robert 
Hockland, John 
Burraston, Richard 
i4*Maniove, William 
15 Hillary, John 
i6*Goldsmith [Gould- 

smyth] , John [Esq. 

18 Apthorpe, Simon 
Morton [Moreton], 

Roberts, James 

19 Young, Moses 
Forster, Edward 

20 Long, Josiah 
Eeles, John 

21 Nickolls, William 

22 Stevenson, Laur. 
*Pearce, Thomas 

23 Haysome, William 
Jevon, Samuel 

26 Kitchin, George 
29 Pay, Roger 

January, i 

5*Barcroft, John 

6 Warwick, Thomas 

10 Wood, Samuel 
i6*Merry, Kenhelme 
Barber, Abraham 
i7*Browne, Barthol. 
18 Hall, John 

23 Heckstetter, Benj. 
Wood, James 

24 Newling, William 

25 Masters, Richard 

27 Wright, Joseph 
Denton, Bernard 

3i*Burton, Lancelott 


Phinis, Mary 
Blanchard, Eliz. 
Meach, Elizabeth 
Hensley, Mary 
Chatteris, Eliz. 
Millborne, Anne 
Bulmar, Eliz. 
Rochester, Mary 
Bluck, Margaret 

Cramp, Elizabeth 
Thompson, Eliz. 
Bourne, Anne 
Blofield, Elizabeth 
Reynolds, Sarah 
Radcliffe, Jane 


Crosse, 1- ranees 
Terricke, Jane 

Asbrigg, Mary 
Harding, Mary 
Orange, Elizabeth 
Thaer, Elizabeth 
Allett, Mary 
Hayes, Alice 
Sherborne, Dor. 
Harlor, Mary 
Baker, Dinah 
Cotton, Elizabeth 
Crouch, Mary 
Merritt, Elizabeth 


Powell, Elizabeth 

Sloman, Frances 
Coxon, Elizabeth 
Kinston, Sarah 
Heyman, Jane 
Wandsford, Reb. 
I nee, Anne 
Bennett, Eliz. 
Hopkins, Eliz. 
Benge, Mary 
Hand, Dorothy 
Rutland, Priscilla 
Swift, Katherine 

February, 1682-3. 

3*Greenfied, John [Dr. Meriton, Eliza- 
of Physic] beth 

•Sill, William [Clerk] Smith, Anne 
Shepheard, Edmund Lay ton, Martha 
5 Doughty, Edmund Abnett, Sarah 
Westwood, Thomas Phillips, Margaret 
Thomas, John Wolfenden, Eliz. 

8 Broxoline, Robt. and 
Scott, Robert 

9 Dawson, Samuel 
Parvin, Francis 

Bulksly, Thomas 

Weekes, John 

Boocock, Benjamin 
10 Allam, Samuel 
12 Gilmore, Edward 
* Rogers, Robert 

Sturt, Edward 
i3*Atkins, Thomas 

Romayne, John 
iq*Levinge, Richard 

15 Stevens, I horn as 
Norton, William 

"Bird, William 

16 Alders, James 

17 Daines, Maurice 
Milner, Joseph 

"Holland, Stephen 

ig*Ellis, Thomas 
Carter, William 
Farmer, William 
Petitt, John 
*Pendleberry, John 
*Elsby [Ellesby], Jas 
20 Woolhead, Joseph 
Whittaker, Henry 
24 Halsey, James 
Bayley, John 

Butier, Martha 
Drisser, Sarah 
Bradshaw, Anne 

Calverley, Anne 
Barrett, Jane 
Stodder, Eliz. 
Deacle, Joane 
Crisp, Ruth 
Ingram, Judith 
Ash, Elizabeth 
Greene, Katherine 
Jones, Anne 
Corbin, Mary 

Saunders. Ell'nor 
Bentham, Judith 

Rowland, Anne 
Burstall, Eve 

Clerke [Clarke], 

Le Hunt, Mary 
Streeter, Eliz. 
Griswald, Anne 
Somner, Sarah 
Milton, Anne 
Ernie, Jane 

Gilpin, Penelope 
Penn, Dorothy 
Holbreeche, Anne 
Hawford, Ell'nor 

March, i 
3 Bull, Cornelius 

Comyrton, Charles 
5 Youicke, Robert 
7 Crosse, John 
12 Woodhouse, James 
Travell, John 

14 Brattle, Stephen 

15 W^rd, Thomas 

17 Vaughan, William 

20 Season, Samuel 

21 Smith, George 
Doggett, Richard 

22 Richards, Edward 

Millis, Anne 
Snapes, Elizabeth 
Wilson, Jane 
Porter, Jane 
Nicholl, Anne 
White, Martha 
Winder, Anne 
Ruce, Elizabeth 
Clifford, Mary 
Blackwell, Susan. 
Hosley, Rachel 
Eaton, Anne 
Wilkinson, Eliz. 

March, 1683. 

27*Wilbraham, Rand. Wilbraham, Eliz. 

28*Drewry, Drew Wright, Judith 
[Drury, Dru] 

29 Vaughan, William Beedle, Margaret 

30 Symm, George Batty, Frances 

31 Turner, Theophilus Cole, Elizabeth 

68 3 ] 

Faculty Office. 


April, 1683. 

2 Dawes, William and Rumsey, Rebecca 

Creele, Christopher Holloway, Eliz. 

*Whitehead, Edmund Millington, Eliz. 

5 Dix, Christopher Warren, Susanna 

Curie, Henry 

6 Betts, Francis 
Fells, John 

*Hall, Henry 

7 Russell, John 
Vandespreit, John 
Cheslin, Richard 
Rothwell, John 
Hacker, John 

Sedgwick, Eliz. 

Tewley, Mary 
Martin, Kath. 
Parkins, Mary 
Worley, Elizabeth 
Randall, Anne 
Flexney, Sarah 
Kendall, Eliz. 
Wilkin, Kath. 
Cox, Susanna 

9 B lizard, William 

Newsham, Charles Stannard, Sarah 
10 Kiffin, William Reeves, Sarah 

Collingwood, Edwd. Curtis, Christian 
Taylor, William Makepiece, Margt. 
ri Hutchins, Roger Hitch, Anne 
12 Clarke, Samuel Gunter, Anne 

i3*Bluck, Mathew Hawkins, Kath. 

*Dashwood, Francis Jenings, Mary 
14 Parsons, Simon Wadland, Susan'a 

Pepys, John 

Pryce, Evan 

Edmonds, John 
17 Hall, William 
19 Hilder, Edward 
20*Latham, Oliver 
23 Leggett, John 

Hutsford, William 

25 Myles, Arthur 

26 Price, William 

27 Wykes, William 

28 West, John 
Gary, Christopher 
Piatt, George 

30 Bayly, John 
How, John 
Fentham, George 
Kettrich, William 

Gibson, Mary 
Huggett, Anne 
Feilde, Alice 
Witts, Jane 
Constable, Mary 
Hammerton, Eliz. 
Feilde, Mary 
Bax, Anne 
Parry, Mary 
Durante, Reno- 

Barwell, Martha 
Peade, Priscilla 
Bicknold, Jane 
Harris, Mary 
Horrord, Eliz. 
Morgan, Mary 
Hanson, Jane 
Morison, Mary 

May, 1683. 

2 Alexander, Richard Barne, Hester 

5*Rogers, John Banks, Susanna 

Stevenson, William Dancy, Margt. 

Nicholas, John Hildesley, Anne 

7*Earle, Charles Painter, Mary 

8*Haley, John [ Esq.] Bates, Mary 

Vernon, Samuel Coleman, Miriam 

Burditt, Thomas 
10 Tryst, Thomas 
Abbott, John 

15 Causton, James 
*Ivory, John 

16 Bunys, Robert 

Tilson, Anne 
Shiers, Abigail 
Dondall, Mary 
Causton, Charity 
Talbott, Anne 
Pattrick, Frances 

17 Strudwick, Wm. and 
Knowles, John 

18 St. John, Isaac 
1 (j Parnell, Daniel 

Lane, James 
Phillips, James 
Norridge, John 

21 Hasell, Eleazer 
Jackson, Edward 

22 Browning, John 
Swetman, John 

2] Simpson, Richard 
Aldcroft, Thomas 

25 Wrey, Richard 
Snape, John 

26 Paulden, Thomas 
Babbridge, Courtney 
Bigg, Henry 

28 Harrison, John 
Phillipson, Allan 
*Jermyn, George 

Wright, Jonathan 
30 Young, John 

Knightly, Jane 
Brian, Lucy 
Jermain, Margt. 
Ivatt, Elizabeth 
Styles, Mary 
Pedley, Mary 
Duncombe, Mary 
Clarke, Katharine 
Russell, Mary 
Edmonds, Mary 
Coleman, Joyce 
Lutton, Elizabeth 
Ward, Anne 
Cotton, Elizabeth 
Fells, Alice 
Gibbon, Rebecca 
Watson, Mary 
Weedon, Mary 
Johnson, Hester 
Best, Mary 
Bright, Catherine 

Corey, Frances 
Hodges, Mary 

June, 1683. 

1 Tesborow, Robert 

2 Pernell, Robert 
*Lumley, Martin 

4 Whale, John 

Cooper, Thomas 
5*Rogers, Jonathan 
7 Awcock, Edward 
(S Ditch, George 
9 Shampaine, James 
Northall, William 
1 1 Hopper, Richard 

*Ogle, Thomas 
14 Phillips, Andrew 
*Smith, Edwd. [Esq.] 
King, Richard 
16 Cosham, Michael 
i7*Brandon, LordChas. 
[The Hon. Charles, 
r8 Merchant, William 
*Blount, Sir Walter 
Kirkham [Bart.] 
19 Dickins, Henry 
Goldsmith, John 
22 Robinson, Timothy 
2^ Coates, Leonard 
25 Driver, Benjamin 
Burkett, Thomas 
Ben, Mathew 
Normandy, Thomas 
Jarman, Devorex 

Miller, Martha 
Phillips, Elizabeth 
Dawes, Elizabeth 

Weight, Jane 
Weight, Sarah 
Long, Mary 
Underhill, Mary 
Westwood, Mary 
Ackerer, Mary 
Elmer, Sarah 
Talmar, Sibilla 
Chaytor, Anne 
Rheane, Matilda 
Pepys, Olivia 
Custis, Anne 
Wood, Elizabeth 
Mason, Anne 

Dardes, Rose 
Cranmar, Mary 

Lester, Anne 
Pamflett, Eliz. 
Stakes, Mary 
Bowyer, Mary 
Richardson, Grace 
Nevill, Sarah 
Catmore, Anne 
Lucas, Mary 
Buckley, Eliz. 


Marriage Licences. 


June, 1683. 
25*Rumney, John and Filmer, 



26*Webb, William 
Staples, Humfrey 

28 Randolph, John 

29 Matthew, William 

[Amy, called in 
margin Mary] 

Parker, Amaretta 

Harling, Eliz. 

Merry, Judith 

Smith, Mary 

July, 1683. 

2 Yeomans, Thomas Wilson, Sarah 
Nelson, Henry Hughes, Mary 

3 *Thorneborne [Thar- Croke, Mary 

borne], John [Esq.] 
Lucas, Richard Stannynough, 

*Salter, Wm. [Clerk] Francklyn, Eliz. 
4*Coldham, George Vernon, Mary 
5 Forster, John Nicholson, Ellea- 


*Strudwicke, George 

6 Mackinesse, Wm. 

7 Stephens, John 

9 Hammett, Thomas 

10 Wright, Thomas 

1 1 ^Holland, Edward 

I3*lsham, Sir Justinian 
*Verney, John 

14 Cooper, John 
Bright, Edward 

i6*Smith, Edward 
20*Baker, John 

23 Gray, George 
Baker, William 

24*Butler [Boteler], 

Geo. [John, Esq.] 

24 Bachelor, Benjamin 
*Dixon, Rbt. [Esq.] 

25 Cowell, Thomas 

26 Knight, Daniel 
30 Collett, William 
3i*Price, John [Clerk] 

Turner, George 


1 Game, Mathew 
4 Ambrose, Thomas 
7 Scott, Benjamin 

*Bolt, Henry 
9 Swalle, Abell 
Randall, Edward 
Stringer, Edward 
11 Houlston, Thomas 
13 Drakeford, Edward 

15 Artrim, Joseph 
*Bockett, John 

Stone, Martha 
Munday, Eliz. 
Lenton, Anne 
Atleigh, Elizabeth 
Asser, Abigail 
Orson, Havarah 

Turner, Elizabeth 

Breton, Christian 
Fuller, Penelope 
Jacob, Joane 
Stanley, Cecilia 
Haslam, Dorothy 
Stone, Mary 
Perkins, Anne 
Atkins, Frances 

Osland, Elizabeth 
Brett, Joyce 
Bland, Jane 
Cawthorne, Eliz. 
Allen, Hannah 
Wakelyn, Anne 
Moncke, Anne 


Cooke, Martha 
Lloyd, Elleanor 
Hatt, Mary 
Silvester, Mary 
Sandford, Mary 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Peirce, Deborah 
Bowne, Frances 
Wood, Jane 
Harrison, Eliz. 
Scarlett, Frances 

15* Brace, Francis and 

Baker, Joshua 

Ceeley, Peter 
i6*Drake, Ralph 

17 Bateman, John 
Baynes, John 

* Thurold, Sir Anthony 


Lewis, John 

18 Ford, John 

20 Newman, Samuel 

* Constable, Thomas 

"Smith, John 
Rickards, Richard 
Rose, William 
Knight, Thomas 
2i*Burnett, William 
zz Pye, William 
*Wright, William 
Tinkerson, John 

24 Wyer, Anthony 

25 Jarnill, Richard 
Ackroman, Thomas 
Searanck, John 

27 Larkin, William 
White, Thomas 
Perkins, Samuel 
Pratt, John 

29*Dashwood, Robert 

30 Skepye, John 
Turner, John 
James, William 

3i*Howard, Thomas 
Rand, Joseph 


3 Cleeve, John 
*Sandys, Edward 

4 Williams, Thomas 
Nicoll, Edward 
Beavis, Peter 
Sherlock, George 

7 Shaw, John 
Groane, John 
Rogers, John 

11 Barker, Nicholas 

12 Caston, William 

13 Haskinstiles, Joseph 
15 Baker, Robert 
i7*Amherst, William 

18 Saunders, Alban 

19 Wheldale, Thomas 
24 Wood, Ambrose 

Dix, Thomas 

28 Mousley, Robert 

29 Dainty, Robert 
*Pulter, W T illiam 

Thurloe, Anne 
Mallery, Grace 
Westfield, Alice 
Glyd, Martha 
Day, Martha 
Sadler, Rebecca 
Harrington [Har- 

ington], Anna 

Peniston, Eliz. 
Waggorn, Eliz. 
Swayne, Anne 
Master, Anne 

Christian, Eliz. 
Eldridge, Sarah 
Watson, Dorcas 
Watson, Hannah 
Willowes, Jane 
Turner, Elizabeth 
Dunch, Dorothy 
Cox, Mary 
Rochdell, Sarah 
Wilde, Ruth 
Prickett, Ellenor 
Allen, Elizabeth 
Cooke, Jane 
Simpson, Susanna 
Gill, Mary 
Wood, Barbara 
Wells, Sarah 
Walker, Kath. 
Ellery, Frances 
Snowe, Hannah 
Newport, Diana 
Ward, Elizabeth 

, 1683. 

Turner, Sarah 
Crosse, Joanna 
Prince, Elizabeth 
Child, Susanna 
Anthony, Eliz. 
Hylliard, Anne 
Abbott, Alice 
Sherwood, Eliz. 
Baker, Sarah 
Hall, Elizabeth 
Gurson, Susan 
Eyles, Sarah 
Best, Mary 
Stratford, Jane 
Goodridge, Mary 
Branson, Mary 
Crozier, Eliz. 
Warren, Sarah 
Stone, Elizabeth 
Brian, Mary 
Jones, Martha 

68 3 ] 

Faculty Office. 


October, 1683. 
1 Wheatby, Win. and Booth, Elizabeth 

Lunt, Elizabeth 
Paul, Susanna 
Blunt, Mary 
Stone, Mary 
Bawn, Phillippa 

Staffe, John 
4 Haynes, Edmund 

Hubbard, James 
6 Franklyn, Philip 
10 Whitebread, Thos 

Wickham, Thomas Jarman, Hester 

12 Rowland, Robert Chapman, Eliz. 

13 Faulkner, John 
Pickering-, C It arks 

15 Chowne, Samuel 

Hodson, Thomas 

Snelling, John 
10 Wythers, Edward 
i7*Jackson, John 

22 Forant, Stephen 

23 Lyfe, Robert 
25 Trigg, John 
27 Stiles, Thomas 
2(j*Owen, Philip [Esq 

" Chaundler[Chandler], Peachey , Eliz. 
M at hew 
31 Meddowes, Anthony Twinborough, 


Robbins, Joane 
Pickering, Eliz. 
Cunnington, Mary 
Shepherd, Mary 
Wood, Joane 
Sampson, Martha 
Smyth, Mary 
Leroux, Kath. 
Bromshall, Eliz. 
Hunt, Joane 
Denham, Hannah 
Tomlinson.Jane a) 

2 Carvile, William 

3 Morgan, John 
Cheeseman, Charles 

*Carey, Francis 

6 *Ashfordby 

* Marsh, John 

7 Wood, William 
*Smith, John 
*Filmer, Thomas 

10 Yeomans, James 
*Talbott, Sharington 

13 *Thistlethwaite, 


14 Lightfoot, Anasta- 

si lis, Cottonus, 

16 Kempe, Thomas 

17 Pottinger, James 
Duke, Richard 

Merriman, John 
Biddle, John 
""Sterling, Henry 

[Alexander]Earl o; 
*Painter, George 
19 Wheeler, Charles 
Hilder, Erancis 
Cole, Richard 

November, 1683. 

Caesar, Margaret 
Crookes, Eliz. 
Browne, Mary 
Burton, Hannah 
Tash, Alice 

Hascall, Mary 
Strickland, Anne 
Fiennes, Susanna 
Bartlett, Eliz. 
Lawley, Anne 
Pelham, Mary 

Thompson, Eliza- 

Brackwell, Anne 
Tidsley, Anne 

Lewin, Sarah 
Bourne, Susanna 
Reynolds, Dame 
f Priscilla 
Ashur, Martha 
Caproone, Judith 
Knight, Martha 
Paine, Sarah 

{a) This entry is dated 29th April, but comes 
between 27th and 29th October. 

19 Rice, John and 

20 Foulsum, George 
Pickering-, John 

22*Porter, Francis 

Zj, Barker, Joseph 
24 Clements, Richard 
"Purefoy, Gamaliel 
Dickenson, James 
26 Row, Thomas 
Godfrey, Henry 
Fownes, Thomas 

29 Cocke. James 

H oil way, Richard 

30 Corbitt, Edmund 
Huddy, John 
Murfin, Daniel 


1 Revett, William 
Tymewell, Stephen 

4 Lenoir, Peter 

5 Andrews, John 

6 Loveridge, Thomas 

7 Walker, John 

8 Dildyke, John 
Wisdon, William 

10 Langham, John 

Warren, Thomas 

Bellamy, Edward 

*Quadring, Robert 

1 1 Griffith, John 

12 Ford, Robert 

13 Phillips, Samuel 
i4*Leech [Leach], 

*Baxter, Edward 
16 Elliott, Joseph 

May bank, James 
[8 May, Joseph 
1 g Coston, John 
Bradford, John 

20 Norris, William 
Lambe, Joshua 

21 Hannes, Edward 
Ketch, Edward 
Hall, Robert 

22 Cawley, William 
*Clerke, John 

Martin, John 
*Hulbert, Robert 

24 Moore, Richard 
Hasleham, John 
Carter, Charles 
Abbys, Robert 
Bennett, Edward 

29*Griffith, Thos. [Esq.] 
Collins, Thomas 

Wigg, Elizabeth 
Blanckbourne, Sar. 
Ferrett, Elizabeth 
Bound, Thorn a- 


Bedford, Eliz. 
Palmer, Susanna 
Abell, Elizabeth 
Alexander, Jane 
Gowland, Eliz. 
Bourne, Anne 
Fownes, Mary 
Hill, Agnes 
Packer, Elizabeth 
Wilshire, Margt. 
Munday, Mary 
Topping, Hester 


Rant, Anne 
Blinman, Dorothy 
Watts, Mary 
Lancashire, Anna 
Wareing, Anne 
Hall, Anne 
Dobby, Ruth 
Eginton, Amy 
Freeman, Theo- 

Smith, Frances 
Goldston, Sarah 
Browne, Mary 
Underhill, Lucy 
Beddington, Sarah 
Chock, Frances 
Dry den, Jemima 

Salisbury, Susan'a 
Bennett, Martha 
Revell, Prudence 
Burch, Jane 
Bacon, Mary 
Parry, Susanna 
Dawson, Mary 
Ward, Margaret 
Gifford, Mary 
Dodman, Mary 
Newington, Eliz. 
Rookes, Elizabeth 
Peke, Elizabeth 
Hamutt, Mary 
Lowe, Margaret 
Gregory, Eliz. 
Russell, Mary 
Ayres, Elizabeth 
Dixon, Jane 
Mayle, Margaret 
Dyer, Johanna 
Kingsbury, Mary 


Ma n 'iao-e L icences. 


December, 1683. 

29 Stubbing, John and Cole, Dorothy 
31 *Georges, Jas. [Esq.] Shadwell, Anne 
Groves, James Reading, Sarah 

Strawbridge, Nich. Harris, Mary 

January, 1683-4. 

1 Whaskett, Peter 
*Scroggs, Sir Wm. 
4 Lancashire, James 

7 Drury, Castle 

8 Carter, Thomas 

10 Turvin, Michael 

11 Sheed, William 
Dixon, Henry 

i6*Marson, Thomas 
i7*Derham, William 
18 Savidge, John 
2i*Hawley, Francis 

24 *Hamilton, J as. [ Esq 

25 Harding, Thomas 

29 Burrington, John 
Small, Daniel 
Bevis, Edmund 
Wilson, William 
Smigersgill, James 

30 Pleydell, John 

Derington, Anne 
Churchill, Mary 
Ward, Mary 
Leech, Anne 
Powell, Phillis 
Munday, Anne 
Huxley, Elizabeth 
Elliott, Elizabeth 
Smart, Anne 
Darrell, Isabella 
Nicholas, Anne 
Hughes, Judith 
J Reading, Eliz. 
Burr, Penelope 
Maidstone, Mary 
Poulter, Elizabeth 
Good, Mary 
Finch, Mary 
Jewsters, Anne 
Petty ward, Sarah 


1 Freke, William 
Wardner, James 
Barnett, John 

2 Benning, John 

4 Fowler, George 
5*Swift, Edward 
6 Allyn, Thomas 
Street, John 
"Smith [Smyth], 
9*Beke, Richard 

11 Winnan, Henry 
Barston, James 
Maslin, William 

*Charteris, James 
Haynes, Thomas 
Cheife, George 
Tillear, William 

*Deligne, Daniel 

12 King, Hesekiah 
Robinson, Samuel 

13 Saltmarsh, William 
*Knight, Bezaeleel 

Maplisden, John 

19 Bletsoe, James 

20 Bedson, William 
27 Grasty, John 


Clarke, Mary 
Webber, Eliz. 
Gibson, Elizabeth 
Etheridge, Mary 
Hyde, Hester 
Stephens, Eliz. 
Hodgson, Mary 
Hoskins, Kath. 
Button, Anne 

Lee, Elizabeth 
Kitchen, Elizabeth 
Bellson, Elizabeth 
Reeves, Mary 
Gresham, Martha 
Benning, Mary 
Elwicke, Susanna 
Guy, Diana 
Palmer, Frances 
Hilleard, Hester- 
Clarke, Abigail 
Day, Mary 
Gregory, Margt. 
Goodge, Barbara 
Scoles, Abigail 
Bennett, Elizabeth 
Still, Anne 

March, 1683-4. 

1 Gander, Joseph and Brockhurst, Eliz. 
4 Talbott, Thomas Neale, Sarah 

6 Lloyd, John 

Parrott, William 
13 Brace, Philip 

19 Weekes, William 
Butler, Edmund 

20 Vicaris, Walter 

21 Deare, Edward 
"Harris, Henry 

->4 Butler, John 
Lidget, Charles 

Sandsbury, Han- 
Hurlock, Mary 
Wright, Anne 
Hanson, Mary 
Earle, Elizabeth 
Wilkey, Elizabeth 
Steed, Mary 
Child, Margaret 
Puckeridge, Mary 
Hester, Mary 

March, 1684. 

25 Sherlock, Edward 

Numan, John 
20 Basse, Edward 

27 Rivett, John 

28 Rowley, John 
Page, William 

29 Chapman, John 
Carter, Richard 

*Topp, Sir John 

Edkins, John 
Bragg, Roger 
Page, Richard 
31 Quartermaine, Dan. 
Russell, William 
Harding, George 

Leeson, Mary 
Fuller, Margaret 
Coquean, Jane 

Simpson, Mary 
Cam, Anne 
Warmsley, Mary 
Hubbert, Anne 
St. John, Barbara 

Head, Ellenor 
Ivory, Mary 
Elwes, Frances 
Best, Alice 
Reeve, Rebecca 
Townsend, Sus- 

April, 1684. 

1 Rigg, Randolph 
Gibbon, William 
Hay, Robert 

2 *Sedgley, Thomas 
*Hall, William 

3*Pinchon, Herbert 
4*Archer, Simon 

Stacie, John 
5* Adams, John 
8 Proudfoot, Thomas 

Bostall, William 

10 Evans, Mathew 
*Eles [Eeles], Wm. 

1 1 Ward, John 
Buckley, Edward 

14 Winterbourne, John 
16 Starman, John 

18 Hope, Alexander 

19 Wilkinson, Edward 
21 Roberts, Nicholas 

Busfield, John 

Walles, Margaret 
Robinson, Frances 
Brasier, Margaret 
Nicholson, Susan'a 
Chitty, Agnes 
Cornwallis, Eliz. 
Hastings, Eliz. 
Butler, Hannah 
King, Alice 
Proudfoot, Eliz. 
Jennings, Isabella 
Rutt, Anne 
Holies, Anne 
Bucknall, Mary 
Cropley, Anne 
Spurling, Mary 
Ward, Elizabeth 
Apthorpe, Mary 
Hodgkin, Sarah 
Currier, Frances 
Bartew, Anne 

i68 4 ] 

Faculty Office. 

8 9 

April, 1684. 

22 Cudsden, Thos. and Clarke, Elizabeth 
25 Burges, John Price, Elizabeth 

24 Pyne, Francis Pearse, Joane 

28 Weale, Charles Browne, Ursula 

May, 1684. 
1 Gonson, Saeki'ord Grimston, Dorothy 

3 *Sackeville, Henry 
Almond, Thomas 

4*Coney, Francis 

6 Stocke, John 
Salkeld, William 

Loggan, Anne 
Chapman, Eliz'. 
Turney, Frances 
Pingle, Margaret 
Harvey, Jane 

7 Tressillian, William Collett, Anne 
9*Tipping, William Adeane, Elizabeth 

'Sturt, Anthony 
i2*Gee, Samuel 

Winnard, Thomas 
*Butler, Ambrose 

i3*Bellamy, Martin 
14 Bulmer, John 

Bass, Adam 
i5*Hicks, Ernest John Caesar, Mary 
16 Walker, Edward Laughton, Eliz 

'Wilson, John 

Parsons, Eliz. 
Moore, Katherine 
Bayley, Cicely 
Sydenham, Maria 

Barnby, Anne 
Simpson, Eliz. 
Coell, Hester 

19 Bell, William 
23*Wills, Anthony 

24 James, Charles 
Cart, James 

Walpole, Mary 
Gill, Margaret 
String, Elizabeth 

Nevett, Katherine 
Chew, Jane 

^Laurence, Sir John Stone, Catherine 

26*Tash, Robert 

Lap worth, John 
26 Puller, Jonathan 
28 Keld, Christopher 
30* Fisher, Peter 
3i*Wivell, Thomas 
Downton, John 
Jenkins, God man 

June, i 

3 Cherrington, Fred. 

4 Reynham, John 
Morris, John 
Cooper, William 

7 Beeston, Robert 
*Heylyn, John 
Ishan, Thomas 
9 Rider, Nathaniel 

10 Heighan, George 

11 Jones, William 
Halley, William 
Barton, Thomas 

12 "Merchant, William 

Farshall, Richard 

13 Lee, Thomas 

Le Strange, Eliz. 
Grubb, Anne 
Pitt, Mary 
Seymour, Eliz. 
Dawes, Eliz. 
Sawyer, Kath. 
Seagood, Eliz. 
Kentish, Sarah 


Merrill, Mary 
Warren, Rachel 
Towers, Anne 
Nightingale, Mary 
Cannon, Alice 
Sherman, Susanna 
Waite, Judith 
Beare, Anne 
Watts, Magdalen 
Williams, Jane 
Graygoose, Sarah 
Lun, Mary 
Napton, Elizabeth 
Dry, Martha 
Day, Anne 

13 Wharton, Hum. and 
17 Fletcher, Robert 
*Hobart, Sir Henry 

20 Duffett, Henry 
Ford, Francis 

Bayly, Daniel 

21 *Nedham, Maurice 

Sill, Wellesborne 
Knapp, John 

2^ Edden, Enoch 
Bright, Jerimiah 
Smith, William 
Knight, Robert 

27*Dyer, William 
Snatt, William 
King, John 

30 Robinson, Henry 
Wells, Thomas 
Perkins, Howkins 

Davis, Anne 
Potts, Mary 
Maynard, Eliz. 

Barnes, Anne 
Havers, Thorn- 

Adams, Tabitha 
Bowyer, Lettice 
Barton, Susanna 
Watson, Dorothy 
Rogers, Lucretia 
Bright, Anne 
Barrackle, Sarah 
Dinny, Deborah 
Hay ward, Mary 
Richards, Charity 
Archer, Martha 
Sheriffe, Mary 
Carwarden, Gert. 
Howkins, Aliee 

July, 1684. 

1 Ricard, Samuel Cope, Sarah 
*Nelson, Abraham Spencer, Susanna 

Otohell, Cornelius Robinson, Mary 
*Sandys [Sandes|, Johnson, Eliza- 
John beth 

2 Heycock, Richard Cripps, Mary 

7 Macocks, Edwards Rowcliffe, Chris- 
Comber, William Woodstocke, Anne 
Terry, Charles Hunt, Elizabeth 

io*Courthope, William Godfrey, Anne 

Sowthen, Joseph Berrow, Joanna 

11 Rosser, Henry Fisher, Anne 

12 Tayler, Edward Wickham, Margt. 
Mackfarson, M ichael Doegood, Eliz. 

i4*Cartwright, Peter Wilmore, Mary 
i<S*Corbett, William Jones, Ellenor 
17 Baylie, Joseph Rodd, Mary 

i9*Greenwood, [Rev. J, Justice, Elizabeth 

Dawson, Eliz. 
Mason, Elizabeth 
Bellen, Dorothea 
Gittins, Susanna 
Barie, Mary 
Ramsden, Rebecca 
Colett, Elizabeth 

2i*Stewart, William 
2^ Mason, Robert 

24 Butler, Charles 
Hay, William 

25 Baignowx, Paul 
Whittwood, John 

*Tipping, William 
Manning, Charles Pynes, Alice 

26 Kinlough, James Charteris, Kath. 
"Moore, [Rev.] Chas. Bayly, Elizabeth 

28 Knowles, Benjamin Bullock, Mary 
Preston, Thomas Collett, Sarah 

29*Haley, Richard 

3o*Powell, Thomas 
Disken, Michael 
King, Francis 

Justice, Mary 
Bucknall, Mary 
Granwin, Susanna 
Storey, Elizabeth 


Marriage Licences. 


August, 1684. 

4 Fenton, William and Thorpe, Elizabeth 

Lay, Peter Walker, Anne 

6*Alston, Thomas Guilford, Anne 
7*Frewen, Edward Godscall, Selina 
Emerton, John Nicholls, Eliz. 

8 Blackwell, Stephen Gregg, Elizabeth 

9 Cartwright, William Duppa, Mary 
*Flavell, John Cromewell [Crom 

well] , Dorothy 

11 Kingstone, John Cranfield. Ethel- 

*Leversege, William Tinker, Alice 

12 Craft, Caleb Senior, Hannah 
14 Chaloner, Arthur Fitch, Jane 

Stones, Thomas Gray, Sarah 
i5*Eveling [Evelyn |, Bromehall, 
George Frances 

16 Russell, Samuel Dixon, Elizabeth 

ig*Blount, Christopher Fanshaw, Eliz. 
22 Lambert, John Wood, Elizabeth 

Haynes, Walter 
23 Ridley, John 

Hawdon, Hugh 

Hilman, John 
25*Skinner, William 
26 Raven, John 
2$ Sutton, Daniel 

30 Corbett, Joseph 
Read, Edmund 


1 Sweeting, Charles 
"Dennis, William 
"Baynes, John 

Pounting, Abraham 

2 Gawen, Thomas 

3 Tanner, James 
6 Ireland, William 
y*Lewis, Thomas 

Godfrey, Benjamin 

Saxby. John 
10 Manley, George 

Jackman, Francis 

Lofthouse, Seth 
12 Whetman, Thomas 

15 Nicoll, Isaac 
Hickes, Gaspar 

16 Pemell, Benjamin 
Hoole, Samuel 

18 Rugg, John 
24*James, Jonathan 

Pigg, William 
25 Hardisty, Joseph 
Bowtel, Philip 
Dailicock, John 

Peirson, Sarah 
Gunnell, Joane 
Knight, Anne 
Grinley. Anne 
Lobb, Mary 
Inmith, Ellinor 

Cox, Elizabeth 
Panett, Frances 


Bourne, Anne 
Cotton, Dorothy 
Amhurst [Am- 
herst], Dorothy 
Detra, Joane 
Heynes, Anne 
Cooke, Susanna 
Cumberford, Anne 
Brett, Mary 
Sawyer, Kath. 
Meckham, Mary 
Ravenscroft, Jane 
Charton, Eliz. 
Decayne, Anne 
Nichlas, Anne 
Watkins, Sarah 
Browne, Judith 
Simonds, Margt. 
Horton, Elizabeth 
Browne, Hester 
Clayton, Alice 
Rogers, Frances 
James, Anne 
Lilly, Sarah 
Goodman, Eleanor 

29 Bickerstaff,John and Elliott, Anne 
Rafes, Nicholas Love, Mary 

30*Simpson, [Revd.J Mathews, Eliza- 
Robert beth 
Stevenson, Laurance Seaman, Mary 

October, 1684. 
1 Dewby, Thomas Bradshaw, Lucy 

Morgan, Amy 
Chapman, Anne 
Heme, Elizabeth 
Franklin, Anne 
Sare, Elizabeth 
Poole, Hester 
Broad, Mary 
Borrodale I Borra- 
dale], Rebecca 
Field, Peace 
Hill, Elizabeth 

2 Morgan, Israel 

3 Underwood, John 

4 Clayton, William 

6 Cox, William 
White, Jeremiah 

7 Merriman, John 

8 Wallett, Henry 
i3*Rimes, William 

14 Walker, Edward 

15 Hayes, Richard 
i8*Wymondesold,Robt. Gould, Elizabeth 

*Cary, Walter Halford, Anabella 

22 Horsneyle, Thomas Smedmore, Sus- 
24 Reynoldson, Chas. Pearce, Christian 
*Morrett, Benjamin Williams, Rebecca 
27 Clarke, John Gael, Mary 

Hunt, Isaac Bristow, Mary 

Smith, John Cotton, Mary 

28*Edgerton[Egerton], Ford, Sarah 

[Rev.] John 
29 Immyns, Thomas Burningham, Dor. 
31 Lane, Henry Nicholson, Susan'a 

November, 1684. 

i*Jollife, John 
Currance, John 

4 Webb, Uriah 

5 Lole, John 

6 Stonehewer, Wm. 
7*Wyatt, Henry 

8 Bright, Henry 
12 Bestly, Thomas 
Grove, Thomas 
14 Phipps, William 
*Oakes, Daniel 

17 Rewalling, Thomas 

18 Lucas, Robert 
^Gilbert, Henry 

1 9* Phillips [Rev.], John 
20*Green, Robert 

*Haynes, Rowland 
21 Rumney, Thomas 

24 Hall, John 

25 Eling, Thomas 
27*Gascoigne, Thomas 

Salmon, Peter 
28*Layton, Samuel 
*Nowell [Rev.], Wm. 

Crew [Hon.] Anne 
Vilett, Elizabeth 
Ball, Elizabeth 
Binion, Susanna 
Tomlinson, Grace 
Lewindon, Sarah 
Proctor, Elizabeth 
How, Elizabeth 
Knight, Grace 
Short, Susanna 
Threlkeld, Anne 
Brand, Elizabeth 
Bray, Elizabeth 
Dale, Jane 
Wayte, Susanna 
Norris, Susanna 
Bellers, Mary 
Burley, Ellenor 
Barratt, Martha 
Knott, Bridget 
Umfreville, Judith 
Hungerford, Mary 
Whiting, Eliz. 
Bromley, Eliz. 


Faculty Office. 



1 Kay, Richard and 
2*Blinch, George 

3 Funge, William 
Gifford, James 

5 Turner, John 
Harmer, George 

6 Selfe, Isaac 
8*Hughes, Robert 

Alcock, Thomas 
Capell, Charles 
13 Coules, Thomas 
Jameson, David 

16 Bristowe, Robert 
Jones, William 
Drout, Thomas 

17 Memory, Thomas 
*Ray, Thomas 

Du Fay, James 
19* Squibb, Arthur 
20 Buckle, William 

Quin, Henry 
"Roberts, John 

22 Walthow, Robert 
"Randolph, Edward 
"Rogers, George 

23 Disborne, Benjamin 

24 Davis, Samuel 
27 Merchant, Hugh 

Perkins, Thomas 
29 Jones, John 
31 White, Thomas 
Stephens, Joseph 
Rouseham, Martin 
Partridge, Charles 
Woodward, Charles 

January, i 

2 Read, Thomas 

3 Wood, Richard 

5 Pleasant, Samuel 
Brice, John 

6 Beetham, James 

7 Burcher, Richard 
Morgan, John 
Griffin, Daniel 

8 Henley, Thomas 
10 Pryde, Alexander 
12 "Bennett, Charles 
15 Fleming, Christo- 

17 Farnborow [Rev.], 

19 "Lea, Nathaniel 

Holland, Thomas 
20 Newbould, William 

Cutting, John 


Wharton, Amy 
Mawson, Eliz 
Cooper, Elizabeth 
Sparry, Jane 
Collins, Ruth 
Billinghurst, Fran. 
Smith, Anne 
Gunmun, Lydia 
Grimes, Mary 
Sandey, Mary 
Bowdler, Eliz. 
Starke, Katherine 
Pickering, Brid'tt 
Woolley, Cath. 
Pindelle, Sarah 
Scott, Rebecca 
Jeffs, vSusanna 
Luxford, Anne 
Ammonet, Jane 
Petre, Mary 
Lugg, Sarah 
Stanley, Sarah 
Boys, Bridget 
Swan, Elizabeth 
Piatt, vSarah 
Johnson, Eliz. 

Clunn, Elizabeth 
Jerman, Mary 
Smith, Anne 
Lewis, Mary 
Hyett, Anne 
Maddison, Eliz. 
Wallis, Elizabeth 
Draper, Elizabeth 
Clutterbuck, Olive 


Browne, Jane 
Taylor, Agnes 
Bull, Susanna 
Atherin, Mary 
Lewin, Elizabeth 
Parr, Elizabeth 
Wakeford, Joane 
Walter, Sarah 
Coleman, Anne 
Harrison, Anne 
Driden, Elizabeth 
Bradford, Barth- 

Bell, Frances 

Carpenter, Joyce 
Martin, Johanna 
Hill, Sarah 
Langton, Eliz. 

20 Birkbeck, Chas. and Philpott, Anne 
Rawlinson, William Gopp, Susanna 

21 Kilpen, William Norton, Margaret 
Barker, Henry 


"Blackett, William 
23 Stanton, Samuel 
28 Redman, Samuel 
Compton, Robert 
D'Cayne, Andrew 
29 "Moore, John 

"Knightly, Robert 
31 Scriven, John 

Ecclestone, Eliz. 
Conyers, Julia 
Foard, Anne 
Clayton, Mary 
Henson, Elizabeth 
Wedgwood, Mary 
Vicaridge, Susan'a 
Chapman, Anne 
Stanton, Mar)' 

Bickerstaffe/IhomasCrapp, Elizabeth 


3"Cleeter, George 

4 Grigg, Robert 
Troward, Luke 
Tilden, Richard 

5 Parker, William 
7 Butteris, George 

Holman, John 
Browning, Thomas 
io*Elwes, George 
Moncke, Charles 
"Crompton, Lovet 

"Huntley, Mathew 
1 1 Stanworth, Richard 

13 "Webb, Richard 

14 Churchill, William 
16 Hibbert, John 

Howard, Richard 
Jewell, Edmund 
i8*Chetwynd, Walter 
Ellis, Thomas 
Norman, Josiah 
*Elwes, Robert 
i9*Drury, John 
20 Heming, Thomas 
Weekley, N ethaniah 
Quillett, Michael 
Ryall, Nicholas 

23 "Burrow, Thomas 

"Pye, Charles 
Sadler, John 
Pearse, Richard 

24 Theed, William 
Tatnell, George 
Shearne, Edward 

25 Smith, William 
Johnson, George 

26 Nussey, Lawrence 

27 Dolphin, John 

28 Jenkinson, Robert 
"Pemberton, Wm. 

Yorke, Robert 


Rogers, Anne 
Hast, Mary 
Kelley, Susanna 
Cale, Lydia 
Silvester, Eliz. 
Pike, Roda 
Ashby, Mary 
Lewis, Amy 
Humphryes, Mary 
Brooker, Mary 

Lewis, Isabella 
Peake, Margaret 
Hawkins, Anne 
Sare, Rose 
Lloyd, Hester 
Hart, Mary 
Loder, Martha 
Askew, Elizabeth 
Dugdaell, Isabella 
Elliott, Sarah 
Freeman, Eliz. 
Jurin, Elizabeth 
Ball, Alice 
Baldock, Mary 
Prieur, Frances 
Imings, Mary 
Lethienllier [Lethi- 

eullier], Jane 
Stephens, Anne 
Godard, Bridget 
Phillips, Elizabeth 
Bosworth, Bithia 
Day, Mary 
Wade, Anna 

Goodwin, Sarah 
Ealles, Mary 
Hunt, Anne 
Wilson, Elizabeth 
Bernard, Dorothy 
Dashwood, Sarah 
Hunt, Frances 


Ma rriage L icences. 


March. 1684-5. 

2 Vaill, John and Lambert, KHz. 

Sampson, Thomas Thomas, Elleanc r 
Burden, Stephen Mall, Alice 

"Price, John 
Eales, Richard 
Penny, Richard 
3 Taylor, Peter 
Clarke, John 

Middleton, Susar. 
Smith, Susanna 
Brooke, Anne 
Buckeridge, Fran. 
Wallett, Elizabeth 

6 Nicholl, Benjamin Blackwell, Martha 
Blaud, Sir John Moseley, ) 


7 Rouse, John Cannon, Joane 
Winch, Nathaniel Wright, Elizabeth 


2~> Ford, James 
"Birkhead, Joseph 

26 Nicholls, Francis 
Wilcccks, John 

27 Heydon, William 
30 Nicholson, Joseph 

"Heyly, John 


Langley, Martha 
Somershall, Mary 
Ballard, Margt. 
Atton, Anne 
Bunn, Deborah 
Whynne, Eliz. 
Gorges, Mehorah 

Sykes, Priscilla 
Gregory, Eliz. 
Culleck, Anne 
Kingsmill, Mary 

April. 1685. 

1 Monlas, Mark Kempsall, Jane 

Rogers, Thomas 
4 Hickes. Jonathan 
Acord, John 
"Evans, Edmund 

s "Whitear, William Green, Dorothy 

9 Bigg, Edmund Butler, Anne 

"Reynolds, Rowland Fendall, Eliz. 

11 Forrest, John Keele, Anne 
[6 Gardiner, Christoph. Rivers, Honor 

Doble, Thomas Brookes, Eliz. 

Crew, Dudley Drury, Dorothy 

17 Hawkins, Thomas Badger, Isabella 

"Vavasour, Alex. Vavasour, Anne 

iS Kirton, Daniel Goodhall, Mary 

Yardley, Nathaniel Flower, Jane 

Savage, Thomas Leonard, Anne 

20 Bell, Christopher Granger, Anne 

Waterton, William Borrington, Eliz. 

Strong, William Lowe, Catherine 

Du Cros, Stephen Cherrett, Anne 

2 s Collyer, Benjamin Berry, Anne 

29 Clesby, George Sowersby, Lucy 

May, 1685. 

2 Garnett, Michael Fletcher, Bethia 

Peele, Peter 

4 Heall, Joseph 

5 Whitton, Robert 

6 Lyfe, William 
Mey, Thomas 

9*Sanders, Richard 

Worfield, Martha 
Roope, Rebecca 
Smart, Deborah 
Wood, Elizabeth 
Gundry, Mary 
Williamson, Eliz. 

12 Barecroft, Win. and 

i6*Muckett, Benjamin 
Mashborne, Edward 
Moore, Richard 

1 8 Bonsey, Richard 

20 Booth, Robert 

21 Cane, Mathew 
2^ Farmer, Charles 
27 Johnson, William 

Pankhurst, Henry 
28*Chapman, James 
30 Pembrooke, Thomas 
Scrace, George 
Ashton, Stephen 

Westcombe, Joyce 
Cary, Susanna 
Nash, Elizabeth 
Wingfield, Eliz. 
Lane, Sarah 
Read, Mary 
Jones, Anne 
Taylor, Elizabeth 
Faulcon, Susanna 
Pepper, Anne 
Cox, Mary 
Wanless, Frances 
Herbert, Jane 
Odway, Hester 

June, 1685. 

i*Hardey, Joseph Adams, Mary 

3 Price, Caleb 

Long, Nathaniel 
Carter, Philip 
4 Wheatly, Samuel 
6 Clarkson, Daniel 
Tonge, Thomas 
Jordan, I nomas 
Hall, Edward 
9 Fitter, William 
io*Morris, Charles 
Ruffe, William 

12 Spencer, Adam 

13 Light, Hugh 
15 Hare, Samuel 

17 Humberstone, 


18 Woodhouse, John 
Wavell, Thomas 

20 *Sweetaple, John 
Bourne, Joshua 

Rich, Anna 
Lytcott, Sarah 
Peade, Deborah 
Fisenden, Hannah 
Fludyer, Sarah 
Knowles, Mary 
Blandford, Anne 
Smith, Man- 
Harvey, Sarah 
Bacon, Susanna 
Wilkinson, Anne 
Hewett, Mary 
Maynard, Abigail 
Sarank, Mary 
Host, Jane 

Croe, Elizabeth 
Charlton, Sarah 
Sherloe, Mary 
Tustian, Margaret 
Roll, Christian 

Swanton, Thomas 
22 Wilkinson, William Carleton, Eve 
"Biron, Lord William Stydolfe, Dame 
[Baron of Rochdale] Elizabeth 
2^ Tucker, William Hood, Lucy 

24 Prosser, Walter 

25 Knewstubb, John 
Bishopp, Charles 

26 Finch, Charles 
29 Capell, Mathew 

Stevens, Richard 

Moore, Rebecca 
Lambeth, Dorothy 
White, Bethia 
Burton, Elizabeth 
Codd, Mary 
Brooman, Anne 

July, 1685. 

3 Lowndes, Richard 
4*Samwell, Sir Thos., 
Austrey, Joseph 

6 Massey, Edmund 

7 Burbury, William 
"Windsor, Emanuel 

Abraham, Isaac 

8 Pennyng, Nicholas 

Rode, Elizabeth 
Godschalk, Anne 

King, Mary 
Lisle, Elizabeth 
Comber, Mary 
Dashwood, Anne 
Manning, Eliz. 
Colson, Elizabeth 

68 5 ] 

Faculty Office. 


July, 1685. 

8 Bennett, John and Wingfield, Temp. 

g*Prinn, John Rogers, Elizabeth 

11 Drakeford, Edward Durham, Honor 
1 3* Eliot, Daniel Flemming [Flem- 

ing], Catherine 

14 Badcock, Edward Ghem, Mar}' 

15 Jones, William Langrack, Mary 
Winspeare, William Peagrave, Eliz. 

i6*Mitchell [Rev.], Robinson, Merc)' 


17 Hassell, Richard 

18 Nicholls, Joseph 
Tovell, Richard 

20 Amorey, Samuel 
*Rogers, John 
'Sandys, Richard 

West, Anne 
Littlegrome, Mary 
Sealey, Jane 
Clarke, Rachel 
Polly, Margaret 
Coode, Mary 

2i*Folkingham [Rev.], Forth, Elizabeth 
*Bayntun, Henry 


Peterson, Severin 
27*Lewen, William 
Levett, Richard 

29 Perry, Samuel 
Rich, James 
Gerrard, Samuel 

30 Bentley, Thomas 
*Stradling, Thomas 

31 Atkinson, William 


3 *Jones, Richard 

Porter, Robert 

4 Bailey, Arthur 

7*Bentham, Joseph 
io*Joyner, Edward 
12 Booker, William 
22 Johnson, John 
24*Addison, Edward 

*Lupton [Rev. J, John 
28* White, Richard 

29 Fox, George 


Crouch, Eliz. 
Taylor, Susannah 
Clarke, Mary 
Stileman, Mary 
Christmas, Judith 
Cooke, Lucy (a) 
Metcalfe, Grace 
Dash wood, Anne 



De Cardinall, 

Mauby, Elizabeth 
Wagstaffe, Ave- 

Duncombe, Margt. 
Boles, Elizabeth 
James, Elizabeth 
Tytherton, Mary 
Edwards, Margt. 
Hall, Alice 

Lucas, Martha 

September, 1685. 

2 Horton, William Morrice, Hannah 
5 Harris, John Kne;itt, Kath. 

(a) This marriage has been doubted, but Ad- 
nioii., 21st Jany., 1685-6, of the goods of " Lucy 
Gerard, alias Cooke, of St. Giles-in-the-Fields, 
Midw," was granted in P.C.C. to the husband, 
"Samuel Gerard, Esq.". He apparently was the 
Sir Samuel Gerard, of Bratterton, co. York, Knt., 
who d. July, 1695. 

7 Dronhardt, Hie- and 

Lloyd, John 
Sandham, Roger 
*Dyott, Richard 
Parr, William 

8 N orris, Thomas 

9 Kates, Bartholemew 
Jackson, Thomas 

10 Hawkins, Francis 
i2*Buckingham, Wm. 

14 Serle, Robert 

15 Browne, John 

1 6* Rowland, Arthur 
17 Bateman, John 
ii)*Morris, Claver 

23 Church, James 
Smith, Richard 
Dolby, John 

24 Dimmesden, Andrew 
26 Walker, Thomas 

29 Baylis, John 

30 Powell, George 


2 Middleton, David 
Avery, Joseph 

5 Fludyer, William 
Wickins, William 
Jones, Thomas 

8 Hunt, Thomas 
Abell, Richard 

9 Sole, Abraham 
Burges, Charles 

10 Drew, John 

13 "Harriott, Andrew 
Palmer, Edward 
Stoughton, Richard 
ig*Blackbourne, Sam. 
20*Bertrand, Paul 
21 Wintehe, John 
23 Harris, Abraham 

Tompson, William 
26*Merritt, Thomas 

3o*Wade, William 
Dudley, Valentine 

31 Lason, John 
*Laughton [Rev. | , 


Barker, Sarah 

Anderson, Han' a 
Harvey, Mary 
Ing, Frances 
Smith, Sarah 
Wilder, Margaret 
Briggs, Katherine 
Young, Frances 
Pitts, Katherine 
Duke, Susanna 
Stocker, Anne 
Oliver, Elizabeth 
Terry, Anne 
Kynvin, Harm an 
Green, Grace 
Mayo, Jane 
Hamilton, Mary 
Woodland, Eliz. 
Ralphs, Mary 
Croscomb, Eliz. 
Taylor, Harm a 
Wingfield, Eliz. 


Eyles, Elizabeth 
Avery, Susanna 
Gardiner, Eliz. 
Becket, Phoebe 
Nicasins, Joanna 
Bower, Deborah 
Strowde, Sarah 
Biddle, Mary 
Huddleston, Alice 
Reeves, Susanna 
Tash, Maria 
Marlow, Judith 
Aran, Susanna 
Wilcockes, Reb. 
Gribelin, Mary 
Earle, Abigail 
Ford, Abigail 
Willett, Mary 
Babington, Mar- 
Hale, Catherine 
Bi ggs, Jane 
Goodwin, Jane 
Barnaby, Anne 

November, 1685. 

2 H olden, William 

Gratwick, John 
7*Booth, Robert 

Barraclough, Jos. 

Walton, Jonas 
9 Shaw, Thomas 

Gyles, George 

Mathews, Hann'h 
Cheate, Mary 
Crips, Anne 
Waters, Elizabeth 
Spencer, Ellen 
Workeman, Sarah 
Barker, Mary 


Marriage Licences. 



12 Reynolds, Thos.ez//r/ 
Palmer, Thomas 

14 Burford, John 

16 Terry, Henry 
Bromhall, John 
Rich, John 

iX Head, William 
23 Barber, Robert 

Beverton, John 
24*OHver, Zachary 
*Hutchinson, Ralph 

Oxlad, Edward 

25 Sterrop, Ralph 

27 Roles, John 
Clough, Jonathan 

30 Northall, James 
Mitchell, John 


2 Heayward, Thomas 
*Smith [Smyth], Thos. 
* Atkinson, Christoph. 

3 Wren, John 

4 Gressingham, Thos. 
7 Antrobus, Daniel 

Archer, James 
g Withers, Daniel 
11 Bennett, Joseph 

Minshall, Thomas 
i5*Mason, Jeremiah 

17 Green, Richard 
Walker, James 

18 Golling-, Francis 
1 g Tallis, Henry 

*Hutton, Edward 
21 Vickars, Edward 
22*Nicholas, John 
Keyle, Andrew 

23 Hill, Robert 

Kempin, William 

26 Parlebien, Allen 
Brightman, Robert 

28 Whitwell, Hugh 
29*Wyndham, Clere 
3o*Langford, Henry 

Barrett, Robert 

31 Storer, John 


Makepiece, Alice 
Stuckley [alias 
Dame Eliz. 
Primm, Dorothy 
Le Blane, Jane 
Lucas, Elizabeth 
Waldon, Anne 
Dundridge, Eliz. 
Ware, Elizabeth 
Bellinger, Mary 
Storer, Anne 
Saunders, Sarah 
Bradshaw, Eliz. 
Hill, Mary 
Mitcham, Susanna 
Streete, Katherine 
Blakeley, Anna 
Mathews, Eliz. 


Papillion, Anne 
Brandreth, Alice 
Primrose, Sarah 
Swan, Elizabeth 
Lavington, Jane 
Hirst, Mary 
Birde, Elizabeth 
Broad, Mary 
Cole, J one 
Palmer, Frances 
Hutchinson, Mary 
Russell, Elizabeth 
Peacock, Dorothy 
Cotterell, Anne 
Moult, Dorothy 
Neale, Anne 
Bancks, Elizabeth 
Eston, Carolina 
Lovell, Philadel- 
Great, Mary 
Staples, Mary 
Tomlinson, Mary 
Clarke, Sarah 
Pensett, Abigail 
Wall, Katherine 
Lovett, Elizabeth 
Fullag-ar, Mary 
Blissett, Elizabeth 

18 Baker, Lancelott ^zzd 

19 Burnaby, William 
22 Wingfield, George 
23*Horton, John 

25 Bowdich, Thomas 
Rocke, Charles 

26 Hill [Rev.], William 

28 Banister, Henry 

29 Dowse, Edward 

30 Baker, William 
3i*Bucknall, John 


1 Wheeler, Richard 

2 Hiller, Israel 

3 Carpenter, Thomas 
*Walton, John 

Hall, John 
4*Dawson, Richard 

Winge, Daniel 
8 Boson, Nicholas 
Clarke, Isaac 
Topsfield, William 
Herbert, John 
Lane, John 
9*Pitt, Robert [Dr. of 
Aylworth, Samuel 
io*Pawlett, Chidioke 

Snelling, Isaac 
12 Kersey, John 
*Bromley, Edward 
Foy, Walter 
Williams, Charles 
*Hibbins, Henry 
Lane, Thomas 
i3*Challenor, William 

Piatt, John 
i5*Thornicroft, Edward 
*Milford [Mitford], 
Mann, Thomas 
Cranfield, Charles 
Kynd, John 
16 Crossenor, Edward 
19 Tumsted, Francis 
20(//)*Englefield, Sir 

Chas. [Bart.] 
22 Hacker, Richard, 
alias King 
Lane, James 

Towse, Hannah 
Cramshaw, Sarah 
Salter, Mary 
Lovett, Susanna 
Bricker, Christian 
Kidley, Dorothy 
Buckley, Mary 
Atway, Anne 
Blisse, Sarah 
Glover, Elizabeth 
Graham, Eliz. 


King - , Mary 
Dudsbury, Love 
Richardson, Mary 
Cuthbert, Mary 
Murdin, Anne 
Le Hunt, Gertrude 
Hall, Alice 
Russell, Sarah 
Silvester, Hannah 
Harber, Elizabeth 
Pitt, Katherine 
Burrowes, Anna 
Nourse, Martha 

Roberts, Martha 
Master, Olave 
Alchon, Mary 
Owen, Juliana 
Paradise, Jane 
Bowdidge, Reb. 
Bartlett, Mary 
Barrow, Lucretia 
Bradley, Anne 
Malkin, Sarah 
Ayloffe, Anne 
Assheton, Anne 
Clinton, Katherine 

Lawrence, Sarah 
Peterson, Sarah 
Templer, Eliz. 
Thomson, Mary 
Steanes, Margaret 
Culpeper, Susan'a 

Jones, Elizabeth 

Barnes, Katherine 

January, 1685-6. 

6 Cunningham, Wm, 

7 Brayley, Robert 
Locke, John 

i6*Lasells, John 
18 Ligo, Francis 

Green, Frances 
Sampson, Eliz. 
Smart, Bridgett 
Seagrave, Sarah 
Sorrell, Anne 

March, 1685-6. 

1 Worley, Nathaniel Mawson, Jane 
Isgar, William Wallis, Elizabeth 

{</) The date of 15th (not 20th) Feb. is given in 
Col. Chester's extracts. They were married the 
22nd, at St. James's, Westminster. 


Faculty Office. 


March, 1685-6. 
1 Strange, Walter and Hide, Margerj 

3 Kirton, John 

6 Walker, Mat hew 

Parsons, William 

8* Waller, Henry 

Edling, Hannah 
Simonds, Ruth 
Underwood, Hes- 
Wiseman, Susan'a 

10 Saltmarsh, William Taylor, Mary 

11 Webb, Michael 

12 Grainger, Hugh 
15 Conquest, William 

Darby, John 
i7*Latton, John 

24*Anderson [Sir], Ed- Deane, Elizabeth 
mond [Bart.] 

Skinner, Mary 
Ramsey, Dorothy 
Owen, Elizabeth 
Tidd, Charity 
Pye, Letitia 

•March, 1686. 

25 Virgin, Arthur 

30 Slee, Robert 

31 Holliday, Robert 

* Stewart, William 

April, i 
1* Hatcher, Henry 

2 Todd, John 
*Soame, Stephen 

Simpson, Joseph 

3 Hawley, John 
Tripp, Joseph 
Bedford, Thomas 

5 Barnard, John 
Roope, John 

6 Cricke, Richard 

* Wilson, Thomas 
Bradford, John 

7 Taylor, Joseph 
*Hall, William 

Molyn, Abraham 

8 Shrimpton, Francis 
Orrett, William 

11 Mason, John 
2 1 * Ballowy [ Ballow], 
*Wyatt, Francis 
Benning, Thomas 
22*Wright, James 

27 Fawson, Stephen 

28 *Windebanke, Sir 

Francis [Bart.] 

29 Roter, James 

30 Foster, Clement 
*Layton [Leighton], 


May, 1 

1 Gardiner, William 
3 Daggett, George 

Brixey, Lydia 
Wellinger, Mary 
Taylor, Elizabeth 
Luke, Mary 


Delavall, Dame 

Prettyman, Margt. 
Hill, Dorothy 
Sydoll, Martha 
Pitts, Iilleanor 
Lemon, Dorothy 
King, Hannah 
Moodey, Anne 
Thomas, Rebecca 
Bulteel, Hester 
Petitt, Elizabeth 
Drayton, Dorothy 
Knight, Margaret 
Harrington, Anne 
Garnett, Jane 
Vernon, lilleanor 
Hodges, Margery 
Maunser, Margt. 
Jackson, Kathe- 

Buish, Elizabeth 
Jackson, Sarah 
Gwythyain [Gw- 
yllyam], Kath. 
Cooper, Joane 
Parkhirst [Park- 
hurst], Eliz. 
Wakefield, Eliz. 
Wearg, Isabella 
Crouch, Francis 


Chitter, Joanna 
Wildey, Martha 

3 Hudson, John and 
6 Ricketts, Daniel 
8 Dawe, Thomas 
*King, Oliver 
Hudson, John 
i2*Slater [Sclater], 

17 Bewicke, Calverley 
*Burdett, Robert 

18 Hewidson, Richard 
"Mould, William 

1 g Williams, Mathew 
*Bell, Robert 
*Palgrave, Sir Austin 
22 Leake, John 
24 Crooke, Robert 
Holloway, Richard 
Baker, Nicholas 
Style, William 
*Neale, Henry 

26 Dowdeswell, Jona- 

Webb, Mathew 

27 Wells, William 
Mosse, John 

28 Hughes, Thomas 

29 Thorne, John 

Biby, Katherine 
Howard, Sarah 
Palmer, Frances 
Blaake, Mary 
Rogers, Katherine 
Sandys, Margt. 

Izard, Dorothy 
Muffett, Margaret 
Bennison, Dor. 
Hester, Alice 
Gilbert, Elizabeth 

Ellary, Dorothy 

Howe, Anne 

Wilmot, Eliz. 
Sharpe, Mary 
Ashton, Anne 
Overs, Anne 
Bradley, Eliz. 
Henbury, Anna 

Stookes, Margt. 

Taylor, Naomy 
Knight, Mary 
Grey, Katherine 
Caterall, \i\iz. 
Player, Mary 

June, 1686. 

5 Morse, John 

7*Weslyd, Cyriac 
9 Marshall, George 

Giles, William 
11 Wright, John 

*Tufton, Sackville 
1 2 *Courthope, John 
Fleete, David 
Fisher, Robert 

16 Hulson, Robt. 

17 Littleton, John 
21 *Symes [Rev.], Ch 
25 Myrick, James 

Shaibell, Henry 
28 Thompson, Wm. 


Sanderson, Anne 
Chidley, Iilizabeth 
Houkins, Bridgett 
Collopp, Anne 
Wilbraham, Eliz. 
Codrington, Rach. 
Hyalt, Joane 
Topp, Mary 
Maidstone, Eliz. 
Boulton, Eliz. 
as. Creed, Anne 
Morrice, Olivia 
Peade, Mary 
Ash, Mary 


2*Woodyer, Thoma 
*Kay, Maurice 
Alexander, John 
5*Parker, Sir John 

6 Crosse, Nicholas 

Winch, Daniel 
9 Ralfe, Richard 
10* Wake, Baldwin 


s Polley, Margaret 
Manwaring, Eliz. 
Rigglesden, Eliz. 
Abney, Frances 


Stallebrace, Cath. 
Wembourne, Alice 
Derrham, Anne 

9 6 

Marriage Licences. 


July, 1686. 
io*Waller,Edmond and Tilney, Abigail 
*Barnsrd, Isaac Strickson, Han. 

Raven, Thomas Parrott, Anne 

Seagood, Stephen Taylor, Aledora 

Bottom, John 
12 Sutch, Nathaniel 

ij*Greene, Richard 
i4*Milner, John 
i5*Tristram, Henry 

16 Wood, Edward 
22*Taylor, Isaac 

23 Carrier, William 

27 Bates, John 

28 Pew, Benjamin 
2() Grigg, Richard 
30 Parsons, Thomas 


3 Hamond, John 
5 Hawkins, Daniel 

7 Folkes, William 

g Daniel, Richard 

Lambe, Bazil 

Styart, William 

Penifather, John 

10 Dodd, John 

11 Staunton, Abraham 

13 Pride, Joseph 

14 Apps, Stephen 

17 Taylor, John 
Barnes, Thomas 
Bateman, Stephen 

1 g Benson, William 
2i*Peter, Renatus 
Smith, Robert 

23 Borne, Henry 
Taylor, Richard 

24 Laurence, Robert 

25 Kimbur, Francis 
26*Collyer [Colyer], 


27 Lowder, Walter 

28 Poullgreene, 


Gardiner, Eliz. 

Quincey, Anne 
Castle, Anne 
Whyle, Bridget 
Constable, Dor. 
Sanson, Margaret 
Mitchell, Judith 
Seeley, Katherine 
Drury, Anne 
Jeffry, Sarah 
Sanders, Sarah 


Blatt, Mary 

Lane, Dorothy 
Bulteel, Mary 
Royse, Mary 
Lamball, Sarah 
Moreton, Sarah 
Webb, Elizabeth 
Gregory, Eliz. 
Pierce, Mary 
Brian, Joanna 
Poole, Judith 
Crosse, Elizabeth 
Hill, Elizabeth 
Rowley, Mary 
Ellis, Hannah 

Gibbs, Mary 
Wallice, Eliz. 
Hawes, Eliz. 
Read, Margaret 
Wall, Katherine 

Grey, Anne 
Bartley [alias 
Bartlett], Anne 

September, 1686. 
2*Wawen, Jarvis Linkenhalt,Margt. 

'Lamplugh, Thos. 
(>*Scamler, Robert 

Bowden, East 
7 Haynes, James 

Boham, Mary 
Rayner, Eliz. 
Simons, Ellen 
Hinde, Sarah 

Bradshawe, James Randolph, Jane 
8 Dawson, Humphrey Ashford, Amy 
9*Hayward, James Whitton, Kath. 

10 Cutlove, William and 

11 *Turvill, Henry 

Roberts, Joseph 

13 Gunter, W'illiam 
Gould, John 

14 Hankinson, John 
Redding, John 

i6*Ainge, Samuel 

Halford, John 
18 Smith, John 

20 Stringer, Francis 
Mosley, Nicholas 

21 Maudet, Peter 

22 Doughtey, Samuel 
24 Colecock, Thomas 

Closterman, John 
25*Drake, Humphry 

27 Sheffied, Thomas 

28 Jackson, Thomas 
Collingwood, Edwd. 
Barlow, Edward 

*Chute, Edward 
30 James, Philip 
Lock, Clement 
*Hene, Corbett 

Adderley, Ruth 
Owen, Frances 
Harris, Hannah 
Ogdon, Mary 
Hiller, Ellenor 
Thomas, Judith 
Muston, Rebecca 
Parsons, Susanna 
Edden, Hester 
Jenkins, Bridgett 
Pratt, Hannah 
Thompson, Eliz. 
Mayne, Emer- 

Webb, Dorcas 
Martin, Sarah 
Ramsey, Hannah 
Whistler, Eliza- 
King, Mary 
Gray, Susanna 
Grey, Mary 
Baldwin, Ellenor 
Tracey, Katherine 
Poole, Susanna 
Allen, Alice 
Beckford, Lady 


1 Perkins, John 

2 Donnington, Wm. 
*Bent, William 

4 Russell, William 
*Pigott, John 

Clancy, John 

5 Hallam, Henry 

6 Fletcher, Thomas 

7 Gilbert, Ephraim 
Cornhill, Thomas 
Watson, Arthur 
Fookes, John 
Hamilton, George 

9 Lambe, Christopher 
Murrey, James 

11 Geaise, William 
Moodey, John 

12 Blake, John 
Royse, Abel 

13 Bushell, John 
Manning, Edward 
Skinner, W'illiam 
Goulston, John 

14 Herbert, Robert 
Webster, Thomas 

16 Dellitters, Jacob 
Taylor, Peter 
"Lancaster, William 


Gaunt, Sarah 
Bromerick, Eliz. 
Sawbridge, Eliz. 
Ellis, Mary 
Crew, Elizabeth 
Jackson, Eliz. 
Reeves, Sarah 
Croucher, Anne 
Packwood, Mary 
Gibbs, Hester 
Bradicke, Anne 
Rawliston, Mary 
King, Martha 
Greengrace, Grace 

Hardman, Man- 
Hills, Frances 
Cooper, Jane 
Bennett, Eliz. 
Cochet, Margaret 
Robberts, Anne 
Parker, Frances 
Clarke, Mary 
Craven, Elizabeth 
Finch, Elizabeth 
Juyce, Ellen 
Lynn, Sarah 
Fortrye, Hester 


Faculty Office. 


October, 1686-7. 

18 Bowcher, Ben. and Mann, Elizabeth 

Smart, Mary 

19 Bowde, Adlord 

Marsh, John 
20*Baxter, Daniel 
23*Foote, Samuel 

25 Brock, William 

26 Kempe, Roger 

Merry, Susanna 
Ashfield, Lydia 
Danvers, Eliz. 
Moate, Eliz. 
Flight, Mary 

27 Bancks,Christopher Newham, Anna 


28 Westover, John Worrell, Alice 
Lloyd, James Godner, Martha 

30 Denham, John Daveney, Eliz. 

*Willoughby, Wm. Pitt, Susanna 


1 Bernard, Peter 

2 Eling, Thomas 
Hazell, Thomas 

3 Holland, Ferdinando 
Brooke, John 

^Christmas, Robert 
Winder, William 

4 Rothwell, Nicholas 

5 Hussey, Deering 
Dancer, William 

6 Munster, George 

Fawson, John 
g White, Thomas 
*Twisleton, John 

10 Filoll, Anthony 
13 Tooke, Edmond 

15 Hooper, Philip 
Du Casse, Joseph 

16 Halsey, John 

17 Pratt, John 
Boyde, Andrew 
Cranfield, Henry 

18 Tate, William 

19 Hubbard, William 
*Hetherington, Wm. 

Richardson, John 
20*Vicars[Rev.], Sam. 
*Clay, Daniel 

Jackson, James 
*Haslewood, Robert 

22 Goulton, James 

23 Cason, Charles 
*Curtis [Curteis], 

John [Jun.] 

24 Hubert, Thomas 

25 Edwards, Edward 

26 Vinicombe, Richard 

27 Robinson, Thomas 
Crumpe, Samuel 


Lenasseur, Anne 

Sumpter, Mary 
Dennett, Eliz. 
Salmon, Hannah 
Lowen, Jane 
Folkes, Mary 
Seymour, Martha 
Hadley, Judith 
Handfield, Eliz. 
Bennett, Margaret 
Packer, Elizabeth 
Scutt, Martha 

Wadley, Mary 
Starkey, Mary 

Tarver, Mary 
Belbin, Martha 
Hooper, Eliz. 
Maney, Mary 
Saunders, Mary 
Bickle, Jane 
Smith, Agnes 
Brian, Mary 
Freeman, Eliz. 
Smith, Hannah 
Hardyman, Kath. 
Bolte, Deborah 
Rickard, Sarah 
Izodd, Sarah 
Tompson, Ellen 
Meriton, Anne 
Baynes, Hester 
Mason, Mary 
Drayton, Kathe- 

Reynor, Mary 
Spencer, Eliz. 
Reeves, Mary 
Tokefield, Hester 
Shallcrosse, Mary 

29 Bell, John and Staynesby, Anne 

30 Blackbourne, Edwd. Westcombe, Eliz. 
Smith, John Ashley, Eliz. 

*L' Estrange, Sir Woodhouse, Anne 
Nicholas [Bart.] 


1 Ogdin, Richard 
4 Tomkins, Edward 
Lorkin, Samuel 
*Disney, Gervas 

6 Jennings, Thomas 
*Ince [Juice,] John 

7 Allen, Roger 
8*White, Samuel 

Wingfield, Thomas 
9 Bishopp, Joseph 
*Tooley, John 

10 Haynes, Samuel 

1 1 *Weedon, Cavendish 

Savage, Charles 

13 Merritt, Charles 

14 Gilbert, William 

15 Thornehill, Jeremiah 
Godfrey, Thomas 

17 Sherwood, Samson 
i8*Sherrard [Sherard], 
*Gough, John 
Wright, William 
20 Chandler, Michael 
Newington, Robert 
2i*Hoby, John 
*Legh, Peter 
*Bancks, William 

22 Shrimpton, William 
Hall, Fetherstone 
Foot, Robert 

*Mosse [Rev.],Robt. 

23 Tuckwell, Francis 
Rudge, Thomas 

24 Sparke, James 
Capell, Kyrle 

28 Norcott, Edward 
Ledbeeter, John 
Broxholme, Thomas 

29 Blanckley, John 
Harris, John 

30 Clenell, Alexander 
Furner, James 


Martyn, Anne 
Fox, Eve 
Powers, Sarah 
Wright, Mary 
Harding, Margt. 
Hinton, Sarah 
Threder, Mary 
Cooke, Anne 
Wingfield, Kath. 
Bold, Dorothy 
Hanbury, Ara- 
bella Maria 
Dinyon, Anne 
Jackson, Eliz. 
Marshall, Ellen 
Hillar, Martha 
Boulton, Eliz. 
Fox, Elizabeth 
Martyn, Mary 
Parke, Jane 
Gardner, Mercy 

Ridgeway, Eliz. 
Young, Mary 
Ellis, Isabella 
Dempster, Eliz. 
Hoby, Elizabeth 
Legh, Frances 
Legh, Lettice 
Glendining, Margt. 
Collins, Elizabeth 
Short, Elizabeth 
Scoresby, Anne 
Clarke, Elizabeth 
Hernshaw, Mart 'a 
Gilman, Elizabeth 
Davis, Mary 
Hooke, Mary 
Kirby, Anne 
Tompson, Reb. 
Hardwick, Alice 
Beame, Bridgett 
Barnes, Dorothy 
Nicholls, Mary 


1 *Staggins, Charles 

3 Winton, Francis 
Burges, Samuel 

4 Browne, John 
Jacob, Joseph 
Jefferys, William 

5 Stevens, Joseph 


Brugnie, Mary 
Morris, Frances 
Bellars, Elizabeth 
Buddin, Mary 
Hunt, Mary 
Sands, Honor 
Slade, Dorothy 


9 8 

Marriage Licences. 


January, 1686-7 

6 Lee, Daniel and Farr, Mar) 
8* Wilkes, John 
Grace, Edward 

10 Browne, John 
*Tate, John 


11 Burnett, William 
*Bosville, Thomas 

F anting, John 
Usher, William 

12 Winch, Solomon 
Hope, Joseph 

*Hatchett, Thomas 
Extell, John 
Jones, James 
Puller, Jonathan 
i3*Richardson, Jerom 

14 Lodgingham, Dan. Butteridge, Eliz. 

15 Way land, William Winchester, Mary 
Gandons, Gerome Darnell, Dorothy 

17 Martin, John 
Hooper, Richard 

18 Anderton, Philip 
Stevenson, James 

ig*Christmas, Henry 
^Harris, Barthol. 

Gerrard, Mary 
Humfrey, Eliz. 
Kates, vSarah 
Bacon, Dame 

Clarke, Joanna 
Trinder, Elizabeth 
Scott, Jane 
Ogle, Elizabeth 
Abery, Elizabeth 
Hill, Elizabeth 
Lippyatt, Eliz. 
Mountague, Han. 
Prosser, Kath. 
Farwell, M argaret 
Leming, Eli: 

21 Ford, Thomas 
Tudman, James 
Dent, William 

22*Dowdin, Robert 
White, William 
*Casewell, George 

Tawke, John 
24 Lambe, Adam 
Blandford, John 

Paine, Elizabeth 
Hussey, Mary 
Wratten, Eliz. 
Hussey, Mary 
Gainsford, Eliz. 
Wake, Eliz. 
Merritt, Frances 
Time well, Eliz. 
Horsey, Sarah 
Brewster, Eliz. 
Jenkenson, Eliz. 
Billinsley [Bill- 
ingsley], Barbara 
West, Anna 
Pone, Elizabeth 
Reeve, Elizabeth 

25 Baldwick, William Edwards, Mary 

Battin, Richard 
Tifford, Thomas 

26 Greathead, John 
*Beverley [Rev.], 

Parker, Nicholas 
Pritchard, Samuel 
Calliham, Dennis 

27 Howard, James 
Warner, Richard 
Staunton, W'illiam 
Cantrell, Thomas 

28 Midgley, Richard 
Swift, John 
Ogborne, William 
Worrall, Thomas 
Harris, Thomas 

29*Filmer, Edward 
[Dr. of Laws J 
31 Perkins, Henry 

Wood, Ellenor 
Norman, Eliz. 
Boote, Margaret 
Browning, Sarah 

Chappell, Eliz. 
Phillipps, Sarah 
Baker, Elizabeth 
Messures, Margt. 
Sturges, Anne 
Loades, Sarah 
Gatton, Sarah 
Goose, Rachel 
Bennett, Eliz. 
Short, Elizabeth 
Smart, Katherine 
Hallstead, Anne 
Clinkard, Archi- 

Trowbridge, Anne 


1 Burden, George and 

Davis, Edward 
Ketcher, Bartol. 
Knight, John 
Lillie, Philip 
Bird, Thomas 
Oakey, John 

2 Nash, Samuel 
Coles, Henry 

*Barnardiston, John 
Mounck, Henry 

3 Dingley, Robert 
* Amherst, Jeffery 

4 Rushbury, James 

5 Crosse, John 
*Norwood, William 

Blewitt, George 
Wayte, William 
7*Woolley, John 
Holloway, Richard 
Beman, Richard 
Lacey, Robert 
Liver, Daniel 

Wakefield, William 
Anderson, William 

8 Dickinson, Luke 
Coopes, Thomas 
Huddleston, Richard 
Styles, William 

9 Griffith, John 
Eddings, Robert 

Kirkland, Christoph. 
n*Hesketh [Rev.], 

Newell, Peter 
12 Dyke, Robert 
16 Baker, John 
18 Wettenhall, Lewis 

Taylor, Edward 

23 Avery, Thomas 

24 Butler, Nathan 
Cotton, Benjamin 

26 Metcalfe, Joshua 
28*Rich, Ellis [Elias] 
*Ker, John 
Gostwick, Thomas 



Cobur, Elizabeth 
Ogle, Elizabeth 
Horner, Penelope 
Bussy, Anne 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Holland, Anne 
Clayton, Sarah 
Bracey, Spencer 
Horsey, Grace 
Arrowsmith, Jane 
Bennett, Mary 
Amherst, Dorothy 
Meeke, Elizabeth 
Yorke, Sarah 
Hamond, Eliz. 
Miller, Mary 
Skeat, Mary 
Honey wood, Mar} T 
Wood, Margaret 
Minstrill, Margt. 
Bushell, Sarah 

Rothwell, Kath. 
Best, Jane 
Farr well, Margt. 
Calle, Joane 
Watson, Mary 
Cooper, Hannah 
Gawtrey, Eliz. 

Porter, Anne 
Pillet, Mary 

Miles, Anne 
Sandes, Dorothy 
Harris, Isabell 
Wilde, Hannah 
Newton, Anne 
Hodgskins, Mary 
Gainsford, Anne 
Mort, Anne 
Howes, Charity 
Knight, Sarah 
Cochran, Grizell 
Phillips, Dorothy 

March, 1686-7. 

Eteridge, Nicholas Wilson, Eliz. 

1 Hall, Robert 
Cutler, Knap 

2 Leigh, Urian 

3 Fillmore, John 

4 Hubbard, James 
^Carpenter, John 

Stewart, Christian 
King, Martha 
Dudley, Judith 
Wells, Mary 
Preston, Hannah 
Brome, Deborah 

68 7 ] 

Faculty Office. 


March, 1686-7. 

7 Newland, John and Mackarnell, Deb. 
Gamble, William Morin, Elizabeth 
Ward, John Harryman, Eliz. 

9*Tonstall, Barnabas Forster, Kath. 
Killock, William Faulknor, Kath. 

Haddock, Robert 

10 Ratcliff, John 

12 Nickolls, William 

Holmes, John 
16 Whetcroft, George Jordin, Susanna 
19 Hunton, William Fletcher, Hannah 

De Lillars, Mag- 
Williams, Anna 
Webley, Joarie 
Twyne, Hannah 

Walsh, William 
Buck, William 

22 Bates, Richard 
Rickards, Thomas 
Crossley, Leonard 
Noble, Nathaniel 

23 Pottinger, George 
Cucksey, John 
Mathews, Thomas 
Drake, John 

24 Farmer, Thomas 


26 Berrington, Urian 
Pomfrey, Benjamin 
Fry, Thomas 
Whitfield, Charles 
Whetman, John 

* Mynors, George 
Davies, Thomas 

* Raymond, Sir Jem- 

mett [Knt] 

28 Francis, William 
Hunt, John 
Ramsey, Thomas 
Moore, Samuel 
Howell, Thomas 
Watkins, Joseph 
Rumbelowe, James 
Merrill, Richard 
Sawyer, William 
Dun, John 
Curtis, John 

29 Ellis, Thomas 
Dally, John 

30 Swift, William 
Quantock, Henry 

* Vernon, Edward 
[3i]*Skeele, Thomas 

Wright, Joseph 
Burton, John 
Bromley, Edward 

Trinder, Eliz. 
Strilley, Eliz. 
Ram, Catherine 
Palmer, Phoebe 
Berriston, Judith 
Clisby, Anne 
Taylor, Jane 
Parsons, Eliz. 
Hellow, Mary 
Beeston, Mary 
Woodward, Anna 


Cawley, Anne 
Lane, Elizabeth 
Mugford, Eliz. 
Herbert, Hannah 
Booth, Katherine 
Campion, Eliz. 
Norton, Elizabeth 
Browne, Eliz. 

Bradley, Rose 
Ivies, Anne 
Jolley, Mary 
Underhill, Jane 
Holland, Sarah 
Foreshaw, Kath. 
Shepherd, Anne 
Culcupp, Ellinor 
Thorne, Eliz. 
Warner, Mary 
Beauchamp, Eliz. 
More, Sarah 
Sturt, Dorothy 
Col vert, Mary 
Greenhill, Anne 
Butler, Mary 
Judd, Elizabeth 
Crofts, Mary 
Rose, Marx- 
Packer, Dorothy 

April, 1687. 

2 Alaman, Samuel Gangrave, Dehor. 
Lucas, William Rowing, Prud. 

2 Sparkes, Thos. and 

4 Cosyns, John 
Weigham, Richard 

5 Eyles, John 
Garrett, William 
Thomas, William 

6 Timbrell, Thomas 
*Guy, Samuel 

Mitchell, John 
* Acton, John 
Clarke, Erancis 

7 Ramband, Isaac 

8 Bletsoe, James 
Chexfield, Richard 
Balls, Peter 
Gingell, Thomas 

9 Keys, Henry 
Palmer, Henry 
Towill, Richard 
Allyn, Samuel 

1 1 *Thorne, Gabriel 

Wightwick, Thos. 
Simes, James 

12 Portland, John 
Cotton, Robert 
Worrell, John 

i3*Rumbold, Edward 

Barrett, George 

14 Osmond, William 
Sands, Peter 

15 Yarwood, John 
Bosworth, John 
Gidon, Chas. Rele 

19 Tovey, Thomas 

Stokes, Philip 
2o*Eades, William 
*Lamplugh [Rev.] 
Haugh, James 

21 Norris, Nathaniel 

22 Warren, Henry 

23 Hawkins, William 
Pollington, Alex. 

25 Herbert, John 
Rich, James 

26 Middleton, Thomas 
Pegler, Thomas 

28 Heyden, James 

Mills, John 

Barcocke, Samuel 
30 Devonshire, William 
*Ridgley, John 

Moynes, Frances 
Warburton, Mary 
Myers, Sarah 
Holmes, Bridgett 
Merritt, Margaret 
Williams, Joanna 
Foot, Jane 
Lord, Lydia 
Brockett, Mary 
Cutts, Margaret 
Usher, Agnes 
Berry, Mary 
Cox, Arelia 
Briggs, Mary 
Taylor, Alice 
Vissard, Anne 
Spooner, Eliz. 
Denwood, Eliz. 
Twine, Elizabeth 
Andrews, Eliz. 
Huitson, Anne 
Wemborne, Han. 
Hell, Barbara 
Butler, Elizabeth 
Smith, Anne 
Shirloe, Elizabeth 
Villiers [Hon.] 

Cantrill, Mary 
Bird, Mary 
Toone, Mar)' 
Croker, Jane 
Barnard, Anne 
Commins, Eliz. 
Hackett, Eliz. 
Hodges, Erne 
Swan, Sarah 
Durant, Elizabeth 

Webster, Eliz. 
Thawyt, Joyce 
Smith, Elleanor 
Harding, Anne 
Mason, Mary 
Prior, Anne 
Cooke, Elizabeth 
Sherman, Eliz. 
Morgan, Eliz. 
Purdinn, Mary 
Haswell, Eliz. 
Tonks, Elleonor 
Cowdrey, Mary 
Pinkney, Kath. 

May, 1687. 

2 Cowpe, Millington Wood, Alice 

3 Smith, John Crawley, Anna 
Graitrix, John Golston, Sarah 

4 Gwilliam, Thomas Glover, Hannah 


Marriage Licences. 


May, 1687. 

4 Delafield, Theop. and Whelpley, Susan'a 

5*Snow, Jonathan Hatcher, Anne 

*Rowe, John Courtenay, Jane 

6 Weale, William Wale, Elizabeth 

Stillman, Anthony Foresight, Anne 

7*Manwaring [Main- Atkinson, Kath. 
waring], John 

Schuht, Mat hew Benskin, Meliora 

9 Williams, William Walker, Alice 

Ditchfield, John Alcock, Elizabeth 

*Firby, John Drage, Lettice 

Jenkinson, William Crofts, Jane 

Button, Simon 
Clarke, John 
Purdum, J<mn 
Garmson, John 
Bingham, George 
Langford, Robert 
10 Middleton, Henry 
Woolston, James 
Field, John 

Coster, Sarah 
Joyce, Mary 
Man, Elizabeth 
Rogers, Mary 
Silvester, Mary 
Haycock, Eliz. 
Starkey, Anne (a) 
Fossett, Anne 
Poole, Elizabeth 
Lock, Elizabeth 

Parrett, William 
11 Greenwood, Walter Harris, Anne 

Turner, George Day, Mary 

Newbery, John 

May, Thomas 
i2*Haynes, John 

'Ellis, John 

Storey, Anne 
Smith, Rebecca 
Sclater, Dorothy 
Sutton, Elizabeth 

Reynardson, Joseph Coppin, Anne 

Jacob, John 
Feerby, Leonard 

13 Slow, Jeremiah 
Parker, John 

14 Griffith, John 
Worgan, John 
Bridges, Downton 
Baker, Thomas 

16 Bampton, J e fiery 
Bayly, William 
Course, Henry 

17 Willis, Henry 
ig*Killegrew, Charles Bokenham, 

21 Brihon, Owen 
Taisdell, Thomas 
Short, Robert 

23 Clay, Richard 

24 Vincent, John 
Alldworth, Richard Stevens, Anne 

25 Whitelocke, Stephen Leech, Hester 
Burton, Henry Beck, Elizabeth 
Awnsham, Nicholas Heron, Sarah 

26 Hartshorne,Thomas Bowton, Lydia 

{a) Married, 16th inst. , at St. Dionis Back- 
church. See Pink's Middleton family in the 
Chester Coura?it, 1891. 

Seer, Martha 
Bristow, Cath. 
Nash, Anne 
Ashton, Elizabeth 
Whitegift, Anne 
Hubbart, Eliz. 
Hull, Sarah 
Runnington, Anne 
Batchelor, Sarah 
Foster, Sarah 
Mountague, Mary 
Gardner, Susanna 

Shott, Martha 
Miniott, Hannah 
Ham, Mpry 
Taylor, Anne 
Stevens, Eliz. 

26 Geare, George and 

27 *Allington[Alington], 

*Nisbett, Philip 

28 Loveley, Robert 
Chappington, Hugh 
Lambert, Edward 

30 Hooker, John 
Edwards, John 

31 Powell, Robert 
*Dyer, William 

Pollett, Alexander 

Prime, Elizabeth 
Lunn, Mary 

Biddulph, Anne 
Bezant, Susanna 
Crayker, Elleonor 
Preston, Mary 
Terry, Martha 
Jenks, Anne 
Bridgell, Mary 
Hooke, Anne 
Pennington, J oane 

June, 1687. 

1 Lane, Jonathan 

2 Beard, John 

3 Palmer, Richard 

4 Bagwell, John 
Ireland, Thomas 
Perkin, William 
Parsons, Henry 
Hill, John 

7 Heywood, Joseph 

8*Howson, Thomas 

Pentalin, Joseph 

Snowden, John 
9 Fogg, David 

Forsyeth, Thomas 

Silvester, David 

I o * Adams, W i 1 1 i am 

II Wilcox, William 
Mason, Nathaniel 
Millington, Arthur 
Horsley, John 
Martin, Thomas 

*Siderfin, Robert 

14 Laptev, John 
i5*Clarke, Jarvis 
Stewart, William 

16 Creswell, John 

17 Curtis, Valentine 
Gurle, William 

18 Grinsted, William 

20 Sam, John 
Boreman, Henry 

21 Schoppens, John 
Riley, William 

22 Fry, Timothy 
Evans, Thomas 

* Wright, W T illiam 
Toft, Ralph 

23 Grey, Christopher 
Gould, George 
Powell, William 

24 Goodcheap, Robert 

25 Merrick, John 

* Parry, Simon 

Bass, Margaret 
Darley, Elizabeth 
Jones, Mary 
Long, Mary 
Whetney, Jane 
Young, Alice 
Howard, Hester 
Crisp, Grace 

Carpenter, Anne 
Merritt, Susanna 
Marshall, Jane 
Skipwith, Erances 
Ellis, Elizabeth 
Overton, Eliz. 
Russell, Rebecca 
Peacock, Anne 
Chickley, Eliz. 
Knewstub, Ellen 
Downton, Eliz. 
Corderoy, Sarah 

Cowde, Mary 
Grey, Mary 
Abram, Elizabeth 
Russell, Elizabeth 
Pope, Adria 
Whitwell, Sarah 
Fuller, Anne 
Greene, Tabitha 
Wilmot, Sarah 
Gibbs, Mary 
Wicker, Elizabeth 
Clarke, Katherine 
Bradshaw, Mary 
Finch, Dorothy 
Thompson, Mary 
Baker, Elizabeth 
Reeves, Eliz. 
Lozell, Isabell 
Paddison, Mary 
Bonnings, Mary 
Caplin, Anne 

i68 7 ] 

Faculty Office. 


June, 1687. 
27*Pierrepont, and Fielding-, 

Hon'ble Evelyn 

Clemetson, John 
28*Heyman, Henry 

Knight, Isaac 
*Langley, John 

Sherbrooke, Wm. 

Ray, William 
29 Stubbs, William 

Clay, John 

Reynolds, Stephen 

Williamson, Eliz. 
Balam, Alice 
Collins, Elizabeth 
Arnold, Margaret 
Arnold, Magdalen 
Shipery, Kath. 
Churchill, Mary 
Cropwell, Mary 
Biggin, Judith 

July, 1687. 

2 Shenton, Samuel Clement, Sarah 
4 *Causton, Peter 

Hayes, Rebecca 

Wilson, Elizabeth 
Boggest, Isabell 
Barron Elizabeth 
Savage, Sarah 
Searle, Anne] (a) 
Redding, Mary 
Vitall, Mary 
Hawes, Elizabeth 
Prince, Anne 
Hopgood, Jane 

12 Bradford, Edward Denham, Eliz. 

13 Wingreene, George Middleton, Edith 
*Lewes, Thomas Andrewes, Anne 

Cutler, Andrew 
6 Prescott, Peter 
*Unwin, Mathias 
Baker, John 
[7*Hedges, William 

8 Browne, Edward 
Pullen, William 

9 Harris, John 
Turner, Henry 
Barwell, Jonathan 

Heard, Richard 

14 Kidder, John 
Shaw, William 

15 Cox, Timothy 
18 Altham, James 

20 Venables, Stephen 
Grice, Richard 
Jones, Thomas 
Ward, William 

21 Ingram, Thomas 

22 Wilcox, William 
25 Galand, Lewis 

Ware, Charles 

Peirce, Hester 
Husband, Mary 
Henshaw, Hester 
Kirby, Mary 
Tinker, Mary 
Higgins, Eliz. 
Goff, Judith 
Wonday, Anne 
Steere, Elizabeth 
Steele, Mary 
Taylor, Elizabeth 
Burian, Rachel 

Goodwin, Joane 

26 Aylworth, William Southwood, Anne 

27 Garraway, James Rutton, Sarah 
Chadwell, John Chalfe, Elizabeth 

28 Piatt, Bartholomew Cheyney, Mary 

29 Hurrey, Henry Flight, Dorothy 
Wilkin, Thomas Fryer, Joane 

30 Haddon, William Reeve, Margaret 

August, 1687. 

1 Peterson, James Clarke, Susanna 

2 Pratt, John Curtis, Elizabeth 

(a) " This allegation out of place at the end of 
vol. xii." [Note by Col. Chester.] It is mis- 
placed with three others between August and 
September 1688. (See page 106.) 

2 Crake, Michael and 

3 Phillipps, Edward 
Thodee, Alexander 

5 Dewing, Daniel 

6 Jordon, John 
Bryan, Jacob 
Hardey, James 

8 Vine, Abraham 

Bacon, Henry 

9 Holme, Edward 
n Hester, Benjamin 

12 Turvile, Edward 
Jones, Edward 

13 Trott, Samuel 
Walker, Isaac 
Doble, Henry 

*Attlee, William 
Harris, Arthur 

15 Fison, Walter 

16 Fell, Reginald 
Taylor, Richard 
Whicheloe, Richard 

17 Fountain, Joseph 
Sewell, Samuel 
Elvey, Richard 

18 Glanvile, George 

19 Arnold, Thomas 
Newton, Timothy 

Penny, Richard 

20 Fagg, Charles 
Hull, Robert 

22 Whethersby, John 

24 Trippuck, Ralph 

25 Jordan, Thomas 
Hoswell, Thomas 
Wilde, Samuel 

30 Bellamy, Robert 
Lock, William 

31 Archer, John 
Prince, Nathaniel 
Williams, Mathew 

Harrison, Kath. 
Capell, Anne 
Browne, Barbara 
Brandon, Priscilla 
Slade, Anne 
Withers, Hester 
Honor, Anna 


Wilde, Frances 
Foot, Elizabeth 
Warner, Mary 
Mason, Elizabeth 
Lake, Mary 
Wilkin, Julian 
Pawlin, Marvilla 
Granger, Sarah 
Bonfoy, Elizabeth 
Thrusby, Anne 
Allison, Anne 
Newman, Mary 
Taylor, Margaret 
Simmons, Kath. 
Edgerley, Susan 
Locke, Anne 
Winington, Eliz. 
Delamaine, Eliz. 
Shaftoe, Cath. 

Robinson, Isabell 
Hiland, Mary 

Harrington, Eliz. 
Cowley, Martha 
Marshall, Eliz. 
Duck, Elizabeth 
Evans, Sarah 
Tough, Elizabeth 
Johnson, Margt. 
Lake, Elizabeth 
Muffett, Elizabeth 
Pixley, Mary 

September, 1687. 

1 Ford, Edward 
Wraight, Jacob 

2 Terrill, Thomas 

5 Wrench, Thomas 
* *Taylor[Rev.]Georg 

Pocklington, Wm. 

6 Stephens, Robert 

7 Blind, John 

8 Beaumont, Wm. 

9 Powell, Mathew 
Dyke, Robert 
Cathens, Joseph 

Sturt, Isabell 
Relfe, Bridgett 
Botthen, Susanna 
White, Ellenor 
eBacon, Anne 
Pykarell, Eliz. 
Cave, Sarah 
Kittle, Elizabeth 
Tay, Jane 
Greenhalgt, Alice 
Thurston, Mary 
Walker, Anne 


Marriage Licences. 


September, 1687. 

10 Devall, Robert and Beckingham, 


12 Townsend, Luke Jefferys, Anne 
*Rycroft, Mathew Ayloft, Elizabeth 

13 Muston, Charles Muston, Alice 
Staninnott, Richard Higgins, Jane 
Stone, Thomas Bywater, Eliz. 

14 Butler, Bartholomew Wright, Deborah 
Banck, Thomas Crosse, Anne 
Muckley, Christo. Saphire, Eliz, 

15 Williamson, James Vine, Elizabeth 
Taylour, Christo. Weele, Margaret 

17 Walter, Thomas 
*Cary, William 
*Blomberg, Lord 
Charles [Baron 
Blomberg in 
io,*Harvey [Rev.], Wm. Goodwyn, Margt. 
Purser, James Webb, Dorothy 

*Kettleby, Arthur Vincent, Elizabeth 

Freek, Margaret 
Spilsbury, Sarah 
Sheeres, Dame 

Wake, Thomas 

20 Howard, Edward 
Gordon, William 
Parsons, Robert 

21 Simpson, Robert 
24 Lambe, Philip 

Williams, Edward 
*Apsley, Sir Peter 
Unsworth, Ferdi- 

Sherman, Eliz. 
Adney, Winifred 
King, Hester 
Langham, Sarah 
Palmer, Sarah 
Willmore, Eliz. 
Ward, Mary 
Fortrey, Kath. 
Pissey, Elizabeth 

Rammage, Thomas Charnock, Ellinor 

26 Norton, William Levitt, Mary 
Stanley, Nicholas Pont, Elizabeth 

27 Warren, Thomas Woodman, Eliz. 
Welsteed, Stephen Biss, Katherine 
Parsfield, Samuel Fletcher, Mary 

28 Malyn, William 
Harrison, Richard 
Wakelyn, Samuel 
Burr, Edward 

29 Norfolk, Francis 
King, Richard 

30 Stanton, John 
Wilford, Thomas 
Wotton, Mathew 
Snell, Lawrence 


4 Johnson, James 
Lane, Thomas 
Yalden, Richard 
Williams, John 
Mawditt, Sydenham 

5 Bush, Thomas 
Gooddiar, Charles 
Knowles, William 

6 Miller, Franklyn 

Defour, Katherine 
Bradshaw, Mary 
Wheeler, Anne 
West, Mary 
Moore, Jane 
Monck, Elizabeth 
Ward, Mary 
Redhead, Eliz. 
Penny, Jane 
Baker, Elizabeth 


Mathews, Anne 
Pinneger, Sus'nah 
Paine, Elizabeth 
Austin, Sarah 
Chichester, Mart'a 
Norkett, Mary 
Dixon, Penelope 
Newton, Alice 
Forster, Jane 

6 Mussell, George and 

10 Salthouse, Henry 
Rhodes, Henry 
Jervas, Roger 
Harris, John 
Roberts, John 
Piggott, Roger 

11 Higham, Richard 
Lloyd, Richard 

12 Bryan, John 
Bullingham, Nich. 
Salter, David 
Barlow, Richard 

13 Terry, Robert 

14 Fry, John 

15 Clarke, Daniel 
Snapes, Simon 

17 Boone, Charles 
Jarvis, Nathaniel 

22 Holyoake, Thomas 
Hallett, Stephen 

25 Austen, Thomas 
*Nairne, David 
Hayne, Thomas 

27 Batson, Robert 
Comber, William 
Hillyar, Richard 

*Williams, William 
27*Forester, James 

28 Thorp, William 
"Bentley, John 

Waite, Robert 

29 Davis, John 
Cooper, John 

Burges, Elizabeth 
Deering, Martha 
Man, Priscilla 
Gilbert, Eliz. 
Keep, Mary 
Bent, Alice 
Martin, Jane 
Battersby, Eliz. 
Duffin, Prudence 
Walker, Hannah 
Stevenson, Mary 
Blundell, Sus'nah 
Elliott, Rachel 
Barnes, Margaret 
Coates, Mary 
Bell, Anne 
Edmeades, Eliz. 
Church, Hannah 
Saunders, Hann'h 
Enstone, Esther 
Ellyard, Mary 
Rudy eard, Hann'h 
Stacey, Mary 
Chapman, Eliz. 
Hall, Susannah 
Morfew, Margaret 
Heath, Mary 
Chancey, Martha 
Loyall, Mary 
Baskerville, Mar- 
Grunwing, Sarah 
Robinson, Mary 
Smith, Margaret 

November, 1687. 

1 Foster, William 
Castleman, Charles 

2 Wilson, John 
Herring, William 

3 Cole, Charles 

4 Tremlyn, Thomas 
Cox, John 

6 By worth, James 

7 Gibbs, Thomas 
Otgar, Abraham 
Myners, Williams 
Carpender, Thomas 

8 Martin, Cuthbert 

9 Jones, Richard 
Storey, Robert 
Mascall, Stephen 

10 Lord, John 

May, William 
12 Mills, John 

*Brodnax, Robert 
14'Bennet, John 
Swift, William 

Gregory, Mary 
Glasbrooke, Kath. 
Hinks, Mary 
Webb, Mary 
Palmer, Joane 
Child, Cecilia 
Hopkins, Mary 
Hutson, Anne 
Good, Sarah 
Pigg, Mary 
Myners, Kath. 
Vanbarge, Han. 
Tuck, Elizabeth 
Dowglass, Eliz. 
Belton, Anne 
Arnold, Elizabeth 
Jaggard, Thomas 
Kendrick, Kath. 
Goare, Mary 
Tulley, Sarah 
Tayler, Anna 
Loft, Elizabeth 


Faculty Office. 


November, 1687. 

i6*Cole, Harry 


14 Catchmay, Geo. and 
Fuller, Samuel 

15 Sheringham, John 
Wavell, John 

*Warter, John 

16 Knight, John 

17 Inglewood, William 

18 Hall, William 

19 Sill, Wellesborne 
Ridout, Simon 

21 Leyson, Thomas 
Lysons, John 
Saxton, Daniel 

22 Lewis, William 
Cox, Edward 
Austin, Nicholas 

23 Somerfield, William 
Dowglass, Robert 
Yeanos, John 
King, James 

24 Goodwin, William 
Beere, Thomas 
Martin, Edward 

*Egerton, Joseph 
Nicoll, John 

25 Jarvis, Francis 

26 Bulkeley, Robert 
28 Cox, Samuel 
30 Fizer, Benjamin 

*Hackett, Nicholas 


5 Clayton, Edward 
Rigby, Richard 
Say, Edward 

6 Newton, William 
Gaines, Oliver 

7 Manwaring, Richd. 
Nightingale, Thos. 

8 Smith, William 
Holmes, Christoph. 

9 Sidbotham, Robert 
10 Abbutt, Thomas 

Taylor, Philip 
Robinson, Thomas 
Rumsey, John 
i2*Harrison, John 
*Audley, John 

13 Tills, Richard 

14 Nelson, Thomas 
*Chetwood, Knightley 

Paveley, Abraham 
Lowth, Richard 
*Joliff [Jollyffe], 

15 Lucas, John 

Astill, Joyce 
Whiting," Judith 
Agar, Susannah 
Hurst, Phoebe 
Worrell, Jane 
Harding, Alice 
Wallis, Margaret 
Fuller, Sarah 
Constant, Anne 
Wright, Eliz. 
Hunt, Susannah 
Webb, Hester 
Tayler, Susannah 
Barrett, Sarah 
Griffith, Mary 
White, Anne 
Bawnsey, Eliz. 
Taylor, Elizabeth 
Chapman, Ellenor 
Wass, Edith 
Deaves, Mary 
Stedman, Mary 
Wells, Martha 
Larkin, Frances 
Bembridge, Eliz. 
Hall, Mary 
Moore, Frances 
Dixon, Mary 
Snaith, Frances 
Middleton, Eliz. 


King, Man- 
Hill, Jane 
Martyn, Eliz. 
Rookes, Frances 
Wallis, Hannah 
How, Rebecca 
Downes, Anne 
Atwell, Elizabeth 
Lake, Eliz. 
Wray, Mary 
Linton, Elizabeth 
Jones, Jane 
Light, Elizabeth 
Wood, Myram 
Glyn, Anne 
Frampton, Eliz. 
Viall, Susannah 
Rice, Anne 
Andrews, Anne 
Pestle, Katherine 
Browne, Rachel 
Joliff [Jollyffe], 

Ayres, Anne 

i7*Southworth, Sam. 
Bruen, Joseph 

19 Lowe, Timothy 

20 Morse, William 

22 Smith, Henry 
Thompson, Ralph 
Puxtey, Nicholas 

23 Baker, Henry 

24 Lucas, John 

26 Curtis, John 
*Campbell, John 

27 Marshall, Simon 

28 Haddon, Thomas 
Wrighter, Clement 

29 Richardson, John 
*Lowther, William 

Benning, Henry 
31 Trigge, Charles 

Waldon, [Wal- 

dowl , Mary 
Segar, Katherine 
Hirst, Mary 
Ingham, Eliz. 

Bartlett, Barbara 
Haley, Elizabeth 
Monke, Anne 


Pick, Elizabeth 
Greene, Mary 
Cole, Frances 
Carpenter, Elean'r 
Mascall, Anne 
Bennington, Alice 
Rawlinson, Eliz. 
Willis, Mary 
Swezland, Mary 

January, 1687-8. 

2 Carter, James 

3 Saltwell, William 

4 Rainesford, Edward 
7 Crispin, Arthur 

Hoskins, John 
9 Stockdale, George 

11 Cooke, Thomas 

12 Bowtell, Francis 

13 Spoakes, Peter 

14 Connop, W T illiam 
Crosby, John 
Harrington, John 

16 Walton, Edmond 
Capps, Robert 
Devereux, Walter 

18 Spencer, Rice 

19 Dobson, Edward 
21 Champion, Stephen 

Ratliffe, William 

23 Mosse, Thomas 
Lidginham, John 
Howes, Charles 

24 Hankin, Henry 

25 Tompkins, Edward 
27*Sweet, Benjamin 

28 Floyde, Thomas 

Eardley, John 
3o*Seaton, Samuel 
31 Ashenhirst, Thomas 

Nicolls, Edward 

Carleton, John 

Hodges, Mary 
Radaway, Ursula 
Merrey, Mary 
Collins, Elizabeth 
Hyde, Elizabeth 
Mason, Susannah 
Cosens, Elizabeth 
Thorne, Sarah 
Young, Jane 
Dibben, Jane 
Cockerell, Eliz. 
Pearson, Mary 
Wells, Sarah" 
Knight, Elizabeth 
Marshall, Frances 
Crux, Katherine 
Brathwaite, Fran. 
Arlich, Elizabeth 
Aston, Elizabeth 
Newton, Sarah 
Cock, Jane 
Benning, Mary 
Traver, Dorothy 
Heaton, Elizabeth 
Markham, Dame 

Anne [Amye] 
Taylor, Frances 
Law, vSusannah 
Pearson, Anne 
Talbott, Margaret 

Jones, Frances 


Marriage Licences. 


February, 1687-8. 

2 Heardson, John and 

3 Dyer, Hugh 

4 Smart, Thomas 
King - , Thomas 
Raper, Christopher 
Heath, Richard 

6 Morrisbee, Robert 
Lugrove, John 

7 Harrison, Thomas 
Gilson, Thomas 
Kelsey, Thomas 

8 *Southworth, Francis 
*Turner, Henry 

Short, William 
Scarlett, William 
Taylor, John 
King, Nehemiah 
Plainer, Jeremiah 

9 Grimes, Robert 
*Eddowes, John 


10 Thornborow, Fran. 
Hawkins, John 

11 Stauden, Thomas 

13 Wildman, John 
[*Dixon, William 

Thornton, Robert 
[*Bagshawe, Francis 
Umfrey, Herbert 

14 Norman, Francis 
*Hatton, Richard 

15 Stephenson, John 
i6*Turner, Arthur 

*Morgan, Charles 
Shewlen, Thomas 

17 Corderon, George 
Peirce, Richard 

18 Silvester, John 
Morris, John 

20 Ward, John 
Man, Thomas 
Morris, Samuel 
*Beech [Beecher], 

Coates, Walter 
Bird, Thomas 
Snare, John 
27 Tryme, George 
*Fisher, Thomas 
[*Fuller, Edward Bos- 
22 Lawrence, William 

Read, Elizabeth 
Walker, Anne 
Howard, Eliz. 
Pickett, Mary 
Perris, Judith 
Ball, Dorothy 
Slowly, Elizabeth 
Humphrey, Fran. 
Hodgkin, Mary 
Little, Mar)' 
Evans, Mary 
Gerrard, Barbara 
Frewen, Mary 
Black, Mary 
Worster, Joane 
Wheate, Margt. 
Pattison, Mary 
White, Elizabeth 
Smith, Alice 
Jenkins, Anne 

Barton, Susann'h 
Greene, Mary 
Davis, Margaret 
Gardner, Eliz. 
Callant, Reb.] (a) 
Foster, Martha 
Samwell, Anne] 

(a) and (b) 
Umfrey, Mary 
Watson, Susann'h 
Hatton, Grace 
Bull, Dennis 
Poole, Margaret 
Baylie, Elizabeth 
Pond, Mary 
Hart, Elizabeth 
Lay ton, Margaret 
Carter, Anne 
Veres, Katherine 
Cooper, Abigail 
Brackeloff, Grace 
Wright, Anne 
Needham, Martha 

Golidge, Mary 
Meeses, Jane 
Abbutt, Dorcas 
Bull, Ellinor 
Hulse, Mary 
Waller, Mary] {a) 

and (b) 
Wilkins, Sarah 

(a) See this and three other entries misplaced 
between August and September, 1688. 

(b) " This entry out of place at end of vol. 12 " 
[note by Col. Chester], 

22 Hatton, Henry and 
Humphrys, Richard 
Cooper, Thomas 
Bradshaw, Thomas 

z$ Webb, William 
Kingham, Daniel 
Humphrey, Thomas 

24 Massey, Jonas 
Love, Thomas 
Bodington, Edward 
Hayes, Joseph 
Bowden, Joseph 
Bishop, William 
King, William 

25 Shortgrave, Nath. 
27 Lawrence, William 

Greenway, William 
Warnford, Edmund 
Shepherd, Mathew 

Lacey, Hannah 
Allen, Elizabeth 
Clarke, Anne 
Lambert, Mary 
Busby, Anne 
Bennett, Anne 
Dalton, Mary 
Harris, Ellenor 
Rose, Palmer 
Edwards, Eliz. 
Growsmith, Alice 
Oldfield, Eliz. 
Gibson, Sarah 
Williams, Hester 
Bishopp, Priscilla 
Fearne, Elizabeth 
Bigg, Mary 
Bernard, Jane 
Myles, Elizabeth 

March, 1687-8. 

1 Chorley, Josias Cutts, Dorothy 

2 Stapleton, Thomas Fell, Anne 

7 Hawett, Richard Isaackson, Magd. 

io*Burren, Anthony 

13 Hayes, Daniel 
22 Harris, John 

Hodilow, Susan- 
Mabett, Elizabeth 
Harding, Mary 
*Clapham, Christoph. Williams, Dorothy 
Haynes, John Clements, Martha 

24 Tayler, John Mellish, Hannah 

March, 1688. 

27 White, Richard Smart, Elizabeth 

28 Hughes, Lewis Nathull, Jane 
3Q*Jackson, Joseph Whiting, Anne 


4 Wotton, John 

5 Travell, John 

7 Head, William 
g Edwards, Thomas 

10 Tine, James 

11 Fortin, Thomas 
*Aston, Richard 
*Pugh, Robert 

Abbott, John 
Smith, Samuel 
i2*Monson, William 
*Nicholls [Nicolls], 

13 Carr, Edward 
Long, John 

14 Cox, William 

16 Hudson, Thomas 
Gregson, Robert 
Chandler, Samuel 
* Amherst, Jeffrey 

i7*Webster, Thomas 


Noble, Mary 
Thornton, Eliz. 
Perin, Jane 
Fleet, Elizabeth 
Fountaine, Fran. 
Ellitt, Margaret 
Mothen, Mary 
Eaden, Anne 
Cartland, Mary 
Betton, Sarah 
Pawlett, Letitia 
Donnalld [Den- 

nalld], Abigail 
Westbrooke, Eliz. 
Lewis, Elizabeth 
Long, Margaret 
Richardson, Reb. 
Redstone, Anne 
Duberry, Mary 
Knightley, Eliz. 
Wightwicke, Eliz. 


Faculty Office. 


April, 11 

18 Mottley, Thos. and Jones, Mary 
Pottinger, Christo. Cooke, Anne 

Roberts, William 

20 Adlam, Andrew 

21 Boselman, John 

23 Cox, Charles 
Needier, William 
North, Thomas 

24 Hobbins, John 
*Kingsley, William 

26 Warren, Edward 
Drewitt, Thomas 
Davenport, John 
Appleton, Thomas 

27 Evans, Arthur 

28 *Trimnell, William 
*Buckeridge, Wm. 

Elderton, William 

Butler, Mary 
Barton, Margaret 
Baggatt, Mary 
Tomlinson, Mart'a 
Attley, Alice 
Lee, Hannah 
Cooke, Damaris 
Honywood, Fran. 
Cliff, Anne 
Bollard, Anne 
Child, Eliz. 
Moore, Eliz. 
Crispe, Hester 
Lock, Jane 
Hornby, Mary 
Hobbs, Eliz. 

May, 1688. 

1 Bogie, Thomas Marshall, Jane 

*Groundman, James Oldfield, Eliz. 

Clerke, Henry 

Willis, Francis 
4 Bosworth, Joseph 
7 Smith, Thomas 
9 Stacey, Isaac 

Crow, John 
10 Palmer, John 
*Teshmaker (John 
12 Dewey, Thomas 
15 Checkley, Thomas 
Lane, Benjamin 

Braborne [Bra- 
bourn], Frances 
Sherwood, Mary 
Whittick, Francis 
Crouch, Elizabeth 
Oliver, Ellenor 
Young, Mary 
Feild, Anne 
Marshall, Isabella 

Price, Susannah 
Earle, Ellenor 
Cox, Susannah 
Browne, Sarah 

16 Feild, John 

*Beardmore, Robert Woolley, Eliz. 
i7*Ashton, Sedgwick Capell, Sarah 

Yeomans, Charles Palmer, Eliz. 
18 Frampton, Robert Bignell, Anne 
21 Winch, John Johnson, Martha 

Wilkinson, Thomas Stawkes, Mary 
23 Browne, Thomas Smith, Sarah 

Smith, John 

Scott, Walter 

Grayham, William 

Clarkson, John 

Ford, Mary 
Hall, Rebecca 
Duffield, Anne 
Baker, Deborah 

24 Burrowes, Edmund Braithwaite, Eliz. 

'Bishop, Henry 

25 Price, Robert 
28 Briggs, Henry 

Eaton, James 
30 Williams, John 
*Hunt, Henry 

Medowes, Susan- 
Wilcox, Margt. 
Warren, Anne 
Marshall, Jane 
Reeves, Mary 
Collyer, Katherine 

June, 1688. 

1 Pettet, Thomas Rooper, Anne 

2 Browne, Christopher Holton, Elizabeth 

4 Barker, Ruben and 
Bigg, William 

5 Seamour, Thomas 
Boquet, Noah 
Capell, Thomas 

6 Mainer, James 
7*Copley, George 

8 Middleton, George 

* Pryce [Price], Thos. 

9 Pinnock, Lawrence 

13 Ambler, George 
Lambert, William 

14 Allat, John 
King, Robert 

15 Tompson, John 
20 Short, Edward 
23 Vacher, Francis 

Beard, Thomas 
23 Morin, William 
20 Lygon, William 
Trasher, Robert 
Wescombe, Lewis 

zj Atkinson, Edward 
Powell, Joseph 
Thompson, William 

M) Graves, John 
Phillipps, Samuel 

3o*Russell (Hon'ble), 

Ilett, Anne 
Ellinger, Sarah 
Hewett, Sarah 
Bruand, Eliz. 
Raworth, Hester 
Furner, Deborah 
Hide, Elizabeth 
Faile, Anne 
Guillin [Guillim], 

Feelder, Mary 
Walker, FYances 
Ward, Isabella 
Cave, Susannah 
Loader, Martha 
Coney, Elizabeth 
Grassatt, Eliz. 
Hewett, Mary 
Climpson, Hannah 
Cornish, Anne 
Corbyn, Margaret 
Whether ley, Mary 
Copleston, Dame 

Geake, Frances 
Adderley, Mary 
Borer, Elizabeth 
Pensum, Kath. 
Hall, Elizabeth 
Lloyd, Frances 

July, 1688. 

2 Goodwin, Richard 

3 Foster, Richard 
Smith, Robert 

4 Lovelace, William 
Aspanall, Zachary 

6 Dale, Henry 

7 Drake, James 
9 Hunt, Michael 

11 Wilson, Daniel 

12 Cole, William 

* Lynch, John 
Ratey, John 
Bancks, Stephen 

i3*Hackett, Lisle 
Holland, Philip 
Karesley, Jonathan 

* Hastings, James 
16 Tod, Thomas 
i7*Hyde, Thomas 

18 Thomas, William 
Greene, Robert 

19 Lathwell, Henry 
*Darell, Edward 

20 Wedon, Mathew 
2i*Saunders, Thomas 
23*Edwards, Thomas 

Andrews, Mary 
Hopwood, Mary 
Smith, Katherine 
Ashwell, Sarah 
Tringham, Anne 
Miller, Anne 
Smith, Alary 
Towse, Anne 
Butler, Mary 
Wale, Rebecca 
Head, Sarah 
Allen, Mary 
Looker, Johanna 
Shelton, Martha 
Armistead, Martha 
Davenport, Martha 
Clisbey, Isabella 
Pyner, Ellenor 
Oram, Elizabeth 
Lilley, Sarah 
Blinckorne, I sab. 
Watts, Elizabeth 
Briscoe, Elizabeth 
Rolston, Susannah 
Rowles, Jane 
Heynes, Mary 


Ma rriage L icences . 


July, 1688. 

23 *Ragdale, Nath. and Terry, Susanna 
Buckly [Buckby], Good, Elizabeth 
26 Baxter, Caleb 
Tucker, William 
Marshall, Richard 
28 Deane, William 

"Prideaux, Edmund Smith, Anne 
Hughes, Richard Hall, Hannah 
Dunsdon, John Cust, Elizabeth 

"Shaw, William Marsh, Sarah 

31 Shuter, Joshua Boucher, Sarah 

Proser, Sarah 
Crew, Mary 
Clarke, Mary 
Sutton, Jane 


1 Swayne, Bennett 
Selman, Daniel 

2 Berkley, George 
4 Cooke, Robert 

6 Evans, David 
Feilding, Israel 

8 Warren, Ambrose 

9 Bosman, Richard 
11 Staffe, Henry 

Arthur, Isaac 

13 Sheene, Joseph 
Scott, Thomas 
Floyde, John 

14 Collins, Thomas 

15 Whitton, Daniel 

16 Porter, Thomas 

17 How, John 
Clarkson, Seth 

18 Hurle, John 

20 Ravenor, Samuel 
Yeo, George 

21 Tribick, William 

22 Langhorne, William 

23 Cannon, Charles 

24 Bradley, Walter 

28 East, William 

29 Tills, Philip 


Middleton, Anne 
Johnson, Dorothy 
Terry, Mary 
Boman, Elizabeth 
Powell, Mary 
Farthing, Margy. 
Beardmore, Rach. 
Watson, Mary 
Thorpe, Mary 
Par slow, Mary 
Stone, Alice 
Ayres, Sarah 
Hull, Margaret 
Churchill, Mary 
Burgis, Alice 

Clarke, Hannah 
Weeke, Mary 
Godsell, Margaret 
Dicks, Mary 
Smith, Mary 
Lindley, Elizabeth 
Rotheram, Martha 
Hemsley, Frances 
Preston, Eliz. 
Gough, Elizabeth 
Dingley, Eliz. 

February, 1687-8. 
13 {a Dixon, William Callant, Rebecca 

a) Bagshaw, Franc. Samwell, Anne 
27 (a) Fuller, Edward Waller, Mary 

July, 1687. 
7 (</ Hedges, William Searle, Anne 

(,/i These four entries arc misplaced. The 

respective dates, according to Col. Chester's 
abstract of them, are 13th February, 1687-8, and 
7th July, 1687 [not 1688 as would seem here 
implied]. See above under these dates. 


1 Quennell, Peter and 
Brindley, James 
Gray, Mathew 

3*Benbrigg, John 

5 Cressar, George 
Gurnick, Francis 
Allen, Henry 

6 Ivye, John 
10 Jemett, John 

12 Allen, Thomas 

13 Holmes, John 
17 Sewell, Josias 

14 Theobridge, Tim. 

15 Richardson, John 
*King, Daniel 

17 Woodhouse, Joseph 
*Maidstone, Robert 

20 Greene, Edmond 

22 Grove, John 
*Hoy, Clement 

24* Perry, Phillip 

Martyn, Charles 

25 Tovey, John 
Lee, Thomas 

26 Bunacre, Thomas 
Bourne, Thomas 

28 Braxton, Edward 

29 Marple, Job 

30 Andrews, John 


5 Browne, John 

6 Capell, (ieorge 

8 Paul, Richard 

9 Garthwaite, Nath. 

10 Lardner, Francis 
Greene, Thomas 

1 1 Carnell, John 
Holman, John 

15 Jones, Humphrey 
Butler, John 

16 Chapman, Henry 
Smith, Samuel 

18 Sampson, Jonathan 

1 9 Norrys, John 

23 Finney, Richard 
Cook, Cornelius 
Briand, Isaac 

24 Sirey, Samuel 
Flanders, James 

26 Cooke, Daniel 
Dartnall, George 

29 Byng, John 
Walker, Henry 

3o*Lockey, John 

31 *Abercromie, Dun- 


, 1688. 

Forgie, Elizabeth 
Weston, Deborah 
Inman, Joane 
Creed, Mary 
Penner, Hannah 
Alley, Ellenor 
Penny, Joane 
Fitzherbert, Mary 
White, Frances 
Wilford, Mary 
Eldridge, Eliz. 
Tucker, Dorothy 
Apps, Mary 
Neile, Anne 
Lucas, Mary 
Turton, Mary 
Ince, Erancis 
Penn, Deborah 
Loome, Kath. 
Davenport, Reb. 
Askew, Thomaz- 

Barker, Mary 
Bridall, Elizabeth 
Cage, Anne 
Badham, Anne 
Halford, Rebecca 
Addams, Anne 
Freeman, Sarah 
Williams, Bar- 
she ba 


Eastland, Eliz. 
Carnell, Martha 
Wastall, Eliz. 
Jackson, Jane 
Redman, Mary 
Waylett, Anne 
Baker, Anne 
Austin, Anne 
Home, Mary 
Hudson, Delisia 
Hawkins, Anne 
Netheway, Eliz. 
Riveley, Anne 
Dyke, Dorothy 
Wilde, Jane 
Pauling, Mary 
Fere, Magdalen 
Simmons, Margt. 
Harding, Margt. 
Comber, Susanna 
Lisney, Margaret 
Shorten, Frances 
Plant, Elizabeth 
Edwards, Margt. 
Scott, Carolina 


Faculty Office. 



g Phillips, Eben. and 
10 Askew, Francis 
12 Smith, John 
i4*Hales, Thos. [Jun.] 
*Hopegood, Ed- 
mund [Jun.] 
15 Terry, Henry 
17 Bowen, Henry 
20* Bennett, Roger 

21 Blakie, Patrick 

22 Ambrose, James 

27 Fawkener, Everard 
Watts, Richard 

28 Holsey, Robert 

Deakins, Anne 
Deakins, Mary 
Hodsdon, Hannah 
Pym, Mary 
Cordell, Mary 

Stiles, Anne 
Homer, Rebecca 
Marshall, Johan'a 
Mocanley, Rebec. 
Fox, Joanna 
Bulkeley, Eliz. 
Martin, Joanna 
Holsey, Anne 

December, 1688. 

5*Pigott, Francis 

11 Bromfield, Richard 

12 Draper, Thomas 

13 Melles, John 

14 Day, John 
i9*Playford, Henry 

Dudney, Thomas 
22 Edwards, Thomas 

Girton, John 
29 Amonett, Francis 

Hipsley, Thomas 

January, i 

1 Dee, Thomas 
Bridgman, Edward 
Watts, Thomas 
Swaine, John 

5*Goffe, John 
Lawe, John 

6 Parrot, Robert 

7*Petty, Launcelot 
Baldery, John 
Hatchett, Thomas 

8 Holgate, George 

11 Figg> William 

12 Winter, Philip 

14 Johnson, Benjamin 
Downing, Richard 

15 Janson, George 
Richardson, John 

Harris, James 
Ossman, William 
Stiles, Lazarus 

16 Mason, George 
Spurland, Edward 
Petitt, Thomas 
Hawkley, Robert 

17 Rayner, Richard 
19 Smith, Richard 

21 Harwood, Thomas 

Pelling, Anne 
Nutting, vSarah 
Bourne, Elizabeth 
Freeborne, Jane 
Webster, Eliz. 
Baker, Anne 
Willard, Margaret 
Farewell, Eliz. 
Gale, Anne 

Smith, Mary 


Rufin, Elizabeth 
Powell, Margaret 
Rumball, Anne 
Barker, Jane 
Perrott, Anne 
Cornish, Mary 
Witsey, Mary 
Bradsell, Martha 
Olney, Prudence 
Brett, Sarah 
Mullins, Mary 
Banes, Diana 
Sturgeon, Anne 
Cornwall, Anne 
Foster, Elizabeth 
Edwards, Mary 
Hill alias Bennett, 

Haywood, Alice 
Slater, Frances 
Comes, Mary 
Bicks, Hester 
Triglish, Margery 
Parker, Blanch 
Puddifoot, Eliz. 
Stringer, Mary 
Richardson, Reb. 
Merritt, Margaret 

21 Parratt, Henry and 

22 Pensford, Edward 
*Garrard, Samuel 

z$ Talbott, Thomas 
Newell, William 

24 *Thornburgh, Gilbert 

St. Michael, Baltha- 
Roake, James 

25 Pepper, William 
Hunt, John 

26 Egleton, Henry 
28 Norman, James 

Houlker, John 

Wilby, John 

Hollings, Henry 
2g*Rivers, Sir George 

30 Rose, William 

Burgis, Robert 

Peel, Thomas 


1 Vanderpoest, Adrian 

2 Head, James 
Lowder, William 

5 Pemple, Stephen 
Holder, John 
Kilbury, John 
Maslin, John 

6 Daniell, John 
^Seymour, Henry 
* Knight, John 

8 Austin, William 

11 Parker, Nicholas 
:: Mols worth, Hender 

Palmer, Lawrence 

12 Beck, Robert 
Dixon, Thomas 
Smith, John 

13 Chambers, John 

14 Tombes, John 
*Rogers, John 

15 Carter, Thomas 
ig Goodridge, Tobias 

Harris, William 

20 Wood, Benjamin 

21 Bayley, Rowland 

27 Dudley, William 

Cope, Mary 
Surrs, Elizabeth 
Bennett, Jane 
Holford, Mary 
Isles, Anne 
Donkley, Margt. 
Darling, Margt. 

Stiles, Anny 
Pepper, Elizabeth 
Mathews, Anne 
Tibbolls, Sarah 
H anbury, Mary 
Norton, Anne 
Adde, Elizabeth 
Whetcroft, Ursula 
Beversham, Doro- 
Dew, Milicent 
Clarke, Anne 
Carter, Mary 


Spencer, Mary 
Rands, Sarah 
Cross, Sarah 
Briscoe, Mary 
Erwin, Elizabeth 
Heme, Mary 
Mayhew, Eliz. 
Wardell, Anne 
Tregunwell, Eliz. 
Fiennes, Hannah 
Little, Elizabeth 
Atherton, Mary 
Linch, Mary 
Mumford, Dor. 
Greene, Judith 
Harris, Mary 
Marshall, Anne 
Anderton, Eliz. 
Burleton, Mary 
Buckeridge, Hes'r 
Randall, Eliz. 
Copland, Eliz. 
Dining, Mary 
Marsh, Elizabeth 
Pigg, Martha 
Atkinson, Margt. 

1 Sherley, George 

5 Hoare, Joseph 

6 Pinker, John 
*Trinder, Henry 

Jones, Richard 
8 Pashen, George 
11 Cookson, Brian 


Dehennin, Sibil la 

Webb, Mary 
Blye, Bridgett 
Powney, Eliz. 
Saunders, Mary 
Ridout, Elizabeth 
Dawson, Anne 


Marriage Licences. 


March, 1688-9. 
12 *Paynter, Edward and Carey, Katherine 

15 Mason, John 

Shaw, Richard 
iS*Pursell, Richard 
19 Glanvill, Julius 
20*Dalton, Richard 
Hide, Joseph 
Hester, Richard 

22 Holdin, Edward 

23 Dutch, Edward 
Wossly, John 

March, : 

25 Browne, Jonathan 
Dutch, Cornelius 

27 Sparkes, W illiam 
Pither, John 
Biscoe, Nathaniel 

28 Wilkinson, Samuel 

29 Hawden, Edward 

30 * Whichcott, Francis 

Dixon, Joseph 

Broadbent, Edward 
Prior, William 
Lewis, Griffith 

Brumpton, Anne 
Trout, Anne 
Cox, Elizabeth 
Corderoy, Martha 
Hargrave, Anne 
Simonds, Sarah 
Tegg, Mary 
Deverell, Sarah 
Parrott, Mary 
Barker, Jane 


Larkham, Hannah 

Stone, Anne 

Raynor, Mary 

Shaw, Helen 

Thompson, Sarah 


Melson, Alice 
Norbury, Rebecca 

Bincks, Elizabeth 
Holmes, Anne 
Phillips, Elizabeth 

Bloxham, Mary 
Hunt, Anne 
Aiding, Sarah 
Smith, Alice- 
Staple, Elizabeth 

April, 1689. 

1 Goodwin, Thomas Stanley, Mar)' 
Prescott, Roger 
Burr, Erancis 
Hawkley, Robert 
Fearan, Jonathan 

2 Pettman, John 
Chamberlaine, Thos. Bland, Anne 

3 Hammond, Charles Field, Mary 
5*Loder, Andrew Bond, Margaret 

Crayle, James Gallwey, Alary 

6 Jordan, Abraham Butler, Elizabeth 
8 Asgall, Samuel Barker, Elizabeth 

10 Virgin, Bartholomew Jackson, Sarah 

Willett, Robert Smith, Anne 

Bewkell, Cornelius Richardson, Anne 
12 Raymond, Robert Lichfield, Eliz. 
i3*Carter, Robert 
15 Jackson, John 

Parke, Richard 

Marner, Simon 
i6*Jeffreys, John 

i7*Loweman, Christo. Tash, Deborah 
20*Haward [Harvard], Gooding, Joane 

22 Holgate, John 

Lamb, Martha 
Sandys, Margaret 
Bristow, Mary 
Avenell, Marhan 
Sturt, Elizabeth 

23 Brunsden, Edward 
Dawson, John 
Carr, Christopher 


Robinson, Anne 
Keatsby, Alice 
Loftay, Hannah 

24 Pearce, Joseph and 
Styles, Ephriam 

25 Dunn, Joseph 
*Flyer, Francis 
* Vivian, Daniel 

26 Huntley, Mathew 

27 Pecke, Robert 

29 Dutch, John 
*Comyn, Samuel 

30 Edney, John 
King, Edward 

Eades, Elizabeth 
Guy, Anne 
Decayne, Sarah 
Chester, Elizabeth 
Alley, Mary 
Chandler, Eliz. 
Dale, Margaret 
Dallison, Mary 
Chandler, Sarah 
Hammond, Edith 
Eldridge, Eliz. 

Ball, Jane 
Needham, Anne 
Gibbons, Bethia 
Dipper, Jane 
Dawson, Hannah 

May, 1689. 

3 Lyon, John Haynes, Elleanor 

4 Truesdale, Thomas 
Lee, Robert 

6 Hathwell, John 
Mayhew, John 
Bradley, Richard 

7 Haslewood, Thomas Steventon, Anne 
*Horsman, Oliver Basnett, Sarah 

8 Wing, Mathew Kedge, Elizabeth 
9*Dagley, Anthony Baskerville, Dor. 

Henley, Warncombe Browne, Jane 
11 Greatrix, John Misletow, Mary 

Berry, Thomas Allen, Mary 

Brecknere, John Home, Elizabeth 

Durrant, Thomas 

13 Richards, John 
Ireland, Thomas 

14 Benson, John 
Cox, John 
Ford, Jonathan 
Bowden, John 

'Tyton, Erancis 

Hooker, Hester 
Ryton, Margaret 
Bilt, Mary 
Jeames, Katherine 
White, Mary 
Jennings, Sarah 
Povey, Christian 
Wilcox, Eliz. 

i5*Ashton,Wm. [D.D.] Peache, Anne 
*Pocklington, John Hatton, Mary 

Harper, Thomas 
Pile, Alexander 
i6*Lowe, John [Jun.] 

17 Hilton, John 

18 Bowen, John 
Prince, Edmond 

23 *Paine, Tobias 

24 Brassett, John 

25 Chapman, Toby 

Laurence, Sarah 
Sibley, Mary 
Holgate, Anne 
Pawling, Mary 
Alesbrooke, Mary 
Goulding, Eliz. 
Fist, Margaret 
Salter, Elizabeth 
Hawkins, Alice 

27 Whineatts, Richard Beckett, Grace 

Dehew, Isaac Barnes, Isabell 

Corneliden, William Kersteman, 
Henry Elizabeth 

Hawley, Henry Slingsbie, Victoria 

30 Farmle, Henry Stocker, Anne 

Jordan, John Harris, Margaret 

June, 1689. 

3 Hodges, Joseph Hignett, Mary 
Clay, Richard Wharton, Mary 

4 Pinckney, Isaac Piggott, Mary 
Wigett, Thomas Botly, Elizabeth 


Faculty Office. 


June, 1689. 

5*Calverd [Cal- and Calverd [Cal 
vert?], William vert?], Honor 

6 Brasyer, Arnold 
7*Cornish, William 

Atkins, Daniel 
8 Hall, Thomas 
10 Martin, Edward 
i2*Ange, Thomas 
Sharpus, John 
Gupwell, George 
*Tailer, William 
Geest, Timothy 
13 Lewis, Thomas 
Winch, William 

17 Smith, John 
Fryer, Peter 

18 Cratey, Richard 
Seymour, John 
Maxwell, William 
Strickson, John 
Ball, Thomas 

19 Knevitt, William 
Reeves, William 

Allingham, Anne 
Clarke, Anne 
Hyupp, Jane 
Speed, Dorothy 
Chandler, Mary 
Heape, Mary 
Carter, Jane 
Vanchan, Martha 
Penfold, Dorothy 
Baker, Elizabeth 
Borrett, Barbara 
Phipps, Mary 
White, Amie 
Russell, Elizabeth 
Hussey, Mary 
Colvill, Mary 
Wilks, Elizabeth 
Sandford, Christ'n 
Piatt, Anne 
Holloway, Jane 
Day, Elizabeth 
Furley, Elizabeth 

De Critz, Thomas 

20 Withinbrooke, John Blackmore, Eliz 

21 Stradling, Thomas Goodwin, Eliz. 
25 Cotton, Edward Lee, Helen 

Chisnold, William 
25 Hall, Thomas 

Pyne, Valentine 
Priest, John 

27 Seayre, John 

28 Moore, Roger 

Dale, Elizabeth 
Street, Mary 
Hyde, Anne 
Dring, Love 
Godney, Dorcas 
Okell, Anne 

29 Dickenson, Thomas West, Ruth 

July, 1689. 

2 Hembery, Joseph Ellis, Mary 
*Foote, Samuel Topham, Arabella 

23*Stevens, Warwick Kirby, Mary 

3 Rossington, James Rossington, Jane 

4 Crosse, John Mosse, Jane 
*Grey [of Ruthin], Talbutt, Barbara 

Henry, Lord 

5*Capron, Martin Pinock, Anne 

*Royce, Charles Fellowes, Eliz. 
8*Sandwitch, Edward, Wilmot, Dame 
Earl of [Lady] Eliz. 

9 Oakes, John Thirstfied, Eliz. 

Odiarne, Thomas Hollyman, Anne 

10 Bosworth, William Goodman, Alice 

Wood, Samuel Warwick, Sarah 

Goring, Richard Scareman, Mary 

15 Fitzgerrald, Oliver Anderson, Mary 
Lynwood, William Farr, Elizabeth 

16 Crosfield, William Thody, Annabella 

17 Harris, Thomas Hassam, Sarah 
20 Trevilla, Samuel Bennett, Mary 
22 Cartrey, Daniel Smith, Jane 

22 Bickerstaffe, Rob.and 
Owen, Thomas 
Harriott, William 

23 Baughton, Thomas 
*Baker, William 

Strong, John 

24 Robertson, Richard 
*Read, Edward 

25 Abrooke, Richard 

26 Wright, John 

Felsted, Mary 
Thornton, Mary 
Darling, Mary 
Eversden, Sarah 
Walker, Martha 
Holditch, Agnes 
Terry, Mary 
Phillips, Eliz. 
Harris, Joane 
Todd, Jane 


21 Bartlett, Edward 
22*Coventry, Erancis 
20 Gardiner, Anthony 
Corbett, Thomas 

28 Denton, John 

29 Hunt, Thomas 
Perkins, Timothy 
Tayler, Richard 

31 Sax, Thomas 
Wooding, Ralph 


Penny, Jane 
Waterer, Margt. 
Wootton, Bridgett 
Good, Mary 
Durnford, Anne 
Bell, Mary 
Short, Sarah 
Tempest, Martha 
Raines, Hannah 
Johnson, Margt. 

September, 1689. 

2 Shribb, Robert 

4 Rolles, Thomas 
Bennett, Michael 

5 Merry, Nathaniel 
Hotkell, John 

6 Hillary, Roger 
Browne, Henry 

7 Browne, John 
Lindsey, John 
Garean, Daniel 

9 Williams, William 

10 Wimble, John 

11 De Fountaine, John 
Lowes, Andrew 
Wivill, William 
Baker, William 
Barrett, Robert 

14 Storer, Richard 
Timands, John 

16 Willett, Thomas 
Phelp, Joseph 

17 Prince, William 
Staire, Thomas 
Gerrard, John 

19 Flinders, Richard 
21 Morgan, Edward 
*Boothby, Robert 
23 Jones, John 
29*Dymock, Charles 
Browne, Mathew 

26 Wilford, Francis 

27 Godsalve, William 

28 Sherman, Benjamin 
Miller, John 

30 Branes, Andrew 

Wing, Sarah 
Luther, Martha 
Sayer, Hannah 
Grosvenor, Kath. 
Frill, Johanna 
Mosse, Anne 
Williams, Anne 
Trenwith, Margt. 
Mollory, Anne 
Sterlin, Magdalen 
Jenkins, Grace 
Rawles, Anne 
Smith, Mary 
Perry, Anne 
Winde, Mary 
Talbutt, Eliz. 
Barrett, Mary 
Hall, Mary 
Aderley, Mary 
Gunton, Frances 
Farrer, Judith 
Barber, Mary 
Sanders, Mary 
Groome, Kath. 
Elliot, Anne 
Crisp, Elizabeth 
Jackson, Sarah 
Denton, Rebecca 
Nedham, Mary 
More, Frances 
Wonham, Frances 
Earle, Rebecca 
Surredge, Anne 
Lyon, Mary 
Williams, Jane 


Marriage Licences. 



1 Knowles, John and 

2 Mil way, Thomas 

3 Metcalfe, Samuel 
5 Brookes, William 

7 Woolley, Thomas 

8 Evans, Edward 
Parris, Thomas 
Grover, Henry 

10 Macarty, Owen 
Hide, William 

1 1 D'Avidiciss, Saffras 
14 May ling, Charles 

Leach, John 
Olive, Rowland 
Etheridge, William 

16 Greene, Francis 
Ewer, William 

17 Ellary, Martin 

Mallabarr, John 
Conde, Francis 

18 Bird, John 
Thompson, Michael 

21 Bellingham, Robert 
22*Ettricke, William 
Humphry es, Thomas 
Betham, Robert 

23 Courtley, William 

24 Smith, Henry 

28 Parry, Edward 
Wing - , Robert 

29 Bower, Roger 

30 Culcheth, Benjamin 
Badgett, John 


Stone, Frances 
Home, Elizabeth 
Poynter, Margt: 
Clarke, Elizabeth 
Cole, Katherine 
Love, Anne 
Style, Elizabeth 
Lucas, Susanna 
Cooke, Jane 
Davis, Katherine 
Harlow, Penelope 
Ewing, Elizabeth 
Clutterbuck, Mary 
Wood, Mary 
Ball, Sarah 
Edwards, Alice 
Mores, Dorothy 

Smithson, Din a 
Franckland, Anne 
Massey, Eliz. 
Newnham, Sarah 
Hands, Mary 
Middleton, Eliz. 
Bateman, Rachel 
Palmer, Sarah 
Martin, Elizabeth 
Rice, Alice 
Alsopp, Alice 
Engham. Isabella 

Reynolds, Mary 
Hamm, Anne 

November, 1689. 

1 Taylor, James 
6 Loughton, John 

Pelly, Josiah 
9 Fry, James 

Walker, Edward 
Kendall, William 
Selman, Joshua 
White, Aylife 
ti Smith, William 
*Rooke, Thomas 
12 Du Moulin, Patrick 
Evans, Joseph 

14 Martin, John 

Farr, William 

15 Turner, John 
Jones, Thomas 

16 Walsh, Thomas 
[8 Earle, Joseph 
19 Hall, Richard 

Oliphant, Francis 

Bowyer, Mary 
Wood, Mary 
Crow, Elizabeth 
White, Susanna 
Redman, Anne 
Stride, Anne 
Cutbord, Mary 
Randall, Jane 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Warrell, Anne 
Dovey, Katherine 
Reeve, Margaret 

Dennett, Dina 
Hartridge, Eliz. 
Leake, Martha 
Wakeley, Ursula 
Cann, Elizabeth 
Powell, Katherine 
Reddall, Mary 

19 Harrison, Thos. and 
22*Parry, Griffith 
25*Lynford, Thomas 
Searle, Edward 
'Booth, Charles 
*Johnson [Rev.],Robt 

26 Geekie, Alexander 
*Leigh, Theophilus 

27 Wilkinson, William 
Jenkin, John 

28 Newton, Edward 

Gifford, Elizabeth 
Sterrell, Mary 
Dillingham, Eliz. 
James, Sarah 
Maplesden, Eliz. 
.Lewin, Elizabeth 
Churchill, Jane 
Bridges, Hon'ble 

Worth, I^lizabeth 

Hughes, Jane 

December, 1689. 

2* Weston, Thomas Fletcher, Anne 
Price, Edward 

3 Rooke, Thomas 
Smith, Richard 
Craven, Ralph 

4 Bur ley Samuel 
Lewes, Samuel 


Thorn azine 
Gosse, Elizabeth 
Dodd, Mary 
Barrett, Mary 
Blick, Elizabeth 
Spicer alias Hol- 
der, Sarah 
Leonard, Mary 
Child, Mary 

5 Phillipps, Thomas 

6 Paget, Sa,muel 

7 Du Prey de Beaulieu, Whalley, Anne 


10 Challenor, William Whitworth, Eliz 

11 Barnard, Jacob Scarr, Jane 
Nicholls, Francis Gardiner, Jane 
Walker, Thomas 

Chybnale, Mary 
Blackdon, Sarah 
Byshe, Elizabeth 
Godsalve, Reb. 
Deemer, Mary 

i2*Alford, Robert 

Amey, John 
16 George, William 

Powle, Joseph 
i7*Woodyeare, William Greenhill, Sarah 

Peck, Thomas Read, Elizabeth 

Lee, W r illiam Salway, Eliz. 

^Marshall, Sir John Wiseman, Lucy 

18 Burford, Benjamin James, Mary 
Steere, William Staples, Hannah 
Lingham, John Crosweller, Eliz. 

*Norris, William Pottexfin [Pollex- 

fen], Elizabeth 

19 Hrwell [? Horwell], Hobbs, Elizabeth 


Everingham, John Hunt, Rebecca 

20 Lane, William Gass, Elizabeth 
Kendall, Benjamin Ay 1 ward, Eliz. 
Jones, William Hawkins, Eliz. 

21 Smith, John Bayly, Rebecca 
*Benson, Richard Settle, Elizabeth 

23 Dunning, Hu^h 
Gibbs, Philip 

24 Bishopp, John 
Clipperton, John 
Wright, Joseph 
Dolen, John 

Fleming, Hanna 
Halliday, Sarah 
Slater, Mary 
Vaux, Elizabeth 
Wiggin, Mary 
Bownes, Jane 

6 9 o] 

Faculty Office. 

1 1 1 

December, 1689. 

24 Harwood. Richard and Oliver, Anne 

25 Parry, William Barrell, Elizabeth 

27 Gosling', Edward Warren, Eliz. 

28 Holroide, Joshua Walker, Rachel 

30 Everingham, Richd. Magnes, Jane- 
Head, Thomas Allington, Eliz. 
Bures, Humphry Keep, Sarah 

31 Reeckstraw, Robert Rowland, Deb. 
Youin, Joseph Alsebrooke, Eliz. 

January, 1689-90. 

1 Stanhope, George Cotton, Olive 
Fowler, John Bateman, Hester 

Ribaut, Catherine 
Winchstone, Eliz. 
Wales, Mary 
Greenhill, Mary 
Weedon, Susanna 
Buckby, Mary 
Woolnough, Joshua Burgis, Elizabeth 
11 Kent, Dixey Browne, Jane 

13 Hanley, Edward Watson, Joane 

14 Clymer, Edmund Hamond, Sarah 
i5*Massey, William Urry, Jane 
i6*Howard [of Effing- Herbert, Susanna 

ham]. Ed. Francis 

17 Derrett, John Sharlock, Margt. 

18 Horton, Richard Welsborne, Anne 

20 Fauconberg, Edwd. Lane, Anne 
Marston, John Jenaway, Margt. 
Russell, Charles Monnington, Sar. 

21 Sherman, John Feutzall, Eliz. 

22 Gutteridge, Daniel Campkin, Eliz. 

25 Seymour, Marma- Babington, Hester 

27 Brimeridge, Samuel Beverley, Anne 

Small, Gerrard Ottey, Anne 

31 Perry, Thomas Dolleson, Eliz. 



:, John 

















February, i 

1 *Tredenham, John 

3 Browne, John 
Crouch, John 

4 Gimbar, William 
Cooke, Alexander 

5 Paine, James 

6 Hemaway, Thomas 
8*Gunn, John 

io*Withey, Robert 
Cooper, John 
Morris, Thomas 
Chetham, Edward 
Cooper, Richard 

1 1 Powell, Giles 
Rand, Joseph 

12 Bacon, Thomas 


Lloyd, Anne 
Howell, Sarah 
Chappell, Eliz. 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Hall, Anne 
Elston, Margt. 
Barwell, Mary 
Kingscotte, Anne 
Guy, Elizabeth 
Burges, Elizabeth 
Williams, Eetitia 
Drake, Marx- 
Hards, Susanna 
Biggs, Dorothy 
Ball, Susannah 
Hardy, Grace 

13 Baker, John and 
Fox, Samuel 

14 Blackborne, Henry 
Savage, Joseph 

1 5 "Cotton, William 

Geale, Nicholas 

Powell, William 

17 Spedding, Robert 

[8 Gallaway, John 

19 Fletcher, Nicholas 

Wakelin, Robert 

21 Hargrave, Henry 
Wheatley, William 

22 Mushin, William 

24 Hewitt, John 

25 Bissell, James 

H award, William 
Selsby, William 
Welding, Ralph 

26 Knapp, John 
"Thompson, Robert 

27 Rainsford, Joseph 

(altered in regis- 
ter to John and 
initaled E. B.). 
Silvester, John 

28 Boone, Charles 
Halles, William 

Luscombe, Mary 
Hulcker, Hester 
Wright, Hester 
Streete, Mary 
King, Sarah 
Unwin, Mary 
Nicholl, Jane 
Castell, Alice 
Luttley, Lucretia 
Batson, Elizabeth 
Keetes, Elizabeth 
Illingworth, Mary 
Hollister, Anne 
Varrier, Benedicta 
Tindall, Man- 
Pack, Sarah 
Peck, Elizabeth 
Pollett, Catherine 
Hubert, Elizabeth 
Wright, Hannah 
Browne, Susanna 
Blackborne, Eliz. 

Brayfield, Mary 
Hall, Elizabeth 
Hatch, Margaret 

March, i 

1 Walker, John 
Meriden, William 
Barrion, Jacob 
*Playdell, John 
3 Goodman, William 
6*Waring, Richard 
17 Creed, William 
Trigg, Edward 
22 Warren, John 
24 Edwards, William 


Bullock, Eliz. 
Gregory, Anne 
Clone, Margaret 
Stafford, Hester 
Hellier, Elleanor 
Byshe, Helen 
Mervin, Jane 
Hickson, Sarah 
Blunt, Jane 
Coney, Alice 

March, 1690. 

26 Hawkins, William Felton, Abigail 

27 Peck, John Smith, Anne 
Oatridge, Edmond Peacock, Grace 

28 "Vincent, Thomas Reeve, Dame 


April, i 

2 Cambridge, Norton 

3 Fleming, Obadiah 
Satchell, John 
Wills, Gustavus 

8 Weston, Mat hew 

1 1 Haynes, Alexander 

Bridle, Thomas 

14 Blowers, Humphrey 
'Lewis, Charles 

15 Nicholas, Daniel 


Bouchier, Eliz. 
Fenn, Elizabeth 
Dison, Anne- 
Davy, Dorothy 
Styant, Elizabeth 
Southey, Deborah 
Powell, Abigail 
Goldsmith, Clare 
Webb, Elizabeth 
Nicoll, Mary 

I 12 

Marriage Licences. 


April, i 

i5*Yorke, Sir Wm. and 

Scott, John 

Peters, John 
17 Hobbins, Andrew 

Wells, Thomas 

Poplett, Philip 
1 g Parker, William 

Kings, Richard 

21 Thomas, Daniel 

22 Winter, Thomas 
Bran, Joseph 

24 Ayshford, John 
Hatton, Charles 
Chappell, John 
Smith, Thomas 

28 Willes, Habakkuk 
* Chapman, John 

Smith, Richard 
King - , George 
Marsh, John 

29 Whildon, John 
Tull, Samuel 

^Hastings, Rt. Hon. 
Theophilus, Earl 
of Huntington 
Leys, Mathew 

30 Stubbs, William 
*Sandys, Windsor 

Leeke, Catherine 

Searle, Sarah 
Morris, Mary 
Longley, Anne 
Howard, Mary 
Hodsden, Mary 
Woodcock, Tab. 
Tanner, Mary 
White, Bridgett 
Baldwin, Martha 
Dunstarr, Phillip. 
Bonner, Mary 
Caton, Elizabeth 
Marnham, Anne 
Turner, Jane 
Hincks, Miriam 
Clarke, Susanna 
Morgan, Alice 
Corder, Hannah 
Hill, Joane 
Hill, Elizabeth 
Tonson, Rose 
Kilmurry, Prances, 
vice Countess 
Dowager of 
Filleau, Elizabeth 
Phell, Deborah 
Auberry, Hannah 

May, 1690. 

1 Monck, Henry Wotton, Sarah 

3 Tindall, Charles 

Fletcher, William 
5 Sowlter, Thomas 
7 Robertson, John 

Savage, Anne 
Yates, Dorothy 
Pluckrose, Margt. 

Wallis, Anne 
Scares, Mary 
Hoare, Bridgett 
Heasman, Hester 
Hawthorne, Eliz. 
Humber, Kath. 
Hawes, Susanna 
Hole, Joane 
Strudwick, Lucy 
Boreman, Anne 

Tirrell, Timothy 

8 Painter, Richard 
Cotton, Thomas 

9 Jemmett, William 
Dykes, Thomas 
Chadsey, Thomas 
Kirkman, John 
Hellyer, William 
Ellis, William 

10 Morally, Henry 

i2*Swinborne, Thomas Richardson, Anne 

Searle, Samuel Barroclough, 

14 Humphrey, Richard Whelpley, Mary 

Cossley, John Bache, Mary 

17 Warren, Thomas Sleath, Cornelia 

22 Andrews, William 

23 Marriott, Reginald 
Senior, James 

24*Webb, Samuel 
26 Lyford, Thomas 

Boddens, Anne 
Wemm, Margt. 
Bentham, Anne 
Eyre, Anne 
Ladds, Martha 

26 *Edge [Rev.], Peter and Fane, Catherine 

27 Browne, Alexander Stockman, Jane 
Rowland, Thomas Belinghurst, 

Heyborne, Robert 
Claridge, Job 
28 Bracken, John 
3i*Trevor, Thomas 

Buxton, Thomas 

Woodroofe, Mary 
Rawlins, Eliz. 
Powell, Frances 
Serle [Searle], 

Selfe, Magdalen 

June, 1690. 

2*Shelborne, Lord Williams, Mary 
Baron Charles 

Bills, John Williams, Jane 

4 Beverley, James Hewick, Anne 

5 Partridge, Richard Langmore, Alice 

6 Brawne, Hugh 
Biscoe, John 
Drew, George 

7 Cox, John 
Millard, William 

9 Pole, William 
10 Bellinger, Thomas 

Heptinstall, W T m. 
13 Wollaston, Thomas Fawcett, Eliz. 

16 Tinckler, Charles Rowleston, Anne 

17 Tracey, Charles Jackson, Anne 
Stevens, Thomas Houlton, Eliz. 
Woodford, Heighes Lamport, Mary 

20 Butler, John Foster, Mary 

2i*Huges, Thomas Tuffnell, Sarah 

Lewis, Elizabeth 
Portman, Anne 
Tilley, Elizabeth 
Barlow, Sarah 
Hancock, Margt. 
Aldred, Anne 
Watkins, Alice 
Audley, Judith 

24 Vincent, John 

25 Dawes, George 
Lisny, William 
Burton, Philip 

Manning, Sarah 
Hawkins, Mary 
Wilkinson, Eliz. 
Penning, Bridgett 

July, 1690. 

2 Underwood, George Tarbett, Johanna 

3 Manning, Roger Brookes, Sibilla 
7*Jenner, Thomas Birkhead, Eliz. 
8*Chaplin, John Hyde, Anne 

Midwinter, Thomas Turner, Grace 
9 Goldsmith, Daniel Branton, Mary 

Pemberton, Roger 
Smith, Benjamin 
Bowles, Richard 

10 Toller, Bostock 
Milborne, James 
Bigg, Edward 

i2*Selfe, Isaac 

*Conybeare, [Rev.] 

Bedford, Thomas 

14 Hodgkin, Thomas 

15 Everitt, Henry 
17 Warden, John 

Le Honck, Reb. 
Gibbs, Elizabeth 
Stephens, Joyce 
Saxbee, Rebecca 
Halsey, Mary 
Carter, Mary 
Lucas, [Hon.] 

Wilcocks, Grace 

Blackman, Eliz. 
Mounck, Eliz. 
Towne, Em 
Hammond, Mary 


Faculty Office. 

TI 3 


17 Ford, Jonathan a 
24 Cowdry, Richard 

Fitch, Richard 
28*Baker, Thomas 
*Clarke, George 

29 Davis, Thomas 

30 Baker, Richard 
3i*Harvey, Tobiah 


nd Munday, Mary 
Bannister, Margy. 
Gibbs, Anne 
Heron, Joane 
New, Anne 

Ifeild, Sarah 
Holbeech, Anne 


2 Billings, Hugh 
6 Swynoke, Kaleb 

Gray, Thomas 
8*Whitaker, Henry 
"Goring, George 
12 Stonell, William 

Iredale, Peter 
i3*Worseley, Sir Robt. 

14 Cranwell, William 

18 Allin, Francis 
23 Squire, Richard 
25 Butler, Thomas 
Hawes, Henry 
26*Baylis, Joseph 

"White, Christopher 
29 Pryer, Thomas 


Hobson, Jane 
Webb, Jane 
Harding, Eliz. 
Belasyse, Mary 
Hills, Mary 
Kidgell, Mary 
Thorne, Elizabeth 
Thyne [Thynne, 
Hon.], Frances 
Clarke, Katherine 
Dross, Dorothy 
Percivall, Kath. 
Besouth, Dorothy 
Hethersett, Mary 
Hind, Ursula 
Robjent, Sarah 

September, 1690. 

1 Darwent, James 
"Tipping, Ichabod 
Holworthy, Daniel 
6 Whittingham, Chas. 
8 Rathby, John 

10 Motherby, William 

11 Ripley, Richard 
"Lyddell, Dennis 

15 Proctor, William 
*Bathurst, Edward 

i6*Savill, Richard 
Cove, John 
Grove, William 

17 King, Thomas 

20 Massey, Nicholas 

21 Hackett, William 
24 Wright, Thomas 

"Goode, William 
29*Carleton, Edward 
"Fleetwood, William 

Baker, Mary 
Dix, Mary 
Heath, Susanna 
Browne, Francis 
Munday, Eliz. 
Yates, Elizabeth 
Read, Elizabeth 
Haddock, Martha 
Skinner, Anne 
Puckle, Susannah 
Twisleton, Joane 
Hows, Sarah 
Barry, Jane 
Wafford, Eliz. 
Roper, Mary 
Oulton, Katherine 
Awdry, Martha 
Howkins, Eliz. 
Francis, Rhoda 
Smith, Anne 

October, 1690. 

1 Wood, Thomas 

3*Pigot, Robert 
4 Oake, Nicholas 


Shirley, Elizabeth 
Godsden, Eliz. 

4 Bourne, Nicholas and 
7 Dawson, Robert 

Blick, William 
9 Busby, Richard 
10 Stafford, John 

Wilkinson, William 
14 Allen, James 
16 Bird, Stoughton 
i7*Burrough, William 
18 Crockett, Herbert 
20 Sulley, Thomas 

Harding, William 
22 Lowe, John 

Pennell, Samuel 

24 Mansfield, John 
Underhill, Nicholas 

25 King, Samuel 
"Kennell, Joseph 

Street, Thomas 
27*Sackeville, Henry 
"Oldfield, Nathaniel 

29 Ambrose, Thomas 

Payne, Robert 

30 Crampton, William 
Prent, Bartholomew 
Riches, William 

31 Joyeux, Stephen 
Cox, Robert 

Smart, Elizabeth 
Trevathin, Eliz. 
Cranwell, Joyce 
Jones, Sabina 
Brooke, Christ 

Hooke, Elizabeth 
Graham, Anne 
Johnson, Mary 
Burrough, Eliz. 
Chammis, Sarah 
Spooner, Anna 
Rawson, Susan. 
Walton, Frances 
Alkin, Elizabeth 
Coates, Mary 
West, Mary 
Atkinson, Anne 
Beech, Elizabeth 
Allesbrooke, Anne 
Bonnell, Kath. 



Nurse, Hester 
Agreman, Eliz. 
Mole, Clare 
Cosin, Martha 
Foncault, Mary 
Fearne, Susanna 

November, 1690. 

1 Taylor, Richard 
6 Weekley, John 
8 Tarking, John 
Baker, William 
Parrott, Thomas 
10 Salter, John 
12 Saunders, Richard 
15 Maddocks, John 

Hunter, Robert 
17 Neighbour, John 
Watson, Joseph 
Bromwich, William 

21 Wheatley, William 

22 Hawes, John 
24 Andrews, James 
27 Edlyne, John 

Cooke, Stephen 

Page, Martha 
Holloway, Alary 
Way by, Mary 
Dalmahoy, Anne 
Actra, Anna 
Horsnell, Sarah 
Starkey, Eliz. 
Hughes, Mary 
Stride, Elizabeth 
Lamb, Mary 
Redding, Anne 
Browne, Mary 
Waller, Lydia 
Hudson, Isabella 
Eve, Mary 
Singleton, Hester 
Peirson, Mary 

December, 1690. 


1 Trenchard, Chris. 

"Astley, Philip 
5*Barkstead, John 
6 Gledhill, John 
8 Eastweeke, Chris. 
Digby, John 

Cardrow, Eliz. 
Bransby, Eliz. 
Spence, Audrey 
Hey ward, Anne 
Lucas, Sarah 
Rymell, Hannah 


Marriage Licences. 


December, 1690. 

9 Newman, William rt/z^Collyer, Mary 
12 Sampson, Henry Culling-, Anne 
Robbins, John 

13 Daniel, Richard 

16 Parsons, John 

17 Parrocke, John 
Batt, Robert 
Noble, John 

i8*Cutts, Lord John 

Langstone, Francis Long, Deborah 
Gentle, Nicholas Cornelius, Lucy 

Sibley, Elizabeth 
Fossett, Eliz. 
Rowe, Margaret 
Mansell, Mary 
Fairecloth, Anne 
Rawlett, Frances 
Trevor, Elizabeth 

20 Stephens, William 

22 Gramer, Thomas 

23 Cooper, William 
Collop, Thomas 
Roberts, Stephen 

26* Minshull, William 
29 Russell, John 
Sammon, Joseph 
Gilbert, Richard 
3i*Holden [Helder], 
Dennis {a) 
"Butler [Hon.], Sir 

James (a) 
Gifford, Joseph (b) 

Dewy, Mildred 
Vernon, Mary 
Norman, Frances 
Home, Elizabeth 
Nash, Mary 
Lewin, Anne 
Pamer, Sarah 
Kendall, Kath. 
Clay, Hannah 
Mordaunt, Eliz. 

Lewis, Mary 

Grist, Thomas (b) 

January, 1690-91. 

5* Druce, William 
7 Wright, Richard 
8* Berkeley, Robert 
Hester, Henry 

12 Woodford, George 

13 Pearce, William 

14 Nutt, William 
i4*Milles, Francis 
15* Bacon, Richard 

17 Challoner, Richard 

Sutton, John 
19* Fuller, Simon 

Lovelocke, Francis 
20*Westley, Thomas 
*Swinden, Thomas 

21 Collier, Henry 

22 Chase, Lawrence 
29 Ballamie, Robert 
31* Baker, Philip 

Stephens, Samuel 

Ryves, Elizabeth 
Battin, Jane 
Welden, Kath. 
Widdowes, Trip- 

Whittock, Anne 
Frost, Hannah 
Sherrard, Mary 
Pannott, Man- 
Batten, Elizabeth 
Willard, Grace 
Hodges, Anne 
Reynolds, Susan'h 
Dally, Catherine 
Spicer, Mary 
Lowbridge, Marg. 
Harris, Elizabeth 
Hart, Elizabeth 
Gardiner, Eliz. 
Welshire [Wil- 

shere], Grace 
Thorpe, Phoebe 

February, 1690-91. 

2 Reeve, Samuel 
4 Scott, Daniel 

Colinge, Essex 
Chatwood, Eliz. 

(a) The date in Col. Chester's extracts is 21, pre- 
ceding one of "26 " there extracted. 

(fi) Both Christian names queried in register. 

7 Wright, William and 
9 Robertson, Jeremiah 
Bookey, John 

10 Gray, John 
Doom, Thomas 
Winch, Richard 

11 Sale, William 
Canner, Christopher 

* Lister, Thomas 
Stringfellow, John 
Miller, Thomas 

12 Tile, John 
Wright, William 
Harris, George 

13 Freke, John 
Robins, Robert 
Wotton, Thomas 

* Walker, John 
*Herne, Nathaniel 

14* West, John 

Leich, Thomas 
16 Taylor, Godfrey 

* Chapman, Richard 
Spencer, Nathaniel 

*Ansty, Christopher 
1 7* Manchester, Char- 
les [Montagu], 
Earl of (a) 
i7*Hart, Percival (a) 
King, Harman 

* Cooling [Colinge], 

18 Ray, Benjamin 
Squibb, Robert 

Fletcher, John 
Saunders, Ludolf 

19* Longford, Richard 
Pochin, George 
Smith, Thomas 

2i*Tyrwhitt, Sir John 
Smith, Edward 

23 Wingrove, John 
Blagden, Jonathan 

24 Ford, William 

27*Childe, Josiah 

Reade, Anne 
Hudson, Mar)' 
Vinall, Anne 
Preston, Anne 
Dalton, Mary 
Yieldhall, Eliz. 
Crumpton, Anne 
Andrew, Mary 
Glynne, Kath. 
Charnley, Jennett 
Thompson, Eliz. 
Sarney, Anne 
How, Jane 
West, Rebecca 
Sindry, Sarah 
Atkinson, Mary 
Hickox, Eliz. 
Clarke, Elizabeth 
Ingram, Anne 
Ryder, Elizabeth 
Ainge, Mary 
Blaney, Mary 
Garnham, Kath. 
Heme, Elizabeth 
Holden, Anne 
Grenill [Greville, 

Hon.], Doding- 

Culver, Elisha 
Beach, Anne 
Cullum, Mary 

Austin, Mary 

Hollett, Jane 

Pool, Elizabeth 
Knap, Marv 
Hill, Hester 
Phelps, Elizabeth 

Richardson, Kath. 
Wilson, Anne 
Tate, Elizabeth 
Fleming, Mary 

Cooke, Elizabeth 

March, 1690-91. 

5 War gent, Henry 
Emott, Maurice 

7 Shelmerdine, Thos. 
10* Warner, John 
11 Marston, Henry 
13 Cardy, John 

Ayleway, Eliz. 
Rocheford, Eliz. 
Emlin, Agnes 
Greenwood, Mary 
Garthorne, Mary 
Prestney, Anne 

(a) The date is 19 (not 17) in Col. Chester's 


Family Office. 


March, 1690-91. 

1 4* Pitt, George and Lowe, Lucy 

17 De la Bastide, Vincent, Kath. 


18 Geary, Thomas Cotton, Elizabeth 
Rickward, Stephen Browne, Anne 

20 Allambridge, Josiah Northy, Elizabeth 
21* Newton, John Bright, Dame 


25 Metcalfe, Bennett 
31 Morse, Richard 

March, 1691. 

Hodgkins, Rebec. 
Dalton, Frances 


3 Rossey, Thomas 

6 Pannett, William 

7 Steele, Thomas 

8 Hudson, George 

10 Harris, James 

11 Berry, James 
Lane, January 
Folkingham, Wm. 
Benyon, Daniel 
Soanes, William 
Lawson, Thomas 

13 Fugler, Stephen 

14 King, Edward 
Triplett, Thomas 
Gates, Charles 
Justice, Charles 

15 Hill, Bevis 
i6*Smithson, Hugh 
17 Bedford, Walter 

20 Porter, Nathaniel 
Eadson, Edmund 

21 Andrews, William 

22 Johnson, Richard 
Allwright, William 
Smart, Jonathan 

24 Rickards, Samuel 
Adams, Robert 

27 Munday, Thomas 
Briggs, Richard 
Holegate, William 
Forrest, William 

28 Merry wether, Rich. 
Clarke, William 

* Bearcroft, Edward 
*Sale, Samuel 
Thorowgood, John 
30 Hatley, Henry 


Brent, Sarah 
Bowden, Anne 
Brooker, Mary 
Drayner, Jane 
Wren, Elizabeth 
Campion, Mary 
Richardson, Mary 
Power, Dorothy 
More, Elizabeth 
Shorter, Eliz. 
Maling, Eliz. 
Browne, Marg. 
Childry, Mary 
Daniel, Mary 
Dawes, Honor 
Martin, Judith 
Mather, Mary 
Godfrey, Hester 
Tanner, Anne 
Carr, Elizabeth 
Turland, Eliz. 
Moore, Sarah 
Sawyer, Kath. 
Wheeler, Eliz. 
Wood, Persever- 
Surman, Eliz. 
Styles, — 
Tayes, Dorothy 
Shellock, Eliz. 
Fletcher, Mary 
Tatlack, Sarah 
Latwood, Naomy 
Symmons, Han- 
Byne, Susannah 
Nodes, Elizabeth 
Tyth, Elizabeth 
Gregory, Susanah 

May, 1691. 

1 Tayler, Jonathan Burgis, Eliz. 

2 Littlebray, George Gawdren, Mary 

2 Cookeman, Hy. and 
*Rooke, Richard 

5 Graham, William 
* Gardener, Godfrey 
6* Brown, Arthur 
7 Furnivall, Randolph 

11 Clifton, John 

12 Harman, Christian 
Kempe, Thomas 
Bradley, John 

16 Harrison, Abraham 
Marks, John 
Strode, William 
Higdon, John 

18 Fownes, Joseph 
Blackley, John 
Gosfright, Richard 

19* Turner, John 
*Wentworth, Fisher 

Hallett, George 
2 1* Waring, Richard 

25 Pollett, Samuel 

26 Whitebread, Henry 

27 Abell, Richard 

28 Hyde, Samuel 
Osmond, John 
Springett, John 
Wood, Edward 

30* Bancks [Bankes], 
Lambert, John 

Bunting, Marg. 
Carey, Alitia 

[Alicia] Maria 
Foulis, Agnes 
Willymott, Debor. 
Wilks, Amy 
Dunster, Susan'h 
Brasier, Sarah 
Soell, Anne 
Noble, Mary 
Wildey, Sarah 
Warefield, Judith 
Morris, Sarah 
Gibbs, Christian 
Halliday, Mary 
Fownes, Eliz. 
Malcher, Eliz. 
Bennett, Theo- 

Allen, Anne 

Ravenhill, Eliz. 
Musters, Millicent 
Howell, Mary 
Ive, Sarah 
Little, Elizabeth 
Smith, Martha 
Pease, Elizabeth 
Mills, Hannah 
Jeffes, Elizabeth 
Parker, Margaret 

Fenn, Sarah 

June, 1691. 

6 Bright, Edward 

2 Sellers, William 

3 Ward, James 

5* Hardwick, Thomas 

6 Burr, Thomas 
9*Cottrell, Sir Charles 
Blennerhaysett, Wm. 
io*Waldoe, Edward 

Gridley, Jeptha 
15* Best, Nicholas 

Baskett, John 
16 Harper, Henry 
Pinkney, Charles 
Tonge, John 
18 Heard, William 
20 Beesley, Samuel 

*King, Thomas 
22 Cottrell, Francis 

Kember, John 
24 Proctor, Brian 

Smith, Anne 
Darker, Elizabeth 
Wilks, Dorothy 
Boremann, [Dulci- 

bella] Duki- 

Dickenson, Sarah 
Chute, Elizabeth 

Chase, Mary 
Pellatt, Mary 
Fowkes, Rebecca 
Goring, Mary 
Briscoe, Sarah 
Jackson, Dorothy 
Forman, Marg. 
Keete, Elizabeth 
Freeman, Kath. 
Helme, Mary 
Cordell, Eliz. 
Pennock, Bridgett 
Rowland, Susan'h 
Wynn, Ellenor 


Marriage Licences. 


June, 1691. 

24 Martyn, Richard and 

25 Poplett, William 
27 Parson, Richard 

Vinicoum, Henry 
Singleton, George 
29* James, John 

Goode, Jeremiah 
30*Legh, Richard 
*Du Prey [Duprey] 
de Beaulien [Beau- 
lieu], Isaac 

Hewling, Rebecca 
Moore, Alary 
Gibson, Sarah 
Bullock, Hester 
Berkett, Eliz. 
Waller, Dorothy 
Pope, Hannah 
Hesketh, Sidney 
Morean [Moreau], 
Man on 

July, 1691. 
1 Butler, William Sparke, Kath. 

Andrews, John 

* Stevenson, John 

4 Dellabale, James 

6*Hartopp, Edward 

7* Napier, Nathaniel 

*Slyford, Thomas 
8 Rayner, Richard 
Allen, James 
io*Hussey, Richard 
11 Hawkins, Thomas 

13 De Culan, Rene 

14 Perkins, George 
Bull, Thomas 

15 Hall, Robert 
16* Osborne, Arthur 
i8*Bristow, Calvert 
20 Gerrey, William 

Benson, Margaret 
Perrier, Anne 
Asselin, Mary 
Rider, Rebecca 
Worseley, Jane 
Michell, Anne 
Gore, Jane 
Aland, Mary 
Goodwin, Eliz. 
Sell, Sarah 
DeMaleray, Marie 
Green, Mary 
Willowby, Eliz. 
Butfield, Rebecca 
Crow, Mary 
Allen, Sarah 
Bowyer, Sarah 

2i*Spicer, ah. Holder Hinde, Mary 
[Helder], Richard 

Shaw, George 

22*Seager, Edward 

24 Kimble, John 

25 Alcester, John 

27 Parnham, Joseph 

28 Andrews, Benjamin Browne, Eliz. 

Pearkes, Chris- 
Parker, Anne 
Todd, Anne 
Bray, Anna 
Browne, Mary 

Sheafe, Samuel 

29 Godfrey, John 
Gunne, Joseph 
Lock, Nicholas 

30 Bidle, Edward 

3 1 " :: " Gawden, Samuel 
Reynolds, Francis 

Merreal, Susan'h 
Pawling, Anne 
Philpotts, Eliz. 
Burnett, Mary 
Bennett, Hannah 
Garth, Elizabeth 
Varnell, Agatha 

August, 1691. 

1 Perkins, John Davis, Sarah 

3 Smith, John Barwell, Bridgett 

Andros, Sir Edmond Clapham, Eliz. 

6 Bell, Joseph 
10 Griffin, Thomas 

Bewes, John 
12 Ayme, Henry 

Salter, Samuel 

Dovee, Hannah 
Hill, Margaret 
Fletcher, Hannah 
Watkins, Marg. 
Fry, Margaret 

13 Battersby, Robt. and 
15 Peck, Thomas 

Hack, William 
17 Maysmore, Hugh 
19 White, John 
20*Le-Gard, Sir Robert 
22 Pope, Richard 
25 Wilkes, John 

Buck, Peter 

Linton, John 

Midgiey, Joseph 
29* Rutter, Thomas 

30 Harris, John 

Doughty, Susan'h 
Gale, Anne 
Printopp, Judith 
Savage, Eliz. 
Jackman, Mary 
Stonehouse, Mary 
Halford, Eliz. 
Bromfield, Rebec. 
Roath, Mary 
Ellis, Sarah 
Martin, Mary 
Clagatt [Clagett], 

Good, Sarah 

September, 1691. 

1 Lemon, Robert Belliston, Hannah 

Probard, William Snook, Mary 

2*Walford [Warnford, Browne, Eliz. 
Rev.], Henry 

4 Brice, William 
Bussey, Thomas 

5* Capps [Cappe], 

7 Archer, John Balard, Mary 

9 Launder, Manasses Soaper, Alice 

Baldwin, Ellenor 
Collins, Mary 
Stephens, Kath. 

11 Bate, Robert 

12 Oakley, Thomas 
Papall, Joseph 

14* Sutton, Lord 

Robert, Baron of 
Lepington [Lex- 

17 Chace, Samuel 

18 Cooke, Francis 
2i*Hulker, James 

Chappell, Richard 
22* Darby, Richard 
23 Luson, William 
26 Norton, Isaac 

Howes, Timothy 

28 Atkinson, John 
Bell, Robert 
Preston, Josiah 

29 Pugh, Evan 

30 Pennington, John 
Peirson, John 

*Chorley, Henry 
Farrow, Samuel 

Janes, Thomas 

Skingley, Alice 
Harrison, Anne 
Roberts, Anne 
Hongerford [Hun- 
gerford], Marg. 

Davis, Katherine 
Cock, Joanna 
Johnson, Mary 
Newland, Mary 
Widrington, Eliz. 
Hewling, Eliz. 
Gibbs, Phcebe 
Pott, Elizabeth 
Newby, Mary 
Wrench, Mary 
Biddle, Mary 
Raymon, Mary 
Edwards, Susan'h 
Brown, Mary 
Oldfield, Winifred 
Woolnough, Isa- 
Nevett, Alicia 

October, 1691. 

1 Mitchell, William 

2 Lock, Edward 

3 Morris, Edmund 
5 Curtis, Robert 

Barnes, William 

Smith, Jane 
Russell, Sarah 
Steede, Margaret 
Duncombe, Jane 
Mackeay, Mag- 


Faculty Office. 


October, 1691. 

6 Rawlinson,Thos.a/z<i 

7 Austin, John 

10 Barker, Thomas 
i2*Corbitt [Corbet], 
Moore, Thomas 
14 Wingrove, Thomas 

Jeffes, William 
17 Sayers, Hugh 
19 Miden, Francis 
21 Goldsmith, Daniel 
' ; Portlock, Edward 
Martin, George 
24 Blewitt, William 
Knowler, George 
Delafuye, John 
Thomas, David 

26 Tredway, Walter 
Lane, Henry 

27 Hewitt, James 
Beal, Robert 
Parish, Thomas 

28 Button, Nathaniel 

29 Smith, John 

Hall, Mary 
Viccers, Anne 
Grove, Elizabeth 
Tickle, Sarah 

Hunt, Jane 
Gurney, Kath. 
Meggott, Eliz. 
Barker, Barbara 
Stone, Anne 
Read, Anne 
Barnard, Mary 
Martin, Marg. 
Proudfoot, Jane 
Fowke, Bridgett 
Mason, Bridgett 
Bennett, Eliz. 
Rosewell, Eliz. 
Fentyman, Doro. 
Bradshaw, Eliz. 
Fishenden, Eliz. 
Bird, Elizabeth 
Cordwell, Abigail 
Browne, Eliz. 

November, 1691. 

2 King, Henry 

* Baker, Samuel 
*Mathew, Robert 

3 Walker, John 

4 Balchen, John 

7 Harrison, Edward 
Starling, John 
*Couchman, Charles 

10 Bird, Richard 
*Edlin, Henry 

* Groombridge, 


11 Long, John 
Billers, Benjamin 

12 Greenhill, Samuel 
14* Nelthorpe, Ed- 

16 Crowder, George 
Hooke, Stephen 
Poulter, Josias 
Oliter, Robert 

17 Buckley, Clement 

18 Bullevant, John 
Thornburgh, John 

19 Jenkins, Robert 

20 Samson, Peter 
Blandford, John 

24 Jones, George 

* Maddox [Mad- 

docks], James 

Croft, Mary 
Langbridge, Eliz. 
Bainbridge, Sarah 
Game, Elizabeth 
Barnes, Susannah 
Young, Katherine 
Noone, Mary 
Sampson, Mary 
Field, Mary 
Terrell [i.e., Ty- 
rell], Katherine 
Daniel, Jane 

Lawrence, Jane 
Foxcroft, Grace 
Gascoyne, Mary 
Green, Mary 

Woolley, Marcey 
Nost, Jane 
Webb, Mary 
Simmons, Susan'h 
Francis, Eliz. 
Sibley, Elizabeth 
Grone, Elizabeth 
Everett, Sarah 
Faure, Dauphine 
Crouch, Jane 
Coster, Anne 
Francis, Martha 

December, 1691. 

1* Booth, Hon. and Booth, Anne 
Robert, arch- 
deacon of Durham 

2 Alexander, John (a) Bernard, Jane 
Shepherd, Henry Gregory, Sarah 

Tent [Dame], 

Searle, Esther 
Earning, Martha 
Hill, Hannah 
Pigott, Hannah 
Christmas, Anne 

Crew, Nathanie 
3*Bateman, James 
8* Wager, Charles 

Edenbras, William 
12 Burton, Henry 
14 Lambert, John 

Tiplady, Benjamin Wicks, Anne 
15* Coward [Rev.], Freke, Mary 

16 Mathew, Nicholas 

Chalcroft, John 
i7*Stoughton, Sir 

Laurence [Bart.] 
19 Walker, Charles 
Dickinson, Joseph 
Pitman, Michael 

22 Howes, Cartwright Alderne, Sarah 
Northall, James Compson, Hannah 

23 Chapman, Henry 

24 Rountree, Richard 
Smith, Garadus 

26 Singleday, John 

28 Jenkins, John 

29 Belchamber, Samuel Gibson, Ester 
*Thackeray, Thomas Tovey, Elizabeth 

30 Ratcliffe, Samuel Roberts, Mary 

31 Parker, John Tucker, Rebecca 

January, 1691-2. 

Butler, Sarah 
Rice, Anne 
Burnaby, Mary 

Lee, Sarah 
Blissett, Sarah 
Johnson, Grace 

Scott, Jane 
Finch, Elizabeth 
Cobb, Hannah 
Tovey, Anne 
Lewis, Constance 

2 Williams, John 

4 Driffield, Samuel 

5 Reeks, William 
Stuart, John 
Jetter, Robert 

6 De Parreau, John 

8 Lloyd, William 
Stone, Edward 
* Marriott [Mariott], 
i2*Trafford, Sigismund 

13 White, Joseph 

14 Abbott, George 
Gallaiz, Peter 

16 Buscarlet, Stephen 
18 Marsh, John 

26 Timbrell, Robert 

27 Hedges, John 
Franke, John 

Wells, Sarah 
Webb, Jane 
Odehams, Eliz. 
Wier, Mary 
Bayley, Margaret 
Dastorg, Suzane 

Malsbury, Anne 
Holmes, Eliz. 
Ballett, Susanna 

Pratt, Dame Anne 
Stace, Sarah 
Goare, Elizabeth 
Seignett, Mary 
Gourdon, Rachel 
Bonfoy, Frances 
Bomar, Hester 
Barlow, Martha 
Stone, Hester 

(a) This is made to read in calender Faure, 
John Alexander. 


i Ma rriage L icences. 



January, 1691-92. 

28 Harding, George and Campbell, Marg. 

Jennicor, John Bully, Elizabeth 

30 Ayres, Richard Bowley, Alary 

Terry, Stephen Richardson, Mary 

February, 1691-2. 

1 Dolton, James 
Forster, Edmond 
Abbey, John 

2 Guise, John 

3 Barten, Thomas 
*Roberts, Thomas 

5 Dulac, Balthazar 

6 Neal, Samuel 
Hobbs, James 
Bancks, Richard 

*Acherley, Roger 
Crabtree, Palmer 

8 Laurence, William 

9 Sherly, John 
Dewy, John 

10 May, Thomas 

11 Browne, William 
15 Bredu, Isaac 

22 Young - , John 

23 Wood, William 

24 Martyn, John 

[24 *Stanhope, Philip, 

Shaw, Mary 
Rame, Dorothy 
Ruttley, Deborah 
Adams, Susanna 
Mather, Helen 
Wachter, Susanna 
Le Roy, Magdlen 
Lane, Mary 
Painter, Anne 
Cooke, Sarah 
Vernon, Elizabeth 
Booth, Mary 
Haregood, Eliz. 
Taylor, Rebecca 
Browne, Rose 
Nutt, Mary 
Cormier, Marg. 
Martin, Mary 
Potts, Rebecca 
Penford, Jane 
Saville, Lady 

March, 1691-2. 

[2*Hyde, Henry, Lord Gower, Jane 

5 Ruffhead, Benjamin Barrett, Eliz 
7 Buddell, William Brindley, Mary 

io*Farewell, George 

15 Griffith, Richard 

17 Greenie, Isaac 

i8*Martin, Lawrence 

21 Davies, John 

22 Willett, John 

23 Plumer, Samuel 
Osborne, Thomas 

24 Saltmarsh, William Smeton, Hannah 
Morgan, James Terry, Elizabeth 

Baker, Elizabeth 
Chaulkhill, Rebec, 
Fonchard, Jane 
Palmer, Anne 
Ballard, Eliz. 
Halford, Hannah 
Evernden, Martha 
Shaw, Anne 


25 Tudman, John 

26 Manning, William 
Juckes, Richard 
Hughes, Thomas 
Hill, Daniel 

28 Avis, William 

29 Waterhouse, Edwd, 
Philipson, Christo- 


Kettle, Hannah 
Carter, Anne 
Bay lie, Judith 
Brush, Mary 
Buck, Dorcas 
Gibson, Mary 
Paine, Joanna 

30 Wilde, John and Allington, Martha 
Atkinson, Christo- Boote, Phila- 

pher delphia 

31 Ridge, John Tull, Anna 

April, 1692. 

Meeke, Jane 
Saward, Anne 
Clarke, Anne 
Canham, Mary 
Williams, Mary 
Bell, Anne 
Cheeseman, Mary 
Lovell, Mary 

1 Martin, John 

August, John 
4*Mott, Benjamin 
5*Sambrook, John 

Overill, Edward 

Speight, Edward 
6*French, William 
7 Guy, John 
*Stevenson [or 

Steventon], John 

12 Craiesleyn, Abraham Vandermersh, 

De Walpergen, Isias Vandermersh, 

Gregory, Charles 
Almond, William 
Blurton, John 

13 Blackborne, John 
i4*Rogers, Thomas 

Crosier, John 

Stevenson, Sarah 
Binion, Susannah 
Ruding, Jane 
Harris, Elizabeth 
Paine, Sarah 
Finch, Elizabeth 
Wright, Jane 
Argar, Elizabeth 
Bishopp, Anne 
Jones, Katherine 

Toy, Dorothy 
Fortrye, Mary 
Mathew, Kath. 
Leecock, Mary 
Holland, Martha 
Standen, Kath. 
Thresell, Mary 
Whitehurst, Eliz. 
Bridger, Eliz. 
I field, Mary 

27 Liell, Thomas Knapman, Mary 

28 Eddowes, Jonathan Hudson, Anne 

29 Van Heythringson, Deline, Elizabeth 


May, 1692. 

2 Morgan, John Frith, Jane 
[*Wyche, Sir Cyril, Kt. Evelyn, Mary] 

3 Stretton, David Ward, Mary 
*Head, Sir Francis 

Spragg, William 

5 Cole, Henry 

6 Langford, William 
9*Speke, William 

10 Gough, Benjamin 

Hoyle, Joseph 

Cole, Richard 

Hicks, John 
15 Williamson, 

Rice, Thomas 
i6*Chiffinch, Thomas 

20 Beale, Henry 
Fetherstone, John 

21 Morgan, Rice 

22 Mason, George 
Asten, Joseph 

25*Fowler, John 

Bucknall, John 
26 Tyler, [ ] 

Smithsby, Margt. 

'Drax, Thomas 

Davis, Elizabeth 
Smith, Mary 
Mathew, Anne 
Bond, Margaret 
Ernley, Elizabeth 


Family Office. 


May, 1692. 

11 Smith, John and 
*Kennett, Edward 

Llake, Michael 
i2*Groombridge, John 
Ledger, John 
King, John 
Lewis, Thomas 

13 Billington, Edward 

Crouch, Zerubbabell 
Slan, William 
Haynes, Alexander 
Newell, Abbett 

14 Warren, Peter 

17 Dickinson, George 

18 Dolphin, William 
Ashley, Samuel 

24 Watson, Praise 
Bowyer, Thomas 
By f eld, Thomas 

26*Browne, Arnold 

Martin, Cuthbert 
Crawford, David 

Brightwell, Eliz. 
Furner [Furnes], 

Norris, Rebecca 
Poyntell, Frances 
Gisby, Elizabeth 
Rooke, Anne 
Leighton, Eliz. 

Kidd, Elizabeth 
Bushell, Frances 
Gilmore, Anne 
Kernall, Elizabeth 
Warren, Jane 
Coleman, Eliz. 
Hussey, Kath. 
Wetherill, Anne 
Poulter, Hannah 
Tomkinson, Anne 
Langford, Eliz. 
Cremer, Dame 

Davis, Elizabeth 
Martin, Mary 

5 Gainsford, Thos. and Bellamy, Margt. 

June, 1692. 

2 Stone, Henry 

3 Page, Francis 
Gough, Jeremiah 

4 Gallatly, John 
6 Morris, John 
7*Seyliard, John 
8 Gillson, Daniel 

Shawler, Robert 
10 Elliston, Oliver 
14 Farmer, Richard 
18 Holmden, John 

Waltham, Samuel 

22 Gilbert, Edward 
Belchamber, John 

23 Norrice, John 
Chase, Richard 

27 Godinch, Thomas 
Best, Edward 
Woodford, George 

28 Mills, John 
Hanmer, John 

29 Maplesden, George 
Brightwell, William 

Carpenter, Anne 
Brunckerd, Mary 
Knapp, Jane 
Cope, Anne 
White, Joane 
Amherst, Margt. 
Lambe, Frances 
Woodhouse, Mary 
Gibbons, Hester 
Gold, Mary 
Double, Elizabeth 
Robbinson, Mary 
Cooke, Susannah 
Sturt, Anne 
Cooke, Mary 
Eldridge, Mary 
Gadbury, Anne 
Wharton, Eliz. 

Roffee, Elizabeth 
Humble, Frances 
Sawyer, Anne 
Nale, Katherine 

July, 1692. 

Terry, John 
*Battell, William 

6 Gardiner, Andrew 

7 Myddleton, Henry 
Marten, John 

9*Incledon, John 

*Knight, Walter 
n*Ewer, Richard 
13 Manshipp, Samuel 
i5*Hodgson, Sir 

Thomas [Knt.] 
Strong, John 
16 Carter, John 
Finch, Richard 

18 Strudwicke, John 

19 Plomer, John 
Hall, Alexander 

21 Geery, Charles 

22 Coleborne, John 

23 Pistor, Thomas 

Manton, Ann 
Thompson, Mary 
Burridge, Anne 
Rolfe, Elizabeth 
Hodgson, Mary 
Wynyarde, Anne 
Blagrave, Naomy 
Fussell, Elizabeth 
Lane, Anne 
Thorold, Anne 

Every, Joane 
Deane, Mary 
Bicks, Sarah 
Revell, Phcebe 
Sexton, Mary 
Watson, Sarah 
Franklin, Hester 
Lane, Mary 
Helm, Rebecca 
Summer, Sarah 
Montaire, Anne 

Stephens, Robert 

26 Rayner, Stephen 
Le Moine, Peter 
Underwood, Thomas Domes, Marg. 

27 Davenport, William Goodall, Anne 
Wadsworth, John Oke, Alice 
Morrise, Arthur Langford, Eliz. 

28 Vincent, Daniel Wilkins, Isabella 

29 Williams, Richard Stephens, Eliz. 

August, 1692. 

1 Clarke, Richard 
4 Hall, Richard 
*Stedman, James 

Patrick, Margaret 
Holman, Mary 
Darby, Elizabeth 

i*Harsnett, Robert 
5 Wake, John 
Tayler, John 
6*Saunderson [San- 
derson], Robert 
Reddish, William 
7 Tomes, Joshua 
9 S within, John 
13 Wyatt, John 
15 Bloxham, William 
i7*Vaughan, John 

18 Hoskins, Charles 
*Ould [Old], John 
Allcock, Samuel 

23*Batteley, Charles 
24*Edwards, Richard 
Castle, Thomas 
Jeffryes, William 
25 Banks, Thomas 
Bull, Nathaniel 
27*Hawling, William 
30 Darby, Josiah 

3i*Meynell, John 

Peck, Martha 
Hobart, Philippa 
Walker, Lucy 
Nourse, Katherine 

Bayly, Elizabeth 
Harris, Elizabeth 
Hagdel, Jane 
Reading, Ellenor 
Sockhild, Anne 
Wilmott, Dame 

Smith, Mary 
Abraham, Mary 

Nedham, Eliz. 
Holgate, Frances 
Haley, Elizabeth 
Syris, Elizabeth 
Carter, Frances 
Bailey, Elizabeth 
Dorrell, Bridgett 

Horde, Elizabeth 


Ma rriage L icences. 


August, 1692. 

31 Hewer, Samuel and Pearkes, Lydia 
Arnold, William Brough, Eliz. 

September, 1692. 

26 Marshall, Wm. and Barker, Elizabeth 

3 Bolton, Richard 

2 Merwin, Nicholas 

7 Sanders, Robert 

8 Cutting, Arthur 
Prior, Edward 
Bland, Edward 

10 Jones, John 

13 Barton, William 

19 Munroe, John 

20 King, Charles 

21 Chapman, John 

22 Edmonds, John 

23 Beke, Marmaduke 

26 Jenkins, John 

27 Branston, John 

28 Wither, Robert 
30 South, Humphrey 

Pyne, Samuel 
*Palmer, Samuel 

Bill, Anna 

Bishopp, Eliz. 
Pixley, Margaret 
Grimes, Sarah 
Barnsby, Anne 

Monke, Elizabeth 
Glassopp, Jane 
Mein, Margaret 
Erwin, Mary 
Ordway, Ellenor 
Squires, Frances 
Beach, Margaret 
Hudson, Eliz. 
Andrews, Eliz. 
Long, Elizabeth 
Southley, Judith 
Saunders, Anna 
Craven, Elizabeth 

October, 1692. 

1 Wilkinson, Stephen 
3 Farr, Walter 

Newe, Richard 
5 Tindall, Thomas 
Ferebee, John 
*De La Peere [De la 
Pierre, ah. 
Peters], Peter 
Taylor, John 
8*Battie, William 
io*Tillesly [Tillesley], 
Sidgwicke, William 
Yardley, Edward 
12 Biggs, John 
Shields, John 
*Disney, Daniel 
15 Warrington, John 

18 Andrews, John 
Pope, William 

19 Doggett, Thomas 
*Manlove, Nathaniel 

20 Wilmott, John 
*Upton, Clotworthy 

22 Egglestone, Thomas 
24*Pennyman, James 
26 Warburton, Samuel 

Betts, Margaret 
Shapley, Mary 
Butler, Rebecca 
Tarton, Elizabeth 
Starr, Jane 
Stoneing, Eliz. 

Sucklift, Mary 
Collings, Martha 

Wotton, Anne 

Greene, Sarah 
Reeve, Anne 
Charr, Anne 
Harle, Mary 
Forth, Martha 
Whatman, Anne 
Gray, Sarah 
Bull, Hannah 
Kidwell, Mary 
Sotherne, Anne 
Sellens, Frances 
Boyle, Dame 


Saffold, Prudence 
Wharton, Mary 
Browne, Mary 

29 Buck, John 

3i*South, George 
Barker, Samuel 
Hiscock, Robert 


Hussey, Mary 
French, Elizabeth 
Wright, Kath. 

Spearman, Richard Stevens, Kath. 

November, 1692. 

Farwell, Anne 

1 Wyersdale, 


2 Ewin, Thomas 
Chiswick, Henry 

3 Arnanden, Jacques 

4 Leadbetter, Caleb 

7 Leapidge, Thomas 
Pybus, John 

8 Langhorne, Charles 

9 Finney, Richard 
Winslow, Richard 

io*Abbott [Rev.] 
Isaack, Samuel 

Fletcher, Richard 

11 Lawrence, John 

12 Packer, William 

14 Cruso, Francis 
Shaw, John 

15 Hamond, William 
Gattward, Samuel 

16 Sydenham, William 
Reeve, Thomas 

17 Rooch, Edward 

18 Salisbury, Foulk 

19 Hodder, John 
Aubac, Gabriel 

21 Fox, Samuel 

22 Wetham, Joseph 
24 Hobbins, John 

Clarke, John 
25*Searle, George 

Allen, Robert 
26 Harris, Thomas 
*Dawes, Sir William 

Sanders, Thomas 
Coles, William 
Welch, Samuel 

29 Surman, William 

30 Bales, Robert 

Trimmer, Eliz. 
Littlewood, Alice 
Chailobeau, Judith 
Edmondson, Mary 
Ewin, Hannah 
Bishopp, Mary 
Jeffreys, Lucy 
Perry, Grace 
Peters, Martha 
Paul, Anne 


Freeman, Mary 
Betts, Anne 
Corey, Susannah 
Mobberley, Anne 
Rudd, Dorothy 
Denham, Mary 
Meade, Susannah 
Davids, Sarah 
Willis, Elizabeth 
Palmer, Mary 

Symonds, Mary 
Piette, Anne 
Holmes, Anne 
Row, Elizabeth 
Shipley, Hannah 
Hackett, Sarah 
Middleton, Sus- 
Dalluck, Eliz. 
H olden, Mary 
Darcy, Frances 

Peaver, Elizabeth 
Wilis, Constance 
Gardner, Margt. 
Yates, Katherine 
Bickley, Frances 

December, 1692. 

1 White, Nathaniel Cursons, Alice 
5*Marsh, Ralph 
6 Billers, Joseph 
Weston, Thomas 

Hawes, Alice 
Horsnaile, Mary 
Major, Katherine 


Faculty Office. 



6 Traunter, John and 
Clarke, Samuel 

9 Lawder, Alexander 
10 Hockley, Roger 

^Peacock, Henry 
Cason, Hezekiah 

14 Michell, Henry 

15 Honyman, John 

16 Morrison, Thomas 
i9*Jarman, William 
2o*Harvey, John 

21 Clements, John 
Greenar, John 

22 Cockburn, John 

23 Adson, Samuel 
Hearne, Thomas 

24 Southerne, John 
Nutt, John 

26 Lucas, William 

28 Hoyle, Henry 
Trigg, Thomas 
Maiden, Lawrence 

30 Jones, Robert 
Clarke, Edward 

January, i 

2 Wankten, Thomas 
3*Hirkes [Kirkes], 

4 Odell, Thomas 

5 R a g"g e tt, Elizabeth 
6*Treby, Sir George 

7 Churchill, John 
Wills, Samuel 

*Warter, John 
9 Gill, John 
*Horsman, Gilbert 
Norris, Samuel 
10 Cooper, William 

*Clerke, John 
n*Wycliffe, William 

14 Bishopp, John 

15 Cooke, George 

17 Robbins, Thomas 
Quilt, Daniel 
Taylor, John 
Mackereth, William 
Gregory, William 

i8*Delly [Deely], 
Godden, Edward 

19 Squibb, Robert 

20 Mellersh, Joshua 
"Glascock, William 


Browne, Anne 
Blackall, Anne 
Abbott, Sarah 

Clarke, Judith 
Coggs, Cecilia 
Badcock, Mary 
Brayne, Margaret 
Tinnis, Dorothy 
Eddowes, Mary 
Houblon, Eliz. 
Samaine, Martha 
Freeman, Martha 
Fellowes, Eliz. 
Witton, Dorothy 

Boswell, Mary 
Carr, Elizabeth 

Coddington, Joyce 
Rayner, Elizabeth 
Deens, Dorothy 
Harding, Hester 
Clare, Elizabeth 


Gardner, Mary 
Hookes, Gartrude 

Hide, Anne 
Engram, Kath. 
Brinley [Brinley], 

Clarke, Mary 
Rumball, Priscilla 
Templeman, Anne 
Best, Jane 
Watson, Elleonor 
Pearsey, Eliz. 
Green, Sarah 
Capell, Mary 
Green, Katherine 
Dawkes, Anne 
Goddard, Judith 
Ide, Alice 
Norton, Elizabeth 
Seaman, Anne 
Hulkes, Mary 
Woodroffe, Eliz. 
Crale, Mary 

Willis, Mary 
Stokes, Diana 
Dennis, Hannah 
Rainsford, Joana 

21 Lloyd, William and 

24 Wright, James 
Sparrow, John 

*Cradock, Walter 

25 Vernon, John 
Wilson, William 

27 Kingeston, Peter 

28 Pearce, Mathew 
Bar foot, John 

Churchill, Frances 
Smith, Anne 
Mayo, Isabella 
Hasell, Elizabeth 
Evans, Priscilla 
Harris, Anne 
Sorrell, Martha 
Feme, Sarah 
Eldred, Mary 

February, 1692-3. 

1 Baissett, John 
Sheppard, Samuel 

2 King, Francis 
6*Starkey, Thomas 

Nicolls, Richard 
Gibberd, William 
Rampton, John 

7 Brodean, Peter 

Eldridge, Richard 
11 Watson, Joseph 
"Bullock, Edward 

13 Lancashire, John 
Swinden, Tobias 

14 Neale, Ralph 
Lee, Thomas 
Glisson, Gilbert 

15 Knight, William 

16 Darmott, Timothy 
Hall, John 

ig*Oddy, Philip 

17 Davis, Edward 

20 Gibson, William 
Rogers, Edward 
Grainge, Joseph 

*Evans, John 

21 Coles, Richard 
*Le Quien, Peter 

22 Gray, Thomas 

23 Ovey, John 
Roberts, John 

*Dyott, Richard 

Croft, Edward 

25 Bradshaw, James 

27 Reynolds, John 
Knight, James 

*Gery, Thomas 

28 Piritz, Christopher 
Bowler, George 

Jolitempts, Eliz. 
Page, Sarah 
Cotton, Anne 
Sandford, Eliz. 
Ball, Jane 
Clarke, Frances 

De la Fonds, 

Higgs, Rebecca 
Tooley, Elizabeth 
Child, Mary 
Sykes, Elizabeth 
Collenville, Sus- 
Nelson, Jane 
Pedley, Frances 
King, Mary 
Rush, Mary 
Llahardy, Susan'h 

Clarke, Anne 
Careless, Sarah 
Beaumont, Mary 
Allen, Elizabeth 
Hinde, Mary 
Lucas, Beata 
Leigh, Mary 
Hayward, Susan'h 
Dawling, Eliz. 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Holford, Mary 
Evelyn, Elizabeth 
Holland, Jane 
Morris, Jane 
Davis, Anne 
Leigh, Elizabeth 
Richardson, Mary 
Norton, Dorothy 
Wavell, Jane 

March, 1692-3. 

2 Key, Richard Wright, Susan'h 

7*Bruen, Clement Whithurst 



Marriage Licences. 


March, 1692-3. 

8 Mason, John and Nash, Anne 
io*Clerke, James 

13 Smart, John 

14 Brodier, Jacob 
*Cheeke, Joseph 

15 Geer, Henry 

16 Rutter, Benjamin 
2o*Gould, John 

Somner, Joane 
Hamond, Lidia 
Henry, Anne 

Ferret, Jane 
Aylett, Elizabeth 
Sharrock, Anne 

24 Stallwood, Thomas Dodd, Mary 
March, 1693. 

25 Towne, Leonard 
Vicars, Thomas 


29 Walmsley, Roger 
30*Russell, Richard 

April, i 

13 Waistell, Thomas 
15 Tilliard, William 
17 Beesley, Henry 
Partington, Joseph 

19 Browne, Brutus 

20 Bonner, John 

* Hurst, George 
Follett, William 
Legh, John 

24*Bird, Jeremiah 

*Curtis, George 

* Price, Bulkeley 

25*Ingleden, John 

26 Bennett, Thomas 

27 Langdon, Nicholas 

Renshalld, William 

28 Roope, Nicholas 

Burgoyne, Eliz. 
Mason, Mary 
Hearne, Mary 

Barton, Martha 
Russell, Mabell 


Slater, Elizabeth 
Sayer, Anne 
Dobbins, Hannah 
Wheeler, Anne 
Coles, Alice 
Langford, Eliz. 
Tonstall, Anne 
Smith, Katherine 
Legh, — 

Harwood, Anne 

Smalbone, Eliz. 
Penny, Anne 
Geeresl e)y, (a) 

Angelow, Mary 
Woorell, Mary 

May, 1693. 

1 Ayre, Thomas 

2 Lingley, Francis 
Lawson, Joseph 

3 Browne, Ruben 
Harrison, William 

8 Halsted, William 
io*Clarke, Philip 
11 Newton, William 
*Grevill, Francis 

Pamphilon, William 


Higlin, Frances 
Oglethord, Sus- 
Chapman, Mary 
Burges, Elizabeth 
Gibbs, Hannah 
Lucy, Arabella 
Curtis, Rebecca 

Hawkes, Eliz. 

12 Horseman, John and Worthington, 


13 Thatcher, Charles 
16 Johnson, Thomas 

18 Howett, John 
Gould, Hubert 

22 Abbott, Thomas 
Ernes, Richard 

23 Freeman, George 

24 ^Alexander, William 

25 Cooke, Robert 
27 Mackay, Ivander 

Hassledon, John 

Bynnes, John 
29 Barras, Joshua 

Goodhew, William 
30*Payler, Watkinson 

31 Chamier, Alexander 
Hart, Joseph 

Jarman, Elizabeth 
Edwards, Mary 
Crowder, Mary 

Franck, Kath. 

Arnold, Mary 

Dibbins, Eliz. 

Sale, Elizabeth. 

Harbin, Jane 

Smith, Mary 

Wye, Rebecca 

Knotts, Sarah 

Tooke, Mary 

Burnham, Eliz. 

Norman, Eliz. 

Marshall, Anne 

Dame Mary 

Arch Bishopps, 

Read, Jane 

June, 1693. 

i*Gedney, Papworth 

2 Tompson, John 
Hosier, Brooke 
Sarson, John 
Townsend, Edward 

6*01iver, Charles 

7 Milgate, John 

8 Whitfield, Alexander 

12 Jeffereyes, John 
Le Quien, James 

13 Chamberline, John 
15 Piers, John 

i7*Lister [Rev.], John 

21 Turland, John 
Bonnell, Thomas 

*Corbett, Robert 

22 Sorrell, John 

23 Baxter, Alexander 


24 Hallyday, Samuel 
28*Weekley, Henry 

29 Leigh, Onesiphorus 

30 Knight, John 

Faine [Fane], 

Gandy, Vere 
Stone, Joyce 
Wood, Elizabeth 
Chitty, Susannah 
Pawlett, Kath. 
Radhorne, Martha 
Browne, Susanna 
Wilkins, Rebecca 
Smith, Susannah 
Haskett, Eliz. 

Bowyer, Anne 
Cheney, Anne 
Scudamore, Eliz. 
Hooker, Jane 
Babington, Margt.. 
Cale, Abigail 
Dobson, Kath. 

Crant, Anna 
Clayton, Frances 
Marsh, Hannah 
Cooper, Anne 

(a) This " e " is crossed out in pencil in Register. 

July, 1693. 

4*Hastings, William Dewes, Priscilla 

5 Wilcox, William Pulley, Dorothy 
Smart, Thomas Bowles, Eliz. 

6 Isted, Thomas Trayton, Eliz. 

6 93] 

Faculty Office. 


July, 1693. 

7 Elwood, George and 
Clarke, Jonathan 
10 Fisher, Robert 

12 Turner, James 

13 Goodwin, Samuel 
i4*Bynt, Thomas 

Ettrick, Anthonio 
Siddon, Benjamin 
15 Rushton, Anthony 
*Harcourt, Charles 
17 Diston, James 
ig*Hoo, John 
24 Prynce, Francis 
28 Bigg, Thomas 
31 Barker, Thomas 

Cooke, Anne 
Vince, Martha 
Payne, Mary 
Coppinger, Mary 
Gillam, Judith 
Ridley, Mary 
Starling, Jane 
Clarke, Mary 
Gratwicke, Anne 
Parsons, Mary 
Cornish, Alice 
Hanbury, Anne 
Gilly, Mary 
Martin, Izara 
Williams, Judith 

August, 1693. 

2 Goldar, Francis 
7*Bond, John 

8 Young, John 
io*Boultby, Benjamin 
*Ross, Lord John 
i4*Smith, Mathew 
Hammond, William 
Perry, Richard 
*Corbett, Sir Uve- 
dale [Bart.] 
16 Simpson, Michael 
i8*Reynell, Richard 
23 Weeley, Samuel 
Paul, Thomas 
Pomfret, Thomas 

25*Botry, John 
26 *Coningsby, Robert 
28*Topham [Rev.], 
*Carrier [Caryer], 

Dodkin, Thomas 

29 Smith, Richard 

30 Worley, Nathaniel 

Grove, Anne 

Chaning, Love 
Lowe, Elizabeth 
Russell, Rt. Hon. 

Beaumont, Sarah 
Frost, Mary 
Hughes, Rebecca 
Cecill, Dame 

[Lady] Mildred 
Tuggell, Margt. 
Forsett, Eliz. 
Warner, Mary 
Wright, Mary 

Dodd, Elizabeth 
Savage, Grace 

Price, Penelope 

Mynors, Anne 
Harper, Susannah 
Rouse, Ortantia 

September, 1693. 

4*Price, Edward 

Rich, Stephen 
*Ward, Robert 
7 Richards, John 
9 Watmore, John 
11 Haddon, John 
*Williams, John 
Alexander, Robert 

15 Bayly, James 

16 Carter, James 

Cotton, Phillis 
Travernor, Anne 
Dutley, Mary 
Claire, Grace 
Woodhouse, Eliz. 
Owen, Katherine 
Savill, Susannah 
Ford, Martha 
Eere, Mary 

i6*Patrick [Pat- and 

tricke], Thomas 
21 Brixy, Francis 
White, Joseph 
23 Pering, John 
25 Morfew, Thomas 
Hole, Emanuel 
Leyndon, John 
27* Whale (a) [Wall], 
^Stephens, Thomas 
28 Batt, James 

*Beaumont, Honour- 
able John 

Ashby, Jane 

Lord, Susannah 
Ford, Elizabeth 
Pitt, Jane 
Wood, Mary 
Yard, Mary 
Wiggins, Anne 
Clarke, Eliz. 

Fletcher, Efrey 
Daniel, Deborah 
Carey, Philippa 

October, 1693. 

3 Bates, Mark 
*Crabb, John [M.A.] 
*Hatton, Edward 

4 Howard, William 
7 King, John 

Marshall, John 
9 Robinson, Thomas 
11 Jones, John 
9 Harding, Joseph 

10 Hendy, Nicholas 
Bennett, Samuel 

11 Joselin, John 
Gourney, Richard 

13 Atterbury, Richard 

14 Norris, George 

16 Cleavely, Thomas 
18 Howes, Hugh 
ig*Darcy, James 
20 Haughton, Richard 

Colwell, Robert 
23 Newman, Adam 

Fott, John 

25 Wooding, Thomas 
Strutt, Thomas 

26 Spilsbury, John 
28*Wilson, Thomas 
31 Clarke, Edward 

Fuller, Phillis 
Waller, Dorothy 
Main waring, 

Stidman, Sarah 
Capper, Kath. 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Morris, Mary 
Burley, Bridgett 
Coster, Mary 
Collins, Mary 
Bampton, Mary 
Berrington, Mary 

Killick, Elizabeth 
Bradshaw, Anne 
Maddison, Mary 
Miles, Anne 
Hickes, Mary 
Bartlett, Anne 
Knight, Mary 
Lewis, Susannah 
Lamb, Elizabeth 
Lawson, Rachell 
Jeamson, Alice 
Bridges, Mary 
Byatt, Elizabeth 
Ford, Frizwood 

November, 1693. 

1 Taylor, Zachariah 

Osborne, Samuel 
4 Brown, John 
6 Cade, William 
Philpott, Thomas 
Barton, Noah 

10 Stilman, Thomas 
Marlow, Henry 

11 Dyn, Joseph 

13 Stephens, John 

Clownham, Anne 
Clarke, Mary 
Watson, Tabitha 
Snell, Sarah 
Haggitt, Frances 
Conning, Anne 
Groves, Margaret 
Evernden, Eliz. 
Godfrey, Martha 
Franklin, Edith 

(a) Crossed out in pencil and marked Wall. 


Marriage Licences. 



14 August, Francis and 

16 Hughes, Francis 
Wensley, George 

17 Parsons, John 

20 Hunt, John 
Stones, Thomas 

21 Reeve, Hambden 
*Sherwood, Edward 

Hill, Ambrose 

22 Reade, George 
Austin, Joseph 

•'Browne, Benjamin 

23 Green, John 

St. Leger de Baca- 
lan, Thomas 

24 Underwood, Walter 
*Dann, Francis 

25 Gould, William 
28 Nicholls, John 

Bogdan, James 
2o,*Mellefont, James 


1 Dyer, Alexander 
2*Martin, Leonard 

5 Olney, Thomas 
Sharpe, Robert 
Sasfre, Peter 

"Barker, Robert 

*Keate, John 

*Edes, Francis 

7 Clench, Herbert 

8 Roome, William 

11 Kemp, John 
Stephens, John 
Clarke, John 

12 Ash, Abraham 
Verner, Samuel 

13 Hardy, Francis 
Steers, John 

14 Nost, Joseph 

15 Fesquett, Francis 

16 Ward, Samuel 

18 Harris, Joseph 
Vaughan, John 
Joxon, John 

19 Du Bois, Samuel 
*Coke, Heigham 

Collins, Francis 
Wellwood, George 

20 Cayle, Edward 

21 Kirkwood, William 
22*Spry, William 

Dale, Thomas 


Heming, Rebecca 
Cooper, Sarah 
Nash, Anne 
Woodward, Mary 
Pauling, Anne 
Burrill, Margaret 
Bowell, Margaret 
Whitlock, Hester 
Morton, Anne 
Fairfax, Dorothy 
Waters, Anne 

White, Elizabeth 
Theny, Susanna 

Warman, Martha 
Newman, Jane 
Mann, Jane 
Noe, Margaret 
Hemings, Eliz. 
Wright, Mary 


Palmer, Martha 

Hamilton, Sarah 
Green, Hester 
Biscoe, Sarah 
Bucknall, Eliz. 

Muspratt, Marg. 
Gardiner, Anne 
Thomas, Diana 
Rolt, Elizabeth 
Savage, Eliz. 
Greene, Mary 
Robinson, Anne 
Tye, Ursula 
Bourne, Elizabeth 
Young, Elizabeth 
Simkin, Jane 
Parker, Joan 
Phelps, Anne 
Cole, Massey 
Chetwind, Marg. 
Charington, Eliz. 
Mancell, Frances 
Dawes, Elizabeth 
Porter, Sarah 
Stone, Elizabeth 
Atkinson, Sarah 
Dudley, Mary 

Basse, Bridget 

22 Gibbons, Joseph and 

23 Ruffy, John 
Simpson, Thomas 

25 Hayhurst, Richard 
Woodyear, Rowland 

28 Lileburne, Richard 

29 Webb, Samuel 
Collett, Joseph 

Baldry, John 

30 Mottram, John 

January, i 

1 * Dalkeith, James 

[Scott], Earl of 
Clements, Daniel 

2 Page, Samuel 
Hungerford, John 

5 Hunt, Thomas 

Gatton, John 
8 Merqueice, William 
12 Faure, David 

*Lloyd, John 
15 Ball, Thomas 
18 Clarke, Mathew 
De la Fontaine, 
20 Guy, Charles 

*Carpenter [Lt.-Col.], 

22 Cawne, Caleb 
Tayler, Thomas 

25 Cade, Salusbury 

26 Vaughan, Henry 

27 Okey, Charles 
*Penwarn, Robert 

Fitzgerrald, Andrew 

30 Talman, James 

31 Spurling, William 
*Wood, Byam 

Middleton, Hester 
Buller, Judith 
Bascott, Sarah 
Hyde, Bridget 
Stud well, Mary 
Foorthe, Eliz. 
Mance, Sarah 
Rowlgane, Mary 
Hall, Jane 

Bell, Katherine 
Southgate, Grace 


Hyde, Lady 
Hosay, Elizabeth 
Davis, Frances 
Stamp, Margaret 
Goodiers, Mary 
A'Court, Eliz. 
Gibson, Mary 
Faure, Jane 
Hoare, Elizabeth 
Wills, Bridget 
Fryer, Mary 
De Laune, Judith 

Mell, Elizabeth 
Margeeson [Mar- 

getson], Lady 

Abrooke, Eliz. 
Gibbons, Susan'h 

Panter, Elizabeth 
Kingston, Martha 
Bissacor [Bis- 

sacar], Ellinor 
Harbin, Elizabeth 
Mellington, Isa. 
Beck, Elizabeth 
Gilbourne, Eliz. 

February, 1693-4. 

1 Pinkney, James 

2 Collett, Joseph 
Goodwin, Nicholas 

3 Thompson, John 

6 Winch, Thomas 
Newey, Jonathan 

7 Browne, John 
9*Fisher, Nathaniel 

*Lardner, John 
i2*Baker, William 
13 Pigeon, Daniel 

15 Cantry, William 

16 Makepiece, Samuel 

Bradley, Mary 
Rose, Mary 
Emmett, Eliz. 
Clayton, Marg. 
Barrow, Susan'h 
Wild, Em me 
Goodwin, Mary 
Moore, Alice 
Moore, Hannah 
Pengry, Mary 
Kirton, Philippa 
Lamas, Mary 
Atwood, Mary 


Faculty Office. 

I2 5 

February, 1693-4. 

16 Grant, John and 

Robbins, Robert 

*Huson, John 

*Barnardiston, Thos. 
Lewes, Thomas 
Postern, Adam 

19 Morgan, Arthur 
Malthus, William 
Foyle, Robert 

*Freeman, Richard 

20 Grove, John 

21 Eglinby, John 
24 Morris, David 

26 Aplin, William 

Wetherley, Mathew 
27*Boult, Jonathan 

Pinck, Jane 
Youle, Mary 
Slaughter, Kath. 
Rothwell, Anne 
Warren, Kath. 
West, Thomazine 
Proctor, Eliz. 
Highlord, Martha 
Cotterell, Grace 
Keck, Elizabeth 
Hayes, Elizabeth 
Stepkins, Anne 
Haskeith, Eliz. 
Willers, Margaret 
Thorpe, Anne 

March, 1693-4. 
2 Jordon, Edmund Boyse, Margaret 

Smith, Mary 
Nicholls, Sarah 
Tulidah, Eliz. 

3 Silk, John 

6 Craine, Joseph 

Perring, Thomas 
i2*Sanderson, Charles Streete, Martha 
i3*Macey, George Crispe, Abigail 

Worrell, William 
14 Barnes, John 
16 Hoye, William 
Tapsfield, John 

22 Maydale, William 

23 Dering, Robert 

Owen, Thomas 

Hicks, Ellinor 
Bayley, Elizabeth 
Smith, Anne 
Tapsfield, Anne 
Theed, Anne 
De Beaulin, 
Hulbert, Jane 

March, 1694. 

26 Russell, Benjamin Bryan, Hannah 

28 Parkins, John 

29 Sanders, John 
*Carey, William 

Bateman, Eliz. 
Long, Elizabeth 
Mansell, Mary 

April, 1694. 

2 Priest, Francis 

3 Evans, Samuel 

4 Pusey, Edmund 
Beeckman, John 

6 Pinck, Gabriel 

7 Merryfield, Abraham 
*Dodd, Ralph 

9 Perryer, Robert 
i3*Barnes, W T illiam 
14 Jennings, John 
*Bird, Thomas 
Sandford, Richard 

Woolfe, William 

Archer, Silvester 
Mitchell, Frances 
Kilborne, Eliz. 
Troughton, Lydia 
Clifford, Anne 
Lewis, Kath. 

Smallbone, Mary 
Evans, Elizabeth 
Rutt, Anne 
Fisher, Ellenor 

Rushland, Kath. 

17 Hudson, Edward and 
i8*Blois, Sir Charles 
Bayliff, William 
Horsey, Edward 

19 Tanner, William 

20 Man, Charles 
*Rolleston, Arthur 
*Cross, Robert 

21 Brudenell, John 

23 *Sedby [Sedley], 

Herod, James 

24 Wicker, Tobias 
*Cardrowe, John 
*Gyles, Nathaniel 

27 Wright, Richard 

28 Heigham, 

30 Walter, Thomas 

Jakeman, Eliz. 
Hawtry, Anne 

Richardson, Eliz. 
Painter, Rebecca 
Goodrich, Anne 
Collins, Anne 
Merritt, Elizabeth 
Feild, Mary 
Clarke, Joyce 
Ireton, Elizabeth 

Cogger, Mary 
Barnes, Mary 
Parker, Mary 
Percivall, Eliz. 
Wotteridge, Alary 
White, Hester 

Bankes, Martha 

May, 1694. 

5 Snooke, John 
Halsey, George 

7 Russell, James 
Rowlands, Reynold 
Wotton, Henry 
Flunt, John 

9 Wildbore, John 

Peniston, John 
10 Sarney, Thomas 

14 Robinson, Edward 
*Eyre, Thomas 
*Clarke, John 

15 Ford, William 
Bushell, William 

i8*Tily [Tity], Joseph 
Lawley, George 

19 Fane, John 

21 Ayres, Nathaniel 
Hiller, Charles 
Dyke, Jeremiah 

23 Julian, William 
Rousewell, Thomas 

25 Jocelyne, John 

26*Edwards, John 
Green, John 
Glegg, Robert 

28 Carriere, John 

29 Jefferson, William 
Wingfield, Joseph 

Tewksbury, Jane 
Dickenson, Eliz. 
Bernbow, Kath. 
Billing, Elizabeth 
Martin, Mary 
Butcher, Mary 

Castle, Barbara 
Dun, Anne 
Nye, Beata 
Webb, Jane 

Horsman, Sarah 
Southey, Deborah 
Roberts, Deborah 
Whitton, Eliz. 
Pixley, Anne 
Pope, Sarah 
Yeoman, Anne 
Moore, Elizabeth 
Wild, Elizabeth 
Hawkins, Anne 
Henshaw, Mary 
Flyer, Elizabeth 
Henn, Abigail 
Stratford, Grace 
Bervere, Susan'h 
Fugill, Tabitha 
Walker, Eliz. 

June, 1694. 

2 Edwards, John Webb, Ellinor 

4 Fisher, Bardsey 
Smith, Nathaniel 

5 Pountney, Robert 

Flesher, Eliz. 
Jeve, Francis 
Hardie, Lucretia 


Marriage Licences. 


June, 1694. 

6 Warren, Wm. and 

8 Lewis, Daniel 

9 Fell, Miles 
*Yate, William 

11 Hasleden, Benjamin 
Evans, Richard 
Sale, Francis 
Hare, Richard 

16 Clarke, John 
Pulling, Thomas 

18 Arkesden, William 
Graves, John 

19 Moody, William 
Yeates, Thomas 

Varnam, William 

21 Overman, William 

22 Browne, Richard 
*Owen, Edward 

Davids, Thomas 

23 Gisburne, Robert 
Rudsby, Philip 

25 Terrier, Thomas 
*Gould, William 
White, William 
26*Poynter, William 
27*Hodges, Hugh 
28*Templer, Thomas 

Dalby, Edward 
30*Gooddiar, Francis 

Clarke, Frances 

Goston, Elizabeth 
Lacy [Dame] 

Bromsall, Eliz. 
Fletcher, Hannah 
Puller, Elizabeth 
Blunt, Elizabeth 
Oldham, Frances 
Grove, Elizabeth 
Mathews, Mary 
Rice, Jane 
Liverd, Eleanor 

Kenniard, Eliz. 
Williams, Alice 

Bates, Susannah 
Pagitt, Katherine 
Francklin, Hester 
Davies, Elizabeth 
Tiplady, Alice 
Toope, Katherine 
Walrond, Anne 
Best, Anne 
West, Sarah 
Stephens, Eliz. 
Medwell, Eliz. 
Finch, Joanna 
Risley, Anne 

July, 1694. 

3 Longnoville, Peter 

4 Myns, Thomas 

6 Brookes, William 

7 Markland, Martin 
Mawer, George 

9 Bragg, William 
i2*Dunkin, Thomas 
*Cater, John (a) 
Needham, Joseph 
Woolfe, John 
13 Farthing, W T alter 
i4*Wharton, Anthony 
16 Fowler, Thomas 
18 Osborne, Richard 
20*Westlake, Hugh 
Best, Thomas 
*Gore, Henry 

27 Martin, John 

28 Rainsford, John 

Bradshaw, Anne 
Woodman, Mary 
Mickham, Mary 
Littleton, Eliz. 
Sampson, Mary 
Carter, Mary 
Crayker, Eliz. 
Middleton, Mary 
Farr, Mary 
Nicholls, Alice 
Tucker, Anne 
Hicks, Margaret 
Glapthorn, Eliz. 
Bennett, Jane 
Tuckfield, Marg. 
Tydy, Anne 
Rosseter, Vere 
Elvy, Sarah 
Nicholls, Jane 

(a) The date is 6 July in Col. Chester's extracts, 
preceding the one on the 12th. 

28 Butler, John 
Hart, John 

30 Carne, Francis 
Davidson, Robert 
Jesson, John 

and Hawkes, Susan'h 
Curry, Anne 
Stone, Anne 
Trotter, Mary 
Ryly, Uranah 

August, 1694. 

1 Cade, James 

Crosby, ah. Gandey, 

Goldsmith, Edward 
3 Hudson, Henry 

Pasmore, Henry 
6 Lort, Paul 

Tatem, Joseph 
7*Towne, Leonard 

*Archer, John 
9 *Champnys, Justinian 
io*Hamond, Anthony 

17 Pratt, Samuel 
15 Westwood, 

i7*Naper, Nathaniel 

Wilkinson, John 

20 Lemmon, John 

21 May, Joseph 

22 Cowper, John 
25 Rivet, William 

27 Morton, John 

28 Godwin, John 
30*Soane [Soame], 

Mussell, Thomas 
31 Horseley, Samuel 

Lloyd, Anna 
Vesey, Elizabeth 

Blackwell, Cath. 
Crowder, Martha 
Blomley, Mary 
Marley, Dorothy 
Hull, Mary 

Middlemore, Mary 
Hughes, Sarah 

[Clarges], Jane 
Chowne, Eliz. 
Lawrence, Eliz. 

Allington [Aling- 
ton], Katherine 

Clare, Sarah 

Vickars, Eliz. 

Strelley, Mary 

Emerson, Anne 

Clarke, Eliz. 

Mitchell, Marg. 

Poore, Mary 


Cropper, Eliz. 

Davison, Ruth 

September, 1694. 

4 Baker, Ralph 
7*Woolaston, John 

Lugg, Adam 
8 Jackson, Francis 
12 Turner, John 
Taylor, John 
*Harrison, Robert 
*Clavell, Roger 
Hall, Francis 
15 Kingman, John 

17 Salter, William 
Ball, Thomas 

*Loane, John 

Bristow, Lionel 
Burrowes, George 
Aylesworth, John 

18 Marlow, John 

Sanders, Anne 
Rowe, Mary 
Mathews, Alice 
Butler, Dorothy 
Niccolls, Sarah 
Elliott, Mary 
Mills, Margaret 
Covert, Ruth 
Hancock, Anne 
Bray, Alice 
Eyre, Anne 
Marvell, Bridgett 

Brant, Ellen 
Verscall, Mary 
Martin, Elizabeth 
Larting, Ellenor 


Faculty Office. 


i8*Harley, Robert and 
*Strafford, Rt. Hon. 
William [Went- 
worth], Earl of 
19 Surel, Peter 
Taller, Jonadab 
Dennett, Thomas 

22 Freshwater, George 
Channell, Richard 
Bissell, Jeremy 
Nash, John 
Bancks, Stephen 

24 Tibboth, William 
*Bucknall, Sir John 

25 Massey, William 
^Horseman, Edward 

Innopher, John 
Bishop, John 

26 Hewitt, David 
Wild, Abraham 

29 Ashby, James 


1 Fryer, Andrew 
Luellingburgh, J as. 
Hassell, John 

2 Bourne, Samuel 

4 Smith, Richard 

5 Symball, Isaac 

8 Kennon, William 
Gonning, Thomas 
13 Wilkinson, Thomas 
16 Willshire, Robert 
Archer, William 
Hardis, William 

18 Manning, William 

19 Whiffen, John 

20 Quantock, Francis 

23 Bramly, Marmaduke 
Saunders, John 

Colbatch, Thomas 
26 Doldron, John 

30 Tampian, William 

Dugard, Lewis 
Bulcock, Daniel 


1 Fisher, Anthony 
8 Gayer, Robert 
13 Jackson, Robert 

16 Bamford, Henry 

17 Rickards, Samuel 
Gouge, William 

jg*Woodward, Edward 
*Rebow, Sir Isaac 

September, 1694. 

Middleton, Sarah 
De Roy, Lady 


Bion, Elizabeth 
Golding, Mary 
Hyde, Elizabeth 
Tomlinson, Eliz. 
Arnold, Mary 
Goodwin, Mary 
Stone, Hannah 
Grainger, Kath. 
Watts, Alice 
Read, Mary 
Jafford, Sage 
Dethick, Mary 
Getus, Fortune 
Lee, Elizabeth 
Walker, Hannah 
Parsons, Mary 
Raply, Margaret 


Fisher, Martha 
Bache, Bridgett 
Prowse, Jane 
Blackman, Marg. 
Crowde, Mary 
Eaton, Elizabeth 
Watson, Sidney 
Covert, Martha 
Fairrechild, Anne 
Turner, Elizabeth 
Labanch, Martha 
Montford, Mary 
Masters, Joan 
Garland, Kath. 
Dodson, Mary 
Dix, Jane 

Gardner, Eliz. 
Funge, Elizabeth 

Pierre, Judith 
Taylor, Anne 


Goddard, Susan 
Annesley, Eliz. 
Walker, Mary 
Wright, Eliz. 
Hughes, Hannah 
Dadley, Rebecca 
Holt, Elizabeth 
Honywood, Eliz. 

20 Brampton, Mich, and 
Poplett, Charles 
Bernard, William 

21 Rant, Thomas 
Morrison, Edward 

22 Walton, Humphrey 

27 Cowley, William 

28 Baker, Solomon 
*Poole, Henry 

30 Leeds, Richard 


1 Vyne, Thomas 
4 Horseman, Oliver 
Jeys, Peter 
Spark, James 
8 Dixon, Zachary 

* Foster, John 
12 Turner, John 
Gordon, Thomas 
*Cock, William 

Wall, John 
15 Howell, William 
*Powell, William 
17 Standrough, Joseph 
19 Nucella, John Peter 

Cove, John 

21 Stearesmore, Wm. 
Johnson, Robert 

22 Manley, Thomas 
Turner, John 
Bee, Henry 

^Chester, Robert 
24*Templer, Samuel 
Hankey, Henry 
Gibbon, Anthony 
25 Gardner, Thomas 

27 Boice, Thomas 
Walduck, Thomas 

28 Crucher, Benjamin 
Macartney, George 

3i*Hamilton, Frederick 
Davis, Emanuel 
*Major, Joseph 

Vincent, Dorothy 
Brodden, Eliz. 
Bickley, Jane 
Brittridge, Anne 
Read, Barbara 
Stevenson, Agnes 
Noble, Betty 
Oliver, Elizabeth 
Earle, Elizabeth 
Booth, Martha 


Theyer, Sarah 
Blewit, Deborah 
Gibbs, Sarah 
Hunt, Anne 
Mills, Margaret 
Knight, Margaret 
Hurst, Jane 
Perry, Ann 
Wyburne, Dame 

Walling, Sarah 
Hartfield, Marg. 
Tate, Katherine 
Harris, Elizabeth 
Dovett, Mary 
Roberts, Eliz. 
Bromwich, Marv 
Sopp, Mary 
Cozens, Margaret 
Burges, Mary 
Etheridge, Eliz. 
Hayes, Sarah 
Holt, Mary 
Chaplin, Anne 
Tarrant, Eliz. 
Ball, Mary 
Pratt, Elizabeth 
Chevall, Susan. 
Benham, Marg. 
Douglas, Ann 
Berisford, Jane 
Heare, Sarah 
Pochin, Mar) 7 

January, 1694-5. 

1 Stent, George 

2 Pyke, Henry 
Phime, James 

4*Newsum, John 
Hack, Charles 

10 Ashwell, John 

11 Ritchardson, Henry 
*Westfaling, Herbert 

i7*Gannell [Gunnill], 

21 Alvey, Arthur 

Mowlins, Anne 
Spencer, Eliz. 
Curtis, Margaret 
Summers, D'rothy 
Townsend, Eliz. 
Seeling, Agnes 
Teems, Damerice 
Chappell, Anne 

Verney, Catherine 

Sharp, Joanna 


Marriage Licences. 


January, 1694-5. 

22 Clarke, John and Burning-ham, 

Oakley, Mary 
Urner, Mary 

23 Skinner, William 
26 Bix, Richard 
*Farmerie, John 

31 Gray, Mathew 

Skinner, Elleanor 

Durling, Alexander Robins, Elizabeth 


1 Bookey, Mathew 

Taboy, Abraham 

2*Walker, Charles 

4 Cole, John 

5 Tredway, John 
7 Newman, John 

20*Anthony [Rev.], 

21 Hodgson, 

25 Felton, John 

March, i 

1 Cooke, Richard 

5 Rolfe, Samuel 
*Soane [Soame], Sir 

Peter [Bart.] 

6 Molins, George 

7 Ironmonger, John 
Ashby, George 
Wild, John 

9 Smith, Richard 
14 Griffith, Thomas 
i8*Ogilvie, Walter 
Crump, Samuel 
i9*Asley [Asty], 

23 Gilliard, Joshua 
Crouch, Nicholas 


Christian, Cath. 
Tovey, Susannah 
Blow, Catherine 
Sanger, Susannah 
Knolton, Lucy 
Hows, Martha 
Sparhanke, Mary 

Jennings, Hannah 

Cole, Elizabeth 


Stevens, Eliz. 
Bell, Emm 
Chute, Joanna 

Bingham, Rachel 
Pilgrim, Abigail 
Kingsbury, Anne 
Waltham, Kath. 
Holland, Mary 
Sheffield, Mary 
Harris, Bridgett 
Smith, Sarah 
Tench, Elizabeth 

Parrott, Frances 
Walton, Sarah 

March, 1695. 

26 Shirley, Daniel 
29*Porter, Arthur 
30 Ibbott, John 

Bigg, Elizabeth 
King, Elizabeth 

April, 1695. 

1 Barber, John 

2 Wolfe, John 

3 Millard, Jonathan 
6 Beecher, Richard 
8 Hill, John 

Woodward, John 

Gibbs, James 
Clogie, Thomas 

Elwyn, Margaret 
Upton, Anne 
Rose, Anne 
Williams, Kath. 
Midgley, Susan'h 

Baily, Anne 
Lassells, Eliz. 

8 Knight, Robert and 
Cheeke, Edward 
Berisford, Mathew 
Langston, William 

*Mounshier, John 
Alder, Thomas 

9 Gouldney, Joseph 
Trigg, Thomas 
Lambden, James 

io*Price, William 
Towne, Richard 
Holland, Mathew 
Glue, Robert 
16 Berrowe, Richard 
i7*Dampierre, Stephen 

18 Griffin, John 
22 Guilliam, William 
i6*[Grey de] Ruthyn 
Rt. Hon. Henry 
Grey, Lord 
22 Kinchin, Augustine 
24*Dobson, Henrv 
Lawson, George 
25 Serjeant, Winwood 
27 Baber, William 

Pitchford, William 
29*Thynne, Rt. Hon. 

30 Lester, Christopher 

Tooth, Johanna 
Rice, Elizabeth 
Lowe, Martha 
Selby, Margaret 
Ryley, Elizabeth 
Kimber, Faith 
Harris, Elizabeth' 
King, Susannah 
Reddoway, Eliz. 
Blagden, Marg. 
Barber, Elizabeth 
Denise, Jane 
Holton, Anne 
Halsey, Catherine 
Breval, Frances 

Norton, Anne 
Hunton, Dorothy 
Crew, Jemima 

French, Elizabeth 
Corbett, Eliz. 

Pierce, Mary 
Lewellin, Martha 
Yates, Abigail 
Geo, Mary 
Stroode [Strode], 

Strainge, Alicia 


May, 1695. 

3 Root, Joseph 
Strong, Richard 

4 Lebloud, Robert 

6 Clayton, Thomas 
Pratt, John 
Scrivener, George 
Brooke, Benjamin 

7 Cooper, John 

8 Rayner, John 
Tatam, John 

Johnson, Edward 

9 *Slone [Sloane], H ans 

[Dr. of Physic] 
Miles, Benjamin 
Bland, Michael 

10 Peters, Stephen 
Russeler, George 

11 Flower, Adam 
Jenkins, Richard 
Kempe, William 
Bennett, Richard 
Clarke, James 
Bawener, Francis 

13 Packett, William 

Soames, Eliz. 
Adgett, Mary 
Mahion, Eliz. 
Baker, Mary 
Skelton, Eliz. 
Morris, Anne 
Chettenham, Mary 
Hickson, Susan'h 
Smith, Hester 
Mitchell, Ann 
Rose, Elizabeth. 

Perry, Hannah 
Chapman, Cath. 
Remnant, Sarah 
Martinett, Eliz. 
Cade, Hannah 
Stiptharpe, Eliz. 
Chappell, Hannah 
Grant, Hannah 
Turner, Anne 
Smith, Anne 
Bayly, Anne 


Faculty Office. 


May, 1694. 

13 Powell, Thomas and 
*Coventry, Lord 

White, Peter 

15 Thory, Thomas 
Garland, John 
Smith, John 
Filkins, Richard 
Groome, John 

16 Bagley, John 

Sprig, Simon 
18 Baldwyn, Francis 
Metcalfe, Samuel 

20 Pane, John 
Compton, John 

21 Coomb, Richard 

22 Spencer, Robert 
Barfron, John 
Browne, Henry 

23 Myers, Joseph 
Messenger, John 

24 Baldwyn, Benjamin 

25 Elborrow, Richard 
Kirkham, Francis 
Keyes, William 

27 Taylor, John 
Dod, Robert 

28 Man, Thomas 

Huddleston, Tristam 
N orris, John 

29 Smith, James 
Pers, Richard 
Rutter, Henry 

*Ashe, Sir [Saint 
(not Sir)] George, 
Johnson, Samuel 
Benet, David 

30 Jones, Joseph 
Brome, John 
Cox, Richard 
Loton, Edward 

31 Taylor, Edward 

Malborn, Eliz. 
Graham, Eliz. 

Dering, Margaret 
Greeting, Joyce 
Kingsley, Ellinor 
Elliot, Elizabeth 
Morely, Jane 
Knell, Elizabeth 

Fry, Mary 
Symonds, Frances 
Russell, Mary 
Bromwich, Anne 
Witwrong, Mary 
Ongley, Sarah 
Ransome, Anne 
England, Mary 
James, Sarah 
Wigmore, Marg. 
Cadman, Mary 
Watts, Ann 
Rumboll, Eliz. 
Connock, Anne 
Donne, Anne 
Davis, Jane 
Price, Mary 

Darker, Mary 
Tarbuck, Marg. 
Manning, Eliz. 
Walker, Martha 
Newcomen, Jane 

Gale, Mary 
Jeakett, Sarah 
Bird, Elizabeth 
Freelove, Kath. 
Wheeler, Mary 
Yates, Mary 
Hall, Elizabeth 

June, 1695. 

1 Stoakes, Robert 
Goodwyn, Henry 

*Broumher, Thomas 
Simpson, Emanuel 
3 Fowler, John 
Martin, Joseph 
Nicholls, William 
Vize, Jonathan 
Okey, Thomas 

Mane, Elizabeth 
Bridger, Mary 
Ray, Elizabeth 
Welsh, Mary 
Whitehead, Anne 
Polley, Elizabeth 
Eades, Anne 
Burton, Elizabeth 

5 Price, Samuel and 
Towers, James 
Brown, John 

6 Harrison, Cuthbert 
Bird, Alexander 

7 Lacke, Thomas 
Wells, John 
Hummer, Jacob 

8*Athey [Athy], 
*Mordaunt, Sir John 

11 Haley, Richard 
Lane, Samuel 
Mallabar, Walter 
Reed, William 
Hungerford, Edward 
Woodford, George 

12 Whitten, John 

13 Hayward, Richard 

14 Gannett, William 
Atwood, Henry 

15 Lane, Henry 
Turner, Bennett Dell 
Cox, Thomas 
Worsley, Joseph 

*Bourdon, Isaac 

17 Mailer, John 
*Higginson, Joshua 

*Simpson, John 
Watson, William 

*Loyd [Lloyd], 

Barker, George 

18 Smith, Robert 
Savile, Henry 
Thursfield, Joshua 
Freeman, John 
Ridley, Thomas 
Batten, James 
Whale, John 

19 Hater, William 
Jefferys, Christopher 

*Berney, John 

20 Burford, Benjamin 
Young, Robert 

*Cock, John 
Smith, William 
2i*Medlycott, James 
*Durham, John 
*Fyshe, Humphry 

*Denbigh, Bazill 
[Feilding], Earl of 
22 Sowthy, John 
*Harris, Charles 
*Stockdale, Christo. 
Broderick, George 
24 Snow, John 

Exteel, Hannah 
Harrison, Eliz. 
Haslen, Susannah 
Smith, Ellinor 
Nash, Elizabeth 
Parritt, Elizabeth 
Richardson, Sarah 
Whetley, Ellenor 
Bramlow [Brown- 
low], Anne 
Toller, Elizabeth 
Eeles, Elizabeth 
Boulds, Dorothy 
Wright, Eliz. 
Dod, Hannah 
Rocke, Sarah 
Cawdery, Susan'h 
Glover, Alice 
A'Court, Eliz. 
House, Sarah 
Hooper, Sarah 
Holland, Eliz. 
Lucy, Anne 
Barback, Isabel 
Henderey, Mary 
Ball, Elizabeth 

Stringer, Eliz. 
Durnford, Anne 

Holmby, Anne 
Croucher, Frances 
Clare, Jane 
Richardson, Mary 
Westwood, Mary 
Staveley, Anne 
Purcer, Elizabeth 
Salter, Hannah 
Smith, Hannah 
Burdett, Eliz. 
Plater, Sarah 
Fawconer, Mary 
Dyke, Katherine 
Gent, Anne 
Lee, Anne 
Howard, Anne 
Ayres, Frances 

Firebrace, Hester 

Winkfield, D'rthy 
Nourse, Elizabeth 
Lyddell, Eliz. 
Dove, Elizabeth 
Carter, Anne 


Marriage Licences. 


June, 1695. 

24 Redell, William and 
Jackman, Charles 

Cloudes, Robert 

25 Mason, Luke 

Reve, Henry 

28 Cooke, Robert 
Timbrell, Thomas 
Kech, John 

29 Lordell, Peter 
Insley, Josiah 
Price, Caleb 
Savage, George 

*Duncombe, John 

Weston, Mary 

Jefferys, Anne 

Hey ton, Mary 
Green, Susanna 
Bladwell, Anne 
Moxon, Rachel 
Trimmer, Mary 
Lee, Christian 
Ashman, Martha 
Hacker, Alice 
Brooke, Eliz. 

July, 1695. 

1 Evans, Bartholomew Sawney, Eliz. 
Annesley, Francis Martin, Elizabeth 
Tuttell, Thomas 
Whaley, William 
Gaines, Richard 

2 Waldron, William 
Williams, Emanue 
Kentish, Thomas 

Man, Mary 
Medley, Sarah 
Lorgue, Mary 
North, Sarah 
Pinnel, Hannah 
Knowlton, Anne 
Halford, Joyce 
Sawyer, Mary 
Browne, Dorothy 
Allgain, Mary 
Fisher, Jane 
Twynatt, Anne 
Twyfoot, Ellinor 

*Mawde, John 
Taylor, John 

3 Lovett, Lawrence 

4 Johnson, Peter 
Bullock, Thomas 

5 Shannee, Philip 
Hubbard, Thomas 

6*Steavens [Stevens], Adye, Mary 
Cutler, Arthur 

8 Constable, George 
*Lilburne, Robert 

9 Camden, John 
10 Davis, John 

Lindley, Francis 
Seymor, Timothy 
Hames, Peter 
Reed, Jonadab 


Hunt, Elizabeth 
Cowart, Kath. 
Midford, Eliz. 
West, Jane 
Broadgate, Anne 
Finch, Carolina 
Russell, Elizabeth 
Maynard, Cath. 
Millington, Anna 
Firby, John Barrington, Sarah 

Champion, Stephen Pye, Mary 
i2*Cockayne, John Obery, Elizabeth 
Power, Samuel Morgan, Susan'h 

Penn, Philip Warduck, Eliz. 

Watkins, Benjamin Binloes, Elizabeth 
13 Seddon, Richard Harrison, Eliz 
Hodges, Thomas 
Allen, Thomas 
Le Dore, John 
15 Wrathen, William 
Ingby, Francis 

Buckhurst, William Felton, Diana 
*Charlton, Gilbert Stanton, Anne 

Home, Anne 
Carter, Isabella 
Jones, Elizabeth 
Clarke, Elizabeth 
Helby, Mary 

15 Pawnell, Daniel and 

16 Leaver, Edward 

17 Ware, Gideon 
Fish, William 
Fawdry, John 
Bilby, John 

*Sellwood, John 

19 Oake, Joseph 

*Courthope, Edward 
Stanworth, Richard 

20 Bigg, Christopher 
Marston, Joseph 

22 Wardlow, George 
Noble, Gawen 

Cooke, William 
Meulh, Jacob 
Granger, Thomas 
Danson, Thomas 

23 Pryce, Richard 

24 Maw, Nicholas 
Howard, Henry 
Longford, Mathew 

*Duncombe [Dun- 
cumb], George 

26 Harding, John 

27 Newbury, John 
*Seignour [Seignior], 


Goslin, Thomas 
29 Lowen, Robert 
*Cheney, Richard 

Creslett, Thomas 

*Aburne, John 
30*Calcott, William 

Turpin, Philip 
31 Chun, Joseph 

Fletcher, Richard 

Woodford, Thomas 

Beresford, Thomas 

Huddie, John 

Jones, Bridgett 
Palmer, Eliz. 
Voucher, Frances 
Roberts, Sarah 
Barrat, Elizabeth 
Glover, Sarah 


Strickland, Eliz. 
Wood, Lydia 
Oakley, Anne 
Wenham, Cath. 
Hoare, Sarah 

Alleine, Sarah 
Seymour, Anne 
Hardress, Ursula 

Eve, Elizabeth 
Mills, Hannah 
Price, Elizabeth 
Savell, Mary 
Pottexfen [Pol- 

lexfen], Anne 
Catterell, Hannah 
Sheckley, Eliz. 
Knowles, Lady 

Redstreake, Sarah 
Glover, Mary 
Beauchamp, Mary 
Wooley, Martha 
With, Anne 
Harrison, Frances 
Moss, Sarah 
Aired, Sarah 
Norton, Marg. 
Lear, Elizabeth 
Coleman, Isabella 
Birdsey, Anne 

August, 1695. 

1 Newton, Richard 
*Hearne, Gilbert 

* Adams, James 
Parsons, William 
Chapman, Edward 
Crowder, George 

2 Hasen, George 

3 Bedwell, Martin 

5 Shrimpton, Thomas 
Antrobus, William 
*Morgan, William 
7 Turner, John 
Power, John 

Watson, Ellenor 
Browning, Anne 
Stevens, Anne 
Satchwell, Cath. 
Fall, Sarah 
Gould, Susannah 
Hargrave, Marg. 
Richards, Anne 
Bates, Mary 
Barber, Dorothy 
Noden, Mary 
Day, Mary 
Pierce, Anne 


Faculty Office. 

I3 1 

August, 1695. 

7 Smith, Richard and 

Bull, John 
8*Broderick [Broder- 
wicke], Francis 
Bradbury, Joseph 
9 North, Robert 
Bland, William 
Toone, Symon 
Bradford, Richard 
10 Dymes, John 
12 Baker, James 
i3*Cuthbert, Thomas 

14 Bertram, William 
Adams, Thomas 
Colinge, William 

15 Raisbeck, William 
Moore, James 
Ackland, William 

East, William 

16 Mitchell, John 
Osborne, Charles 
Bland, Thomas 

17 Sanders, Robert 
Huntington, Robert 

19 Silver, James 
Beale, William 

20 Morgan, Thomas 

21 Haden, Robert 

22 Hutchins, Henry 
Kemp, John 
Berrow, Samuel 
Parham, Joseph 

24 Vicars, William 

Banister, Edward 
Sabbin, John 
Rennington, John 

26 Lawrence, Silvester 

27 Bedford, Thomas 
*Tonstall, Ralph 

*Haynes [Hayne], 

Bowman, Andrew 
Main waring, Thos. 

28 Sharpe, Thomas 
Sutton, William 
Hill, Richard 

29 Hoyle, Joseph 
Smith, Samuel 
Tabart, Jeremiah 

Countley, Edward 
Girton, Robert 

30 Browne, Joseph 

31 Rodgett, Edward 

Parker, Anne 

Burton, Elizabeth 


Woolley, Mary 

Gill, Margaret 

Raynor, Eliz. 

Sadler, Elizabeth 

Jones, Mary 

Saunders, Mary 

Benham, Jone 

Davis, Judith 

Hyde, Sarah 

Fox, Sarah 

Chase, Ruth 

Rudd, Hester 

Ovitt, Sarah 

Wilkins, Eliza- 

Tiplady, Margt. 

Rose, Elizabeth 

Hertred, Grace 

Randall, Margaret 

Clowdsly, Mary 

Myles, Mary 

Gerno, Mary 

Stanhope, Ursula 

Hall, Sarah 

Osbaldeston, Eliz. 

Davis, Hannah 

Board, Jane 

Gawdren, Jane 

Taylor, Jane 


Gibbs, Grace 

Crow, Sarah 

Munday, Mary 

Tomkinson, Mar- 

Fisher, Anne 


Fitchborn, Anne 

Dobbs, Jane 
Thurstin, Kath. 
Beale, Susannah 
Boteler, Mary 
Blackman, Anne 
Wright, Jane 
Reyner, Sarah 

Bush, Elizabeth 
Martyn, Martha 
Pollard, Mary 
Grey, Sarah 

September, 1695. 

2 Tadpole, John and 

3 Tuckey, Samuel 
Loton, Edward 

4 Rabatt, Lambert 
Medcalfe, Michael 

5 Oliver, George 
Maine, John 
Barrett, Thomas 

Helmes, Richard 
Prentice, Thomas 
7 Bliss, Joseph 
Grigg, John 
Canham, Mathew 

9 Taylor, John 
Cooke, Nicholas 

10 Thody, Richard 

11 Wyman, Robert 
Badger, William 
Chetwood, John 

13 Payne, Richard 

14 Phipps, William 
Wilcocks, Henry 
Rudd, Thomas 

16 Hawksworth, 


17 Bird, Edmond 

18 Williams, James 
Brown, Joseph 
Chisloe, Richard 
Hodgkin, Charles 

19 Somners, William 
Roy, Lua 

20 Paine, Mathew 
Newman, William 

21 Godde, Philip 

Hodges, William 
Bolt, Robert 
Brigge, Thomas 
Spurr, John 
Hawkswood, Daniel 
Grantham, John 
Fenton, William 
Jeffery, William 

Mines, Thomas 
*Hornby, Charles 

22 Cannon, Nathaniel 

23 Shipping, Edward 

Tyldesley, John 

24 Taylor, Benjamin 
Burch, Thomas 

25 Dent, Henry 
Barler, Edward 

Phillipps, Mary 
Gyles, Anne 
Laurence, Eliz. 
Flutter, Martha 
Slackhouse, Marg. 
Thede, Elizabeth 
Carter, Sarah 

Steele, Elizabeth 
Crisp, Elizabeth 
Dyose, Elizabeth 
Sewell, Mary 

Jenings, Joane 
Scudamore, Sarah 
Wheat, Mary 
Rayner, Elizabeth 
Goodfellow, Mary 
Raymond, Mary 
Ramsden, Sarah 
Durant, Sarah 
Gunings, Mabel 
Dunn, Anne 
James, Elizabeth 

Richardson, Jane 
Baker, Rebecca 
Swan wick, Eliz. 
Mackners, Eliz. 
Wateson, Anne 
Parsons, Eliz. 
Spire, Ellenor 
Cock, Katherine 
Thorn, Alice 
Taillefet, Mary 

Dewen, Alice 
Haines, Hannah 
Bunch, Susannah 
Goreing, Anne 
Oldand, Mary 
Taylor, Francis 
Thomas, Eliz. 

Carey, Mary 
Hatton, Alice 
Golon, Anne 

Ashby, Elizabeth 
Dunwell, Hannah 
Hammond, Anne 
Roe, Elizabeth 



Ma7'riage Licences. 

t l6 95 

September, 1695. 

25 James, Thomas and 

26 Flower, John 
Wareing, Richard 

Wit hie 

27 Rushworth, Bryan 
Worsdell, Henry 
Cobbs, John 
Carrington, Edward 
Palin, James 

28 Wyatt, William 
Staphorth, Nicholas 
Fellows, William 

30 Pavillior, John 
Wilcox, John 

Wallis, Mary 
Maine, Alice 
Purslow, Eliz. 

Bishop, Martha 
Wood, Anne 
Barnes, Sarah 
Holmes, Eliz. 
Davis, Abigail 
Savill, Sarah 
Creswell, Sarah 
Martyn, Mary 
Chapman, Eliz. 
Davis, Anne 

October, 1695. 

1 Balch, William 
Swift, Charles 
Austin, Thomas 

2 Spademan, Thomas 
Osmond, John 

3 Mitchell, John 

5 Bacon, William 
Dunch, William 
Turner, Henry 

7 Styles, James 
Appling, John 
Therry, Thomas 

8 Lake, Mathew 
White John 
Webster, William 

9 Hatt, Richard 
Eede, William 
Jilleson, Claus 
Shadwell, John 
Brant, Francis 

10 Peirson, William 

* Blackbourne, Win. 

11 Byles, William 
Gunston, John 
Dugard, Abraham 

Jerrett, Richard 
Wakelyn, Jacob 
Stert, Richard 

Paine, Catherine 
Mime, Sarah 
Surmun, Sarah 
Reeves, Anne 
Skidmore, Judith 
Cole, Mary 
Paine, Elizabeth 
Evance, Sarah 
Brown, Anne 
Rudge, Alice 
Taylor, Mary 
Chapman, Jane 
Duncomb, Francis 
Dowling, Sarah 
Denman, Mary 
Hudson, Alice 
Rutt, Elizabeth 
Burton, Elizabeth 
Barton, Mary 
Brown, Abigail 
Burton, Frances 
Austin [Austen], 

Coles, Elizabeth 
Hartley, Mary 
Caillonel, Mary 

Trumbull, Anne 
Yorton, Anne 
Hibbins, Rebecca 

12 Philbert, and Morrey, Sabra 


Middlemore, Wm 
14 Satchwell, John 

Peirce, Edward 

Ruby, John 

Beech, Thomas 

Godfrey, Thomas 

Langford, William 
*Bayliffe, Charles 
Holland, William 

14 Scrivener, Samuel 

15 Lindsay, William 
Jones, John 
Gardner, William 

16 Hornblow, Richard 
Robinson, John 
Armon, John 
Corfield, John 

17 Eades, William 
Phipps, John 

19 Owen, Thomas 

21 Nash, Robert 
Vibart, George 

22 Wilkes, Richard 
Gardner, William 

23 Carrington, Richard 
Mossiter, John 
Wellor, George 

24 Tibbett, Jeremiah 
Ball, Richard 

25 Craw, William 
Freeman, John 

26 Piatt, John 
Porter, Thomas 
Philpott, Thomas 
Duckett, John 
Gurney, Richard 

27 Clere, Barnett 

30 Bollard, James 
Rayne, Laurence 

31 Allen, Samuel (a) 

Brooke, Margaret 
Hussey, Barbara 
Heatley, Eliz. 
Woodcocke, Eliz. 
Smith, Isabella 

Crow, Jane 
Higges, Mary 
Sandland, Eliz. 
Dawney, Mary 
Hickman, Eliz. 
Lyon, Mary 
Bishop, Mary 
Smith, Mary 
Collings, Mary 
Carter, Anne 
Gardner, Mary 
Risley, Elizabeth 
Jones, Jane 
Cock, Elizabeth 
Clements, Mary 
Rawlins, Priscilla 
Joyce, Sarah 
Webb, Mary 
Osborn, Elizabeth 
Stoakes, Sarah 
Morgan, Susan'h 
Drage, Anne 
Rainsford, Eliz. 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Stoner, Mary 
Stoakes, Anne 
Savage, Rebecca 
Eustace, Mary 
Watts, Elizabeth 
Webb, Sarah 
George, Lydia 
Mason, Sarah 
Dering, Joanna 
Beesley, Sarah 

(a) This is the last entry in the Calendar at the 
office which commences 14th Oct., 1632. It was 
recopied about 1850, and (possibly owing to not 
having been accurately copied) does not apparently 
give very correctly the orthography of the names 

Calendar No. 1. 

Commencing November, 1695, Ending December, 1706 
November, 1695. 

2 Berkley, H'phry and Serle, Sarah 

Le Mallo, Abraham Dede, Susannah 
4 Elderton, Joseph Cundith, Sarah 

4 Townsend, Ad- and Hill, Dorothy 
rian, wid. 
Stem, Cort Northcoat, Alice 

Povey, Josiah Legard, als. Led- 

ger, Susannah 


Faculty Office. 


November, 1695. 

5 Jenkins, John and 
Shelley, Nathaniel 
Syms, John 
Ffrythay, John 

6 Murfoy, David 
Otway, Isaac 
Morgan, Elias 
Adcock, Robert 
Hullenberch, Garrat 
Walsh, Luis 
Heath, John 
Deane, Edward, wid. 

7 Springett, John 
Wardner, John 

8 Stephens, William 
Henwood, William, 


9 Jones, John 
*Yardly, Robert 

11 Guy, John, wid. 
Millington, William 

Morrison, Paul 

12 Eldridge, David 

13 Day, Thomas 
Hamlin, Richard 

14 Hooper, Thomas 

Stanfield, William 
Sanders, Nathaniel 
Carles, Peter 

14 Dell, Ralph 

16 Goode, Thomas 

18 Child, Nicholas 
Atherton, Augustine, 

Staunton, John 
Staife, Thomas 
Knopp, James 

Prior, Mathew, wid. 

19 Phillipps, Richard 

Burton, Richard 
Dabbs, Harrington 

20 Gorden, Thomas, 

Vaughon, George, 

21 Langley, William, 

May, Robert, wid. 
Wooley, Philip 

22 Biddle, John 

23 Fleming, Wm., wid. 

Peters, Jane 
Barnet, Martha 
Box, Phcebe 
Drash, Elizabeth 
Costhing, Anne 
Prime, Mary 
Wilcocks, Anne 
Besh, Elizabeth 
May, Lucy 
Finch, Judith 
Perkins, Dorothy 
Nicholls, Eliz. 
Rabson, Sarah 
Thompson, Eliz. 
Kent, Elizabeth 

Barbara, wid. 
Hiller, Susan 
Wright, Eliz. 
Fuller, Hester, wid. 

Governour, Jane, 

Battle, Elizabeth 
St. John, Eliz. 
Haughton, Mary 
Clowd, Elizabeth, 

Dorrington, Eliz. 
Woodward, Mary 

Chad well, Ann 
Preist, Frances 
Hickford, Jane 

Farr, Anne 
Yorke, Elizabeth 
Hessey, Mary, 

Richards, Mary, 


Heath, Mary 
Taylor, Elizabeth 
Ratcliff, Ellen, 

Jordain, Elizabeth 

Billing, Anne 

Airely, Mercy 
Knight, Elizabeth 
Hill, Rose 
Page, Sarah 

23 Burrough, John and 
Stafford, John 
Crisp, Edward 
Harris, Francis, wid. 

25 Duffin, Thomas 
Foreman, Thomas 
Overy, Richard 
Wright, George 
Waller, Henry 

26 Peach, Phillip, wid. 

27 Swan, John 
Dipper, Richard, wid. 
Gossage, Robert 

Edwards, Samuel, 

Rewcastle, John 

28 Griffith, Walter 

Yorke, Thomas 

29 Tempest, John, wid, 

Teynton, Richard, 

Corr, Caleb 

30 Warner, William 

Phillipps, Anne 
Parker, Mary 
Ware, Mary 
Pince, Mary 
Johnson, Eliz. 
Clowser, Cath. 
Rogers, Frances 
Roulson, Jane 
Paliner, Elizabeth 
Capell, Mary, wid. 
Cole, Anne 
.Crisp, Mary, w id. 
Kitchen, Mary, 

Walker, Eliz. 



Susannah, wid. 
White, Elizabeth 
Boyle, Susannah, 

Bullock, Eliz. 

Gatton, Catherine 
Ferreby, Anne 

December, 1695. 

2 Harrison, Thomas 

3 Fivee, Andrew 

4 Whitten, Richard 
Wickette, John 
Moore, Charles 

Averett, Henry 
Penn, William, wid. 
* Herbert, Dennis 

5 Shipton, Arthur 

6 Kingston, William 

7 Blair, Thomas 

8 *Blunt [Blount], 

Thomas Pope 

9 Sheppard, John 
*Daniel, John 

Hooper, John 
10 Bland, Thomas, wid. 

Creasy, Richard, 

. wid. 
n*Pleydell, Edward 

Hart, George 
Orrin, Robert 

Dallimore, Richard 

Downer, also spelt 
Lydia, wid. 
Martin, Rachel 
Vaile, Elizabeth 
Wigmore, Ellenor 
Robinson, Mary, 

Savage, Anne 
Clarke, M ary, wid. 
Vincent, Anna 

Bispham, Anne 
Egginton, Anne, 

Shosse, Mary 
Butler, Catherine 

King, Anne 
Cordell, Anne 
Clarke, Elizabeth 
Hall, Abigail, wid. 
Neale, Mary, wid. 

Ernley [Ernie], 

Shiress (?), Eliz. 

Kattlin, Jane 


Marriage Licences, 



12 Parrott, John and 
Allen, Thomas 
Bowdler, William 

14 Gamage, John 

15 Blake, Richard 
Palmer, Samuel 
Stephenson, John 
Wood, William 
Fotherby, Thomas, 

17 Eeles, Robert 

Hutchins, Thomas, 
i8*Cooke, John [Dr. of 
Holyoake, John 
Baley, William 

Richardson, John 

20 Bowdidge, John 

*Capper, Richard 
Coreery, Thomas 
Hubbard, John 

21 Hubbard, Nathaniel 

22 Peirson, Daniel 

23 Williams, John 
Pugh, Samuel 

*Bridges, Brooke 
Dodd, George 
Murdoch, William 
Davis, John 

24 Perkins, Thomas 
Bockham, John 

26 Goodwin, Jasper, 

30 Stourton, John 

31 Wilson, John 
Tarratt, Benjamin 
Self, John 

January, i 

1 Moyse, Moses 

3 Griele, Conrade 

Street, Richard, wid. 
Parker, Robert 

4 Couch, Henry, wid. 

Sherwood, William 

Style, Richard 
6*Bayley [Bayly], 

Abbott, William 

Lloyd, Ellis 

Moore, John 
7 Wright, Joseph 

Nodes, Thomas 


Hilliard, Eliz. 
Player, Anne 
Barton, Elizabeth 
Earle, Martha 
Tyndall, Eliz. 
Dun well, Mary 
Moyse, Mary 
Blake, Anne 
Norwood, Eliz. 

White, Anne 
Tilloton, Martha 

Bateman, Mary 

Barlow, Sarah 

Solme, Katherine 

Hide, Elizabeth 
Harvey, Eliz., wid. 
Hardy, Marv 
Hill, Ellenor 
Tipping, Frances 
Stone, Mary 
Russell, Jone 
Godfrey, Susan'h 
Pendrett, Eliz. 
Bart, Alice 
Cuttings, Jone 
Burt, Mary 
Sands, Mary 
Lindsell, Mary, 

Browne, Susan'h 
Stannard, Cath. 
Holmes, Sith 
Dunford, Frances 


Greedars, Eliz. 
Hammond, Mary, 

Sanders, Eliz. 
Thornton, Eliz. 
Taylor, Catherine, 

Stockwell, Abigail 
Cox, Mary, wid. 
Mander, Dorothy 

Dally good, Mary 
Williams, Martha 
Gill, Mary 
Lloyd, Anne 
Peacock, Eliz. 

7 Moore, Robert and 
Eaton, James 

8 Peterson, Paul 

9 Stannion, William 

10 Baden, Robert 

11 Duck, John, wid. 

Russell, John 
Rickston, Joseph 

13 Hinder, William, 

Gouge, Thomas 
Rewse, William, 

Clay, F. 
*Cremer, John 

Price, John 
Wilson, Joshua 
Baker, William 

14 Bishop, Thomas, 

*Caldwell, Robert 

15 Allison, Richard 
Viney, William 
Christian, Francis 

16 Sanderson, Philipp 
Frewin, John, wid. 

Cooper, John 


Cawcott, John 
i8*Box, Henry 

Hill, Phillemon 
20 Tockfield, Joseph 

Harris, Joseph 

*Watkins, Charles 
Potts, Thomas 

2i*Rogers, George 

22 Smith, John, wid. 
Ambleton, Thomas 

23 Smith, Thomas 

24 Harris, Henry 

25 Cunningham, James 

Monke, George 
Wood, Mathew 
Garlick, William 
27*Zachary, John, wid. 

Rime, John 
Vickers, Thomas, 

Kite, Thomas 



Barnes, Lydia 
Piggott, Dennis 
Laurence, Cath. 
Saltmarsh, Mary 
Wenman, Anne 
Wells, Hester, 

Mayhun, Mary 
Velley, Rebecca 
Norton, Ellenor, 

Wilson, Anne 
Flesher, Rebecca 

Boulter, Hannah 
Nelson [Alicia], 

Hearne, Hester 
Wells, Elizabeth 
Burnall, Frances 
Ware, Elizabeth, 

Bromwick, Anne 
Mills, Jane 
Bilby, Anne 
Ross, Mary 
Tilbury, Anne 
Harrington, Anne, 

Arnold, Prudence 
Hall, Abigail, wid. 

Butler, Elizabeth 
Dade, Elizabeth 
Carter, Hannah 
Marshall, Mary 
Baker, Elizabeth, 

Pye, Anne 
Glen, Elizabeth, 

Dacres, Mary 
Baker, Mary, wid. 
Prime, Susanna 
Brock, Anne 
Antrobus, Easter 

Besten, Mary 
Burnall, Joanna 
How, Ann 

Bragg, Anne 

Susannah, wid. 

Elizabeth, wid. 
Ket, Honoria 

6 9 6] 

Faculty Office. 

T 35 

January, 1695-6. 

28 Hall, Robert and Bridgin, Mary, 

*Beaw, William, West [Hon.], 

wid. [Dr. of Law] Cecilia 
28 Hitchcock, William Stubbins, Anne 

Newton, Richard Bromly, Mary 

30 Shales, Robert Dunch, Elizabeth 

Adams, Thomas Ellis, Hannah 

Taylor, Robert Stevens, Mary 

1 Eustace, Thomas 

Seale, Daniel 
Wooden, Michael, 
4 Jones, William 
Kingham, Daniel, 

*Parsons, John 
5*Banckes or Bancks 
[Bankes], Ben- 
jamin, wid. 

6 Hawkins, James 

7 Moyle, John 
Ruck, George, wid. 

Freeman, George 

10 De Smet, Abraham 
Godde, Benjamin, 

Bugby, William 

11 Hose, Thomas 

12 Green, Leonard 
Furbarr, Richard 

13 Grate, Charles 
Walklate, Thomas 

i4*Mayne, Edward 
Wood, George 
Geast, Richard 

15 Phillips, John 

Hudson, John, wid. 
Cham, Robert 
Malkin, George, wid 

17 Atkinson, Edward 
*Nelson, Richard 
*Bosvile, William 
Barker, Edward 

Alexander, wid. 
Gibson, Francis 
Burden, James 

Barnes, Henry 
Hooker, Edward, 



Betts, Elizabeth, 

Seaymour, Eliz. 
Pearce, Alice, wid. 

Smith, Mary 
Holmes, Mary, 

Markes, Eliz. 
Ewere, Sarah 

Leaver, Mary 
Miller, Anne 

Hannah, wid. 
Harris, Catherine 
De Mey, Kath. 
Remy, Judith, 

Betts, Dorothy 
Pick, Mary 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Steward, Sarah 
Barratt, Susan 
Bett, Hadonah, 

Lockey, Abigail 
Combes, Mary 
Allen, Mary 
Stevenson, Alice 
Hall, Sarah 
Watson, Ellenor 
Outlaw, Mary 
Saunders, Mary 
Elwes, Mary 
Hobson, Jane 
Lidgold, Mary 
Richardson, Ellen 

Steere, Elizabeth 

Sarah, wid. 
Armfield, Mary 
Abbott, Hannah, 


17 Hutches, John and 

19 Lucas, Daniel 
Woolston, John 
Elliott, Edward 

21 Omer, William 
*Paul, William 

22 Poole, Richard, wid. 

Newman, John 
*Milborn, Charles 
Royrand, Lewis 
Wright, Francis 
Goldwyn, John 
*Guilford, Francis 
[North], (Lord) 

24 Jones, Michael, wid. 
Dade, Thomas, wid. 
Whiston, Mathew, 


25 Gates, James 

26 Coxhead, John 
27*Staples, Alexander, 

29 Holton, Alexander 
Allaway, Abram 
*Kingsley, William 

Noteridge, Anne 
Adams, Deborah 
Watson, Eliz. 
Fry, Jane, wid. 
Cooke, Phoebe 
Fane, Lady Cath. 
White, Susannah, 

Taylor, Dorothy 
Bonett, Sarah 
Nicholls, Mary 
Hester, Anne 
Keeling, Susan'h 
Brooke [Greville] 

Dame Eliz. [da. 

of Fulke, Lord 

Munds, Jane 
Atherton, Bridg't 

Hannah, wid. 
Fryer, Mary 
Bucknall, Anne 
Ernie, Bridgett 

Hoare, Elizabeth 
Boke, Rebeccah 
Randolph, Alice 

March, 1695-6. 

2 Butler, George Flint, Lydia 
Carpenter, William Hughes, Anne 

3 Smith, Henry, wid. Cox, Martha, wid. 

4 Vaugall, Alexander Lickens, Mary 
Hodgkin, Benjamin Dove, Dorcas 
Sparrow, William Nepiker, Mary 

6 Neild, John 

10 Mynpley, Stephen 
16 Powell, John 

Nash, Richard 
18 Searle, George 
i9*Mellish, Charles 
20 Geddes, Michael 

Awdry, Jeremiah 

Speed, Thomas 
23 Fury, James 

Sexton, Thomas 


Rebeccah, wid. 
Edwards, Mary 
Graves, Elizabeth 
Taylor, Ellenor 
Coleman, Susan 
Bostocke, Eliz. 
Packer, Elizabeth 
Lamport, Cath. 
Knight, Anne 
Coxeter, Jane 
Hoare, Mary 

24 Daldin, Henry, wid. Cope, Jane, wid. 
*St. Clair, John Sutton, Anne, wid. 

March, 1696. 

26 Hollis, Vincent, wid. Hubbard, Anne 
*Mohun, Reynold Shuckforth, Eliz. 

Barton, Thomas, Rogers, Anne 

27 Austin, James Adams, Sarah 
*Farmer, John, wid. Browne, Sarah, 



Marriage Licences. 


March, 1696. 

Turnley, Sam., and Gamble, Bridgett, 

wid. wid. 

Walker, Robert Morley, Susannah 

Daw, George Vincent, Mary 

Bewley, Francis Collyer, Mary 

April, 1696. 

Wells, Ester 

1 Hawksmoore, 
4 Greene, Joseph 

6 Scalthorpe, John, 

Weaver, Edward 

7 Wilkins, Thomas 


Fishenden, Thomas Challoner, Mary 
8*Hastings, Robert, Brickendon, 
wid. Anne, wid. 

Ayres, William Churchill, Eliz. 

9 Scotchford, William Jordan, Deborah 


Stanton [Hanton], 
Elizabeth, wid. 
Cundall, Sarah 
Bigg, Elizabeth 

Davis, Sarah 
Davis, Anne 

Pencott, Sarah 

Lobb, Anne 
Harris, Ann 
Selby, Anne 
Goodall, Mary 
Cape, Bridgett 
Bowes, Elizabeth 
Spencer, Eliz. 
Harman, Ann 

Cosins, Thomas 
Rann, Nathaniel 

Frith, Richard 

10 Wheatley, John 
Smith, John 
Murray, John 
Milner, John 
Rouse, John 

11 Feild, Henry 
13 Wilcox, John 

Emms, Foulke, wid. Price, Ann 
Wiseham, John, wid. Linskill, J&ne,wid. 
i5*Dorrill, Robert, wid. Edmonson, 

Susannah, wid. 
i4*Wotten [Wotton], Hammond, Anne 
William [B.D.] 

15 Smith, Charles Challoner, Sarah 
Farrington, Thomas King, Mable 
Clarke, John, wid. Stanly, Sybella, 

Jones, William Swindall, Mary 

Wedgeborow, John, Lampord, Eliz. 

16 Play dell, William, 

Barnes, Richard 

17 Lincoln, Thomas 
Stretton, Richard, 

*Freeman, Charles 

20 Browne, John 
Applebie, John, wid. Leale, Ruth, wid. 

21 Barrett, Jonah, wid. Cousins, Sarah 
Jennings, Charles Johnson, Anne 


Elizabeth, wid. 
Hungerford, Eliz. 
Vent, Mary 
Loader, Anne, 

Webb, Susanna 
Wheatle, Mary 

22 Shute, Thomas and 

Harriman, Thomas 

* Anderson, Anthony 
23*Sherrard, Honble. 

Bennett, Esq. 
25 Hagben, Kemsley, 


27 Jennings, Richard 
Grove, Edmund 

28 Bromley, John, wid. 

*Morgan, Nathaniel 
*Brudenell, Robert 

29 Sibley, Edward 

Trott, Stephen 
*Milton, Thomas 

30 Paine, John 
Partridge, Edward 
Cornish, Richard 



Tolhurst, Eliz. 
Cover ly, Mm. 

Mary ■ 
Cleyd, Ketura, 

Harris, Judith 
Hearne, Hester, 

Bromley, Frances, 

Pratt, Mary 
Wood, Margaret 

Lane, Elizabeth 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Daking, Sarah 
Paine, Mary, wid. 
Gardner, Ellenor, 


May, 1696. 

1 Griffin, Edward 

Sibley, Edward 
Mechin, Joseph 

2 Edwards, John 

Gearing, Richard 

5 Wynne, Richard 

Burch, Thomas 
Buck, James, wid. 

*Toll, Ashburnham 

6 *Cartwright, George 
7*Payne, Joseph 

Ayer, Robert 

8 Dyer, Andrew, wid. 

Moore, John 

Cheaney, Edward 

9 Morel, James, wid. 

Hooper, John 

11 Tancrad, Francis 
Stapleton, Richard 

12 Rash, Christopher 

Franklin, Anne, 

Parson, Elizabeth 
Robinson, Mary 
Muckleston, or 


Golding, Lydia 
Lucas, Mary 


Sarah, wid. 
Fuller, Elizabeth, 


Catherine, wid. 
Newman, Anne 
Sanderson, Cath. 
Sayve [Sayre], 

Marshall, Sarah 
Gardner, Mary, 

Lullam, Rachael, 

Mersh, Catherine 
Hodges, Alice, 

Cooke, Anne 
Blythman, Cath. 
Steane, Frances 

Elizabeth, wid. 

6 9 6] 

Faculty Office. 


May, 1696. 

12 Pindar, John and 
*Harvey, John 

13 Hayes, John 

14 Wilkins, Thomas, 

* Arnold [Arnald], 

i5*Walter, Isaac 
16 Piatt, William, wid. 

18 Fransum, Richard 

*Adams, James 
ig^Walsh, Henry 
2o*Petoe, John 

Smyth, Benjamin 

Winsmore, Thomas 

21 Gerrard, Christopher 

22 Lambel, Gilbert 
Julian, Robert 
Lamson, John 

23*Abington, Charles 

Slade, William 
26 Hooper, John 
27*Coward, William 
*Coker, Roger 

Frederick, Gerrard 
Farr, Thomas 
*Noel, Hon. John, 

28 Nicholls, Rowland 
Leapidge, John 

29 Cart, Robert, wid. 

30 Jackeman, Richard 
Stafford, James, wid. 

Warren, William, 

Walkden, Thomas 

Mack, Anne, wid. 
Gore, Sarah, 

Joyes, Elizabeth 
Mills, Clement 

Blount, Susannah 

Petty, Anne 
Campion, Anne, 

Gilson, Frances 
Atkinson, Mary 
Gilby, Dorothy 
Symes, Jane 
Colborne, or Col- 

burne, Sarah 
Cobb, Anne 
Fenner, Elizabeth 
Savage, Judith 
Lanymore, Eliz. 
Hunt, Elizabeth 
Compton, Isabella 
Child, Jane 
Caley, Anne 
Milton, Martha 

Smeden, Jane 
Player, Mary 
Irwin, Eliz., 


Mariott, Eliz. 
Tooke, Elizabeth 
Wilford, Eliz., wid. 
Arnold, Susannah 
Munday, Dorothy, 


Martha, wid. 
Hall, Mary 

June, 1696. 

1 Downer, John 

2 Blicke, James 
Ward, Thomas, wid 
Danett, Gerrard 

4* Guise, Hon. Sir 
John, Bart. 
Aleworth, Jonathan 
May, Thomas 

5 Bunnys, Edward 

6 Barradull, Henry, 

Goodman, Gabriel 

Wilson, Margaret, 

Chapman, Hester 
Johnson, Ruth 
Caldwell, Eliz. 
Napper, Eliz. 

Mountford, Anne 
Ireson, Betty 
Rhodes, Anne 

Jones, Dorothy 

8 Bell, Walter and Horton, Rebeccah 
Benson, Hesekiah, Robinson, Jane, 
wid. wid. 

* Mackenzie, William How, Dorothy 

10 Watts, Peter Wright, Rose 
Lancaster, Lawrence Whalley, 

Wilson, Robert 

11 Dobson, John, wid. 
Long, John 

12 Evans, Thomas 
Hubbald, Wm., wid. Hayler, Rebeccah 

i5*Jennens [Hon.] Wiseman, Mary 

Row, Ann 
Elliot, Elizabeth 
Atherton, Ann 
Phillipps, Eliz. 

Dod, John 
Ackland, William 

Waddell, William 
Wells, John, wid. 

Bassett, Anne 
Harrison, Mary, 

Anderson, Isabella 
Cambridge, Anne, 

i7*Colen [i.e., Cullen], Jarrett, Ellen 
Sir Rushout, 
Bart., wid. 
*Price, John Pye, Catherine 

Woollet, William Barnes, Judith 
Whittyatt, Thomas, Blackfeild, 

wid. Elizabeth, wid. 

18 Burbage, George Strange, Millicent 

Shuring, Thomas, Higgins, Anne, 


19 Holland, Edward 

20 Bryers, Richard 

22 Kellam, Joseph 
Acres, Jeremiah 
Davidson, Robert 

23 Hodges, James 
Evans, Erasmus 

Smedley, Eliz. 
Stevens, Mary 
Bennell, Grace 
Catlin, Mary 
Wotton, Anne 
Steward, Mary 
Salsbury, Jane 

Rasher, Joseph, wid. Baker, Susannah, 


24 Mathew, John Pomphry, Mary 
Byers, Samuel, wid. Oakes, Mary 

25 Easton, William Ward, Elizabeth 
27 Johnson, George 

Dailigues, Joseph 
*Pigott, John, wid. 

*Cage [Adlard] 

Francis, wid. 
Adson, John 

Clements, Sarah 
De Vicose, Judeth 
Leigh [als. Cole- 
clough], Mar- 
garet, wid. 
Slingsby, Eliz. 
Garnett, Jane 


Lyth, Elizabeth 
Swaine, Eliz. 

Hughes, Hugh 

29 Streete, Jeremiah 
Abington, William, Piggott, Mary 

Crouch, George, wid. Aldridge, Mary 
Gilbert, Thomas Strong, Elizabeth 

30 Hailbergen, John, Budworth, Sus- 

wid. annah 


Marriage Licences. 


July, 1696. 

1 Layton, Thomas and 

Hurst, Humberstone 
*Berry, Sir Thomas, 
Kt., wid. 

Ford, Richard 

Cress well, Abraham 
4 Hart, Frederick 

Wilson, Daniel 
6 Lorrington, Thomas 

Board, John, wid. 

Thew, Thomas 

7*Deygle [Diggle], 
Bonow, Henry 
Ambell, John, wid. 

Urmstone, Ralph 
Warner, John, wid. 

8 Harding, Benjamin 
Sutton, William, 

*Chaplin, Thomas 

Thomas, wid. 
Turpen, William 

9 Hannott, Samuel, 

Codrington, Henry 
11 Dutton, Edward 

*Devenish, Henry 
i3*Middleton, Thomas 

Lynne, John Francis 

14 Glover, John 
Pope, William 
Crispe, Richard 

*Hicks, Robert 

15 Fortrey, William 
Marsh, Samuel 

*Lymbury, John 
Whittock, Joseph 
Bayles, Henry 

16 Carwarden, Thomas 
Warter, William 
Spencer, Edward 
Wood, John 

18 Fox, Thomas 

Hathway, Anthony 
20*Holton [Houlton], 
Huddle, Edward 
22 Adderly, Samuel 
x Owen, Ephraim, 

Hill, William 


Elizabeth, wid. 
Wingfeild, Mary 
Vigars, Anne, 

Badger, Bridgett 
Leveslee, Judith 
Fatlock, Ellenor 
Crusswell, Mary 
Comport, Sarah 
Graddall, Eliz. 

Oley [Cley], Eliz. 

Crow, Hester 
Lock, Elizabeth, 

Hyron, Elizabeth 
Price, Anne 
Jackson, Mary 
Stanton, Sarah, 

[Gardner, Ann] 
Perry, Anne, wid. 

Green, Mary 
Mitchell, Eliz. 

Gyles, Anne 
Powell, Anne 
Romaigne, Anne 
Ownslow [i.e., On- 
slow], Eliz. 
Kerridge, Mary 
Attcliffe, Jane 
Putt, Anne 
Lucas, Frances, 

Vannam, Eliz. 
Whaley, Anne 
Brewer, Dorothy 
Huband, Martha 
Long, Frances 
Haskins, Eliz. 
Cotton, Mary 
Phelps, Elizabeth 
Brice, Anne 
Taylor, Anne 
Lodge, Ann 
Loodman, Anne 
Lett [Pett], Mary 

Perkins, Martha 
Baker, Mary 

Elizabeth, wid. 
Davis, Mary 

22*Conant, John and 

23 Davis, John, wid. 
Thorner, Walter 

24 Barnes, John 
Arthur, Andrew 

25*Dod, John, Esq. 

Nurton, Humphry 
Curtis, Charles 

27 Walker, Edward 
Chapman, Henry 
Baxter, Alexander, 


28 Clarke, Zachariah 
Boderebow, Michael 
Adkins, James 
Hodges, John 

29 Robinson, Robert, 

*Hesilrige, Robert 
Cockram, Arthur 
Ellis, Edward 

30 Hart, Gideon 
Adams, John 
Cruse, Richard 
Elton, Henry 
Roe, Joseph 
Teynton, Thomas, 

Dye, Thomas 
Rainford, Richard 

*Young, John 

31 Thorpe, John 

Parker, Elizabeth 
Dewey, J one 
Casely, Mary, wid. 
Weston, Eliz. 
Mathews, Eliz. 

Anna Christiana 
Collett, Margery 
Gibson, Elizabeth 
Raines, Rebecca 
Wilford, Martha 
Berry, Dorcas, 

Dolby, Ester 

Many fold, Isa. 
Layton, Eliz. 
Christopher, Anne 
Toothacker, Eliz. 
Webb, Elizabeth 

Maynard, D'thy 
Martell, Rachael 
Lacey, Sarah, wid. 
Reynolds, Jane 
Cooke, Anne 
Cooke, Sarah 
Bushnell, Anne 
Powell, Mary, wid. 
Davis, Elizabeth 

Laske, Frances 
Smith, Deborah, 

Stone, Beati 
Hague, Anne 

August, 1696. 

1 Petley, William Wainehouse, Eliz. 

Noss, Henry Knight, Hester 

3 Waine, William, Eastwicke, Jane, 

.wid. wid. 

*Conyers, Gerrard Letheiuller 

Richards, William Latture, Sarah, 


4 Jones, John Edwards, Alice 
Symonds, John, wid. Thompson, 

Innocent, William Plumb, Mary 
Burchell, William Meeres, 

Susannah, wid. 
Ashfeild, Thomas Knights, Cath. 

5 Serjeant, Nicholas, Driver, Mary 

Parsons, William, Caseburt, Cath. 

6 9 6] 

Faculty Office. 


August, 1696. 

5 Killiow, Jonath'n and Evans, Barbara 
Judkin, Roger Applyn, Sarah 

6 Chamberlaine, Chappell, 

Thomas Elizabeth, wid. 

Glanvill, John Pope, Elizabeth 

7 Gumbleton, William Goather, Mary 
Faure, John, wid. Coster, Margaret 
Bradford, Ralph 

10 Butler, Michael 
Lambert, Zachary 
Piatt, John 
Wells, William 
Robinson, Randall 

11 Smith, John, wid. 

Bayley, Thomas 
12 -Gill, Nicholas, wid. 

Sheppard, Jane 
Griffin, Bridgett 
White, Judith 
Gubbs, Mary 
Nicholl, Elizabeth 
Pratt, Mary 
Prudence, J one, 

Gale, Mary 

Elizabeth, wid. 
Howard, John, wid. Brumley, Sarah, 


13 Fox, Phillip 
Boulton, Joseph 

14 Wales, William 
Tonge, William 

15 Borer, Ruben, wid. 
Weyman, Gerrard 
Taylor, Thomas 

17 Stallebrace, 

Forster, John 
Writtle, Thomas 

18 Ward, John, wid. 

Mosier, James 

19 Jekell, Samuel 
Adams, John 

20 Reynolds, Robert, 

22 Rayne, Laurence 

Barrington, Anne 
Palmer, Anne 
Wilbore, Sarah 
Wills, Elizabeth 
Sell, M'rg'ry, wid. 
Jenney, Mary 
England, Eliz. 
Wallcott, Mary 

Hoskins, Mary 
Sharpe, Susannah 
Bower, Elizabeth, 

Warren, Sarah 
Powell, Elizabeth 
Cookeman, Mary 
Church, Jane, wid. 

Babington, Lucy 

Krebes, Christopher Price, Elizabeth 
Weeks, Samuel Spray, Mary 

Scriptur, Giles, wid. George, Bethia, 


Browne, James 

Searle, Robert 
Rowe, Joseph 

24 Duncalfe, Simon 
Harcourt, Richard 

25 Cann, Joseph 
Cuddon, Thomas, 

Hall, Samuel, wid. 
Sharpeless, John 
26*Jeffery, John, wid. 
Dingle, William, 
27 Trumball, Thomas 

Way wine, Mary, 

Cicely, Sarah 
Underwood, Eliz. 
Rogerson, Anne 
Barford, Eliz. 
Naylor, Elizabeth 
Storer, Elizabeth, 

Inglethorpe, Eliz. 
Taylor, Elizabeth 
Howell, Eliz. 
Price, Mary 

Webb, Anne 

27 Lowe, Thomas and Humphreys, 

Palmer, Hannah 

Whiteing, Eliz. 
Sarah, wid. 
Long, Elizabeth 
Penniston, Letitia 

28 Bushnell, Hezekiah 

29 Kidwell, Robert 

31 Turner, Henry 

Nathaniel, wid. 
Greene, John 
Hale, Thomas 

September, 1696. 

1 Pritchard, Richard 
Bruyet, Claudius 
Price, Edward 
Vaux, John 
Cordwell, Robert 
Bradley, Langley 

2 De Sodiere, Lovis 
Owens, Lewis 
Smith, Joseph 
Sampson, Isaac 
Allison, John 

4 Vanlove, Peter 
Carter, Robert, wid. 
Pickering, Edmond 
Fewtrell, Edward, 


5 Randell, Richard, 

Bennett, Samuel 

8 Smith, Thomas 
Starling, James 

9 Cowling, Sampson 
Gilbert, Thomas 
Parish, Thomas, wid. 
Wright, Robert 

10 Wennell, George 
Bulley, Moses 

11 Butler, Francis, wid. 
Taylor, George 

*Nevile, William 

Phelps, Francis 

12 Sise, Adam 

Allen, Thomas 
Walker, John 
Goodchild, John 
Hartley, Ralph, wid. 

Fosly, Isaac 

14 Tapley, John 

15 Thorpe, John, wid. 
Bradley, John, wid. 
King, Martin 

Weight, Abigail 
Mercier, Mary 
Hilder, Letitia 
Chambers, Eliz. 
Gearey, Mary 
Wise, Anne 
Bardan, Abigail 
Clayton, Anne 
Ackerley, Marg. 
Sayrer, Anne 
Waller, Joane 
Durant, Mary 
Cooke, Anne 
Peare, Elizabeth 
Gale, Martha 

Stanbridge, Mary, 

Dunn, Anne 
Simpson, Mary 
Bolton, Sarah 
Wilson, Sarah 
Wells, Martha 
Smith, Mary, wid. 
Edmonds, Mary 
Hall, Rachael 
James, Mary 
Carew, Elizabeth 
Allcroft, Sarah 

Browne, Joanna, 

Toms, Catherine, 

wid , 
Allen, Susannah 
Adderly, Mary 
Cheynell, Eliz. 
Sergeant, Anne, 

Toms, Elizabeth, 


Feme, Mary, wid. 
Dawson, Eliz. 
Gibbs, Lydia 


Marriage Licences. 


September, 1696. 
15 Hodges, Tobias and Woodason, 

16 Hayes, Christo. and 
Skelton, Charles 
Cotton, Richard 
Trent, Abraham 
Waide, Arthur, wid. 
Frencham, Henry 

17 Garrett, Thomas, 


18 Palmer, Thomas 

Tart, John 
Warner, Christopher 

19 Price, John, wid. 
Tingoe, John 

21 Wade, John, wid. 

22 Lekeux, John 
Wayman, Thomas 
Coulson, Robert, 


23 Donne, Richard, 

*Buck'ham [Buchan], 

David [Erskine], 

Earl of 
Trundley, James, 

Fenctham, George 
Saunders, Thomas 

24 Betty, David 

Harrod, John 

25 Gabb, Thomas 
Cribb, John 
Upsdale, Knight 

26 Lawson, George, 

Collingwood, Henry 
Harris, Benjamine 
Marrian, John 
Allcorn, John 
Allom, John 

28 Russell, Francis 
Woolball, Henry 
Cronck, John 

29 Bedderidge, John 
Raven, Arthur 

Deale, Sarah 
Wallen, Avelin 
Hodgson, Hannah 
Wigmore, Sarah 
Wicks, Hannah 
Burley, Anne 
Challoner, Lydia 

Buckle, Tabitha, 

Freeman, Mary 
Bud, Anne 
Snowden, Isabell 

Elizabeth, wid. 
Bedbury, Susan'h 
Lernoull, Maudlin 
Bridges, Dorothy 

Hannah, wid. 
Simpson, Mary, 

Roberts, Dame 


Chappell, Grace 

Copping, Hester 
Broad, Mary 
Langley, Judith, 

Slaughter, Alary, 

Butler, Margaret 
Norman, Sarah 
Browne, Barbara 

Marriot, Miriam 
King, Elizabeth 
Pitt, Anne 
Britton, Elizabeth 
Jeyne, Martha 
Ditch, Elizabeth 
Marshall, Mary 
Spurlin, Sarah 
Vickars, Anne 
Atkins, Alice 

October, 1696. 

1 Turner, John, wid. 
Richards, David 
Blowm, Andrew 
Brumley, Thomas 
Clements, George 

Wilson, Elizabeth 
Needham, Susan'h 
Smart, Agnes, wid. 
Plaister, Anne 
Levitt, Ruth 

2 Rowe, George and 

Meynell, John 
^Marriott, Thomas 

West, John 

Strutton, William 

Wilkes, John 

White, David 

Dixon, John 

Cox, Amos 

6 Gee, John 
Stevenson, Thomas 

Purslow, John 
Ironside, Thomas 

7 Cramphorne, John, 

*Hooke, John 

8 Martlew, John 
*Barrett, Ashley, wid. 

9 Cooke, Robert 
Chandler, Percivall 
Thornhill, Lancelot 
Anderton, William 

10 Crompton, Thomas 
Conduit, Daniel, 

12 Smith, William 

13 Chapman, Joseph 

Alexander, Daniel 
White, Christopher 

*Henman, Thomas 

14 Culham, Robert 
Coppin, Thomas 

16 Burgess, John 
*Disbrowe, Cromwell 

17 Fading, Thomas, 

Booden, John 
Reed, William, wid. 
Kettell, Josias 

19 Nash, John 
Watts, Thomas 
Holworthy, Daniel, 

Mackaine, John 
Johnson, William, 

Burridge, William 

20 Cock, John 

Price, Thomas 

21 Boone, William 
Abell, Pennington 

22 Clubb, Edward 

Woodcock, Mary 
Jeve, Thomasin 
Clayton, Martha 
Booth, Elizabeth 
Goreley, Anne 
White, Anne 
Eaton, Elizabeth 
Hudson, Barbarah 
Faulkner, Eliz. 

Robinson, Mary 
Barron, Mary 

Elizabeth, wid. 
Wallis, Dorothy 
Webb, Anne 
Ashby, Judith, 

Gurney, Mary 
Marlton, Sarah 
Tanfeild, Alice 
Patis, Sybell 
Barton, Susannah 
Abbey, Elizabeth 
Alford, Mary 
Windmills, Eliz. 
Johnson, Sarah, 


Twinke, wid. 

Peck, Catherine 
Lock, Frances, 

Roberts, Judith 
Wells, Lydia 
Harding, Eliz. 
Bell, Elizabeth 

Downgate, Sarah, 

Muston, Susann'h 
Brichill, Mary 
Garrett, Mary 
Flutter, Barbarah 
Keyes, Mary 
Watson, Eliz. 

Witton, Agnes 
Jackson, Sarah, 

Weeden, Mary 
Wells, Hannah, 

Bell, Dorothy 
Boxley, Mary 
Goddard, Anne 
Cox, Eliza., wid. 

:6 9 6] 

Faculty Office. 


October, 1696. 

22 Jones, Thomas and Sandys, Eliz. 
Whitmarsh, Anthony Bundy, Elizabeth 
Coles, Edward Harvey, Joane, 


23 Kellick, Thomas Wicks, Elizabeth 

24 Hilton, Edward, wid. Jones, Jane 
Page, Isaac Cale, Elizabeth 

26 Traunter, Samuel Allen, Anne 
*Sedgwick, Joseph Moore, Grace 
Palmer, Nicholas Bonsine, Anne, 


29 King, Thomas, wid. Edgar, Susannah, 

Long, Ruben Collam, Jane, wid. 

Draper, Aaron Knight, Mary, 

Evans, John Davies, Anne 

Bristow, Henry, wid. Harding, Eliz. 
Smith, Joseph Hutchinson, Sarah 

Doyley, William, Wilkenson, 

wid. Elizabeth, wid. 

30 Ridgley, John Rowling, Phoebe 
Lutwyche, William Mead, Elizabeth 

31 Drage, John Wilson, Anne 
Beauvais, Paul Convers, Anne 
Spire, Andrew, wid. Dixon, Susannah, 

Beaucham, Morecock, Ann 

Bland, John Jacob, Mary 

November, 1696. 

2 Falkner, William 

3 Hansted, William 
Bowman, Isaac 

4 Pooley, Henry 
Harper, John, wid. 

Compton, Thomas, 

5 Guiney, John 

7 Miller, Henry, wid. 

8 ? 9 Iley, Francis, 

Prestland, George 
Geaden, Michael 

10 Waters, Francis, 

Bigane, John 

Morgan, Thomas 

11 Webb, Thomas 

Hurst, William 
Brookes, Richard 

12 Beare, Thomas, wid. 

Ashley, Grace 
Car den, Martha 
Deacon, Anne 
Harrison, Eliz. 

Deborah, wid. 
Payne, Mary, 

Blowin, Anne 
Evans, Elizabeth 
Bridges, Anne, 

Swadlin, Mary 
Nicholls, Eliz. 

Susannah, wid. 
Benet, Magdalen 

Headley, Eliz. 
Herbert, 'Anne, 

Bavin, Susannah 
Sleigh, Sarah 
Barker, Dorcas, 


13 Daniel, William and 

14 Gunston, Samuel 
Smith, Robert, wid. 
Temple, John 

16 Pinck, John, wid. 
Moulding, Joseph 
Crompton, George 
Palmer, William 
*Leadbeater, John 
Grett, Henry 

18 Thomas, Abraham 

Dale, Joseph 
*Duckenfeild, Loftus 

Flint, Joseph 
Whithead, James 

Murray, James 

Chadwell, Robert 

19 Franklin, Thomas, 
Whitehouse, Thos. 
Beadle, William, 


20 Aldridge, William 
Dickenson, Richard 
Shove, Benjamin 
Hawkins, James 
Miller, Joseph 
Bradley, William 

Wallis, John 
Browne, James 

23 Ovett, William 
Taylor, John, wid. 

Bassett, Fabian, 

Cooke, Henry 
Watts, Thomas, wid. 

24 Carson, Francis 

Bunn, John 

Wade, William, wid. 

25 Stubbs, William 
Cotlop, Charles 

26 Horton, Samuel 
Poor, Thomas, wid. 

Van heij loop, 

Harper, John 

Adams, Richard, 

Jones, Thomas 

27 Freelove, Francis, 


Avery, Mary, wid. 
Thewlis, Eliz. 
Beecher, Cath. 
Tudar, Alice 
Janes, Ellen, wid. 
Tye, Anne 
Kimball, Ellenor 
Simpson, Eliz. 
Vaughan, Mary 


Hammond, Anne 

Hannah, wid. 
Barnes, Mary 

Carpenter, Miller, 

Hammond, Ursula 
Marshall, Rachael 
Sherman, Anne 

Russell, Elizabeth 
Powell, Elizabeth 
Whiteing, Sarah 
Hollis, Grace 
Green, Mary 
Turner, Ellin or, 

Ashton, Mary 
Roper, Jane 
Neeves, Rebeccah 

Martha, wid. 

Elizabeth, wid. 
Funge, Martha 
Darly, Mary, wid. 
Burton, Judith, 

Searanck, Eliz. 
Tyers, Jane 
Webb, Mary 
Velloom, Anne 
Phipps, Elizabeth 
Edwards, Sarah, 

Walker, or Wal- 
ler, Barsheba 


Susannah, wid. 
Baynes, Joan, ivid. 
Wells, Sarah 


Marriage Licences. 


November, 1696. 

28 Risley, Charles and Bishop, Sarah 
Newlin, John Atkin, Margaret, 

Goodhew, Francis Waller, Dorothy, 

30 Cooke, Robert, wid. Ives, Susannah, 

Jones, Richard, wid. Onthank, Marg. 
Jackson, Joseph Greenaway, 


December, 1696. 

1 Pepwell, Ephraim, 
u ' id. 

3 Read, Josiah 
Harman, Thomas, 

King, Charles, wid. 

4 Boyden, Benjamine 
Dudeny, John 
Leorat, Andrew 
Hunt, William 
Decharms, Symon 
Symthson, Robert 

5 Bartlett, Richard 
Mott, George 
Crocker, Christo. 

7 Thomas, Griffin 

9 Anderson, David 

King, Robert 

Miller, Yokeham 
Maddocks, Richard 
Lilly, Samuel 
Waller, Richard 
Dansie, Thomas 

10 Roades, William 
Katterns, Luke, wid. 
Bourne, John 

11 Haines, Walter, wid. 

12 Morgans, Morgan 
Hooper, Arthur, wid. 

Smith, Charles 

14 Dyer, James 
*Southouse, Filmer 

Laming, Joseph 
*Lambert, Ralph 

15 Johnson, Thomas 
Ells, Edward 

* Barry, George 

16 Weston, John, wid. 

i7*Searle, Henry 

Bowyer, Sybella 

Finney, Abigail 
Clarke, Agnes, 

Butters, Mary 
Lawrence, Debo'h 
Daniel, Sarah 
Appletree, Anne 
Fanford, Eliz. 
Dean, Ellenor 
Villers, Grace, 

Jenkins, Marg. 
Ashley, Susannah 
Rands, Anne 
Dubbins, Mary 
Gillibroune, Ann 

Elizabeth, wid. 
Flower, Susann'h 
Evans, Jane 
Ridgeway, Lydia 
Burton, Elizabeth 
Dansie, Sarah 
Roe, Hannah 
Garey, Jane, wid. 
Walker, Sarah 
Sawyer, Israel, 

Wapples, Grace 

Elizabeth, wid. 
Gascoigne, Jane 
Girdis, Mary 
Misson, Anne 
Roe, Elizabeth 
Kelly, Susannah, 

Hurst, Elizabeth 
Swan, Frances 
Willoughby, Eliz. 
Lee, Dorothy, 

Meese, Dorothy 

17 Kipling, John and 
Roberts, Joseph, 


18 Hanwell, Thomas 
Stanton, John 

19 Street, William 

Haines, Francis, 

Orfeur, Thomas 

Branton, Charles 
Langley, Samuel 
Barton, Benjamin 
Pack, Samuel 
2i*Gratwicke, William 
Jobson, John 

22 Casey, Daniel 

Karver, Thomas 

23 Rogers, Goodwin 
Knight, Thomas 
Chandler, John 
Oakes, Francis 
Lucas, Edward 

24 Ivers, Edward 
Hutchins, Thomas 

Thacker, Peter, wid. 

Cornelius, John 
Preist, Richard 
Hawkes, Samuel 

25 Sherman, Thomas 
Roupe, Peter, wid. 

26 Bawdrippe, Samuel 
Hinton, John 

Mawson, Enoch 

28 Friend, John 

29 Poolson, Michael 
Unett, William 
Smith, Anthony 

Farrars, John 
Green, Thomas 
Colston, Thos., wid. 

30 Stowell, Ambrose 
Cressey, George 
Coningsby, Thomas, 

Moucher, George, 

Goodyer, Robt., wid. 
Bull, Simon, wid. 

Taylor, Sarah 
Merrall, Mary, 

Rich, Elizabeth 
James, Martha 
Reed, Elizabeth, 

Walker, Mary 

Llewellen, Anne, 

Heath, Elizabeth 
Fish, Anne 
Ingham, Eliz. 
Gutteridge, Mary 
Gierke, Elizabeth 
Weaver, Eliz. 

Ellenor, wid. 
Sewell, Martha 

Seawell, Ruth 
Laurence, Eliz. 
Watson, Mary 
Ladds, Mary 
Abell, Elizabeth 
Kirton, Mary 
Beeton, Sarah 

Anguish, Martha, 

Mills, Jane 
Ellis, Mary 
Bates, Martha 
Broome, Eliz. 
Silvester, Mary, 

Shalcross, Jane 
Stockin, Mary, 

Marshall, Sarah, 

Tyson, Mary 
Hurst, Anne 
Thatcher, Mary 
Johnson, Anne, 

Davis, Alice, wid. 
Watson, Isabella 
Sadler, Anne 
Burton, Jane 
Lowfeild, Eliz. 
Rogers, Anne, 

Ward, Martha, 

Foxcroft, Eliz. 

Elinor, wid. 


Faculty Office. 


January, 1696-7. 

1 Swift, John and 

2 Smith, John 
Barwell, William 

4*Barnes, Henry 
Fox, Thomas 

5 Brears, George 

Woodyfeild, William 
Cubie, Thomas 

Simpson, Paul 
Dell, William, wid. 

Thompson, James 

6 Daneys, John 

7 Prittey, Robert 
Close, Thomas 
Avery, Norton 
Barlow, Robert 
Turner, Ambrose 

8 Wilkenson, 

Spencer, Moses 
Forsyth, James, wid. 

9 West, Rowland 
Silver, Richard, wid. 

*Apsley, John 
Barnes, Christian, 

Ouldham, John 

11 Mills, Richard, wid. 

White, John 
Holmes, Geoffry 
Magrath, Terence, 

Hounson, Henry 

12 Gould, John 
Wicker, William 

Stockton, Gerrard, 

Mills, Benjamine 
Grant, Stephen, wid. 

13 Bristow, John 
Kally, John 
Charter, John 

14 How, Richard 
Jackson ^rancis, 

Colman, Edward 
Ambler, Christopher 

15 Bayley, Isaac 
Masham, Hugh 

Pelloe, Mary 
Passwater, Mary 
Grunwin, Mary 
Burton, Mary 
Gibbs, Martha, 

Saxon, Elizabeth, 

Wilkenson, Marg. 

Wynn, Sarah 
Averly, Martha, 

Cors, Christian 
Winney, Rebec 'h 
Knelling, Frances 
Smith, Anne 
Drew, Rebecca 
Sucksmith, Mary 
Albin, Anne 
Vere, Sarah 

Lanslet, Sarah 
Greenaway, Sarah 
West, Hannah 
Broomer, Amy, 

Prideaux, Eliz. 

Peirson, Ellinor 

Smith, Margaret 
Blagrave, Eliz. 
Fitzharris, Ann, 

Eagger, Mary 
Walter, Eliz. 
Gardner, Mary, 

Rich, Elizabeth, 

Marshall, Jane 
Parsons, Bridget 
French, Mary 
Potts, Mary, wid. 
Sidney, Mary 
Imons, Anne 
Phips, Sarah 

Colman, Mary 
Read, Susannah 
Padbury, Marg. 

15 Lloyd, Godfrey and 
*Jessop, William 

16 Ailey, Mathew 
Turner, Thomas 
Street, Thomas, wid. 

Guiheimier, George 
Plowman, Richard 
Taylor, Thomas 
Sandys, Samuel 
Thomas, William 

Styles, Robert 
Fry, Francis 
Groves, John 

Collis, William 

18 Needham, Joseph 
Marsh, Samuel 
Soame, William 

19 Hill, William 
Sparkes, William 
Pote, Joseph 
Winter, Nehemiah, 


20 Kettell, William 
Brandon, Mathew, 

Beaver, John 

21 Burniston, John 
Woodman, James 
Burneby, Thomas 
Page, Edward 

22 Cooke, David 
Castleman, William 

23 Bayes, Daniel 
Frencham, Peter 
Fuller, Richard, wid. 

Bagnall, Richard 
Edwards, Thomas 
Lewis, Joseph 
Burgis, Thomas 

25 Renny, John 
Johnson, John 
King, John 

26 Paul, Mathew 

27 Pendlebury, 

Nicholas, wid. 
England, John, wid. 
Daubrine, John 

29 Smith, William 

30 Willis, Charles 
Granger, John 
Andrews, Thomas 
Hodder, Thomas 
Fogg, Edward 
Bradley, John 

Price, Barbarah 
Darcy, Mary 
Collinson, Eliz. 
Ambrosia, Eliz. 

Susannah, wid. 
Shelley, Eliz. 
Wyatt, Mary 
Waits, Mary 
Fox, Elizabeth 

Smith, Isabella 
Tossell, Eliz. 
Main waring, 

Burroughs, Maiy 
Rogers, Ellenor 
Green, Margaret 
Mathews, Grace 
Allin, Elizabeth 
Weston, Sarah 
Booden, Eliz. 
Farr, Elizabeth 

Hall, Ann 
Gold, Sarah 

Alder, Patience 
Perry, Jane 
Tichenor, J one 
Jackson, Mary 
Moss, Mary 
Bryan, Mary 
Martyr, Eliz. 
Harper, Mary 
Waterson, Eliz. 

Johnson, Hannah 
Berry, Catherine 
Berry, Francis 
Bishop, Mary 
Cooling, Mary 
Ayscough, Sarah 
Salter, Elizabeth 
Broome, Jane 
Didier, Elizabeth 

Faulkner, Ursula 
Bell, Elizabeth, 

Langbain, Mary, 

Smith, Mary 
Chapman, Anne 
Wilkenson, Sarah 
Moore, Bathyas 
Baxter, Eliz. 
Smith, Mary 


Marriage Licences. 


February, 1696-7. 

1 Master, James and 
Brookes, Richard 
Perris, William 

2 Shrosberry, Richard 
3*Hawley, Francis 

Archer, Andrew 
Clift, John 
Vickars, John 

4 Warner, George 

Golding, Henry 
Man, John, wid, 

5 Lanermere, Peter 
Atfeild, James, wid. 

*Lewen [Lewin], 

Dennis, John 

6 Howard, Francis 

Moverly, John, wid. 

7 Eales, Henry 
Bowen, David 

Cundall, William 
Bassely, Nathaniel 
Bacon, James 
Chalkley, Robert 

Bowden, John, wid. 

9 Rimshing, Richard 
Munrow, Charles 
Wing, James 
Wright, John 
Perry, Stephen 

Earnes, John, wid. 

Coleman, John 
Bunyon, William, 

Hooke, Ralph 

10 Palmer, James, wid, 
Llewellen, William 
Wakefeild, Jasper 
Wallcott, John, wid. 
Pilkington, Thomas 


11 Crewes, Robert 
Bedford, William 
Symons, John 
Palmer, John 
Mansell, John 

Pack, Sarah 
Weyland, Anne 

Norris, Mary 
Ramsey [Ramsay, 

Lady], Eliz. 
Miller, Alice, wid. 
Moss, Martha 
Hibard, Anne 
Garland, Rachel, 

Cole, Mary 
Gudge, Elizabeth, 

De Peach, Hester 
Evenell, Winifred, 

Dynn, Martha, 

Williamson, Isa. 
Harrow, Mary 
Rowland, Eliz. 

Panton, Mary 
Edwards, Sarah 

Marian, wid. 
Welch, Alice 
Anson, Alice 
Austin, Sarah 

Parker, Grace, 

Beesley, Mary 
Ward, Martha 
Peirson, Martha 
Purnall, Frances 

Lilley, Elizabeth, 

Yerbury, Kath. 
Arundell, Martha 

Collins, Hannah 
Holt, Mary, wid. 
Bishop, Sarah 
Alcorne, Ann 
Evans, Jane, wid. 
, Hawys, 

Katherine, wid. 
Googin, Sarah 
Sommers, Eliz. 
Helmes, Margaret 
Haydon, Eliz. 
King, Joane 

11 Allursby, Henry and 

12 Teshmaker, John 

*Dodington, George 

Mills, Thomas 

13 Bush, Thomas, wid. 
Couchman, Stephen 

Schee, Harm an 


Alexander, wid. 
Burt, John 
Alderman, John 
Earley, Thomas 
Wall, Samuel 
Cox, William 
Dell, Henry 
Vesey, Agmon- 


15 Burges, John 
Honeycoate, John 
Copeland, Edward 

Mackmarren, John 
Quinton, Samuel 
*Warwick, Rt. Hon. 

Edward [Rich], 

Earl of 
Neale, Jacob 
Brown, W T illiam 
Belcham, Samuel, 

Trippett, Robert 

16 Reve, George 
Burd, Jonathan 
Bragge, Robert 
Gouson, William, 

Stables, Robert, 

Backe, John 
White, David 
Hall, John 
Burgis, John 

17 Gumme, John, wid. 
Marchant, William 

18 Snipe, Michael, wid. 

Bracegirdle, John, 

Howorth, Abraham 

19 Gardner, Joseph, 


20 Lock, Stephen 
22 Fuller, John 

Warren, Edward 

Bayles, Margaret 
Merry, Hester 

Bull [Butt], 

Boulton, Mary 
Bayley, Martha 

Eaton, Catherine, 

Lancaster, Eliz. 

Moulden, Mary 
Watson, Mary 
Aldercey, Ann 
Burt, Abigail 
Dixcon, Mary 
Harrington, Eliz. 
Sarsfeild, Sherlott 

Golding, Mary 
Ball, Hester 

Margaret, wid* 
Edwards, Grace 
Drewitt, Eliz. 


Lynch, Frances 
Banbury, Anne 
Eweres, Martha, 

Browne, Jane 
Potter, Elizabeth 
Tompson, Mary 
Charman, Mary 
Wind, Sarah, wid. 

Dodsworth, Mary, 

Radford, Hannah 
Simmonds, Anne 
Harding, Marg. 
Singleton, Anne, 

Hind, Mary, wid. 

Green, Margaret, 

Blackton, Eliz. 

Blest, Mary 
Medcalfe, Anne 

Fitton, Elizabeth 
Alsop, Mary 
Speight, Anne 


Faculty Office. 


February, 1696-7. 

22 Middleton, and Moody, Mary 

Richard, wid. 
Neaves, Richard, Nowland, Eliz. 

25 Long, Thomas Turney, Cath. 
Palmer, Joboniah (?) Crowcox, Eliz. 
Shanke, Robert Boylstone, 


26 Bartholomew, Cornish, Sarah 


27 Lamb, Abraham Townsend, 


March, 1696-7. 

Hovener, Eliz. 
Gilbert, Jane 
Cryer, Alice, wid. 

i*Lane, John 
Curtis, Daniel 
Holmes, Samuel, 

Smith, Christopher, Ashwin, Eliz 

Wicherley, John 

2 Parham, Jacob 
Craddock, Urias, 

Barry, Robert 
Harris, Thomas 

3 Siddall, George 

Mitchell, Eliz. 
Ellis, Bridgett 
Kilbey, Margaret 

Woodward, Anne 
Bosvile, Margaret 
Hanson, Anne 

Edwards, Reynold Brayden, Joane, 


Polfrey, George Richards, Anne 

4 Perrey, James Goodwin, Lydia 
Driscoll, Daniel Russell, 

Smith, Richard, wid. Randall, Wilmott 
Maund, Simon Ooey, Elizabeth, 

Hentie, John Boone, Deborah, 


5 Langley, Thomas, Thompson, Mary, 

wid. wid. 

*Napier [Sir] Nath- Guise, Susannah 
aniel [Bart.], wid. 

6 Brasier, Richard Davis, Jane 

Potts, Charles 
Langley, John 

Gee, Edward 

North, Elizabeth 


Anne, wid. 
Temple, Anne 

Annagess, Charles 
Sommers, John, wid. Howard, Sarah 

9 Conn, William 
Toples, James 

10 Clover, William 
Styles, Richard 

11 Tomlinson, Joseph 
Smithes, Thomas 

Dempstor, Eliz. 
Marvaile, Anne 
Hurst, Anne 
Walter, Anne 
Hogg, Elizabeth 
Treherne, Ellenor 







Sanders, Richa.rdand 
Gaskins, Robert 
Deeley, John 
Carpenter, John 
Pratt, Samuel 
Bayley, Thomas, 

Rubury, John, wid. 

Dyer, George 
Page, Abraham 
Cambden, Thomas 
Clarke, Jonathan 
Crocker, Isaac, wid. 
Compton, William, 

Roe, Ralph, wid. 
Brandon, Thomas 
Woolfreys, John 
Woolley, Frs., wid. 
Rix, Thomas 
Templeman, Henry 

Walker, Robert 
Guy, Rowland, wid. 
Hawkins, John, wid. 

Kingsmill, John, 

Oswald, Maurice, 

Rame [Ranee], Wm. 
Babb, Thomas 
Winckles, Samuel 
Thornton, George 

Baker, Mary 
Knight, Hannah 
Feild, Jane, wid. 
Brooke, Jane 
Grover, Mary 

Benyon, Ellenor, 

Ailay, Elizabeth 
Mitchel, Eliz. 
Laurence, Jane 
Chalkley, Mary 
Hide, Ester, wid. 
Sturges, Mary, 

Cranke, Elizabeth 
Lane, Anne 
Cox, Anne 
Coates, Mary 
Elbridge, Mary 
Edwards, Mary, 

Fowler, Mary 
Cutbert, Sarah 
Newall, Mary, 

Warner, Rebecca, 

Rumball, Sybell, 

Roberts, Anne 1 
Hammond, Jane 
Howseman, Mary 
Pratt, Dorothy 

March, 1697. 




Flower, Joseph, 

Lamb, Edmund 
Spemer, John 
Goswick, John 

Titcombe, John 
Hughes, John 
White, Warren 
Hinderill, William 
Hoare, William 
Ogdon, Edmund, 

Holyday, Zachariah, 

Beachamp, Robert 
Rowe, Thomas 
Taylor, John 
Collins, Thomas 
Allen, John 
Wooton, Henry 
Johnson, John, wid. 

Peate, Elizabeth, 

Powell, Anne 
Amner, Elizabeth 

Oxley, Anne 
Tubb, Honora 
Nicholls, Mary 
Phillipps, Eliz. 
Tudor, Mary 
Russell, Anne, 

Tyer, Elizabeth 

Bearman, Jane 
Hands, Hester 
Gaine, Mabel 
Browne, Dorcas 
Sandys, Mary 
Phillipps, Eliz. 
Rogers, Grace 



. Marriage L icences. 


April, 1697. 

1 Clarke, Daniel and 
Lenton, John, wid. 
Denton, Henry 
Minshull, John 

2 Jones, Francis 
Phipps, Richard 
Ward, William 

Hyatt, John 
Yeandell, William 

3 Littleton, Edward 
Curtis, George 
Cowden, Robert, 

5 Gregory, George 
Verelst, Michael 

*Glover, Jonathan 
Bignold, John 
Montague, Samuel 

Frazier, Charles 

6 Jones, David 

Stevens, Abraham, 

Hannam, John, wid. 

Coggs, William, 

Gale, John 

7 Piatt, Thomas 
*Hearne, Basile 

George, John 

8 Clement, James 

"Lynn, Francis 
Jones, Griffith, wid. 
Mason, Edward. 

Lovejoy, Israel 
9*Farrington [Faring- 
ton], John 
Bassnett, John 
Gaer, John, wid. 
10 Handerson, William 
Barron, or Baron, 

12 Butler, Robert, wid. 
Horsley, Marma- 

Naylor, Josuah, wid. 

13 Meades, James 

Joseph, Elizabeth 
Bell, Jane, wid. 
Dalton, Rebeccah 
Hickman, Mary 
Goodchild, Mary 
Kent, Martha 
Smith, Elizabeth, 

Rideout, Marg. 
Guyes, als. Foun- 

taine, Hester, 

Collins, Mary 
Lyne, Frances 
Phillipps, Mary, 

Cobb, Martha 
Laverne, Sarah 
Godferry, Eliz. 
Phillipps, Anne 
Storey, Mary, 

Young, Elizabeth 
Cray, Hannah, 

Mackett, Frances 


Close, Ellenor, 

Mitchell, Mary 
Nicholls, Anne 
Lisle, Susannah 
Ambler, Frances, 


Rebecca, wid. 
Thomson, Man- 
Gregory, Frances 
Hanley, Elizabeth 

Stuckey, Priscilla 
Child, Susannah 

Miller, Elizabeth 

Gerrard, Rebecca 
Lake, Sarah 
Bull, Hester 
Parrey, Winifred 

Curie, Grace, wid. 
Roberts, Judith 

Tinley, Anne 

13 Wells, Thomas and 

Blackmoore, Andrew 
*Tilson, William 
Davis, William 

14 Bullpen, William, 

Skinner, Joseph, 
i5*Bush, John, wid. 

Swan, W 7 illiam 
Markewell, or Mar- 
kew, Thomas, wid, 
Milner, Joseph 

Bowyer, John 

16 Wood, John 
*Best, John 

17 Gurney, Robert 

Batch, Andrew 

19 Martin, William 
Myson, Jeremiah 

20 Kelley, John 
Holloway, Nicholas 
Wortham, Thomas 

21 Askue, Thomas 
Camp, Ephraim 
Webbey, or Wee- 
bey, John 

Davis, John 
Taylor, Wm., wid. 
Rowley, John, wid. 
Spiller, Henry 

22 Stafford, John 
Stobbart, John 
Biscoe, John 
Rayman, Theo- 

philus, wid. 
Wright, Charles, 

23 West, John 

Tomlinson, John 
Bosworth, Thomas 

24 Kempe, Samuel 
Honour, John 
Rossiere, Marc 
Cosens, Samuel 

"Neale, William 

26 Herbert, John 
Benning, Stephen 

^Walter, Richard 

27 Walker, John 
Boye, Nicholas, wid. 
Wilcock, Thomas 
Lambe, William 

Lewis, Rachael, 

Serjeant, Mary 
Heme, Rebeccah 
Freeman, Eliza- 
beth, wid. 
Farrington, Anne 



Wilson, Martha 


Smith, Anne 
Bull, Elizabeth 
Stanton, Sarah 

Elizabeth, wid. 
Day, Mary 
Nipp, Elizabeth 
Darlow, Susann'h 
Cooke, Sarah 
Williams, Martha 
Terrey, Mary 
Caper, Elizabeth 
Shore, Mary 
Munday, Anne 

Bush, Mary, wid. 
Poaker, Jane, wid. 
French, Jane 
Tratt, Beatrice 
Glyn, Mary 
Spooner, Anne 
Burr, Sarah 
Davis, Ellenor, 


Sarah, wid. 
Butler, or Buller, 

Granger, Alice 
Soady, Mary 
Wilkenson, Ruth 
Gapper, Elizabeth 
Enriete, Margaret 
Alcock, Anne 
Standen, Jane 
Adams, Avis 
Loader, Anne 
Beadle, Mary 
Wilson, Cath. 
Fletcher, Mary 
Sinbon, Mary 



Faculty Office. 


April, 1697. 

27 Delamott, Peter and 
Vaughan, Richard 
Cater, Thomas 
Cowell, John 
Frost, Lawrence 

28 Lumbers, Thomas 
Thomas, William 

29 Gray, Thomas, wid. 
Sherwood, William 

30 Foster, John 

Degruchye, Alary 
Shrawley, Martha 
Loveden, Eliz. 
Flower, Elizabeth 
Payton, Mary 
Thompson, Marg. 
Carwood, Eliz. 
Bullard, Anne 
Pilkington, Anne 
Baker, Elizabeth 

May, 1697. 

1 Sinclaire, William 

Rodes, Daniel 
Covey, Joseph, wid. 
Browne, Richard, 

Butler, John, wid. 
Norcott, Thomas 
Cunningham, David 

Swanson, Hogen 

Grover, Robert 
3 Davidson, or Davi- 
son, Barnet 
Pennington, Charles 

Huett, Thomas 

5 Meacock, Robert 
Beart, John 
Harding, Peter 
Ford, Hugh 

Gillam, Samuel, wid. 

Dell, Charles 
Prime, John 

6 Daxon, Edward 

7 Stonestreet, William 
Simpson, George 

8 Mathews, Thomas 
Taylor, Thomas 
Stevens, Thomas 

10 Lay ton, Ralph, wid. 
Parry, John 

11 Cooper, William 

12 Pott, Phillip 
Browne, Richard 
Smith, Benjamin 
Rumsey, Jeremiah 


13 Misons, Thomas 


Anne, wid. 
Buttermore, Eliz. 
Massaile, Mary 
Palmer, Anne, 

Terry, Mary 
Baker, Mary 
Smith, Catherine, 


Deborah, wid. 
Sams, Elizabeth 
Gutteridge, Anne, 


Bridges, Eliz. 
Underwood, Anne 
King, Sarah 
Buggins, Ellenor 
Maddox, Sarah, 

Lacy, Elizabeth, 

James, Jane, wid. 
Easton, Anne 
Houlding, Eliz. 
Evans, Mary 
Mallington, Mary, 

Side, Jane 
Farden, Mary 
Orton, Mary 
Jones, Anne, wid. 
Rogers, Mary 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Clarke, Jane 
Chappell, Anne 
Wood, Anne 
Rider, Grace 
Mobb, Elizabeth 

Hudson, Sarah, 


13 Phelps, John and 

14 Emerton, Benjamin, 

Morris, Thomas 
Mitchel, John 

15 Fairbrother, Joseph 
Coale, John 

17 Exelbee, John, wid. 
Fell, Thomas 
Thisilton, Thomas 
Jones, Joseph 

18 Rudduck, Thomas 

Yerbury, Daniel 

19 Parrot, John, wid. 
Lee, Roger 
Coomes, William 
Bever, Thomas 
Brown, Nicholas 
Tyso, Robert 

20 Loverun, David, 

Aston, William 
Smith, Thomas 

21 Halford, John 
Harris, Edward 
Buy, Thomas 

Patrick, John 
Revell, Andrew 

22 Trott, Henry, wid. 

Clarke, William, 

Frith, William 

24 Ellis, Peter 
Hall, Joseph 

Dolman, Lewis 
Thorne, John 

25 Hilliard, Thomas 

Eastman, Nehemiah 
Rutterford, Henry 

Gamball, John, wid. 

Pullen, Henry 
Pullman, John, wid. 

26 Wetherle, William 
Maberley, Arthur 

Burbury, John 
Blair, Robert, wid. 

Mankin, William 

Compton, Eliz. 
Bourne, Anne 

Westall, Eliz. 

Rose, Mary 
Scarrett, or 

Scaret, Marg. 
Harold, Prances 
Marlow, Jane 
Hollaway, Cath. 
Burton, Elizabeth 

Elizabeth, wid. 
Northey, Eliz. 
Trevors, Eliz. 
West, Catherine 
Coombs, Eliz. 
Lidgold, Adry 
Bourne, Catherine 
Syddall, Grace 
Wiggans, Susan, 

Cross, Sarah 
Foster, Mary 
Wheeler, Anne 
Hinck, Elizabeth 

Webb, Elizabeth 
Cocker, Cath. 
Price, Ellinor, 

Beswicke, Anne 

Collier, Anne 
Mime, Sarah 
Raincock, Jane, 

Brown, Mary 
Keale, Mary 
Marriott, Mary 
Price, Sarah, wid. 

Sykes, Anne 


Elizabeth, wid. 
Cookeman, Anne 
Brown, Elizabeth, 

Hinton, Mary 
Wells, Susannah, 

Gattford, Sarah 
Tanner, Mary, 

Sommers, Eliz. 


. Marriage L icences. 


May. 1697. 

27 Holt, Walter and 
Alfrey, George 
Robinson, Joseph. 


28 Mills, Francis 
Bleanyze, or 

Bleanyre, Joseph 

29 Robinson, Alexander 
Brown, William 
Nicholls, Daniel 

31 Smith, William, 

Kidgell, William, 

Harvey, Samuel 
Carden, William, 


Floyd, Margaret 
Turkington, Mary 
Powell, Margaret 

Lambert, Eliz. 
Nicholls, Rachael, 

Hobbins, Eliz. 

Caiger, Mary 
Hill, Mary 
Hoopes, Susann n 
Bedford, Lvdia, 


Elizabeth, wid. 
Coole, Ruth 
Bullock, Mar)-, 


June. 1697. 

1 Meran, Daniel 
Gilham, John, wid. 

Quyneo, Laurence 
Todd, Thomas 
Wilson, Edward 
Griffith, Thomas 

2 Jocelyne, Thomas 
*Palmer, Giles 

Lindsey, Richard 

3 Lewis, James 
Clarke, Thomas. 

Forster, Mathew 
5 Andrews, Henry 

7 Wood, Charles 
Skelton, Humphrey 

8 Swift, Flower, wid. 

9 Wood, James 
* Jewell, John 

Jakeman, Benjamin 

Munday, Thomas. 

Feild, Richard 
10 Sherman, William 
*Earle, William 

n Ashman, William 
12 Wright, Joshua 
Duddin, John 
Green, John 
Cooper, Thomas 

Thompson, Judith 
Wharton, Jane, 

Lewis, Mary 
Strange, Anne 
Davis, Elizabeth 
Rabey, Mary 
Watkins, Sarah 
Carter, Honour 
Scrivener, Lucy, 

Hutchinson, Anne 
Gascoigne, Anne, 

Mandey, Sarah 
Cole, Jane 
Peacock, Joyce 
Coates, Anne 

Francis, wid. 
Johnson, Sarah 
Jackson, Anne 
Smith, Elizabeth, 

Warman, Sarah 

Legg, Sarah 
Tyler, Mary. wid. 

Welch, Mary 
Bowell, Sarah 
Dudding, Eliz. 
Clowes, Frances 
Sandy, Sarah, 


14 Pick, Robert and Constable, Jane 
Wooles, John Holman, Marg. 

15 Smith, Thomas Lee, Sarah 
Grimes, Edward Brookes, Alice, 

Goodenough, Wm. Southby, Eliz. 
*Whettenhall, Thos. Butler, Elizabeth 

16 Hewer, Thomas Chalkley, Mary 
Beard, Ralph 
French, Martin 

Howard, Mary 


Dayrell, Frances 

Maudlin, Hannah 

Marshall, Mary 

Barr, Elizabeth 

Barnet, Rebecca 

Goldsmith, Henry 

17 Brettell, Henry 
Pond, John 
Reeves, Thomas 
Banister, Thomas 

"'Kennedy, Rt. Hon. Hutchinson, Eliz. 

John, Lord 
Wastell, John Madgshon, or 


18 Lawson, Isaac, wid. Dancey, Mary, 

*Woodborn, Roger 
Green, Joshua 

Ozler, Robert, wid. 

19 Henrie, James 
2i*James, William 
Page, John 
Souter, George 
Eardley, Joseph 

22 Gery, Charles 
Van Hinxthoven, 

Judocas. wid. 
Smither, William, 

Eaglesfeild, John 

23 Kingsey, or Kind- 

sey, Phillip 
Senior, Nathaniel 

Washington, Eliz. 

Elizabeth, wid. 
Beufoy, Mary, 

Thomason, Marg. 
Windham, Anne 
King, Susannah 
Erington, Eliz. 
Collins, Elizabeth 
Sawyer, Anne 
Lillow, Elizabeth, 

Lee, Rebecca 

Beckley, Anne 
Preston, Jane 

Towers, Susann'h 
Butler, Elizabeth 

Johnson, John 
Gower, Robert, wid. Shaw, Elizabeth 
James, Thomas Williams, Cath. 

Polter, John, wid. Cox, Johanna 
Pollard, John Gower, Elizabeth 

Benerton, John, wid. Bird, Hannah, 

*Platt, Jeremiah Wallett, Eliz. 

25 Buggden, William Huggins, Eliz. 

26 Hall, Henry Bond, Sarah 
Ashenhurst, Thomas Bond, Anne 


Langley, Austin 

28 Johnson, Edward 
*Bolton, Alexander 

29 Champney, Hugh 

Owen, Elizabeth 

Hillyard, Ellenor 
Mitford, Sarah 
Broadnax, Eliz. 
Grimes, Hannah 

Richmond, Nicholas Vaughan, Jane 


Faculty Office. 


June, 1697. 

29 Kent, John, wid. and Roe, Honor, wid. 
Steuart, Charles Byard, Rachael 

30 Higgenson, Joseph MacCormick, 

Sherrard, James Lockwood, 

Blundell, Peter Squire, Martha 

July, 1697. 

2*Collet, Thomas 
Shepherd, John 
Birchfeij^d, Francis 
Hoddle, Joseph, wid. 

3 Elliott, William, 

Butcher, Peter 
Parker, John 

4 Martin, James, wid. 
Baker, Malachi, 

Hodges, John 

Gardner, Samuel 
Nicholls, Edward 

6 Alston, John 

Delton, Matthias 
Boult, Andrew 
Jefferys, Edward, 

Harper, Isaac, wid. 

7 Shockner, Francis 

Ay res, John 
9 Bishop, Francis 
Jenkins, James 
Child, Shadrach, 

Davis, David, wid. 

"'Maurice, Richard 

12 Williams, Abraham 
Whitten, Robert 
Smithson, Charles 

13 Eyton, Owen 
Bell, Humphrey, 

Lessmore, John. wid. 
Goodall, Charles 

[Dr. in Physic], 

Collins, Francis 

14 Bush, Samuel, wid. 

Louch, Mathew, 

15 Pyke, Thomas 

Pitt [Pett], Anne 
Gorse, Sarah 
Randall, Anne 
Green, Hannah 
Ellis, Elizabeth, 

Wilbefore, Mary 
Dandey, Sarah 
Lee, Lettice 
Strode, Grace 

Edwards, Eliza- 
beth, wid. 
Laurence, Sarah 
Jackson, Eliz. 

Christian, wid. 
Porter, Mary 
Lavender, Eliz. 
Ansell, Jane, wid. 
Ennward, Anne, 

u : id. 
Wood, Jane 
Barratt, Mary 
Obery, Elizabeth 
Edwards, Eliza- 
beth, wid. 
Blewett, Sarah, 

Carpenter, Alice 
Archer, Jane, wid. 
Smith, Jane 
Harle, Lydia 
Ferrars, Anne 
Berridge, Sarah, 

Fothergell, Mary 
Frost, Frances, 

Cowper, Eliz. 
Goalam, Sarah, 


Margaret, wid. 
Petley, Eliza., wid. 

17 Aldridge, Wm. and 
Lillington, William 

Goodwin, Marck 

19 Feilder, John 

20 Billands, Giles 
Charles, Francis 
Ferran, Peter 

"'Moore, Lionell 

21 Nelson, James 
Morris, John 
Hughes, Richard 

Baroclough, Francis 

22 Priest, John 
Wise, Arthur, wid. 

23*Hassell, Ralph 
Mist, Edward, wid. 

*Ayloffe, Henry 
24 Ambler, John 

Cale, Thomas 
*Cupper, Richard 

26 Elwell, John 

27 Vick, William 
Foote, Roger 

28 Woodwin, William 
Higby, William, wid. 

29 Sadleir, Richard 
Pigeon, Richard 
Hall, John 

31 Savage, Henry 
Cross, Richard 
Hood, Thomas 
Dangerfeild, Wm. 

Mathew, Sarah 


Ekins, Elizabeth 

Tansey, Hannah 

Carey, Mary 

Bellefont, Anne 

Faur, Anne 

Gilberton [Gilbert- 
son], Jane 

Horner, Elizabeth 

Erwin, Elizabeth 

Jeniker, Eliza- 
beth, wid. 

Williams, Mary 

Stoke, Mary 

Boyce, Sarah 

Miller, Bridgett 

Smith, Elizabeth, 

Everard, Marg. 


Robinson, Mary 

Reynells, Eliz. 

Somerton, Marg. 

Gray, Alice, wid. 

Williams, Alice, 

Hollo way, Cath. 

Bridget, wid. 

Fisher, Anne 

White, Mary, wid. 

Clark, Jane, wid. 

Clayton, Lettice 

Larry goe, Mary 

Horseley, Eliz. 

Marshall, Eliz. 

August, 1697. 

2*Henderson [Rev.], 

Lant, Thomas 

4 Cogdill, Thomas 
Barrett, Chas., wid. 

Major, Thomas 
Snow, Samuel 
Archer, W r alter 
Lecount, John 
Lonsdall, Thomas 
Chapman, Robert, 
6 Saltanstall, Richard 

5 Tench, William, wid 

6 Lechulp, Abraham 
5 Bigg, Richard 



Beckley, Susan'h 
Thorpe, Anne, 

Coop, Margarett 
Tyrrell, Catherine 
Drist, Catherine 
Cooper, Man- 
Buckler, Joan 
Hest, Dorothy 

Fox, Phcebc 
Reynalds, Marg. 
Finch, Joyce 
Pritchard, Eliz. 


Marriage Licences. 


August, 1697. 

6 Chambers, Thos. and 
5*[Ballindin, Robert 

6 Huband, John 
5 Herbert, Abiezar 

7 Tryan, Samuel, wid. 

Marshall, John 

8 Cox, Thomas, wid. 

9 More, Edmund 
10 Hancock, Richard 

Blackmore, John 
Manning, Thomas 
Rooke, Edward 

12 Reynalds, John, wid. 

Russell, John, wid. 
Jackson, Henry 
Holland, Richard 

Tr avers, Henry 
*Essington, John 

13 Furner, George 

14 Kirk, John 
Rooke, Be nj amine 
Vivian, John 
Baldwin, James 

Maxtead, Edward, 

Sayer, Thomas, 


16 Woolley, John, wid. 

Skey, Caleb 

17 Clarke, John, wid. 
Pearse, William 

18 Webb, Barnaby 

Turner, John 

King, John 
Smith, William 

Barnet, Nicholas 
Hamersley, Thomas 

19 Bancks, Richard 
Waller, Cutbert 

20 Higgs, William 
*Sandford, Edward 

Pinckney, Charles, 
iv id. 

21 Everingham, Wm. 
Hayward, Joseph 

23 Maplesden,Gervaist\ 

Bagnold, Marg. 
Anger, Elizabeth] 
Broughton, Rhoda 
Francis, Ann 
Reeve, Christian, 

Dean, Deborrah 
Lee, Eliz., wid. 
Smith, Mary 
Linpen, Jane, wid. 

Hunt, Eliz., wid. 
Darling, Martha 
Sparrow, Marg. 
Griffith, Mary, 

Theed, Mary 
Harris, Dorothy 

Helmes, Mary 
Godfrey, Marg. 
Hughes, Frances, 

Lammas, Martha 
Burdarne, Martha 
Curtis, Emme 
Evans, Elizabeth, 


Gill, Anne 

Mitchell, Amy, 

Omans, Eliz. 
Butler, Sarah, wid. 
Avon, Penelope, 



Shreeve, Alice 
Molins, Mary, 

Scarlett, Marg. 
Baker, Mary 
Parker, Susannah 
Lawrence, Mary 
Davye, Amy 
Norris, Mary 
Surrey, Mary, 

Wright, Mary 
Dymmock, Mary 
Ayres, Elizabeth, 


24 Crawley, Jos. and 

Jones, John 
Carrington, William 
White, Robert 

25 Naughtridge, John, 

Howard, Edward 
Wal grave, Thomas 

26 Rogers, John 
Stratford, John 
Ebbs, George, i^'id. 

27 Stringer, Joseph 

28 Lampen, Nicholas, 

Chapman, Thomas, 

Grove, Thomas 
Shorter, Nicholas 
Righton, Benjamin 

30 Bamford, John 

Trapp, Joseph 
Price, Lewis 

31 Norwood, Richard 
Wick, William 

Disling, Anne, 

Blye, Elizabeth 
Briggs, J ane 
Laurence, Mary 
Hill, Anne, wid. 

Jones, Hannah 
Barlow, Cathrine, 

Wilson, Mary 
Arelott, Sarah 
Woodford, Mary, 

Radley, Anne 
New, Ellenor, 

w id. 
Perkins, Jane 

Young, Mary 
Crispin, Margaret 
Clarke, Rebecca 
Yeomans, Eliz., 

Wallhew, Eliz. 
Walson, Eliz. 
Lee, Susan, wid. 
Taylor, Ellen, 


September, 1697. 

1 *Hollworthy [Hol- 
worthy], Mathew, 
also spelt Hall- 
Dixon, or Dickson, 

Cole, Daniel 

3 Yates, William, wid. 

Hilton, Thomas 

4 Purdon, Simon 
Maskall, Robert 
Powell, James 
Evans, Joseph 
Nicholls, John 
Leeke, Lewis 

6 Keates, Bartholo- 

mew, wid. 
Hall, Robert 
Perrin, Thomas 

7 Roe, Thomas 

8 Standart, William 

Robert, wid. 

9 Purchas, Andrew 
Duffeild, Tristram, 


Desborough, Eliz. 

Bungy, Anne 

Aubone, Eliz. 
Rogers, Eliz., 

Ellis, Sarah, wid. 
Broughton, Mary 
Simpson, Mary 
Bridges, Emme 
Halstead, Anne 
Jones, Hannah 
Lambert, Mary 
Williams, Mary, 

Smith, Elizabeth 
Preist, Jane 
Patrick, Mabel 

Newbury, Mary, 

Ironside, Eliz. 
Cole, Jane 


Faculty Office. 

*5 J 

September, 1697. 

9 Cunningham, and 

Alexander, wid. 
11 Hawkins, Robert, 
Clarke, Alexander 
Moores, Samuel 

13 Williams, George 
Peacock, Hugh 
Curtis, Wessall 

14 Tompkins, John, 

Stevens, John 

Devereux, James 
Kerwan, Stephen 

15 Gearing - , Francis 
Day, Ralph 
Hoggins, Richard 

16 Mills, Joseph 
Stalker, John 

* Coles, Jonathan 
Smith, Samuel 
Trow, Samuel 
Stallard, Abraham 
Rogers, David 

18 Bedell, Henry, wid. 
*Vow, Leonard, wid. 
Howard, John 
Yeo, Coopland 

20 Oake, Benjamin 

* Edwin, Samuel 

Lloyd, John, wid. 

Bowden, John 

21 Herring, Edward 
Whinnell, Andrew, 


22 Morton, William, 

Gilder, Thomas 
Keene, Abraham, 


23 Mazel, David 

Synnett, George 
25 Berkett, John, wid. 

Weldon, William 

27 Pap worth, Thomas, 

Buckinham, Elias, 

28 Applegarth, William 
Uncles, Peter, wid. 

Dodd, John 

Palmer, Jane 


Elizabeth, wid. 
Manlow, Martha 
Albert, Anne 
Latham, Anne 
Watts, Mary 
Jones, Elizabeth 
Snoxell, Mary, 

Currior, Ellenor, 

Godsalve, Barbara 
White, Anne, wid. 
Turner, Grace 
Sheppard, Sarah 
Coates, Mary 
Potter, Hester 
Grantham, Eliz., 

Moore, Jane 
Wittworth, Sarah 
New, Elizabeth 
Whitfeild, Sarah 
Barnaby, Sarah 
London, Sarah 
Butler, Martha 
Mitchell, Susan'h 
Seagar, Judith 
Gray, Elizabeth 

[Lady] Cath. 
Davis, Joanna, 

Kinnard, Eliz. 
Turner, Elizabeth 
Bromby, Rebecca 

Peaton, Elizabeth 

Standish, Marg. 

Du Bois, Mary, 

Adams, Mary 
Sikes, Susannah, 

Poore, Sarrah 
Luke, Judith 

Ayres, Cathrine, 

Drury, Anne, wid. 
Smith, Susannah, 

Pottinger, Mary 

28 Whitehead, and Tate, Isabella 

Thomas, wid. 

29 Ogle, Andrew Snelson, Mary 

October, 1697. 

1 Plaxton, William 
Hall, George, wid. 

2 Dale, James 
Biddell, John, wid. 
Banford, Jonas, wid. 

4 Brown, John, wid. 

Hall, Isaac, wid. 

Cooke, Edward 

5 Hill, Roger, wid. 
Putney, Joseph 
Dew, Thomas 

7 Lewin, John 
Booth, Laurence, 


*Jenks, Richard 

8 West, Roger 

9 Coles, Joseph 
Nicholson, William 
Jennings, Joseph 
Martin, Michael 
Hawes, William 

11 Sleddall, Henry, wid. 
* Newman, John 

12 Fellows, William 

13 Hogg, Jonathan 
Charles, Richard 
Hancock, Richard 

*Papillon, Samuel 
Wale, John 

14 Shingle, Henry 

Simmons, Robert, 
16 King, Abel 

Yearnsly, James 
Wills, Thomas 
;: Goodaker, Oliver, 

Gilbert, Thomas 

18 Buller, Joseph 
*Eyton, William 

Sambrook, John, 

*Stavely, Babington 

19 Briggs, Ralph 
Whalhead, John, 


Briscoe, Eliz. 
Hall, Elizabeth 
Perkins, Rebecca 
Leversedge, Anne 
Nixson, Isabell 
Longdate, Sarah, 

Elbrow, Martha, 

Reynolds, Mary 
Chown, Barbarah 
Archer, Alice 
Higby, Dorothy 
Elliott, Susannah 
Gualther, or 


Tomasin, wid. 
Ayloffe, Margaret 
Burges, Anne, 

Elyt, Charlott 
Stenton, Dorothy 
Jaquiss, Mary 
Patrick, Sarah 
Lacy, Martha 
Holland, Tomasin 
Southby, Eliz. 
Revell, Elizabeth 
Oliver, Elizabeth 
Dewes, Sarah 

Elizabeth, wid. 
Steer, Fiducia 
Davis, Martha 
Bowley, Ellenor, 

Rooke, Cathrine 

Spensly, Mary 
Oates, Mary, wid. 
Holcroft, Martha 
Kellum, Mary 

Pauncefote. or 
Read, Mary 
Jennings, Eliz. 
Foster, Mary, 

Clarke, Elizabeth 
Cooper, Sarah 
Higgiris, Mary 


Marriage Licences. 


October, 1697. 

1 g Chipps, and 


2o*Herbert [Sir] George 
Ashwell, Caleb 

21 Reiley, Charles 

22 Taylor, Christopher 
Burnston, Daniel 

23 Pompey, Henry 
Warner, William 

*Green, Henry 
Parsons, William 

25 Martin, John 
*Ford, James 


Furbar, Thomas 

26 Wilson, Robert 
Pinckney, Phillip 
Tindall, John 

*Tufnell, Edward 
Cobb, John 

27 Sawyer, Tristram, 

*Moone [Moore], 

Dulock, Peter 
Sibberens, Nathl., 

Thomas, John 

Mathew, wid. 

28 Bumposs, William 
Bartlett, Thomas 
Brookes, Vize, wid. 

Hagar, John 

Adcock, Eliz. 

Knatchbull, Jane 

Crafts, Eliz., wid. 
Blake, Anne 
Sutton, Mary,K7(/. 
Giles, Susan 
Cross, Elizabeth 
Jubbs, Hannah 
Craven, Marg. 
Southworth, Mary 
Brewer, Mary 
Meriden, Sarah 
Read, Christian 

Porter, Mary 
Feild, Mary 
Jefford, Frances 
Collett, Priscilla 
Brown, Ann 
Fowler, Sarah 
Solsby, Sarah, 

Clarke, Eliz. 

Michinell, Frances 
Wade, Hannah, 

Poole, Elizabeth 
Taylor, Francis 

Reynolds, Judith 
Crockett, Cath. 
Sanders, Alisha, 

Percivall, Ellenor 

November, 1697. 

1 Cheney, Goodwin 
Hawkes, Robert 

"Collier, Joseph 

Barker, Robert 

2 Attkinson, George 
Nightingale, Paul 

* Wiseman, Edmund 

Beard, Richard 

Goodall, John 
Bozman, Richard 
Hodgson, Robert 
Sandys, Ham brow 

Randall, Mary 
Allestree, Mary 
Roberts, (a) 

Elizabeth [?.'/(/•] 
Hill, Joanna, wid. 
Roberts, Margt. 
Redknap, Mary, 


Copher, Joane, 

Herbert, Mary 
Justice, Maty 
Archer, Frances 
Sawyer, Anne 

2 Lampkin, Thos., and Owen, Susanna 

4 Rawleigh, Sampson, Eaton, Bridget, 

wid. wid. 

Jones, Benjamin Audley, Anne, 

Dodd, Charles, wid. Fox, Lucy, wid. 
Higgenson, Samuel, Grinley, Hester 


5 White, Joseph Batty, Susan 
Roades, George Williams, 

Elizabeth, wid. 
Samback, William, Pollett, Hester 

6 Read, William Pembridge, 

*Musgrave, William Cowley, Eliz. 
Spark, James, wid. Cutler, Elizabeth, 

Jackson, Francis, Shaw, Matilda, 

wid. wid. 

Dowglas, Jacob Tyrrell, Mary 
Harris, Daniel Duke, Mary 

8 Francombe, Samuel, Broom, Mary, 

wid. wid. 

King, Stephen, wid. Windsor, 

Hood, John Blackwell, Hope, 

Hamilton, Charles Hardrett, Rebecca 

9 Giles, George Watson, Eliz. 
Tomson, William Willis, Margaret 

Kegle, Hastings 
Hanslop, Robert 
Taylor, Francis 

Dyer, Henry 
Willshire, Henry, 

Hazel, James 
Russell, Thomas 

11 Randall, Chris. 
*Lansdown, John 
Lugg, Thomas 
13 Long, Joseph 

Gilham, John 
Huckle, George 
15 Bull, Allibond 

Wilson, Mary 
Hamond, Martha 
Creswell, Hannah 

Maddox or 

Madox, Mary 
Bashley, Hannah 
Sturman, Mary, 

King, Patience 
Atkinson, Eliz., 

Farrer, Anne 
Jones, Sarah 
Hatton, Eliz. 
Marler, Grissell, 

Freeman, Anne 
Barrindger, Mary 
Bridger, Cathrine 

(<r) Not widow in calendar. 

Collinson, Edward Honour, Bridget 

16 Seaton, David, wid. Seaton, Marg., 


17 Webster, Mathew Elwin, Mary 
Hartshorne, Andrew, Edwards, Anne, 

wid. wid. 

18 Phillips, John, wid. Atkins, Eliz., wid. 

19 Shannon, Daniel Brown, Margaret 


Faculty Office. 


November, 1697. 

20 Winckle, Giles and 

* White, Samuel 
Wollwarstone, Jos., 

-a' id. 
22 Overy, Thomas 
Williams, John 
Rider, Henry 

* Porter, Thomas 
Trees, John 

23*Reeve, Edward 
*Digges, Christopher 
Pope, Richard 
Hawkins, Thomas 

Stevens, Edward 
Beson, Robert 

24 Mocher, Leonard, 

Westbrook, Peter 
Moraley, William 

25 Smith, John, wid. 
Biggs, John 

27 Godde, Phillip 

Heynes, Sam., wid. 
Winwood, John 

28 Pyin, or Pym, Chris, 

29 Pulford, William 
Ball, Mathew 
Brook, Edward 
Healey, John 

30 Swaby, Joseph 
Thorne, Thomas 

Casebone, Mary 
Bevis, Eliz., wid. 
Shield, Anne 

Cranfeild, Anne 
Crane, Mary 
Hill, Anne 
Mason, Hannah 
Picks, Sarah 
Hunsdown, Eliz. 
Walter, Dorothy 
Dalley, Rachael 
Hamond, Frances, 

Hewett, Eliz. 
Hedges, Mary, 

Lefavour, Anna 

Read, Elizabeth 
Mason, Martha 
Collins, Mary 
Waite, Anne 

Eaden, Grace 
Price, Elizabeth 
Hocker, Mary 
Snow, Sarah 
Gilbert, Mary 
Steeres, Mary 
Davis, Jane 
Lloyd, Jane, wid. 
Welman, Joan 

December, 1697. 

1 Clay, Thomas 
Harding, Thomas, 

Parker, William 

2 Holderness, George 
Mellows, Richard 

Gouldsmith, Thomas 

3 "'Copley, Edward 

4 Martin, John 
Ritcherside, John, 

Hooke, Walter 

Peile, John 
6 Rose, Stephen 
Bowland, Corn. wid. 
Lowrey, William 

Nixon, Anne 

Mary, wid. 
Green, Susannah 
Durfell, Mary 
Crosser, Penelope 
Phillips, Sarah, 

Shephard, Anne 
Finch, Judith 
Soureby, Hannah 
Norden, Ruth 


Moss, Martha 
Stone, Mary 
Herod, Anne 
Pole, Deborah, 


6 Price, Thomas and 

7 Wray, John 

Tomlinson, William 

8 Grant, Henry, wid. 
Royall, Edward 

Reddington, Henry 

9 Taylor, Thos., wid. 
1 1 Holmes, 

Buddie, Robert 

Hereford, James 
Spindlar, Nathaniel 


14 Cox, W'illiam 

15 Gibson, Jeremiah 
Drewett, Bryan 
Pococke, John 
Guy, John 

*Rolfe, John 
i6*Jones, Benjamin 
Tryone, George, 
i7*Grant, Jacob 

Cooke, William 
Burridge, W'illiam 

18 Biggs, Thomas 
Simmonds, John 
Kent, Clement, wid. 

20 Ven, John 

Probart, Samuel 
* Round, John 
Dowglas, John 
Porter, Patrick, wid. 

Rose, John 
Hilton, Thomas, 

Garret, George 
Price, John 

22 Meryon, John, wid. 
Bampton, Samuel, 

Goldring, or 

Gouldring, John 
Halstead, John 

23 Kendall, John 
*Smith, James 
*Eliot, Laurence 

Best, Charles 

Thorowgood, wid 

Smalman, Marg. 
Cheesman, Sarah 
Baker, Elizabeth 

Wingfeild, Eliz., 

Law, Anne, wid. 

Isabella, wid. 

Hill, Mary, wid. 
Allen, Cathrine, 

Jones, Cathrine. 

Green, Anne 
Nethorp, or 

Nelthorp, Mary 

Bowyer, Mary 
Heath, Mary 
Stamford, Anne 
Daniel, Ester 
Mortimer, Alice 
Bridall, Anne 
Haines, Anne 
Pocock, Anne, 


Straing, Eliz. 
Wood, Martha 
Fowler, Mary 
Street, Anne 
Cobb, Joane, wid. 
Lyons, Sarah 
Round, Mary 
Lister, Mary 
Linton, Elizabeth 
Warner, Sarah, 

Hopper, Jane 
Oglethorpe, Anne, 

Atkins, Elizabeth 
Jesse, Mary, wid. 
Hinckley, Mary 
Standish, Honour 

Gittus, Alice 

Hayes, Anne 
Smith, Mary 
Fryer, Mary, wid. 
Bowcock, Charity 
Taylor, Elizabeth 
Cockayne, Eliz. 


Marriage Licences. 


December, 1697. 

24 Daniel, Thomas and 
Barker, Robert, wid. 

Harris, Roger 
Hall, Thomas 
Nutt, Walter 
Johnson, Thomas 

25 Jarrays, James 
Tydey, James 
Hamond, Robert 
Pepper, Richard 

28 Bagford, Thomas 

29 Bellingham, Thomas 

30 Baker, Thomas 
Taylor, James 

Beteithe, Francis 
Paddon, Thos., wid. 

31 Norris, Thomas, 

Cowper, Daniel 
Skinner, John 

Milbanck, Ralph 

Lee, Charity 

Susannah, wid. 
Balcher, Christian 
Wigfall, Mary 
J ewer, Mary 
Page, Judith 
Disey, Phillippa 
Potter, Mary 
Dawson, Mary 
Price, Elizabeth 
Short, Sarah 
Parsons, Ellenor 
Bates, Eliz., wid. 
Peacock, Mary, 

Moron, Susanna 
Farmer, Anne 
Elliston, Dorothy, 

Leman, Rebecca 
Campe, or Camp, 

Anne, wid. 
Reynolds, Susan 

January, 1697-8. 

1 Ruffhead, John, 
Jackson, Michael 

Hewlet, Jacob 

Jew, Dorothy, 

Jervaise, Sarah, 


Mary, wid. 
Seletto, Alice 

Westerne, John 

Churchill, Richard Dedman, Eliz. 

3 Jones, John Holland, Mary 
Ingram, William Mouse, Md.ry.aid. 
Pym, Joseph Rose, Mary 
Harwood, Stephen, Smith, Mary, wid. 


4 Hunter, Andrew, Russell, Mary, 

wid. wid. 

Leavis, George Hoggins, Easter, 

Howes, John, wid. Stone, Sarah 

5 Councill, Abraham Deager, Jane 
Tew, William Bass, Anne 
Manning, John, wid. Hood, Anne 
Witherington, Woodhams, 

George Elizabeth 

Finch, John Dingley, Man- 

Weal, Robert Hillyard, Susan'h 

Tremlett, John, wid. Wilson, 

Elizabeth, wid. 
Walter, Charles, Pasmore, 

wid. Margaret 

Terry, John Taylor, Anne 

6 Simpson, Richard Rogers, Elizabeth 

6 Harrison, Isaac and Ellis, Sarah 

Coleman, Michael Chappell, Dor'thy 
Lethieuller, Mary 

Tooke, Edmond, 

7 Parsons, Samuel 
Allen, John 

8 Whetstone, William Bishop, J one 
Campion, Robert Clarke, Anne 
Dorrington, William Cooper, Margaret 

Tilston, Barbarah 
Harris, Mary, wid. 

Walters, Susan'h 
Taylor, Elizabeth 
Welch, J one 
Mart, Sarah 
Street, Mary 
Stavell [Hon.], 

Hay croft, Eliz. 
Hoskins, Hannah, 


11 Pen, Jonas 
* Atkins, James 
Feild, John 
Urlin, Stephen 
Greenhill, Thomas 
i2*Bromley, William, 
Lear, John 
Champion, Hugh, 


Lane, William, wid. Watton, Sarah 
Carlton, John Ramsden, Anne 

13 Bevan, Edward Lee, Rebecca, wid. 
Rawlings, John Harbill, Rose 
Needham, Thomas Ockmam, Mary, 


14 Pritchard, George St. Clere, Mary 
Greenvile, Bernard Wodcombe, or 


15 Evans, Arthur, wid. Orlebar, Anne, 


Hill, Francis 
Withers, Richard 
Barker, John 
Palmer, John 
*Deeplow, William 

Nash, Mary 
Saul, Anne 
Bridland, Anne 
Rigby, Anne 
Crofts, Lucy 

18 Dilley, Thomas, wid. Walker, Eliz. 

Nixon, Robert 
Goodwin, John 
19 Bellas, John 
Granville, Giles 
Williams, Thomas 
Anderson, Peter 
Evitt, John 
Johnson, John 

Stewkley, Anne 
Mundy, Mary 
Saunders, Mary 
Tanner, Mary 
Sandys, Eliz. 
Wyatt, Anne 
Parsons, Sarah 
Sutton, Margaret 
Stevens, Hannah 
Brown, Phcebe 

20 Dickson, Thomas 
Colrick, Samuel 

21 Vokins, John 
*Clayton, Humphrey Barker, Elizabeth 

22*Jenifer St. Thomas, Jenifer, Frances 
or St. Thomas 
Jenifer (a), Daniel, 
Whitwood, James Ford, Alice 
Lloyd, Edward Harvey, Marg., 


(a) The surname seems doubtful. The entry is 
signed " Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer". 

6 9 7-8] 

Facility Office. 


January, 1697-8. 

24 Kemble, Joseph and 

26 Randall, Bruce 

27 Bromage, Win., wid. 
Cole, Robert 

28 Dean, John 
Mason, John 
Wilcocks, Isaac 
Grigson, Robert 
Newman, James 

29 John, Webb 

* Reading, Thomas 
Young, James, wid. 
Scoffin, Joseph 
Wildman, Robert 
31 Crabb, Thomas 
Bower, Jeremiah, 

Cowper, Eliz. 
Moore, Elizabeth 
Pashelor, Eliz. 
Winter, Alice 
Vaughan, Eliz. 
Lee, Jane 
Peake, Mary 
Wale, Catherine 
Norclue, Cloae 
Forsdick, Mary 
Blackaller, Sarah 
Pude, Jane, wid. 
Knight, Anna 
Lyon, Anne 
Mason, Mary 
Vyle, Lydia, wid. 

February, 1697-8. 

1 Casey, John 
Keate, William, wid. 

Catterall, Thomas 

Brice, William 

2 Yearington, Thomas 
Underwood, John 
Taunton, Joseph 
Reynolds, Richard 

3 Walker, Michael 
Yous, Thomas 
Green, George 

Langston, George 
4*Smith, Wm., wid. 

5 Fletcher, John 
Cox, William 
Bridges, William 
Tyres, Thomas, wid. 

6 Lacy, Thomas 

7 Melmerby, Thomas 
Bezez, William 
Wescomb, Edward 

8 Johnson, William 
Porter, W'illiam 
Loggett, Jonathan 

Cairnes, Alexander 
Snead, James 
Page, John, wid. 

9 Holmes, Thos., wid. 
Lloyd, Samuel 
Rutland, William 

10 Ryley, Bryan 
Johnson, John 

Dobble, Cathrine 

Mary, wid. 

Scriven, Anne 
Hebbins, Mary 
Stanley, Mary 
Christopher, Anne 

Fox, Marg., wid. 
Maxwell, Jane 

Elizabeth, wid. 
Hinck, Grace 
Cogan, Cathrine 
Dowsing, Anne 
Lany, Jane 
Moore, Anne, wid. 
Thomas, Anne 
Rushton, Isabella 
Timberlake, Sar'h 
Cort, Sarah 
Dalley, Rachael, 

Byfeild, Mary 
Thompson, Mary 
Aymes, or Agmes, 

Gould, Elizabeth 
Towndrow, Anne 
Howard, Eliz. 
Page, Sarah 
Stidman, Mary 
Gardner, Eliz. 
Sims, Elizabeth 
Tackey, Rebecca 

10 Thomas, Wm. and Mathews, Jane 
Strowd, Robert Carter, Anne 

11 Duckett, Chas., wid. Harcourt, Mary, 

Hall, Eliz., wid. 
Fisher, Eliz., wid. 
Brown, Martha 
Peake, Elizabeth 


White, William 
Braddy, Wm., wid. 
Carter, Francis 
Barrow, William 

Windham, Humphry Mathews, Cath. 
Hancock, Anne, 

Jeffreys, Rebecca, 

Strickland, Sa., wid. Good, Anne 
15 Deakin, David, wid. Woodland, Eliz., 

14 Hay, William 
Cuthbert, Thomas 

Ellis, John 

Mason, William 
Prinault, Thomas 
Brunet, Peter 

16 Blake, John 
Frazier, Daniel 
Pengrave, Edward, Hailes, Anne, wid. 

Massie, William Jones, Sarah, wid. 
Norrington, William Mayres, Susan 

17 Brearcliffe, Thomas East, Anne 
Dudley, Thomas Hind, Hester 

Balder, Ellenor, 

Harrison, Hope 
Hopper, Sarah 
Busce ; Mary 
Briggs, Man- 
Hack, Jane 

Leigh, Richard 

18 Payne, or Paine, 


19 Hollings, John 
Dumas, James 
Pearse, Andrew 
Denly, James 

21 Cosins, or Cossins, 

Barsclaer, John 
* Brewster, [Sir] 

Francis [Knt.], 

Hurst, John 
Ellsley, Ralph 

22 Clarke, Richard 

Palmer, Mary 
White, Deborah 

Trumbull, Mary 
Chapman, Felicia 
Mitchell, Eliz. 
Sainthill, Mary 
Crow, Elizabeth 

Bream, Eliz.fwid. 
Fownes, Hester 

Furzer, Judith 
Taylor, Jane 
Fletcher, Eliz. 

'[Wyne, William («) Goodwin, Mary] 

*Joy, John 

Broadgate, John 
Abbot, John 
Wood, John 

23 Allivener, or 

Alivener, Richard 
Butler, Francis 

24 Crocker, John 
Wood, Walter 
Allen, James 


Smith, Alice 
Berwick, Hannah 
Halford, Dorothy 
Simpson, Anne, 

Burges, Eliz. 
Franklin, Eliz. 
Gower, Anne 
Coxhead, Joan, 


(a) Not in calendar. 


Ala rriage L icences. 


February, 1697-8. 

24 Cross, Robert and 

25 Pockley, Lancelot 
Williams, William 
Sumption, John 

*Moody, Isaac 

Gorden, John 
26 Goffe, David 

George, Daniel 

Bevans, John 
28 Cowells, Simon 

Smith, William 

Farmer, January 
Young, Morgan 

Sclater, Thomas, 

Ookes, Elizabeth 
Tipping, Allice 
Haswell, Eliz. 
Gilbert, Sarah 
Pannell, or 


Austin, Elizabeth 
Acclam, Anne 
Graham, Anne 
Thorton, Olivia 
Betton, Mary 

Morse, Hannah 

Margaret, wid. 

Cathrine, wid. 

March, 1697-8. 

1 Vaughan, Henry 
Earll, Daniell 
Stone, Samuel 
Thomas, Richard 
Dunsden, John, wid. 

Ackers, Thomas 
Akerman, Robert 
Saunders, Samuel 

2 Fletcher, Peter 
Parents, Edward 
Board, John, wid. 
Davy, Richard 
Burt, Francis 
Curtis, William 
Collins, John 

"Jenkins, Joseph 
Gouge, Thos., wid. 
Haster, W 7 illiam 

3 Feilder, Wm., wid. 

Dole, William 
Kidwell, Robt., wid. 

Stakes, John 
Clarke, William 
White, William 
Hackney, Francis 

4 Lee, Nathaniel 
*Bendisk, or Bendish, 

Elkins, Richard 

Griffith, William 

Cole, Mary 
Potter, Elizabeth 
Cox, Elizabeth 
Kendall, Mary 
Boteley, Eliz., 

Howard, Eliz. 
Smith, Alice 
Wilkenson, Sarah 
Shaw, Anne 
Bach, Anne 
Booth, Sarah 
Daniel, Eliz., wid. 
Kelsey, Joan 
Bennett, Anne 
Dawson, Mary 
Brown, Elizabeth 
Fowler, Mary 
Scurrier, Anne 
Shepheard, Mary, 

Chipman, Anne 
Elliby, Ellinor, 

Hasel, Anne 
Wright, Cath. 
Taylor, Anne 
Armstrong, Cath., 

Lowick, Eliz. 
Ward, Anne 


Bowers, Mary, 


4 Fletcher, Thos. and 

5 Miller, Richard 

Scott, James 

Theobald, Richard 

Townsend, Thomas 
Hughes, John, wid. 

Coven, Stephen 
*Parry, Thomas, wid. 
*Sadler, Francis 

Franklin, James 

Nash, George 
Gorsuch, John 

Goddard, Thomas 

Bushall, Joseph 
*Rogers, John 

White, John 
8 Gray, William 
*Presgrave, William 

Marlow, John, wid. 

Adams, William 

Clarke, William 
Bayly, Richard 
Lindsey, Richard 
11 Davies, James 

Rimmer, William 

Staines, Grace 
Feilding, Sarah. 

Lincolne, Mary, 

Rampayne, or 

Rampaine, Jane 
Mildmay, Cath. 
South, Bethia, 

Haie, Arrabella 
Jones, Jane 
Ellice, Mary 

Elizabeth, wid. 
Graves, Susannah 
Lowsanday, or 


Elizabeth, wid. 
Brown, Elizabeth 
Cox, Anne 
Hooker, Eliz. 
Simpson, Joice 
Rivers, Mary 
Richbell, Mary 
Durance, Mary 

Margaret, wid. 
Hall, Mary, wid. 
Hurst, Anne, wid. 
Roper, Dorothy 

Cicely, wid. 

Susannah, wid. 
Pratt, Mary, wid. 

Dunning, Walter, 

14 Woodward, Charles, Simonds, Hannah 

Lavender, Lewis 

Byles, Samuel 

16 Everall, Richard 
Johnson, George, 


*Heylin, Henry 

Lovett, Daniel 

Spencer, John 

Cooke, Martin 

Maxwell, John 
Spencer, George 
Theed, William 
19 Smith, John 
Dockreil, or 

Dockerell, Wm. 
Ravell, Mat hew 
Mesnard, Lewis 

Wilmot, or 


Durden, Rachael, 

Pilgrim, Ellenor 

Margery, wid. 
Cooke, Anne 
Perkins, Eliz. 
Trew, Mary, wid. 

Dorothy, wid. 
Dent, Margaret 
Pardo, Sarah 
Cullen, Hester 
Gye, Mary 
Adams, Susannah 

Littlebury, Amy 
Marioche, Margt. 

6 9 8] 

Faculty Office. 


March, 1697-8. 

21 Reynolds, John and Humphrys, 

Elton, Mathew Colbeck, Eliz. 

22 Wigmore, Gilbert Williams, Eliz. 
Rogers, John Pattle, Dianah 

23 Washborne, Richard Adamson, Eliz., 

Green, Richard, wid. Roberts, Hester, 


Benton, William 
Taylor, Thomas 

24 Hind, Samuel 
Carey, William 

Hinton, Mary 

Lucretia, wid. 
Sadler, Anne 
Chapman, Mary 
Griffith, Alexander Billingsley, Sarah 
Feew, Simon, wid. Cork, or Corck, 

Anne, wid. 
Laurence, James Brittain, Mary 

March, 1698. 

26 Blount, Thos., wid. Laurence, Alice 

28 Barnes, John Saunders, Sarah 

29 Ferris, John Newton, Susanna 
Hughes, Paul, wid. Steale, Anne 

30 Dawson, Joseph Rothwell, Mary 
Green, Samuel Taylor, Sarah 

31 Petley, John Thurlickle, Eliz. 
Ockold, Thomas Towers, Alice, 


April, 1698. 

2 Johnson, John Bucknall, Eliz. 

*Pettey, Charnell 
4 Marsh, Peter 
Webb, Thomas 
Sheldon, Samuel 
6 Boden, Edward 

Williams, Sarah 
Stodder, Appolina 
Wood, Mary 
Bennet, Sarah 
Choyer, Elizabeth 

Baker, Thomas, wid. Winford, Temper- 
ance, wid. 
Bennet, Thos., wid. Osgood, Mary 
Dodson, John Swift, Sarah 

7 Badham, Henry, wid. Williams, Jane 

11 Crofts, Timothy Hagar, Eliz., wid. 
"Bate, Deger [Deyer] Busby, Dorothy 

Widen, Thomas Weekes, Alicia 
Urlin, Samuel Wells, Anne 

12 Spranger, William Bridges, Mary, 


13 Tyler, Richard 

Guilford, Henry 

14 Cheesman, John 
Lowdamme, John 

i5*HM, Robert 

Elkinford, Alice, 

Baker, Elizabeth 
Hall, Anne 
Little, Elizabeth 

Pottle, Elizabeth 

16 Windsor, Thomas 

Raby, Erancis, wid. Pindar, Marv 
19 Austin, Thomas Frampton, Eliz 

19 Davies, William and 
Swindles, Richard 
Porter, James 

20 Watts, William 

Newman, John 
*Leeche [Leachl, 

21 White, Gerrard 

Jarvis, John 

*Le Neve, Oliver, 
23 Ward, Henry 

Widowson, Robert, 

Brewer, Thomas 
*Godolphin (Lord; 
[Hon.], Francis 

Hopper, Israel 

25 Constable, John 
Pickett, George 
Russell, Henry 
Banks, John 

26 Gardner, Alexander, 

Gibson, Phillip 
Middleton, Simon 
Osborne, John 
Staughter, John 
Grigson, Robt, wid. 

27 Bryan, James 

Stubble, Thomas 
Fendin, John 
Bradford, Thomas 

28 Walker, James, wid. 

Olive, Roger 
Davies, David, wid. 
Mead, Jeffery 
Debney, Charles 

29 Dymsdale, Nathanie' 
Collett, John, wid. 

Somerset, Thomas 
Steward, Thomas 
Hankenson, Charles, 

30 Knapton, Robert 

Brooke, Samuel, 

Fitz John, George 
Steward, James 

Sherley, Eliz. 
Ellis, Eliz., wid. 
More, Cathrine 
Davis, Eliz., wid. 
Shallett, Eliz. 

Fordham, Eliz. 
Jemat, Anne 

James, Cathrine, 


Knyvet, Jane 

Perry, Elizabeth 

Joanna, wid. 
Turner, Ruth 
Churchill (The 

Hon.) [Lady], 

Holt, Sarah 
Brookes, Anne 
Waldron, Eliz. 
Bane, Ellenor 
Greenhill, Anne 
Warren, Anne, 

Rolfe, Margt. 
Bloer, Eliz., wid. 
Garsdone, Mary 
Hall, Elizabeth 
Legg, Anne 
Gaine, Cecillia, 

Knagg, Eliz. 
Richbell, Anne 


Frances, wid. 
Osbaldiston, Mary 
Johnson, Jane 
Hunt, Sarah 
Trueman, Jane 
1 Harding, Anne 
Kingston, Amy, 

Slade, Alice 
Gunston, Sarah 
Hall, Tomasin, 

Downes, Anne, 

Wayne, Eliz., 

Sutton, Eliz. 
Mathews, Mary 


Marriage Licences. 


April, 1698. 

30 Younger, Patrick and Faucett, Marg. 
Cowling, Edward Marshall, Martha 
Rockley, John Neale, Margaret 

Gilman, Edward Mitchel, Eliz. 
Jolley, Nathaniel Chambers, Eliz., 

Sherley, Thos., wid. Drury, Anne 

May, 1698. 

2 Coleman, Wm., wid. Andrews, Hannah 
Yates, Hugh Barratt, Sarah 
Diett, Thomas Cocksiey, Lucy 

3 Noke, Charles, wid. Howell, Mary, 

Wapshott, John Ward, Elizabeth 

Duke, Charles Vickers, Dorothy, 

Waite, Thomas Hancock, Sarah 

Beardsell, George Gifford, Anne 
Parry, Hugh Slarsaker, Eliz. 

Knight, Gabriel Hide, Sarah 

4 Ardington, Francis Griffiths, Anne, 

Jones, Richard Barnard, Anne 

5*Broderick, Fettyplace, 

[Broderwicke] Sophia 

Francis, wid. 
Laycock, Richard Parker, Anne, 

*Bownd, Eleazar Maplesden, 

Chamberlain, John, Collier, Dorothy 
7 Daniel, Stephen Saunders, Judith 

Garrett, Thomas Wells, Sarah 
9 Povall, William Parrey, Ursula 

Berch, Henry, wid. Pitts, Eliz., wid. 

10 Fincher, John, wid. Edwards, 

Markendale, John Manley, Cornelia 
Hoare, William Sprage, Elizabeth 

Marmion, Richard Street, Anne 

11 Horsham, Robert, Thornton, Jane 

Smith, Francis Gillings, Rebecca 

12 Lingen, John Muddyclift, 

Sarah, wid. 
Milson, Samuel Medcalfe, Eliz. 

13 Ragsdale, George, Evans, Mary 

Fin, Alexander, wid. Peters, Mary, wid. 
Byard, Daniel, wid. Pusey, Mary 

14 Seeley, Robert Smith, Elizabeth 
Maxwell, John Rann, Mary, wid. 
Lynn, Gerrard Taylor, Cathrine, 

Evans, Richd., wid. Hill, Lettice 

16 Boddy, John and Waylett, Eliz. 
Caseley, Thomas Harwood, D'r'thy 
Cockerell, or Felton, Elizabeth. 

Cockerhill, Thos. wid. 
'Jolland [Rev.], John Crabb, Elizabeth 

17 Ferby, John Jones, Anne 
Dix, Thomas Thompson, Mary 

18 Wilder, James, wid. Taverner, 

Rebecca, wid. 
Rawlinson, John Browne, Cathrine 
Smith, Thomas Marrill, Rachael 

Saunders, Robert, Kible, Elizabeth, 
wid. wid. 

19 Jackson, John Stool, Ellenor, 


20 Askwith, Joseph Carter, Mary 

21 Baldwin, Benjamin Betsworth, 

. Emblem 
Graygoose, William Brooke, Mary 
Smith, Edward Combs, Anne,v/^. 

Bennet, Giles Amber, Mary 

Giles, Robert Warder, 

Wood, Henry, wid. Harding, Mary, 

23 Wilson, William Jermin, Cathrine 
Hunt, Michael Sturch, Mary 

Wood, Edward Bryon, Anne 

Patrick, William Savering, or Sav- 
ing, Susanna 
Yeomans, John Butterworthjane, 

24*Crew [Sir], John Aston, Mary 
[Knt.], wid. 
James, Thomas Todd, Deborah 

Collett, Mark Steele, Mary 

Peterson, Adam Whitehall, Sarah, 


25 White, John Roulson, Mary 
Hayden, Isaac Hilton, Mary 

26 Bing, Robert Clayton, Eliz. 
Ballard, Richard Bayley, Anne 
Ravell, Richard Cave, Ellinor 

27 Brooke, John Curd, Sus'n'h,w^f. 
Rowley, John Edmonds, Judith 
Lush, Joshua Singleton, Mary 

28 Dobbs, John Clayton, Marg. 

30 Rocke, Edward Dorrill, Frances 
Wheatley, Hugh {a) Spurrell, Susan'h 
Gregg, George Giles, Mary 

31 Gifford, William Turton, Eliz. 
Dobney, Arthur Raynard, Mary 

June, 1698. 

i*Alderman, John Maiden, Martha 

Friend, Josiah Browne, Susan'h 

Henley, Thomas Taverner, 

Appolonia, wid. 

(a) Note in calendar — " should be Jacob ". 


Faculty Office. 


June, 1698. 

1 Taylor, Robert and 

Edwards, Thomas 
Newland, William 
*Meynell, Godfrey 
Stride, Joseph 

Surman, Thomas 
Saunders, William, 

2 Symonds, Samuel 

3 Booth, Charles, wid. 

Conyers, Mark 

4 Chapman, Thomas 
Nicholas, Wm., ivid. 

Henry, wid. 
Laurence, Daniel 
Calldicott, William 

7 Stanton, John 

Hayter, Henry 

8 Darke, W'illiam 
Dukesbury, John 

y Humphrys, James 

10 Dykes, Edward 
Graham, Thomas 
Lock, Joseph 

11 Harris, Samuel 
Pluck, Daniel 
Homes, John 
Lufton, John, wid. 
Hornsby, John, wid. 
Wallice, John 
Geson, William 
Ballard, Henry, wid. 
Thomas, George 

13 Cockbill, John 
Thompson, William, 

Atwell, John, u 'id. 

14 Brannell, Henry, 

Horton, John 
Streatton, John 
Complin, William 
King, Daniel 

16 Knight, John 
Browne, Thomas 
Hill, William 
Payne, Richard, wid. 

17 Brandon, Thomas 

"Pry or, Arthur, wid. 


Breakspear, Mary 
Draper, Anne 
Horde, Mary 
Beal, Martha, 

Ellis, Grace 
Hay worth, 

Abigael, wid. 
Harris, Margaret 

Elizabeth, wid. 
Fitzer, Ursula 
Roberts, Felice 
Keene, Grace 
Ryley, Mary 

Purchase, Sarah 
Cullen, Mary 
Downs, or 

Downes, Jane 
Lanham, Eliz. 
Baker, Mary 
Jaques, Eliz. 
Carpenter, Anne 
Powell, Christian 
Johnson, Cathrine 
Lock, Marg., wid. 
Cox, Anne 
Quelch, Anne 
Collet, Elizabeth 
Bays, Sarah 
Meads, Mary 
Newell, Hannah 

Ra gg> J ane > wid - 
Collins, Elizabeth 
Betson, Sarah, 

Banks, Mary 
Hall, Ruth, wid. 

Styles, Eliz. 
Pashley, Sarah, 

Comley, Deborah 
Darkes, Elizabeth 
Self, or Selfe, Jane 
King, Elizabeth 
Wilkes, Frances 
Beaumont, Mary 
Cooper, Rachel 
Hickford, Eliz. 
Russell, Mary, 


Barbarah, wid. 

17 Colton, Thomas and 

Robbins, Elisha 
Gregory, James, wid, 
Andrews, John 
Peate, W r illiam, wid. 
Jobbins, William 
Kent, Thomas 

18 Stanger, Gawen 

20 Peacock, John 
Drinkwater, John 
Phillips, Nicholas 

21 Bennet, Francis 
West, William, wid. 
Nightingale, Thos. 

22 Sams, Thomas, wid. 

Hillyard, John, wid. 
Porter, George 
Ebdon, Edward 
Gorden, John 
Smart, John 
Davis, John 

23 Symmonds, John 
Ferris, John 
Dempster, Thomas 

25 Parsons, William 

27 Cranford, Andrew 
Jennons, Thomas 

28 Skelton, Matthias 

29 Harner, John 


Nicholas, wid. 
Jaquest, William 
Watkinson, Edmund 
*Townshend, Ye Rt. 
Hon. [Charles] 
Ld. -Viscount 
Elliott, John 

Hill, Rosamond, 

Hicks, Mary 
Bliss, Anne, icid. 
Gardner, Eliz. 
Wells, Mary, wid. 
Drayton, Meletia 
Foster, Grace 
Lowen, Eliz. 
Ash, Alice 
Gilham, Frances 

Jessop, Elizabeth 
Young, Mary 
Harris, Anne 
Painter, Mary, 

Rothwell, Hannah 
Driver, Elizabeth 
Wynne, Martha 
Baylis, Lucretia 
Bishop, Anna,7£'u/. 
Martin, Jane 
Cowles, Hannah 
Pettet, vSarah 
Arnold, Sarah 
Sealey, Anna 
Davye, Latitia 
Cheesman, Anne 
Collins, Susannah 
Whittle, Mary, 

Flatman, Franck 

Lewis, Cathrine 
Seawen, Maud 
Pelham [Hon.], 

Brown, Jane 

July, 1698. 

1 Haggarth, Thomas 
Varey, Isaac 
Farr, John 

4 Culling, Thomas 
Edwards, John, wid. 

Zeley, John 

5 Holyoake, Joshua 

6 Wills, George 
Teagle, John, wid. 
Pasker, John 

7 Blackmore, John, 

* Craven, James, wid. 

8 Kindall, W r illiam 
*Collins, Anthony 

Browne, Jane 
Perry, Susan 
Withall, Izrael 
Partis, Anne 
Ballard, Susan'h, 

w id. 
Munday, Eliz. 
Perris, Hannah 
Cooper, Sarah 
Crawley, Deborah 
Spencer, Eliz. 

Lee, Eliz., wid. 
H inckley , Hannah 
Child, Martha 


Marriage Licences. 


July, 1698. 

g Haley, John and 
"Dell, John 
Marshall, Robert 
Wyche, David 
Dakers, Daniel 
White, William 
Lindsey, Thomas 

11 Newell, John 

12 Elsum, Thomas 
*James, Edward 

13 Newington, John 
Benet, Francis 
Hall, Francis (a) 
Abyes, Phillip 
Cloak, William 

Hotchkis, James 
15 White, Samuel 

*Allen, John 

Howe, [SirJ Scroope 

Blundell, George 

Mills, Humphry 
16 Sanderson, John 
Pane, Jonathan, wid 

Lasley, Richard 

19 Walhoe, John 
Hull, Daniel 
Clarke, William 

20 Stokes, William 
*Glanville, John 

21 Sissons, or Sissins, 

Vezey, Thomas 
Cordiall, Edward 

22*Harby, William 
Rogers, David 
Bartholomew, John 

23*Allanson, Charles 

Barlow, Giles, wid. 
Filot, John 

Neale, James, wid. 

25 Harvy, Gideon, wid, 
"Lucas, Sir Richard 

Wing, Marg.j wid. 
James, Elizabeth 
Smith, Judith 
Breakspear, Eliz. 
Brogrove, Hester 
Fryer, Martha 
Youngley, Alice, 

Palmer, Eliz., wid. 
Bowen, Frances 
Clarke, Frances 
Benbridge, Cath. 
Caudle, Elizabeth 
Wardner, Anne 
Weedon, Eliz. 
Parratt, or Par- 

rott, Anne 
Negus, Sarah, wid. 

Abigael, wid. 

Allington, Juliana 

Crockston, or 


Browne, Alice 
Cooke, Jane 
Kinmel, orKinmil, 

West, Mary 
Baldwin, Marg. 
Jenkyn, Rosie 
Robinson, Marg. 
Bracce, Anne 
Eyre, Anne 
Huggins, Anne 

Muschamp, Mary 
Smalley, Anne 
Bethel, Mary 
Lanyon, Susanna 
Devall, Mary 
Tempest, or Tam- 

pest, Alethea, 

Smith, Susannah 
Holland, Eliz., 

Shepheard, Mary, 

Reynor, Anne 
Harrison, Hester, 


26 Prittyman, Thos. and 
Penn, or Pen, Thos. 
Day, John 

27 Nelthrop, John, wid. 
"Bullock, Robt., wid. 

Mitchell, Thomas, 

Sculthrop, John 
Stede, John 
Robinson, Thos.,a/J. 

28 West, Thomas 
Wallice, John 

29 Smith, Samuel 
Edwards, John, wid. 

Ladd, James 
Knowles, John 
Wooiaston, Thomas 

Buggins, Eliz. 

Roberts, Eliz. 

Holway, Susan'h 

Arthur, Eliz., wid. 

Burdett, Frances 

Braxton, Pene- 
lope, wid. 

Warren, Susan'h 

Deacon, Sarah 

Prosser, Marg. 

Tompkins, Eliz. 

Bayford, Mary 

Horton, Jane 

Chapman, Eliz., 

Burton, Anne 

Norrice, Eliz. 

Acklam, Mary 

August, 1698. 

2 Tayler, Samuel 
Corbett, Andrew 

4 Hewet, John 

Lambert, Edward 
Denton, Thomas 

5 Baker, John 
Canning, Nathaniel 
Heyward, Sam., wid, 
Irons, John 

8 Sheafe, John 

9 Hammond, Charles 
Emmot, John 
"[Palmer, Robert (a) 
Allnut, William 
Weightwick, Jonas 
Nayler, William 
Randall, Edward 
Hughes, Geo., wid. 

10 Wressel, Luke 
Davis, Peter 

"Lopell [Lepell], 

11 Calcot, John 
Hunt, William 

"Russell [Lord], Jas. 

12 Tribe, John 

13 Pawley, William 
Brown, John 
Earle, John 

16 Everard, John 

Parker, Mary, wid. 
Vanderwee, Mary, 

Norrice, or Norris, 

Mary, wid. 
Dumaistre, Anne 
Wilder, Sarah 
Wilson, Hannah 
Clarke, Susanna 
Danvass, Anne 
Starke, Mary 
Nicolls, or 

Nickalls, Jone, 

Freeman, Marg. 
Armstone, Mary 
Lawley, Hester] 
Comport, Anna 
Harris, Mary 
Dobson, Rebecca 
Ellison, Ruth 
Morgan, Frances 
Huggins, Marg. 
Walter, Eliz. 
Brooke, Mary 

Keene, Sarah 
Langley, E lienor, 

Lloyd, Elizabeth 
Russell, Mary, 

Hall, Margaret 
Bull, Dorothy 
Bruen, Elizabeth 
Elderkin, Eliz., 


(a) This surname is given as Stevens in the 

{a) Not entered in calendar. 

6 9 8] 

Faculty Office. 


August, 1698. 

16 Davis, Arthur, and 


17 Worley, Abraham, 


Burrell, Robert, wid. 

Scot, Richard, wid. 

Salsbury, Charles 
ig Conyers, Cutbert, 

Colley, Arthur 

Grayhurst, William 

Tomlin, Robert 

Cutts, John 
20 Braint, John 

Bentley, Thos., wid. 

23 Collyer, Thomas 
Ridgeley, Charles 

24 "'Farmer, Edward 

Hunt, Jonathan, wid. 

Glover, Michael 
Grahams, John 
27 Deere, Edward 

Dessessas, Hy., wid. 

29 Scott, Steven, wid. 

Coppingforth, Wm. 
Benson, Samuel 

30 Harrison, Richard 
Money, Edward, wid 

Mowrie, Anthony 
Sparke, James, wid. 
Spooner, Jacob 

Garrad, Edward 

Lloyd, Joyce 

Jenkins, Mary 

Mills, Eliz., wid. 
Dashwood, Anne 
Nevill, Mary, wid. 
Egar, Susannah, 

Ford, Mary 
Porter, Mary 
Roades, Mary 
Cooper, Anna 
Stourton, Mary 
Smith, Mary 
Wilshaw, Martha 
Read, Elizabeth 
Hatcher, Christian 
Holmes, Mary, 

Gray, Elizabeth 
Parsons, Mary 
Watts, Elizabeth 
Hatton, Elizabeth 
Lowe, Ellenor, 

Porter, Elizabeth 
Stevenson, Eliz., 

Bickly, Christiana 
.Reeves, or Reves, 

Wilson, Elizabeth 
Annier, Mar\\<v^/. 

Redmore, Anne 

September, 1698. 

1 Briscoe, Ralph Clarke, Theodosia 

Chibb, Edward Coppe, Dorothy 

Henshaw, Benjamin Turvin, Anne 
3 Hopkins, Marck Laurence, Sarah, 

Hancock, William Rhodes, Ellinor, 

Ordway, William Combes, Mary 
Clarke, William Warr, Elizabeth 

7 "Houghton, Thomas Lovelace, Eliz. 

Wright, Henry Smuen, Sarah 

Rutland, Benjamin Rawlins, Marg. 
Denune, David Gale, Rachel 

Hinton, John Turner, Margaret, 

Norton, George, wid. Massey, Mary, 


8 Williams, Robert Shaw, Mary 

8 Edwards, Wm. and 
Wibault, Jaques 

9*Cockburn, William 

Long, Solomon 
Harvey, Ben., wid. 
Leigh, John 
Steward, Charles 
Dickson, Tim., wid. 

io*Lovibond, Henry 
Seer, John 
Nash, Thomas 

12 Hasket, William 
"Duttoncolt [Colt, 

Dutton-], Edward 
Long, John 

14 Honeywell, Henry 

Fox, Stephen 
i6*Harwood [Rev.], 

Joland, William, wid 

White, Thomas 
17 Savage, William 

Fisher, John 

Hayes, Hugh 

Fisher, Thomas 

20 Strong, 

Thornton, John 

Goddard, Edmond, 

Puddefoot, Daniel 
*Trott, Charles 
Brewer, Francis 

21 Seymour, James, 

Sheppard, John 
Rouse, Symon, wid. 

Harris, Wm., wid. 

22 Newton, Robert, 

Munday, Thomas 
Hilton, or Hitton, 


23 Garthwait, John 
Vevers, John 
Johnson, John 
Edwards, John 
Taynton, Benjamin 
Alsop, Richard 
Johnson, James 

24 Stothard, Patrick 
Snow, Robert 

Boldrey, Dorothy 
D'Aquat, Cath. 

D'Bauddisson [De 


Mary, wid. 
Short, Honor 
Perrey, Jane, wid. 
Clarke, Sarah 
Hurdis, Mary 
Rice, Anne 
Collins, Anne 
Townsend, Mary 
Martin, Mary, wid. 
Hulton, Eliz , wid. 
Ramsey, Mary 

Byrch, Cathrine 
Jackson, Martha, 

Borthick, Anne 
Strong, Agnes, 

Gurney, Anne 
Cooper, Philippa 
Aylet, Elizabeth 
Owen, Anne 
Minzes, Martha, 

Tonns, Martha 
Bampton, Mary, 


Oakeley, Anne, 

Bates, Mary 
Dring, Jane 
Squire, Marx- 
Bryan, Martha, 

Gregory, Eliz. 
Henderson, Cath., 


Chapman, Anne 

Martha, wid. 
Swynney, Mary 
Merrill, Annabell 

Eccles, Jane 
Barnes, Anne 
Braddock Jane 
Jones, Elizabeth 
Browne, Eliz. 
Plainer, Rebecca 
Watkins, Jane 
Osborne, Sarah 
Deale, Hellen, 


1 62 

. 7 Az rriagc L icen ces. 


September. 1698. • 

26 Rash, John and Hedges, Eliz. 
Essex, Thomas Carr, Anne 
Pawley, Thomas Conney, Eliz. 
Spekes, Richard Baylis, Anne 

27 Tedder, Roger Evans, Jane 
Macklen, Robert Lowrie, Elizabeth 
Hopkins, John Plowman, Susan'h 
Fitch, Hanworth Patching - , Sarah, 

Davison, William Baylie, or Bayly, 

Hannell, John, wid, Coatsworth, 

Sibley, Henry Wilcocks, Hope, 


29 Henderson, George Ward, Anne, wid. 
Shepphard, William Perry, Anne, wid. 
Games, Richard Stevens, Sarah 
Adams, Thomas Anderson, Isabella 
Fletcher, John Barker, Easter 

30 Wright, William, Edwards, Eliz., 

wid. wid. 

Cornish, John Reynolds, Anne 

Millington, Thomas Mitchell, Anne 

October, 1698. 

1 Harvey, William Harrison, Lydia 
"Whitmore, John, 1, 'id. Baylie, Mary, wid. 
Crane, Thomas Nelham, Martha 

Beesley, Samuel Maidwell, Mary 
*Powys, Sir Thomas, Meddows, Eliz. 

3 Moore, Simon Edy, Cath.. wid. 
Worall, Henry, wid. Payre, Mary, wid. 
Middleton, John, Pillis, or Prillis, 

wid. Mary. wid. 

Nicholls, John Radnall, Mary 

Chaplin, John Rash, Mary 

4 Cockerill, Daniel Grosvenor, Alice 
English, David, wid. Bane, Jane 

"Ellis, John Parker [Dame], 

Rridgett, wid. 

Wood, Thomas Causlin, Mary 

5 Foster, Mathias Harding, Martha 
Casey, Henry, wid. Plungen, Eliz. 
Ezard, Richard Browne, Mary 
Bulley, John Haughton, Sarah 

6 Hudson, Thomas Baylis, Christian 
Green, Gyles Perkins, Anne 
Townsend, John Peacock, Phelice 
Oliver, Thomas Cassell, Susanna 
Larkin, Francis Hogley, Mary 

7 James, Robert Aylmer, Anne 
Illingworth, James. Shepheard, Anne 

Jeffrys, William Nebatt, Mary 

Hartikin, James Spurling, Mary 

7 Lloyd, Edward, and Mashbourne, 

wid. Elizabeth, wid. 

8 Harrison, William Collins, Lydia 
Tebbat, Benoini Wright, Anne, 


10 Baines, Wm.. wid. Garnet, Sarah 
*Stead, Dutton Culpepper, also 


11 Poole, Walter Patten, Cathrine 
Manley, John Denton, Elizabeth 
Russell, Win., wid. Fuller, Jane, wid. 
Rymon, James Atkins, Aiice 
Bessant, Nathaniel Taylor, Sarah 
Atkinson, or Akinson, Mathewson, 

Richard Frances 

12 Taylor, Thos., wid. Hedge, Ma.ry,wid. 
Shaller, William Wilson, Eliz. 

"Marsh, William Mead, Elizabeth 

13 Parnell, Robert Johnson, Mary 
Clarkson, John Colley, Elizabeth 
Fettyplace, Thomas Jones, Susannah 
Walker, William Littlepage, Eliz. 
Beckingham, Chas. Hale, Anne 
Carter, Silvester Foxhall, Anne, 

Welch, John Stayner, Anne 

14 Price, Thomas Williamson, Eliz. 
Tattison, Nicholas Rugsby, Mary 

17 Hicke, Stephen Fryer, Anne 
Wilson, William Clarke, Mary 
Edsir, John Mayer, Margaret 

18 Bamber, John Hill, Mary 
Renaud, Andrew Rousaux, Judith 
Sharp, Thomas Wright, Eliz. 
Bowman, Nathaniel Halsey, Hanna 
Verdier, Francis. ^Jr/.Gosswin, Marg. 

19 Greenway, John Osborne, Mary 
Shute, Henry Jones, Mary. wid. 
Church, Owin Davis, Elizabeth 
Turner, James Frampton, D'rthy 

20 Wakeling, George Brasier, Jane 

. Worley, Thos., wid. Bradshaw, Mary 
Swymmer, Anthony Merrell, Barbarah 
Sorrell, Thomas Freeman, Sarah 
Hollingworth, White Morris, Anne 

21 New, Robert Strong, Elizabeth 
Uvidall, Thomas Wilson, Sarah 
Hardey, Wm., wid. Johnson, Cathrine 
Wood, William Cams, Mary 
Middleton, Richard Short, Elizabeth 
Jones, Edward Grymes, Mary 
Anslow, Robert Dowey, Eliz., u 'id. 

22 Hall, Wm., wid. Myrick, Dorothy 
Keynd, Edward Holding, Eliz. 
Rawson, Joseph Blackston, D'rthy 

24 Bradley, Robert Harding, Judith 

Catterton, Doyla, Waller, Hannah, 

wid. wid. 

West, William Allard, Jane 

6 9 8] 

Faculty Office. 


October, 1698. 

26*Belcher, Thos., and Egerton, Hannah 
Rokeby, Geo., wid. Carr, Mary, wid. 
Pen, or Penn, John Shelswel, Mary 
*Smith, Richard King, Susannah 

Le Canew, or Caneu, Gardy, Mary, wid. 

Thomas, wid. 
Hayes, or Hays, Watts, Jane, wid. 

James, wid. 
Sayer, Thomas Smalley, Eliz. 

Fryer, Andrew, wid. Poole, Judith, wid. 

27 Acton, Richard, wid. Gibbon, Hester, 

Sherwood, Phillip Ford, Prudence 
Jessop, John, wid. Shaw, Alice, wid. 
Hedgeley, Coulsfoot, Anne, 

Christopher, wid. wid. 
Knowles, Humphry Wyers, Rebecca, 

Law, Richard Thunderland, 

Mary, wid. 

28 Darby, Thomas Goodwyn, Mary 
Francia, Joseph Francia, Rachael 
Le Prow, Isaac, wid. Bell, Mary, wid. 
Thornycroft, Edward Jay, Elizabeth 
Maile, James Archer, Mary, wid. 
Catling, Jeremiah, Rosemary, 

wid. Hannah, wid. 

Morrice, David Huit, Elizabeth 

29 Biggerstone, John Sherley, Mary 
Townsend, Thomas, Harrison, Anne 


Pooley, Thomas Burges, Mary 

Barrett, John Knock, Sarah 

*Aylmer, Anthony Beale, Catherine 

30 Edwards, Gilbert Barlow, Anne 
Kerridge, John Thorne, Eliz. 
Board, William Chalkwell, Anne 

*Fyler, Samuel Oldis, Francis 

November, 1698. 

1 Woolstenholme, 

Merrit, Richard 
Tirrell, Richard 
Browne, William, 


2 Mack-Egan, Anth'y 
Benet, Ebenezer,7t'jJ, 
Forster, Thomas 
Lee, John 

Byrch, William 
Hutchins, George 
Cutler, Joseph 

3 Merryfeild, William 

Waldo, Grace 

Bristow, Jane 
Ellis, Judith 
Mitchell, Eliz., 

Williams, Sarah 
Hurst, Anne, wid. 
Moore, Unton 
Jeffs, Anna 
Young, Marv 
Winter, Mary, a 7^, 
Burham, Anne 


3 Ash, James and Russel, Mary 
Adley, Thos., wid. Blundall, Hester 

4 Watts, Robert Browne, Eliz. 
Causon, Timothy Wilmer, Martha 

5 Tomlinson, Joseph Bosturn, Mary 

Jones, Robert 
Webb, John 
Ladd, Thomas 

7 Laurie, Robert 
Hamilton, Robert 
Tew, Thomas 
Tregea, William, 


8 Colson, Joseph 

Thompson, Isabell 
Finch, Hannah 
Griffin, Elizabeth 
Willoughby, Eliz. 
Harlow, Dorothy 
Woodland, Eliz. 
Brookes, Martha, 

Wallis, Margaret 

Bricknott, Thomas Sweetapple, Sarah 

Smythson, or 
Smytson, Ralph 
9 Jones, William, 
Weston, Thomas 
Smith, Oliver, wid. 

10 Close, William 
Schrol, Simon 

Pearse, John 
12 Lucas, Thomas 
Bruet, John 
Weaver, Samuel 
i4*Prince, Giles, wid. 

Pett, Isaac 

15 Johnson, Charles 
Kent, Ralph 
Atkinson, William 

16 Rudd, or Rud, 

Edmund, wid. 
Couell, John 
Pay, Richard, wid 

Baker, Elizabeth 

Wincott, Martha, 

Fellow, Margaret 
Danch, or Dunch, 

Elizabeth, wid. 
Hopkins, Anna 
Johnson, Anne, 

Facy, Dorothy 
Shalcross, Anne 
Raymond, Merrill 
Lloyd, Sarah 

Anderson, Grace 
Calcott, Mary 
Jones, Mary, wid. 
Paine, Mary 
Burr, Anne 

Fox, Mary 
Wanless, Jane, 

Hayward, Thomas Edes, Jane, wid. 
Bowdridge, or Bou- Wanless, Mary 

dridge, Michael 
Shacklock, J oh n, a 7W. Stroud, Cathrine 
17 Gosse, James Adams, Judith 

Burt, Edward Lockwood, 

19 DeLorretdeLivigne, Becquet, Anne 
Brookes, Richard Pendey, Joane 
Plowman, Thomas Reberson, Mary 
Tayler, Charles, z£-irf.Sharpe, Mary, wid. 

21 Lynn, John, wid. Gale, Anne, wid. 
Turner, John Atkinson, Eliz. 
Mash, Thomas Webb, Dorothy 
Leavis, George, wid. Athose, Mary 

22 Pitts, Jonas, wid. Hodges, Eliz., 

Clarke, Robert Miles, Elizabeth 

Jones, James Boulton, Mary 


a I fa rriage L icences. 


November, 1698. 

23 Love, William and 
Foskett, George 
Benford, Richard 

: Presgrave, Robert, 

Stafford, Stephen, 

24 Garland, John 
Harvey, Robert 

26 Grove, George 
*Child, Sir Caesar 

Hartwell, John 

25 Gale, John, wid. 

Norman, Michael 

29 Welling, Chas., wid. 
Norgrave, Edward 
Holloway, Thomas 

30 Worgan, Richard 
Chitty, Christo., wid, 
Newman, Robert 

Groome, Mary 
Hawes, Cathrine 
Dunkin, Margaret 
Griffith, Hester 

Cadman, Rebecca, 

Rawlins, Sarah 
Lawson, Anne, 

Ree, Ellenor, wid. 
Evance, Hester 

Lyddall, Cathrine 
Parsons, Mary, 

Bassett, Frances 
Price, Rebecca 
Dedney, Mary 
Meeres, Anne 
Ware, Elizabeth 
Fox, Mar}' 
Pew, Sybell 

December, 1698. 

1 Burford, Joseph Bennet, Elizabeth 

Fulman, Leonard Moncke, Eliz. 

Goodhew, Richard Bilsbury, Eliz. 

Ponterd, Anthony Delaselle, Jane 

Allbott, Anne 
Hill, Deborah 
Povey, Elizabeth 
Parsley, Frances 
Cock, Anne 

5 Vandemore, John 
Marchant, Samuel 
Lewis, Elton 

6 Wibrow, John 
Welch, John 

7 Rogers, Richard, wid.'Lee, Marg.. wid. 
Tannent, or Tennant, Rowe, Margaret 

Dawson, James Poulson, Rebecca 

Rider, John, wid. Tidder, Margaret 

' Wyne, William, wid. Barber, Anne, wid. 

"Powell, Henry Ash, Mary 

8 Allen, John Canfeild, Ellianor 
10 Trevanion, Hugh Wells, Lucia 

Ferryman, John 
Norman, Robert 
Johns, Thos., wid. 

12 Burton, John. wid. 
Radford, Joseph 
White, John 

13 Evans, Jonas 
Harris, Gvles 
Oleffs, Westley 
Newton, John 
Dunn, Thos., wid. 

Harwood, Mary 
Smith, Unity 
Elwood, Palinah 
Stoughton, Cath. 
Lilley, Jane 
Stud well, Anne 
Favour, Grace 
Dryland, Eliz. 
James, Ellenor 
Hickman, Mary 
Bodges, Alice. 


14 Reeves, Thos.. wid. Goud, Eliz., wid. 
Boll, George Jackson, Anne 

14 Bayley, Richard and 
Guy, Thomas 

16 Walbanck, Thomas 

17 Hayman, Peter 
Page, John 
Sharret, Ralph 
Chapman, John 
Quyney, John 

19 Tayler, John 
Archdeacon, John, 

Goulding, Edward 

Hancock, Samuel 
Hewes, Arthur 

Smith, Thomas 

20 Bedwell, John 
Key, Robert 
Sparrow, John 
Waite, William 

22 Powell, George, 

Threlkeld, Thomas 

Bassett, Richard 

Row, William Geo. 
Clarke, Joseph 

23 Cooper, Stephen 

Pickergill, Robert 
*Gerrard, Francis 
Catling, Joseph 

24 Hill, Samuel 
Fuller, Edward 
Golding, John 
Harding, William 
Oran, James 

26 Drew, Thomas 
Big, Henry 

Smith, Richard 

27 Phillips, Thos., wid. 
Cooke, John 
Savage, Henry, wid. 

28 Makeham, Paul 
Robinson, Thos.,?.. 'id. 

' Horsley, William 
Cock, Thomas 

29 Dudley, John 
Dawson, William 
Newton, James 
Turnbull, John 

30 Tye, Anthony 
Martin, Henry 
Appleford, Richard 
Langstaffe, Thomas 
Whitroe, Thos.. wid. 

31 Vaughan, Rich., wid. 

Young, Mary 
Butler, Elizabeth 
Adams, Mary 
Emerson, Const. 
Wharton, Hannah 
Smith, x\nne 
Mason, Martha 
Brathel, Hannah 
Delbos, Marg'r'tta 
Baker, Anne 


Turtle, Hester 
Crispe, Dame 

Judith, wid. 
Dobson, Elizabeth 
Harding, Anne 
Lyon, Cathrine 
Saunders, Anne 
Watson, Jane 
Brearcliffe, Marg., 

Chandler, Eliz., 

Fowler, Hannah, 

Timbs, Anne 
Andrews, Eliz. 
Nosell, or Nosel, 

Innard, Elizabeth 
Spring, Elizabeth 
Cogdell, Barbarah 
Hatton, Anne 
Curtis, Man- 
Hands, Alice 
Shoulder, Marg. 
Parr, Mary 
Rund, Mary 

Cull, Elizabeth 
Weston, Mary 
Deane, Margaret 
Wood, Alice 
Bayley, Rachael 
Kent, Mary 
Thomas, Mary 
Palmer, Hester 
Port, Elizabeth 
Porter, Mary 
Munday, Hester 
Poole, Mary 
Carrier, Judith 
Bendall, Sarah 
Culme, Elizabeth 
Deane, Elizabeth 
Phille, Rachael 
Gibson, Elizabeth 

6 9 8- 9 l 

Faculty Office. 


January, 1698-9. 

2*Fresham and Moore, Mary 

[Tresham], Thos. 
* Alley n, Thomas 
Buller, Thomas 

"Calvert, Lord, The 
Hon. Benedict 
Leonard Lord 
Wardell, John (a) 

4 Beckett, Robert 

Shute, William 
Costin, Edward 
Sheppard, Richard 
Hall, William 

5 Minns, John 
Mitchell, Henry 

6 Thomas, Lewis, wid. 
Arthur, Joseph 

7 Smith, John 
Morrice, William 
Chancellor, Bernard, 

Read, James 
Bryant, John 
Brabant, Peter 
9 Tompson, 

Roy, Solomon 
Fowether, Mathew 
"Clarke, Thomas 
Heyden, Nicholas 
Webb, Joseph 

10 Plummer, James 
Harris, Henry 

11 London, Edward 
Peirse, Tobias, wid. 

Hale, Daniel 

12 Hobbs, Henry 
Blunt, Edward, wid. 
Southby, Henry, wid, 
Hill, Arthur 

13 Bell, William 
Huddle, Edward 

14 Bate, Ralph, wid. 

Hodges, James 
Jones, Edward, wid. 
Grimitt, Richard 

16 Tallock, Henry 
Mitchel, Thomas 
Pearse, Daniel 

17 Chandler, Thomas 
Bond, Henry 

Young - , Anne 
Bletso, Hannah, 

Lee [Lady], 


Cooke, Rebecca 
Elliot, Rosamond, 

Linch, Mary, wid. 
Sloper, Sophrony 
Norwood, Anne 
Howse, Martha 
Walley, Judith 
Clarke, Anne 
Young, Mary, wid. 
Davis, Margaret 
Leavies, Jane 
Jackson, Alice 
Chancellor, Mary 

Goodall, Anna 
Stoodley, Christ'n 
Clarke, Mary 
Terry, Jane 

Gray, Marg., wid. 
Pollard, Mary 
Pitfeild, Elizabeth 
Annice, Anne 
Coxson, Anne 
Talbort, Mary 
Hopkins, Martha 
Hawkins, Mary 
Barker, Ellinor, 

7^ id. 
Eames, Hester 
Gale, Mary 
Howard, Mary 
Casson, E\iz.,wid. 
Price, Mary 
Hatton, Alice 
Child, Martha 
Blackborne, Eliz., 

Shoring, Mary 
Haysman, Anna 
Wyche, Dorothy 
Bishop, Elizabeth 
Sorowson, Blanch 
Kent, Mary 
Cray, Elizabeth 
Morris, Agnes 

(n) Marked special in calendar 

17 Dunce, Thomas and 
Cooke, Younger 

18 Whitford, Henry, 

Smith, George 

19 Griffith, Henry 
Turner, William 
Finch, William 
Wild, William 
Dickenson, John 

20 Connyers, Henry 
Langdon, John 
Burr, John 

*Humberstone, Wm. 

21 Thomas, William 
Elder, John 
Baker, John 
Rogers, John, wid. 

Edwards, George 
Moore, John 
Smith, William 

23 West, William 
Marten, Henry 
Van Benning, John 

Fuller, John 

24 Joynes, John, wid. 

Pollentine, Charles 

Symes, George 

25 Costin, Robert, wid. 
Lee, William 
Tant, John 

*Le Neve, John 

26 Poole, Timothy 
Finch, William 

27*Walrond, Edward, 
w id. 
Mort, Richard 
Tanner, Loydall 
Webb, Henry 
28 Clarke, Benjamin 
Quested, Robert, 

Chamberlain, Wm. 
Bennett, John 

30 Clarke, Charles 
Templeman, Thos. 
Ludgater, Owen 
Benham, Tomlins 
Tyrrell, Richard 
Draper, Paul 

31 Irvin, George 

Morgan, John 
Winch, Joseph 

Frith, Mary 
BolderoW, Sarah 
Lloyd, Elizabeth 

Watson, Sarah 
Patey, Mary 
Bancroft, Martha 
Fletcher, Eliz. 
Barnes, Elizabeth 
Johnson, Eliz. 
Holmes, Eliz. 
Swaine, Eliz. 
Hoar, Elizabeth 
Bird, Tevera 
Rice, Mary 
Shrife, Sarah 
Whitehall, Eliz. 
Parsons, Isabella, 

Paine, Alice 
Ward, Jane 
Serle, Mary 
Watts, Mary 
Young, Sarah 
Van Ree, 

Cosens, Mary 


Jackson, Sarah 
Tayler, Sarah 
Long, Sarah 
Tame, Mary 
Boughten, Er'nces 
East, Elizabeth 
Granger, Eliz. 
Reeves, Mary, 

Hardy, Elizabeth 
Trigg, Anne 
Blaze, Margaret 
Shepherd, Eliz. 
Laurence, Eliz. 

Hudson, Martha 

Leeds, Elizabeth 
Wigg, Sarah 
Mason, Jane 
Braton, Anne 
Clayton, Mary 
Beaver, Elizabeth 
Horton, Mary 
Edgerton, Eliz. 
Simpson, Anne, 

Heath, Sarah 
Shaw, Erancis 


Marriage Licences. 


February, 1698-9. 

1 Hodges, Henry and 

Henly, George 
*Cheynell, George 

Mills, John 
Foote, George 
Gwillin, Edward 

2 Eaton, William 
*Philipps, Vere 

3 Hope, Samuel 
Mason, John 

4 Taylor, William 
*Alp, Edward 

Vincent, William 
Ranee, Thomas 
Hudell, or Hadell, 

6 David, John 
James, William, icid 
Gouge, William 
Midwinter, John 
Dean, Thomas 

7 Freeman, Samuel 
Leicester, Christo. 

8 Lee, John 

Marriott, Joseph 
Barber, Richard 
Capper, John, wid. 

10 Barber, William 
Waters, John 
Glover, Thomas 
Butter, Samuel 
Hillyard, Jacob 
Maycocke, or May- 
coke, Barnaby, 

Gibbs, Henry 
Whitworth, James 

11 Stewart, Patrick 

13 Todd, William 
Palmer, Joshua, wid. 
Lucar, John 
Archer, Samuel 
Lywood, Hugh 

Banke, John 

14 Walker, John 
Gillett, William 
Geary, John 

15 Shepheard, Hy., wid 
Strupar, Daniel 
Goodman, Edward 
Hall, Samuel 


Spratt, Elizabeth 
Cheynell, or 

Chenell, Sarah 
Nore, Isabell 
Bowyer, Eliz. 
Phillipps, D'rothy 
Jones, Grace 
Jay, Alicia, wid. 
Browne, Mary 
Nicholson, Alice 
Jackson, Mary 
Wilson, Dorothy 
Goding, Frances 
Bradshaw, Anne 
Herbert, Eliz. 

Grant, Millicent 
Pritchard, Kath. 
Weldon, Sarah 
Adams, Susan 
Backhouse, Jane, 

Talby, Elizabeth 
Holmes, Mary 
Lacham, or 

Laxham, Mary 
Fleude, Martha 
Bristow, Joanna 
Hopkins, Frances, 

Brane, Mary 
Newstubb, Eliz. 
Boucher, Bathia 
Elkins, Elizabeth 
Tyson, Rebecca 
Rutt, Mary. wid. 

Davis, Elizabeth 
Hopwood, Jane, 

Wilson, Jane, wid. 
Fee, Eliz., wid. 
Ward, Susannah 
Belcher, Cicely 
Towsey, Anne 
Colson, Susan'h, 

Lloyd, Frances 
Hill, Eliz., wid. 
Chelsham, Hann'h 
Boddey, Susan'h 
Alestre, Mary 
Carter, Cath., wid. 
Davis, Mary 
Green, Elizabeth 

15 Peck, John and 

Rennington, Thomas 
*Kendall, Maurice 
Curtis, Robt., wid. 

Cox, Thomas 
Syms, or Symms, 
Hugh, wid. 

17 Pawlett, Richard 

Rayner, John, wid. 
Richards, Joseph 
Hargrave, Ralph 
*Jones, W 7 illiam 

Bishop, Richard 

18 Harding, John 
Handley, Joseph 
Ramsdon, John 

Hatcher, John 
Cambell, John 

Bramstone, Fisk 
Stevens, Henry 
Caille, Robert 
Goold, Andrew 
Burton, Richard 
Rozar, William 
20 Le Grant, Peter 
Andrews, Mat hew 
Cady, Garrat 

Fenton, James, wid. 
*Kello, Samuel 

Reynell, Francis 
2i*Laurence, John 

Liddiard, Philip 

23 Mason, Richard 
Atwick, Daniel 
Crew, Richard 

*Cheveley, Thomas 

24 Percy, John 

27 Young, Thomas 
Peckman, Henry 
Levett, James 

28 Henning, Richard 

Benson, Michael 
Hawkins, Edmund 
Peters, Peter 

White, Grace 
Poole, Elizabeth 
Ashfield, Dorcas 
Helder, Martha, 

Merritt, Sarah 
Thomas, Anne 

Cossens, Mary, 

Wilkenson, Sarah 
Harrison, Eliz. 
Henderson, Ann 
Bowyer [Diana] 

Dan by, Mary 
Porter, Olivia 
Page, Elizabeth 
Gladman, or 

Gldman, Anne 
Plume, Frances 
Langley, Sarah, 

Squibb, Mar)' 
Pearson, Eliz. 
Amonnett, Jane 
Cotton, Alice 
Sykes, Grace, wid. 
Smith, Jane 
Clare, Mary 
Dobbs, Mary 

Frances, wid. 
Smith, Mary, wid. 
[ -][Wavell], 

Harris, Mary, wid. 
Rider [Kidder], 

Denbrooke, Eliz. 
Daniel, Martha 
Wheeler, Mary 
Hughes, Ester 
Powell, Mary 
Willis, Rebecca, 

Wall, Hannah 
Knight, Anne 
Pledwell, Ellenor 
Williams, Jane, 

Busby, Elizabeth 
Marthiew, Sarah 
Kenton, Mary 

March, 1698-9. 

1 Wilcoxson, Robert Taker, Frances 
Stannet, Benjamin Dickson, Mary 
Baker, James Hunt, Elizabeth 


Faculty Office. 


March, 1698-9. 

4 Sodden, Joseph and 
Daggett, Robert 

7 Avery, Richard 
Pry nee, Wm., wid. 
Trelane, Mathew, 

Denison, Richd., wid 

8 Hood, John, wid. 
Newark, Thomas 
Gray, John 

11 Pedworth, Wm., 
Dudley, Greenhill 
Phillips, Thomas, 

Billing, George, wid. 
14 Phelps, William, 
Newens, Robert 
16 Ellery, Robert, wid. 

Hellier, Ebenezer 

19 Barker, John 
Porter, Richard 
Peters, William 
Cawley, James 
Deere, Jeremiah, 

Coster, Thos., wid. 

21 Clifton, Jeremiah 
Weedon, Timothy 

23 Harris, John, wid. 
Dizington, Henry 
Kirby, Robert, wid. 

24 Boover, or Bover, 


Williams, Mary 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Newbury, Anne 
Nicoll, Frances 
Winfeild, Mary, 

Pickford, Mary 
Emms, Elizabeth 
Strandwich, Sarah 
Cleaver, Sarah, 

Cooley, Eliz., wid. 

Allen, Sarah 
Lincolne, Barbara 

Warner, Eliz. 
Slaney, Frances, 

Wright, Eucy 
Whaley, Susan 'h, 

Bishop, Mary 
Herring, Jane 
Philipps, Mary 
Monke, Elizabeth 
Hooper, Sarah 
Hannis, Eliz., wid. 

Newton, Jane, wid. 
Long, Jane 
Long, Mary 
Lathwell, Judith 
Ansell, Mary 
Tucker, Rebecca, 

Proud, Elizabeth 

March, 1699. 

25 Bush, Wm., wid. 

27 Wood, Christopher 
Ansell, Thomas 
Harley, James 

28 Ryley, ah. Van Roy, 

*Crumpe, John 
Van Roy, George. 
Pruden, George, wid 

29 Howard, Gabriel 
Scott, Samuel 

ji Fresnot, James 
Probart, Henry 
Norris, William 
Vicel, Edward 

Millenor, Eliz., 

Haines, Isabella 
Ansell, Rebeccah 
Ansell, Mary 
Hall, Alice, wid. 

Rawlins, Eliz. 
See Ryley 
Law, Hannah 
Welch, Anne 
Richbell, Anne 
Peassey, Lucretia 
Walker, Mary 
Crouch, Margaret 
Smith, Rose 

April, 1699. 

1 Bushell, John and Bottome, Frances 
Roberts, Edmund Dawman, Amy 
Oxenden, Richard, Morgan, Eliz. 

3 Achurch, William 
Elliot, William 

Powell, Charles 
Goodwin, Christo. 
6 Mercer, Samuel 

Whitney, Hill 

Mary, wid. 

Downing, Eliz. 

Forster, Eliz. 

Windham, Mary 
Menheize, Hammond Wood, Lydia, a' id. 
Staff, William Wells, Susannah 

Tisser, John, wid. Bayley, Judith, 

Bird, Thomas, wid. Arthur, Elizabeth 
Feddon, Eimor Wright, Sarah 

Maxey, William 
*Palmer, Robert 
Head, Thomas 

7 Wigg, Thomas 
Richon, Bernard 

"'Chambers, John 
Abbott, Richard 

8 Jones, John 
Harris, Thomas 

Pritchard, Eliz. 
Milman, Eliz. 
Johnson, Isabella 
Wood, Jane, wid. 
Barbatt,or Barbat, 

Mary, wid. 
Cox, Anne 

Savery, Kathrine 
Halsey, Mary 
Leech, William, wid. Lee, Margery 
Dagger, Thomas Morony, R\iz.,iaid. 

Nelham, Samuel 
*Reynolds, Samuel 
Pitcher, John, wid. 
Stowers, William 
Bostock Henry 
10 Price, William 
Bostock, Ralph 
Snow, John 
Astreg, or Astray, 

Barley, Eliz., wid. 
Pelham, FYances 
Bulley, Elizabeth 
Haines, Sarah 
Cheeseman, Alice 
Rice, Phelice 
Fendall, Mary 
Shepheard, Mary 
Parkham, Susan'h 


Couston, Alexander Saunders, Anne 

11 Lloyd, Edward Crowther, Grace 
Broadbridge, Aaron Tindall, Anne 
Fox, Thomas Cozens, Elizabeth 

12 Hatchet, Alexander Cozens, Elizabeth 
Thomas, David Shurgold, Mary, 

Child, Samuel, wid. 

Mackland, Rue- 
hamoth, wid. 
Cecill, God fry Tidmarsh, Maud 

Wightman, Philip, Shales, or Shals, 

wid. Clare 

Braithwaite, George Fagg, Elizabeth 
13 Elliot, Luke Cartmell, Jane 

Whitle, Thomas Map, or Mapp, 

15 Spalding, George Haley, Mary 
Cresswell, Anthony, Man, Mary 


Marriage Licences. 


April, 1699. 

17 Bland, Cutbert and 
Clayton, Richard 

18 Robinson, Thomas, 

Maynard, Samuel 
Strong - , Edward 

19 Goose, John 
Carr, Griffith 

Putland, or Pulland, 

Watkins, Rowland 
Boquet, Daniel 
Cane, William, wid. 
*Warburton, Richard 

20 Percivall, Edward 

Smith, Thomas 

Porter, James 
22 Godfrey, Thomas 

Collinson, Thomas 
*Windham, Conley 
26 Bennet, Daniel 

Low, John 

Akers, Jacob 

Law, Richard, wid. 

28 Church, Anth'ny, wid 
Kirton, Thomas 
Aaron, Samuel, wid. 

29 Brinstead, Thomas 

*Robinson, Sir James 

Leg", Nicholas 

Snowden, Susan'h 
Alison, Elizabeth 
Cobb, or Cob, 

Joanna, wid. 
Fox, Sarah 
Roberts, Susan'h 
Challons, Sarah 
Allsop, or Alsop, 

Walter, or Waller, 

Monday, Mary 
Morgan, Renee 
Butler, Mary 
Castleton, Anne 
Stanley, Sarah, 

Leek, Anne 
Fecam,Mary, wid. 
Eales, Eliz. , wid. 
Dry, Mary 
Saunderson, Mary 
Barker, Eliz., wid. 
Burch, Mary 
Johnson, Sarah 
Green, Anne, wid. 
.Bridge, Elizabeth 
Rapier, Mary, -a 7 J. 
Trott, Susannah 
Smalpeer, Ellinor, 

Jesson, Anne 

Sawyer, Eliz. 

May, 1699. 

1 Hill, Robert 
Buck, Abraham 
Vincent, Nathaniel 

2 Barret, or Barrat, 

Findley, George 
Munn, Thomas 
*Downing, George 
Corfin, John 

3 Butler, Peirce 
Bonyer, John 
Mariott, Samuel 
Sweet, Laurence 

*Tuer, Joseph 

4 Priest, Henry 
Ryland, Richd., wid, 
Parish, Thomas 

6*Harding, Gideon 

Pycod, George 
Dixon, Ralph 

Dolling, Eliz. 
Leaver, Anne 
Mitchel, Eliz. 
Vaughan, Eliz., 

Corderoy, Jane 
Elliston, Susan'h 
Lunn, Cathrine 
Corfin, Hannah 
Adams, Mary, wid. 
Walker, Eliz. 
Gyles, Elizabeth 
Kirk, Elizabeth 
Case [Cale], Pris. 
Watts, Mary 
Irons, Sarah 
Carter, Rachael 

Scott, Cathrine 
Alestree, Rachael 

6 Spencer, Robert and 

Grooe, William 
Fowler, Wm., wid. 

8 Fuller, John 
Hancock, Thomas 

9 Gee, Henry, wid. 
Cuthbert, Amariah 

10 Gallt, Robert 
Oddy, John 
Chadwick, Charles 
Selwin, John 

*Collett, Joseph 
Lloyd, John 

11 Gerrard, John. wid. 
Symonds, Thomas 
Jenkins, Edward 

12 Hampton, James 
Danns, John 

15 Mayo, Daniel 

Dodd, John 
Mottram, Enoch 

16 Ives, Richard 

Van Lemens, 

Callove, or Cutlove, 

John, wid. 

17 Frith, Henry, wid. 
Horner, Thomas 
Abbott, Michael 

18 Church, John 
Cottmar, or Cotmar, 

William, wid. 
North, John 
Butterfield, William 
Pardoe, Thos., wid. 

19 Bray, Henry 
Swan, John 
Warren, John 
Toye, Edward 

20 Acton, John 
Pennard, or Penard, 

22*Hall, Benjamin 
Blake, John 
*Finch [Hon.] Lesley 

Dunning, Richard 
Hickman, John, wid. 
23 Fen wick, Thomas 
Combes, Ralph, wid. 

Hading, Joseph 
"Delabere, Kinard 
Berdoe, James 
Belsham, Nathaniel 
Ratcliffe, William 

Hartshorne, or 


Langthorne, Eliz. 
Adams, Marv 
Foster, Mary 
Stoakes, Anne 
Burton, Elizabeth 
Inglefield, Eliz. 
James, Anne 
Bytheway, Keziah 
Doleman, D'rrhv 
Newman, Deb'r'h 
Allen, Lucretia 
Boughey, Anne 
Williams, Mary 
Finch, Anne 
James, Eliz., wid. 
Wilson, Anne 
Lad, Sarah 
Colborn, Honor, 

Hatton, Elizabeth 
Steele, Anne 
Beamond, Eliz., 

Tidd, Cathrine 

Pinney, Hester 

Wiseman, Mary 
Sweeting, Anne 
Fritchley, Eliz. 
Cleer, Mary, wid. 
Rothwell, Susan 

Giddens, Mary 
Hopper, Anne 
Tulle, Elizabeth 
Smith, Anne 
Turner, Mary, wid. 
Cheap, Marg., wid. 
Hollo way, Eliz. 
Harrison, Sarah 
Kingston, Eliz. 

Lewknor, Jane 
Suatt, Martha 
Scroope, or 

Scroop, B'rb'r'h 
Hazard, Susan'h 
Clarke, Eliz., wid. 
Gregory, Mary 
Atwick, Ellen or, 

Barber, Sarah 
Neale, Hester 
Prideaux, Honor 
Palmer, Martha 
Down, Marable 


Faculty Office. 


May, 1699. 

23 Wall, Thomas and 

24 Groome, William, 

*Harris, Charles (a) 
Peake, George, wid. 

25 Smith, Clement 
Wilson, Robert, wid. 

26*Cornwallis, Lord, 
Rt. Hon. Charles 
Hinge, John 
Beeston, Thos., wid. 
27 Andrew, William 
Wright, Anthony. 

Clarke, Edward, wid. 

Dean, John 
Haines, John 
Snowden, Jonah 
Gayott, Daniel 
Dawson, Kenelm 

29 Edwards, Reynald, 


30 Mansfield, John, -wid. 

Rymer, Anne 
Randall, Anne, 

Frankland, Mary 
Pescod, Mary, wid. 
Wilson, Mary 
Gregory, Ellinor 
Butler, The Hon. 

Chandler, Sarah 
Burton, Jane, wid. 
Olney, Prudence 
Briggs, Marg., 


Cathida ? 
Cox, Cathrine 
Umins, Anne 
Cole, Elizabeth 
Barry, Elizabeth 
Collyer, Elizabeth 
Jones, Sidney 

Upston, Audry 

June, 1699. 

1 Drake, William King, Anne 
Richardson, Rowland Lee, Elizabeth 

2 Tibby, Edmond Clarke, Elizabeth 
Stevens, Edward Richardson, Marg. 
Saunders, William Gibbs, Sarah 

3 Winslow, Richard, Kidney, Mary, 

wid. wid. 

Swift, Flower, wid. Thornbury, Cath., 

Schreckenfox, Philip Woodward, Marg. 
Dixon, John Philipps, Eliz. 

Bobricke, John, wid. Pace, Jane 
Higgerson, Charles Wall, Anne 
5 Morris, Thomas Morgan, Joyce 

Sarch, Martin 

6 Coombes, Henry 
Lyon, Samuel 

7 Hey, Robert 
Colchett, Nicholas 
Watson, Humphry, Warwick, Lucy 

Wigmore, John, wid. Brown, Mary, wid. 

8 Kent, Thomas Holmes, Margaret 
Bernard, Charles Huntsman, 

Gold, Elizabeth 
Maide, Margaret 
Hurst, Hester 
Marshall, Jane 
Close, Anne, wid. 

9 Hodsden, Henry 
Gray, William 
Higgens, William 
Walton, Roger 
12 Austin, Thomas 

Edwards, Mary 
Woodruffe, Eliz. 
Coleman, Susan'h 
Hazard, Mary 
Denew, Millicent 

12 Green, Josias and 
Young, William 

14 Wallis, Jonathan 
Bunce, John 
Green, John 
Elmer, Richard 

15 Vivie, Lovis 
Waller, James 
Main waring, John 

16 Owen, Robert 
Graham, John 
Thompson, Isaac 

17 Whaley, James 

Burges, Samuel, wid. 
19 Stockar, John 
* Arnold, Nehemiah 

Savill, Samuel 
Collett, George 
2o*Waddington, Edwd. 
*Trelawney, Charles, 
22 Woodgate, Robert 

Jones, Evan, wid. 
24 Cholwell, Isaac 
Bradshaw, Ben. 
Mortam, Thomas, 

Golding, Edward 

26 Fonniel, or Fonniell, 

Roberts, Hugh, wid. 
Hope, George, wid. 
"Alston, Joseph 

"Wagstaffe, Thomas 
Byron, Humphry 

Austin, Richd., wid. 

27 Blaze, Thomas 
Cleare, Roger 
Thorpe, Samuel 

28 Hall, Stephen 
Seddon, Samuel 
Tandy, Edward 
Castleton, Thomas 
Hay ward, Henry 

29 Hand, Robert, wid. 
Boddy, John, wid. 

Beren, Elizabeth 
Cave, Mary 
Skirer, Cathrine 
Bernard, Mary 
Davis, Ellinor 
Knight, Mary 
Davis, Mary, wid. 
Tomkins, Mary 
Steward, Man- 
Davis, xMary 
Barker, Ellinor 
Layton, Jane, wid. 
Codington, Mary, 

Skene, Marg., wid. 
Sutton, Jane 
Doiley, Martha, 

Ellis, Mary 
Johnson, Ruth 
Newey, Frances 
Mitchel [Michell] (a) 

Jennings, Mary 
Trigg, Jane, wid. 
Blankley, Cath. 
Gurling, Thamar 
Hust, or Hurt, 

Cuffe, Mary 
Laim, Frances 

Pindar, Jane, wid. 

Garret, Bridgett 

Trumball [Trum- 
bull], Laurentia 

Lewis, Hannah 

Biggar, Marg., 

Zouch, Mary 

Johnson, Sarah 

Budd, Rebecca 

Bishop, Anne 

Dean, Ellenor 

Brockhurst, Eliz. 

Allen, Mary 

Knight, Eliz., wid. 

Houseman, Barb. 

Glover, Mary 

Milborne, Man, 

[a] Not entered in calendar. 

Seampton, Ralph Webster, Eliz. 

July, 1699. 

1 Eccles, John Busher, Anne 

Carr, William Urry, Mary 

5 Lane, William Square, Jane 

Cope, Magnus Rich, Cath., wid. 

(a) Spelt both ways in calendar. 


Marriage Licences. 


July, 1699. 

5 Hudson, John and 
Nepueu, William 
Edwards, John 
Chetwood, Joseph 
"Han way, John 

8 Roberts, John 
Jones, Robert 
Mason, Francis 
Clements, Richard 
Inocent, James 

10 Thatcher, Thos.. wid 

1 1 Franks, Richard, 

Browne, Richd., wid. 
Mead, Samuel 

12 Turland, John, wid. 
Burglass, Nicholas 

14 Hunt, William, wid. 
Potter, John 
Jones, David, wid. 

King, John, wid. 
Smith, Samuel 
17 Luke, John 

Chamberlain, John 
Backhouse, Richard, 

Lowe, George 
Booth, James 
*Digby, John, wid. 
Morgan, Ezra 

Howell, Henry 

18 Attwick, Daniel 
Ward, William 
Johnson, William 

19 Goodwin, John, wid, 
Crawley, Dennis 
Leigh, Peter 
Apter, William 
Abbott, John 

20*Priaulx [Rev.] 
Peter [B.D.] 
Martyn, Joseph 

21 Clarke, Henry 
Tayler, William 

Cragg, Wm., wid. 
Gilborne, Edward 
Marshall, Wm., wid, 

22 Crawforth, Robert 
Vaughan, Francis 
Ashby, Richd., wid. 
Roper, Richard 

Adland, Mary,wid. 
Day, Sarah 
Wagstaffe, Eliz. 
Gough, Elizabeth 

Rebecca, wid. 
Tane, Dorcas 
Nicholls, Susan'h 
Ward, Eliz., wid. 
Bedford, Anne 
Catterall, Eliz. 
.Cole, Sarah, wid. 
Peeling, Mary, 

Heme, Man- 
Hawkins, Eliz., 

Sherman, Cath. 
Cundall, Anne 
England, Susan'h 
Ride, Susannah 
Hopkins, Mary, 

Pury, Eliz., wid. 
Clarke, Mary 
Smalwood, Eliz. 
Cottrell, Anne 
Crossway, Ruth 

Pen, Jane 
Skelton, Sarah 
Wharton, Jane 
Smith, Maria 


Viner, Mary 
Cotterall, Eliz. 
Herbert, Deborah 
Eldridge, Mary, 

Foster, Sarah 
Gulliford, Eliz. 
Gunns, Dorcas 
Webb, Elizabeth 
Hardy, Mary 
Playdell, Coelia 

Ride, Deborah 
Savory, Mary 
Crisp, or Crispe, 

Norman, E\iz. t wid. 
Cason, Elizabeth 
Charity, Hannah 
Chipp, Cath., wid. 
Picket, Anne 
Ray, Anne 
Page, Anne 

22 Tayler, Joseph and 

24 Carr, Charles 
Slater, Richard 
Dell, George 

25 Harper, Nicholas 
Pack, Isaac 

26 Shurt, William 

Shelletto, Richard 
Jones, Richard 

27 Harris, Jacob 
Ashton, Francis 
Clarke, William 
Waller, John 

28 Whitehead, Robert 

Simmons, Thomas 

Rogers, Robert 
Reding, Francis 

Riftell, Isaac 

Simpson, Mary 
Gregg, Sarah 
Hide, Mary 
Weld, Susannah 
Luck, Sarah, wid. 
Webster, Eliz. 
Hawkins, Jane, 

Mixer, Mary, wid. 
Watts, Elizabeth 
Dernufecy, Jane 
Harman, Agnes 
Keate, Mary 
Weller, Mary,?c'/(/. 
Wheatly, Anne, 

Le Serurier, alias 

Smith, Lydia 
Whitten, Eliz. 
Bushell, Deborah, 

Sedgley, Mary, 


August, 1699. 

1 Coleing, Edm'd, wid. 
Seamer, James 
Boughton, Samuel 
Price, Richard, wid. 

2 King, John 
Fitzhugh, Thomas 
Woodman, John 

3 Reynolds, Richard 

*Cole, Francis 

Cooper, William 

4 Buckingham, Robert 
Davis, Owen. wid. 

6 Monke, Robert 
Brookhouse, Henry 
*Becher, Wm., u -id. 
9 Ashton, William 

10 Wench, Thomas 
Arthour, James, wid. 

^Walter, Richard 
Hawkins, Samuel 
Richardson, Thomas 
Peachie, John 

11 Holden, Joseph 
Leigh, John 

12 Bertram, Wm., wid. 
14 Bainham, Peregrine, 

Fowle, Nicholas 

Demulling, Sarah 
Ekins, Patience 
Bigman, Jane 
Kitleby, Anne 
Green, Susannah 
Bennet, Mary, wid. 
Rymer, Jane 
Ashborne, Eliz., 

Raleigh [Dame], 

Frances, wid. 
Traughton, Easter 
Morrell, Susan'h 
Hawker, Eliz., 

Hunt, Mary, wid. 
Rouse, Rachael 
Clarke, Jane 
Cornish, Joanna 
Briggs, Susannah 
Baldwin, Anne, 

Brand, Thomasin 
Lord, Elizabeth 
French, Ursula 
Burgis, Anne 
Hayes, Rose, wid. 
Cheltenham, Eliz. 
Tooker, Sarah 
Taylor, Elizabeth 

Hasley, or Haslen, 


Faculty Office. 


August, 1699. 

15 Sharpe, John, and 

Wall, William 
Wale, Charles 

16 Clayton, Chris., wid. 
Smith, Thomas, wid. 
Locker, John, wid. 
Easton, Robert 
Wills, William 
Carr, George, wid. 
Batchelor, Thomas 

18 Whitehead, Joseph 

19 Linwood, John 

21 Ure, Zachariah, wid. 
Barnard, John 

22 Nunes-Sierra, Isaac 
Leonard, John 
Woodroffe, Thomas 

23 Burton, William 
Jones, Richard 
Urlin, William 
Steers, Henry 

25 Arnold, Mathew 

May, Richard, wid. 

28 Butler, Thomas 
Godwin, Edmond, 

Clibery, John 
*Trolope, or Trollope, 

Stiffe, Du Bartus 
Stanley, James 

29 Hinton, John 

Mottershead, Sam. 

30 Hayes, James 
Hampton, John 
Burt, Thomas 

31 Brooke, Robert, wid. 
Preston, James 
Honour, Robert 

Ap Rice, John, wid. 
Hurst, Robert 

Smalbone, Man-, 

Cobbet, Hanna 
Andrews, D'rthy 
Smalwood, Ruth 
Boyle, Mary, wid. 
Rider, Margaret 
Scott, Mary 
Woddar, Ann 
Howard, Eliz. 
Smith, Mary, wid. 
Man, Susanna 

James, Mary 
Needham, Mary 
Grower, Eliz. 
Barbar, Anne 
Sale, Sarah 
Harrod, Sarah 
Gray, Isabella 
Batt, Anne, wid. 

Treves, or Traves, 

Graham, Marg. 
Thomas, Marg. 
Watson, Eliz. 

Wakely, Mary 
Craven, Mary 

Higgs, Anne 
Hawes, Sarah 
Bishop, Grace, 

Grubb, Mary 
Pister, Elizabeth 
Ellis, Jane 
Burton, Elizabeth 
Lowry, Jane 
Rorth, Sarah 
Brondum, Anne 
Sidley, Anne, wid. 
Mathews, Mary, 


September, 1699. 

1 Woodcocke, Ben. Stevens, Martha 
Mathews, Nicholas, Agnes, Sarah, 

wid. wid. 

Moore, Gabriel Holloway, Anne 

2 Whitaker, John Vokeing, or 

Voking, Amy 
Hitchcock, William, Ellis, Margaret 

2 Davis, Robert and 

4 Man, Isaac 
Evans, Thomas 

5 Russell, William 
Cooke, John 

6 Woodland, William 
Coldery, Edward 
Hall, William 
Duck, Henry 

7 Temple, Henry 
Harley, William 

9 Lane, Richard, wid. 

Ashcomb, Benjamin 

11 Peddar, or Pedder, 

Nelham, Thomas 
Porter, Daniel 

12 Dorrill, John, wid. 

Cooke, Arnold 

13 Hawkins, John, wid. 

Hinton, John 
Watts, Thomas 
Watson, William 
Montague, Ralph 

Hunt, John 

14 Reeves, George 
Shory, William, wid. 
Moulden, William 

16 Collins, William 

Shayler, Richard 
Winter, Thomas 

18 Robinson, Samuel 
Curtis, Robert 
Buckeridge, William 
Cooke, Robert 

19 Silvester, Joshua 
Black, William 

20 Troughton, John 

21 Sale, Henry 

Cutler, James 

22 Pooley, John 
Loggen, James 
Halliman, John, wid. 

Glassenton, Richard 

23 Burrage, Robert 
Feme, Amos 
Hillar, John 

Green, Anna 
Brooker, Anne 
Mitchel, Anne, 

Whitlock, Mary 
Smith, Arrabella 
Barlow, Eliz. 
Winall, Eliz. 
Cluer, Sarah 
Stanbridge, Eliz. 
Stanbury, Jane 
Blower, Sarah, 

Hughes, Joanna, 

Connoway, or 


Barbar, Frances 

Peirson, Mary 
Saunders, Alice 
Chambers, Mary, 

Scudamore, Jane, 

Williams, Mary, 

Stevenson, Mary 
Austin, Elizabeth 
Nicholls, Susan 
Joceline, Anne, 

Johnson, Mary 
Derby, Elizabeth 
Tayler, Ruth, wid. 
Wilkenson, Love 
Harris, Dorothy, 

Bussey, Mary 

Swan, Mary 
Gibson, Rebecca 
Benbow, Eliz. 
Panton, Elizabeth 
Jackson, Martha 
Woodward, Mary 
Hooker, Ellenor 
Lipyeatt, or Lip- 

yeat, Anne 
Backhouse, Eliz. 
White, Cathrine 
Butler, Elizabeth 
Browne, Mary, 

Topsell, Eliz. 
Plumridge, Mary 
Long, Anne 
Cole, Mary 






September, 1699. 

23 Toone, William and 
Bray, Richard 

25 Barker, Thomas 
Bradshaw, James 

26 Harrison, William 
Maxwell, James 

27 Martin, John, wid. 

Lancastor, Thomas, 

Richardson, Charles 

28 Man, William 
Test, Daniel 

30 Malborne, Joseph 

Stalwood, or Stall- 
wood, Thomas 
Gibbs, Stephen 

Ellet, Deborah 
Pritchard, Mary 
Stride, Elizabeth 
Moore, Sarah, wid. 
Lavender, Eliz. 

Barratt, Rachel, 

Arnold, Susan, 

Walton, Martha 
Wells, Cathrine 
Tufton, Dorothy, 

Wingot, Marv, 

Bowler, Anne 

Smith, Elizabeth 

October, 1699. 

2 Austin, John 

Bignall, John 

4 Wood, Thomas, wid. 

Blackaller, George 
Ramsey, Alexander 

5 Chesall, William 
Burch, Thomas, wid. 
Rowley, John, wid. 
Wincke, John 
Holt, Walter 

6 Clare, Nicholas 
Hill, John 

7 Dell, Thomas, wid. 
Scruton, John 

9 Sell, Henry 

Whaley, Jonathan 
Pitt, Joseph 
10 Bellamy, William 
Collins, William 
Moore, George 

12 Hellam, Edward 
Allum, Thomas 
Spur way, Henry 

*Holt, Henry 

13 Webb, George 

14 Yorke, Robert 
Bradford, John, wid. 
Allen, Walter 
Hailestone, Nicholas, 

Day, Robert 
Blake, Richard 


Margaret, wid. 
Crockford, Anne 
Chapman, Eliz., 

Westland, Cath. 
Eagle, Elizabeth 
Butler, Jane 
Philcox, Mary 
Halsey, Mary 
Cooper, Sarah 
Russell, Jane 
Wall, Sara 
Goodlad, Susanna 
Williams, Hester 
Stokes, Susanna 
Smith, Mary 
Love, Alice 
Gladman, Mary 
Johnson, Sara 
Granger, Sarah 
Sopp, Mary 
Sandford, Mary 
Bradley, Sarah 
Urrey, or Urwey, 

Hare, Lucy 
Grove, Anne 
Kingman, Eliz. 
Field, Anne 
Brown, Anne 
Chittell, Eliz., 

Collis, Jane 
German, Grace 

14 Gates, Robert and 
Constable, Joseph 
White, Robert, wid. 

16 Borrow, John 
Belchamber, Thomas 
Brett, Peter, wid. 
Barbie, Marganus 
Chase, Thomas 

Dorden, Robert 

17 Tabor, John 
Russell, Owen 

*Ewer, Isaac 

18 Smith, Henry 
Scurrior, John 

19 Snipe, Jacob, wid. 
21 Lee, Francis, wid. 

Tayler, William 

Knight, Mordecai 
Swaine, William 
Ives, John 

23 Percivall, Charles 
Keate, Lancelot 
Carter, Joseph, wid. 
Budden, John, wid. 
Deboat, Michael 

Towne, William, 

Gilbert, Thomas 
Goien, Jacob 

24 Greenway, Thomas 
Sivall, Henry 

25 Aldridge, Edward 
Jenner, Charles 
Swinney, Owen 
Roberts, John 
Browne, Henry 
Wood, Daniel 

26 Stanley, William 
Robinson, Thomas 

*Tufnell, William 
Sanders, John 
Fly, Richard 
Thomas, Richard 

Young, Joshua 
Emson, William 
*Pawlett [Powlett], 
Lord William 
30 Theobalds, Thomas 
Holland, John 
Smith, Bennet 

Lacey, ^amuel 
Potter, Abraham 

Wright, Mary 
Lucas, Frances 
Bringhurst, Eliz. 
Tuckwell, Mary 
Shalcross, Abigail 
Packer, Mary, wid. 
Knight, Mary 
Bisse, or Biss, 


Bord, Elizabeth 
Welbeloved, Eliz. 
Browne, Dorothy 
Hutchies, Mar) 7 
Bassmore, or Base- 
more, Sarah 
Garth, Anne 
Fowler, Eliz. 
Norton, Sarah, 

Paine, Debora 
Dearmer, Hanna 
Warren, Sarah 
Eastlake, Mary 
Allen, Elizabeth 
Daniel, Eliz., wid. 
Trail, Mary, wid. 
Saunders, Abigail, 

it' id. 

Prudence, wid. 
Jarvis, Anne 
Elliott, Eliz., wid. 
Sherburne, Hope 
Edwards, Eliz. 
Tinder, Mary 
Dove, Mary 
Arthur, Martha 
Lewis, Mary 
Probart, Mary 
Cartwright, Eliz. 
Jones, Susanna 
Duke, Mary 
Browne, Eliz. 
Batley, Cathrine 
Tayler, Mary 
Wheatley, or 

Wheatly, Anne 
Williams, Eliz. 
Callow, Eliz. 
Egerton, Anne 

Mead, Mary 
Hibbert, Hanna 
Hudson, Dorothy, 

Brookes, Eliz. 
Williamson, |Eliz., 



Faculty Office. 


November, 1699. 

1 Ingram, Pinder, and Hopton, Eliz., wid. 

orPinder, Ingram, 
wid. (a) 
Thornhill, Anthony, Smith, Elizabeth 

2 Thomas, Matthew Forster, Mary, 

Casy, John, wid. Makepeace, Mary 
*Lushington, Stephen Godfrey, Cath. 
Bostock, John Hutchins, Rachel 

3 Brandon, Matthew Wells, Elizabeth 
Cock, William, wid. Peete, Eliz., wid. 

4 Davis, John Burton, Mary 
Bradford, Edward Bridges, Martha 

Newman, Robert 

6 Philipps, Michael 
Walley, John 

7 Dagley, Giles 

Fowler, Mary 
Magbanck, Eliz. 
Wallis, Hannah 
Frances, wid. 
Wooldridge, George Cowley, Eliz. 

8 Powell, Walter Woodbridge, Eliz. 
Egginton, Thomas Barter, Susanna 

9 Finton, William, Salsbury, Grace, 

wid. wid. 

Massiere, Stephen Law, Ruth 

10 Turquand, Samuel Cabaret, Marquis 
"Luce, William Greene, Joanna 

11 Cooke, Moses Darby, Mary 
"Whitchcot, or Meres, Frances 

Whichcot, George, Catherina 

Gibbons, John Singleton, Jane 

Pickering, Henry Lowman, Eliz. 

13 Parker, Caleb Marrott, Mary 
Winckworth, Thos. Pumfrey, Mary, 


14 Davis, John 
Kirkham, Thomas 
Empty, William, 

Owen, John 

15 Cope, Walter 
Carruthers, John 
Burr, George 
Wyatt, Robert 

Gough, Joannah 
Spring, Elizabeth 
Barler, Rachael, 

Harrington, Ann 
Butler, Lucy 
Hicks, Judith 
Kitchen, Eliz. 
Jackson, Isabella 

16 Hooper, Christopher Aldridge, Ann 
*Pollard, Thomas Burrington, Mary 

17 Hughes, Griffith Haynes, Dorothy, 

Brooke, Joseph White, Elizabeth 

Evans, Jeames, wid. Browndridg, Jane 

18 Jones, Abraham Savage, Mary, wid. 
Garrett, Wm., wid. Wei [ . . . ] (b) 

20 Cope, John Barnes, Rachael 

(</) Given in both ways in calendar. 
(/>) In margin given as Garrett and Wei ; the 
latter name appears to be unfinished. 

20 Price, William and 
Goodyer, John 
*Carteret, Edward 

Matthews, J ere mi ah, 

Withers, John 
"'Edwards, Samuel 

21 Grimes, George 
Bradshaw, Godfrey 

Worsley, John 

Stewart, Caleb 
Jenings, Matthew 

22 Mead, Robert 
Barwell, Jonathan 
Smith, Christopher 
Taverne, William 

23 Pitcher, John, wid. 
Wood, Thomas 

25 Gepps, Richard 

Crayne, Richard 

27 Hayward, Valentine 
Ringer, Thomas 
Topham, John 
Atkinson, John, wid. 

28 Ash, Ralph, wid. 
Chase, Richard 
Tilson, George 
Cabrier, Charles 

29 Walter, Richard 
Simonds, Henry, 

Scot, or Scott, 

30 Page, George 
Betcham, William 

Prichard, Jane 

Carter, Mary 

Sudbury, alias 
Dame Bridget 

Chandler, Eliz. 

Jenks, Mary 

Slye, Elizabeth 
Tenant, Elinor, 

Inchly, or Inchley, 

Snell, Ann 
Crowlee, Eliz. 
Pinder, Mary 
York, Mary 
Morgason, Eliz. 
Corben, Rebecca 
Baylie, Ann, wid. 
Fearne, Hannah 
Clifton, Sarah, 

u 'id. 
Long, Mary, wid. 
Powell, Elizabeth 
Harcourt, Mary 
Merrideth, Eliz. 
Lyne, Rebekah 
Pratt, Elizabeth 
Peirce, Elizabeth 
Smith, Mary 
Toke, Rebecca 
Sheppard, Joanna 
Allen, Elizabeth 

Johnson, Mar) 7 

Stacy, Frances 
Patfull, Mary 

December, 1699. 

1 Stael, Theodore 

5 Green, Wm., wid. 
Cater, Richard, wid. 
Phipps, Robert 
Brady, Patrick 

Colstone, Sam., wid. 

6 Praham, David 
Malbois, Gabriel 
Romney, Francis 

7 Pugh, Lewis 
Wise, Joseph 

8 Hall, Peter, wid. 

Castaing, also 


Page, Elizabeth 
Hand, Mary 
Warner, Eliz. 
Constant, Hellena, 

Hardiman, Eliz. 
How, Mary 
Gigou, Elizabeth 
Lambert, Elianor 
Deane, Jean 
Burdens, Eliz. 



Marriage Licences. 


December, 1699. 

1 1 


Rymer, Mathew and 
Nevill, Abraham 
Coolly, Thomas 
Price, Thomas 
Allen, Robert 
Alcocke, Philip. 

12 Arent, Walter 
Wilks, or Wilcks, 


13 Floyd, Peter 
Evans, John, wid. 


wick, John {a) 
Solderny, or 
Solderey, Ben. 

14 Cole, Ralph 
Dickins, Daniel 

15 Redding-, or Reding, 

Lawrence, wid. 
Tindall, Thomas 

16 Perrin, Thomas 
18 Walker, William 

Reynolds, Thomas 
Flowers, Stephen 
Carter, Richard 
Gillery, Thos., wid. 
Roddery, Jacob 

Phipps, Henry 

20 Brooks, Matthew 
Woodward, Philip, 

Woodward, Richard 
Hooper, Thomas 
Martin, Cross 
Luxford, Francis 
Russell, Sol'm'n, wid. 
Coles, Laurence, wid. 

21 Harcourt, John 
22*Hall, Edward, wid. 

Fuller, Nathaniel 
23 Brothers, Richard 
Smith, Robert 
Shaw, Thomas 

25 Downes, William 
Brook, or Brooke, 

Hughes, Llias, wid. 

26 Cooke, Robert 
Anthony, Thomas 
Milliard, Richd., wid, 
Durban, Thomas 
Viment, John 

27 Harding, John 

Busher, Sarah 
West, Mary. wid. 
Woodward, Eliz. 
Jemmett, Kath. 
Baldwin, Sarah 
Woodgate, Eliz. 
Dagley, Elizabeth 
Goodyeares, or 


Perks, Elizabeth 
Knight, Ann 
Marow, Mary 

Rothborn, Jane 

Murry, Elizabeth 
Handy, Susanna 
Langton, Alice, 

Morris, Elizabeth 
Groom, Sarah 
Granger, Mary 
Fuger, Sarah, wid. 
Knight, Sibill 
Smith, Mary 
Carter, Mary 

Roofe, Katherine 
Buggin, Martha 
Wace, Letitia, 

Metton, Eliz. 
Mills, Finch, wid. 
Mitchell, Ann, wid. 
Luxford, Ann 
Goulston, Mary 
Norns, Martha 
Stanbrough, Ann 
Benson, Eliz., wid. 
Humphrey, Eliz. 
Sanders, Ann 
Stone, Ann 
Kifford, Mary 
Smith, Ann 
Pear sail, Eliz. 

Howell, Eliz. 
Rowson, Mary 
Kerkham, Sarah 
Allen, Ann, wid. 
Jones, Ann 
Wall, Grace 
Sandford, Martha, 

28 Harries, Godfrey and Smith, Anne 
Blunt, Nathaniel Finly, Mary 

29 Stent, John Moulder, Mary 
Smith, William Watts, Elizabeth 

January, 1699-1700. 

Chappell, William 
Price, Rolant 
Willis, Richard 

Cooper, Rebekah 
Evans, Joyce 
Inges, or Inge, 

Boyl, Benedicta 
Crooke, Sarah 
Dave, Isabella 
Green, Marg., wid. 
Wilcocks, Sus'nna 

Trotter, John 

3 Prichard, Joseph 
Draper, William 
Banks, Thos., wid 
Rutter, Michael 
Leicester, Lawrence, Mason, Mary 

Gorson, Edward Oliver, Mary 
Scarlot, George Heald, Elizabeth 

Bourk, David Blackburn, Mary 

4 Wilkinson, Richard Lipington, Eliz. 

Neal, William 

5 Jones, William 
Fitz Williams, 

Meads, John 

6 Harding, Robert 
8 Lewis, Richard 

Sanders, John 

Tymbs, Ann 
Heron, Ann 
Allen, Margaret, 

Best, Margaret 
Clyford, Eliz. 
Reeves, Elizabeth 
Toffley, Kath., 


Brecknock, William Willmer, Eliz. 
Buck, Marmaduke, Beedle, Mary 
9 Clarke, John Ford, Joanna 

Tuely, Robert Ireland, Sarah 

10 Mynell, Charles Carter, Mary, wid. 

Hammond, Edward Slater, Mar. 

Barrett, or Barret, 

Norris, Michael 
Lockhart, Jeames 

Hartley, Ben. 

Luckin, or 

Luckyn, D'rthy 
Jerden, Diana 

Warrington, Jeames Stone, Mary 

Smith, William 
Pawson, Joseph 

(</) Both names in centre of calendar as written 

Allen, Anne 

Page, Mary 
Liveings, Sarah 
Tryner, Eliz. 

14 Beauchampt, Ben. 
Hargreaves, John 

15 Lambird, Richard 
Baines, William, wid. Webb, Frances 
Gibbons, Thomas Widmore, Ann 
Hill, John Dobinson, Mary 
Page, Matthew, wid. Stockton, 

Frances, wid 

16 Goodwin, Abraham Grice, Martha 
Wray, Benoni Pether, Sarah 
Cully, Thomas Sprat, Sarah 

i8*Salvin, Jeames Carter, Ruth 

Bull, Thomas Sherwood, Eliz 

i699 _I 7°°] 

Faculty Office. 


January, 1699-1700. 

18 Clarke, John and Simpson, Mary 
Child, John, wid. Graves, Jane, wid. 
Nicholas, Hester 
Pilkington, Arm an 
Booth, Thomason, 

Staphorst, Marg. 

19 Loft, Timothy 
Buckland, John 
Morish, William, 

22*Mailock, Rawlin 

Wells, Francis, wid. Bodell, Hannah 
Franklin, William Hayes, Frances 

Carter, Mary 
Crowls, Mary 
Whelpley, Mary 
Hutchens, Eliz. 

Savell, Richard 
23 *Peck, Daniel 

Arundell, Henry 

Chessire, Edward 

Pickering, William Bourne, Eliz. 
2-j.*Burdit, Richard Nicoll, Elizabeth 

27 Elliot, John, wid. Keemp, Eliz., wid. 

29 Gibson, Wm., wid. Watson, Eliza 
Countess, Jeames Bridges, Ann 
Bacon, Michael {a) Blyth, Mary 
Cross, William Cammell, Mary 

30 Champnays, Simon, Davies, Ann 


31 Chandler, John 

30 Pyrke, Thomas 

31 Alkins, John 

Boyse, Elizabeth 
Browning, Eliz. 
"Stamper, Robt., wid. Man, Ann 
Premaine, Richard Connick, Eliz. 
Barber, Richard Pulmum, Eliz. 
Humphreys, Samuel, Norway, Eliz., 

wid. wid. 

Hide, William, wid. Stephenson, Eliz. 
Emblin, Samuel Fillingham, Mary, 

Townson, William Tharlo, Melba, 

Martha, wid. 

20 Archer, Nicholas 

February, 1699- 1700. 

i*Wooderofe [Wood- Duncomb, Hester 
roffe], Robert 
Basset, Richard Daves, Isabell 

Brewer, William East, Phillis 

2 Wotton, or Wotten, Cliperton, or Cly- 


*Naylor, John, wid. 
Leader, John, wid. 
Willby, Richard 
Fox, William, wid. 

3 Fish wick, John 

Peck, Roger 
Scott, Richard 

perton, Martha, 


Watts, Eliz., wid. 
Pullen, Mary 
Moody, Winefred 
Scarlett, Mary, 

Bampton, Alicia, 

Hunt, Mary 
Worsley, Susan'h 

3 Compton, John and 

5 Page, Edward, wid. 
Purdell, or Purdon, 

Huson, George 

6 Norton, Jeames 
Hughes, Thomas 
Thurburne, Joseph 
Quick, George 
Jan-Nys, Garret 
Wood, Anthony 

7 Southwick, Daniel 
Thornbury, Christo. 

"'Temple, John, wid. 

8 Thurkittle, Thomas, 

Burgis, John 
Darking, Robert 
Nellder, or Millder, 

Fox, Francis, wid. 
9*[Emes, John (a) 
Johns, John 

Baker, N icholas, wid. 
Swinshaw, Job 
Walker, Edward, 

Woodyer, Richard 
Dickson, John 
Margetts, Thomas 
10 Jennings, Robert 

Jencks, Richard 
Lee, Edward 

Shrimpton, John 

Creed, Thomas 
Lutman, John 
Smith, Thomas 
Moreing, or Moring, 

Buffer, John 
Richard, David 
*Harrison, Michaell 
12 Ride, Robert 

Bickardike, Richard 
Hoist, Swenus 
* Palmer, Ralph 
Fletcher, Henry 
Davis, Morgan 
Lawrence, Thomas, 

Turner, Edward 
Sanders, Richard 
Young, Solomon, wid. 

Villet, Elizabeth 
Miles, Mary 
Capell, Ann 

Poulter, Ann 

Nicholls, Mary 

Cogdell, Eliz., wid. 

Fossett, Margaret 

Milard, Jane 

Kenge, Ann 

Bowyer, Mary 

Taylor, Eliz. 

Bowler, Mary 

Yalden, Ann 

Winlow, Marg., 

Stillman, Eliz. 

Wilkins, Eliz. 

Benson, Mary, 

Gravener, Mary 

Parker, Eliz.] 

Woods, Mary, 

Payne, Mary 

Dart, Mary, wid. 

Badham, Isabella, 

Tisdell, Mary 

Bowman, Ann 

Bell, Ann 

Chambers, Mary, 

Tiller, Margaret 

Dickinson, Isa- 

Saunders, Philo- 

Thomas, Ruth 

More, Jane 

Wiggins, Ann 

Oder, Mary 

Fish, Elizabeth 

Ecot, Ann 

Vernon, Mary 

Baxter, Sarah 

Larratt, Elizabeth 

Fris, Ann 

Ernie, Katherine 

Basford, Hellen 

Price, Ann 

Atterbury, Ann, 

May, Ann 

Simons, Ann 

Langford, Susan- 
nah, wid. 

(a) In calendar this is Michael Bacon Bacon. 

[(/) Not in calendar. 


Marriage Licences. 


February, 1699-1700. 

12 Ross, Posthumusflwd 
Hickman, Joseph 
Mason, William 

15 Bucaille, John 
Mason, Samuel 

16 Pattenden, Henry 
Hunt, Edward 

17 Rowell, John 
Stevens, William 

Pitkin, Thomas, wid 

18 Chandler, John 

20 Turner, Henry, wid. 
2i*Tompion, Thomas 

23 More, Richd., wid. 

Joyce, Samuel 
Vincent, Wm., wid. 

24 Westmoreland, 

Peter, wid. 
Small, John 
27 Bernard, Francis 
29 Key, Thomas 

Rishby, Elizabeth 
Rannew, Marg. 
Ellistone, Mary 
Smith, Jane 
Mitchell, Ann 
Littleton, Eliz. 
Fremain, or Fre- 

maine, Frances 
Edwards, Sarah, 

Munden, Thoma- 

.Hasell, Sarah 
Combs, Katherine 
Dodson, Martha 
English, Jane, u 'id. 
Taylor, Elianor, 

Bellamy, Eliz. 
Elkin, Martha, 

Kent, Ann 

Dunkin, Mary,7 t 'h/. 
Fox, Elizabeth 
Martin, Jane 

March, 1699-1700. 

1 Drew, John, wid. 

2 Buck, Peter 
Bedford, Richd.. wid, 

4 Saunders, John 

"Awsite [Awsiter], 

6 Goldsmith, John 
Whitton, John 

*Dodd, John 

7 Lemon, Thomas 

8 Tucker, Philip p 

Greatrick, or Grat- 

rick, John 
Carey, Edward 

9 Allen, Francis 
Carter, Roger 
Leadbeater, Robert 

1 1 *Kateing [Keating'], 

Sparks, Jeames, wid 

12 Hardey, Edmond 

15 Mason, Thomas 

* Humphreys, Wm. 

16 Camble, David, wid 
Whilton, John, wid. 

Bagnall, Eliz. 
Graye, Jane 
.Nowell, Jane, wid. 
Michelton, or 


Impey, Martha 

Marnum, Sara 
Beak, Mary 
Davis, Jane, wid. 
Winton, Eliz. 
Tayler, Judith, 

Lawne, Marg. 

Carr, Frances, 

Cooth, Eliz. 
Acton, Katherine 
Wooderoff, Eliz. 
Surday [Purday], 

.Whate, Elizabeth 
Wilkinson, Mary 
Lloyd, Katherine 
Waldo, Hannah 

, Browne, Hellen 
Duredon, Ellenor 

i6*Smith, John and 
19 Wheeler, Elisha 

Cliffe, Thomas 

Martin Beaumont, 
Hen. (a) 

Spackman, Thomas 
22 Gardner, William 

Graves, Benjamin 

Disher, W 7 m.. wid. 

Hollech, William 

Baynton, Peter, wid. 

Clarke, Abel 

Wilson, John 

Botley, John 

Rogers, Elizabeth 
Harvey, Tomason 
Walthow, Alice 
Pellean, Hester 

Goodwyn, Dorcas 
Records, Eliz. 
Hutchinson, Mary 
Crow, Dorothy 
Davis, Mary 
Hardy, Sarah 
Osborne, Jane 
Rightson, Eliz. 
Cobb, Ann, wid. 

Merchant, Eliz. 
Evans, Sarah 

Goad, Alice, wid. 

Blunt, Mary 
Nutt, Ann 

March, 1700. 

25*Salmon, John Nash, Mary 

Hulton, Robert Cox, Elizabeth 

Rayment, Anthoney Norton, Jane 

26 Harrison, Thomas East, Mary 
Small, Joseph 
Cours, or Course, 

28 Doncas, Nicholas,' 


Stone, Joseph 

Duncomb, or Dun- 
combe, Thomas 

Thomas, Lovis, wid, Andrews, Rachael 
*Dolins, Daniel Cooke, Margaret 

29 Ramsden, Robt., wid. Bourder, Frances, 

Brookes, John, Critchley, Mary, 

wid. wid. 

Jenkinson, Nicholas Merry, Martha 
Fendall, John Burges, Susannah 

Cole, Richard Share, or Sheare, 

30*Peirse, Thomas Hustler, Ann 

Whetcombe, Peter Rice, Mary 
Barrey, Christopher Starkey, Ann 
Le Febure, Nicholas, Le Plastrier, Ann 

Hall, Thomas Jackson, Ann 

Mosley, Nicholas Hardrett, Eliz. 

April, 1700. 

1 Whitwel, or Whit- Whitehead, Sarah 

well, Anthoney 
Scudamore, Barnaby Carlton, Martha 

2 Beach, Nathaniel, Cock, Sarah 

] Stonehams, Richard Diamond, Grace 
4*Riggs, Robert Merrill [Morrell], 

Knagg, Edward, wid. Hodge, Elizabeth 

(,/iThis is written as Martin Beaumont in the 
margin where the surname only is used. 


Faculty Office. 


April, 1700. 

4 Axtill, Philipp and 
Estaunie, Isaac 

5 Tisbury, John 
Tudor, William 

6 Hancock, William 
Butcher, Francis 
Hill, Peter 
Trinder, Jeames 

7 Ash, Edward 

8 Bevins, Thomas 
Lilley, William 
Holmes, William 

Durand, Adam 
Dickinson, Peter 
Wright, Philipp 
*Beyer, William 
g Mitchell, Gilbert 

10 Gardner, David 

Blanchard, Andrew 

1 1 Bardall, William 
Denney, Gary 

English, Thomas 

12 Wickham, White 
Pyke, William 

13 March, William 
Hedges, Samuel 

15 Lesingham, Thos., 

Alland, Roger 
Makay, John 
Goodwyn, Jane 
Jordan, Thomas 

16 Barkham, William 

Vriburgen, or Vry- 

bergen, Martin 
Brocket, Francis 

17 Woodroffe, Daniel 
Ewen, Thomas 
Stoakes, George 

18 Hetley, John 

Shipp, Thomas 

22 Oliver, John 
Vere, Robert 
Southern, W 7 m. wifl. 
Finch, Thomas 
Aris, Edward 

23 Goodlad, John 

24 King, Daniell 

26 Delasaye, Charles 

27 Winterflood, Joshua 


Ridley, Jane 
Du Cross, 

Carter, Mary 
Parr, Anne 
Pilkinton, Anne 
Smith, Ellen 
Turner, Hannah 
Garrett, Grace 
Saunders, Ann 
Pritchet, Grace 
Wells, Joane 
Clarke, Anna 

Bressaw, Jane 
Vernall, Eliz. 
Beale, Elizabeth 
Wolfe, Elizabeth 
Dixie, Frances 

Norden, Sarah 
Purney, Martha 
Clancey, Mary, 

Brett, Margaret 
Cawley, Anna 
Simms, Ann 
Walker, Eliz. 
Brown, Eliz., wid. 
Daniell, Jane, wid. 

Miles, Alice 
Anguish, Susanna 
Johnson, Sarah 
Woolf, or Woolfe, 

Elizabeth, wid. 
Grosvenor, Mary, 

Authoivette du 

Chesu, Mariane 
Edward, Ann 
Edmonson, Sarah 
Woodall, Eliz. 
Bush, Mary 
Clarke, Sarah, 

Holmes, Mary 
Moore, Ann, wid. 
Sherbolt, Eliz. 
Crump, Alice 
How, Mary 
Rhodes, Sarah 
Howton, Lydia 
Nicoll, Jane 
Coleborn, Eliz. 
Fawl, or Faul, 


27 Mavis, John and 

Child, William, wid. 

*Bouchier, Brereton, 

Smith, Richard, wid. 

29 Kennett, Philipp, wid 
De Casuae, Thomas 

31 Grove, George 
Davies, Thomas 
Voyce, Gamalier 

Davis, Ann 
Alrick, Judith 
Bridges [Hon.], 

Case, Anne, wid. 
.Harvey, Sarah 
Harper, Dorothy 
Woodhouse, Eliz. 
White, Margaret 
Towers, Abigail 

May, 1700. 

1 Parquets, J as. and Salmon, Mary 

2 Ashurst, Thomas Benson, Mary, wid. 

Hammond, John 
Garrow, Nicholas 
Turner, John 

3 Walker, William 
Peirson, Thomas 

4 Ruthorne, Joseph 
Price, Robert 

6 Cowcher, John 

Monday, Martha 
Shaw, Mary 
Smith, Mary 
Corthon, Eliz. 
Forgeham, Sarah 
Copper, Anne 
Clarke, Mary 
Heathfield, Mary 

7*Burnaby, John, wid. Woode, Clara 

Willcox, Thomas White, Elizabeth 
9 Howkins, John, wid. Brayfield, Eliz. 
^[Portland, Wm. Berkeley of 

(Bentinck),Earlof Stratton, Jane, 
Dow. Bss.] (a) 
10 Jacobs, William Marvin, Mary, 

Toft, George Buckle, Mary 

13 Daymond, William Hall, Mary 
Stockdell, James Woods, Susannah 
Cobcraft, John 

14 Read, Thomas 
*Harbert [Herbert], 

Brownrigg, William Day, Sarah 

15 Watson, John, wid. Tayler, Susannah, 


Harris, Elizabeth 
Kettle well, Anne 
[Aldridge], Mary 

Ellis, Margaret 
Sergeant, Eliz. 
Whiteing, Anne 
Davis, Anne 
Bineare, Sarah 

Tayler, Jonathan 
Deare, John 
Crump, George 
Cotterell, George 

17 Stafford, Peter 
Cummyns, Michael Fowler, Abigail 

18 Dench, Henry Steare, Phillis 
Stanton, John, wid. Morley, Ann 
Barnett, William Evins, Dorothy 
Porter, James 
Spencer, Edward 

Cable, Joseph 
20 Pardoe, John 
Gillam, John 
Gorine, Charles 
Pritchard, Andrew 

Geare, Sarah,,«m/ 
Churcher, Mary, 

Allen, Mary 
Ball, Frances 
Allen, Katherine 
Bridger, Eliz. 
Wigley, Jane 

{a) This entry in a different handwriting appeais 
at the end of the calendar for May. 



Marriage Licences. 

[i 700 

May. 1700. 

20 Hooke, Trvinan and 
i\ Froud, Edward, wid. 

Green, William 
Taylor, William 

22 Twyford, John 
Smith, William, wid. 
Davenport, Samuell 
Hughes, Samuell 
Pysing, William 
Mosley, Thomas 

23 *Barrington [Sir] 

Charles [Bart.], 

24 Humphreys, Richard 
Winshurst, Ralph 

zj Wills, Robert 
Pyott, Edward 
Spence, James 
Ball, Robert, wid. 

iS Ellis, Charles 

*Lynch, Richard 
Hoare, Robert 
Willmore, Abraham 

2g Barnett, John. wid. 

30 Wharton, Richard, 
Skinner, John. wid. 
Boston, Wm., wid. 
Marshall, William 

31 Kemp, William 
Spriggs, Joseph 

Remington, Arthur 

Wicks, Mary 
Martin, Elinor, 

Richmond, Man- 
Young, Eliz., wid. 
Buttery, Priscilla 
Griffin, Mary 
Saunders, Lydia 
Evins, Jane 
Aston, Mary 
Bliss, Eliz., wid. 
Fitz Williams 

[Hon.]. Anna 

Halsey, Mary 
Cuxon, Elizabeth 
Blincoe, Dorothy 
Watkins, Eliz. 
Watson, Jane 
Allen, Sarah 
Woddam, Kath., 

Woodcock, Eliz. 
Burnard, Ann 
Sparke. Mary. 

Todd, Man\ wid. 
Wallis, Prances 
Snoxell, Mary 
Powell, Eliz., wid. 
Baylie, Ann. wid. 
Dunford, Jane 

Pear, Katherine, 


June. 1700. 

1 Fellows, Richd. and 
Hoare, Benjamin 
Hoare, George 

3 Barnett, Henry, wid. 
Philips, Thomas 
Gibbons, Richard 

4 Astwood, David 

5 Perry, John, wid. 

6 Haughton, Phillip 
Hyde, Ralph 

7 Turner, William 
Ragdell, Robert 
Presbury, Philipp 

8 Swift, Richard 
Lally, Edward 

9 Gast, Timothy 
10 Griffiths, Arthur 

Upton, William, wid. 

Harwood, Martha 
Smith, Elizabeth 
White, Mary 
Smith, Mary. wid. 
Highmes, Eliz. 
Bolt, Alicia 
Buckland, Chris- 
Pett, Sarah, wid. 
Cookson, Man- 
Green, Elizabeth 
Spelt, Mary 
Ludwell, Sarah 
Perkins, E\iz.,wid. 
Craft, Katherine 
Devon, Mary 
Smith, Hannah 
Seymore, Ann 
Burras, Sarah 

i 1 

1 2 

J 3 









Edwards, Geo. and 
Yarronton, John 
Moth, John, u r id. 
Lambert. Robt., wid. 
Nap, Charles 
Parkins, Charles 

*Warburton, Sir 

George fBart.) 
Pensax, William 

*Duncomb, John 

Evans, Thomas 
Howell, Oliver 
Mason, Joseph 
*Huson, John. wid. 
Whiteing, John 
Francis, George 
Tabor, William 

Drewry, Samuell. 

*Wodehouse, Sir 

John. Bart. 
Andrew, Joseph 
Smith, Richard 
Townsend, Josias 

Churchey, James 
Tinnebac, Henry 
Basse, Jeremiah, 

"Baskervile, James 
Cotes, John 

Bignall, William 
Herring, John 
Baker, John 
Knight, Francis 
Cooper, Richard. 

Harrison, Richard 

Grace, Nicholas 
Pilkinton, Zachariah 

Edge, Samuell, wid. 

Steggall, Thomas 
Benning, Robert 
Pomfret, Stephen 
Beardwell, Ben.,wid 
Harcourt, John, wid. 
Price, Philip, wid. 
Littlehales, or Little- 
hale, Richard 

Hunter, Charity 
Pemerton, Mary 
Tounge, Bridgett 
Clarke, Sarah 
Parker, Ann 
Brandon, Sarah 
Allington, The 

Hon. Diana 
Brownrigg, Jane 

Page, Abigal 
Hopkins, Sarah 
Boulter, Ann 
Burnham, Anne 
Beesley, Jane 
Bixley, Mary 

Vernon, Eliz.. 

Benson, Eliz. 

Butler, Kath., wid. 
Hill, Eliz.. wid. 
Hughes, Sarah. 

Sayer, Mary 
Wood, Man- 
Curtis, Elizabeth 

Haggatt, Abiah 
Shirley [Hon.], 

Wilson, Anariah 
South, Elizabeth 
Hammon, Eliz. 
Humphreys, Eliz. 
Hickman, Sarah, 

Johnson, Marg., 

Barber, Mar)-, wid. 

Evans, Deborah. 

Peosley, Christian 
Cond, Elizabeth 
Green, Elizabeth 
Kirle, Lucy 
Garston, Man- 
Perkins, Ann 
Edwards, Eliz. 

July, 1700. 

1 *Chester, Thos. and Wigfall, Eliz. 
Bartholomew, John Curffe, Jane 


Faculty Office. 


July, 1700. 

1 Gibbs, Thomas and 
Marshall, William 

2 Napleton, Thomas 
Howell, Thomas, 


Bosely, Thomas 

Emery, Stephen, wid 
3*Cross, Henry 

Allcraft, George 

Burton, John 

Aldington, Matthias 
4*Mason, John 

Staley, John 
5 Lawrence, Silvester, 
Kent, George, wid. 

Carter, John, wid. 
Bavis, William 
Wright, Nicholas 
Smith, Edward 

8 Symonds, Thomas 

Howell, Thomas 

9 Hales, James 
Ball, John 

10 Richardson, Wm. 
Smart, Mathew 

12 Burk, John 
Michay, Alexander 
Lewis, John 

13 Pyke, John 
Meoles, Henry 
Tinker, Thomas 
Coulton, George 

Carwardine, John, 

Ingram, William 

15 Stubbs, Thomas 
George, William 

Hope, Henry 

16 Bird, John 
Cook, Henry 
Bosgrave, William 
Wyburd, Richard 
Venn, Edward 

Inkle, Thomas 

17 Pearce, Christopher 
Starling, John 

19 Wilson, Anthony 
Martin, J e fiery 

Marshall, Eliz. 
Cole, Ann 
Napleton, Sarah 
Masters, Mary 

Webb, Ann 
Walton, Sarah 
Joddrell, Eliz. 
Ingall, Frances 
Sharpe, Anna 
Collston, Sarah 
Funnell, Judith, 

Price, Mary, wid. 
Ford, Mary 

Lashbrooke, or 


Hiller, Elizabeth 
Jeffes, Ellen 
Farren, Jane, wid. 
Chambers, Cath. 
St. Hill, or Sanit- 

hill, Deborah 
Bartrom, Rebecca 
Craswell, Kath. 
Watts, Frances 
Cogan, Sarah 
Bills, Ann 
Porter, Sarah 
Grigg, Elizabeth 
Bellom, Jane 
Fannock, Eliz. 
Peters, Mary 
Linsley, Martha 
Hacter, or Haeter, 

Hicton, Margaret 

Hutchins, or 

Hutkins, Mary, 

Lee, Mary 
Colbon, Bethia, 

Gear, Lydia, wid. 
Griffin, Ann 
Curtis, Elizabeth 
Gynn, Mary, wid. 
Bowrin, Ann 
Warberton, Mary, 

Barker, Susannah 
Rose, Mary 
Grimes, Ann, wid. 
Addison, Mary 
How, Sarah 

19 Hughes, Edward and 

Jennings, Joseph 

20 Gildon, John 
Mercer,' Josiah 
Percivall, Onias 
Himers, William 
Barrodale, Ben. 
Parrett, John 

22 Curson, Alex., wid. 
Cobb, John 
Imes, John 

25 North, John 

26 May, John 
Mode, John 

27 Bowers, Geo., wid. 

Sapsford, John, ze>id. 

Gibbins, Roger 
Rutt, Richard 
2g*Cooper [Samuel] 
Deering, John 
Hall, Edward 
Bevington, John 
Edmunds, Leonard, 

Bishop, Ben., wid. 
Geare, Stephen 
*Kelly, John 
Atkins, William 

30 Isaacson, Anthony 

31 Sise, Edward, wid. 
Wise, Thomas 
Sanders, William 
Billon, Peter 

Witton, Joseph 

Clarke, or Clark, 
Margaret, wid. 
Mitchell, Marg. 
Lacey, Margaret 
Carew, Lucey 
East, Sarah 
Cheeseman, Jane 
Wilcox, Mary 
Edwards, Eliz. 
Munns, Frances 
Barker, Judith 
Clarke, Mary 
Hunt, Ann 
Lafite, Ellinor 
Moore, Sarah, 

Greenwood, Isa- 
Cowley, Mary 
Cope, Elizabeth 
St. John, Barbary 
Edies, Katherine 
Sessions, Mary 
Emuck, Judith 
Pardoe, Eliz., wid 

Lee, Sarah 
Lees, Elizabeth 
Lane, Elizabeth 


Hancock, Anne 
Caigar, Hannah 
Homan, Mary 
Le Francois, 


Pines, Mary 

August, 1700. 

1 Readshaw, Josh, and 
Stanford, John 
Ward, William 

2 Ambrose, Daniel 

Geary, Bryan 

3 Lilly, Peter, wid. 
Mott, Samuel 

5 Grosvener, Richard 
Cadwell, John 
Blane, or Blaine, 

Cuxon, William 
*Tidd, Thomas 

6 Jersey, Thomas 

Anderson, Juliana 
Taylor, Ann 
Ray, Ann, wid. 

Parker, Joanna, 

Morfew, Ann 
Bowles, Jane 
Cope, Tobitha 
Sutton, Ann 
Paine, Mary 

Pepys, Elizabeth 
Elliott, Mary 
Harvey, Mary 


Marriage Licences. 


August, 1700. 

6 Allambridge, and Howell, Tomazin 
Arkinstall, John, w id. Shelvock, Mary, 

Stokes, Thomas Taylor, Hannah, 

7*Jervoise, Thos., wid. Stonehouse, Eliz. 

13 Robarts, Samuell Townsend, 

Hitches, George Davison, Sarah 

Siggins, Thomas, Fisher, Elizabeth 

14 Issledike, John Anderson, Marg. 
Wright, Thomas Briscoe, Kath., 


Baldwyn, Baker Clarke, Sarah 

15 Holland, Sabastian Swadwell, Martha 
Waring, John Lee, Mary 

16 Kettle, John Taylor, Eliz., wid. 
Still, John Webb, Eliz., wid. 
Viall, John Golding, Easter, 


17 Livingstone, Geroge Howard, Mary 
Peakes, William Parsons, Ann 
Cox, John Reading, Sarah 

19 Brignell, Giles Lee, Alice, wid. 
Maddocks, Joseph Plant, Lidia 

20 Huchis, John, wid. Jordan, Mary 
*Coaznion, Moses Le Planch, Mary 

21* Marsh, William Hayes, Elizabeth 

Colson, Edward Symmons, 


Marson, Thomas Davie, Ann 

Neall, John Cradduck, Eliz. 

22 Male, John Stakes, Sarah 
Gregory, Thomas Orchard, Eliz. 

23 Powell, Charles Lee, Mary 

24 Lock, Samuell Brooks, Mary 

26 Jovvin, Michael Fanuell, Mary, 

*Pakington, Sir John Perrott, Hester 

[Bart.], wid. 
Oakes, John Wanston, Eliz. 

27 Lucas, Robert, wid. Wright, Bridgett, 


28 Rice, James Stallybrass, 

Susannah, wid. 
Cooper, Henry, wid. Stanion, Martha 

29 Elliott, Edward Dollard, Mary 
Brock, John, wid. Barnes, Jane, wid. 
Farnham, Clement Jones, Elizabeth 

30 Elson, Thomas Topp, Ann 

31 Willmott, John Mathews, 

La Caux, Paul Lewis Marriette, Claude 
Vincent, Thos., wid. Wignard, Dennis, 

Field, Edmund Paul, Martha 

September, 1700. 

2 Pocock, Charles and Spencer, Mary 

3 Whittaker, Henry Herbert, Mary 
*Wynde, Chas., wid. Datchelor, Mary 

5 Wingod, Wm., wid. Scarlet, Mary, wid. 
Trevethen, John Waller, Elizabeth 
Leigh, Thomas Harrison, Eliz. 

6 Cocksedge, Thomas Eagle, Susanna, 


7 Brand, John Rigg> Ann 
Abbit, Edmund, wid. Walbancke, 

Susanna, wid. 
Green, Mathew Barnes, Hannah 

9 Osborn, William Reynolds, Reb'cca 
Cox, William Nicholls,Ann,^'/rf. 

Smith, Richard Dobbins, Eliz. 

10 Lewellin, Thomas Whitworth, Kath. 
Kemp, William Holt, Elizabeth 

i2*French, John English, Mary 

West, John Williams, Jane 

Pitts, William Sweeting, Sarah 

Alchin, Henry Sorry, Anna 

Hook, Robert, wid. Price, Ann 

14 Burridge, Thos., wid. Norris, Ann 
Hartley, William Fitzhugh, Mary 
Gibson, Richard Clark, or Clarke, 

Griggs, Thomas Jennings, Susanna 

16 Wilson, Thomas Worcester, Eliz. 

17 Lidgate, Robert Thinn, or Thin, 


i8*Ogle, Thomas Lee, Jlephzibah 

Carter, Thomas Parker, Margaret 

19 Anderson, Thomas Piatt, Ann 
Laurence, William Sheppard, Marg. 

20 Mitchell, Richard Carlile, Martha 
Sumner, William Farmond, Mary 

23 Couch, Thomas Knott, Susanna 
Leach, Abraham Highem, Sarah 

24 Harbert, George Tuitty, Bridgett 

25 Evans, Evan Brown, Mary 
Norris, Henry Evans, Sarah 
Fitzer, Thomas Walker, Dorothy 

[26] *[Feilde, Edmund (a)Paul, Martha] 

27 Bennett, Edwd., wid. Knight, J one, wid. 
Filister, William Simpson, Lidia 

28 Peck, Thomas Furnifull, Elianor 
Bacon, James Middleton, Ann 
Martin, Thorn as, k zrf.Cockup, Eliz. 
Wilkinson, William West, Joanna 
Woods, John Cook, Sarah 

October, 1700. 

1 Baron, Thomas and Sale, Ann, wid. 
Barmby, William Martin, Ann 
Vids, William Prior, Ann 

{a) Not in the calendar. 


Faculty Office. 


October, 1700. 

3 Carpenter, Thos.,#wdLancisshire, Eliz., 
wid. wid. 

Hider, William, wid. Dickinson, Marg. 
Ranfeild, John, wid. Manton, Mary, 

Millist, John Coles, Mary 

Glyn, Robert Kent, Barbara 

5 Evans, Thomas Woldon, Kath. 

Green, Macklin Weston, Martha 

Withers, John Downs, Mary 

7* Green, Thomas Mathews, Case 

Andrew, wid. 
Wood, Elias Ockshutt, Jane 

9 Williamson, Life, Alice, wid. 

Meriton, Thomas Howson, Eliz. 
Smith, John, wid. Newman, Eliz. 
ro Cole, Thomas Butler, Ann 

n Gray, Joshua Rogers, Ann 

12 Jenkin, Daniell Yeomans, Mary 

14 Powell, James, wid. Cook, Ann, wid. 
Barkes, Charles, wid. Miller, Eliz., wid. 

15 Waldin, William Harvest, Jane 
Charles, Joseph Stevenson, Mary 
Harpin, John Cook, Ann, wid. 
Jackson, Leonard Bayley, Sarah 

16 Pattison, Robert Softly, Abigail 
Evans, James, wid. Clarke, Ann, wid. 

17 Hipsley, Thomas Bennett, Eliz., wid. 
19 Pickering, Jacob Cart, Ann 

Baldwin, John Moore, Mary 

Hendley, Thomas Smith, Sarah, wid. 

B re wis, Valentine Green, Mary 

21 Verdear, Mark Vincon, Elizabeth 
Cosher, Alexander Peppiatt, Sarah 
Harding, Henry Hollins, Mary 
Chandler, Richard, Hobbs, Kath., 

wid. wid. 

22 Hoade, John Styles, Dorothy 

23 Hadwell, George Heyton, Jane 
Foxcroft, Wm (a) Barker, Mary 

24 Williams, Jacob, w/rf.Greaves, Eliz., 

25*Hulse, William Cooling, Eliz. 

28 Bird, Samuel Temple, Ann 

Wratten, Thomas Challender, Phillis 
31 Linsey, William Baker, Bridgett 

Stobbs, John Garrett, Eliz. 

Trentham, Thomas Hardie, Katherine 

Holland, James, wid. Stevens, Eliz., wid. 

Mar low, John Hewitt, Joyce 

November, 1700. 

1 Pycroft, J n., wid.. and Skinner, Dennis 

2 Wyat, Thomas Power, Ann 

(a) In the margin this reads Burges and Barker. 

2 Worwick, Edw. and Windsor, Frances 

Bower, George Yates, Martha 

4 Wise, Soloman Webb, Elizabeth 

Foster, Mathew Hudson, Hannah 

White, Edward Cole, Mary 

Parramore, William Butcher, Mary, 

*Stevens,Tyrringham Rayson, Eliz. 

6 Dodson, Sam., wid. Cooke, Margaret 
Wood, Abell Jones, Elianor 

7 Raitby, or Raithby, Gandall, Anna 

John, wid. 

8 Hinton, Anthony King, Johanna 
Tayler, or Taylor, Foster, Mary 


9 Hicks, Nicholas Goodson, Mary 
Vincent, Thomas Wignard, Dennis 
Hampton, Thomas Hartwell, Mary 
Matson, James Williams, Eliz. 

11 Ty, Richard Jacock, Sarah 

Marck, John Sims, Hester 

Day, Thomas Marshall, Sus'nna 

13 Augustine,Thos.,v2Vf.Boughey, Sarah 

15 Tattersall, John Stanley, Marg. 

16 Crouch, William Taylor, Elizabeth 
Willson, Henry Parre, Elizabeth 
Headdington, or Hunt, Mary 

Headington, Sam. 
18 Corderoy, George Keeley, Martha 
Empson, John Kendall, Ann 

20 Wale, John Mardey, Mary 

21 Hatton, George Norman, Sarah 
Watts, Robert Kyrdon, Ann 

22*Willford, Spicer, Eliz., wid. 

Nathaniell, wid. 
Patson, Richard Lenton, Elizabeth 

26 Lewis, John Rocquette, Martha 
Turne, William Middlewright, or 

Roottlidge, John Jacock, Easter 
Deane, John, wid. Day, Eliz., wid. 
Strange, Geo., wid. Noel, Mary 

27 Hide, Francis Rudsby, Sarah 

29 Rayner, John, wid. Robins, Jane 
Paradine, Richard Hawley, Mary 

30 Osborn, Richard Quinnell, Mary 
Miller, John Bernbey, Ann 

December, 1700. 

2 Johnson, Thos. and 
Nulloth, John 

*Sheppard, Richard 

Bail, Gabriell 

3 Arundell, Robt., wid. 
Robinson, Ralph 
Silverwood, John 
Walker, Robert 

Jones, Joane 
Carter, Mary 
Spicer [a Is. 

Helder], Ann 
King, Margarett 
Crayford, Marg. 
Bedford, Ann 
Bedford, Eliz. 
Rash, Mary 


Marriage Licences. 


December, 1700. 

3 Farrendell, Geo. and Taylor, Deborah 
Harper, John, wid. Martin, Ann 

4*Hawkins, William Gisborne, Kath. 
Brown, Ezekiel Tippitts, Eliz. 

Allen, Edward Brett, Katherine 

Aylworth, Geo. Hunter, Elizabeth 

6 Home, Robert Simpson, Eliz. 
Simons, or Simmons, Haynes, Rebecca 

Whittorne, William Booth, Mary 
Stokes, Jacob Betts, Margarett 

7 Cooper, Isaac Courtley, Marg. 
Snowden, John Boyce, Susanna 

8 Walter, John Curtis, Mary 
Walterson, John Tayler, Dennis 

9 Blechynden, Gratian Robinson, Ann 
Procter, Edmund Horner, Sarah 
Ball, Richard Alfrey, Jane 
Elly, James, wid. Cox, Sarah, wid. 

11 Handsley, John Battle, Sarah 
While, Humphrey Hunt, Elizabeth 

12 Thompson, William Bosfield, Marg. 
*Adams, Job Savery, Sarah 

Jones, Thomas Tomkins, Eliz. 

13 Jepson, John Cunningham, 


14 Hawkins, Francis Sparrowhawk, 

Price, John Williams, Mary 

17 Bales, William Big-wood, Mary 
Aston, Richard, wid. Bliss, Mariam, 

*Byron, Dennis Bowes, Ann 

18 Twyford, Jos., wid. Downes, Kath. 
Cross, Samuell Graft, Rebecca 

20 Lewes, William Lissney, Eliz. 

Birchall, W T m., wid. Clinch, Ellenor 

23*Cromwell, John Aston, Elizabeth 

Cox, Thomas, wid. Bromley, Susan- 
nah, wid. 

Smith, Christopher Fry, Ann 

Castle, Edmund .Perry, Mary 

Lawrance, or Lau- Rotherford, Jane 
rence, William 

24 Gutteridge, John Wooster, Sarah 
Moon, John Burnitt, Dorothy 
Harlow, Thomas Townsend, Cath. 

25 Shotten, Joseph Gardiner, Mary 

27 Farington, Henry Hollingsworth, 

Benbridge, Rowland Broughton, 

Farr, William Ebel white, Mary, 


28 Browne, Edward Millington, Eliz. 
Marshall, John Sutton, Mary 
Wells, Samuel Peale, Elizabeth 

30 Ward, Henry Jorden, Mary 

30 Edwards, Jeffry and Parr, Mary 
Bostone, Samuell Grice, Mary 
Pryer, James Wilkinson, 

Thomas, William Carter, Elizabeth 

January, 1700- i. 

1 Hanwell, John and Hatt, Mary 

2 Lerego, Thomas Parks, Hannah 

Brown, Richard 

3 Webb, Richard 
Loat, Thomas 
Gravely, Edward 

6 Cole, Benjamin 

7 Wilson, John, wid. 
Heard, Robert 

8 Pelling, Henry 
Kilty, Owen 
Pratt, John 

9 Jenkenson, Thomas Davie, Elizabeth 
Parry, or Perry, Noon, Elizabeth 


10 Lucas, Richard 
Pinson, John 

11 Ailay, Thos., wid. 
Cook, John 
Rose [ ] 

13 Hancock, John 

14 Laggatt, Philipp 

15 Langdon, Henry 

Todd, Constancy, 

Jackson, Mary 
Savage, Mary 
Andrason, Phillis 
Vernon, Lucia 
Miles, Martha 
Elliott, Elizabeth 
Dearings, Ci cilia 
Webb, Mary 
Wooten, Ann 

Miller, Margaret 
Hall, Susanna 
May, Mary 
Long, Lvdia 

Halden [- ] (a) 

West, Ann 
Diamond, Judith 
Edmunson, Sarah, 

Lawson, Pricilla 
Woolrich, Eliz. 
Rhodes, Sarah 
Rose, Elizabeth 

16 Blithman, William 

17 Green, James 

20 Rawlins, George 
Wallwyn, Charles 

*Sambrooke, Samuell Wright, Eliz. 
Feere, Richd., wid. Dunford, Mary 

21 Norton, John Chapman, Hann'h 
Shewbridge, John Hurdeys, Jane 

24 Holland, John, wid. Woods, Ann 
Meares, Wm., wid. Thelwall, Ann 
Berdoe, James, wid. Barecroft, Eliz. 

25 Hodges, John Lockwood, Sarah 

27 Hawksworth, Peter Elarton, Eliz. 
Baker, Wm., wid. Stevens, Hannah 
Evans, Richd., wid. Robinson, Eliz. 

28 Champneys, John, Holmes, Frances 


29 Whitehead, Richard Nickolls, Hannah 
Beddell, Wm., wid. Boxell, Man- 
Browne, Edward 

30 Bennett, John 

31 Gunter, Umphrey 
Parrey, Anthony 
Mancell, W r m., wid. 
Roberts, Nicholas 

Wrench, Jane 
Gough, Elizabeth 
Edmonds, Mary 
Armour, Mary 
Nay lor, Mary, wid. 
Jekyll, Mary 

((/) As in the calendar. 


Faculty Office. 


February, 1 700-1. 

1 Webb, John, wid. and Roper, Alice 
Wheeler, John Luthbury, Sarah 

Gunter, Thomas 

3 Stapleton, Isaac 
Frank, John, wid. 
Woodfield, John 

4 Cox, Jasper 
Tardeff, Joseph 

Best, Patience 
Fisher, Elizabeth 
Sheath, Jane, wid. 
Mead, Marv 
Blundell, Eliz. 
Voden, Eliz., wid. 

5 King, Daniell, wid. Winter, Eliz., wid. 
Broke, Robert, wid. Huett, Elizabeth 
Brooks, William Foster, Sarah 
Brough, Michaell Bourn, Martha 

6 Brade, Andrew Barnes, Mary 
Miller, Methusalem Davis, Jane 
Villers, Francis Boyne, Barbara, 

8 Dawkins, John 

Morehouse, or 



Jenks, Margaret 

Phillips, Martha 

Ibbs, Mary, wid. 

Stamp, Sarah 

Mingay, Frances 

10 Hall, Nicholas 
Best, William 
Pell, Thomas 
Smith, John 
Lane, George 

12 Fleming, Benjamin Savage, Ann 
Cotterell, Daniell, Blake, Martha, 

Wright, John 
Edwards, Edward 

13 Naquin, Solomon 
Heath, John 
Hastwell, William 

14 Fonholl, Abraham 

Collins, Mary 
Dunkin, Eliz. 
Girauda, Ann 
Hawkins, Eliz. 
Johnson, Ann 
Massey, Sarah 

Baldwin, John, wid. Izepp, Elizabeth, 


* Borlace, Henry 

15 Lovesey, James 
17 Batson, James 

Simons, William 
Edwards, Samuell 

18 Jones, Jerom 
Cheek, Richard 

19 Lawrence, Ralph, 


*Millward, Thomas Leving, Sarah 
Flower, Edward Jones, Martha 

20 Tostsine, John 

Mettyer, or 

Mettier, Sarah 
Burley, Dorothy 
Jones, Susanna, 

Waller, Jane 
Snelling, Ann 
Midwinter, Mary 
Hobbs, Sarah 
Wicks, Katherine 

Brett, George 
Cutteford, Henry 

21 Willis, John, wid. 
*Tryon, Charles 

22 Bassett, Thomas 
Thatcher, John 
Preston, John 
Birch, Samuell 


Rous, Mary 
Spurrier, Jane 
Holland, J a.nt,wid. 
Savile, Jane 
Allen, Elizabeth 
Ayliffe, Jane 
Staines, Judith 
Boycott, Eliz. 

22 Litchfield, W'm, and 
Spriggs, Joshua, 

24 Barfoote, William 
Tovey, William, wid. 
Watson, John 
Gardner, Jeremiah 
Peirson, Paul 
Richardson, Simon, 


25 Longland, Robert 

26 Deane, Mathew 
Norriss, Wm., wid. 
Morss, John 

White, George 

Whiteman, Thomas 
Sivedall, Henry, wid. 
Harwood, Richard 
Foxe, or Fox, John 

27 St. John, Robert. 


Lawrence, George 
Goddard, William 
Godfrey, or Godfry, 

Murfey, John, wid. 

28 Kinkeid, John 
Hall, Robert, wid. 
Dickeson, Robert 

Lakins, Mary 
Francis, Mary 

Hamond, Mary 
Wall, Mary, wid. 
Stafford, Ellenor 
Williams, Eliz. 
Woodley, Mary 
Desborow, Ann 

Coleman, Frances, 

Liscolett, Eliz. 
Weld, Elizabeth 
Territt, Hester, 

Meridale, Ann, 

Parlow, Sarah 
Valentine, Martha 
Norgrove, Eliz. 
Barnard, Ellenor, 

Barthrup, or Bar- 

thrupe, Ann, 

Jackson, Hannah 
King, Margaret 
Franklin, Rebecca 

Murfey, Elizabeth 
Kinkeid, Eliz. 
Cobbett, Eliz. 
Eaton, Elizabeth 

March, 1 700-1. 

1 Collyer, Thos. and 
*Turner, Richard 

Eve, William 
Husbands, Richard 
Towe, Simon 
Mitchell, Edward 
Chips, William 
Natt, Michaell, wid. 
Scott, Leonard 
Cwarr, Thomas 
Hmxman, Joseph 

2 Vide, Charles 

3 Francklin, Robert 
Twycroft, Joseph 
Tough, Joseph 
Morless, John 
Short, John, wid. 
Bassano, Nowell 
Kellam, John, wid. 
H unt, M ichaell, wid. 
Joukston, John 


Roberts, Mary 
Allen, Hannah, 

Peacock, Mary 
Davis, Elizabeth 
Hopwell, Frances 
Rawlett, Martha 
Snowsmary, Olive 
Helme, Margaret 
Stephens, Reb'cca 
Howell, Ann 
Barber, Beata 
Dymes, Sarah 
Wattson, Mary 
Gray, Ann, wid. 
Stone, Elizabeth 
Edwards, Jane 
Lambert, Martha 
Oast, Katherine 
West, Sarah 
Haines, Sarah 
Garsh, Sarah, wid. 


Marriage Licences. 


March, 1700-1. 

4 Walker, Thos., and Mackworth, Mary 


Skinner, William 
*St. John, Henry, jr. 

6 Sims, Henry 
8 Scott, Thomas 

Grant, John 

Eastman, Thomas 

[io]*[Tonge, Robert (a) 
n Vere, Charles 

12 Bond, Joseph 

*Nisbett, Thos., wid. 

Mandavile, or 
Mandevile, John 

Hutchins, Thos., wid. 
i3*Lethiullier, or 

Lethieullier, Wm. 
14 Gottley, Richard 

Crickett, John 
i7*Nayler, Charles, wid. 
18 Woodmitt. John 

Abraham, wid. 
20 Pearson, Stephen 

Bacon, John 
22 Raven, Jonathan 

Harratt, David 
24 Morrison, James 

Selden, William 

Dunford, Eliz. 

Goff, Joanna 
Simes, Jane 
Davies, Sarah 

Vilett, Jane] 
Collison, Mary 

Wiggin, Mary 
Rawlins, Priscilla 
Lawes, Elizabeth 

Donford, Jane 
Manning, Mary 

Coryton, Mary 
Bovell, Margaret 
Rowson, Mary 
Basset, Susanna 
Litchfield, Mary 

Sutton, Ann 
Laxon, Elizabeth 
Neblett, Edith 
Gorne, Jane 
Bruce, Anne 
Clements, Judeth 

March, 1701. 

26 Morden, John and 

28 Aylett, Ambrose 
Saunders, Daniell 
Knight, Richard 
Holland, James 

29 Britton, Alexander 
Abbett, Edmund, 

31 Penvall, Thos., wid. 

Corney, Lucv 
Holt, Ruth 
Ewers, Sarah 
White, Susanna 
Curtise, Hannah 
Dunkin, Mary 
Allen, J one, wid. 

Wright, Jane 

April, 1701. 

[ Lynn, Richard and 

2 Rowton, John, wid. 
Barton, John 

3 Ibutt, John, wid. 
4*Tillotson, John 

Wharam, Robert 
5 Brown, or Browne, 

Beckham, Francis 
7 Leake, William 

Grover, Eliz., wid. 
Wood, Mary, wid. 
Ladyman, Mary 
Chapman, Ann 
Crowle, Cath. 
Tuckey, Jane 
Franklin, Kath. 

Haycock, E lienor 
Palmer, Elizabeth 

(//) Not in the calendar. 

8 Twistleton, Geo. and 

9 Crump, Thomas 

Corbett, Waities, 

Willmott, John 
12 Ward, Timothy 
Looker, John, wid. 

14 Buchanan, Mitchaell 

16 Hutchins, William 
Coxe, Robert 

Browne, Francis. 

Edridge, John 

17 Bickerton, Ralph 
Lintott, Joshua 

*Dodson [Rev.], 
Jeremiah, wid. 

18 Hildor, William 
Usher, Henry 
Truston, John 
Wode, John 

19 Wilkinson, John 
Eburne, Ben., wid. 
Peck, John 
Granger, William 
Jones, Hugh, wid. 

Smart, Francis 
Goodwin, Richard 
20*Johnson, Lancolett 
Bryant, John, wid. 

23 Frost, Nlark, wid. 

Payne, Nathaniell 
Peirson, Stephen 

24 Paul, John 
Bennett, Lewis 

Moor, Jonathan 

25 West, Thomas 
Deane, William 

28 Stray, George 
Nichols, or Nicholls, 

John, wid. 
Smith, William 
Mackcall, or 

Mackrall, James 
Watts, Thomas 
Deary, Philipp 

29 Brompton, James 
Everett, George 
Dufai, John 

31 Griffin, Richard, wid, 
Gilbert, Thomas 

Jackson, Barbara 
Lasingby, or 

Lasinby, Ann 
Banks, Mary, 

Barker, Kath. 
Kingsland, Mary 

Bissaker, Hanna 
Godsoe, Jone 

Grigory, Martha 

Hatten, Margarett 
Weaver, Eliz. 
Street, Elizabeth 
Todd, Ann 

Bonnett, Eliz. 
Cater, Margarett 
Wood, Elizabeth 
Toon, Mary 
Bramble, Martha 
Hilliard, Ann 
Lawrence, Sarah 
Wattson, Barbara 
Banford, Marg., 

Gilbert, Mary 
Townsend, Judith 
Shorditch, Jane 
Spring, Elizabeth 

Bridgett, wid. 
Butler, Elizabeth 

Plumley, Holman, 


Bramton, Martha 
Western, Sarah 
Wooden, Mary 
Usher, Mary 
Jenkin, or Jenkins, 

Garrett, Sarah 
Robinson, Marj. 

Young, Mary 
Bramton, Martlin 
French, Mary 
Lee, Elizabeth 
Jennings, or Jen- 

nins, Mary 
Roberts, Sarah 
Adamson, Frances 


Faculty Office. 


May, 1 70 1. 

1 Peete, Thomas and Dier, or Dyer, 

Ann, wid. 
Mears, Elizabeth 

*Pettus, Sir Horatius 

Clark, Richard 
Titchinor, William 
Horspoole, John, wid 

2 Warkman, Richard 
Whitehead, Nathan. 

5 Chetwin, Robert 
Bennett, John 
Cox, Miles 
Budder, Robert 
Truelove, Thomas 
Kimpton, John 
Crouch, \Vm., wid. 
* Evelyn, John 

6*Alcocke, Lawrence 
Birch, John, wid. 
Greovall, John 

7 Cates, Ralph 

Whelpley, Richard 
Wood, Charles 

8 Meader, Chas., wid. 
Knowe, Thomas 

Dew, John. wid. 

10 Wright, Mat hew 

*Leigh, Edward 

Newton, John 

12 Walton, William 
Waller, Henry (a) 

14 Dupper, Edward 
Jones, John 

Stallwood, John 
Smith, George, wid. 

15 Leach, William 

'Hunt, Thomas 
Steere, Cornelius 

Borham, Clement 

16 Caron, Hen., wid. 
Chapman, Michaeil 
Symmons, Thomas 

17 *Ellis, Henry- 
Hall, Jerom 

19 Orrell, John 
Alder, James 

20 Porter, Joseph 
Stone, Richard 

Smith, Elizabeth 
Driver, Mary 
. Palmer, Ann 
Hampton, Sarah 
Smith, Katherine 
Burghall, Hester 
Peirce, Rachaell 
Baxter, Ann 
Maston, Eliz. 
Braggins, Jane 
Stevenson, Mary 
Wright, Ann 
Glyn, Ann 
Fuller, Ann 
Evans, Sarah 
Holbrooke, Easter 
Freeman, Mary 

Bridges, Sarah 
Harlow, Frances 
Skinner, Eliz. 
Hockley, Rachael, 

Lawrence, Mary, 

Tucker, Ann 
Reynolds, Ann 
Reads, or Reades, 

Wilkins, Mary 
King, Grace 
Ay res, Eliz., wid. 
Bristow, Ellin. 

Wood, Mary 
Garland, Mary 
Moreing, Albana, 

Ward, Jane 
Vryburgen, Ann, 

Scott, Hannah 
Fortur, Magdalen 
Goddin, Elizabeth 
Jones, Jane 
Mayhoe, Mar) 7 
Hopson, Ann 
Martin, Sarah 
Ford, Ann, wid. 
Slate, Elizabeth 


21 Parsons, Rich, and 
Atwood, John 

22 Elkin, William 

23 Markendale, Philipp 
Eaton, John 

24 Tompson, Jeremiah 
Arnold, Lott 
Croyers, Randolph 

26 Edwards, John 
Brookes, John 

Parry, George 

27 Man, John 
*Ram, Abell 

Nott, William 
Thompson, Jasper 
Hannaford, or Han- 
nyford, Eustace 

28 Crosland, William, 

Hutt, Richard 
Wright, Richard 
Hind, John 

2g*Stanyford, Ely 

30 Benefather, Mathew 

31 Yerwood, Thomas, 

Andre w, Thos., wid. 
Hawkins, J no., wid. 

Clay, Eliz., wid. 
Stephenson, Mary 
Pressey, Eliz., wid. 
Peirson, Mary 
Spomer, Marg. 
Twynn, Elizabeth 
Stanley, Sarah 
Amlett, Judith 
Knight, M argarett 
Chatburn,or Chat- 
bur ne, Eliz., wid. 
Caesar, Marg., 

Moore, Elizabeth 
Humfreys, Sarah 
Mead, Susanna 
Waldron, Sibella 
Green, Mary 

Price, Mary, wid. 

Jackson, Eliz. 
Sheppard, Susan. 
Martinn, or Mar- 
tin, Rebecca 
Ash, Katherine 
Hewyett, Ellinor 
Young, Eliz. 

Foxon, Rebecca 
Hawtin, Joanna 

June, 1701. 

(a) This occurs in the margin as Lime and King. 

2 Saxten, Thomas and 

3 Beeckman, Daniell, 


4 Allen, Robert 
Bennett, William 

5 Hanns, Edwards, 

Gunthorp, Robert, 

Turner, John 

6 Watson, David 
Spalden, Nicholas 
Sawbridge, Joseph 

7 Simpson, William 
Ovid, John 

Bills, John 
9 Pryor, Henry, wid. 
Llewellin, Richard 
Jaques, Robert, wid. 
Gaich, Joseph 
10 De Wall, Nicholas 
West, James 
Hitchcock, William 

Fasby, John 

Cumber, Eliz. 
Eyton, Elizabeth 

Kipping, Marx- 
Wright, Kath. 
Bull, Ann, wid. 

Andreas, Mary 

Jackson, Barbara 
Whittle, Eliz. 
Cane, Lidia 
Carew, Penelope 
Hall, Judith 
Foster, Mary 
Read, Ann 
Spyller, Sarah 
Sexton, Mary 
Heaffard, Eliz. 
Long, Jane 
Smith, Susanna 
Stepp, Katherine 
Pew, Priscilla, 


M argarett 

1 86 

Ma rriage L icen ces. 


June, 1701. 

10 Gaskin, or Gas- and Fowler, Ann 

kins, Thomas, wid. 

11 Youl, orYoule, John Barly, Ann 

Jefferys [ — — ], wid. 

12 Merrett, Edward 

Laurence, Peter 

Burford, Richard 
14 Calverly, Richard 

Love, Thomas 

16 Bass, William 
Frazer, James 

Anderson, Thomas Starkey, Eliz 
Powling, Thomas Poore, or Poor, 

Campbell, David, Meares, or Mears, 
wid. Margarett 

17 Hodgskin, Edward Amis, Deborah 
Robinson, Robert Games, Katherine 

Kynnesman, or 

Jones, Elizabeth 

Painter, Ann 

Pagitt, Elizabeth 

Ross, Ellinor.a'zV/. 

Blower, Martha 

May, Mary, wid. 

Aikman, Jane 

French, William 

18 Martin, Walter 

19 Bayley, John 
White, William 
Simpson, Lewis 

*Awbrey [Aubrey, 
Sir], John [Bart] 
Stisted, William 

20 Huips, George 
Fullburne, William Thornton, Joanna 
Holloway, Richard Mason, Margarett 

21 Neavers, Erancis Sommers, Jane 

23 Mapleton, John 
Swift, Arthur 

24 Hayman, Thomas 
Jones, James 

Eales, Elizabeth 
Parslow, Jane 
Browning, Eliz. 
Jones, Ann 
Sherrad, Mary 
Stealy [Staley ?], 

Linbye, Martha 
Roume, Jane 

Shield, Michaell 
25* Petty, Robert 
Fly, William 

Tayler, Katherine 
Harding, Ann 
Miles, Sarah 
Broomfield, Sarah, 


Singlin, E,\iz.,wid: 
Ashton, Elizabeth 
Hill, Man- 

Sadler, Daniell, wid. Trenshard [Tren- 

chard], Dame 

Goodman, John, 

Randall, John 
2>S Gelder, Thomas 

Haly, William 

Brown, William 
jo Jaques, Arthur 

* Smith, Hugh 
Jackson, Peter 

Gibbs, William 

Phillip, wid, 
Bostock. Ann, 

Baker, Hester 
Bagett, Elizabeth 
Castle, Susannah 
Dean, Ann 

Cooley, Rebecca 

Langley, Mary 

Carlile, or Carlisle, Conduct, Marx- 
Edward, wid. 
Crawford, Thomas Lowden, Agnes 

July, 1701, 

1 Justice, William and Whitaker, or 

Whitbay[ Whit- 
bey], Mary 
Simons, Mary 
Speciall, Susanna. 

Barnett, Mary, 

Gill, Elizabeth 
Dorlee, Maudlin 
Smith, Joanna 
Allford, Sarah 
Kirkland, Mary 

Martin, John 
Lane, Walter 

Frier, Anthony 

4 Gill, John 
Mason, Richard 

5 Adamson, Charles 
Jennings, William 

8* Murrey [Murray], 

John, wid. 
9 Rigby, Richd., wid. 
Hosford, Richard 

10 Cony, John 
Howard, John, wid. 

*Burt, John 
Lawford, Edward 

* Boulter, Daniell 

1 1 Constable, Thomas 
Ward, Wm, wid. 

iz Burges, Robert 

14 Cook, Robert 
*Twisden, Thomas 
Atkins, 'Thomas 
Brideoak, John 

i5*Angier, Burage 

16 Collins, John 

* Thompson, William 

18 Lambert, Richard 
*Clough, Jarvis 
Bayman, or Banam, 

James, wid. 
Andrews, William 

i9*Scarborough, John 

21 Poting, John 

22 Crouch, Peter, wid. 

Chillingsworth, Rich. 

23 Ward, Richard 

Collins, William 
Johnson, Ralph, wid. 

24 Terrett, Thos., wid. 
Hudson, John 

Bromsgrave, Thos. 
26 Hoskin, Benj., wid. 

Seyence, John 

Brent., Eliz., wid. 
Marriott, Olive 
Lodg, Mary 
Milford, or" Mill- 
ford, Mary, wid. 
Seely, Elizabeth 
Light, Sarah 
Cook, Elizabeth 
Ballow, Martha 
Atkins, Susanna 
Wood, Mary. wid. 
Stanley, Sarah 
Musters, Ann 
Boroughs, Ann 
Walker, Eliz. 
Christian, Anna 

Austin, Ann 
Brent, Jane 

[Joyce], wid. 
Sampson, May 

Archer, Ann 
Hobson, Bridgett 

Berridge, or Ber- 

ridg, Hannah 
Brice, Elizabeth 
Hamlett, Mary 

Susanna, wid. 
.Johnson, Hannah 
Brodey, or 

Broody, Mary 
Garner, Barbara 

Prudence, wid. 
Butler, Elizabeth 
Bauden, Sarah, 

Poulter, Mary 
Andrews, Eliz., 

Needle, Martha 


Faculty Office. 

i8 7 

July, 1701. 

28 Meredith, Giles and Powell, Johan 
Squire, John Hiller, Sarah 
Swan, William Tayler, Sarah 

29 Boughton, Stephen Buggins, Grace 
* Austin, Edward Strickson, 

Susanna, wid. 

30 Fleckner, Nathaniell Murthy, Mary, 

*Noyes, Richard [Barkham], 

Penn, Richard Spencer, Mary 

August, 1701. 

1 Bazin, James 
Cook, James 
Kitching, John 

* Arnold, Mathew 
*Millner, John 

2 Grundy, John 
Silk, John, wid. 
Groom, John 
Harwood, Richard 

3 Dakin, Joseph 

and Chedwick, Sarah 
Cook, Mary 
Woopshed, Ann 
Sansbury, Pris'illa 
Osbaston, Ann 
Wild, Mary, wid. 
Edgcomb, D'r'thy 
Rutter, Mary 
Hostin, Martha 

4 Hutchins, Roger, zWrf.Charleton, Jane 

Brown, Hannah 
Ridly, or Ridley, 

Whitrow, Sarah 
Roberts, Eliz. 
Chambers, John, a/rf.Okenden, Ann 
7 Fullylove, John Brett, Mary, wid. 

9 Dutting, John. wid. 
Moorey, John 

Dale, Josias 
Dorman, John 

5 Helby, Joseph 

6 Harford, George 

Vincent, Isaac 

1 1 Drewry, Benjamin 
Hastier, Rich., wid. Warden, Sarah 

12 Woodcock, Samuel Woodcock, 

Curtis, Ann, wid. 
Coales, or Coles, 

Hood, Elleonor 
Edwards, Mary 

Pocock, Richard 

Ryley, Ambrose 
* Mills, Alex., wid. 

Alexander, M ary, 

Wright, Mary 
Tufton, ah. Tred- 

enham, Dame 

[Marg.], wid. 
Sayer, Alice 
Ware, Mary 
Smith, Frances 

13 Bayly, John, wid. 
Lescallet, Edward 
Smith, Joseph 

14 Hammond, Edward, Hinton, Mary 

Dickinson, William Thompson, Eliz. 

15 Lohman, Henry Lile, Sarah 

16 Newton, Richard Boyce, Margett 
20 Reynolds, Joseph Robinson, Ann 

De le Beer, Thomas Chettwood, 

Elizabeth, wid 
Fowler, Jonathan Glover, Ann 

20 Cooper, Henry and 

Read, Andrew 
Farr, John 

22 Rose, Peter 
Andrews, John 
Sansom, William 

23 White, Charles 

Pullman, George 
Bennett, Nicholas, 

25 Denn, John 

26*Cliffton, Job 

27 King, James, wid. 

28 Phillips, Edward 

29 Williams, William 

30 Pain, John, wid. 

Louge, or Lough, 

Hading, Mary 
Hollyfield, Diana 
Stevens, Eliz. 
Gash, Ann, wid. 
Austin, Marjery 
Lord, Elizabeth, 

Montague, Ann 
Rooks, or Rookes, 

Wouldhave, Mary 
Davis, Margarett, 

Saunders, Martha 

Aldersey, Sarah 
Gage, Ann 

September, 1701. 

1 Inward, Robt., wid. Clark, Martha 
Harvey, John Ashby, Sarah 
Hoar, John Bullman, Ellinor 

2 Hatton, Christopher Tyreman, Ann, 


Young, William 

3 Skrine, Henry 
Goad, Thomas 
Smith, Charles 

4 Cole, John 


Ellinor, wid. 
Paitfield, Rebecca 
Dowglass, Mary 
Reynolds, Mary 
Carrington, Alice 

Kelsey, James, wid. Bird, Sarah 
Randell, Charles Marchant, Eliz. 

Wallis, Joyce 
Munday, Mary 
Treman, Eliz. 
Salter, Ann 
Bristow, Eliz. 
Howard, Kath. 

Finch, Samuell 
Tuckey, John 

8 Robbins, Samuell 
King, Robert 
Life, Joseph, wid. 

9 Audley, Paul 
Clark, William, wid. Liveings, Mary 

10 Tatem, Samuel Lingan, Mary 

Barksdale, Anthony Stebbing, Sarah 
Charles, Henry Lancaster, Eliz., 

Potter, Timothy Barton, Elizabeth 
Stone, Henry Edw., Reynolds, Eliz. 
12 Gardner, Samuell Chambers, 

Norman, Barak, wid. Watts, Sarah 
Sansum, Thos., wid. Jennings, Ann 

13 Sax by, John 
15 Foster, James 

Wingfield, Joseph 
* Germain, Sir John 

Leigh, Elizabeth 
Kirkby, Frances, 

Dunton, Eliz. 
Mordant, Lady 



Ma mage L icences. 


September, 1701. 

16 Bluett, Thomas and 
Warner, Thos., wid. 

17 Gladwin, John 

18 Peirson, John 

19 Lewen, Richard 
2o*Lidgold, John 

22 Eidall, William 
Grimmett, Robert 
Westwood, Joseph 
Mendus, Richard 

*Pistor, Jo. [John] 
Miller, John 

23 Twort, William 
24*Kempton, John [J as.] 

Battey, Thomas 
Parker, William 

26 Aldridge, Samuel 

27 Fenn, William 

28 Legg, Richard 
Aster oft, Thomas 

29 Warren, William 
Lewis, John 

30 Rider, Hugh 

Stephens, Joseph 
* Borrow, Isaac 

Bayles, Leuice(?) 
*Fortreye, J a. : [J as.] 

Boyd, Martha, 


Ann, wid,(a) 
Baldrey, Eliz. 
Davis, Elizabeth 
Elpsbee, Mary 
Mason, Anne 
Spratt, Deborah 
Duncomb, Sara 
Beasley, Charity 
Price, Joyce 
Prichard, Mary 
Burley, Anne 
Austin, Anne 
Masters, Diana 
Robinson, Mary 
Freeman, Dorothy 
Piddock, Hannah 
Crooke, Mary 
Newton, Man- 
Walker, Frances 
Simpson, Mary 
Cazalet, Eliz. 

Vivett, Sarah 
Tempest, Mary 
Brinell, Mary 
Seymour, Eliz. 

October, 1701, 

1 Aldridge, Thos. and 
Markant, Ellis 
Mathews, Roger 

3 Young, Thomas 
Hinde, John 

4*Carent, Wm. 
A 11 and, John 

6 Bott, William 

7 Bunting, Thomas 
*[Canby, Henry (b) 

Dell, James 
Foster, Henry 

8 Fish, John 
Barkley, Richard 
Insley, John 

10 Thatcher, Benjamin 
Miller, Thomas 
Ashley, Joseph 

n Hawkins, John 
Day, William 

Sadlington, Mary 
Davis, Margaret 
Reeves, Susanna 
Baylie, Elizabeth 
Leeson, Abigail 
Rowe, Dame Alice 
Rann, Mary 
Stone, Catherine 
Capell, Sarah 
Smith, Catherine] 
Swinstead, Marg. 
Alder, Anne 
Viccaridge, Marg. 
Howell, Susan 
Gibbs, Ellen 
Calvin, Sara 
Simonds, Eliz. 
Woodhall, Jane 
Mandery, Anna 
Bellamy, Frances 

(a) Here the calendar is written in two columns, 
and widower, batchelor, etc., are not noted. 
Christian names also are contracted. 

{b) Not in the Calendar. 

13 Bilton, George and 
Naylor, Joseph 
Paulfreman, William 
Merrick, Edmund 

14 Fines, Jos. 
Dismore, Jonothan 
Courtley, James 
Baynham, Robert 

15 Goodwin, Nath. 
*Biss, James 

16 Staples, John 
*Hall [Hailing], John 

Norris, Boni 

17 Bonfoy, Nicholas 
Williams, William 

*Foubert, Henry 
Gastiking, Jacob 

18 Edey, Benj. 

20 Wooldridge, Benj. 
Alexander, William 
Hawkins, Geo. 
Van Beeck, Geo. 
Symonds, William 
Wood, John 

23 Poultney, Thos. 
Faulknor, Simon 
Pepper, William 

24 Tanner, Martin 

25 Reading, John 

27 Aspin, John 
Burnett, William 

28 Rickards, Jo. 
Titerton, Jo. 

29*Buckley, Geo. 

30 Frost, John 
Boyton, Thos. 
Lock, Benjamin 

31 Prismond, John 
Lascells, Edw. 
Day, Philip 

Babb, Robert 
Blackett, Mary 
Stonebridge, Jane 
Watson, Eliz. 
Martin, Hester 
Jones, Eliza 
Beacham, Doro. 
King, Anne 
Beeching, Susa. 
Poyner, Anne 
Davies, Eliza 
Waldoe, Sara 
Dawson, Cicillia 
Hale, Elizabeth 
Marshall, Isabell 
Legard, Mary 
Straine, Kath. 
Hughes, Sarah 
Barney, Eliza 
Baley, Jane 
Fownds, Mary 
Clifton, Elizabeth 
Capell, Anne 
Rayner, Jane 
Astill, Eliz. 
Mumford, Mary 
Clarke, Mar. 
Williams, Sarah 
Robbins, Ellen 
Cobb, Anne 
Atherton, Eliz. 
Gilman, Anne 
Brindley, Mary 
Greenhill, Eliza 

Gunter, Mary 
Lawford, Deborah 
Wilshire, Jane 
Boulden, Eliza 
Lester, Elizabeth 
Foster, Mary 
Fry, Abigael 

November, 1701, 

1 Dyer, Richard and 

2 Riding, Edm. 
Briggs, Henrv 
Pratt, Thos. 

4 Faunch, J a. 
Miles, Nicholas 

5 Syms, John 
Francklyn, Thos. 

6 Shoard, Richard 

7 Canby, Henry 

8 Blayden, John 

10 Mathews, Robert 
Winch, Joseph 
Cobb, Richard 

11 Longhurst, Walter 

Eves, Sarah 
Savell, Clemence 
Turner, Dorothy 
Sammaies, Mary 
Evans, Anne 
Howell, Mary 
Atkins, Elizabeth 
Olive, Jane 
Cave, Mary 
Smith, Kath. 
Cornish, Mary 
Steward, Susanna 
Swain, Mary 
Burrowes, Sarah 
Andrews, Mar. 


Faculty Office. 


November, 1701. 

13 Scells, Thos. and 

Butler, Geo. 
15 Laconber, Peter 
17* Cole, Robert 

Harford, Samuel 

Acerie, Jacob 
Jackson, John 

18 Earle, Joseph 

19 Phips, vSamuel 
Ryde, John 

Crighton, David 
Singer, John 
Wellington, Richd. 

20 Dovey, John 

21 Hyde, Thos. 
Cecill, James 
Ball, Edmund 

22 Austen, Edward 
Powell, John 
Jenkins, Thomas 
Wildgoose, John 
Salmond, John 

24 Adams, John 

25 Marten, James 
Dundoe, William 
Hawood, Alexander 

26 Farnworth, Hugh 

27 Coren, Christ. 
Oades, William 

28 Bolton, Theod. 
30 Anderson, Robt. 

Gray, Eliza 
Fleming, Hannah 
Hawkins, Eliz. 
Beverley, Anne 

Tallemont, Char. 
Cox, Frances 
Gore, Philippa 
Burrowes, Hester 

Rabbe, Eliza 
Blunt, Anne 
Kimpton, Sarah 
Moseley, Mary 
Cheif, Elizabeth 
Rose, Jane 
Styles, Mar. 
Jones, Sina 
Keane, Mary 
Davidson, Anne 
Bowese, Eliza 
Lugg, Sarah 
Mereditt, Eliza 
Applebury, Eliz. 
Jays, Elleonor 
Adamesis, Elenor 
Martin, Sarah 
Young, Mary 
Farrar, Mary 
Beyer, Eliza 
Craddick, Mary 

December, 1701. 

1 Armstrong, Wm. and Thornton, 


2 Faiiding, Sam. 
*Milles, Francis 

Swainson, John 

3 Trepass, John 
Sackey, Charles 

5 Hammond, Robert 
Bryar, William 

6 Thompson, William 
Gibbons, Hugh 

Roddington, Henry 
8 Leake, Francis 
* Palmer, George 
9* Cooke, William 
Smith, Elias 
Gardiner, James 

12 Smith, Sam. 
Browne, Stephen 

13 Conden, John 

Stephens, Kath. 
Quilton I Wilton], 
"" Ala. [Alathea] 
Simpson, Abigail 
Katherine, Eliza 
Askey, Ann 
Treckeldon, Mary 
King, Mary 
Bamford, Kath. 

Russell, Ruth. 
Harvey, Ann 
Boy land, Lydia 
Hudson, Ann 
Hazell, Hannah 
Beacham, Rebec. 
Smith, Mary 
Morris, Judith 
Clues, Elizabeth 

13 Gillam, William and 
Wicksteed, John 

15 Harryman, Joseph 

17 Peschaine, Francis 
Line, Mar. 
Scofeild, Mat hew 
Midwinter, Thomas 
Gough, William 

18 Waterman, William 
Titterton, Richard 
Saring, Richard 

*Cordell [Sir] John, 
Baley, Charles 

19 Holms, John 
Godsuff, Henry 

20 Chambers, Stephen 
Westbury, James 

22 Chapman, John 
Woodcock, Samuel 
Clarke, Edmund 

23 Iceley, Thomas 
Carter, Nathaniel 

n*Yeomans, Robert 

16 Bernard, John 

* [Barnard, George 

* Smith, Robert 
James, William 

26 Hill, Uriah 

Heard, Richard 
Dawson, John 

* Draper, Edmund 

29 Darwin, W 7 m. 
Bathwright, Samue! 
Salvage, John 

30 Chappell, John 

31 Oliver, William 
Willshaw, Patrick 
Parry, Thomas 
Havell, Richard 
Sutton, Anthony 
Man, Edward 
Barns, John 
Powell, Thomas 

Millett, Margaret 
Chittey, Mary 
Browne, Ann 
Gerard, Susanna 
Peech, Margaret 
Godman, Jane 
Thomas, Eliz. 
Stephens, Martha 
Pym, Charity 
Burbury, Mary 
Harris, Alice 
Styles, Elea. Has- 

bin [Haskin] 
Ashsham, Mary 
Morris, Martha 
Roon, Elizabeth 
Bun, Sarah 
Yates, Ann 
Quincey, Eliz. 
Valentine, Fr nces 

Griffin, Mary 
Littleton, Eliza 
Skipp, Elizabeth 
Neave, Anne 
Mawe, Anne] (a) 
Torkington, Ann 
Harris, Eliz. (b) 
Bird, Anne 
Witney, Anne 
Hutchins, Eliz. 
Golding, Marx- 
War lick, Marg. 
Whitford, Eliz. 
Damree, Anne 
Wilder, Eliz. 
Latham, Martha 
Watts, Anne 
Welman, Eliz. 
Feilder, Eliz. 
Newell, Elizabeth 
Edwell, Elizabeth 
Hinde, Mary 


January, 1701-2. 

1 Randall, Ric. and Lewis, Elizabeth 
Wellbeloved, Wm. Cook, Mary 

3* Cleaver, Joseph 

5 Ragles, Samuel 
Thodey, W'illiam 

6 Jackson, John 
*Annesley, Arthur 

Dixon, Mary 
Hales, Rebecca 
Beenley, Susanna 
Brooks, Elizabeth 
Thompson [Hon.], 

(a) Not in the calendar. 

(^)The dates are given thus in the calendar. 


Ma rriage L icences. 


January, 1701-2. 

6 Smith, Timothy and Blackwell, Sarah 

7 Kenn, George Deane, Elleanor 
Pallister, Joseph Tweed, Susanna 
Hawker, Phillip Warner, Eliz. 
Van Berchem, Hy. Humffreys, Sarah 
Barroclough, Ralph Douse, Emma 
Galdy, Laurence Hayes, Susanna 

9 Prosser, William Burrell, Frances 
Haskins, Arnold Burghope, Jane 
10 Page, William Bignall, Anne 

Wiseman, James Williams, Hannah 

12 Hedges, Robert Byron, Elizabeth 

13 Bowery, Richard Standbrook, Mary 
Crowder, John Paine, Margaret 
Scott, Richard Jones, Frances 

14 Knight, Thomas Taylor, Eliz. 
Thompson, John Beard, Mary 
Corney, Henry Miller, Mary 

16 Home, Robert Ford, Elizabeth 
Bransbey, John Davis, Susanna 

17 Meackham, John Antrobus, Mary 
Alldridge, Humphry Maile, Martha 
Wathall, Joseph Sansom, Elianor 
Hannell, Francis Hariss, Mary 

20 Argent, George Crowdson, Eliz. 
Rixby, William Oliver, Katherine 

21 Wyans, Phillip Catling, Anne 
Bird, John Woodward, Eliz. 
Chaloner, John Pellert, Hannah 

22 Bosher, George Sawyer, Jane 
Instance, Richard Rix, Elizabeth 

23 Harrington, Robert Beaumont, Sarah 
Burnall, Edward Spencer, Sarah 

24 Smith, Thomas Houson, Avarina 
Roome, Samuel Woods, Hannah 

26 Nedham, Henry Firth, Sarah 

28 Wallis, Joseph Dent, Sarah 
Watts, Robert Mynne, Eliz. 
Phillips, John Haycraft, Sus'n'a 
Rusden, Thomas Keylock, Honour 

29 Goulton, James Man, Susanna 
Riston, John Astin, Man- 
Russell, Phillip Manning, Hannah 

30 Bushnell, Joseph Farrell, Mary 

31 Leavell, Peter Theobalds, Fr'nc's 
Jenkinson, Edward Robats, Sarah 

February, 1701-2. 

4 Isdell, Abraham and Lee, Mary 

5 Breatcliff, Robert Wimbush, Mary 

2 Hilson, Richard and 
Lewis, William 
Crawley, Thomas 
Loringe, Neale 
Bird, John 

Smith, John 

3 Walthew, Christo. 

4 lies, James 
Vangham, J no. 

Sumner, Mary 
Bynion, Kath. 
Barnes, Ann 
Muschet, Mary 
Jenkins, Mary 
Payne, Eliz. 
Traumter, Marg. 
Spicer, Ann 
Martin, Jane 

Jones, William 
Wright, John 

6 Ever, Samuel 

7 Kadwell, John 
Gullett, William 

Powldon, Eliz. 
Abbott, Mary 
Len, Alice 
Gibben, Elizabeth 

Bushby, Mary 

Edwards, George 
Goodwin, Nicholas Emmett, Eliz 
9 Hixon, Abraham Low, Elizabeth 
Ball, Samuel 
Johnson, Erasmus 
10 Child, John 

Tombes, Matthew 
Shephard, William 
Porter, John 
*Prichard, Thomas 
Chamber, John 
Heaton, John 

12 Carrier, James 
*Knapp, Thomas 

Houghton, Robert 

13 Ceaney, Thomas 
Baker, John 
Vitall, John 
Herbert, John 

14 Cutlove, Benjamin 
Bringley, John 
Haynes, John 
Mould, Thomas 

Richardson, Robert Johnson, Anne 
Smithin, Samuel Shales, Hannah 

Woolnoth, Mary 
Douglas, Mary 
Kipling, Hannah 
Hill, Ann 
Cooke, Mary 
Watson, Sarah 
Taylor, Sarah 
Maddox, Eliz. 
Pope, Mary 
Whitney, Ann 
Wilder, Mary 
Deane, Martha 
Blankett, Eliz. 
Johnson, Tabitha 
Baker, Mary 
Drewry, Eliz. 
Cutlove, Johaima 
Saunders, Martha 
Love, Elizabeth 
Bur gill, Mary 

Sendall, John 
16 Cooks, Thomas 
Bonner, Henry 
Hibert, Ralph 
Colsten, Edward 
Ingham, Richard 
Herbert, Thomas 
Smyth, Christopher Haynes, Mai- 

Haywood, Rowland Hinton, Elizabeth 

Waight, Sarah 
Young, Martha 
Eyre, Theodosia 
Gill, Mary 
Robinson, Anne 
Miller, Elizabeth 
Hinton, Mary 

17 Pedro, Peter 


Marsham, Sarah 
West, Elizabeth 
Sabin, Elizabeth 

18 Moody, Digby 
Callcott, Thomas 

19 Turner, Henn ? 
21 Hutchinson, Richard Loft, Jane 
[23]* [Denshire, George Langton, 

Mary] (a) 
24* Adams, John 

Walker, Edward 
25 Thuillier, Peter 

Castle, John 
26*Terringham, John 
28 Green, John 

Tindall, Edward 

Lett, Anne 
Bickerton, Hester 
Dumore, Eliz. 
Cowley, Mary 
Winlow, Mary 
Williams, Mary 
Wallgrave, Kath. 

(f/)Not in the calendar. 


Faculty Office. 


March. 1701-2. 

2 Miles, Edward and Baldin, Mary 

3 Pepys, Robert Blackaby, Eldred 
Smitheman, William Bitheway, Marg. 

4 Wentley, Richard Metcalfe, Mary 

Voss, Mary 
Dobbs, Ann 
Sayer, Sarah 
Hawkins, Martha 

5 White, John 
Batt, George 

6 Upton, Robert 
Purdue, Thomas 

9 Greeneway, Edward Hill, Mary 

11 Collison, Thomas Hawkins, Sarah 

12 Bower, George 
Bray, Martin 

14 Watson, William 
17 Nyles, William 

Mackdowall, Wm. 
21 Barnes, William 

23 Dixon, Joseph 
Simms, Robert 

Gyles, Catherine 
Shew, Mary 
Grub, Dinah 
Lee, Sarah 
Foxwell, Eliz. 
Wimlett, Ann 

March, 1702. 

2 j Sanderson, Andr. and Gibbon, Jane 

27 Wolly, Richard Hanson, Hannah 

28 Wood, Jonathan Giles, Jane 

29 Prew, Stephen Hare, Hester 

April. 1702. 

1 Lamb, Nath. and Hogg, Dorothy 
3 Johnson, James Apprice, Sarah 

Ketteridge, Thomas Wastfeild, Sarah 
Rawlins, Rebecca 
Marson, Eliz. 
House, Alice 

Stephen, John 

Dolloway, Phillip 
4 Allen, William 
Lee, Samuel 

6 Dunlopp, Andrew 

Waterfull, Thomas Cooke, Mary 

Burchett, Eliz. 
Barkin, Anne 
Wright, Mary 
Hepworth, Mary 
Anzer, Anne 

Blowen, John 

Kelton, Nathaniel 

Flight, John 

Burton, Francis 

Philipps, John 

Jenkinson, William Porter, Anne 

8 Coleman, Thomas Munday, Dorothy 

* Eyre, George Coningesby, 

[Hon.] Barbara 

Monro, David Costikin, Anne 

King, Robert Whinehurst, Jane 

Berthelott, Stephen Guemard, Anne 

() Shiees, William Cotton, Anne 

10 Camfeild, Richard King, Anne 
Woodcock, George Bowler, Jane 
Shigh, Thomas Child, Sarah 

11 Styles, Lewis Collett, Mary 
Bennett, William Jackson, Mary 

13 Robinson, Charles Cox, Mary 

13 Benwell, John and 

14 Malborne, Ralph 
Booker, Robert 
Onslow, John 
Piper, James 
Hall, John 

15 Bridgeman [Sir], 

Orlando [Bart.] 
Bruce, Anthony 
Snutton, John 
Simmonds, Charles 

17 Beard, Thomas 
Ward, Samuel 
Jones, Thomas 
Wileman, Need ham 

18 Frisby, William 

20 Harrison, Anthony 
Green, Peter 
Arnold, Josiah 
Salway, Samuel 
Febbeard, John 

21 Hatton, Robert 
Browne, Anthony 
Ladyman, Thomas 

22*Genew, William 
Wilkinson, Thomas 
Hill, Roger 
Lascelles, Daniel 

23 Lew, Robert 
*[Poulett, John, Lord 

Toms, Thomas 

24 Collins, John 
Webb, John 

25 Brodhurst, Paul 
Randolph, Edward 

27 Dunn, James 
Cazalett, Peter 

28 Swallow, Edward 
Pewsey, William 
Woollfrey, John 
Knowts, Charles 

29 Trigg. Thomas 
Linford, John 

30 Herrington, Clement 
Spackman, William 

Hayden, Mary 
Litchfeild, Mary 
Skinner, Mary 
Sames, Man- 
Lake, Man- 
Downs, Frances 

Davis, Mary 
Farme, Margarett 
Biggs, Frances 
Hay, Martha 
Carpenter, Eliz. 
Biston, Mary 
Heape, Mary 
Wittaker, Elenor 
Chamberlan, Alice 
Middleton, Marg. 
Moore, Mary 
Tomblinson, Man- 
Moore, Sarah 
Vincent, Anne 
Ventris, Man- 
Benson, Margtt 
Genew, Elizabeth 
Phillipps, Mary 
Smeeton, Ann 
Osborne, Mary 
Jones, Hannah 
Bertie, Hon. 

Bridget] (a ) 
Cogdell, Lydia 
Martin, Mary 
Goss, Elizabeth 
Gibbert, Jane 
Newman, Judith 
Glendening, Anne 
Noiray, Anne 

Henretta (b) 
Britlo, Hannah 
Child, Elizabeth 
Lidyard, Magarv 
Wood, Mary 
Cox, Dorothy 
Saxon, Hester 
Ambrose, Eliz. 
Ely, Anne 

May, 1702. 

1 Chapman, John and Acton, Dorcas 

Weston, John Tyne, Mary 

2*Russell, William Sutton, Elizabeth 
4 Kerbey, Thomas Monck, Elizabeth 
Phillips, Thomas Grimett, Rachael 
Langerwood, James Morley, Lydia 

(a) Not in the calendar, 
parently incomplete. 
(&) Corner of page worn. 

This entry is ap- 


Ma rriage L icen ces. 


May, 1702. 

5 Barnes, Richard and Swain, Mercy 
Tournay, Thomas Rose, Mary 

June, 1702. 

6 Lambe, Matthew 

8 Stanton, Thomas 
Robinson, William 

9 Cooke, Thomas 
Venables, Thomas 
Clark- Preston, [ 

11 Dernoll, Samuell 
White, Thomas 

Mayne, John 

12 Pyke, Richard 
i3*Lichfeild, John 

Johnson, Eliz. 
Halfepenny, Anne 
Linsey, Anne 
Williams, Mary 
Andrews, Anne 
] Turner, Elizabeth 
Keyley, Martha 

Becher, Lucey 
Biscoe, Anne 
Lee [Dame] 

[(Hough) Bishop of] Lettice 
Perkinson, John Banes, Joane 

14 Hall, Robert 
Morris, John 

15 Wollis, Stephen 

16 Harrison, Daniel 
Butler, James 
Pearson, John 
Marston, John 

17 Hunt, Michael 

18 Alden, Joseph 

19 Sherman, Richard 
Gilbert, John 
Loveday, Joseph 

20 Eales, Henry 
Wain Wright, Geo. 

Baker, Phillipp 

22 Hoggins, Richard 
Rose, John 
Geaving, Samuel 
King, Charles 

23 Herring, John 
Thibauld, James 

25 Hurst, George 

Godfrey, Thomas 
Watkins, Thomas 
Wells, John 
Wood, James 
Crafts, Edward 
Lyon, Joseph 

26 Price, James 
Domine, Benjamin 

27 Chiswell, Richard 

Maidenson, Eliz. 
Davis, Anne 
Hollyday, Eliz. 
Britton, Eliz. 
Cossen, Susannah 
White, Anne 
Shelley, Elizabeth 
Hudson, Anne 
Hammond, Eliz. 
Green, Susannah 
Bristol, Elizabeth 
Bigg, Anne 
Hockley, Mary 

Wyne, Sarah 
Catkitt, Isabella 
Rushforth, Alice 
Gill, Martha 
Windham, Mary 
Murkett, Hester 


Martin, Elizabeth 
Madock, Rose 
Gladwyn, Ester 
Fly, Elizabeth 
Read, Frances 
Larkin, Mary 
Adelley, Eliz. 
Lucksford, Mary 
French, Mary 

Tomlinson, Thomas Jordan, Sarah 


[Whishaw], John 

28 Knowlins, Edward 
Parker, Anthony 
Fawkes, John 

29 Clement, John 

30 Whalley, Francis 

Nevile, Anne 

Welsh, Eliz. 
Bayly, Judith 
Rashfeild, Margt. 
Geering, Sarah 
Rawlinson, Marg. 

1 Wilson, William and 
Fraser, Thomas 

2 Clark, John 
Blackwell, James 

3 Palmer, James 

4 Davis, John 
6 * Hutchenson, 

[Huchenson] Wm. 
*Long [Sir] James 
Bonell, Edward 
8 Ray, Jacob 
Olives, Thomas 

11 Turner, Cornelius 

12 Alsop, Peter 

13 Temple, William 

15 Norcas, Luke 
Wilson, Henry 
Peacocke, John 
Groves, Daniel 

16 Knowler, Tho. 
Baily, Charles 

1 7* Emerson, Ralph 
Hollineshed, Henry 

18 Parr, John 
Ovett, Thomas 
Knight, John 

19 Durand, James 
Price, John 
Allen, John 

20 Randall, Jonathan 

22 Baldwin, Samuel 

23 Woodward, Edward 
Jones, Job 

25 Frisby, W 7 illiam 
Hall, Thomas 

26 Wright, Thomas 

27 Witticor, Thomas 

29 Tayler, James 
Hewett, William 

30 Lloyd, Edward 
Abbott, William 
Fisher, Edward 

Pannatt, Susan 
Hay, Anne 
Watson, Sarah 
Blackwell, Reb'c'a 
Steed, Martha 
Puenfoy, Anne 
Roberts, Eliz. 

Greville [Hon.] 

Walland, Mary 
Pilchford, Han. 
Baxter, Anne 
Wilkinson, Marg. 
Hopkins, Mary 
Wastcoate, Mary 
Smith, Mary 
Lee, Hester 
Burt, Anne 
Warkman, Anne 
Pye, Anne 
Brayford, Eliz. 
Young, Anne 
Davis, Anne 
Johnston, Mary 
Pratt, Anne 
Cord, Mary 
Guichard, Susan 
Hocland, Eliz. 
Hall, Hannah 
Stevens, Sarah 
Paske, Martha 
Russell, Mary 
Jesson, Rebecca 
Spencer, M'garett 
Busher, Jane 
Bacon, Mary 
Maggett, Mary 
Loveday, Elianor 
Cowdell, Mary 
Bayly, Margarett 
Vilett, Mary 
Hubbart, Martha 

July, 1702. 

1 Swan, Robert and 

2 Smith, Joseph 

3 Wotten, Allen 
Jobling, Henry 

4 Fulwroght, John 

6 East, Solomon 
Lawrence, William 

7 Simeon, Samuel 

8 Bratton, Robert 
Green, Thomas 
Hall, Edward 

9 Peirson, Daniel 

Nedham, Anne 
Ewer, Mary 
Butler, Mary 
Philpott, Mary 
Wilson, Rebecca 
Richardson, Anne 
Shorter, Anne 
Hunt, Jane 
Saunders, Anne 
Osborne, Mary 
Parker, Anne 
Chapman, Eliz. 


Faculty Office. 


July, 1702. 

10* Newton [Rev.], and 

Harris, George 
11 Bourke, Walter 

Rose, Edward 

Lambert, Thomas 
13 Jefferay, Grindall 

Deane, William 

15 Rigby, John 
Lock, James 
Wich, Francis 

16 Burr, William 
Alt, Peter 

17 Ven, Edward 

18 Humphrys, Robert 

20 Dyott, William 
Burnham, Elisha 
Dalley, Benjamin 
Fen wick, Thomas 

*Bagnall, Henry 
*Mountague [Rev.] 

21 Carwood, William 

23 Page, Thomas 

24 Fowler, Nathaniel 

25 Frecker, Mark 
28 Dodg, Thomas 
31 Halsted, John 

Bickley, Margt. 

Philips, Eliz. 
Clarke, Johanna 
Frances, Eliz. 
Peirson, Mary 
Heath, Anne 
Browne, Mary 
Clarke, Mary 
Cooper, Frances 
Green, Mercy 
Flatt, Patience 
Tovey, Joyce 
Lanards, Olive 
Prichit, Susannah 
Boughton, Eliz. 
Kippin, Mary 
Feilder, Susannah 
Cay ford, Anne 
Archley, Anne 
Evans, Jane 

Cheltenham, Sar'h 
Box, Martha 
Braddyll, Anne 
Howell, Eliz. 
Cornelius Eliz. 
Mills, Elizabeth 

August, 1702. 

4 Tomlinson, Josh, and Richardson, Mary 
Gallaway, William Legard, Frances 
"Tyrwhitt [Sir], John Drake, Mary 
Wanklin, Richard Beale, Elizabeth 
6 Palmer, Samuel Leyseur, Mary 

Denham, Thomas Jackson, Mary 
8 Drought, Anthony Treharn, Eliz. 
Dance, Richard Webb, Anne 

Rowe, Mathew 

* Darby, Nathaniel 
Oakes, James 
Thomas, Patrick 

10 Clarke, William 
Lawson, Peter 
Child, William 
Cross, Rowland 

1 1 Squibb, Richard 

12 Proctor, Henry 
"Tendring, William Smith, Mary 

Tapps, Richard 

* Freeman, Richard 

13 Rowe, Joseph 
Dixon, Thomas 
Shales, Philipp 
Hamil, Patrick 

Blake, Anne 
Shererd, Anne 
Leege, Mary 
Tayler, Anne 
Reynolds, Judith 
Henley, Martha 
Kemp, Mary 
Sylvanus, S'phia 
Roberts, Eliz. 
Doughly, Anne 

Jarvis, Elizabeth 
Marshall, Anne 
Holmes, Elizabeth 
Northey, Eliz. 
Cachart, Anne 
Smith, Mary 

14 Millett, John and 
West, Christopher 
Shaler, John 

15 Peele, John 

17 Piper, Anthony 
Reynolds, John 

18 Hawkins, Daniel 

20 Meade, William 

21 Reed, John 

24 Fletcher, John 
Pratt, Thomas 
Symons, Christo. 

25 Morgan, John 
Fitch, John 
Mitchell, Francis 

26 Stevens, William 
Sutton, Thomas 

27 Salmon, Joseph 
29 Gray, Michael 

Borer, Richard 
Turner, Joseph 
Godward, John 
Frost, Edward 

Edwards, Mary 
Ventris, Mary 
Allen, Mary . 
Beridge, Eliz. 
Miller, Mary 
Prowde, Mildred 
Bosworth, Mary 
Barnett, Mary 
Urwin, Elizabeth 
Andrews, Ruth 
Fowle, Sarah 
Pollard, Frances 
Sherwin, Anne, 
Woots, Margarett 
Ramse[y], Mary 
Smith, Catherine 
Russell, Sarah 
Jephcott, Eliz. . 
Clarke, Anne 
Bromley, Jane 
White, Catherine 
Rooles, Mary 
Utber, Elizabeth 

September, 1702. 

1 Walker, William and 
Tayler, William 
Smith, William 

2 Banks, Thomas 
Jones, John 

* Parker, Stephen 
Raddell, Joseph 

3 Baldwin, William 
Stoughton, Anthony 

4 Bartholomew, Robt. 
Pickering, Edward 

5 Sandyforth, Thomas 
8 Armstrong, Richard 

Duckett, John 

10 Lea, Richard 

11 Carpenter, Edmund 
Alderson, Samuel 

12 Eles, John 

14 Hicks, W 7 illiam (a) 
Man, Spencer 

15 Nowell, Joseph 

16 Stiles, Zacheus 
Smith, William 
Ernes, John 

17 Harris, George 
1 8* Dillon, Luke 

Mawer, George 
White, John 
19 Giels, John 

Manbert, James 

Wood, Martha 
Howard, Margery 
Hurdis, Susannah 
Harvey, Anne 
White, Martha 
Jenkinson, Deb Yh 
Marsh, Sarah 
Atkins, Alice 
Satterth, Frances 
Playdell, Sarah 
Stoddard, Eliz. 
Mills, Martha 
Eldridge, Anne 
Panni, Mary 
Furzer, Elizabeth 
Holloway, M'rg'ry 
Wickham, Grace 
Harbert, Rachaell 
Lock, Hannah '{a) 
Davisson, Martha 
Dowlen, Anne 
Niblett, Elizabeth 
Davies, Catherine 
Burnell, Jane 
Green, Susanna 
Gibbs, Jane 
Mainder, Eliz. 
Drake, Hannah 
Randall, Anne 
Hawley, Mary 

(a) Both of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields : he, 27, 
bachelor ; she, 22, spinster. 



A la rriage L icen ces . 


September, 1702. 

2i*Stone, Richard and 

Davis, Thomas 
12 Hooton, Edward 

23 Plumber, George 
Du Castel, Isaac 
Kitchenor, Henry 
Collins, Richard 

24 Rumbold, Thomas 

25 Speed, Thomas 

26 Young, John 
Day, John 

*Godman, Joseph 
Bunny, Edmund 

28 Baker, William 
Bates, William 

Weaver, John 

29 Maynard, William 


Henman, Sarah 
Cripps, Sarah 
Symonds, Sarah 
Webster, Mary 
Blake, Mary 
Setleif, Sarah 
Cross, Anne 
Cooke, Sarah 
Barber, Anne 
Tomlin, Elizabeth 
Brewer, Mary 

Earle, Sarah 

Mariott, Eliz. 
Allen, Mary 

27 Gardner, John and Poppinger, 

October, 1702. 

2 Tayler, George and 

3 Buttry, Ralph 
Luffe, Henry 

5 Wright, Thomas 
Tolley, Thomas 

6 Clarke, Samuel 

7 Pigott, William 

8 Gardner, Henry 

9 Bill, Joseph 
Stiles, Edward 

10 Scott, Samuell 

12 Hurste. Thomas 

13 Evans, Thomas 

* Bisy [Bisse], Ed. 

14 Gardner, John 
Billingsley, Samuell 
Swendsen, Haagen 

16 Traheron, Philipp 
Cooper, Michaell 
Herrecks, Joseph 
Weaver, Benjamin 

i9*Somner, Thomas 

20 Hill, Edward 
21* Cox, John 

King, Lawrence 

22 Nicolls, Roger 

23 Allen, Thomas 

24 Broughton, John 
*Sackette, John 

Cominges, Abr'h'm 

26 Lovett, James 

27 Baynes, Robert 

Badger, Sarah 
Hills, Mary 
Goddard, Eliz. 
Siddon, Mary 
Bartlett, Anne 
Finch, Mary 
Brook, Jane 
Martin, Mary 
Blakoe, Frances 
Johnson, Alice 
Driver, Elizabeth 
Fido, Dorothy 
Evans, Elizabeth 
Rudge, Sarah 
Fuller, Jane 
Kemboll, Mary 

Turner, Mary 
Moore, Sarah 
Palmer, Anne 
Starkie, Hannah 

Burr, Mercy 
Burdikin, Mary 
Lancaster, Eliz. 
Harris, Mary 
Gray, Grace 
Rowland, Hann'h 
Tempest, Marg't. 
Povey, Mary 
Price, Jane 
Manger, Rachael 

Baylis, John 
28 Illidge, Samuel 
* Denny, Hill 

30 Barick, Erasmus 

Robinson, Thomas 

31 Coates, William 
Ward, John 

Shorter, Eliz. 
Hodnett, Eliz. 
Barners [Berners], 

Butler, Susannah 

Bradley, Anne 
Gallimore, Mary 
Meers, Elizabeth 

November, 1702. 

2 Clingbell, Martin and 
Hollis, Joseph 

3 Raynesford, Job 
Hagley, William 
Moore, Thomas 

4 Pineau, Peter 
Hargrave, Jarvice 

g Turner, Ralph 
Norman, Henry 
Edmonds, James 

10 Mince, Vergas 
Muklen, James 
Phillipps, Aminadab 
Tiffin, John 

11 Rumbold, Charles 
Moody, James 
Alexander, Henry 
Sutton, Daniel 

12 Lord, Thomas 
14 Long, Andrew 
16 Roolfe, Thomas 
i7*Cockayn, John 

Harris, Samuell 

18 Needham, Andrew 

19 Archbold, Andrew 

20 Wildon, Robert 

21 Sone, Thomas 
Clarke, Charles 
Glading, Samuel 

23 May, John 
Juett, Daniell 
Backs, Phillipp 
*Pick, Leonard 

24* Warner, John 

Patteson, Robert 
25 Bladwick, Thomas 

27*Whitcombe, Peter 

28 Higby, Richard 
Drury, Gl apt home 
Croach, John 

Eaton, Mary 
Byfleet, Johanna 
Ingram, Cath. 
Gregory, Frances 
Silk, Martha 
Dusouley, Mary 
White, Catherine 
Barrow, Eliz. 
Pinker, Mary 
Wescott, Sarah 
Kempt, Elizabeth 
Jones, Susannah 
Foot, Mary 
Hayter, Sarah 
Crambold, Jane 
Turbifield, Eliz. 
Robinson, Mary 
Hughes, Eliz. 
Page, Elizabeth 
Wright, Mary 
Hayward, Anne 
Appleby, Martha 
Hawkins, Mar)' 

Penson, Eliz. 
Snapes, Mary 
Lipscombe, Eliz. 
Smith, Hannah 

Adamson, Grace 
Saunders, Mary 
Dudgley, Eliz. 
Goddard, Mary 
Price, Anna 

Jones, Mary 

Arundell [Hon.], 

Cooke, Elizabeth 
Jones, Anne 
Evans, Mary 


Faculty Office. 


December, 1702. 

1 Sone, John and Starke, Martha 

2 Stutchbery, John Jones, Mary 

3 Crawley, John Symcots, Anne 
Bearmond, William Chilton, Jane 

4 Rogers, Thomas Jones, Rebecca 
Mowett, Alexander Darker, Prudence 

[5]*Fleming, Robert Rolfe, Hannah 
7*Clavering, John Mulleborne 

Whyrley, Edward Nevell, Mary 

5 Walmesley, Charles Rook, Anne 
9 Hancock, Abraham Blese, Mary 

Fitzer, Luke 



Procter, Anne 

Clarke, Lydia 

Ford, Jane 

Clover, Mary 

10 Chadsley, Richard 

* Clarke, Nicholas 
"Newton, Samuell 

r 1 Bather, John 

* Penhalls, [Penhallo], Griffith, Eliz. 

1 2* Thorpe, Thomas 

* [Tilly, John («) 
\\ Oakes, Stephen 

Richardson, Hugh 

Walker, William 
[?] Sphepward 

[ShepwardJ, Sam. 

15 Smith, Nathaniel 
Hurst, William 

16 Rice, Evan 

17 Stanton, Edward 
Stears, John 

18 Fletcher, Michael 
Enskipp, Thomas 

19 Van Foshie, 

21 Batteson, Thomas 

Lovibond, Anne 
Smith, Margaret] 
Grigg, Elizabeth 

Pickering, Mary 
Wright, Hannah 

Rowland, Martha 
Crafts, Margarett 
Page, Mary 
Fulcks, Sarah 
Clewer, Mary 
Boucher, Alice 
Robinson, Sarah 
Seco, Prudence 

Paradin, Eliz. 

Watkinson, Thomas Betts, Elizabeth 
Andrew, Joseph Shaw, Elizabeth 

22 Parrott, James 
* Berkley, Henry 

Poss, Thomas 
Cooper, Edward 

23 Edmonds, John 
Oliver, Richard 
Gboo, Abraham 

24 Armstrong, Robert Garner, Mary 
Skinner, Edward Chamberlin, Eliz. 

Sandard, Sarah 
Browne, Johanna 
Webb, Mary 
Hedges, Sus'nah 
Rice, Mary 
Bancks, Martina 

Colfe, Francis 
*[Sawle], Francis 
Crick, Abraham 

25 Brown, Robert 

26 Green, Thomas 

Seafe, Mary 
Carew, Grace 
Harwood, Jane 
Southwick, Ruth 
Evans, Margarett 

26 Anderson, Geo. and 
North, Thomas 
Church, John 
Readley, Farnham 

28 Weathersby, Ed. 

29 Harlakinton, Silver 
Bell, George 
Jarvis, William 

30 Freeman, Thomas 

Barrs, Anne 
Elliot, Mary 
Newton, Elian or 
Ashby, Hannah 
Lowne, Hannah 
Barnel, Judeth 
White, Sarah 
Garing, Mary 
Burbige, Mary 

(a) Not in the calendar. 

January, 1702-3. 

1 Biggs, John and Awman, Margtt. 

2 Trigg, Charles Jenings, Margtt. 
Prime, Samuel Fulham, Truth 
Radcliffe, Thomas Brooke, Anne 

4 Troughton, Joseph Snowden, Sarah 
Jackson, Thomas Goodfellow, 


Prescot, John Spakman, Mary 

Pratt, Samuel Grove, Anne 

5 Cachart, Phillip Collard, Mary 

6 Meade, John Gaskell, Elizabeth 

7 Milxam, John Gourdon, Margtt. 

8 Bliss, Thomas Calvert, Mary 

g Morphy, John Andrews, Rebec' a 

Gannoe, John Blank, Cautherine 

Walker, William Handford, Eliz. 

10 Pond, Thomas Pritchard, Eliz. 

12 Bignall, Thomas Adderly, Mary 
Davis, Daniel Haine, Elizabeth 
Robinson, John Guinnass, Martha 
Fowler, Anthony Lacey, Anne 
Stevens, Joseph Whorton, Eliz. 
Cole, John Binlyrant, Mary 

13 Mercer, Michael Dawson, Rebecca 
Webb, George Gooding, Jane 
Child, William Maulder, Sarah 

14 Wantner, Thomas Bagley, Mary 
Urford, John Vicars, Sarah 

16 Millington, Samuel Chamberlain, 


*Holmden, John Lomax, Ruth 

18 Waudell, Robert Berry, Elizabeth 
Jones, Edward Smith, Elizabeth 

19 Hird, Robert Harley, Anne 

20 Parpait, Peter Dupon, Mary 
Weddell, Robert Cussons, Martha 

21 Riches, Thomas Barnes, Hannah 
Newman, John Evance, Mary 
Lowers, John Carwardin, Mary 
Pope, Arthur Quelch, Jane 
Crutchfeild, Jon'th'n Branson, Sarah 
Darrel, Henry Biddell, Mary 

22 Dore, John Spencer, Rebecca 
Armstrong, Thomas Sheldrake, Anne 

26 Hooper, Thomas Young, Anne 
Arpud, John Stratfull, Eliz. 

27 Rowland, Thomas Hewett, Eliz. 
Davis, William Webb, Rebecca 


Marriage Licences. 


January, 1702-3. 

25* Gee [Rev.], and 

Edward [D.D.] 
26 Hayes, John 

28 Snelling, Richard 
Lucas, Edward 
Wilkes, Thomas 
Hudson, Edward 

29 Fisher, John 
Arnold, John 

30 Hutchins, Matthew 

Limbrey, Jane 

Steers, Elizabeth 
English, Anne 
Hawkins, Martha 
Tayler, Elizabeth 
Morris, Anne 
Rowlandson, Jud. 
Bowles, Solby 
Cuddington, Eliza 

February, 1702-3. 

1 Starkey, John and 
Scott, Richard 
Ogborn, Samuel 
Lloyd, William 

2 De Zouzaiet, Dan. 
Cox, William 

*Read, Joseph 

3 Colson, Thomas 
Lovell, George 
Richards, Morgan 
More, John 
Simon, John 
Gowen, Thomas 
Wibird, John 
Pley, George 

4 Robinson, William 
Elsley, William 

5 Bradshaw, Willfred 
Tagg, John 
Greenrood, Paul 
Glover, Gregory 
Allen, William 
Horsington, Jasper 
Langham, John 
Sewell, Charles 

6 Mathis, Henry 
London, Thomas 
Litchfeild, John 
Pyke, Thomas 
Marjoram, Henry 

8 Langford, W 7 illiam 

* Bovey, Charles 
g Evans, John 

Broughton, Thomas 
Spittell, Isachar 
*Gatchell, Thomas 

11 Sharard, Richard 

12 Graines, Peter 
*Bulkeley [Hon.], 

15 Franklin, Henry 
if) Hopkins, Henry 

Leper, John 

Duckett, John 

Giseland, Eliz. 
Cowper, Sarah 
Beverley, Jane 
Purfoy, Elizabeth 
Ambo, Mary 
Wigsdon, Margt. 
Mime [Mince], 

Butler, Mary 
Gray, Martha 
Cornish, Jane 
Pillfold, Mary 
Tilliard, Frances 
Wills, Catherine 
Braint, Mary 
Rand, Margaret 
Woolett, Bridgett 
Styles, Rose 
Wall, Eliz. 
Houghton, Eliz. 
Downing, Eliz. 
Clark, Anne 
Tomes, Mary 
Varney, Eliz. 
Sharpe, Anne 
Saunders, Anne 
Spire, Hannah 
Briers, Catherine 
Hunt, Anne 
Drew, Hannah 
Head, Eliz. 
Smith, Sarah 
Pigott, Margaret 
Docker, Eliz. 
Lawn, Joyce 
Rowley, Eliz. 
Browne, Eliz. 
Barton, Mary 
Griffine, Anne 
Bertie [Lady], 

Ellbrow, Mary 
Fidler, Anne 
Lock, Anne 
Howard, Sarah 

ig*Sibthorpe, John and 
[Thornton, Benj. 
Nerraway, Daniel 

22 Valley, John 

23 Davis, Richard 
Bowmaker, Wm. 
Alkin, Thomas 

24 Moulings, Hannce 
Monk, John 

26* Teddemann, Thos. 
27*Carent, William 

Hay, John 

Blaksly, Thomas 

Browne, Mary 
Williams, Bathia] 
Hadley, Mary 
Towers, Mary 
Pen, Johanna 
Coates, Mary 
Burne, Mary 
Floyd, Anne 
Walters, Mary 
Roberts, Mary 
Morrice, Eliz. 
Redal, Sarah 
Redal, Mary 

March, 1702-3. 

2 Rison, Joseph and 
King, Jacob 
Oldmixon, John 

3 Lukey, Richard 

4 Denny, Thomas 
Burgine, Lucey 
Hallsey, John 

5 Palmer, Clement 

8 Flint, Francis 
Harvey, John 

9 Knight, Edward 

Woodard, John 

10 Vangham, Peter 
Sewell, Joseph 
Tarlton, W'illiam 

11 Walton, John 

12 Holmes, John 
1 3* Grantham, 


15 Dudson, Simon 

16 Mabbott, Kympton 

17 Rawlins, William 
20 Pirce, Robert 

22 Dole, Samuel 
Palmer, Samuel 
Green, Thomas 
Duffey, Robert 

24 Cox, William 
Howland, John 
Tremaine, Richard 

Blanc, Jane 
Ayleworth, Han. 
Parry, Elizabeth 
Goodgane, Eliz. 
Needham, Joane 
Yardly, Judith 
Wilson, Mary 
Palmer, W 7 arbo 
Denton, Mary 
Sutton, Anne 

Heden, Rebecca 
Hart, Mary 
Scarlin, Marg'tt. 
Davis, Deborah 
Hicks, Sarah 
Ferris, Elizabeth 
Grantham, Eliz. 

Bentall, Mary 
Boadre, Elizabeth 
Fullerton, Mary 
Drayton, Eliz. 
Veale, Martha 
Woster, Mary 
Chambers, Sarah 
Hockly, Susannah 
Benten, Sarah 
Coleson, Jane 
Fawcus, Jane 

March, 1703. 

25 Chipperfield, Jos. and 
Brotherton, William 
Moore, Isaac 
Grimes, Joseph 

26 Bowler, Daniel 

27 Crawley, John 
Musgrave, Ambrose 
Teban, John 

29 Abell, Charles 
Fowell, Obed. 

Dunwell, Eliz. 
Garey, Sarah 
Bassford, Sarah 
Collins, Elizabeth 
Huggard, Anne 
King, Martha 
Lanney, Marg'tt. 
Corder, Jane 
Wood, Anne 
Browne, Flower 


Facility Office. 


March, 1703. 

29 Palmer, Thomas and 
Cooper, Abraham 
Warwick, William 

*Legh, Richard 

Andrewes, Thomas 

30 Adderley, Thomas 

31 Argill, John 
Billinghurst, John 
Grove, Samuel 

*Tyrwhitte, Charles 

Waterman, Edward 
Handly, John 
Pither, John 
Parry, Edward 

Jones, Mary 
Cooper, Sarah 
Fereebee, Martha 
Hyde, Elizabeth 
Cantwell, Sarah 

Gummey, Eliz. 
Parker, Sarah 
Plackett, Frances 
Ayliffe, Anne 
Pettett, Joane 

Hill, Elizabeth 
Leuton, Anne 
Squire, Dorothy 
Vaugham, Mary 

April, 1703. 

i*Legg, William and 
Tharpe, Benjamin 
Gadbery, William 
Johnson, Francis 

2 Bransby, Robert 
Harvey, Thomas 
Sarridge, Joseph 

* Hickman [Rev.], 
Charles [D.D.] 

3 Fugeray, Michael 
Jenkinson, Richard 
Scott, John 

6 Gladston, Thomas 
Comfort, William 
Piatt, Charles 

7 Coe, Nathaniel 
Ivory, John 

8* James [Rev.], John 
*Littlepage, Robert 
Brice, William 
9 Simon, John 

Bichart, Laurence 
Sadler, Edward 
Gardner, John 
Callow, Richard 
Bradley, Thomas 
Boston, William 
10 Higley, Richard 
*Clopton, Isaac 

12 Roberts, William 
Pindar, Samuel 
Rape, Daniel 
Feme, James 

13 Caster, John 
Smith, John 
Pratt, Charles 
Curtis, Thomas 

Whitcroft, Eliz. 
Smith, Alice 
Brickwell, Anne 
Chambers, Mary 
Scott, Catherine 
Turner, Jane 
Anderson, Mary 
Burgoyne, Anne 

Dangre, Eliz. 
Holland, Rachael 
Steavens, Eliz. 
Tayler, Elizabeth 
Matthews, Jane 
Bradley, Alice 
Pease, Sarah 
Litchfeild, Eliz. 
Baynes, Anne 
Smith, Martha 
Elliot, Mary 
Rambour, Marg't. 

Downing, Eliz. 
Perry, Elizabeth 
Shove, Sarah 
Gamble, Eliz. 
Good, Mary 
Robottham, Eliz. 
Higgs, Anne 
South, Anne 
Wheeler, Eliz. 
Mayne, Hannah 
Baltham, Eliz. 
Martin, Mary 
Wilson, Jane 
Smith, Anne 
Heber, Margarett 
Cleer, Elizabeth 

13 Keell, Alexander and 
Rayton, Robert 

*Ashe, James 

14* Abbott, [Rev.], Ed. 
Richmond, Benj'm'n 

* Granville, John, 


Bishop, Vincent 

16 Wyche, Matthew 
Emmott, Ralph 

17 Little-John, Thos. 

* Dudley and Ward, 

Ed. [Ward], Lord 

19 Scotcher, Richard 
Harding, James 
Sturt, John 
Evans, Lewis 

Goodchild, Samuel 
Dyer, John 

20 Read, Christopher 

21 Burges, John 

22 Louett, George 
Dod, Edward 

23 Eyers, Robert 

24 Jones, John 
Blackborne, George 
Hawkins, John 

26 Slow, Joseph 

Peirce, Nicholas 

29 Walker, William 
Snowcell, John 
Hyde, Richard 
Martin, John 

30*Furzer, John 
Gray, William 
Drew, Richard 
Essex, Richard 

Skelton, Eliz. 


Wood, Mary 
Yorke, Catian 
Worcester, The 

Lady Rebecca, 

Marchioness of 
Yorke, Sarah 
Towsey, Eliz. 
Osborne, Joane 
Robinson, Cath. 

Howard, Lady 

Jenings, Mercy 
Briggs, Anne 
Briggs, Marv 

Fogg, Jane 
Hewitt, Eliz. 
Helder, Mary 
Hetriter, Alice 
Steward, Mary 
Hartshorne, Anne 
Smith, Christian 
Baldwin, Eliz. 
Barber, Mary 
Collett, Jane 
Crump, Anne 
Warner, Diana 

Poole, Mary 
Bate, Rewton 
Orobin, Mary 
Sanney, Mary 
Wood, Eliz. 
Chitwind, Frances 
Tilby, Hannah 
Acton, Susannah 
Markent, Mary 

May, 1703. 

3 Ridley, Matthew and 
Lomax, Laurence 
Cormak, William 
Deane, David 
Chowne, James 

5 Seale, David 
Markes, Henry 

6 Tarrant, Edmund 
Booth, Joseph 

7 Penn, Joseph 

8 Norris, John 
Golder, Jabez 

9 Sinclair, John 

Izard, Elianor 
Seymour, Grace 
Creswell, Mary 
Baitman, Sarah 
Horton, Mary 
Lodge, Martha 
Deacon, Anne 
Goulding, Eliz. 
Hollford, Mary 
Goswell, Cornelia 
Bavington, Eliz. 
Higgins, Eliz. 
Rakill, Mary 


Ma,7'riage Licences. 


May, 1703. 

10 Pamflin, Thomas and 
Ramington, Samuel 

1 1 Fish, William 

12 Bincks, Abraham 
Harris, Edward 
Hendrix, John 

13 Prentis, Thomas 
Clarkson, William 
Bradley, William 
Humphreys, John 
Kent, John 

14 Turner, David 
Rosse, John 
Barnwell, Richard 

15 Nicholson, George 
Ford, Christopher 
Spencer, William 

17 Neale, William 

18 Stevenson, Thomas 
Causton, Thomas 
Smith, Thomas 

19 Nash, James 

20 Wilkin, Phillipp 

21 Barnes, John 

22 Clarke, Joseph 
25 Eve, Adam 

Marsland, William 
Bugg, Francis 
Giles, Edward 

27 Davison, Richard 
Chatfeild, Henry 

28 Crempe, Thomas 
Capell, Joseph 
Grant, John, 
Jackson, Isaac 
Forster, John 
Beanne, Adam 

31 Ambrose, Peter 
Roper, William 
Batt, Samuel 

Moncke, Jane 
Metcalfe, Mary 
Mapley, Margtt. 
Kitchin, Anna 
Yeane, Hannah 
Turner, Anne 
Thrale, Abigail 
Mason, Anne 
Mathew, Mary 
Hutchins, Eliz. 
Fitz-Hugh, Han. 
Martclew, Sarah 
Bradbury, Eliz. 
Wikes, Catherine 
Bell, Elizabeth 
Smith, Elizabeth 

Rayment, Eliz. 
Burton, Mary 
Derling, Anne 
Paine, Jane 
Rimel, Winyfett 
Marriott, Sarah 
Hatchett, Eliz. 
Jones, Elizabeth 
Atkins, Judith 
Gray, Elizabeth 
Sparkes, Mary 
Popplewell, Eliz. 
Ilsley, Anne 
Alcock, Jane 
Knight, Anne 
Pilsworth, Dor't'y 
Carr, Barbarah 
Tayler, Hannah 
Guiyon, Anne 
Le Mate, Cath. 
Eversley, Sarah 
Woodman, Mary 
Jarvis, Deborah 

June, 1703. 

1 Marr, Leonard and 
*Suffeild. John 

2 Green, Samuel 
Pool, Josiah 
Coles, William 

3 Blathat, William 
Gibbon, Erasmus 

7 Lyon, Thomas 
Richardson, William 
Wall, Simon 

8 Ward, Stephen 
Lowe, Thomas 

9 Ede, James 
Jones, Rowland 

Pyle, Mary 
Harrison, Mary 
Field, Elizabeth 
Lidyatt, Eliz. 
Stangar, Sarah 
Gillbe, Sarah 
Busfeild, Anne 
Picts, Sarah 
Painter, Joane 
Brookes, Mary 
Wardin, Sarah 
French, Marga'tt 
Franklyn, Sarah 
Williams, Cath. 

9 Palmer, William and 
Smyth, Thomas 

Wresell, Andrew 
Longland, John 

11 Peacock, Thomas 
Thomas, Alexander 
Richardson, Richard 

12 Wroth, Thomas 

14 Wolleston, John 
Carter, Benjamin 
Sargent, William 
Jones, John 
Smith, Samuel 
Plunket, John 

15 Hill, William 

* Murrey, Archibald 

16 Faram, John 
*Simmonds [Rev.], 

Hayes, Henry 

17 Everton, John 

19 Wilkinson, James 

21 Nodes, Thomas 
Okely, Edmund 
Huggins, Benjamin 
Hibben, James 

22 Murden, Robert 
Henthorn, John 

23 Gale, Leonard 
Gingell, John 
Howard, Joseph 

25 Desoulies, James 


26 Wildgose, John 
Clifford, Edward 
Dines, Daniel 

*Chowne, Thomas 

28 Sandford, Thomas 
Selman, Daniel 
Cock, John 
Akerod, Samuel 

29 Berwick, James 
Thompson, John 
Dixon, William 

30 Winchester, Samuel 
Feild, Daniel 

Coleman, Rose 

Barnes, Sarah 
Eagle, Sarah 
Welch, Catherine 
Carter, Sarah 
Wicks, Anne 
Gardner, Martha 
Blanchare, Alice 
Faulconer, Grace 
Attridge, Deborah 
Pyke, Susannah 
Jones, Anne 
Gosf right, Anne 
Marston, Grace 
Hamilton, Xeomy 
Hill, Man- 
Row, Mary 

Knolles, Eliz. 
Preston, Mary 
Hill, Mary 
Wallgrave, Mary 
Hallsey, Lydia 
Berryman, Mary 
Waller, Margarett 
Roberts, Eliz. 
Weaver, Cath. 
Knight, Sarah 
West, Anne 
Baldwin, Mary 
James, Anne 

Bray, Mary 
Bornford, Olivia 
Pope, Margarett 

Peeters, Anne 
Lister, Sarah 
Nutt, Mary 
Harris, Sarah 
Lee, Rebecca 
Wickham, Kath. 
Danielson, Mary 
Ewen Anne 
Askin, Marv 

July, 1703. 

1 Lemon, Thomas and 
Jones, John 

2 Croach, George 
* Barry, John 

3* Harris [Capt.], 
Nutt, Edward 
Browning, William 
Dickingson, Robert 

Robbins, Margtt. 
Clarke, Mary 
Kingman, Alice 
Lowe, Elizabeth 
Haycock, Anne 

Wade, Dorothy 
Skinner, Anne 
Wilson, Dorothy 


Faculty Office. 


July, 1703. 

3 Payne, John and 

5 Burgis, Stephen 
Crouch, Abraham 

*H anbury, John 

6 Thompson, Laur- 

Parker, Joseph 
Odell, Edward 
Beale, Thomas 
Farmery, John 
Richter, John 


7 Butterworth Charles 
Gray, William 
Barker, Joseph 
Holman, William 

8 Reynolds, Edward 
Nickins, Lott 

* Kerridge, Thomas 
Tesdale, John 

(j*Mostyn, Sir Roger 
Lever, William 
Seymer, Richard 
10 Medes, Thomas 

* Fox [Hon.]. Sir 

Abercrombie, John 

12 Grosvenor, Benj'm'n 

13 Druery, Daniel 
Kay, John 

14 Daniel, Jonathan 
Ascough, Henry 

15 Ricketts, Erancis 
Hudson, John 

*Gastrell [Rev.], 
Francis [D.D.] 
Green, John 

16 Mitchell, Nicholas 
Greenwood, William 

1 9* Fuller, John 
*[Isted, Thomas 
Cosens, Ear man 
Haber, Mark 
Jones, Thomas 

20 Sayward, James 
Williams, Walter 

21 Copper, William 

22 Weemes, John 
24 Millard, Edward 
zz Maning, John 

24 Pickering, Edmund 
zz Porten, James 
24 Dell, James 

26 Gopp, John 
Bryant, Joseph 

27 Steele, Thomas 

Johnson, Mary 
Callender, Han. 
England, Sarah 
Lacy, Mary 

Joyner, Martha 
Fosson, Frances 
Warner, Mary 
Barnes, Kath'rine 
Ingram, Jane 

Hodgson, Han. 
Neale, Anne 
Safford, Eliz. 
Deighton, Eliz. 
Millingham, Anne 
Boughton, Anne 
Porter, Jane 
Thaine, Susannah 
Finch, Lady 

Gouge, Christian 
Janes, Woriliana 
Blundell, Mary 
Hopes, Christian 

Hall, Anne 
South, Mary 
Bitchford, Judith 
Swain, Sarah 
Small, Mary 
Steed, Catherine 
Jeffarson, Eliz. 
Lewis, Jane 
toftt], Elizabeth 
Pitman, Mary 
Every, Mary 
Ortt, Anne 
Rose, Elizabeth 
Rose, Anne] 
Nuthall, Bridgett 
Stemeings, Sicilly 
Durham, Martha 
Prior, Lydia 
Crutch, Catherine 
Francklyn, Sarah 
Starr, Sarah 
Swithen, Eliz. 
Price, Sarah 
Allen, Mary . 
Freeman, Anne 
Godfrey, Eliz. 
Pascall, Mary 
Collyer, Mary 

27* Seymour, 

Lesingham, Sn el- 

28 Boteler, Thomas 
Bulom, J acorn 

29 Godber, John 

30 Freeman, Thomas 
* Phillips, William 

31* Porter, Hatton(rt) 

and Cartwright, Fran. 

Sparkes, Mary . 

Fowler, Elizabeth 
Keetch, Anne 
Moore, Elizabeth 
Deal, Elizabeth 
Dashwood, Jane 

August, 1703. 

2 Waddell, Geo. and 

3 Sims, Robert 

4 Sheward, Richard 
Close, James 

6 Mason, Thomas 
Wright, John 
Stammars, Thomas 
Cartwright, George 

7 Thompson, Richard 
Lucas, Samuel 
Cullen, Thomas 

9 Hammond, George 
Borgard, Albert 

Sutton, Joseph 

10 Gill, Peter 
Anderson, Stephen 
Saunders, Henry 

11 Jull, John 

12 Gardner, William 
Wellington, Richard 
Minors, Thomas 

13 Ward, Alexander 
Leeke, William 
Porter, William 

14 Ponton, Daniel 
Witts, William 

16* Mompesson, Chas. 
De Lonne, John 
Brown, Robert 

17 Rutkin, Edward 
Spencer, Thomas 
Fowle, John 

18 Skipwith [Sir], 

Eulwarr (/;) 
Segers, Michael 

19 Branson, Thomas 
Stevenson, Thomas 
Hulett, Jacob 

21 Woodcock, Thomas 

Salvage, Sarah 
Tupper, Hannah 
Page, Margarett 
Allenson, Margtt. 
Gardner, Mary 
Chapman, Eliz. 
Watts, Eliz. 
Higby, Elizabeth 
Powell, Mary 
Cotten, Eliz. 

Wini frith 
Seagood, Mary 

Sage, Sarah 
Smith, Anne 
Lumley, Anne 
Kerby, Elizabeth 
Coates, Elizabeth 
Peck, Anne 
Derby, Mary 
Fox, Elizabeth 
Hinde, Elizabeth 
Smithe, Christian 
Angell, Susannah 
Ridiough, Eliz. 
Knightly, Hannah 
Longueville, Eliz. 
Hudson, Alice 
Jones, Elizabeth 
Child, Mary 
Downes, Anne 
Wattell, Eliz. 
Dashwood, Mary 

Parker, Kath. 
Feast, Susannah 
Keene, Rebecca 
Caine, Rose 
Hack, Mary 

(a) After this date Col. Chester's extracts 
dwindle down to one or two a year, though there 
are two more in this year. 

(/;) Page in calendar damaged and worn. 2nd 
Bart. , who succeeded his grandfather, 1678. 


Ma rriage L icences. 

[ r 7°3 

August, 1703. 

21 Cooke, Edward and 
23 Clarke, William 
2-4 King, John 

25 Evans, Alexander 

: Blarsdell, Alexander 

26 Davies, Robert 
Falkner, Matthew 

27 Ever, Samuel 
Wightman, George 

28 Burges, William 
Folwell, Richard 
Scarfeild, Samuel 
Fenwyk, John 

30 Taylor, Peter 
Evans, Richard 
Crashton, John 

31 Burn, Nicholas 
Pollard, James 

Obrian, Mary 
Hillyard, Marg'tt. 
Wilkinson, Jane 
Bleasdall, Eliz. 
Powland, Marg'tt. 
Goring, Elianor 
Watts, Catherine 
Cartrell, Sarah 
Jenks, Mary 
Hurdman, Mary 
Coleman, Frances 
Grimes, Mary 
Jones, Rebecca 
Beaven, Mary 
Bowyer, Eliz. 
Lottimer, Lydia 
Downing, Anne 
Boyd, Marie 

September, 1703. 

1 Whitley, Rich, and 
Leonard, John 
Davies, David 
Aston, Richard 

2 Desolans, John 

Giver, Thomas 
Ashton, Edward 

3 Morris, Francis 
Harper, John 
Martin, Nathaniel 

6 Cooke, John 
Lightfoot, John 
Heatly, John 
Everton, Thomas 
Hardcassell, John 

7 Salter, John 
Bedford, Richard 
Benwell, John 
Lynn, John 

8 Coles, William 
Junnines, Thomas 

10 Scapes, Edward 
Foster, Edward 

13 Fereby, John 

Chumbles, Thomas 

14 Woodstok, Thomas 

15 Stevens, Abraham 

16 Cradock, Edmund 
Tetley, James 

. Fowler, Richard 
Lee, Thomas 

17 Cole, John 

18 Church, John 
Winn, Sir Rowland 
Lake, Francis 

Guttridge, Eliz. 
Northton, Eliz. 
Brignell, Grace 
Cooke, Parthena 

Bourne, Elizabeth 
Raave, Elizabeth 
Shelton, Cath'rine 
Dalby, Elizabeth 
Beacham, Jane 
Winter, Eliz. 
Harris, Sarah 
Roberts, Mary 
Aldridge, Eliz. 
Craft, Elizabeth 
Tripp, Sarah 
Jones, Anne 
Tharpe, Hannah 
Prophet, Alice 
Roleston, Anne 
Frowd, Anne 
Richardson, Sarah 
Sudbury, Margtt. 

Collins, Elizabeth 
Tuksbury, Eliz. 
Campion, Pricilla 
Johnson, Eliz. 
Smith, Anne 
Lee, Elizabeth 
Lee, Sarah 
Turberville, Eliz. 
Chapman, Eliz. 
Harbourd, Letitia 
Clarke, Elizabeth 

18 Williams, Anth. and 
Cole, Robert 

21 Brooke, Francis 
Payne, W T illiam 
Cooke, Richard 

22 Jones, John 
Cock, Robert 

23 Buckingham, Duke 

24 Baker, Thomas 

25 Pimble, John 
Strelley, Robert 

27 Newnam, Michael 
Blencow, Thomas 
Raphson, James 
Goldsmith, Thomas 
King, Edward 
Thorne, William 

28 Markhard, John 
Courthope, John 

29 Reeve, Henry 
Lovering, Thomas 

30 Hammett, Edward 
Hart well, John 
Savage, William 

Roberts, Jane 
Crisp, Hannah 
Bucknall, Jane 
Mackailar, Anne 
Farrow, Mary 
Yates, Elizabeth 
Boorder, Frances 
Harding, Mary 
Tipping, Eliz. 
Taylor, Mary 
Parsons, Mary 
Cooke, Judeth 
Love, Susannah 
Pearce, Winifred 
Early, Hannah 
Wright, Mary 
Ingram, Eliz. 
Wyat, Elizabeth 
Morgan, Eliz. 
Minns, Mary 
Rothwell, Eliz. 
Harrison, Millis 
Woodward, Alice 
Coe, Anne 

October, 1703. 

1 Davies, Edward and 

2 Cotgrave, Joseph 
Smith, John 
Lane, John 
Savile, George 
White, John 

4 Morris, William 
Wood, Thomas 
Sedgwick, John 
Anderson, John 

5 Yastis, Robert 
Foreman, Thomas 
Roots, Nicholas 

6 Watts, John 
Turner, Thomas 
Webster, Joseph 
Jones, John 
Snages, Daniel 

7 Newell, John 

8 Lord, Samuel 

9 Brown, George 
Middleton, John 
Roome, Thomas 
Johnson, Edmund 
Newton, Henry 

11 Allford, John 

12 Giles, Thomas 
Flower, W T illiam 

1 3 Rookes, John 
Langton, Oliver 

Puplettt, Thomas 
Waterman, John 

Spencer, Jane 
Ash, Mary 
Shaw, Susannah 
Bird, Jane 
Balam, Susannah 
Wilson, Sabina 
Roberts, Mary 
Rudder, Dorothy 
Tilmouth, Isabell 
Roundtree, Mary 
Burley, Catherine 
Winde, Eleanor 
Earland, Mary 
Page, Susannah 
Thornton, Eliz. 
Seech, Anne 
Hall, Susannah 
Monk, Martha 
Edge, Dorothy 
Justice, Anne 
Houghton, Jane 
Neal, Elizabeth 
Prince, Rebecca 
Walker, Sarah 
Gardiner, Anne 
Smith, Alice 
White, Mary 
Buris, Elizabeth 
Bayly, Elizabeth 

Masters, Eliz. 
Tyrwhitt, Frances 


Faculty Office. 


October, 1703. 

14 Smith, Robert and 
Hiccock, Michael 

15 Saise, Thomas 
Rosher, Edward 

16 Jackson, Ambrose 
Sergent, William 
Birchmore, Henry 
Drewett, Rowland 

Wright, John 

18 Elderton, James 
Wall, Thomas 
Russell, Thomas 
Dymoke, Charles 

19 Goodin, John 
Heath, Hezekia 

20* Duncklin, Thomas 
Stanton, Charles 

21 West, Richard 
Standford, Robert 

22 Smith, Robert 

Henshall, John 
Lateward, John 

23 Wick, Phillip 
Adamson, Walter 
Hereford, Nurse 

25 Alingham, William 
Spencer, Jonathan 
Mangur, ADolphe(a) 
Warrin, Samuel 
Stiffe, Thomas 

26 Clarke, Anthony 
Keen, Joseph 

27 Atkins, Robert 
Taylor, John 
Kiffin, William 
Manning, Richard 

28 Shakerley, Edward 
Vincent, Thomas 
Wakelin, Matthew 
Grendell, Edward 
Preistley, John 

30 Hele, Roger 
Neve, John 
Halford, Richard 
Taylor, Walter 
Huggins, Joseph 
Norman, John 

Martyr, Mary 
Webster, Jane 
Lewis, Mary 
Truden, Anne 
Hill, Mary 
Wells, Henrietta 
Cooley, Grizell 

Roshier, Martha 
Bale, Dorothy 
Wilks, Mary 
Finch, Elizabeth 
Carter, Maty 
Smith, Sarah 
George, Mary 
Lissaman, Eliz. 
Lloyd, Mary 
Avarist, Mary 
Warry, Mary 

King, Sarah 
Meriwether, Mary 
Hinde, Rebecca 
Abbott, Hannah 
Morris, Elizabeth 
Crawley, Dorothy 
Phelps, Hester 
Catel, Susannah 
How, Anne 
Gorsuch, Anne 
Nicholson, Anne 
Clare, Martha 
Bayden, Eliz. 
Fletcher, Mary 
Colvill, Eliz. 

Goodman, Eliz. 
Jackson, Jane 
Young, Anne 
Kent, Anne 
Dolliffe, Marry 
Preistwood, Julian 
Dean, Anne 
Golding, Eliz. 
Rogers, Anne 
Ayres, Johanna 
Webb, Susannah 

November, 1703. 

1 Bancks, Stephen and Fitch, Elizabeth 
Goodge, Francis Huddle, Cath. 
Quinton, Nathan Short, Sarah 

[a) As in the calendar. 

2 Howard, John and 
Margetts, Robert 
Goodwin, Thomas 

3 Jones, Robert 
Woodburne, Wm. 

Fulman, W r illiam 
Perry, George 
Cole, Thomas 

4 Cantwell, Joseph 
West, Samuel 
Mills, or Millo, John 
Pearch, William 

5 Tyler, Richard 

6 Capell, John 
James, Thomas 

8 Gardner, Le Strange 
Lawrence, Kelly 

10 Green, Nicholas 
Hamersley, John 

11 Hartley, Thomas 

12 Rotherham, Thomas 

14 Frizell, William 

15 Cooper, Thomas 
Gray, Edward 
Smith, Joseph 
Hartford, John 

16 Upton, Jonathan 
Hawkins, Francis 
Sewell, John 

17 Smith, Thomas 
Woodham, Samuell 
Porter, Francis 
Raynes, Richard 

18 Beauliew, Renne 
Hobcraft, Richard 

19 Willon, John 

20 Smith, William 
Layton, John 

22 Teems, Richard 

23 Strange, Thomas 
Nicholls, Thomas 
Jones, Roger 

24 Jenkins, Thomas 
Ambling, Thomas 
Viall, John 

25 Williams, John 
Sailer, William 
Whittaker, John 
Adams, Edward 

26 Auckley, John 
Fisher, Nicholas 
Dixon, John 

29 Sutton, Christopher 
Webster, John 

Kemp, Elizabeth 
Simpson, Anna 
Tomerlin, Judith 
Edwin, Mary 

Nicholls, Sibella 
Barnsley, Eliz. 
Pitts, Anne 
Jennings, Martha 
Foster, Elizabeth 
Bryan, Susan 
Ringwood, Eliz. 
Gould, Eliz. 
Newman, Mary 
Martin, Margarett 
Williams, Eliz. 
Oman, Alice 
Taylor, Elizabeth 
Willyard, Mary 
Barnes, Hannah 
Rowland, Eliz. 
Summers, Anne 
Wood, Susanna 
Gunton, Jane 
Tite, Mary 
Peale, Dorothy 
Lockwood, Mary 
Austin, Hannah 
Legatt, Margarett 
Javes, Elizabeth 
Grimsdell, Eliz. 
Dibble, Abigael 
Rawbone, Margtt. 
Doffeild, Mary 
Lane, Elizabeth 
Gee, Frances 
Jeffris, Rebecca 
Ceney, Alice 
Knight, Hester 
Bussey, Sarah 
Browning, Mary 
Haydock, Anne 
Brett, Elizabeth 
Fisher, Prudence 
Parker, Anne 
Hippisle, Honora 
Baynard, Mary 
Perkins, Sarah 
King, Ursula 
Moore, Sarah 
Diamond, Jane 
Cornegey, Margtt. 
Moulsey, Sarah 
Ruth, Jane 

December, 1703. 

1 Mortimer, Rich, and Baker, Anne 
Webb, Robert Kitson, Elizabeth 


u Ma Triage L icences. 


December, 1703. 

1 Hayes, Hugh and 
Carncross, James 
Heyfeild, John 
Stips, Amos 

1 Hall, William 

Osborne, John 
Rogers, Joshua 
Minshull, Daniel 

3 Puley, Thomas 
Nellson, John 

6 Browne, John 
Stedwell, John 
Mason, Caleb 

7 Pollett, Thomas 
Cazalett, John 

Bogill, Robert 

8 Roades, Thomas 
Honour, John 

9 Treville, John 
Highly, Richard 

11 Hotham, Matthew 

13 Smith, John 
Webster, Thomas 

14 Ewer, Robert 
Goodsha, Richard 
Searles, Thomas 
Green, William 

15 Richardson, William 
Bettsworth, Charles 
Cotterill, John 
Bilton, John 

16 Drury, John 
Willis, John 
Hollamby, John 
Bowles, John 

18 Lidgley, John 
Archer, Thomas 
Willard, Joseph 
Worth, Robert 

20 Barnard, William 
Downes, Edward 

21 Cottingham, Peter 
Davis, David 
Baillie, Robert 
Hyde, W r illiam 
Mintee, Edward 

22 Cope, John 
Clayton, William 
Schoone, Ralph 
Ives, Anthony 
Wright, William 
Abraham, Nicholas 
Louth, Henry 
Boane, Henry 

23 Bickerton, John 

Trulup, Mary 
Harrison, Mary 
Stairs, Elizabeth 
Craft, Anne 

Hall, Frances 
Nason, Anne 

Edmundson, Mary 
Baldwin, Frances 
Wells, Anne 
Caspur, Alice 
Glindall, Anne 
Downe, Mercy 

Crofts, Sarah 
Terry, Elizabeth 
Pitts, Martha 
Cottiby, Anne 
Watkins, Sarah 
Scott, Jane 
Clerk, Jane 
Fineux, Ursula 
Deacon, Eliz. 
Browne, Mary 
Perrott, Redevia 
Cox, Anne 
Boarman, Eliz. 
Davis, Mary 
Johnson, Eliz. 
Dewey, Mary 
Whorton, Eliz. 
Allen, Elizabeth 
Giles, Mary 
Pew, Jane 
Wickett, Eliz. 
White, Elizabeth 
Ash, Elizabeth 
Johnson, Eliz. 
Davill, Man- 
Baldwin, Eliz. 
Baldwyn, Jane 
Pope, Elizabeth 
Clarke, Mary 
Thraile, Mary 
Ganey, Margarett 
Bridger, Grace 
Kenrick, Martha 
Burgess, Martha 
Cooper, Mary 
Hughs, Martha 
Hancock, Sarah 
Staveley, Anne 
Boswoth, Eliz. 
White, Mary 

23 Ockold, Richard and 
Beale, William 
Mason, Charles 
Whaley, Robert 

24 Oxnard, Edward 
Hales, William 
Peartree, Edward 
Thorpe, John 

26 Neal, John 

27 Reynolds, George 

28 Shoulder, William 
Marsh, George 

29 Harris, Edward 
Sheppard, Robert 

30 Kelsall, John 

31 Sibley, Daniel 
Bosworth, Thomas 

Ferry, Mary Anne 
Partridge, Sarah 
Mayne, Bridgett 

Kardol, Sarah 
Gillow, Mary 
Elwell, Margarett 
Carter, Mary 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Fallowfeild, Sarah 
Jackson, Dorothy 
Powell, Mary 
Fugen, Mary 
Wilson, Elizabeth 
Sergent, Eliz. 
Bake well, Anne 
Uphallfence, Han. 

January, 1703-4. 

1 Minors, Ralph and 
Denton, William 
Lyon, John 

3 Shrigley, John 

2 Christy, George 

3 Bunn, Thomas 
Holland, Thomas 

4 Alltrop, William 
Gore,. Francis 

Harris, Roger 

5 Hornby, John 
Dear, Stephen 
Butterby, Stephen 

6 Cremar, John Peter 

7 Kent, Clement 
George, John 

8 Blackeye, Thomas 
De Malide, Paul St. 

Scotson, John 
10 Farr, Thomas 
Yeates, John 
Painter, Henry 

12 Wingfeild, John 
Hickey, Matthew 
Stevenson, Daniel 
Sleath, Gabriel 
Joynes, Abrahams 
Sackette, Nathaniel 

13 Hardacres, Henry 
Hammond, Thomas 
Jackson, Stephen 
Belcher, Joseph 

14 Hunt, John 
Gibbon, Richard 
Tyson, William 
Dean, Henry 

15 Tickner, Robert 

Travill, Martha 
Crafts, Elizabeth 
Moses, Isabella 
Pickering, Mary 
Barrett, Jane 
Carr, Anne 
Tatlock, Mary 
Blewzee, Rebecca 

Colson, Anne 
Shadwell, Rhoda 
Smith, Mary 
Gooden, Mary 
Parsons, Eliz. 
March, Barsheba 
Dawson, Mary 
Woodward, Anne 
Legarde, Alary 

Read, Sarah 
Sedgley, Eliz. 
Tompson, Mar)' 
Trevica, Eliz. 
Thrussell, Sarah 
Browne, Eliz. 
Metcalfe, Mary 
Wilshire, Anne 
Bayghton, Margt. 
Jacob, Elianor 
Dymocke, Lucy 
Troute, Mary 
Strutton, Anne 
How, Jane 
Heathfeild, Anne 
Harran, Elizabeth 
Plummer, Eliz. 
Figg, Mary 
Fairlace, Anne 


Faculty Office. 


January, 1703-4. 

15 Bedford, John and 

17 Stonell, Richard 
Spring, William 
Bell, Christopher 
Standish, James 

18 Warner, Richard 

19 Holmes, Samuel 
Williamston, Ralph 

20 Haslegrove, Robert 
Parnell, Phillip 

21 Hanson, Richard 
Quidington, Thomas 
Abbot, Nicholas 

24 Rice, Ralph 
Bullmore, Robert 
Wathen, Phillip 
Murrey, George 
Barrowdale, Win. 

25 Hebert, James 
Kettleby, Francis 
Rawles, John 

Sampson, Robert 
Willows, John 

26 Fisher, Jonathan 
Coker, William 

2$ Deave, Oliver 

Edwards, William 

2cj Elliot, Samuel 
Wingfield, Henry 

31 Reeves, Charles 

Bolton, Elizabeth 
Spakeman, Eliz. 
Rolfe, Dorcas 
Bond, Elizabeth 
Waldron, Sarah 
Fenn, Elizabeth 
Poke, Rebecca 
Colck, Anne 
Howard, Sarah 
Newton, Eliz. 
Albon, Elizabeth 
Banes, Susannah 
Winch, Susannah 
Raiment, Hannah 
Harling, Mary 
Driver, Lydia 
Gibbons, Abigael 
May, Elizabeth 
Hebert, Catherine 
Ealy, Elianor 
Wyatt, Sarah 

Baker, Elizabeth 
Fairfax, Mary 
Bird, Elizabeth 
Jones, Elizabeth 
Harison, Eliz. 
Ambrey, Lucy 
Tayler, Lydia 
Lilly, Mary 
Crump, Eliz. 

February, 1703-4. 

1 Phelps, Thomas and 
Leigh, Thomas 
Edwards, George 

2 Humphreys, Edm'nd 
Lee, John 

Spicer, Walter 

3 Gibbons, John 
Johnson, Richard 

5 Gale, John 
Hoar, Richard 

8 Tills, Thomas 
Hall, John 
Lanson, James 
Bennett, Thomas 
Henderson, James 

9 Atkison, Lancellott 
Ashfordby, John 
Hatt, Joseph 

* Bromsall, Thomas 
French, Thomas 

10 Mead, Richard 
Munford, John 

1 1 Eyans, Anthony 

Chapman, Eliz. 
Hare, Mary 
Dayes, Elizabeth 
Bradbury, Mary 
Peirson, Margtt. 
Howell, Mary 
Baynes, Anne 
Russell, Sarah 
Allen, Sarah 
Aldington, Sarah 
Adly, Man- 
Money, Katherine 
Roots, Man- 
Rogers, Alice 
Browne, Jane 
Richardson, Sarah 
Glover, Mary 
Peirson, El iz. 
Barksdale, Eliz. 
Berry, Sarah 
Smith, Anne 
Evans, Mary 
March, Mary 

11 Thomas, Daniel and 

Wright, John 
Kent, Edward 

12 Brackstone, James 
Lee, Thomas 
Curtis, John 

14 Smith, Thomas 
Negus, Francis 
Forster, Henry 
Wansbrough, Wm. 
Partington, John 

15 Smith, Robert 
Stringer, Thomas 
Ellis, George 

16 Foster, Thomas 
Elliot, John 
Mackcrall, John 
Prince, Richard 
Daniel, Robert 

17 Gason, William 
Parratt, Thomas 

18 Mander, Walter 
Hoddle, Stephen 
Roberts, Joseph 
Davis, William 

19 Terry, John 
Gascoigne, James 
Arthur, Henry 

21 Simpkin, John 
Gellibrand, Samuel 

22 Garwood, Henry 

Cowcher, Richard 
Huff, Stephen 
Haywood, Henry 
Kenneday, James 
Woods, John 
James, Cornelius 
Wightwicke, James 
Noyes, Richard 

23 Cope, William 
Moore, John 
Clarke, Thomas 
Daniel, Obediah 
Hull, Robert 
Fering, Thomas 
Smith, Thomas 
Hilton, Robert 
Shaw, Edward 
Weller, Robert 
Hawes, John 

25 Adcock, John 
Mabyn, Peter 

26 Sheppard, John 
Kerridge, Thomas 
Hedges, Thomas 
Hamhett, W r illiam 

Jones, John 


Jackson, Eliz. 
Beeton, Martha 
Morgan, Martha 
Evans, Deborah 
French, Elizabeth 
Unwinn, Sarah 
Churchill, Eliz. 
Young, Anne 
Pikman, Mary 
Kettlewell, Eliz. 
Miller, Elianor 
Benbow, Martha 
Tomlin, Johannah 
Miller, Mary 
Salter, Margarett 
Lee, Honour 
Norman, Anne 
Mellish, Anne 
Ansley, Elianor 
Lowick, Mary 
Barker, Mary 
Wright, Rebecca 
Sanger, Eliz. 
Peirce, Ruth 
Wright, Mary 
Pane, Anne 
Blake, Mary 
Willson, Rachael 
Allsopp, Mary 

Rose, Anne 
Coleman, Anne 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Clark, Hannah 
Parton, Hannah 
Mousely, Anne 
Rudge, Mary 
Duppa, Elizabeth 
Lloyd, Martha 
Busby, Anne 
Tayler, Mary 
Parsons, Mary 
Pawning, Anne 
Clark, Susannah 
Smith, Alice 
Geffes, Anne 
Cole, Sarah 
Cooke, Elizabeth 
Hamlin, li\\z. 
Gee, Elizabeth 
Wynne, Rachell 
Davies, Mary 
Porter, Jane 
Huffe, Anne 

Lloyd, Jane 


Marriage Licences. 

b 703-4 

February, 1703-4. 

27 Sharp, Thomas and 

28 Brindley, James 

May bank, John 
Bedingfield, Thomas 
Doghode, James 

29 Tomlin, Thomas 
Thomas, Arthur 
Wilkinson, William 
Comberlidge, Thos. 
Collins, Henry 
Chambers, William 

Parker, Mary 
Williams, Susan 

Abbott, Anne 
Jones, Mary 
Dixson, Anne 
Winn, Elizabeth 
Hinde, Sarah 
Sidwell, Eliz. 
Brasyer, Eliz. 
Barras, Mary 
Browne, Anne 

March, 1703-4. 

Home, Rebecca 
Bearston, Mary 

Richardson, Kath. 
Spray, Mary 
Osborne, Mary 
Whiteing, Mary 
Johnson, Sarah 
Wheeler, Martha 
Cowls, Hannah 
Lansdon, Mary 
Swift, Elizabeth 
Butler, Elizabeth 
Page, Sarah 
Underwood, Eliz. 
Baldare, Jemimah 
Grainge, Margtt. 
Chaplin, Martha 
Tibington, Eliz. 
Hughes, Mary 
Cassell, Jane 
Keat, Susannah 
Hanby, Eliz. 
Sell, Jane 
Gurle, Rebecca 
Titcomb, Mary 
Sessions, Jane 
Herbert, Dame 
Daughter of 
the Rt. Hon. 
Thomas, Earl 
of Pembroke 

March, 1704. 

25 Dike, Daniel and Venables, Sarah 
27 Crisp, Martin Smith, Mary 

Dyson, Charles Muffett, Catherine 

Gouson, William Lamb, Anne 

(a) Or Morice. 

1 Hall, Bartholo. and 

2 Houlton, Edward 

Wilmer, Thomas 

3 Hewitt, Henry 
Chewter, Nathaniel 

4 Johnson, William 
7 Atkins, Richard 
9 Tottie, John 

Phillips, Adrian 
10 Moody, William 
Morris, John 

13 Owen, Richard 

14 Pemberton, Robert 
Whiteman, Francis 
Nevill, John 

18 Bourn, Charles 
Mullines, Richard 

20 Lucas, Richard 

21 Willson, George 
Turner, John 

22 Wakelin, William 
Hill, Thomas 
Ashley, Henry 
Cheeseman, Richard 

24 Green, Josias 

Helyer, Richard 
21 Morris, (a) Sir 

28 Child, William and 
Hayes, Thomas 

29 Cundell, William 
Price, William 

30 King, Andrew 
Sanders, Robert 
Coverley, William 
Negus, John 

31 Edwards, Thomas 
Wright, Jonathan 

Mackadam, Mary 
Seister, Jane 
Green, Barbara 
Slayman, Mary 
Kent, Mary 
Fisher, Sarah 
Worgan, Mary 
Humes, Ursula 
Yates, Mary 
Bennett, Mary 

April, 1704. 

3 Gardner, Benj. and 
Barnwell, Thomas 

4 Rusley, Anthony 

Davies, James 

5 Beresford, John 

6 Crakanthorp, Sam. 
Crakanthorp, Ben. 
Taylor, Joseph 

7 Leonard, Andrew 


8 Humphreys, John 

10 White, John 
Taylor, Nathaniel 
Shepherd, James 

11 Midon, Francis 
Law, William 
Hay ward, Henry 

12 Timbrell, William 
Roberts, Patricius 
Carrill, Henry 

13 Woollett, Thomas 
Cloves, Ralph 

14 Southgate, Robert 
Chancier, John 
Chapman, William 
Newton, Joseph 

15 Austin, James 
Johnson, Charles 
Simpson, Richard 
Tyrrell, Edward 
Wootten, Henry 
Darby, Roger 
Skupholme, John 
Staight, Richard 
Hailes, George 
Hollivay, Thomas 

17 Alloway, John 

18 Sandell, David 
Clayton, John 

19 Atkinson, John 
Cooper, John 
England, John 
Peacock, Richard 

Loman, Sarah 
Rouse, Elizabeth 

Bedford, Margtt. 
Ashby, Mary 
Ruggless, Mary 
James, Elizabeth 
Matthews, Mary 

Barris, Julian 

Drake, Man- 
Wilkinson, Mary 
Cleaver, Mary 
Spellman, Hellena 
Dhnissean, Mary 
Salter, Elizabeth 

Royce, Elizabeth 
Weston, Eliz. 
Bromwich, Mary 
Humfreys, Mary 
Goss, Elizabeth 
Patteshall, Eliz. 
Righton, Anne 
Chancelor, Mary 
Chancelor, Eliz. 
Brett, Elizabeth 
Aston, Katherine 
Poulton, Margt. 
Selby, Elizabeth 
Wells, Susan 
Scott, Elizabeth 
Potter, Anne 
Thurston, Mary 
Lovett, Margaret 
Bayly, Elizabeth 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Hunter, Mary 
Ward, Mary" 
Balch, Elizabeth 
Henson, Anne 
Mitchel, Sarah 
Lavarock, Mary 


Faculty Office. 


April, 1704. 

ig Nash, Thomas and Copostake, Mary 
Steptoe, Thomas Knewstubb, Susan 
Carter, Clement 

20 Rayner, Abraham 
Hollford, Robert 

Baker, William 
Parnell, Henry 

21 Jones, Thomas 
Foot, Richard 

22 Miller, John 
Rutter, John 
Funter, John 
Bayly, John 
Kemp, John 

24 Forster, John 
Whithorne, John 

25 Jackson, Joshua 

26 Steele, Matthew 

Thomas, Anne 
Danford, Mary 
Phillips, Sarah 
Sertes, Anne 
Reddinton, Susan 
Porter, Katherine 
Whitton, Hannah 
Cutler, Alice 
Turner, Anne 
Sands, Elizabeth 
Sweet, Anne 
Courtney, Leah 
Bass, Amy 
Fly, Elizabeth 
Lofland, Cornelia 
Thompson, Eliz. 

Visatally, Alexander Wayman, Mary 
27 Yearwood, Thomas Mallows, Rebecca 
Franklyn, Harmond Crompton, Eliz. 
Esgeate, John Corker, Johanna 

Blanchard, Samue 
Every, John 

28 Winter, Christo. 

29 Peele, Thomas 
Calverly, John 
Lloyd, Samuel 

Blaire, Katherine 
Thompson, M'rtha 
Burgis, Katherine 
Moore, Ruth 
Noble, Elizabeth 
Maycock, Dinah 

May, 1704. 

1 Large, Anthony and 

2 Stokoe, Luke 
Roscow, Thomas 
Lake, Robert 

3 La Brune, Anthony 
Smith, Edmund 

4 Johnson, Wilfre 

5 Parsons, Richard 


6 Berry, Robert 
Robinson, Thomas 
Smirke, Sampson 

8 Eversley, John 
Watson, George 

g Blake, William 
Austin, Daniel 
Lewis, John 
Jones. Evan 
Biscoe, William 

10 Hoschkis, James 
Land, Robert 
Walton, John 
Brown, William 
Waterhouse, Ben. 

11 Potter, John 
Christian, James 

Baggs, Elizabeth 
Lea, Hester 
Gardner, Rebecca 
Mitchell, Anne 
Denese, Jaquete 
Roberts, Anne 
Stacey, Susannah 
May, Jane 
Child, Elizabeth 

Hallywell, Martha 
Williams, Jane 
Place, Elizabeth 
Smith, Anne 
Burket, Sarah 
Home, Anne 
Smith, Sarah 
Ball, Barsheba 
Cane, Sarah 
Mills, Margarett 
Thickness, Eliz. 
Thomas, Anne 
Toone, Anne 
Downing, Jane 
Basket, Anne 
Butcher, Dorothy 
Lambert, Sarah 





Gibbs, Daniel and Coleman, Margtt. 
Abraham, William Sutton, Sarah 
Byron, Owen Frye, Anne 

Newton, William Chapman, Eliz. 
Thompson, William Kist, Anne 
Rogers, Robert Yeates, Jane 

Moullins, John Walker, Eliz. 

May, Robert Mendum, Anne 

Alsop, Richard Blare, Katherine 

Woodford, Edward Holmes, Mary 
Orells, James Freiy, Elizabeth 

Sorrell, Francis Murrey, Elizabe'h 




Baker, James 
Rogers, John 
Constant, Richard 
Beadles, Joel 
Proudlove, John 
Sussex, Edward 
Bunn, Thomas 
Baine, Benjamine 

Swindall, Anne 
Peake, Mary 
Hayduck, Eliz. 
Butler, Mary 
Dodson, Grace 
M osier, Mary 
Eynge, Elizabeth 
Maine, Anne 

Pattenden, Edward Webb, Criscilla 

Tice, John Goulding, Margt. 

Hutton, Richard Addison, Bridgett 

Barclay, George Morer, Frances 

Samms, Francis Wallington, Eliz. 

Sampson, Thomas Jones, Anne 

Taylord, Thomas Croston, Mary 

Long, Nathaniel 

Wait, Mary 


Phips, Thomas 

Guise, Frances 

Rich, Richard 

Bell, Frances 

Gibbs, John 

Simmonds, Anne 

Colt, Sir Harry 

Hatton, Dame 

Dutton (a) 



Wilford, John 

Peale, Anne 

Newdygate, Richard Twisdon, Eliz. 

Ridley, Edward 

Reed, Anne 

Barstow, William 

Banes, Dorothy 

Peachy, John 

Dring, Jane 

Weeden, Daniel 

Child, Sarah 


Bound, Phillip 

Ward, Ruth 


Camber, Thomas 

Brian, Elizabeth 

Blind, William 

Linford, Mary 

Capman, Richard 




Monnemey, Peter 

Barnard, Margt. 

Mills, Giles 

Barrington, Mary 

Darvel, George 

Goulding, Anne 

Watts, John 

Gore, Mary 



1 Browne, Win. and Tate, Katherine 
Seten, Thomas Saunders, Margt. 

2 Deere, Phillipp 
Keating, Richard 
Longden, Robert 
Mitchel, Arthur 
He wit, Thomas 

Fisher, Anne 
Lawson, Elianor 
Howard, Alice 
Batchelor, Margt. 
Peach, Grace 

(a) Created a Baronet, 1694, and died 1739. 


Marriage Licences. 


June, 1704. 

3 Bowden, Richd. and House, Sarah 
Brownsmith, John Gilborne, Hester 
White, Edmund Tompson, 

Mercer, Robert Poole, Katherine 

5 Bourdeaux, Gabriel Grove, Jane 
Doling-, Richard Cox, Mary 

29 Jefferys, Edwd. and Reynold, Hester 

Jelly, Jane 
Bridges, Sarah 
Hollinhurst, Thomas Pannell, Anne 

Bristow, George 
Barnes, William 
7 Ford, John 

Collin gwood, 
8 Courtney, William 

Ravenor, Simon 
10 Yeilder, William 
*Brackley, Robert 
Gibbins, Thomas 
Taylour, John 
Smith, George 

13 Fellows, Robert 

14 Mosden, John 
Porten, Robert 

15 Causten, Thomas 
17 Pember, Joseph 

Taylor, Maurice 
Baldwin, George 

19 Butler, John 
Gray, Benjamine 
Willis, Charles 

20 Wardlaw, Gilbert 
Smith, John 
Reading, John 


Singer, Man- 
Gould, Susannah 
Short, Elizabeth 
Ensdell, Anne 
Dryden, Eliz. 
Lloyd, Joanna 
Hull, Elizabeth 
Hing, Elizabeth 
Parker, Elizabeth 
Rowland, Rebec. 
Rolfe, Emm 
Blewett, Eliz. 
Buckeridge, Sarah 
Roges, Susannah 
Fisher, Sarah 
Seamond, Eliz. 
Risdon, Mary 
Limbrow, Mary 
Munt, Margarett 
Taylor, Anne 
Morgan, Eliz. 

Hardcastle, Charles Sparling, Diana 

Madocks, Hannah 
Steward, Jane 
Handslap, Eliz. 
Hancock, Sarah 
Bukerstaff, Mary 
Parkin, Elizabeth 
Gamlyn, Eliz. 

Lovell, Robert 
Wodzall, George 
Nicholls, Richard 
Mansell, Ralph 
Wilkie, Thomas 

22 Arding, Richard 

23 Smalman, John 
Longdon, Matthew Biscoe, Lydia 
Hart, James Taylor, Lucy 
Carrington, Richard Heath, Sarah 
Berrisford, William Hill, Anne 

24 Cotton, Richard Holman, Anne 

25 Shelton, Richard 

26 Peck, Charles 
Hanson, William 
Collins, Robert 

Feild, John 
27 Hancock, John 
Eccleston, John 
Courtney, Sir 

William {a) 

(a) He, second Bart., she, daughter of the first 
Earl of Abinsrdon. 

Ladstone, Mary 
Canham, Anne 
Green, Jane 
James, Elizabeth 
Crafts, Sarah 
Clinton, Anne 
Vincent, Johanna 
Bertie, Anne 

Gridly, Daniel 

Harrison, Thomas 
30 Gowane, John 
Scott, Edward 

Browne, Hannah 
Ballam, Patience 

Baker, Sarah 
Smith, Mary 
Edlinsonn, Martha 

July, 1704. 

1 Taylor, Joseph and 
3 Abbott, Phillip 
Bye, John 

5 Barrett, Richard 

6 Holman, John 
Bay lie, John 
Garnett, Richard 

7 Corker, Chambers 
Read, William 

8 Chauvin, Matthew 
Hayes, Nicholas 
Van Spangen, John 

10 Nock, Thomas 
Phillips, Erasmus 
Edwards, Francis 

11 Scudmore, Henry 
Ives, William 

12 Scrimshire, Matt. 
Lawrence, Ralph 

14 Allen, Matthias 

15 Stoakes, Robert 
Harding, Joseph 
Bulling, Andrew 

18 Hussey, Joseph 
Smith, John 

19 Pember, Francis 
Todd, John 
Harrigad, Richard 
Wallder, Thomas 

20 Russell, William 
Browne, Daniel 
Yalden, Richard 

Allen, Charles 

22 Whiting, John 

Brudenell, Moses 

23 Morgan, John 

25 Vaillant, Paul 
Butler, William 
Hall, John 

26 Holt, Richard 
Lowndes, Francis 
May, John 
Heath, Robert 
Hill, John 

28 Rice, John 
Bird, Thomas 

29 Brice, John 

Tissall, Mary 
Smith, Mary 
Sutton, Mary 
Mantin, Anne 
Woottman, Grace 
Buck, Mary 
Munday, Milhcent 
Melluish, Honor 
Tracey, Mary 
Maheaux, Anne 
Wilson, Mary 
Lewis, Elizabeth 
Bramton, Mary 
Parker, Elizabeth 
Vernatt, Margtt. 
Weale, Anne 
Frewen, Jane 
Wheeler, Eliz. 
Morgan, Rebecca 
Foreman, Eliz. 
Yealop, Anne 
Tomlins, Elianor 
Sharpe, Mary 
Wood, Margarett 
Ireland, Alice 
Nelthorpe, Eliz. 
Butler, Dorcas 
Cole, Mary 
Sherwood, Eliz. 
Nicholls, Eliz. 
Garey, Isabella 

Smith, Mary 

Goodale, Joane 
Hantain, Joyce 
Smith, Mary 
Rhodes, Mary 
Davisson, Mary 
Wilcox, Frances 
James, Elizabeth 
Byers, Dorothy 
Howes, Christian 
Wood, Anne 
Saunders, Eliz. , 
Phelp, Hannah 


Faculty Office 


July, 1704. 

31 Torrington, and Crew, Lady 

Lord (a) 
Eden, Ralph Lawrence, Mary 

Drumontie, James Brunett, Eve 
Fisher, Sir Rich, (b) Dalston, Dame 


August, 1704. 
1 Jenkes, Samuel and Maycocke. Anne 

Cooke, Walter 
Walesby, Thomas 

2 Parry, Robert 
Craske, Thomas 
Shadwell, Charles 
Allen, Richard 
Jones, Thomas 
Hockley, James 
Caiey, John 

4 Colston, Edward 
Raud, Arthur 
Cook, Thomas 

Westmore, Eliz. 
Glover, Martha 
Griff en, Anne 
Wright, Maria 
Power, Amy 
Butler, Anne 
Lloyd, Anne 
Barnett, Eliz. 
King, Susannah 
De Berdt, Mary 
Abraham, Mary 
Kaine, Elizabeth 

Mountfort, William Renfeild, Anne 

Hill, Jonathan Fothered, Eliz. 

Gyvers, William Frith, Mary 

Dehouse, Abraham Presew, Mary 

7 Bland, Thomas Bland, Margarett 

Homor, Thomas 
Howett, Thomas 
cS Guiding, Thomas 
Lowther, Robert 

Sprigmore, Anne 
Stedman, Martha 
Godwin, Mary 
Corleton, Joan 

Richardson, Lauring Thompson, Eliz. 

Harris, James 
Goodman, John 
Bunn, Robert 

10 May, John 
Hurst, Joseph 
Mortimer, George 

12 Harding, Timothy 
Bonner, John 
Briggs, Thomas 
Curl, Edmund 

14 Merchant, Edward 
Leper, Matthew 

Pureler, Eli/. 
Long, Juliana 
Parsons, Rose 
Webb, Elizabeth 
Harrison, Hannah 
Darvill, Susannah 
Saunders, Sarah 
Higdon, Amy 
Rowell, Anne 
Brookes, Mary 
Peacock, Eliz. 
Pope, Elizabeth 

Collier, Jabez 

15 Shakespear, George Edye, Margarett 
Aynge, John Travell, Elizabeth 

16 Bourgarden, Philip Herren, Elizabeth 
Seamour, Luke Kinder, Th'masine 
Cooper, Isaack Curtis, Mary 

17 Day, Thomas Knight, Sarah 
Partridge, Edward Waters, Ursula 

18 Rodes, George Crome, Jane 

i<j Price, Thomas Crecher, Rebecca 

Light, Benjamin Capon, Sarah 

(a) Arthur Herbert created Earl of Torrington 
in 1689. 

(fi) Fourth and last Bart., died s.p. 1707. 

1 g Constable, John and 

21 Hughes, George 
Batts, Thomas 

22 Holder, Christoper 
Thomas, John 
Taylor, Richard 
Ring, John 
Cooper, Alexander 

25 Briggs, John 
Fish, Isaac 
Pike, Michael 

24 Vicaris, Robert 
Noble, Josiah 
Esklles, Lawrence 
Laurence, Benjamin 

25 Willard, Thomas 
Fuller, Thomas 
Gray, Joseph 
Tyson, Richard 
Fairbrother, Thomas 

26 Lynes, Richard 
Summer, Nathaniel 
Williams, John 

27 Phillipps, Francis 

28 Ellis, James 

29 Suiter, Richard 

Saxby, William 
Sawkins, Henry 

30 Phillipson, Abraham 
Martin, William 

31 Marquen, Daniel 
Dell, Edmund 
Cardie, Daniell 
Hurd, Nathaniel 

Pearce, Elizabeth 
Teague, Rebecca 
Head, Elizabeth 
Osborne, Hester 
Bathe, Man- 
Taylor, Mary 
Babb, Mary 
Flocton, Hannah 
Collins, Anne 
Dixon, Mary 
Lupton, Joane 
Turbor, Sarah 
Richardson, Anne 
Rush, Susannah 
Page, Elizabeth 
Skrimshars, Eliz. 
Renshaw, Mary 
Weston, Mary 
Prince, Hester 
Martin, Judith 
Wright, Eliz. 
Roberts, Eliz. 
Farroll, Jane 
Hill, Elianor 
Newton, Isabella 

Saunders, Anne 
Cooper, Eliz. 
Bugbee, Eliz. 
Clare, Wilmot 
Dixon, Margarett 
Howard, Eliz. 
Stilee, Susannah 
Mills, Mary 

September, 1704. 

1 Duke, Joseph and 
Settle, George 
Arnold, Richard 
Cole, William 
Onion, Charles 

2 Watson, Charles 
Merryweather, John 
Child, Joseph 
Whitehead, William 
Lilly, Peter 

4 Warner, Edward 
Berkley, Francis 
Priddle, William 
Martin, Jabez 
Stacey, James 

5 Maysmore, Thomas 
Castan, Stephen 

6 Carpenter, Charles 

7 Waller, George 

<S Bateman, Robert 

Baker, Thomas 
9 Wall, James 

Avenell, Eliz. 
Thompson, Eliz. 
Phillips, Anne 
Buckstone, Mary 
Evans, Margarett 
Ladd, Sarah 
Dean, Isabella 
Scott, Hannah 
Worsley, Mary 
Stanmore, Mary 
Ward, Dorothy 
Jenkens, Eliz. 
Snapes, Lucy 
Aycrigge, Eliz. 
Williamson, Mary 
Miles, Susannah 
Labodie, Mary 
Lawson, Hannah 
Milksopp, Sarah 
Hope, Susannah 
Carter, Mary 
Mullin, Kath. 


Marriage Licences. 


September, 1704. 

9 Fisher, William and 

11 Triggs, John 

Beck, Richard 
Nutt, William 
Scott, Peter 

12 Sheldrick, John 

13 Trevor, Sir Thos. (a) 

Plummer, William 
Mason, Henry 
Lucas, Henry 

14 Keeling, John 
Turnbull, John 

Redman, John 
Walker, Joseph 
Dunneven, Thomas 

15 Baxter, Richard 
Hootten, Thomas 
Trevalle, Thomas 

16 Scott, Michael 

18 Lyne, John 
Vilett, William 
Beaton, Thomas 

19 Brownesword, Ellis 

20 Spooner, Jacob 
Vowsden, William 

22 Dowdeswell, Thos. 
Marcham, William 
Ferrers, Joseph 

23 Matthews, George 
Mountague, Henry 
Mitchel, Joseph 

25 Broad, John 

26 Christian, John 
Glover, John 
Fuller, Edward 

27 Murry, John 
Knight, W 7 illiam 

28 Billings, Thomas 
Billington, James 
Hill, Josiah 

29 Golding, Edward 
Dervine, John Peter 
Carter, Thomas 
Perkins, John 

30 Magdaniell, Arch. 
Pearson, George 

Thomas, Mary 
Holding, Anne 
Merchand, Susan 

Phillips, Margtt. 
Thomas, Margtt. 
Bailliffe, Eliz. 
Blackwell, Eliz. 
Bernard, Dame 

Reynolds, Joanna 
Jenkinson, Sarah 
Corney, Dorothy 
Sherley, Hannah 

Cabell, Elizabeth 
Hobbs, Ducebella 
Towdy, Mary 
Allison, Elizabeth 
Knight, Kath'rine 
Winnall, Rachael 
Bostin, Elizabeth 
Edwards, Mary 
Collins, Anne 
Holladay, Eliz. 
Mayo, Martha 
Richardson Eliz. 
Roberts, Sarah 
Norham, Martha 
Bankes, Susannah 

Sewer, Elizabeth 
Towse, Mary 
Jorden, Mary 
Pruce, Alice 
Fox, Sarah 
Potts, Catherine 
Hull, Edward 
Green, Mary 
Only, Elianor 
Battison, Mary 
Nicholls, Mary 
Sanders, Mary 
Gunnis, Ganer 
Challton, Mary 
Spring, Hannah 
Thomas, Eliz. 
Sourlook, Anne 
Owen, Mary 

October, 1704. 

2 Hawes, John and Baldwin, Eliz. 
Elton, William Scott, Anne 

(a) Created Baron Trevor of Bromham, Beds, in 

2 Morren, John and 

3 Stockton, James 

4 Jennings, Timothy 
Hewett, Joseph 
Biggs, John 
Quinton, Henry 
Sketchley, William 
Gill, Richard 

6 Keightley, Joseph 
White, Charles 

7 Russell, William 
Male, W T illiam 
Edge, Henry 

10 Burnett, William 
Waller, William 
Hoppe, John Fred. 
Sadler, John 
Burnand, Thomas 
Wilds, Robert 
Robinson, Henage 
Burrard, Paul 

11 Walford, Richard 
Hopkinson, Thomas 
Baldwell, James 
Bayley, Jasper 
Shilling, Edward 
Brooke, Gabriel 
Bolam, George 
Bateman, William 
Mayne, Dorrington 

14 Thomas, William 

15 Garmain, Stephen 

16 Charlton, Jonathan 
Mosely, William 

17 Coleman, Henry 
Skyrme, Thomas 

18 De La Roche, J as. 
Darke, Samuel 
Rhoades, John 
Walter, John 

19 Martin, John 
Lampson, Joseph 

20 Eden, John 
Farrow, John 
Simonds, Robert 

21 Jones, Richard 
Wood, Thomas 
Henderson, William 
Nicholson, John 
Clarke, W'illiam 
Turner, George 

23 Baker, William 
Vincent, William 
How, Richard 

24 Nightingale, John 
Jones, John 
Wilson, Thomas 
Farey, Thomas 

Herring, Frances 
Sparkes, Anne 
Chapman, Anne 
Darker, Mary 
Bradley, Sarah 
Titcomb, Mary 
Betham, Sarah 
Eatry, Mary 
Clarke, Jane 
White, Susannah 
Crooke, Mary 
Pagitt, Elianor 
Ashley, Mary 
Pakey, Faith 
Anderson, Eliz. 
Dunbar, Anne 
Green, Martha 
Sporne, Isabella 
Gilman, Sarah 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Colt, Lucy 
Masters, Letitia 
Dixon, Margarett 
Gilbert, Sarah 
Baker, Elizabeth 
Cable, Elizabeth 
Phillipps, Olive 
Wayne, Eliz. 
Thompson, Mary 
Pindar, Martha 
Cocker, xAnne 
Bell, Sarah (a) 
Roberts, Anne 
Tellen, Margaret 
Gough, Jane 
Mousely, Margtt. 
Neale, Judith 
Mason, Alice 
Jenings, Mary 
Snowdin, Mary 
Heron, Hannah 
Edwards, Eliz. 
King, Elizabeth 
Midleton, Mary 
Thorne, Martha 
Benning, Eliz. 
Johnson, Anne 
Edwards, Mary 
Davis, Margery 
Thornton, Mary 
Pennell, Hester 
Richard, Eliz. 
Gregory, Anne 
Ludlow, Mary 
Travell, Anne 
Young, Alice 
Gibb, Christian 
Callon, Johanna 

(a) Surname lined through in calendar. 


Faculty Office. 


October, 1704. 

24 Davis, John and Abrey, Elizabeth 
Guest, George Glover, Anne 

25 Leach, Thomas 
Bayley, John 
Walker, William 
Trepas, Thomas 
Neaton, Thomas 

26 Baker, Thomas 

Slamaker, William 

Forrest, Jane 
Palmer, Elizabeth 
Porter, Hannah 
Keene, Anne 
Barber, Sarah 
Sells, Elizabeth 
Dormer, Dorothy 

Boley, John 

Edwards, Richard 

27 Thacker, Thomas 
Chrystie, William 

28 Dade, Robert 



Penny, Jane 
Hodsdon, Mary 
Aplyn, Elizabeth 
Tregartin, Lawrence Hopkins, Mary 
Burrowse, John Maysea, Jane 

Mills, Henry Day, Grace 

30 Durham, Thomas Farr, Mary 
Oswin, Joseph Cantrell, Mary 

Grimand, Abraham Charon, Martha 

November, 1704. 

1 Roberts, John and 
Read, John 

3 Jenkins, William 

4 Jones, William 
Waylett, John 
Hammond, William 
Duck, John 
Landman, John 
Spenceley, William 

6 Mills, Francis 
Lesure, Peter 

7 Bulletoffe, James 

6 Horsnaile, Henry 

7 Parker, John 
6 Leaver, John 

Tilly er, James 
Simpson, Josiah 
Lawrence, John 

8 Bancks, Thomas 
Dorton, John 
Majors, Joseph 

Barras, Thomas 

Welch, William 

Bennet, Caleb 
10 Jackson, Robert 

Moore, John 

Young, John 
t 1 Damlly tils. Melin, 

Gorden, Elianor 
Groves, Elizabeth 
Simpson, Eliz. 
Butler, Anne 
Holman, Mary 
Turner, Mary 
Bell, Mary 
Watson, Anne 
Turner, Elizabeth 
Langley, Sarah 
Jerrard, Catherine 
King, Anne 
Boncher, Sarah 
Kirke, Sarah 
Hucks, Hannah 
Combes, Sarah 
Ware, Martha 
Simmonds, Jane 
Nobes, Elizabeth 
Peaton, Elizabeth 
Wood, Mary 
Davis, Elizabeth 
Blanchard, Dor. 
Clarke, Anne 
Leiger, Elizabeth 
Jenney, Elizabeth 
Mallefoss, Martha 

13 Fry, Francis and 

14 Mouse, John 

Maning, Richard 

15 Garrett, Daniel 
How, Richard 
Massey, John 
Chadwick, Samuel 
Man, Richard 

16 Mobitty, Joseph 
Sheppard, James 
Lucas, Thomas 
Allen, William 

17 Opys, Samuel 
Draper, John 
Quincy, John 
Vokins, Richard 
Fisher, Robert 

21 Fulford, Richard 

Slatham, Samuel 
Gore, John 

22 Holmes, Gabriel 
Jupe, Robert 
Jemmett, Thomas 
Noble, William 

23 Smith, Thomas 

24 Jernegan, John 

* Le Mesurier, John 
Wenborne, Robert 
27 Lawrence, Peter 

29 Irons, Henry 

30 Prince, Edward 
Walkden, Charles 

Baker, Sarah 
Paine, Mary 
Cullin, Elizabeth 

Shell, Frances 
Austin, Mary 
Ashton, Catherine 
Wilson, Hester 
Pittman, Beata 
West, Everell 
Porter, Elizabeth 
Fowler, Eliz. 
Watts, Precilla 
Robinson, Anne 
Bowles, Eliz. 
Chapman, Anne 
Collett, Mary 
Hiatt, Anne 
Start, Mary 
Cottam, Martha 

Robinson, Eliz. 
Syndry, Anne 
Bannister, Anne 
Peeke, Catherine 
Slow, Martha 
Hunt, Elizabeth 
Homward, Joane 
Andros, Anne 
Camp, Frances 
Ely, Judith 
Wharton, Mary 
Fletcher, Sarah 
Hill, Elizabeth 

December, 1704. 

1 Charlton, Wm. and 

2 Lee, Jonathan 
Weatherborne, Thos 
Acker ley, William 
Smith, John 
Newing, John 

6 Heard, Robert 
Lingar, John 
Smith, John 

7 Young, William 
Jenkins, James 
Ethron, Robert 

8 Ramsey, John 

Mainwaring, Roger 
White, Robert 

9 Thompson, Robert 
11 Saunders, Charles 

Durieux, John 
Spencer, Robert 


Jefferies, Anne 
.Oakes, Margarett 
Child, Martha 
Jones, Sarah 
Finch, Anne 
Lyford, Rachael 
Richardson, Sarah 
Clovitt, Patience 
Minor, Sarah 
French, Jane 
Shaw, Elizabeth 

Middleton, Eliz. 
Haning, Eliz. 
Bradcoate, Sarah 
Lock, Mary 
Lee, Elizabeth 
Collins, Mary 


2 IO 

Ma rriage L icences. 


December, 1704. 

11 Lane, Thomas and Cawthorne, Jane 
Thompson, Christo. Mart, Elizabeth 
Pinnock, John Swan, Muriel 

12 Allen, William Smith, Dorothy 
Ljj Robinson, Nicholas Wright, Sarah 

Gray, John Archer, Mary 
Morris, John Corr, Rachael 
Barlow, Thomas Triggs, Man- 
Wright, Nathan Bowater, Eliz. 

14 Hewson, Daniel Rash, Frances 

15 Whiteing, Henry Jackson, Elianor 

16 Clewin, Richard Lammas, Mary 
Byard, Joseph Cutts, Mary 
Boucher, John Bright, Grace 

18 Mayne, Joseph Tilden, Mary 

19 Johnson, Humphrey Bayly, Elizabeth 
Leapidge, George Tooke, Rebecca 
Cuxon, William Godfrey, Eliz. 

20 Venables, George Hutchinson, 

Goode, William Jones, Elizabeth 

Clarke, John Allen, Susannah 

Gladman, William Stubbins, Margtt. 
Hicocks, Thomas Hall, Judith 

21 Draper, Richard Best, Sarah 
Holt, William Owen, Mary 
Osborn, William Lowe, Mary 
Gadbury, Judah Rawson, Isabella 
Denison, John Smith, Elizabeth 
Derumeaux, Lovis Lepreux, Marx- 

Longley, John Shelley, Martha 

22 Attfield, Henry Day, Sarah 
Watson, William Webb, Faith 
Whayne, Jephet Cowley, Eliz. 

23 Spackman, Thomas Bigg, Penelope 
Jones, xA.braham Shelston, Sarah 
Robertson, William Theobald, Cath. 
Husey, Henry Foxcroft, Eliz. 
Allingam, Phillip Wamsley, Eliz. 
Witton, James Southton, Man- 
Baker, Charles Dufey, Susannah 
Gist, Thomas Hoyle, Elizabeth 
Cort, John Rawlins, Alice 
Burroughs, Samuell Rusnere, Rebecca 

25 Osgood, John Berry, Sarah 

26 Moore, Zachanah Salter, Margarett 
Livesay, William Gresham, Martha 
Canbridge, Thomas Blean, Margarett 
Parish, Isaac Greene, Elizabeth 

29 Alsopp, John Fidler, Sarah 

30 Danvers, Charles Evans, Margarett 
Cooke, William Birkbeck, Mary 
Wimberley, Bartho. Winckles, Eliz. 
Kemp, Samuell Lane, Mary 
Muckell John, Burton, Elizabeth 


[a) As per calendar. 

January, 1704-5. 

1 Scriven, Philip and Hill, Sarah 
Elliott, Robert 
Musgrave, James 
Cooper, John 

Cannon, Richard 

2 Wells, John 

Moss, Anne 
Perrott, Kath. 

Child, Elizabeth 
Stockley, Anne 

Van Rysson, Daniel Beyer, Maria 

Leg, Rebecca 
Robe, Margarett 
Hasten, Jane 
Pullin, Elizabeth 
Chandler, Eliz. 
Walden, Eliz. 

Lane, Richard 
Johnson, Edward 
Williams, Thomas 
Dent, Thomas 
j Geeves, Joseph 

4 Smith, Henry 
Grimsdall, Thomas Lugg, Elizabeth 
Freeman, Jonathan Mattchett, 


5 Legg, James Jenkins, Mary 

6 Pennington, Robert Eves, Elizabeth 

8 Manzy, David Jaillier, Hippolite 
King, James Martin, Anne 
Rigley, Alexander Perry, Agnes 

9 Hamner, BarthTmew Butler, Judith 

10 Mitchell, John Hicks, Mary 
Petter, Henry Honour, Mary 
Gaine, Lewis Watts, Elizabeth 
Chantrell, Thomas Dew, Anne 

11 Brasyer, John 
Tabraham, Joseph 

13 Cockerell, John 

15 Dukeleau, John 
Pancost, Michael 
Wilson, Samuel 
Noble, Francis 
Way man, Robert 

16 Burkham, Robert 
How, Joseph 

17 Atfen, John 

18 Stordy, Richard 
Haggston, George 
Allett, George 

19 Fitz water, John 

Waller, Frances 
Burges, Sarah 
Baker, Joyce 
Corbell, Mary 
Rabbey, Eliz. 
Cooze, Ruth 
Tests, Dorothy 
Meere, Margarett 
Dillabee, Mary 
Spenceley, Mary 
Hargrove, Mary 
Blackett, Mary 
Cryton, Judith 
Winchester, Marv 
Hall, Man- 
Nicholas, Alice 

20 Deyor, John 
22 Combridge, FYancis Combridge, 


Martin, William 

Beezeley, William 
2^ Mansey, Edward 

Kynnerrsley, John 

Lodwick, John 

Elliott, Elizabeth 
Frazell, Jane 
Cousins, Sarah 
Case, Anne 
Tims, Jane 

Caesar, John James Jordis, Rachael 

Jacob, John 
24 Buckell, John 
* Rogers, Woods 

Smally, Josiah 
26 Harris, Francis 

Kelley, Peter 

Harrison, Robert 

Bignold, Anne 
Jefferys, Dorothy 
Whetstone, Sarah 
Baldwin, Eliz. 
Dixon, Anne 
Jordan, Margarett 
Wright, Elianor 


Faculty Office. 

21 I 

January, 1704-5. 

26 Warren, Agar and 

27 Cooke, William 

29 Humble, Arthur 

Cole, William 
Witchell, Thomas 
Nash, Joshua 
Lucas, Richard 

30 Hayton, William 

Butler, James 

31 Wells, John 
Whitehead, Charles 

Hinton, Hannah 
South, Anne 

Martin, Mary 
Mayst, Susannah 
Terrell, Johanna 
Bellfield, Margtt. 

Bennett, Eliz. 
Matthews, Alice 
Harmer, Anne 

February, 1704-5. 

1 Cogsdill, Wm. and 
Osborne, Edward 
Miller, George 
Giffard, John 
Agar, James 
Shettlewood, Wm. 

2 Turner, Henry 

Benson, George 

3 Madden, John 
Steward, James 
Wilbraham, James 
Hemsley, John 

5 Best, Francis 
Lam bath, Joseph 
Wilson, Henry 

6 Carter, Thomas 
Colt, John Dutton(fl) 

7 Pinchback, John 
White, John 

cS Suply, John 
Starbuck, Isaac 
Roybould, Edward 
Hall, George 

9 Richardson, Richard 
10 White, Richard 

Wyke, James 
Clement, Richard 
Pope, James 
12 Ellis, Samuell 
Clements, John 
Hunt, Anthony 
Came, John 
Farra, John 
Paine, John 
Walker, James 
Brockden, Richard 

Tayler, Rebeccah 
Lamplugh, Mary 
Thomas, Anne 
Twelles, Eliz. 
James, Elizabeth 
Tingnell, Frances 

Dean, Mary 
Bound, Hannah 
Ball, Mary 
Dunn, Rebeccah 
Roland, Martha 
Yates, Margarett 
Johnson, Mary 

Churchman, Mary 
Arnold, Margtt. 
Cope, Mary 
Huggins, Eliz. 
Whigley, Judith 
Browne, Anne 
Robertson, Kath. 
Brandon, Jane 
Holford, Eliz. 

Dingley, Mary 
Hawkes, Dorothy 
Brookes, Eliz. 
Bradley, Eliz. 
Crockford, Anne 
Collison, Anne 
Opie, Barbara 
Haycock, Anne 
Merrett, Margtt. 
Bacon, Mary 
Warren, Eliz. 

12 Dudley, John and 
Sanders, Giles 
Townsend, John 

13 Cole, Cornelius 
Burling, George 
Burroughs, Francis 
Lucas, Thomas 
Miller, John 

Doe, Charles 
Hopkins, Thomas 

14 Palmer, Thomas 
Whitacre, William 
Dargent, Daniel 
Combes, John 
Beetch, George 
Lesingham, John 
Thorpe, Francis 

15 Lawford, Edward 
Read, John 
Kitson, Isaac 
Seabrooke, Thomas 
Williams, Anthony 
Warren, William 

16 Tully, James 
Matter, Daniel 
Earle, Richard 
Warman, William 

17 Jacomb, Thomas 
Dickinson, John 
Mansfeild, John 
Wormlayton, Wm. 
Turner, Roger 
Millard, Henry 

19 Oulton, Richard 
Taylor, Thomas 
Dunn, John 
Wright, Thomas 
Thompson, Richard 
Cooke, Thomas 

21 Easterley, George 
Willis, Benjamin 

22 Asgill, Charles 

23 Aldwin, Phillip 
Clarke, John, jun. 

24 Phillips, William 
28 Parrett, Isaac 

Jesper, Judith 
Merryman, Eliz. 

Nokes, Katherine 
Holmested, Mary 
Bugden, Jane 
Blizard, Eliz. 
Boswell, Sarah 
Conway, Anne 
Walker, Anne 
Boyne, Mary 
Greene, Anne 
Kilbert, Joyce 
Tibbing, Rebecca 
May, Elizabeth 
Woolley, Jane 
Simkin, Martha 
Minors, Eliz. 
Davis, Mary 
Teeling, Eliz. 
Thornton, Martha 
Phillipps, Eliz. 
Brizendell, Eliz. 
Malthus, Sarah 
Romanvile, Effen 
Gadsbey, Anne 
Markham, Mary 
Church, Deborah 
Kining, Jane 
Rogers, Eliz. 
Bourbacks, Mary 
Miles, Mary 
Colgrave, Anne 
Hampton, Mary 
Rutland, Eliz. 
Gardiner, Sarah 
Pickering, Hester 
Mitchell, Mary 
Perkins, Bridgett 
Paul, Sarah 
Lister, Martha 
Junnyns, Frances 
Todd, Martha 
Senford, Penelope 
Price, Jane 
Neall, Marv 

March, 1704-5. 

(a) The second marriage of the father (by first 
wife) of the Second Baronet who succeeded to 
that dignity in 1739, see entry 26th May, 1704. 

1 Posten, John and 
Jones, Thomas 

5 Voss, Richard 
Hill, Hanniball 

6 Wilson, George 
Heale, Daniel 

7 Barclay, George 
Taylor, James 
Painter, James 

12 Barnes, Edward 

Cross, Mary 
Dumbleton, Anne 
Norton, Martha 
Peeke, Agnes 
Leake, Frances 
Hill, Anne 
Sherwood, Sarah 
Morris, Katherine 
Thornhill, Judith 
Braines, Mary 


Ma rriage L icences. 


March, 1704-5. 

12 Hill, Thomas and 
Matthews, John 

15 Pideon, Rowland 

16 Osmond, John 
Mortimer, James 

17 Fisher, James 

19 Bound, Charles 

20 Bedwell, Thomas 

21 Hoffman, John 
Bowden, Nicholas 

23 Butler, William 
Griffiths, Moses 
Pomfrett, John 

24 Church, John 
Barker, John 
Dury, Richard 

Boyse, Anne 
Gore, Persis 
Gaily, Mary 
Waller, Anne 
Watson, Anne 

Read, Martha 
Perkins, Eliz. 
Bretton, Eliz. 
Kinns, Elizabeth 
King, Hannah 
Harrison, Jane 
Lewis, Winifred 
Westell, Elianor 
Griffiths, Mary 
Kennesman, Eliz. 

March, 1705. 

26 Cole, Nicholas and 
Wroth, William 
Lenn, Andrew 
Costing, Joseph 
Davie, W T illiam 

28 Bishop, John 

29 Salter, Robert 

30 Collins, Thomas 
Oldys, Alexander 
Lyell, Thomas 

Moore, Anne 
Turner, Anne 
Orfeur, Anne 
George, Sarah 
Ingram, Anne 
Peake, Jane 
Rice, Alice 
Baine, Susannah 
Hope, Bridgett 
Humphreys, Eliz. 

April, 1705. 

2 Smith, James and 
Wyld, Zouch 
Robinson, Charles 

3 Harris, Thomas 
Turner, Thomas 
Walker, Phillip 

4 Crawley, John 
Corbitt, James 

5 Kersteman, William 
Harris, W T illiam 
Clerke, Matthew 
Trigg, Richard 
Andrews, William 

6 Murdin, William 
Crawley, Richard 
Hart, John 
Bealing, James 
Norwich, Sir 

Erasmus (a) 
Simcock, John 
Beadle, Joshua 
Wallrond, Robert 

Grace, Elizabeth 
Mitchell, Margtt. 
Hawkins, Lydia 
Bull, Mary 
Cooke, Mary 
Short, Katherine 
Lowen, Eliz. 
Mitchell, Sarah 
Warner, Anne 
Simpson, Eliz. 
Hanmer, Abigail 
Parsons, Anne 
Larkin, Sarah 
Gore, Anne 
Morris, Mary 
James, Alice 
Howlett, Lettice 
Adams, Jane 

Haddock, Mary 
Towle, Mary 
Dabbs, Sarah 

(a) Second marriage of third Baronet, who died 

7 Barton, William and 
Laxon, Thomas 
Blewitt, John 
Hickson, John 
Pen, Edward 
Parker, George 
Pupplett, George 
Light, Benjamin 
Preneran, Daniel 

Kent, Henry 
Whitehouse, Peirce 
Cooke, William 
Bedford, Timothy 
Jones, John 
Fox, Francis 
Boulloumer, Benja- 

Amery, John 
Ironside, Edward 
9 Grant, Thomas 

10 Crump, Richard 
Bingham, Daniel 
Walton, Robert 
Parker, John 
Vickers, Benjamine 

11 Dent, Charles 
Collett, Benjamine 
Vickers, Thomas 

Gatland, William 
Ballard, Robert 
Winter, John 
Tate, William 

12 Hall, Jesse 


13 Church, Joseph 
Hutchinson, William 
Quintin, John 
Chapman, William 

Britton, Walker 

14 Noone, William 
Raye, Francis 

16 Eaglesfeild, Francis 
Noades, George 
Keeay, John 

17 Godwin, Thomas 

18 Bradshaw, William 

19 Smith, Jeffery 
Warner, Samuell 
Leonard, John 

20 Helme, Edward 
Gaine, John 
Dory, James 

21 Dearmer, Abraham 
Newdick, Henry 
Parker, Samuell 

Maning, Kath. 
Russell, Martha 
Harman, Eliz. 
Powell, Mary 
King, Elizabeth 
Dobbins, Mary 
Man, Elianor 
Pickering, Hester 
Lloyd, Anne 
Stevens, Grace 
Mitchel, Sarah 
Hill, Lydia 
Taylor, Sarah 
Selby, Mary 
Baii, Sarah 

Gregory, Phoebe 
Gatton, Mary 
Thatcher, Mary 
Boole, Elizabeth 
Robinson, Anne 
Davison, Margtt. 
Goodwin, Lucy 
Archer, Mehetable 
Dowly, Ruth 
Dyke, Elizabeth 

Jupp, Mary 
Forth, Jane 
Board, Anne 
Hammond, Anne 
Moore, xAJice 
Fox, Mary 

Perry, Margarett 
Johnson, Hannah 
Clynton, Mary 
Lewis, Anne 
Byrt, Mary 

Dell, Anne 
Watson, Eliz. 
Packer, Anne 
Grims, Martha 
Davis, Grace 
Burges, Margtt. 
Limby, Elizabeth 
Raines, Margarett 
Burkett, Jane 
Jackson, Mary 
Brewster, Eliz. 
Moore, Elizabeth 
Harper, Margtt. 
Peren, Lovisa 
Shortland, Alice 
Jones, Martha 
Fell, Elizabeth 


Faculty Office. 


April, 1705. 

21 Clarke, Thomas and 

23 Barcroft, John 
Hill, Uriah 
Robinson, Samuell 
Gelder, John 

24 Juckes, Edward 
Bates, William 
Langton, William 
Hughes, John 
Smith, Honorat 
Paine, Thomas 

26 Jancey, Edward 
28 Byard, William 
Benson, Edward 
30 Bowman, Joseph 

Fowler, Thomas 
Spicer, John 
Bradley, John 
Smither, Francis 


Markeby, Lydia 
Jackson, Anne 
Budd, Anne 
Anderson, Sarah 
Dawson, Frances 
Argill, Dorothy 
Searl, Frances 
Daniell, Elianor 
Haynes, Eliz. 
Savage, Mary 
Hopkins, Anne 
Hall, Elianor 
Wood, Sarah 
Browne, Hannah 

Sedgley, Eliz. 
Clarke, Anne 
Green, Mary 
Hooke, Anne 

May, 1705. 

1 Huddell, John 
Street, John 
Morecock, Benja- 

Letton, John 
Bickham, Henry 

3 Shore, Samuel 
Cleaver, Thomas 
Henshaw, Phillipp 

4 Pomery, Anthony 
Harrison, Richard 
Ricketts, Richard 

5 Hounslef, William 

7 Archer, John 
Stanley, James 
Crowley, William 
Nurse, Richard 

and Herring, Hester 
Souch, Susannah 
Cock, Edde 

Maisey, Sarah 
Arnold, Mary 
Thirlarld, Elianor 
Slape, Mary 

May bell 
Hasley, Mary 
Hall, Rebeccah 


Hay ward, Mary 
Podmore, Mary 
Bates, Lavinia 
Pead, Susannah 

Rudworth, Timothy Linnett, Annett 

Kent, Griffith 

8 Blagrave, John 

Pepper, Cuthbert 
10 Dargent, Daniel 

n Ward, Francis 

Colvile, Richard 

12 Nicholson, W T illiam Hitchcott, Sus'n'h 

Ford, Richard Adams, Elizabeth 

Thomas, Charles Leesing, Sarah 


Walter, Marv 



Carter, Frances 

14 Robinson, Arth'r and Willet, Anne 

Gregory, John 
Artis, Samuel 

Bradico, George 
15 Bayley, John 
Dunn, Abraham 

Cooper, Eliz. 

Foxon, Jane 
Overman, Anne 

Cobb, Sarah 
Fenton, Anne 
Mitchell, Mary 
Lacey, Elizabeth 
Pearson, Mary 
Willan, Phillippa 
Edwards, Margtt. 

Boococke, Robert 

16 Willis, Lazarus 
Perry, William 
Johnson, Thomas 
Meade, Francis 

17 Bentham, Samuel 
Clapp, John 

Bessant, Nathaniel Browne, Eliz 
Peadle, Benjamine Pollard, Anne 

18 Corbin, John 

19 Tredwell, Richard 
Rumsey, Richard 

21 Pritchard, George 
Green, Edward 
Odell, Thomas 
Wildgoose, John 

Smith, Mildred 
Atty, Margarett 
Jackson, Sarah 
Ransford, Mary 
Rouse, Elizabeth 
Freelove, Hannah 
Ingalfeild, Eliz. 

22 Hargrave, Richard Thornton, Eliz. 

Tooley, Joseph 
Hobbs, Joseph 
Flower, Nicholas 

23 Butters, William 

24 Brand, Gregory 
Shakespear, Adrian Grammer, 


25 Hurst, John 
Bernars, William 
Ward, John 

26 Arran, The Right 

Hon. Charles 
Butler, Earl of 
Sheldon, James 

Meddin, Sarah 
Milkin, Hannah 
Wallis, Mary 
Rowlwright, Jane 
Offeild, Eliz. 

Williams, Easter 
Raworth, Eliz. 
Burroughs, Mary 
Crew, Hon. Eliz. 

Hale, John 

Humphreys, Anne 

27 Salisbury, Thomas Glover, Alathea 

28 Gasson, Allen 
Loggins, Charles 

29 Peckefer, Richard 
Jones, Roger 
Lorill, John 

30 Dashwood, Sir 

Strutfeild, James 

31 Barrowclough, Robt. Raynoe, Mary 
Clarke, Robert Walker, Jane 

Dennis, Kath. 
Archbold, Isabella 
Butler, Elizabeth 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Munns, Elizabeth 
Fane, Hon. Lady 

Wise, Anne 

June, 1705. 

1 Yewen, John and Hull, Elizabeth 
Player, Gabriel Weekly, Jane 

Christianson, Roloff Collins, Anne 
Singleson, Thomas Maxfeild, Bridgtt, 
Bullevant, John Wheeler, Mary 


Marriage Licences. 


June, 1705. 

2 Hoskins, George and 
Melvell, James 
Chancier, John 

4 Okeford, Nicholas 
Gould, William 

5 Brownlow, Robert 

6 Jones, Edward 

7 Clarke, William 
Evans, Robert 

8 Pride, Joseph 
Walker, Thomas 
Willinson, Charles 

9 Rowland, Paul 

Freeland, Peter 

11 Umfrey, Finch 
Loxam, Robert 
Offley, Hugh 

12 Bradley, Walter 
Lowe, Edward 
Dowler, Charles 

13 Riley, John 
Kent, John 

14 Petty, John 
Franklin, Richard 
Smithyes, Edward 

15 Bannister, Moses 
Badger, John 

Baldwin, Benjamin 

16 Reynolds, Daniel 

18 Small, Alexander 

19 Osborn, Thomas 
Jenks, Benjamin 

20 Arnatt, John 
Bell, Thomas 
Towell, Thomas 
Hurleston, John 
Wall, Michael 

22 Payne, John 
Millington, John 

23 Blundell, John 
Stafford, Samuel 
Cooke, William 

25 Archer, William 
Perry, Francis 

26 Morris, Jonathan 
Coleby, Luke 
Jones, Edward 

27 Perecwall, John 
Hayes, Thomas 

28 Low, John 
Chubb, Roger 
Grigson, John 

29 Croskill, Richard 
Hardderfeild, John 
Bridge, Daniel 
Atkinson, William 

Medley, Eliz. 
Coee, Mary 
Read, Dorothy 
Lawrence, Kath. 
Gosden, Rebecca 
Haines, Damaris 
Clarke, Elizabeth 
Withers, Mary 
Brown, Elizabeth 
Brown, Hester 
Sherrar, Jane 
Jones, Rachael 

Leveston, Elianor 
Gifford, Jane 
Chandler, Sus'nn'h 
Lade, Katherine 
Taylor, Dorothy 
Desasar, Grace 
Deverill, Sarah 
Tage, Mary 
Addams, Anne 
Bostock, Margtt. 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Clarke, Mary 
Atkins, Phillippa 

Peirce, Hannah 
Vickers, Martha 
Wing, Mary 
Perryman, Mary 
Andrews, Mary 
Burnham, Eliz. 
Cleaver, Mary 
Arnold, Melinnis 
Williams, Mary 
Edlin, Elizabeth 
Bateman, Mary 
Marsh, Joyce 
Winkle, Catherine 
Somerster, Joyce 
Wilson, Frances 
Heath, Sarah 
Price, Mary 
Austin, Elizabeth 
Whiting, Martha 
Winter, Margtt. 
Boncer, Elianor 
Fush, Sarah 
Hughes, Eliz. 
Littlefeild, Anne 
Reynolds, Mary 
Johnson, Mary 
Upton, Sarah 
Hodgson, Sarah 
Vanner, Eliz. 

29 Goddard, Rich, and Gray, Sarah 

30 Tipping, W r illiam Norman, Sarah 

July, 1705. 

2 Smith, William and 

4 Scott, William 

Cole, Henry 
Coumbe, Henry 

5 Eldridge, Thomas 
Clements, George 

Jorden, Peter 
7 Hough, Jonathan 
Nowell, Charles 
Marriott, Benjamine 
Cripps, Thomas 
9 Drew, Edward 
Thompson, Ralph 

Leech, Nathaniel 
10 Careless, William 

Lane, Jacob 

Humble, Sir John, 

Natt, John 
14 Gibbs, Samuel 

Barnes, William 

16 Cole, bir Nicholas 
Campbell, Patrick 
Ford, Henry 

17 Watson, Joshua 

18 Gibbs, Joshua 

19 Dowers, John 
21 Hickman, 

Lillie, John 

24 Whetland, Thomas 
Smith, Daniel 

27 Wimpress, Samuell 
Triggs, William 

28 Colley, Moses 
Coates, Thomas 
Seale, Robert 
Bartlett, John 

30 Hatton, George 

31 Pitts, Thomas 
Caunt, Jasper 

Millen, Martha 

Standen, Mary 
Tudor, Elizabeth 
Sparkes, Anne 

Payne, Avis 
Turnly, Eliz. 
Serle, Mary 
Witaker, Elianor 
Haward, Anne 
Warren, Sarah 

Chowne, Eliz. 
Forrest, Eliz. 
Lamberd, Mary 
Lout [should be 

Lant], Sarah 
Chapman, Anne 
Thornehill, Man 
Garnett, Sarah 
Savile, Anne 
Fry, Elizabeth 
Moulton, Dorothy 
Allfaire, Eliz. 
Beechens, Mary 
Crawley, Eliz. 
Burston, Anne 

May res, 

Jones, Elizabeth 
Drury, Mary 
Funge, Elizabeth 
Warner, Sarah 
Webster, Hannah 
Chapman, Frances 
Huttson, Eliz. 
Barber, Susannah 
King, Mary 
Mugitt, Hellen 
Overstee, Sarah 

August, 1705. 

Chabenor, Elias and Lyseman, Kath. 
Northall, John Ladd, Anne 

Knight, William Butcher, Anne 
Wright, John Moreton, Anne 

Denton, Richard Harris, Mary 
Worgen, Joseph Peate, Elizabeth 


Faculty Office. 

2I 5 

August, 1705. 

September, 1705. 

2 Arnold, John and 
13 Goreing, Harry (a) 

Rowland [ ] 

Harvey, James 

3 Gaudy, George 
Harwood, John 
Crooke, John 
Barry, James 

4 Bacon, Samuel 
Jones, Thomas 
Akehurst, Alex. 

6 Brand, Thomas 
Ealland, Joshua 
Nicholson, William 
Longbothom, John 

7 Phillips, Richard 

8 Fletcher, John 

10 Pinnell, Charles 

11 Wilson, John 

13 Wafer, Lyonel 

Gilbert, John 
15 Cock, William 

Biggs, William 

17 London, Thomas 

18 Courtier, David 
Taylor, William 
Batturs, John 

20 Hughes, Robert 
Minott, Josiah 

21 Barrett, Thomas 
Burgis, John 
Bilby, George 

22 Locke, Thomas 
Holford, William 
Thompson, George 
Billing, Nathaniel 

2^ Phillips, Richard 

24 Smith, John 
Bull, John 

25 Hartley, David 

27 Hatton, Couniers 
Evans, Thomas 
Messmer, William 

28 Barlow, Joseph 

30 Martin, Leonard 
Reame, William 

31 King, John 
Feillet, Rene 

Skinner, Martha 
Mathew, Eliz. 
Eldridge [•- ](b) 
Hall, vSarah 
Warren, Arabella 
Bulteel, Anne 
Foster, Elizabeth 
Hutton, Elizabeth 
Levitt, Dorothy 
Wyvell, Jane 
Ballard, Kath. 
Allen, Elizabeth 
Swinstead [ 
Lord, Mary 
Newman, Margtt. 
Redrop, Susannah 
Grubar, Anne 


Hollowayer, Mary 
Johnson, Mary 
Colbourne, Mary 
Bowers, Eliz. 
Everard, Anne 
Harvey, Jane 
Andrews, Mary 
Halsted, Mary 
Fanner, Sarah 
Purvis, Susannah 
Staple, Mary 
Royce, Mary 
Wade, Martha 
Rooke, Sarah 
Harbin, Elizabeth 
White, Mary 
Pinck, Elianor 
Warrell, Mary 
Watkin, Prise ill a 
Smith, Hannah 

Buck, Elizabeth 
Nicholson, Eliz. 

Fox, Elizabeth 
Legg, Isabella 
Haddock, Margtt. 
Sutton, Hester 


(a) 4th Bart., 1713 to 1732. 

(b) No Christian names. 

1 Shaller, Walter and 

3 Sprigg, John 
Meriton, Rowland 
Harrison, Henry 
Horsley, W T illiam 
Walbeoffe, Rowland 
Hill, Joseph 

5 Bell, John 
Dennis, John 

7 Gale, Robert 


8 Armitage, William 

10 Poole, William 
Byron, William 

11 Wyatt, Benjamine 

13 Thomas, John 
Emerton, Robert 

14 Peade, James 

15 Wingfeild, William 
17 Simkin, William 

19 Halfhead, John 
Pepper, Matthew 
Mantle, Edmund 
Terry, John 
Woolhead, Thomas 

20 Yandall, Edward 
Cobden, Richard 
Sewell, Thomas 

21 Bee, Thomas 

22 Coste, Anthony 
Geery, Thomas 
May, William 

25 Appleton, John 
William, Solomon 
Stavely, W'illiam 

26 Hartwell, John 
Burges, James 
Storey, Henry 

27 Cooth, John 

28 Bernard, Morris 
Bygrave, Richard 

Brice, John 
Jackson, John 
Chambre, Richard 
Woodroffe, Christo- 
Allen, William 

29 Ward, James 
Leaver, Robert 
Strother, Lancelott 
Hall, John 

Clarke, Judith 
Tatenell, Mary 
Sparke, Eliz. 
Gaich, Jane 
Sheffield, Eliz. 
Howard, Mary 
Hawkins, Eliz. 
Catlin, Elianor 
Gregory, Eliz. 
Billinghurst, Eliz. 
Tindall, Mary 


Arundell, Kath. 
Powell, Mary 
Owen, Bridgett 
Kemp, Martha 
Merry, Mary 
Burt, Jane 
Smith, Rose 
Griffith, Eliz. 
Bishop, Mary 
Tomkinson, Eliz. 
Bell, Sarah 
Rogers, Patience 
Jones, Katherine 
Grace, Sarah 
Graile, Elizabeth 
Hyde, Margarett 

Brouset, Sevile 
Warren, Mary 
Philips, Mary 
Gregory, Mary 
Cooper, Eliz. 
Prat, Margarett 
Barrow, Mary 
Lockyer, Jane 

Chaire, Elianor 
Slarke, Elizabeth 

Bradshaw, Eliz. 
Griffin, Sarah 
Burrell, Sarah 
Haslewood, Mary 

Watson, Jane 
Batchelor, Eliz. 
Filkes, Barbara 
Poole, Anne 
Davie, Elizabeth 


Marriage Licences. 


October, 1705. 

1 Deribancourt, and 


2 Orton, James 

3 Norton, John 

4 Barlow, James 
Fletcher, William 

6 Stephens, John 

Cary, Edward 
8 Wood, Ralph 

Thompson, Benja- 

Edison, Nathaniel 
g Crow, Robert 

Chapman, John 

10 Goodwin, Abraham 

1 1 Duncombe, Preston 

12 Smith, Henry 

13 Nantaine, Gideon 

15 Cox, Edward 
Chaplyn, John 
Price, John 
Holliday, Thomas 

16 Upton, Richard 

17 Walker, Daniel 
Huntman, Robert 
Man, William 

18 Waller, Robert 
Ingram, Arthur 

19 Savill, Francis 

20 Randall, Thomas 
2i*Whitmore, William 

22 Smith, Thomas 

23 Sawyer, John 
Deacon, Adam 

25 Hawley, Francis 

26 Soane, Bartholomew 
Sparkes, Richard 
Reynolds, William 
Maidman, Thomas 

27 Walter, Herbert 

Farrington, Richard 
30 Lenney, James 

Barber, Robert 

Lacuise, Eliz. 

Pointer, Katherine 
Pettey, Sarah 
Ay 1 ward, Eliz. 
Young, Elizabeth 
Anns, Hannah 
Tracey, Anne 
Wellford, Anne 

Hall, March 
Curtis, Anne 
Fox, Elizabeth 
Barlow, Winifride 
Reynolds, Eliz. 
Blaze, Sarah 
Pen, Mary 
Meals, Jemina 
Warren, Gratious 
Gaines, Mary 
Summer, Mary 
Oliver, Elizabeth 
Billett, Elizabeth 
Thrale, Sarah 
Heath, Elizabeth 
Downer, Hester 
How, Alice 
Joy, Mary 
Beaumont, Anne 
Stone, Susannah 
Crutch, Mary 
Coleman, Mary 
Baggs, Elizabeth 
Lee, Anne 
Edborough, Eliz. 
Jackson, Eliz. 
Symonds, Anne 
Byrom, Elizabeth 

How, Elizabeth 

Bellean, Susannah 

November, 1705. 

i Palmer, John and 

2 Wakeman, Richard 
Davis, John 
Read, Richard 

3 Gibson, William 
Ralph, Richard 

5 Seymour, John 
Ellson, John 
Vander Sluis, John 
Bishop, Christopher 

Southers, Margtt. 
Evans, Mary 
Stapley, Mary 
Bristow, Man- 
Byrne, Anne 
Mugridge, Mary 
Sellwood, Eliz. 
Heath, Anne 
Norfolke, Jane 
Johnson, Eve 

6 Powell, John and 

7 Fletcher, Edward 
Clarke, Thomas 
King, Edward 

8 Lancashire, William 

12 Jones, John 
Porter, Rowland 
Bennitt, Joseph 
Ball, William 

13 Fromanteel, 

Street, John 

14 Nixon, Anthony 
Hunn, Thomas 
Rolfe, John 

15 Bond, John 
Hendred, Claudius 


16 Osborne, John 
Whitehead, Samuel 
Cooper, Peter 
Hammond, Thomas 
Hay ton, Richard 
Byron, Simon 
Lamb, Joseph 

17 Bethell, Thomas 
Guyon, Marke 
Williams, Chris- 

19 Popjoy, Edmund 
Kalley, George 
Biscoe, Edward 

20 De Lamote, Peter 
Sheppard, Abraham 

21 Stint, John 
Laverny, Henry 
Evans, Williams 

Tompson, Thomas 

22 Jenkes, Samuel 
Saunderson, James 

23 Nutting, Thomas 

24 Rotheram, John 
Billo, Henry 

26 Holbrooke, Benja- 

Hall, Patrick 
Drake, William 

27 Studwell, Francis 
Isles, Joel 
Young, George 

29 Willis, Samuel 
Kennell, John 

30 Therburne, Joseph 
Blancowe, Timothy 

Robins, Mary 
Bassett, Anne 
Dainter, Hester 
Workman, Anne 
Symmons, Anne 
Nourse, Hester 
Petitt, Martha 
Bickner, Judith 
Reeves, Anne 
Steele, Mary 

Andrews, Sarah 
Newton, Anne 
Wadham, Mary 
Haughton, Mary 
Parsons, Anne 
Metcalf, Martha 

Dutton, Lucy 
Pawlett, Judith 
Watson, Anne 
Cooke, Martha 
Willison, Kath. 
Brace, Margarett 
Bridger, Penelope 
White, Mary 
Warner, Mary 
Deane, Alice 

Dixinson, Lucy 
Williams, Mary 
Johnson, Eliz. 
Wickham, Eliz. 
Lack, Sarah 
Lone, Mary 
Memont, Anne 
Horton, Clare 

Hudson, Sarah 
Man, Mabell 
Bloomier, Mary 
Boswell, Mary 
Whitton, Elianor 
Turley, Mary 
Dixon, Elizabeth 

Dean, Elizabeth 
Waldo, Sarah 
Blake, Elizabeth 
Cotton, Johanna 
Harrison, Mary 
Garlington, Eliz. 
Farington, Margt. 
Hunt, Margarett 
Whitehead, Marv 

December, 1705. 

1 Burrage, George and Lester, Katherine 
Sewell, William Roberts, Margtt. 


Faculty Office. 


December, 1705. 

3 Martin, William and 

4 Carr, James 
Sutton, George 
Gilderson [ ] 

5 Alger, Charles 

Nuthall, John 
Fitche, Sir Com- 
port {bj 

6 Bloomfield, John 
Harford, Matthew 
Forsyth, John 

Stevens, Ellis 

7 Sharpe, Nathaniel 

9 Spencer, Isaac 
10 Dyer, Thomas 

12 Batchelor, Henry 

13 Chapman, Stephen 
Woodhouse, Richard 

14 Body, Henry 
Hancocke, Edward 
Miller, Alexander 

15 Millett, George 
Laroux, Jacob 
Johnson, Thomas 
Box, Thomas 
Robins, Thomas 
Tompson, Thomas 

17 Young, Thomas 
Pratt, Daniel 

Aldridge, Henry 
Gardner, Giles 
Skidmore, James 
Lavington, Joseph 
Smith, Robert 

18 Lee, Benjamin 
Hargrave, Robert 
Hughs, Joseph 
Harryman, James 
Bannister, William 

19 Munn, Joseph 
Francke, Ebenezer 

20 Kenyon, William 
Davies, Thomas 

21 Rider, William 

22 Hyett, William 
24 Lewis, Richard 

Burchinshaw, David 
Dawson, Edward 
Larryman, John 

Rufford, Eliz. 
Wooden, Eliz. 
Boyce, Elizabeth 

Potts [ ] (a) 


Ramsey, Eliz. 
Robinson, Anne 

Skinner, Margtt. 
Terry, Jane 

Cunliffe, Ave 
Forster, Dorothy 

Atkins, Sarah 
Chandler, Mary 
Andrews, Sarah 
Smith, Mercy 
Watson, Isabella 
Bowler, Sarah 
Wogan, Alice 
Austin, Elizabeth 
Purkhirst, Han. 
Lalonde, Mary 
Darby, Elizabeth 
Trimm, Grace 
Brind, Jane 
Hartis, Elizabeth 
Bown, Elizabeth 

Mildreda Sara 
Johnson, Sarah 
Willmott, Eliz. 
Benson, Elianor 
Cole, Elizabeth 
Hatchett, Man- 
Reeves, Sarah 
Tomlinson, Anne 
Wise, Elizabeth 
Duckett, Sarah 
Raven, Mary 
Gurney, Eliz. 

Luck, Mary 

Pye, Anne 
Oldisworth, Eliz. 
Symonds, Mary 
Greene, Anne 
Price, Jane 
Fletcher, Margtt. 

24 Ingrum, John and 
Bax, Thomas 

25 Rice, John 

26 Cottrell, Henry 
Lyttelton, Charles 

27 Newhouse, John 
Ware, John 

27 Hawey, Edward 
Lor rain, John 

28 Joy, John 
Applett, Godfrey 

29 Webb, Joseph 
Woollford, Thomas 
Evarall, Richard 
Danbrine, John 
Taylor, Samuell 
Hobbs, John 
Sparkes, Henry 

31 Hunton, Samuel 
Burroughs, Randall 

Bell, William 
Hewatt, William 
Rash, Lawrence 
Bourne, Phillip 
Calton, Joseph 

Payne, Catherine 
Burden, Eliz. 
Saunders, Mary 
Lyne, Isabella 
Sebright, Anne 
Baylie, Virtue 
Board, Sarah 
Luttrell, Frances 
Green, Mary 
Trusfeild, Sarah 
Flower, Catherine 
Blewitt, Mary 
Orton, Mary 
Garrett, Mary 
Bowser, Eliz. 
Parker, Anna 
Brennand, Eliz. 
Chettle, Mary 
Potter, Frances 

Wilkins, Sarah 
Bridges, Martha 
Bullocke, Mary 
Bourne, Mary 
Slough, Mary 

January, 1705-6. 

(a) No Christian names. 

(b) Second Bart. , 1688-1720. 

1 Stephenson, and 


2 Heskey, John 
Emery, William 
Avery, Samuel 


3 Foljambe, Am ram 
Turner, Edmund 
Bishop, Richard 
Usher, Robert 
Dearie, Edward 

4 Duncombe, Edward 

5 Robins, William 

7 Sutcliffe, Humphry 
Budd, Obediah 

8 Phillips, Christopher 
Gibbs, Richard 

9 Cramp, William 
Hull, Robert 

10 Jewkes, John 

11 Harper, John 

12 Burgin, Thomas 
Grimes, James 

14 Cary, Timothy 
Cooke, James 
Mole, Joseph 
Bambridge, Charles 
Sage, Thomas 

15 Sandford, Thomas 

White, Sarah 

Woolley, Mary 
Bridle, Elizabeth 
Smith, Elizabeth 
James, Elizabeth 

Bridge, Rebeccah 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Williams, Han. 
Aris, Elizabeth 
Harris, Anne 
Snagg, Mary 
Steele, Sarah 
Jones, Catherine 
Campbell, Eliz. 
Oventon, Sarah 
Lucas, Elizabeth 
Stringer, Man- 
Wilson, Eliz. 
Shipton, Mary 
Wale, Martha 
Hodgson, Martha 
Ellis, Martha 
Lambeth, Eliz. 
Wright, Mary 
Mathew, Sarah 
Turner, Hannah 
Benton, Elizabeth 

2 I cS 

Ma rriage L icen ces. 

1 1 705-6 

January, 1705-6. 

15 Williams, Rich, and Dewberry, Margtt. 
Mobsihon, John Jackett, Sarah 

16 Bowden, John Ockshutt, Mary 
Callis, Robert Smith, Anne 

17 Taylor, William Haynes, 


18 Rye, James Jones, Elizabeth 
Mackworth, Henry Pomfrett, 


19 Best, Daniell Butler, Frances 

21 Head, Joshua Moclar, Elizabeth 
Henley, John Read, Grace 
Poole, Joseph Hall, Jane 
Wilkins, William Harman, Mary 
Cheeke, Israel Trehearn, Jane 

22 Lyon, James Nash, Mary 

Fyche, [— - -](a) Paulfreman,[ 

Living, Ralph Payee, Mary 

Hanne, Francis Sewell, Anne 

Millard, Vincent Coleback, Eliz. 

23 Yates, Robert Hobson, Enz. 

24 Wilson, Henry Parker, Margtt. 
White, Daniel Venecott, Eliz. 
Thornhill, Robert Bawdon, Letitia 
Andrews, Richard Willis, Mary 

25 Hill, Thomas Ingledoome, Eliz. 

26 Brooke, Francis Townesend, 


28 Bewris, Henry Kirbey, Anne 
Richardson, FYancis Arkell, Elianor 
Cole, George Puxty, Margarett 
Gregory, Edward Jones, Mary 
Quelch, John Lambert, Anne 

29 Smith, Thomas Winfeild, Sarah 
Wynne, Griffith Rice, Mary 
Hutton, Andrew Underwood, 


Ferschuere, Lilly, Anne 

30 Lee, Thomas Mills, Frances 
Towle, William Crooke, Mary 
Abbott, Samuel Kitchin, Eliz. 
Lewis, Thomas Smith, Hannah 

31 Ward, Jeremiah Stanton, Jane 
Pritchard, Richard Dod, Anne 
Clements, Richard Warner, Sarah 

February, 1705-6. 

1 Nipkin, Peter and Selwood, Sarah 
Lloyd, John Humphreys, 

Lunn, John White, Mary 

*Brooker, Henry Tanner, Hannah 
Pendleton, John Freeman, Eliz. 

2 Bignell, Thomas Ellery, Joanna 

(a) Christian names missing. 

2 Petts, Edward and Redge, Anne 
Norris, Benjamine Gregge, Mary 
Walker, Thurstan Wenham, 

Amery, John Morgan, Mary 

4 Boucher, Thomas Pranks, Hannah 
Stankliffe, Jeremiah Linsey, Anne 
Warberton, William Nuttell, Christian 
Gane, John Harwood, FYances- 

Moore, Eewis Stafford, Frances 

Dalby, Peter Killy, Jane 

Clarke, Thomas Gilkes, Elizabeth 

5 Cartegny, Samuel 
Jones, Hugh 

6 Holden, John 
Page, Zephaniah 

8 North, Roger 

Smith, Robert 

9 Jones, Thomas 
Alyer, Solomon 
Allders, Arthur 

11 Harris, Ephrahim 
Thorp, Thomas 

12 Sage, William 
Green, John 

13 Elvy, Christopher 
Harris, Thomas 
Smith, Thomas 
Whiston, Daniel 

16 Dailly, John 
Green, Francis 

18 Cleer, Henry 

Smallpiece, James 
Gasken, John 
Early, Robert 

20 Whitley, John 
Bridges, Richard 
Lyndall, William 

22 Lole, John 

25 Beaufort, Henry 

[Somerset] Duke 
Archer, Robert 

26 Miller, John 
Plancke, Anthony 

Nicholas, Anne 
Edwards. Mary 
Parker, Anne 
Howard, Sarah 


Preston, Jane 
Savage, Anne 
Stinnett, Eliz. 
Miller, Mary 
Dewing, Eliz. 
Bossley, Margtt. 
Johnson, Mary 
Bull, Mary 
Feilder, Mary 
Yorke, Elizabeth 

Pyke, Martha 
Hall, Sarah 
Ward, Anne 
Barkham, Hester 
Tilden, Elizabeth 
Davies, Elianor 
Round, Frances 
Cheyney, Anne 
Dyose, Hannah 
Toollard, Mary 
Noel, Hon. Lady 


Morgan, Eliz. 
Fuller, Mary 
Debarry, Mary 

28 Shepheard, Nicholas Groce, Mary 

March, 1705-6. 

2 Baldwin, Sam. and Sefton Emlen 
4 Martyn, Thomas Snabling, Anne 

Chambers, Nicholas Horsham, Eliz. 

Plaistow, W T illiam Plaistow, Dorothy 

6 Elwood, William Jones, Susannah 

7 Parker, Ephraim Robinson, E\iz. 
9 Beach, William Elton, Sarah 

Eden, Nathaniel Guyon, Anne 


Faculty Office. 

2 19 

March, 1705-6. 

13 Thomson, Geo. and 
Rose, George 

14 Pinder, John 
Paget, John 

1 5* Buckingham and 

Normanby, John, 
[Sheffield], Duke o 
Pennor, James 
Nelson, William 

18 Hardy, John 
Winton, Richard 
Allen, Robert 
Pead, James 

19 Day, Stephen 
Drew, John 
Jones, John 
Gellibrand, Samuel 
Wallington, John 
Brock, Peter 
Wright, Robert 

20 Gresham, Richard 
Narbury, John 
Paine, Nathan 

21 Robinson, Brian 
Tupper, John 
Smith, George 

23 Allen, William 
Brailsford, Henry 
Chilwell, Jonathan 
Layton, Thomas 
Bowles, William 
Sutton, Robert 
Blunt, Richard 

Winter, Hannah 

Ireland Hannah 
Ellins, Anne 
Anglesea, Kath., 

Countess Dow- 
f ager of 
Lucas, Elizabeth 
Wright, Eliz. 
Rous, Katherine 
Swan, Martha 
Heley, Elizabeth 
Baker, Elizabeth 
Bosley, Elizabeth 
Youick, Elizabeth 
Snablin, Mary 
Burdon, Mary 
Lee, Margarett 
Brock, Jane 
Phelps, Ruth 
Wedge, Eliz. 
Panke, Katherine 
Reading, Mary 
Jenkinson, Anna 
Carington, Mary 
Weekley, Mary 
King, Isabella 
Browne, Anne 
Walker, Lydia 
Stone, Elizabeth 
Thomas, Mary 
Gascoine, Anne 
Philts, Elizabeth 

March, 1706. 

25 Oliver, Robert and 
Newell, Francis 
Perry, George 

26 Ward, George 
Rouse, Thomas 

Street, Lane 
Lane, John 
Kennedy, John 
Maddox, Daniel 

27 Ederingame, George 
Luke, John 

Cullen, William 
Spitle, Thomas 
Gascoyne, Thomas 
Hunt, Thomas 

28 Bayford, William 
Johnson, James 

Bumstead, Eliz. 
Fisher, Katherine 
Buckell, Arabella 
Hearn, Man- 

Attey, Elizabeth 
Sear (?), Elizabeth 
Douglas, Jane 
Knight, Jane 
Ride, Mary 
Thomson, Jane 
Greenbank, Sarah 

Arden, Elizabeth 
Clisby, Elizabeth 
Tanner, Elizabeth 
Billing, Susannah 
Thomas, Elianor 

28 Rodolph, John and 
Coltman, John 
Williams, William 

29 Fitton, John 
Rolles, Robert 

30 Garlick, John 
Witaker, Matthew 
Furber, Robert 
Jones, Robert 
Wallthow, James 

Tilliard, Hannah 
Woods, Frances 
Sandford, Jane 
Chandler, Mary 
Cherrott, Mary 
Follwell, Eliz.' 
Child, Mary 
Everton, Mary 
Lloyd, Elizabeth 
Brownlow, Eliz. 

April, 1706. 

1 Mackay, George and 
Parker, Israel 
Smith, Thomas 

2 Chilver, Anthony 
Low, Matthew 
Gregory, Thomas 

3 Toovey, William 
Resen, John 
Jarman, Samuell 
Burrell, William 

4 Mountague, George 

Loftus, Richard 

5 Lamb, John 
Greene, John 
Ward, William 
Ebbutt, Thomas 
Turner, Henry 

6 Underrell, Richard 
Darby, Richard 
Bates, Edward 

8 Sharman, Richard 

9 Goulding, John 
Chamberline, Paul 
Daniel, James 
Burt, Charles 

10 Durant, Leonard 
Fisher, Robert 

11 Davison, Thomas 
Brookes, John 

Cooke, Thomas 
i3*Linaker, Thomas 

12 Rives, Joseph 
Homan, Herbert 
Birtby, Edward 

13 Stewart, Walter 
Gardner, John 

15 Copeland, John 
Sollars, Edward 
Snow, John 
Goodwin, Samuel 

16 Reeves, John 
Hewland, Richard 

17 Browne, Thomas 
Waddell, William 

Griffith, Mary 
Leaverinton, Mary 
Boult, Mary 
Adams, Margarett 
Jameson, Jane 
Doughty, Mary 
Morley, Mary 
Lacy, Sarah 
Deely, Mary 
Woodcocke, Anne 

Richarda Post. 
Taylor, Elizabeth 
Starkey, Sarah 
Lobb, Elizabeth 
Gardner, Eliz. 
Rowley, Hannah 
Fawsett, Sarah 
Chessus, Anne 
Windle, Eliz. 
May, Elizabeth 
Hall, Elizabeth 
Hullock, Eliz. 
Hulce, Anne 
Gilbert, Elizabeth 
Tyler, Anna 

Diston, Mary 
Wyseman, Anne 
Holloway, Sarah 
H oils worth, 

Ellor, Sarah 
Sutton, Elizabeth 
Sealing, Alice 
Clever, Mary 
Woodroffe, Sarah 
Quash, Hannah 
Ashton, Hannah 
Farby, Susannah 
Meers, Susannah 
Crosse, Hannah 
Pardoe, Mary 
Jordan, Mary 
Edwards, Rebecca 
Walpoole, Sarah 
Ball, Alice 


Ma rriage L icences. 


April, 1706. 

17 Watkins, James and 
Boyce, Thomas 

Mayes, John 

18 Martin, Thomas 
Payne, James 

19 Stephens, Thomas 

20 Marsh, Henry 

22 Lawrence, Nicholas 

Baker, Robert 

23 Kremar, Frederick 
Tunstall, John 
Man, Thomas 

24 Vaugham, William 
Fisher, William 
Jenkens, Ralph 

25 Goddard, Lawrence 

26 Hardy, Eden 

Webb, William 

27 Hill, Christopher 
Holliday, John 
Rosse, John 
Whitehead, John 

29 Hughes, Thomas 
Hilder, Joseph 

30 Finch, Benjamine 
Lynes, Thomas 



Quantock, Mary 
James, Elizabeth 
Langley, Amy 
Bradney, Sarah 
Sandford, Mary 
Edwards, Anne 

Dubbar, Anne 
Jolits, Katherine 
Cooke, Elizabeth 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Harvey, Kath. 
Cater, Anne 
Taylor, Mary 
Deane, Mary 
Pantall, Easter 

Therrey, Alice 
Eaton, Elizabeth 
Ridle, Martha 
Cockhope, Anne 
Wood, Mary 
Hughes, Eliz. 
George, Elizabeth 
Stephens, Eliz. 

May, 1706. 

1 Brage, William and 
Hill, Edward 
Green, Hatton 

2 Howell, Thomas 
Presgrave, Thomas 

4 Crocher, Frederick 
Chambre, George 
Laine, James 

6 Buckeridge, Richard 
Philpin, Elias 
Yearwood, Thomas 
Beeston, Benjamine 
Gapper, Isaac 

7 Parsons, Robert 
Jenkins, David 

Hatch, Thomas 
9 Denton, Edward 

Lawrence, John 

Dare, William 
10 Banks, Thomas 

Latewood, Jonathan 

Player, Elizabeth 
Vernon, Miriam 
Ponton, Dorothy 
Appsly, Priscilla 
Leichfeild, Anne 
Perren, Henrietta 

Anthony, Eliz. 
Tomlinson, Anne 
Jackson, Anne 
North, Johanna 
Goben, Elizabeth 
Pattin, Mary 
Patti, Anne 
Taylor, Elizabeth 

Alvey, Elizabeth 
Moore, Mary 
Taylor, Elizabeth 
Phillips, Sarah 
Dale, Elizabeth 
Ashton, Ruth 

10 Templer, Thos. and 
Stokes, Richard 
Nash, Francis 

11 Negus, George 
Simmons, Abraham 
Benion, Thomas 

13 Laly, William 
Seymour, Thomas 
Barker, Robert 

14 Hallam, John 
Fitzor, Luke 

Humfrey, Thomas 

15 Price, James 
Gifford, Robert 
Evans, James 

16 Robinson, William 
Silk, Tobias 

17 Harris, James 
Wilson, William 
Towsey, Robert 

18 Edwin, John 
Phipps, John 
Tate, Robert 
Evans, Humphrey 
Browne, W T illiam 

20 Anglesey, John, 

[Anneslev] Earl 

Godfrey, John 
Devoreaux, John 
Lawson, John 
Irwin, James 

21 Trench, Samuell 
Davis, William 

22 Tompkins, Henry 
Newman, Thomas 
Richmond, Alex. 
Evans, John 

24 Watts, Richard 

Wellford, Thomas 
Smith, John 

25 Hill, Henry 
Butler, William 

27 Kimpton, Isaac 
29 Wiggins, Robert 
Westell, Simon 
Sandys, Henry 
Lavington, Andrew 
Trickett, Jonathan 
31 Clarke, Godfrey 

Hope, Mary 
Kitchen, Eliz. 
Cooke, Sarah 
Lyddell, Anne 
Wootten, Eliz. 
Robinson, Sarah 
Christmas, Han. 
Stiles, Mary 
Parry, Rebeccah 
Eves, Elizabeth 
Drury, Katherine 
Baker, Elizabeth 
Gammadge, Anne 
Norton, Susannah 
Cheshire, Eliz. 
Davies, Martha 
Staynes, Jane 
Chiswell, Hester 
Gray, Mary 
Dunstan, Joane 
Jasper, Mary 
Kyburne, Eliz. 
Jett, Sarah 
Griffith, Rose 
Stanley, The Rt. 
Hon. [Lady] 
Pimm, Elizabeth 
Williams, Mary 
Waldron, Sarah 
Smith, Katherine 
Roberts, Jane 
Steal, Marx- 
Miles, Frances 
Mason, Hannah 
Moose, Katherine 
Horton, Kath. 
Hassell, Hannah 
Earle, Barbara 
Pawlett, Mary 
Bibee, Mary 
Heath, Mary 
Weyham, Anne 
Deacon, Hannah 
Harding, Mary 
Cock, Elizabeth 
Williamson, Mary 
Stanhope, The 
Hon. Kath'rine 

June, 1706. 

1 Reed, John and Redman, Jane 

Litler, Isaac Burton, Elizabeth 

Thome, Edward Henshaw, Jane 


Faculty Office. 


June, 1706. 

3 Gardiner, and Sharpe, Elizabeth 

Smith, Richard Whiteing, Joanna 

4 Mace, James 
Querne, Joseph 
Gifford, William 
Key, John 

5 Weston, Francis 
Peterson, John 

6 Mitchell, Bliss 
Pymme, Charles 

7 Randall, John 

8 Claridge, John 

Lovise, Miriam 
Curtis, Elizabeth 
Smith, Sarah 
Wanham, Jane 
Gillary, Mary 
Finch, Mary 
Mansell, Jane 
Roach, Elizabeth 
Elliott, Sarah 
Edwards, Eliz. 

Edgworth, Thomas Davies, Anne 
Johnson, John Ford, Elizabeth 

Simpson, Sarah 
Turner, Elizabeth 
Helsam, Ellin 
Turner, Susannah 
Hatly, Mary 
Innes, Sarah 
Wooton, Mary 
Steward, Eliz. 

Brotherson, John 
9 Bearblock, John 
10 Mingo, Josiah 

Maddey, Daniel 

Powle, Henry 
t 1 Hollway, William 

Wyseman, Samuel 

Eat well, John 

12 Stapleton, Nicholson Bradshaw, 

Tomlin, John 
Hudson, James 

13 Crocker, George 
Howell, William 

14 Wellman, Thomas 
Russell, William 
Wyatt, Walter 
Harcourt, Richard 
Beard, Phillip 

15 Walker, Edward 
Blunt, Edward 
Prockter, James 

17 Tyler, Edward 
Gilbert, Viner 
Bollard, William 
Kelsall, John 

Jaques, George 
Andrews, Edward 
Davies, Charles 
18 Debnam, Solomon 
Cooke, David 

Latt, Anne 
Jones, Martha 
Fox, Martha 
Morrise, Mary 
Charrott, Mary 
Hill, Tryphena 
Franklin, Margtt. 
Harcourt, Eliz. 
Gilbert, Anne 
Coombs, Joane 
Yeomans, Mary 
Betts, Elizabeth 
Griffiths, Mary 
Barber, Sarah 
Hunter, Frances 
Garrett, Eliz. 
Gilham, Eliz. 
Turner, Sarah 
Swan, Elizabeth 
Hall, Sarah 
Nash, Mary 

Whitton, Benjamine Carty, Mary Anne 

Crich, Daniel 
Siday, Richard 

19 Bryan, John 
Gething, Nicholas 

20 Catherall, George 
Dale, John 
Hubbins, William 

21 Wheeler, Edward 
Combes, Richard 

22 Scriven, Charles 
Bell, Robert 

Purley, Mary 
Bristo, Susannah 
Powell, Elizabeth 
Lucas, Elizabeth 
Robinson, Mary 
Branch, Martha 
Ditcher, Sarah 
Watson, Mary 
Hillier, Jane 
Wilkins, Mary 
Fairchild, Eliz. 

22 Greenwood, 

24 Milton, Richard 


25 Rowt, Richard 
Lacy, Joseph 
Gower, Edward 
Francklin, William 

26 Welby, Richard 
Mackerness, Edw. 
Saterthwaite, Thos. 
Stairs, John 

27 Clarke, Robert 

28 Francklin, Peter 
Young, John 
Lane, Edward 

29 Green, Samuell 

and Marsh, Mary 

Garland, Anne 
Henn, Mary 

Harris, Anne 
Carne, Mary 
Dawson, Eliz. 
Towers, Mary 
Johnson, Mary 
Tracey, Anne 
Arnold, Mary 
Richmond, Anne 
Nicholls, Eliz. 
Reeves, Anne 
Lane, Judith 
Norgrove, Eliz. 

July, 1706. 

1 Aldridge, John and 
Guidott, William 
Hovenden, Robert 
Poynty, Robert 

2 Jones, James 
Leybourne, William 

3 Ward, Samuel 
Aston, Robert 
Richardson, Richard 
Biggs, William 

4 St. Clare, John 

5 Newman, John 

6 Shelly, Robert 

Sneade, William 
Patient, John 
Dalton, James 
Brooker, John 

8 Doe, William 
Gwinnall, Henry 
Sheppard, Thomas 

9 Cheyney, John 
Garth, Roger 
Seymore, John 

10 Hallows, Samuel 
Shipton, John 

11 King, Peter 

12 Petter, Henry 
O'Sullivane, Daniell 

15 Langley, James 
Pearce, Thomas 

16 Oake, Samuell 
Hyde, Richardson 
Aldridge, Thomas 
Wilkinson, Daniell 

17 Blake, John 

Goodale, Mary 
Hunt, Jane 
Buck, Elizabeth 
Taverner, Sarah 
Bissell, Sarah 
Perks, Sarah 
Driver, Martha 
Neve, Jane 
Baker, Anne 
Ower, Elizabeth 
Delley, Mary 
Stevenson, Eliz. 

Norton, Mary 
Rogers, Prudence 
Crane, Martha 
Brazier, Sarah 
Bayly, Ellianor 
Nelson, Mary 
Stone, Elizabeth 
Pettit, Elizabeth 
Holden, Anne 
Phillamore, Anne 
Done, Elizabeth 
Shergold, Eliz. 

Griffith, Eliz. 
Duff, Elizabeth 
Meddams, Eliz. 
Lugg, Abigael 
Lee, Mary 
Pinegar, Mary 
Aldridge, Eliz. 
Carter, Sarah 



Marriage Licences. 


July, 1706. 

17 Rogers, Henry and 
Wheatley, Robert 

19 Silvester, Matthew 
Hooke, Edward 

20 Bell, Samuell 

Bennett, John 
Fowle, Henry 

23 Parry, Richard 

24 Hind, Matthew 
Honywood, Thomas 

25 Newton, Henry 
27 Hawkins, Peter 

Walker, Ralph 
Baldwin, Samuell 

29 Hedges, Thomas 
Salt, John 

30 Scofeild, John 
Culverwell, Wm. 
Hose, John 
Fortee, William 
Haywood, Henry 

31 Sheppard, Henry 
Pritchard, William 
Fitzwater, William 
Bumstead, Samuell 
Crompton, James 

Croucher, Jane 
Marriner, Mary 
Jolly, Mary 
Flight, Elizabeth 

Bolton, Anne 
Rudge, Grace 
Keys, Anne 
Montague, Anne 
Hawley, Mary 
Kirby, Anne 
Bradley, Martha 
Emerton, Margtt. 
Holt, Susannah 
Kinsey, Anne 
Profitt, Catherine 
Cisen, Anne 
Ponds, Sarah 
Thomas, Mary 
Berkenhead, Amy 
Clements, Kath. 
Melmoth, Eliz. 
Browne, Anne 
Griffin, Elizabeth 
Wilnott, Millicent 
Turner, Anne 

August, 1706. 

1 Roach, Tobias and 
Appleton, Nicholas 

2 Morris, William 
Berney, John 

3 Savage, William 
Jackson, Thomas 
Street, Charles 
Watkins, Hugh 
Watts, John 
Warner, Valentine 
Spurr, George 

5 Fryer, Jacob 
Dawson, John 
Pickering, Ralph 

6 Sturdy, Robert 
Curtis, Robert 

7 Rose, Ralph 
Allison, James 
Hide, Thomas 
Foreman, Ralph 

8 Colnett, William 
Edmonds, Giles 
Griffiths, John 

<j Bowes, Martin 

Price, Richard 

to Hanson, Hans 

Covidge, William 
12 Wilkins, Robert 

Moss, Rebeccah 
Johnson, Brigett 
Cooper, Elizabeth 
Batch, Elizabeth 
Lambe, Katherine 
White, Mary 
Atley, Jane 
Crooke, Mary 
Goddard, Eliz. 
Hedges, Margtt. 
Peacock, Mary 
Ford, Katherine 
Gawdron, Martha 
Close, Susannah 
Ross, Katherine 
Webb, Mary 
Barrowbee, Mary 
Terrell, Elizabeth 
Stanes, Sarah 
Morrish, Eliz. 
Tillyard, Margtt. 
Merry, Sarah 
Wall, Sarah 
Thurland, Eliz. 
H atley, Mary 
Dennis, Mary 
Clarke, Sarah 
Binny, Mary 

13 Grimston, Wm. and 
Geering, Thomas 
Jones, Thomas 
Mansell, Roger 

15 Buchanan, James 
Williams, Henry 

17 Roberts, James 
Burnaby, Thomas 
Hall, Thomas 

20 Newbery, Thomas 
Jones, Benj amine 
Smith, John 

21 Feria, Timothy 
Barnes, Adam 
Fridenberg, Martin 
Priest, James 

22 Street, John 
Ebdon, Edward 

23 Apps, Robert 

24 Smith, Henry 
Parnell, Nurss 

Hall, Henry 

26 Lempriere, James 
Rockley, Charles 

27 Browne, James 
Weedger, Henry 

28 Hartnap, William 
Gerrad, David 

29 Waller, John 
Albers, Henry 

H agger, Thomas 

30 Collins, Thomas 

31 Ansell, Leonard 
Cowley, John 

Cooke, Jane 
Gidding, Eliz. 
Bookworth, Amy 
Hall, Anne 
Pruden, Eliz. 
Keep, Elizabeth 
May, Rebeccah 
Parker, Frances 
Tarlton, Pleasant 
Pay toe, Joyce 
Bell, Elizabeth 
Jones, Elizabeth 
Goddard, Margtt. 
Hudson, Anne 
Frees, Mary 
Hide, Dorthea 
Sprigmore, Anne 
Merreall, Mary 
Aldridge, Mary 
Wallgrave, Mary 
Rigby, Mary 
Springle, Eliz. 
Bushby, Hannah 
Turner, Anne 
Brimstone, Avis 
Hodges, Johanna 
Brand, Katherine 
Widgeott, Mary 
Lysheer, Frances 
Clarke, Rebeccah 
Keep, Mary 
Cosins, Jane 
Gauntlett, Martha 

September, 1706. 

3 Darby, Daniel and 
Wootton, Alexander 

4 Godfree, Oliver 

St. Hill, Humphrey 

5 Wallis, Richard 
Mugg, John 

6 Bowyer, Richard 
Hide, George 
Berry, Benjamin 

7 Sparke, William 

Hayter, William 
Thomas, Daniel 
Munday, William 

9 Higgs, John 
Adams, William 
Pinney, Nathaniel 

10 Bilson, Thomas 

11 Booker, Thomas 
13 Lingy, William 

Morris, John 

Peters, Hannah 
Weaver, Margtt. 
Bedingfeild, Eliz. 
Wood, Elizabeth 
Adams, Jude 
Golding, Eliz. 
Gostling, Mary 
Absolon, Mary 
Watkins, Sarah 

Aldridge, Frances 
Powell, Frances 

Dikes, Elizabeth 
Simons, Anne 
Gay, Naomi 
Finch, Elizabeth 
Turtle, Martha 
Arey, Jane 
Williams, Anne 


Faculty Office. 


September, 1706. 

13 Partington, Hen. and 

14 Wads worth, John 
Mountague, Henry 

17 Wooldridge, John 

18 Beall, William 
Skinner, Nicholas 

20 Conde, John 
Turlis, Thomas 
Kirby, Thomas 
Phillips, John 

21 Newman, Thomas 
Barry, Thomas 
Carter, Kelley 

23 Wright, Robert 
Dod, John 
Birkmyr, John 

24 Twell, John 

25 Vernon, George 
Best, William 

Hinton, Daniel 
28 Gurnall, Miles 
Hodges, Edward 

Jones, Rice 
Dicey, Thomas 
30 Dell, Jeremiah 
Squire, George 

Lindsey, Eliz. 
Egleston, Margtt. 
Bannister, Eliz. 
Thorne, Man- 
Jones, Mary 
Middlemore, Mary 
Jones, Anne 
Baker, Fraxcy 
Beck, Deborah 
Makepeace, Jane 
Thompson, Eliz. 
Ward, Dorothy 
Forrest, Jane 
Ashton, Elizabeth 
Lapley, Martha 
Duperry, Dorothy 
Atkins, Jane 
Farren, Jane 
Smith, Susannah 
Hatch, Jane 

Usher, Elizabeth 
Jell, Anne 

Creed, Margarett 
Noulton, Grace 
Smith, Mary 


October, 1706. 

1 Sutton, John and 

2 Maddox, Robert 
Rawlins, Richard 

3 Adams, Francis 
Phillips, James 
Stamp, William 

5 Richards, Reynald 

7 Reding, William 

Goodman, John 
Windmill, John 

8 Bartholomew, John 
Whaley, Richard 

9 Farmborow, Alex. 
Thornton, John 

10 Boldock, Edward 
Prince, George 
Ansell, Thomas 
Caine, Nathaniel 
Jenings, Thomas 

1 1 Girling, Robert 

12 Blackham, John 

14 Clarke, Richard 
Walker, Henry 

15 Bacon, George 

Lidgburd, Anne 
Bishop, Elizabeth 
Allen, Elizabeth 
Lawrence, Eliz. 
Morgan, Sarah 
Furness, Eliz. 
Carter, Anne 

Hall, Mary 
Fry, Elizabeth 
Joy, Sarah 
Rogers, Jane 
Jones, Anne 
Francklin, Elianor 
Austin, Rebeccah 
Bird, Mary 
Fletcher, Mary 
Warner, Eliz. 
Barnard, Anne 
Hawkins, Anne 
Twitty, Sarah 
Herring, Anne 
Bell, Mary 
Watkins, Elianor 

15 Farren, Thomas am^ 

16 Yanness, Ralph 

Lawson, John 
Butts, Thomas 
Strang, David 

17 Odell, Charles 

18 Hay ward, Robert 

19 Hinshcliff, Thomas 

21 Shuter, Henry 
Pelling, Samuell 
Axtell, Francis 
Ager, Thomas 
Hammond, John 
Barber, Thomas 

22 Pearless, Richard 
Milham, William 

Carter, Benjamin 
Hallett, Francis 

23 Mayne, William 
Simmerell, Thomas 
Smyth, Bland 
Deacon, William 
Turner, James 

24 Harvey, Ralph 

25 Burt, Moses 
Culley, Nicholas 

26 Chapman, William 
Orton, Robert 
Colvill, John 
Osmond, John 

28 Griffin, Aaron 
Simmons, Robert 
Davis, Phillip 

Grainger, Thomas 
Perry, John 
Brunker, John 

29 Early, Alexander 

30 Phipps, Thomas 
Bailey, Edmund 

Dannett, Sarah 

Bates, Elizabeth 
Jervis, Mary 
Bazin, Alice 
Olives, Elizabeth 
Still, Bridgett 
Thorne, Elizabeth 
Moore, Mary 
Cox, Hannah 
Deacon, Martha 
Powell, Anne 
Frost, Anne 
Jenkins, Elizabeth 
Everitt, Martha 
Robinson, Mary 

Nash, Hannah 
Baptista, Anne 
Andrews, Hester 
Gage, Mary 
Williams, Anne 
Reeve, Martha 
Sanders, Hannah ^ 
Ebbutt, Margtt. 
Rowe, Elizabeth 
Greenoway, Anne 
Watson, Barbara 
Lampson, Mary 
Hayward, Eliz. 
Arndhill, Mary 
Palmer, Anne 
Rooke, Mary 

Grise, Christian 
Rawlins Sarah 
Smith, Anne 
Dee, F^lizabeth 
Robinson, Eliz. 
Knight, I^lizabeth 

November, 1706. 

1 Wittingham, and 

2*0uld, George 
Aynsley, William 
Turtley, John 
Connelly, Dennis 

4 Incledon, John 

5 Byland, Christopher 

6 Shering, Perdew 
Tolley, William 
Shone, Edward 

9 Despaine, Andrew 
Smith, John 

11 Watts, William 


Bowes, Frances 
Chatteris, Sarah 
Bullocke, Eliz. 
Gagg, Catherine 
Ferrers, Diana 
Pashley, Eliz. 
Lock, Elizabeth 
Webber, Mary 
Pyle, Catherine 
Browne, Margtt. 

Crisp, Rebecca 


. } la rriage L icences. 


November, 1706. 

11 Moyse, Thomas and 

12 Luck, Thomas 
Laxon, Joseph 
Holloway, Henry 

13 Hunt, William 

14 Bates, William 
Nynn, James 
Ludford, ah. Brace- 
bride, Samuel 

Ricketts, James 
Stanton, John 

15 Phillpot, James 

16 Wey, William 
18 Close, John 

Goodday, William 
ig Bunn, Stephen 
Cave, George 
Griffith, Charles 

20 Barber, James 

21 Frogatt, Christo- 

Norill, John 
Churchill, Nicholas 
23 Sallowes, Jeremiah 
Leigh, John 
Moyes, William 
Gul, John 

Falvey, John 

25 Bent, Richard 
Serry, Andrew 
Warner, Benjamin 

26 Elrington, John 
Shoreing, Charles 

27 Moreland, Thomas 
James, Michael 
Archer, William 
Cleare, Samuel 

Knight, Joshua 
Hoare, Abraham 

29 Pratt, Thomas 

30 Salvay, Richard 

Lawson, Mary 
Repley, Margtt. 
Curlewis, Mary 
Barsham, Mary 
Chaney, Eliz. 
Buckerfeild, Eliz. 
Ira, Margarett 
Lewis, Catherine 

Holloway, Sarah 
Higey, Catherine 
Graham, Eliz. 
Collins, Mary 
Ford, Edith 
Wiltshire, Han. 
Page, Anne 
Barnett, Sarah 
Stevens, Barbara 
Tute, Mary 
Rider, Elizabeth 

Hapgood, Anne 
Ward, Anne 
Legg, Martha 
Hudgebout, Ruth 
Fuller, Mary 
Le Fountain, 


Cuny, Anne 
Auriliar, Lovise 

Randes, Frances 
Phipps, Mary 
Huddleston, Jane 
Bromwell, Eliz. 
Wrotesly, Elianor 

Parsons, Sarah 
Loton, Elizabeth 
Ward, Lydia 
White, Elizabeth 

December, 1706. 


2 Thornborow, 

Eastman, John 
Foord, Nicholas 
Massey, George 

3 Bocock, John 
Platte, John 

4 Hayes, Samuel 
Knight, James 
Payne, Benjamine 


Farmestone, Mary 
Nicholls, Eliz. 
Graysley, Eliz. 
Holmden, Mary 
Finch, Theodora 
Munday, Mary 
Badger, Grace 
Flack, Sarah 

4 Hall, Baptist and Eldridge, Anne 

Townsend, Jonathan Chauncey, Eliz. 

Deval, George Mist, Elizabeth 

7 Norton, John Denney, Sarah 

Harrison, John Penny, Mary 

Croockall, Richard Gibbons, Frances 
9 Marriott, Thomas Beare, Elizabeth 

Odell, William 
10 Shute, Richard a) 

Maddison, Robert 

Martin, Jesse 

Lyon, Stephen 

1 1 Scott, Thomas 
London, Robert 

12 Fox, Joseph 

13 Hornblower, Wm. 

14 Gainsborough, 

Baptist [Noel] 
Earl of 

Linnett, Giles 

16 Bellamy, Edward 

Mariett, Richard 

Mosse, Henry 

18 Mashborne, Matt. 

Mundell, Eliz. 
Jemmett, Kath. 
Phillips, Margtt. 
Davenport, Han. 
Lynn, Grace 
Jeffreys, Sarah 
Hobdey, Sarah 
Garrard, Mary 
Shelton, Man- 
Manners, Lady 
ter of John, 
Duke of Rut- 
Wooden, Hannah 
Reynolds, Eliz. 
Mastyn, Sidney 
Torrent, Lucy 

Brittan, Elizabeth 
Uthwat, Sarah 

Gregory, Ambrose 
Hough, Benony 

19 Blanchard, William Holt, Elizabeth 

20 Truesdale, Thomas Rogers, Lucy 
Browne, Christopher Robinson, Margtt 

21 Low, Samuel 
Lasley, Joseph 
Leman, James 

23 Lee, Edward 

Church, James 
Franklin, Francis 
Muriall, Thomas 
Lindsey, John 

24 Charsley, John 
Geadon, John 
Smith, John 
Dove, Isaac 
Robinson, William 

Plaxton, Thomas 

25 Gibbs, William 
Guest, John 

26 Ballard, Richard 

27 Smith, Thomas 
30 Andrew, John 

Marley, John 
Colebrooke, James 
Ealy, James 
Wills, Jacob 

Keene, Hannah 
Payne, Mary 
Genteele, Mary 

Williams, Ellin 
Grist, Anne 
Story, Elizabeth 

Grover, Sarah 
Potton, Mary 
Poole, Esther 
Cuttle, Anne 

Wicks, Rebeccah 
Halstead, Martha 
Clarke, Anne 
Hammond, Mary 
Barker, Jane 
Knowles, Sibill 
Johnson, Isabella 
Hudson, Mary 
Horle, Sarah 
Hart, Martha 

(a) The letters " Rr " are inserted in place of date. 


Faculty Office. 


December, 1706. 

30 Howard, Win. and Cocker, Gartrey 
Stradder, Robert Fortee, Sarah 
Hall, Robert 
Melmoth, Reuben 
Lane, Thomas 

31 Bluck, John 

Marsingale, Jane 
Thompson, Mary 
Cuningham, Jane 
Garrett, Hannah 

End of No. 1 [i.e., the Second] Calendar. 

No. 2 [i.e., the Tnird] Calendar, commencing 
1st January, 1706-7 and ending De- 
cember, 172 1. 

January, 1706-7. 

1 Valentine, Thos. and 
Masters, Thomas 

3 Burrowes, Charles 
Hungate, Thomas 

4 Hunter, Archibald 

6 Slade, Nicholas 
Lutwyche, Richard 
Jackson, William 

7 Mattison, Christofell 

8 Boswell, Robert 
Bent, William 
Ford, Henry 

9 Bosely, John 
Collcutt, Dan i ell 
Tims, George 

10 Stephens, James 
Wright, George 
Heather, Ephraim 
Knightson, John 

11 Nicholson, Joseph 
Nypes, William 
Davenport, William 

14 Whitwick, Charles 

Demaine, John 
Gorton, John 

15 Beckett, Robert 
Cook, John 

16 Farnell, Richard 
Campbell, Tames 

17 Colston, Thomas 

18 West, James 
Panckridge, Wm. 

20 Ferry, Peter 
Barringer, Henry 

Peers, Thomas 

21 Hurlock, Joseph 
Abbott, Anthony 
Stevenson, Stone 
Houghton, Joseph 
Morton, John 

Heming, Mary 
Foster, Elizabeth 
Ravenhill, Lydia 
Nokes, Mary 
Wilson, Christian 
Stringle, Sarah 
Haycock, Mary 
Hasell, Sarah 
Blaxton, Anne 
Cook, Mary 
Sadler, Elizabeth 
Russell, Hester 
Critchlow, Jane 
Clarke, Elizabeth 
Dewey, Judeth 
Clear, Mary 
Ball, Elizabeth 
Woolley, Amy 

Williams, Sarah 
Holbrooke, Emma 
Wall, Rebeccah 

Dolley, Elizabeth 
Stevens, Eliz. 
White, Sarah 
Lyme, Mary 
Frisby, Mary 
Barenberge, Eliz. 
Green, Elizabeth 
Smith, Martha 
Welsh, Martha 
Adams, Dorothy 

Crocker, Eliz. 
Constable, Eliz. 
Kempson, Eliz. 
Albertson, Eliz. 
Bees, Mary 
Crutcher, Anne 

22 Hollister, Benj. and 
Burridge, William 
Oldershaw, Thomas 
Loveland, Henry 
Davis, Thomas 

23 Eims, William 
Wilson, William 
Wood, Robert 

25 Smith, Thomas 
Miles, James 
Tomlinson, Edward 

27 Kerfoot, Thomas 

28 Barrett, James 
Stewart, Robert 
Astin, Elias 

29 Mouatt, Daniell 
Trumble, William 
Davis, Richard 
Ralph, Jonathan 
Bird, Francis 

Vere, Hannah 
Peacock, Eliz. 
Smith, Margtt. 
Garton, Katherine 
Lane, Margarett 
Williams, Mary 
Roberts, Easter 

Rice, Mary 
Hill, Anne 
Morgan, Anne 
Kidwell, Jane 
Webb, Hester 
Wilson, Bettrice 
Pettit, Mary 
Green, Frances 
Wright, Eliz. 
Spearman, Joanna 
Horton, Sarah 
Chapman, Hester 

February, 1706-7. 

1 Hicks, Joseph and 
Bird, John 

Martindale, John 
Milton, Francis 

Evans, Thomas 
Jones, William 

3 Bagnall, Joseph 

Waldran, Boyce 

4 Alsop, Benjamin 
Russell, John 
Hodges, John 
West, Joseph 

5 Dawson, Richard 
Wethered, William 
Dorrington, Thomas 
Deale, Roger 

Cuff, Richard 
Abbott, John 
Barrett, Phillipp 

6 Bowling, Joseph 
Bayly, Thomas 
Grainger, Samuell 
Haines, John 
Shrubsull, Thomas 

7 Warner, John 

8 Avery, Thomas 
Elton, John 
Watkins, Thomas 

10 Underwell, Henry 
Allen, Richard 
Pratt, Christopher 

12 Peddar, Richard 
Jekyell, Thomas 

Randall, Sarah 

Cooper, Faith 

Phillips, Eliz. 
Large, Eliz. 

Harris, Elizabeth 
Speller, Sophia 
Hoyle, Elizabeth 
Shank, Elizabeth 
Theed, Sarah 
Meynell, Eliz. 
Featon, Eliz. 
Everton, Mary 
Thorp, Elizabeth 
Child, Anne 
Marshall, Martha 
Bassett, Elianor 
Yates, Margarett 
Delves, Hannah 
Hinckes, Sarah 
Cooling, Sarah 
Wisdom, Eliz. 
Shower, Anne 
Smith, Susannah 
Warkman, Sarah 
Wood, Anne 
Young, Martha 
Simpson, Mary 
Truelove, Mary 
Gibbons, Joanna 
Nicholls, Martha 



Ma • riage L icences. 


February, 1706-7. 

11 Skynner, John and 
Cholmley, William 
Roffe, Richard 
Helmes, Michael 

12 Squire, Thomas 
Webb, Richard 

Reding - , James 
Rylance, Richard 
Symons, Richard 
Mallaber, Thomas 
^Wilkinson, Alex. 

13 Challenor, Thomas 
Bell, Thomas 
Foot, Thomas 
Jaggard, William 

14 Sukor, Daniel 
Boyce, John 
Godbar, John 

15 Gamlyn, John 
Bendyshe, Henry 
Barfby, Samuell 
Dobree, William 
Powell, William 
Jones, Hugh 

18 Metcalfe, Richard 
Robinson, Henry 
Darby, Thomas 
Watts, Edward 

19 Meackham, John 
Longdon, Edward 
Mallett, Ralph 
Collins, Edward 
Fair, John 
Godard, Edward 
Olmins, John 
Cockett, Thomas 
Marlow, Richard 
King, Edward 
Hay, James 

20 Kelynge, Thomas 
Ondart, Elias 

21 Aldridge, Thomas 
Manship, James 
Aylmore, Robert 
Maddox, Joshua 

22 Holly, Robert 
Clarge, Peter 
Weare, William 
Barker, William 
Vandooren, Lewis 
Wright, James 
Howard, Thomas, 

Cocoly, Nicolo 
Adams, John 
24 Trevillian, Robert 

Sisson, Frances 
Jesson, Elizabeth 
Garney, Frances 
Price, Frances 
Froud, Anne 

White, Man- 
Blake, Elizabeth 
Chitty, Elizabeth 
Watson, Mary 
Bellamy, Sarah 
Carter, Elianor 
Hunt, Jane 
Brightman, Eliz. 

Rainsford, Mary 
Potton, Margarett 
Powess, Alice 
Norman, Eliz. 
Gostling, Kath. 
Phillips, Susannah 
Maddox, Frances 
Delahae, Mary 
Daniell, Katherine 
Ward, Mary 
Waring, Margtt. 
Briant, Martha 
Cook, Sarah 
Tabor, Mary 
Sherbrooke, Alice 
Green, Mary 
Speed, Jane 
Ellott, Rose 
Grickett, Mary 
Clarke, Elizabeth. 
Sears, Elianor 
Turner, Mary 
Reeves, Margtt. 
Lowthen, Margtt. 
Waldron, Eliz. 
Cansey, Mary 
Seymour, Mary 
Lloyd, Mary 
Rymill, Anne 
Cofton, Ruth 
Bellis, Mary 
Boswell, Sarah 
Woodward, Anne 
Stougton, Judith 
Hancock, Jane 
Davis, Mary 

Eddowes, Mary 
Bennett, Margtt. 
Dover, Jane 

24 Framer, Henry and Blackgrove, Mary 
Berrow, Edward Dyons, Elizabeth 

Noa, Robert 
Edwards, John 
Haynes, Charles 
Nichols, Thomas 

25 Hatches, Thomas 

26 Pickett, Edward 

Winter, Frances 
Shalleross, Jane 
Hodson, Mary 
Inott, Sarah 
Jenings, Hannah 
Lovezee, Eliz. 

March, 1706-7. 

1 Hinton, John anc 

3 Halford, Thomas 

4 Lamprey, Thomas 

Harding, Jonas 

5 Edwards, John 
Hopkey, Frederick 
Bousfeild, Edward 

6 Oakley, William 

Winter, Charles 

7 Goodwin, Richard 
Singer, James 
Aldwin, Phillip 

10 Thompson, Josiah 
Garrett, James 
Robinson, Samuell 
Shank, Moses 

11 Baynan, William 

12 Justice, George 
Arnold, Nathaniel 

13 Casburne, Robert 
Hughes, James 

14 Coleman, Henry 

15 Phillips, W'illiam 
Cooper, John 

17 Man, James 

18 Smith, George 
Hall, Timothy 
Ryley, Cassar 

19 Rowlandson, Rich. 
Ballett, William 

20 Emery, James 
Du Port, John 

21 Smelt, John 
Bayles, Thomas 

24 Outlaw, Henry 
Hellier, Orlando 
Nicholson, John 
Price, Thomas 

Lush, Jane 
Newlin, Elizabeth 
Edwards, Mary 

Packman, Eliz. 
Corbett, Mary 
Clarkson, Martha 
Sone, Anne 

Wincent, Sarah 
Keate, Hannah 
Smith, Sibilla 
Taylor, Elizabeth 
Miller, Isabella 
Lawton, Bridgett 
Fensham, Sarah 
Muckloe, Jane 
Ryley, Sarah 
Reading, Anne 
Comber, Mary 
Coe, Judith 
Abbis, Elizabeth 

Hether, Elizabeth 
Lee, Anne 
Bishop, Elizabeth 
Hedges, Martha 
Jolly, Mary 
Sturgis, Mary 
Horsham, Eliz. 
Dawson, Sarah 
Warr, Mary 
Watson, Hester 
Du Verge, Han. 
Wilcocks, Eliz. 
Hare, Mary 
Moore, Deborah 
Beech, Elizabeth 
Seymour, Edith 

March, 1707. 

25 Hodgetts, Thos. and Smith, Anne 
Winne, Edward Antrim, Elizabeth 
Cranaway, Thomas Staines, Anne 

26 Jarvis, George Cropper, Frances 
Robinson, Tankred Norton, Mary 


Faculty Office. 


March, 1707. 

26 Elliston, John and Blundell, Cath. 
29 Nourse, Charles Morley, Anne 

Hale, William 
31 Goodsens, Francis 

Quant, Dovvs 

Beddell, Thomas 

Mince, Amy 
Hondmoy, Judith 
Johnson, Frances 
Meller, Anne 

April, 1707. 

1 Vansittart, Rob. and 

4 Boignham, Anthony 

Potter, John 

5 Davies, Evan 
Love, John 

8 Martheille, John 

Dawson, Edward 
Curson, Samuel 
Grout, John 
Wallmain, William 

9 Tillear, William 
Callaway, John 

10 Meckorkle, George 
Moorcroft, Stephen 

11 Bines, George 

Read, Francis 

12 Snell, John 
Parkinson, Thomas 
Townsend, William 

14 Prue, William 
Whitcomb, William 

Winkfeild, Joseph 

15 Hollingworth, John 
Westray, Robert 
Lickfold, John 

16 Lambkin, James 

Stringham, Thomas 
Bay ley, George 
Browne, Charles 

Beamish, Richard 
Baker, Samuell 
Crispin, John 
Terrell, John 
Jenkinson, George 

17 Copson, Caleb 
Sparkes, Richard 
Stone, Benjamin 

18 Osborne, John 
Streathfield, Richard 
Collup, George 
Sykes, John 

Vandeputt, Eliz. 
Le Grass, ah. 

Brian, Eliz. 

Merrick, Frances 

Porree, Frances 

Russett, Sarah 
Clarke, Rebeccah 
Oakey, Anne 
Mounix, Sarah 
French, Margtt. 
Tillison, Mary 
Mardock, Eliz. 
Wardle, Eliz. 

Haggard, Anne 
Hudson, Frances 
Kemble, Mary 
Paddon, Anne 
Nash, Mary 

Aldwin, Mary 
Leigh, Mary 
Savage, Anne 
Bunnion, Anne 

Gibson, Jane 
Spicer, Anne 

Potter, Anne* 
Parsons, Frances 
Budding, Eliz. 
Venner, Jane 
Sidey, Sarah 
Facer, Martha 
Botten, Mary 
Holloway, Martha 
Norton, Joane 
Allen, Mary 
Hood, Elianor 
Clifton, Anna 

19 Lyell, John and 
Farmer, William 
Kenge, Sussex 
King, George 

20 Thomas, Robert 

21 Huntington, Robert 
Wyer, Robert 
Piercey, James 
Damsell, Joseph 

22 Arne, Thomas 
Yearle, William 
Stacey, Robert 
Guy, job 

Luckin, Nathaniel 
Meggott, Richard 
Menshew, Thomas 

23 Horton, William 
Roberts, James 
Gardenbas, Samuel 

Higgins, Henry 

24 Buckley, Richard 

25 Daxon, Thomas 

26 Rapley, William 
Tyrling, Nathaniel 

28 Eger, James 
Shuter, Robert 

29 Millbourne, Adam 
King, Chad 
Adams, Thomas 
Moodey, Richard 
Clarke, John 
English, John 
Scott, John 

30 Smith, John 

Martin, John 
Cruckshank, Robert 
Prou, Peter 
Ikin, Randle 
Lyell, Robert 
22 Hughes, Francis 

Burn, Susannah 
Manning, Mary 
Harris, Frances 
Rice, Jane 
Hemsly, Cath. 
Dare, Clare 
Price, Anne 
Caris, Elianor 
Wilson, Jane 
Wheeler, Anne 
Dod, Elizabeth 
Allfree, Charity 
Caraway, Eliz. 
Manhood, Dianah 
Radcliffe, Joanna 
Bradbery, Han. 
Gyles, Sarah 
Piatt, Elizabeth 
Le Marchant, 

Perry, Anne 
Tufell, Susannah. 
Pike, Frances 
Lamb, Elizabeth 

Brokenbury, Eliz. 
Bell, Jane 
Philby, Ruth 
Nelson, Mary 
Roberson, Eliz. 
Greenhill, Elianor 
Morse, Mabell 
Smith, Sarah 
Payne, Anne 
Rogers, Jane 
Vander Spriet, 

Jones, Rachael 
Browne, Mary 

[ ], {a) Anne 

Lake, Elizabeth 
Ireland, Elizabeth 
Healy, Rebeccah 

Iay, 1707. 

2 Lucas, Dennett and 


3 Dowdall, William 

Ims, Edward 
Higgs, Samuell 
Key, John 
Winkworth, Thos. 
Brown, John 
5 Inwood, Christopher 

Cheyne, Eliz. 
Wilds, Elizabeth 

Moore, Anne 
Toovey, Mary 
Mario w, Anne 
Taylor, Eliz. 
Coleman, Jane 
Fells, Jane 

(a) Missing. 


Marriage Licences. 


May, 1707. 

Allen, Thomas and Barrett, Susannah 
Beercroft, Ward, Sarah 

Beard, Henry Hetherell, 

Turbervile, Thomas Whitfeild, Eliz. 
Gillaway, James Smith, Anne 

Trigge, Joseph 
7 Pellon, Peter 
Turner, Henry 
Boulton, Samuell 
Pursell, Richard 
Cardigan, George 

[Brudenell], Earl 


Trad, Anne 
Mace, Anne 
Accom, Mary 
Steward, Sarah 
Lowe, Jane 
Bruce, Lady Eliz., 
daughter of 
Thomas, Earl 

of Aylesbury 

8 Venman, ChristopherPrusen, Sarah 

9 Fletcher, John Goodman, Anne 
Walker, William Craple, Anne 

12 Rogers, Thomas 
Curtis, Samuell 
Alberg, Jonas 

13 Spencer, Reckwith 
Neale, John 
Gregory, Thomas 

Rogers, Frances 
Curtis, Anne 
Torne, Magdalene 
Ward, Susannah 
Ball, Margarett 
Neale, Prudence 

14 Wynwood, Samuell Winglon, Kath. 

Rary, Thomas 
Crossby, George 
Lax, Robert 
Little, Francis 

15 Roberts, Thomas 
Pitcher, Noah 
Gorsuch, Thomas 
Bagley, Edward 

16 Whorlett, William 
Odams, Joshua 
Osgood, Peter 

17 Parsons, Robert 
Squire, Edmund 

19 Fisher, Edward 
Dove, Peter 
Yonge, William 
Hammons, Roger 
Br gnall, 

21 Mason, William 
Nurse, Thomas 
Ponteys, Lambert 

22 Powell, Edward 
South, Daniell 
Finch, John 

23 Bolld, John 

24 Austin, Ralph 
Wilson, Francis 
Kennedy, George 
Barnes, Thomas 

26 Carter, Sylvester 

Jenkin, Jane 
Freer, Mary 
Door, Lucy 
Lowther, Mary 
Tyrrell, Eliz. 
Bondler, Dorothy 
Phipps, Mary 
Standan, Eliz. 
Rogers, Mary 
Bishop, Elizabeth 
Fochell, Susannah 
Banks, Sarah 
Park, Priscilla 
March, Rebeccah 
Ferrers, Sarah 
Green, Susannah 
Hall, Hannah 

Fryday, Grace 
Springham, Anne 
Pether, Mary 
Harris, Mary 
Goldsmith, Sarah 
Warren, Isabella 
Dennis, Man- 
Johnson, Eliz. 
Hopkins, Anne 
Smith, Katherine 
Lane, Mary 
Leach, Ruth 

26 Fry, Thomas and 
Walker, Nathaniel 
North, Moses 
Smith, Thomas 
Halsey, Richard 
Hoet, Jeremiah 

27 Tully, Mark 
Swoder, William 
Sone, John 

28 Ayres, Thomas 
Godfrey, Richard 
Tims, Thomas 
Feild, Thomas 
Marsh, Robert 
Collins, Jerome 

29 Slatter, John 
Eccles, Thomas 
Scudamore, Robert 
Shaw, Joseph 
Stanford, Charles 

30 Weston, Thomas 

Davis, Samuell 
Mott, John 
Assheton, Thomas 

31 Bedford, Thomas 
Lindsey, Thomas 
Spong, Henry 
Bryington, Richard 
Lowe, Joseph 

Thorne, Mary 
Fenner, Margtt. 
Dyson, Hannah 
Swift, Elizabeth 
Browne, Sarah 

Parker, Anne 
Waller, Eliz. 
Pilkinton, Eliz. 
Raper, Anne 
Hands, Elizabeth 
Robinson, Mary 
Finch, Lucy 
Cox, Man- 
Jennifer, Mary 
Smith, Susannah 
Bradley, Anne 
Wyld, Margarett 
Barker, Anne 
Bigneli, Mary 

Wise, Elizabeth 
Briant, Elizabeth 
Chapman, Mary 
Mainstone, Eliz. 
Jackson, Anne 
Ravens, Man- 
Smith, Mary 
Cramlin, Jane 

June, 1707. 

2 Britteridge,Wm.tfwd 
King, Robert 
Oileffe, Edward 

3 Walter, John 
Fish, James 

Johnstone, Andrew 

4 Bates, Thomas 
Hodder, Francis 
Snow, Jeremiah 
Jones, John 
Bradford, William 
Kempsell, Henry 

5 Kington, Thomas 

6 Walker, John 
Offley, Thomas 
Downing, William 

7 Burr, John 
Weales, John 
Foster, William 
Reding, Francis 
Douglas, Alexander 
Terry, George 
Clifton, William 

Stephenson, Eliz. 
Thompson, Anne 
Badger, Eliz. 
Younge, Eliz. 
Duehurst [Dew- 
hurst?], Anne 

Hillyer, Mary 
Branfeild, Eliz. 
Bignall, Mary 
Appleton, Sarah 
Bull, Sarah 
Coventry, Sarah 
Moreton, Frances 
Beard, Mary 
Potter, Mary 
Baker, Mary 
Winder, Dorothy 
Bowers, Catherine 
Vicars, Elizabeth 
Hampton, Eliz. 
Nicholls, Jane 
Wyn, Martha 


Faculty Office. 


June, 1707. 

7 Lammas, Edw'rdawdHugbon, Anne 
9 Hornsby, John Wyatt, Elizabeth 

Wardall, Jane 
Heath, Elizabeth 
Middleton, Margy. 
Fitchett, Mary 
Waxham, Anne 
Ferguson, Mary 
Wakelin, Mary 
Sole, Mary 
Evans, Anne 
Beaumont, Mrs. 

Evans, Anne 
Ashton, Mary 
Mounier, Mary 
Twaces, Frances 
Choulex, Samuell Glaze, Alice 

17 Umandine, Samuell King, Margarett 
Baker, John Cam, Mary 
Ashford, Benj amine Wall, Anne 

18 Bartram, John Eedes, Mary 
Hutchins, William Bayley, Elizabeth 
Pebworth, William Johnson, Eliz. 
Jones, Samuell Bromwell, Sarah 

10 Cramer, Robert 
Middleton, John 
Kirkall, Thomas 
Knight, John 
Stringfellow, Sam. 

11 Hobson, Thomas 

12 Wakelin, William 
Gurr, John 

14 Bishop, George 
Thomas [Fane], 
Earl of 
16 Griffies, Joseph 
Nickolls, James 
Crespin, Paul 
Wattell, Benjamin 

19 Smith, Frank 
Jordan, Thomas 

Taylor, Edmund 
Sheene, Morgan 

20 Harris, Benjamin 
Chalker, Henry 
Noble, James 
Roberts, Henry 
Blacklock, John 
Atkinson, John 

21 Houblon, Samuell 
23 Smith, Francis 

Harrison, Edward 
Overton, Henry 
Greenbanck, Wm. 

Way, Elizabeth 

Fortescue, Mary 
Gentell, Lucy 
Henchman, Anne 
Jeffrey, Mary 
Sharaly, Eliz. 
Ridley, Susannah 
Ellis, Frances 
Elkin, Margarett 
Harvey, Mary 

Heath, Barbara 
Baker, Sarah 

Petty, Jane 
Crispe, Katherine 

Beck, Theophilus 
Newlin, John 

24 Maynard, Thomas Allen, Elizabeth 
Colepeper, John Colepeper, 

[Colepeper], Lord Frances 
Phillips, William Collett, Elizabeth 
Dent, Andrew 

25 Bewman, Thomas 

Heskett, William 
26 Browne, Thomas 
Welling, John 
Vesenbeck, Johan 

Lockwood, Sarah 

Powell, Mary 
Mitchell, Sarah 
Roe, Anne 
Jones, Elizabeth 

26 Clarke, Richard and 

27 Owen, Richard 

French, John 
Webb, George 
Humphreys, David 
Annesley, Joshua 

28 Wright, Henry 
Collins, John 
Scott, Benjamin 
Hoye, George 
Taylor, Nathaniel 
Smallbunns, Joseph 
Lea, William 
Lefebure, Peter 
Kirk, Samuel 

30 Hill, Robert 
Taylor, George 

Wekley, John 
Biscoe, William 

Benfeild, Mary 

North, Mary 
Atfen, Elizabeth 
Ditcher, Jane 
Barnes, Mary 
Pope, Katherine 
Bradin, Anne 
Archer, Elizabeth 
Green, Dorothy 
Buyly, Katherine 
Brotherhood, Eliz. 
Plume, Anne 
Slamer, Mary 
Cope, Anne 
Chambers, Anne 

Cooper, Margtt. 
Pawlett, Sarah 

July, 1707. 

1 Lavally, Charles and Griffith, Elizabeth 
Moorhead, James Steward, Sarah 
Cumbridge, Mary 
Errington, Mary 

Holt, Susannah 
Poyke, Mary 
Pollard, Kath. 

Short, Anne 
Fazackerly, Anne 
Leavens, Eliz. 

Powell, Anne 
Dall, Sarah 
Ironside, Mary 
Edwards, Mary 
Williams, Sarah 
Baily, Elizabeth 
Busby, Dorothy 
Harris, Susannah 

Wren, John 
Welburn, Francis 
Ginn, John 

Cole, Sydney 

2 Curry er, John 
Drewry, Joseph 

3 Smith, Boyle 

Bateman, Richard 

4 Ridding, Joseph 
Smith, Anthony 

5 Browne, Richard 

Quilter, John 

7 Hillar, Thomas 
Light, John 
Gibbs, Isaac 

8 Radford, Matthew 
g Mynors, Thomas 

Whaley, Michael 
Gwitt [Gwinn ?], 

James, Thomas 
Fencham, Isaac 

Burrell, Sarah 
Brittain. Nathaniel Fawdon, 

10 Cole, John 

11 Buxton, Thomas 

12 Pyke, Francis 

Wrey, Florence 

Bucktrout, Anne 

Hawkins, William Hawkins, Alice 
Cooke, William Thorold, Frances 


Ma rriage L icences. 


July, 1707. 

12 Briant, William and 
Coxed, John 
Boldock, Edward 
Peters, Edward 

14 Rachon, Giles 
Bettress, William 
Ford, William 
Dingley, Robert 
Jacob, John 

16 Henshaw, Richard 
West, George 
Taylor, Thomas 

17 Feild, Joseph 
Dodwell, William 

18 Middleton, Solomon 
Bowyer, Cecill 
Dawkes, John 
Abbott, Maurice 
Merry, Richard 

19 Dangerfeild, Wm. 
Debargues, Charles 
Hulm, James 
Munden, James 

21 Robinson, Thomas 
Kitchin, Thomas 
Jenkinson, John 
Dell, John 

22 Cole, Francis 
Booth, Joseph 
Glanvill, Benjamin 
Taylor, Francis 

23 Par ton, William 
Duck, William 
Good, Robert 

24 Bass, Thomas 
King, William 
Unwin, Ralph 
Darling, Ebenezar 

25 Vincent, Robert 
Robinson, Thomas 
Mills, Alexander 

26 Sargeant, Thomas 
Woster, William 
Wright, Andrew 

28 Frembly, James 
Collins, Joseph 
Easton, Charles 
Hoskins, Jacob 

29 Noon, Edward 
Leneve, Oliver 

30 Sleath, John 
Lye, William 
Beadle, James 

31 Drybutter, Peter 
Standish, William 
Janeway, John 

Brent, Frances 
Mayo, Grace 
Oliver, Mary 
Pedder, Mary 
Pickton, Eliz. 
Harvey, Mary 
Brandon, Kath. 
Hamond, Martha 
Barnes, Jane 
Hayes, Jane 
Gill, Elizabeth 
Everard, Hannah 
Ford. Jane 
Delean, Anne 
Browne, Anne 
Parker, Juliana 
Poke, Elizabeth 
Bury, Sarah 
Symonds, Anne 
Page, Katherine 
Cherrier, Eliz. 
Gillison, Eshter 
Hollis, Mary 
Denton, Garrula 
Clarke, Sarah 
Wright, Mary 
Weed, Phoebe 
Deane, Alice 
Law, Elizabeth 
Meades, Mary 
Payne, Rebeccah 
Baston, Anne 
Stichell, Martha 
Hull, Anne 
Pusey, Anne 
Garland, Anne 
Waters, Eliz. 
Price, Sarah 
Bonnick, Sarah 
Knee, Sophia 
Rogers, Sarah 
Master, Eliz. 
Powell, Anne 
Smith, Mercy 
Trout, Sarah 
Akerman, Mary 
Morley, Abigael 

Culcheth, Eliz. 
Sheffeild, Eliz. 
Line, Elizabeth 
Prece, Mary 
Peacock, Hannah 
Carpenter, Mary 
Flower, Mary 
Townsend, Anne 

August, 1707. 

1 Atterbury, Wm. and 
Ingram, Thomas 
Haskins, Richard 

2 Colbron, Maurice 

4 Newby, Thomas 
Gudger, John 

5 Ovett, Christopher 

6 Manley, Richard 

7 Worsley, Thomas 
Thorowgood, Henry 
Bookham, John 
Bull, George 
Halford, Richard 

8 Life, James 
Williams, Christo. 
Matthews, Thomas 

9 Powell, Howell 
11 Westall, Thomas 

Spencer, William 

13 Sharplas, William 
Nicke, John 
Bird, William 
Dixon, Abraham 

14 Snowden, Nicholas 
Greenwood, Matt. 

15 Scrivener, William 

16 Pearmean, Robert 
West, Robert 
Stidwell, Samuell 
Musters, Mundy 
Nolling, Jurgen 

18 Cromwell, Joshua 

Risbridger, John 
Hodges, Thomas 

19 Cornwell, Abraham 
Meachem, Robert 

20 Bromwich, William 
Hewerdine, Erancis 

21 Yates, James 

22 Wray, Penner 

23 Freebody, Richard 

25 Yorke, John 
Ridge, John 

26 Grove, George 

27 Jarratt, Jonathan 
Woodgate, John 
Hudson, Thomas 
Roberts, Nicholas 
Jennings, Edward 

28 Cox, Samuell 
Taylor, William 
Selleur, Michael 

29 Commins, Thomas 

30 Walbancke, Thos. 

Rogers, Sarah 
Penny, Dorothy 
Lloyd, Jane 
Briggs, Sarah 
Ford, Sarah 
Thacker, Dorothy 
Crowther, Hester 
Ibbott, Elizabeth 
Bowles, Susannah 
Taybr, Shovell 
Morris, Sarah 
Hobbins, Eliz. 
James, Johanna 
Pike, Anne 
Linton, Eliz. 
Williams, Mary 
Dell, Susannah 
Higgs, Sarah 
Matthews, Alice 
Highman, Eliz. 
Belfield, Margtt. 
Thompson, Sarah 
Barnes, Rebecca 
Allen, Rachael 
Kettle, Anne 
Marnford, Eliz. 
Lawson, Hannah 
Calingham, Anne 
Browne, Eliz. 
Sherwin, Eliz. 
Davies, Susannah 

Nye, Sarah 
Owen, Milkey 
Withie, Hannah 
Glansfield, Sarah 
Travell, Man- 
Ward, Mary 
Taylor, Elizabeth 

Haynes, Eliz. 
Appleton, Eliz. 
Marshall, Eliz. 
Mark wick, 

Cravatt, Barbara 
James, Judith 
Blizard, Marv 
Baily, Judith 
Towsey, Reb'cc'h 
Malle, Sarah 
Knight, Elizabeth 

Hodges, Sarah 
Lloyd, Magdalene 


Faculty Office. 


August. 1707. 

30 Wilkes, James and Cartwright, Eliz. 
Leonard, ah. Castle, Elizabeth 

Leveworth, Peter 
Levaworth, ah. Castle, Elizabeth 

Leonard, Peter 

September, 1707. 

1 Cheltenham. J n. and 
Keyser, Jacob 
Bellamy, Stephen 
Harrington, Wm. 
Saunderson, John 
Williams, William 

2 Pearson, Richard 
Draper, Thomas 
Jones, Henry 

3 Maxwell, Alex. 
Ware, Thomas 
Preston, William 

4 Bass, Nicholas 
Cary, George 

5 Hill, William 
Sterry, Francis 

Bennison, Thomas 

6 Howard, Thomas 
Robotham, Walter 
Hart, John 

8 Harding, Henrv 
Peters, Richard 

9 Dennison, Thomas 

Markham, John 
Petter, Henry 

10 Head, Joshua 

11 Watford, Richard 
Smith, Edward 

12 Brown, Laurence 
Uzuld, Ralph 

Silverside, John 

13 Freer, Richard 
15 Kirke, Joseph 

Stevenson, John 

Lawrence, James 
Nash, Thomas 
Briscoa, John 

10 Tooly, Robert 
Williams, Edward 

17 Boone, James 
Holmden, William 
Davies, Evan 
Halt, James 
Harris, Charles 
Maddocks, John 

Smalman, Anne 
Baston, Rebecca 
Exon, Rebecca 
Mills, Elizabeth 
How, Mary 
Avery, Mary 
Kent, Frances 
Hollier, Elizabeth 
Wild, Mary 
Wright, Mary 
Charcle, Jane 
Freeman, Mary 
Grove, Susannah 
Stroud, Barbara 
Mott, Sarah 

Besowth, Mary 
Hartshorne, Mary 
Garrett, Sarah 
Langfeild, Mary 
Hartley, Mary 
Filewood, Mary 

Herring, Margtt. 
Cole, Mary 
Terrett, Edith 
Harding, Sarah 
Rolph, Mary 
Stringer, Eliz. 

Martin, Hannah 
Weston, Honor 
Ash, Elizabeth 

Tappy, Katherine 
Butler, Betty 
Mallcott, Eliz. 
Bond, Jane 
Bleven, Amy 
Reddish, F21iz. 
Rogers, Katherine 
Nicholls, Eliz. 
Bridgeman, Eliz. 
Meadows, \i\iz. 
Hanham, Alice 

20 Perryman, David and 
Matthew, John 
Higham, James 

Fawknor, George 
Brandon, John 
Jennings, John 

22 Woodman, James 
Haddock, Thomas 

23 West, George 
Burntoff, John 
Hanbury, Samuel 
Selleck, William 
Godfrey, Thomas 
Swaisland, Henry 

24 Charlton, Michael 
Green, John 

Egellton, Francis 
Edge, Robert 
Westbeere, Charles 
Sharpe, Joseph 
Fordham, John 

25 Mitchell, Thomas 
Taylor, John 
Read, Samuell 

26 Dalton, Theobald 

27 Bedson, Samuel 
Smyth, Thomas 
Borrow, William 
Dawgs, Edward 

29 Constable, William 
Rigby, John 
Powell, John 

30 English, John 
Randall, John 
Rudland, Samuel 

Biss, Rebeccah 
Matthew, Anne 

Appleton, Anne 
Sourls, Jane 
Holley, Hannah 
Eaton, Anne 
Bury, Anne 
Lamb, Elizabeth 
Price, Susannah 
Tabor, Martha 
Simson, Sarah 
Smith, Mary 
Barnard, Eliz. 
Croome, Ruth 

Rutley, Jane 
Allen, Sarah 
Clarke, Anne 
Skinner, Mary 
Perry, Anne 
Babington, Sarah 
Jones, Hannah 
Meess, Elizabeth 
Ambrose, Alice 
Deton, Sarah 
Russell, Mary 
Cowland, Mary 
Baldock, Sarah 
Cozens, Dorothy 
Roffe, Mary 
Hills, Anne 
English, Dorothy 
Moyse, Emm 
Byland, Katherine 

October, 1707. 

1 Hoskyns, Sir and 

Bennett a 
Crosby, Richard 

2 Hall, Thomas 
Allen, John 

3 Moores, John 
Person, John 
Fariss, William 
Wilmott, William 

4 Timms, Thomas 
Morgan, Robert 
Roberts, Francis 
Mawley, John 

6 Rollison, John 
Judd, Alexander 
Isaacson, Anthony 
Stephens, Samuell 

Whitcomb, Ger- 
trude [widow] 
Deale, FLlizabeth 
Northen, Eliz. 
Dully, Sarah 
Best, Dennis 
Partridge, Mary 
Spark, Anne 
Sedgwick, Eliz. 
Bignall, Eliz. 
Strong, Elizabeth 
Seeley, Elizabeth 
Johnson, Martha 
Sturton, Anne 
Taylor, Mary 
Creagh, Margtt. 

[a) Third Bart., died s.p. 1712. 


Ma rriage L icences. 


October, 1707. 

6 Ridley, William and 
Edes, George 
Phillpott, Edward 

7 Courthopp, George 
Stables, Richard 
Elliot, Edward 
Hickson, John 
Middleton, Robert 

8 Bellwood, Robert 
Pasmore, Ralph 
Bridges, Edward 
Oliver, William 

Mitchell, Henry 

9 Perkins, Joseph 

10 Thorogood, Robert 
Fowlkes, William 
Le Sage, Nicholas 

11 Ford, John 
Staples, Daniell 
Anderson, Richard 

13 Watts, William 
Parke, Valentine 
Chitwynd, Ralph 
Pratt, Henry 
Phillips, Charles 

14 Horseman, Robert 
Allen, Joshua 
Verbiers, Joseph 
Tasker, Thomas 
Waters, Walter 
Chitty, Thomas 
May, Matthew 
Butler, Thomas 

15 Redden, Nicholas 
Griffith, Charles 
Dowson, Samuel 
Vandyke, George 
Smith, Samuel 

16 Brittin, W'illiam 

17 Townsend, Joseph 
Manning, David 
Blomer, Ralph 

18 Martin, George 
Penny, Samuel 
Barnes, James 
Wansell, Thomas 

20 Goodman, Thomas 
Page, James 

21 Gibbs, Normam 
Austin, Stephen 
Green, William 

22 Gantum, John 

23 Lill, Cornelius 
Higgs, Matthew 

24 Larking, Thomas 

Bond, Sarah 
Board, Martha 
Wall, Anne 
Campion, Cath. 
Sturgis, Anne 
Shrimton, Eliz. 
West, Olive 
Gilbert, Elizabeth 
Perkins, Elianor 
Randall, Sarah 
Charles, Sarah 


Harris, Mary 
Lucas, Elizabeth 
Wheeler, Eliz. 

Stephens, Mary 
Cast, Susannah 
Agears, Anne 
Gray, Mary 
Fletcher, Eliz. 
Blackman, Sarah 
Barnes, Mary 
Cary, Elizabeth 
Jackson, Eliz. 
De Par, Margtt. 
Stubbs, Eliz. 
Shelley, Sarah 
Holmes, Ellen 
Carman, Sarah 
Buckridge, Sarah 
Salmon, Margtt. 
Larchin, Jane 
Way, Susannah 
Morse, Sarah 
Morgan, Hannah 
Francklin, Mary 
Buckham, Cath. 
Beacon, Anne 
Edwards, Eliz. 
Ancher, Hester 
Pelling, Martha 
Groce, Elizabeth 
Micklin, Anne 
Soper, Dorothy 
Young, Mary 
Dixon, Alice 
Ford, Henrietta 
Agard, Margarett 
Crouch, Eliz. 
Berisford, Mary 
Peirceson, Mary 
Finch, Sarah 
Birch, Susannah 

24 Clungeon, Peter and 

25 Mount, Charles 

27 Sylvester, Thomas 
Osbourne, Robert 
Forman, Timothy 
Mattox, Thomas 
Hearn, James 

29 Apsley, John 
Briggs, Udall 
Woodburne, Henry 
Brassett, Thomas 
Stratton, Thomas 

30 Phips, Abraham 

Streaten, Nicholas 
Booth, John 

31 Hall, Charles 

Foyle, Elizabeth 
Milman, Roballa 
Hoy, Anne 
Bucknell, Mary 
Barrett, Anne 
Preston, Eliz. 
Hill, Dionysia 
Wall, Jane 
Gloster, Mary 
Taylor, Bridgett 
Dean, Johanna 
Dean, Elizabeth 
Dadington, Mary 
Billopp, Hannah 
Eedds, Sarah 

November, 1707. 

1 Bell, Joseph and 
Westell, Francis 

3 Kirk, William 
Sawley, Thomas 
Crompton, William 
Chewter, Nathaniel 
Vincent, Emanuel 
Barns, Nicholas 
Trench, Samuell 

4 Elliott, Henry 
Finall, William 
Freame, Thomas 
Booth, Thomas 

5 Haines, Thomas 

6 Parker, Walter 

Robson, John 

7 Jaques, Aaron 

10 Marsh, Nathaniel 
Wood, Richard 

n Batt, Robert 
Green, Francis 

12 Vaughans, Richard 
Warren, Thomas 
Beverton, John 
Jackson, Joseph 

13 Owen, William 

14 Matthews, Isaac 
Hall, John 
Scriven, John 
Bedder, Benjamin 

15 Winn, George 
Greenfeild, John 
Archer, Esay 
Crook, Christopher 

17 Smith, Ralph 

Shelswell, Daniell 
Becher, John 

Demead, Sarah 
Sheppard, Jane 
Daws, Rebeccah 
Miller, Catherine 
Powell, Mary 
Glasier, Hannah 
Baker, Mary 
Tongue, Rebeccah 
Barton, Mary 
Crossby, Eliz. 
Cooper, Mary 
Fisher, Elizabeth 

Jordan, Elianor 

Wilson, Jane 
Moore, Abigael 
Cooper, Shelden 
King, Sarah 
Read, Elizabeth 
Cox, Jane 
Tymewell, Mary 
Tanfeild, Hannah 
Robotham, Alice 
Tolersby, Honor 
Mason, Catherine 
Hall, Priscilla 
Lidgburd, Eliz. 
Greenough, Man- 
Gibbon, Francis 
Archer, Elizabeth 
Sherburne, Eliz. 
Chapman, Eliz. 
Johns, Mary 
Wagstaffe, Anna 

Drew, Hanna 
Eyre, Jane 


Faculty Office. 


November, 1707. 

17 Barclay, John and Snell, Grace 
De Flammare, Hutchins, Alice 

Hawkins, John Bennett, Mary 

Lamb, Gregory Rogers, Frances 

18 Rix, John Midleton, Sarah 
Hutchinson, George Cartwright, Anne 
Burchard, Richard Wooldridge, 

Overall, Edmund Billis, Sarah 
Taylor, John Exall, Margarett 

19 Whitehead, Samuell Baugh, Sarah 
Trimnell, John Ewestis, Margtt. 
Humphryes, Charles Bancks, Eliz. 
Martin, Benjamin Brown, Eliz. 

20 Moyse, Arthur 
Worth, Thomas 

21 Coleire, Richard 

Ekins, William 

Leonard, James 

24 Owen, Richard 
Singer, Isaac 
Hall, John 

25 Gosley, John 
Auchin, William 
Hill, Thomas 

26 Baynes, Robert 

Lewis, Anne 
Bignell, Eliz. 
Sampson, Eliz. 
Davis, Elizabeth 


Ford, Elizabeth 
Weaver, Elianor 
Foott, Mary 
Demarkes, Mary 
Bird, Martha 
Stevens, Prudence 
Carter, Anne 
Cole, Anne 

27 Wilcocks, Thomas Johnson, Jane 
Griffin, William Hobbs, Elizabeth 

Robinson, John 
Aughtie, Gilbert 
Day, John 

Peirson, John 

28 Bishop, Samuell 
Neale, Henry 

29 Maule, Thomas 
Scott, Patrick 
Dolby, Thomas 
Carr, James 


1 Tague, Thomas and 

Harrison, John 

2 Stiles, Thomas 

3 Davis, Rowland 
Allen, Christopher 
Constable, William 

4 Paitfield, John 
Wise, Joseph 
Burraway, Thomas 
Raven, Abraham 

5 Ambler, Humphry 

Austin, Anne 
Good, Grace 

Cross, Mary 
Brograve, Hester 
Cleeve, Mary 
Oakley, Eliz. 
Fobbester, Mary 
Blake, Elizabeth 
Lloyd, Blanch 



Marsh, Eliz. 
Southby, Mary 
Monday, Charity 
Barttram, Sarah 
Carter, Mary 
Perrott, Lucy 
Pegler, Elizabeth 
Spella, Sarah 
Barker, Anne 
Bream, Anne 

6 Mitchell, Richard an 
Ward, William 

8 Bently, Samuell 
Withers, Benjamin 
Sheldon, James 
Worsdall, Richard 
Wise, Nathan 

9 Horseman, James 

Luly, W T illiam 

10 Hawkins, John 
Ravell, Samuell 
Stewart, Patrick 

1 1 De Ribancourt, 

Moore, John 
Townson, Alex. 

12 Abraham, Thomas 

13 Shipside, Joseph 
Coventry, Thomas 

15 Judge, Valentine 
Cogdell, Phillip 

16 Brookes, George 
Marsh, John 

17 Jolley, Thomas 
Watkiss, Thomas 
Billings, Edward 

18 Beale, Joshua 

Smith, Joseph 
Sellery, James 

19 Fortescue, John 
Cooper, Richard 

20 Mills, John 

Perkes, John 
Grant, Thomas 
Nevill, Edward 
22 Humphrys, Joseph 
Mackmath, John 
Sturt, Thomas 
Shoard, Benjamin 
Coltman, Henry 

Easton, James 

23 Cotton, Jacob 
Allenson, Allen 

24 Lovell, Felix 
Clarke, Thomas 
Bellamy, Thomas 
Bevis, Thomas 
Osborne, Henry 

25 Terry, John 

26 Templer, Purpill 
Brassington, Thos. 
Andrews, William 
Roxburgh, John, 

Duke of 

^ Robins, Elizabeth 
Perkins, Eliz. 
Morgan, Sarah 
Armour, Sarah 
Walpoole, Anne 
Redford, Alice 
Clarke, Mary 
Smith, Anna 

Palfrey, Sarah 
Clarke, Susannah 
Todd, Martha 
Pennell, Anne 
Troughton, Anne 

Bell, Frances 
Perry, Hannah 
Barry, Mary 
Lucas, Jane 
Abbott, Mary 
Jackson, Chri'tian 
Fraile, Mary 
Stokely, Anne 
Sawcer, Eliz. 
Gardner, Mary 
Forrest, Mary 
Finch, Anne 

Dening, Sarah 
Jackson, Anne 
Pratt, Grace 
Gandy, Hannah 

Ellis, Jane 
Maurice, Eliz. 
Hill, Anne 
Parker, Mary 
Marlay, Dorothy 
Jenner, Hannah 
Neale, Mary 


Boise, Hannah 
Cole, Margarett 
Laws, Plenty 
Alderne, Mary 
Jackson, Hannah 
Barker, Anne 
Solers, Mary 
Dennis, Sarah 
Mortimer, Mary 
Pery, Anne 
Davison, Margtt. 
Firbe, Margarett 
Halifax, Mary. 


Dowager of 

2 34 

. Ma rriage L icences. 


December, 1707. 

27 Durrant, VVm. and 

29 Whaley, Edward 
Farnham, John 
Rumill, John 
Nisbett, Alexander 
Tow, John 

30 Ting, Thomas 
Mee, Hugh 
Crull, Brant 
Wildes, John 
Combes, Robert 

31 Turner, John 
Buisine, David 
Bennett, Francis 
Bock, Andrew 
Warren, John 
Acock, William 
Hayne, Thomas 

Blacker, Eliz. 
Henton, Beloved 
Sabin, Elizabeth 
Cook, Elizabeth 
Bancraft, Sarah 
Hutchins, Mary 
Staines, Mary 
Boughton, Mary 
Owen, Jane 
Wildes, Marv 
Bewley, Mabell 
Brown, Mary 
Fisher, Elizabeth 
Young, Anne 
Fife, Mary 
Bourne, Abigael 
Lister, Barbara 
Green, Elizabeth 

January, 1707-8. 

1 Bradshaw, Jos. and 
Bedford, Thomas 
Beck, Richard 

2 Consett, John 
Tuckfeild, Roger 
Smith, George 

3 England, Roger 
Aldey, William 

5 Cole, Caleb 
Thackham, Thomas 

6 Spillett, John 

7 Peake, Robert 

Lowe, Edward 
Hinton, Joshua 
Williams, Richard 
Pinck, Stephen 

8 Cole, Anthony 
Berry, Thomas 
Elliott, John 

10 Crton, John 

12 Green, John 
Brothers, Thomas 
Benton, Edward 
Newton, John 
Roene, Edward 

13 Heyton, Peter 

Fowler, William 
Brothers, Richard 
Wise, John 
Thanicraft, Thomas 
Brooke, Thomas 

14 Walker, Bertram 
Man, Anthony 

15 Webb, William 

Lee, Elizabeth 
Daniell, Sarah 
King, Anne 
Palmer, Elizabeth 
Dowdeswell, Eliz. 
Procter, Isabella 
Langhorne, Eliz. 

Lucas, Susannah 
Knowles, Eliz. 
Hodges, Anne 

Headland, Sarah 
English, Mary 
Green, Catherine 
Halford, Anne 
Lloyd, Elizabeth 
Pearce, Sarah 
Nuthall, Mary 
Law, Mary 
Goff, Frances 
Jackson, Sarah 
Cummins, Man- 
Pitts, Elizabeth 
Perry, Sarah 

Rowlan, Anne 
Wall, Mary 
Pugh, Trances 
Criskett, Eliz. 
Harris, Man 
White, Margarett 
Size, Anne 
Litherlin, Eliz. 

15 Brooks, James and 
Morphy, John 

16 Newman, Anthony 
Bishop, John 
Simkin, Matthew 
Beck, William 

17 Moore, William 

19 Yerrow, George 
Thompson, John 

20 Johnson, Badby 
Widmer, Matthew 

21 Walton, John 
Garnon, James 
Bristow, William 
Jepson, Humphrey 
Smyth, James 

22 Stevens, William 

23 Sawcer, John 

24 Bokes, John 
Berigant, Peter 
Smith, William 
Cadett, James 
Titmus, John 

Burgess, John 
Biggs, Thomas 

26 Bayly, Martin 
Humble, William 
Carter, Henry 

27 Williams, Manasseh 

Waite, Vincent 

28 Bonelger, Lawrence 
Garbrand, Richard 
Cowsey, John 
Kinsey, Thomas 

29 Heaford, John 
Griffith, William 

30 Barber, James 
Traill, George 

31 Surdevall, Peter 
Squire, Arthur 

Porter, Sarah 
Morgan, Jane 
Reynolds, Mary 
Grover, Elizabeth 
Cottrell, Mary 
Blomley, Eliz. 
Smith, Mary 
Eldridge, Margtt. 
Bourcher, Eliz. 
Allen, Sarah 
Harris, Elizabeth 
Bell, Elizabeth 
Wooly, Justina 
Woodford, Cath. 
Smith, Sarah 
Legard, Mirabella 
Large, Hester 
Clarson, Eliz. 
Edge, Jane 
Menantean, Anne 
Shaw, Mary 
Sene, Anne 
Crowe, Fridus 

Tuck, Mary 
Litler, Mary 
Cater, Sarah 
Jackson, Sarah 
Kirby, Hannah 
Williams, Anne 
Ames, Elizabeth 

Barrache, Mary 
Buck, Johanna 
Chish, Catherine 
Levins, Eliz. 
Footith, Eliz. 
Selby, Elianor 
Buckey, Anne 
Barvick, Susann'h 
Ryfum, Mary 
Willis, Martha 
Hardware, Eliz. 

February, 1707-8. 

2 Walker, Thos. and 
Hacker, John 
Leaper, Joshua 

3 Gunman, James 
Pharoah, John 
Rawson, Joseph 
Bech, William 
Bibby, Andrew 
Perren, Richard 
Danvers, Daniell 
Partridge, Henry 

4 Renwicke, John 
Ashby, Richard 
Delahaye, Gabriel 

Deanes, Bridgett 
Street, Anne 
Richworth, Mary 
Wivell, Elizabeth 
Moyer, Sarah 
Matthews, Anne 
Terry, Sarah 
Anderson, Amy 
Cripp, Dorothy 
Walton, Abigael 
Wright, Martha 
Newman, Eliz. 
Wilson, Eliz. 
Endelin, Mariane 

7 o8j 

Faculty Office. 


February, 1707-8. 

4 Machon, Wm. and Cottrell, Anne 
Fullam, Anthony Bone, Sarah 

5 Gilpin, John Power, Elizabeth 

6 Barringer, Daniel Hedger, Hannah 
Blinckarn, Robert Miller, Anne 
Keene, Richard Turrey, Sarah 

7 Mackarness, Joseph Wise, Anna 


Haylor, Joseph Cutler, Johannah 

8 Kelsey, Jonn Tapping, Bridgett 
y Davis, James Carr, Anne 

Dobney, A be 11 Thorowgood, 


Watts, Robert Stevenson, Anne 

10 Seale, John Husband, Mary 
S:anbridge, William Bowyer, Mary 
Heckford, Nathan Pate, Mary 

11 Smith, John Witherill, Hester 
Hill, Gerrard Rakes, Mary 
Fludger, William Blackman, Eliz. 
Green, Francis Head, Anne 
Swannack, John Symons, Cath. 
Tarlton, William Woodyate, Wm. 

12 Morris, John Cox, Sarah 
White, John Churchill, Jane 
Deverell, Robert Lewis, Sarah 
Lambe, Robert Travell, Cath. 

13 Gardiner, William Charlton, Margtt. 
Hepburn, Walter Nelson, Sarah 
Parker, John Foster, Grace 
Read, Richard Clerke, Catherine 
Seayer, John Holland, Mary 
Stevens, John Smart, Elizabeth 

14 Wood, Robert Hosier, Anne 
Beck, John Hodges, Mary 
Hart, Joshua Bacchus, Eliz. 
Gullifor, James Archer, Elizabeth 
Shepherd, Henry Walker, Sarah 

16 Manning, Thomas Carr, Mary 
Casotti, Lawrence De Veille, Anne 
Young, Thomas Young, Mary 
Wensley, Peter Parker, F^lianor 
Matthews, Richard Dow, Mary 
Farrington, John Almon, Anne 
Hilton, James Spooner, Sarah 
Dalrymple, John Campbell, Elianor 
Wells, Moses Williams, Jane 
Hopkins, Hugh Gibbs, Elizabeth 
Reeve, Edward Watkins, 


17 Curtis, William Price, Mary 
Ball, Thomas Evans, Grace 
Sherwood, John Gyles, Susannah 

18 Sackverell, William Sitwell, Alice 
Warden, George Slaughter, 


20 Byrd, Thomas Parkhurst, Cath. 

Kirke, John Bell, Elianor 

24 Wrey, Sir and Sparke, Diana 

Bourchier (a) [widow] 

28 Stanhope, John Spicer, Mary 

Jenner, Nathaniel Adee, Catherine 
Raymond, Samuell Skinner, Anne 

March, 1707-8. 

2 Allanson, Step, and Cherrey, Eliz. 

3 Madder, John Newman, Mary 
Croft, Francis Read, Hannah 

6 Lyne, John Cotton, Dorothy 

8 Massendine, Wm. Drye, Anne 
Tillett, Thomas Eatwell, Jane 

9 Adams, John New, Frances 
Burbidge, Isaac Saunders, Eliz. 

10 Waker, James Green, Elizabeth 

11 Seymour, W T illiam Halsey, Mary 
Jemmitt, John Tudor, Elizabeth 

12 Hartroup, William Smith, Lydia 

13 Collier, Matthew Walton, Eliz. 

15 Tunstall, Lawrence Anthony, Mercy 
Brocklesby, Charles Cole, Susannah 
Bennett, Benjamin Hill, Jane 
Price, John Jones, Mary 

16 Dodd, Nathaniel Barnes, Anne 
Wyatt, Anthony Harding, Anne 

17 Hulk, Robert Blackbrown, 


18 Webber, William Grigg, Mary 
Hugh, Eraser Elias, Christian 
Sherwood, Robert Buck, Joyce 

20 Brown, William Mayo, Jane 

22 Goldsmith, Samuel Sabin, Sarah 

23 Wallis, Richard Martin, Anne 
James, George Johnson, Eliz. 
Pickering, John Law, Hannah 

24 Symonds, William Maud, Elizabeth 
Tonstall, George Sealy, Anne 
Guttridge, Richard Smith, Mary 
Taylor, James Teale, Elizabeth 

March, 1708. 

25 Randall, John and 
Caseman, William 

26 Frank, Charles 

27 Bearsley, Job 
Brumwell, Henry 
Cleeve, William 

Gold, Job 
z<) Wanlless, William 

30 West, Lewis 

31 Harris, Robert 

Osmond, Roger 

Kay, Mary 
Fifeild, Elizabeth 
Wickery, Eliz. 
Stevenson, Mary 
Rossell, Anne 

Tyler, Mary 
Peirson, Man- 
Barker, Anne 
Town, Rose 

Langley, Jane 

(a.) Fourth Bart., 1696- 1726. 


Marriage Licences. 


April, 1708. 

1 Home, John and 
Price, James 
Staines, Henry 
Archer, George 

2 Hutchins, John 
Tymewell, Charles 
Arnatt, Joseph 
Mitchell, Alexander 

3 Walker, William 
Vannam, John 
Kemp, Thomas 
Nutting, William 
Long, Peter 
Moor, Thomas 
Hewett, John 
Mason, Robert 

Paitfeild, Thomas 
5 Thompson, John 
Bennett, John 
Futtrell, Edward 
Williams, Henry 
Bagworth, Simon 
ft Broadgate, John 
Binks, John 
Freeland, James 
Morris, Thomas 
Morris, Thomas 
Allington, William 
Hodgson, William 
Thorpe, Thomas 
Graham, Henry 


7 Bayley, Thomas 
Goldsmith, Thomas 
Manning, Thomas 
Swan, Nicholas 
Cleuch, Andrew 
Jewell, John 

8 Lyddel, Francis 
Persehouse, Peter 
Dicken, Isaac 
Boteler, Philip 
Wigsell, Nicholas 

9 Meller, John 
Bandy, William 
Puttock, Philip 
Cooke, Philip 
Lord, Young 

10 Blackburn, John 
Griffith, Robert 

12 Harrison, Roger 
Furley, Benjohan 
Howard, Isaac 
Hall, Joseph 
Blow, Tvrrill 

Merrick, Sarah 
Dobson, Mary 
Wheeler, Mary 
Moore, Rebeccah 
Ramsey, Cath. 
Randies, Sarah 
Bayle, Susannah 
Couey, Martha 
Paine, Elizabeth 
Barnsley, Jane 
Parsons, Eliz. 
Price, Elizabeth 
Reynolds, Eliz. 
Kemp, Elizabeth 
Oakley, Elianor 
Wilson, Anne 
Charlton, Hannah 

Oliver, Mary 
Tomlinson, Grace 
Stephens, Sarah 
Goodrich, Eliz. 
Weston, Jane 
Nicholls, Mary 
Chappell, Sarah 
Nelson, Anne 
Longwood, Mary 
Price, Elizabeth 
Edwards, Eliz. 
Winford, Eliz. 
Craven, Anne 
Mowyer, Martha 
Orbell, Katherine 
Atkins, Rebecca 

Perry, Alice 
Curry, Frances 
Wingfeild, Eliz. 
Teage, Anne 
Smith, Joane 
Cockerell, Eliz. 
Gray, Margaret 
Pye, Babara 
Green, Elizabeth 
Crane, Elizabeth 
Atwood, Mary 
Bennett, Mercy 
Taylor, Mary 
Hook, Susannah 
King, Mary 
Hawkins, Mary 
Oakehill, Anne 
Janes, Anne 
Banbury, Grace 
Wright, Martha 
Reeves, Anna 
Fitzhugh, Hann'h 
Gill, Sarah 

12 Hunter, George and 
Udlestone, William 
Peate, John 

13 Berdmore, Thomas 
Dunbar, Archibald 
Gegondee, David 
Barber, James 
Ruffin, Thomas 

14 Hepburn, William 

15 Balderston, Jacob 

16 Oldaker, William 
Collett, John 

17 Knight, Edward 

19 Johnson, Banks 
Bristow, William 

*Whitmore, George 
Jonan, Charles 
Browne, John 

Atkins, Thomas 

20 Draper, Peter 
Haslewood, Robert 
Cooke, Edward 
Farley, Abraham 

21 Stevens, John 
Herauld, James 
Higgs, Thomas 
Ogle, Nathaniel 
Church, Thomas 

Parker, Thomas 
Snagg, Benjamin 

22 Lloyd, Robert 

23 West, Richard 

24 Payton [Peyton?], 

Rey, Thomas 

26 Fuller, Adam 
Burrough, Richard 

27 Coles, Thomas 
Parker, Virgil 
Smith, Thomas 
Lampen, Daniel 
Wenman, The Rt. 

Hon. Richard, 
Lord Viscount 
of Tuam, Ire. 

28 Dearne, William 
Netherwood, Joseph 
Neale, Thomas 
Seager, Jonathan 

Clarke, Richard 

29 Henly, John 
Hayward, Henry 
Widger, William 
Davis, James 
Parnell, Thomas 
Wibird, Anthony 

Head, Margarett 
Clarke, Margarett 
Shield, Elizabeth 
Hall, Anne 
Groat, Elizabeth 
Blackburn, Easter 
Browne, Jane 
Fifeild, Elizabeth 
Hatton, Mary 
Steel, Sarah 
Wicks, Martha 
Gwinnett, Anne 
Rice, Sarah 
Wakerell, Mary 
Welch, Hannah 
Price, Elizabeth 
Galley, Marion 

Shelton, Eliz. 
Cutbart, Anne 
Dean, Man- 
Rose, Katherine 
Dunpey, Sarah 
Filliter, Mary 
Dabbadie, Mary 
Knowler, Mary 
Newton, Eliz. 

Lambert, Josian 
Beake, Lucretia 
Gladell, Mary 

Brooks, Martha 

Peters, Anne 
Orpin, Anne 
Gee, Anne 
Pain, Mary 
Phelp, Sarah 
White, Hannah 
Styles, Hannah 

Woolley, Grace 
Sharpe, Jane 
Letton, Jane 

Hitching, Hester 
Mace, Jane 
Adams, Margtt. 
Robinson, Mary 
Miles, Martha 
Rivers, Anne 
Woodman, Mary 


Faculty Office. 


May, 1708. 

3 Mordaunt, John and 
Galloway, Robert 
Kenion, Samuel 

4 Sale, William 
Catt, William 
Lucas, John 
Leafe, Alban 
Jefferies, Richard 

5 Hope, John 
Dawson, Joseph 
Simon, Charles 

6 Million, Henry 
Meare, George 
Littleton, Thomas 

7 Lewis, Walter 
Hartrup, Robert 
Bold, Samuel 
Page, Samuel 

8 Lightboun, Willian 

10 Randolph, William 

11 Cradock, Zacheriah 
Auden, Thomas 

Bigg, John 
Teames, W r illiam 
Gill, William 

Charr, Thomas 
Seddon, William 
Perry, James 

12 Thelwall, Richard 

Taylor, Samuel 
Edmonds, John 

13 Giver, Benjamin 
Newell, John 
East, Robert 

14 Wyne, William 
Cass well, William 

15 Shaw, Isaac 
Parr, Edward 

Barker, William 
Scarlet, Nathaniel 

17 Castleman, John 
Lord, Joseph 
Clowes, John 
Carleton, Arden 

18 Smith, Walter 
Eastone, Edward 

19 Lee, James 
Bettesworth, Peter 
Symes, Henry 

Hulburd, Nathaniel 
Plummar, Thomas 
Atkins, Henry 

Davis, Jane 
Juner, Margarett 
Baker, Anne 
Perkinson, Mary 
Catt, Anne 
Ledger, Sarah 
Parsons, Anne 
Eeles, Mary 
Barton, Elizabeth 
Butler, Mary 
Bentley, Martha 
Allen, Mary 
Lloyd, Elizabeth 
Temple, Christian 
Lovegrove, Mary 
Grimbalston, Eliz. 
Cooke, Elizabeth 
Clows, Dorothy 
Gilman, Anne 

Wearge, Martha 

Leversedg, Sarah 
Adams, Susannah 

Partridge, Esther 
Beard, Jane 
Bewley, Margtt. 

Turner, Anne 
Barbary, Mary 
Burford, Francis 
With, Elizabeth 
Jackson, Sarah 
Baynes, Mary 
Peirce, Anna 
Clarke, Ame 

Barwell, Rhoda 
Salmon, Martha 
Bristow, Mary 
Hussey, Mary 
Carris, Elianor 
Bagnall, Eliz. 
Skipp, Elizabeth 
Lacy, Mary 
Pott, Mary 
Barrett, Eliz. 

Finley, Susannah 
May, Elizabeth 
Porter, Barbara 

20 Willbee, 

Ivatt, Murthwail 
Brooke, Philip 

21 Ford, Thomas 
Yates, John 

22 Thornton, Thomas 
Houston, Charles 
Hatheway, William 
Niblett, Andrew 

24 Danes, William 
Barratt, John 
Martin, James 
Weekes, William 
Turner, Thomas 

25 Selfe, John 
Paine, Thomas 
Stables, Thomas 

26 Stepping, Edward 
Stanton, Richard 
Standrup, William 
Flower, Thomas 

27 Vander Heyden, 

Symes, John 
Browne, Thomas 
Shaw, John 
Paul, Elias 

28 Palmer, Peregrine 
Williams, Peter 
Baggeley, John 
Nicoll, Richard 

29 Wilson, Francis 
Romerell, Thomas 
Wickham, Edward 
Bradfield, John 
Gilbert, Andrew 

31 Fitch, Joseph 
Wilson, George 

and Carter, Elizabeth 

Savage, Martha 
Gulston, Eliz. 
Lynstead, Anne 
Cuer, Mary 
Hill, Alice 
Weaver, Elianor 
Moody, Grace 
Penn, Mary 
Phillips, Anne 
White, Mary 
Cooper, Elizabeth 
Kingsbury, Alice 

Phipps, Jane 
Morgan, Sarah 
Cock, Dorothy 
Cooper, Rebeccah 
Gibson, Katherine 
Tombs, Elizabeth 
Flower, Eliz. 
Kitchen, Sarah 

Nicholls, Anne 
Cambden, Mary 
Whitmore, Mary 
Jorden, Elizabeth 
Whight, Mary 
Thompson, Sarah 
Miller, Anne 
Benson, Mary 
Spencer, Margtt. 
Gale, Elizabeth 
Bargas, Joane 
Stuck, Elizabeth 
H uny burn, 

Green, Charity 


June, 1708. 

1 Ward, Thomas and 
Palmer, Thomas 
Kinnier, Thomas 

Humphris, Francis 
Jones, Joseph 

2 Godfrey, William 
Bowyer, Richard 

3 Gardeman, 

Noulton, William 
Gardner, Job 

4 Clarke, Sir Thomas 
Tonge, Daniell 

5 Bamber, William 

Abell, Sarah 
Beale, Elizabeth 

Symonds, Anne 
Reffew, Elizabeth 
Tomson, Mary 
Allen, Rebeccah 
Bacon, Katherine 

Vere, Mary 
Eling, Dinah 
Eyles, Elizabeth 
Knapp, Elizabeth 
Howard, Fortune 

2 3 8 

Marriage Licences. 


June, 1708. 

5 Pinsent, John and 
Robson, Joseph 
Smith, Peter 
Brown, William 

7 Lloyd, Kobertum 

Neat, Samuel 

8 Pope, John 
Welch, Joseph 
Jones, Philip 

9 Harvey, Charles 
Vesey, Solomon 
Way, William 

10 Hitches, George 

Hooper, John 
12 Goldsmith, Henry 

Dando, Philip 

Atkinson, William 
14 Box, Richard 
Coole, Jonas 

Beynon, Eignon 

Bertie, The Hon. 

Henry, Esq. 

15 Harding', Thomas 


16 Crop, John 
Brown, Jeffery 
Humphrey, Richard 

17 Howard, Edward 
Neal, Daniel 
Piggott, Thomas 
Abbatt, John 

18 Fairchild, Thomas 
Evans, Edward 
Forrest, Thomas 

19 Smart, John 

21 Dalton, Levi 
Cooper, Robert 

22 Nisbett, Alexander 
Evans, Francis 
Thomas, Matthew 

23 Gates, Richard 
Higford, William 
Withers, Francis 
Tyldesley, Jeffery 

Parry, John 
Flowerden, Thomas 
Butler, John 
Mitchell, Henry 

24 Wyndham, John 

Coleman, Anne 
Ellis, Dorothy 
Palmer, Elizabeth 
Sweeting, Eliz. 
Strong - , Martha 

Bishop, Mary 
Lenney, Margtt. 
Gartside, Enoch 
Smith, Mary 
Phillips, Martha 
Reynolds, Margtt. 
Edwards, Grace 
Gibson, Hester 
Collington, Sarah 
Fitzer, Hannah 

Parr, Susannah 
Fox, Elizabeth 


Ecclestone, Mary 
[ ], The Rt. 

Hon. Arrabella 


Lowfield, Anne 
Annison, Sarah 

Acridge, Sarah 
Charleton, Man- 
Goodwin, Jane 
Barickclue, Mary 
Lardner, Eliz. 
Turner, Anne 
Osborne, Mary 
Dickman, Margtt. 
Hughes, Francis 
Miller, Margtt. 
Linch, Mary 
Griffiths, Mary 
Cooper, Hannah 
Nowell, Diana 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Bunney, Grace 
Taylor, Elizabeth 
Mewx, Anne 
Munday, Kath. 
Williams, Mary 

Fitz water, Mary 
Scott, Mary 
Skipwith, Jane 
Middleton, Mary 


24 Humphreys, and 

Lillingston, John 

25 Wentworth, Sir 


26 Woodroffe, Samuel 
Clarke, Nathaniel 
Perre, Robert 
Street, William 
Goodsheare, Wm. 

28 Morrell, Michaell 
Cooper, William 

30 Golder, John 
Stringer, John 


Raw, Frances 
Cavendish, Rt. 

Hon. Lady 

Ford, Elizabeth 
Wells, Martha 
Feild, Elizabeth 
Ball, Anne 
Littleboy, Man- 
Warner, Mary 
Moore, Elizabeth 
Church, Mary 
Lang-ley, Cath. 

July, 1708. 

1 Packer, George and Reeve, Elizabeth 

Warrin, Hannah 
Marshall, Eliz. 
Fewtrell, Mary 
Feild, Anne 
Bentley, Anne 
Dabbs, Catherine 
Clarke, Mary 
Lewin, Anne 
Adams, Sarah 
Gosden, Anne 
Webb, Elizabeth 
Kettlebeater, Eliz. 
Madey, Mary 
Casey, Hannah 

Prevost, John 

2 Anderson, James 
Evans, Woolley 

3 Coates, John 
Powell, Bernard 

5 Boffey, John 
Brush, Phillip 
Dean, William 
Hilditch, John 
Shaw, John 
Parker, Daniell 
Tippings, Thomas 
Penn, Thomas 
Peale, Jeremiah 

7 Cole, Thomas 
Ridgeway, Daniell Acklam, Anna 

Froward, John 
Newman, John 
Keating, Edmund 
Boutet, Peter 

8 Boulter, Edmund 

Ironmonger, Eliz. 
Ryall, Elizabeth 
Mackey, Mary 
Audran, Jane 
Branson, Anne 

Pendergrass, Jeffery Neale, Elizabeth 

Jennings, Sarah 
Mortimer, Mary 
Blagrave, Martha 
Owen, Elizabeth 
Honey, Elizabeth 
Tayler, Man- 
Wiltshire, Mary 
Scrib, Anne 

Shewart, Eliz. 
14 Crompton, Richard Colston, Mary 

Bedingfeild, Thomas Monck, Elizabeth 
16 Turner, Joseph Robinson, Anne 

19 Closterman, John Linton, Mary 
Owens, John Ellis, Dorothy 

Berry, William Woodyard, 


9 Robins, Josia 
Cooper, John 
Cook, Richard 
Harris, Barkley 

10 Johnson, Thomas 

11 Stakes, William 

12 Beecham, Joseph 

Moore, John 

i 7 o8] 

Faculty Office. 


July, 1708. 

20 Weare, Thomas and 

Pitraime, William 
Dickson, Abraham 

21 Browne, Jeremiah 
Houblon, Charles 
Sands, Alexander 
Peacock, William 

.22 Fisher, John 
Fenn, Francis 
Hamilton, John 
Baker, William 
Peisley, Thomas 
Flye, William 
Smith, Nicholas 

24 Hone, Thomas 
Legg, Thomas 
Ravis, Sylvester 
Latus, Ralph 
Jewell, William 

26 Thibault, Thomas 

Stockley, William 

27 Upton, Martin 
Gun, Samuell 

28 Stedman, Thomas 
Heathfeild, Daniell 

29 Stevens, Thomas 
Hancock, Charles 
Shaw, John 

Champion, John 

30 Skelton, Hugh 
Whalley, John 
Trenhaile, James 
Maxfeild, George 

Bannister, Anne 
Glass, Hannah 

Smith, Sarah 
Bugtrout, Lucy 
Reynolds, Sarah 
Bate, Mary 
Sparks, Elizabeth 
Peacock, Mary 
Butler, Grace 
Bishop, Mary 
Bannostre, Jane 
Cooke, Elizabeth 
Parrett, Eliz. 
Hill, Sarah 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Christmas, Jane 
Middlemore, Anne 
Thorndell, Mary 
Reynolds, Jane 
Owen, Jane 
Garon, Anne 

Pagett, Hannah 
Edge, Jane 
Potticary, Mary 
Baker, Parnell 
Richardson, Jud. 
Rogers, Diana 
Stone, Mary 

Yorke, Mary 
Bedford, Eliz. 
Mitchell, Joanna 
Snapes, Eliz. 
Sudley, Amy 

August, 1708. 

2 Ward, George and 

4 Loft, Samuel 

Booth, Joseph 
Franklin, Thomas 

5 Allam, William 

6 Sadler, John 

7 Spurrier, John 
Wright, Robert 
Peirson, Thomas 

9 Cowden, Thomas 
Marriott, John 

10 Banister, Richard 
Kade, George 

11 Barker, Charles 
Maddison, John 
Turner, Richard 
Williams, Thomas 

Hutson, Hester 

Jones, Elizabeth 
Beaver, Sarah 
Jones, Elizabeth 
Hughes, Mary 
Ballard, Eliz. 
Perry, Elizabeth 
Martin, Jane 
Erlin, Jane 
Burton, Elizabeth 
Head, Mary 
Fair bridge, Ellen 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Versere, Martha 
Lawrence, Eliz. 
Price, Sybil 

11 Grestock, Henry and 

12 Belton, Jonas 
Smart, John 

13 Valentine, Philip 
Smith, William 
Hill, Thomas 

14 Swann, Isaac 
Weatherley, Richard 

16 Wiggin, John 
Robisson, John 
Spotswood, James 

17 Browne, Gerrard 
Pearson, Robert 
Lovegrove, Edward 
Marsham, Sir 

Robert (a) 

18 Clampet, William 
Yeomans, Thomas 

19 Cooper, Thomas 
21 Brockett, William 

23 Osgood, Benjamin 
Edington, John 
Towers, Francis 
Loft, John 

24 Whisp, William 
Sanders, Thomas 

25 West, Nicholas 
Price, Robert 
Paitfeild, James 
Beser, Richard 

26 Carter, John 

27 Critchley, Robert 
Gregory, Robert 
Brown, William 

28 Gascoigne, James 

30 Yalding, Robert 
French, Edward 

Newton, Caleb 
Frazer, Thomas 

31 Nash, Richard 

Hargrove, Eliz. 
Coverer, Anne 
Samworth, Miry 
Rolls, Mary 
Bankes, Sarah 
Batson, Anne 
Healey, Judith 
Bennett, Anne 
Steward, Margtt. 
Warman, Margtt. 
Proser, Elizabeth 
Maning, Alice 
Richardson, Ruth 
Burchell, Eliz. 
Shovell, Eliz. 

Lee, Neomi 
Brading, Sarah 
Burton, Elizabeth 
Caril, Sarah 
Pick, Elizabeth 
Bowman, Jane 
Rowed, Elizabeth 
Boddington, Eliz. 
Fish, Penelope 
Gale, Elizabeth 
Costin, Sarah 
Child, Mary 
Barton, Mary 
James, Priscilla 
Smith, Mary 
Neale, Anne 
Walker, Eliz. 
Parvis, Elizabeth 
Danvers, Eliz. 
Wake ford, Anne 

Ridglye, Anne 
Beadle, Elizabeth 
Treadway, Eliz. 

September, 1708. 

Goodred, John and 
Child, Mathias 
Eyres, William 
Daniel, Samuel 
Green, Charles 
Osborne, John 
Hickman, John 
Smith, John 
Mann, Thomas 
Tisdall, Robert 
Fitzgerald, Edward 
Fenn, Nicholas 
Clarke, Robert 
Collins, Henry 

Mimpess, Man- 
Tar ratt, Mary 
Fair child, Eliz. 
Whaley, Anne 
Harper, Anne 
Morgan, Mary 
Hurrell, Jane 
South, Elizabeth 
Norman, Anne 
Rowley, Eliz. 
Newman, Anne 
Charles, Eliz. 
Baker, Elizabeth 
Morris, Anne 

(a) First Baron Romney, 1716. 


Marriage Licences. 


September, 1708. 
9 Packer, William and Chicken, Hester 

10 Stevens, John 

11 Heath, Francis 
Houghton, James 

13 Bates, William 
Parry, John 

Hollish, Amy 
Jeynes, Prudence 
Pusy, Mary 
Remnant, Jane 
Wall, Millicent 
Newell, Eliz. 
Lyle, Ellenor 
Cooper, Eiiz. 
Green, Mary 

Drury, Isaac 

16 Hampton, Samuel 
Edwards, Richard 

17 Bowers, Henry 
Richards, James 

18 Whitfeild, William Crisp, Eleanor 
Adams, William Swinneigh, Mary 

20 Greene, Henry 
Harding', Simon 

21 Stone, Benjamin 

22 Ambross, William 

Palmer, Elizabeth 
Liftrott, Rebecca 
Johnson, Anne 
Hickman, Richard Maxwell, Sarah 
Olorencho, William Neale, Mary 
Beaver, John Berrinclow, Cath. 

Carter, Thomas Oldys, Susanna 

Street, Richard Bedford, Agnes 

23 Hardderfeild, John Talbott, Sarah 
Heade, Thomas Fowkes, Rachael 

Clarke, William 
Cox, William 
Pughe, John 
Taylor, Richard 
24 Crofts, Anthony 
Willocks, Roger 
Smith, James 

27 Carter, James 
Jordan, Edmond 

28 Cunde, James 
Lee, John 
Harmar, Thomas 

29 Gough, John 

White, Mary 
Skreen, Hester 
Scudamore, Eliz. 
Elliott, Mary 
Gipps, Elizabeth 
Fern, Anne 
Knapp, Susanna 
Thomas, Susanna 
Moreton, Isabella 
Peas, Mary 
Hayes, Susanna 
Langland, Marv 
Wroth, Mary 
Benihanan, Jane 

Phipps, Thomas 

Atkins, Christopher Dodd, Hope 
Mayor, Thomas Travell, Eliz. 
Greenwood, John Hawes, Elizabeth 
Maderick, William Rumson, Mary 
30 Cooper, Richard Russelle, Man- 
Sharp, Joshua Harvy, Rebecca 

October, 1708. 

1 Bernard, John and 

2 Starkey, Charles 
Kirby, Thomas 
Cutter, Thomas 
Wheeler, Daniel 

4 Harris, William 

5 Edge, William 
Hyllyard, Robert 

Godschall, Jane 
Springall, Bridg'tt 
Honey, Mary 
Haywood, Jane 
Tonsor, Anne 
Goodrick, Anne 
Sewell, Anne 

5 Evered, John an 

6 Wharton, George 
Fotherby, William 
Webster, John 

7 Rogerson, Jacob 
Simpson, Emanuel 
Hill, Joseph 
Wright, Ralph 

8 Halhed, Thomas 
Crookbaine, John 

9 Clarke, John 
Taylor, William 
Chelsom, Thomas 
Le Hunt, John 
Clark, Richard 

11 Clarke, Thomas 
Rain, Joseph 
Burr, James 
Giles, John 


12 Crabb, Thomas 

13 Grave, Thomas 

Flahan, Abraham 
Brown, William 
Hollamby, William 
Furrs, Nicholas 

14 Fatlock, Thomas 
Williams, Robert 

15 Benson, Isaac 
Loker, John 
Small, Daniel 

16 Beale, Robert 

18 Gresswell, Richard 

Deaux, John 

Bitheway, Richard 
i9*Fairborne, Sir 
Stafford, Kt. 

Roberts, John 

Vanderhide, John 

20 Stagg, Newton 
Harwood, Thomas 

- May, Robert 

21 Hughes, John 
Beale, Edward 

23 Giles, Nathaniel 
Robinson, Hannah 

25 Massey, William 
Clark, Lawrence 
Heacock, Thomas 

26 Hearne, Arthur 

28 Chambers, John 
Holden, Robert 

29 Ford, Richard 

30 Holker, John 

d Skares, Sarah 
How, Alice 
Dray, Priscilla 
Bishop, Anne 
Lewin, Mary 
Davis, Elizabeth 
Workley, Hester 
Merrett, Man- 
Hunt, Hannah 
Owram, Mary 
Dunham, Mary 
Bradford, Eliz. 
Darling, Eliz. 
Hopkins, Eliz. 
Hughes, Eliz. 
Chalkhill, Eliz. 
Sims, Elizabeth 
Broome, Sarah 
Edwards, Mary 

Sanders, Hester 

Hankin, Anne 
Turner, Mary 
Everist, Hannah 
Savary, Anne 
Darling, Anne 
Turner, Mary 
Carmalt, Anne 
Hall, Anne 
Newnam, Sarah 
Tyler, Susanna 
Prance, Mary 
Jortin, Mary 
Deale, Elizabeth 
Paston, Rebecca 

Buck, Elizabeth 
Arnold, Dorothy 
Palmer, Sarah 

Bartlett, Anne 
Evans, Sarah 
Freeman, Jane 
Allen, Mary 
Muller, Thedham 
Walter, Alicia 
Curtis, Elizabeth 
Bentley, Mary 

Parker, Susanna 
Cooke, Elizabeth 
Jennings, Jane 



Faculty Office. 


November, 1708. 

1 Algam, Nicholas and Price, Mary 
Ferriman, Richard Kelsey, Jane 
Imber, Christoper 

2 Murphy, William 

3 Dermer, Thomas 
Aston, Cawton 
Davies, William 
Loyd, David 

Jones, Thomas 
Southby, John 
4 Clipperton, 

Sowden, Anthony 
Ashlee, Richard 

Leath, Mary 
Cornford, Frances 
Edge, Elizabeth 
Pope, Anne 
Moore, Avise 
Gilbert, Elizabeth 
Marshall, Mary 
Barber, Hannah 
Hicketts, Elianor 

Hedley, Margtt. 
Wells, Mary 

5 Benwick, Benjamin Maunser, Sarah 

Lacy, Frances 

Bassett, Diana 
Waremen, Eliz. 
Squire, Sarah 
Deacon, Sarah 
Godwin, Eliz. 
Hill, Sarah 

6 Vaughton, 

Ransford, George 
Huckell, Robert 
Turlis, Thomas 

8 Nicholl, Thomas 

9 Kimmis, Benjamin 
Vine, George 

11 Thompson, Samuel Holdaway, Sarah 

12 Tripe, John Davis, Mary 
Martin, Robert Wells, Elizabeth 

13 Hall, Alexander Handford, Mary 

15 Evans, John Powell, Jane 

16 Rayner, Christopher Kirby, Elizabeth 

17 Wells, Garrard Taylor, Eliz. 
Hills, John Carter, Jane 
Price, William 
Bourn, John 

18 Lawrence, Henry 
Humphreys, Evan 
Marselliar, Enock 

19 Roe, William 
Barry, Francis 

20 Duncomb, William 

Hinton, Richard 
Mose, Richard 

22 Rickson, John 

Sanders, Joseph 

Allen, George 
Neaton, William 

23 Pares, George 
Donnelly, John 
Glanfeild, William 

Morse, Robert 
Gates, Thomas 
Scrivon, Edward 
Pryce, Walter 

24 Megar, Thomas 

Price, Elizabeth 
Roberts, Kath. 
Ginder, Martha 
Oakes, Mary 
Snyre, Mary 
Cooper, Isabella 
Browne, Miriam 

Swaine, Anne 
Clements, Sarah 


Bartlett, Phi His 
Berry, Ann 
Key, Rebecca 
Collins, Eliz. 

Close, Mary 
Morden, Grace 
Boot, Elizabeth 

Feilder, Mary 

24 Rice, Griffith and 
Sands, Joshua 
Beamont, Anselin 
Peacock, John 
Bradley, Samuel 
Harvey, Peter 

25 Wotton, William 
Craw, Philip 
Fame, John 

26 Gittings, Thomas 

27 Draper, Thomas 

Symonds, Philip 
Gannis, Francis 
Shawn, William 
29 Rash, Samuel 
Fairless, Mathew 
Morris, Joshua 

Watson, Hannah 
Parris, Susannah 
Pinck, Anne 
Matthews, Lydia 
Peil, Sarah 
Baker, Jane 
Streete, Eliz. 
Jones, Jane 
Pemberton, Anne 
Evered, Susan 
Strode, Elizabeth. 
Rice, Alice 

Lloyd, Francis' 
Smith, Mary 
Bullen, Mary 
Baker, Mary 
Prosser, Margt. 
Burrows, Eliz. 

December, 1708. 

1 Jones, Andrew and 

2 Dows, Felix 
Fitter, Thomas 
Hunter, Thomas 
Newington, Joseph 

3 Dare, \Y T illiam 
Bedford, John 
Hunter, David 
Walker, Thomas 

4 Eggar, Thomas 
Cook, John 

6 Hemington, John 
Peirson, William 

*Amber, Francis 

7 Cromme, William 

8 Mandevill, William 
Willy, Willoughby 

10 Talby, John 
Stocker, Anthony 

11 Nixon, Thomas 
Brassett, John 
Orlebar, Richard 

12 Craddock, Francis 

13 Millett, John 
Tassar, Thomas 
Wagener, Peter 

Brand, John 

14 Bellamy, William 
Ryley, John 

15 Bromley, William 
Plukenett, Hugh 
Duncomb, Peter 

16 Howard, William 
Ravell, Thomas 

17 Danby, Charles 
Flower, Edward 

Lewis, Kathenne 
Love, Mary 
Silver, Anne 
Hoare, Patience 

Smith, Mary 
Hollis, Judith 
Forriste, Mary 
Collier, Rachael 
Gardiner, Mary 
Gibbs, Ellen 
Bloome, Mary 
Purnell, Mary 
Whitmore, Alice 
Woodman, Anne 
Mayhew, Anne 
Sheldon, Anne 
Beard, Hannah 
Anne, Cleverley 
Day, Eede 
Strutton, Eliz. 
Astry, Diana 
Andrews, Eliz. 
Revell, Elizabeth 
Taylor, Sarah 
Paurings, Mary 

Cross, Mary 
Bellamy, Sarah 
Lewis, Margaret 
Leeme, Elizabeth 
Maidman, Mary 
Dancer, Frances 
Boddington, Eliz. 
Chaplin, Mary 
Russell, Anne 
Brookes, Mary 







December, 1708. 

18 Mayhew, Peter and 
Row, Richard 

Jarvis, William 

20 Pickett, Thomas 
Gladman, Nathaniel 
Foord, David 
Smith, Thomas 
Gardiner, William 
Custow, Denzill 
Monck, William 
Hase, Jacob 

21 Jorchs, Thomas 
Bridges, Joseph 

22 Drayson, Henry 
Harding, Francis 

Roberts, Joshua 

23 Coleman, Joseph 

Jones, William 

24 Tompson, Robert 

Gataker, George 
Bound, John 
Holden, Robert 
Ellis, Samuel 

27 Blythe, Francis 

28 Burton, Daniel 

29 Wood, George 
Burgis, William 
Russell, Samuel 
Miller, John 
Leicester, James 
Coules, Joshua 

30 Thompson, James 
Latham, John 


Toms, Thomas 
Ellery, John 

Clark, Jane 
Hitchcock, Eliz. 
Hawkins, Jane 

Hull, Martha 
Hunt, Jane 
Norris, Elizabeth 
Armstrong, Ann 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Watts, Alice 
Yard, Jane 
Deverell, Mary 
Barnesly, Margtt. 
Sachell, Jane 
Grevill, Grace 
Holmes, Eliz. 
High croft, 

Clark, Anne 

Ray, Mary 

Watson, Eliz. 
Fowler, El iz. 
Powsey, Hester 
Fanford, Eliz. 
Yonge, Jane 
Young, Elizabeth 
Ratcliff, Man- 
Pope, Mary 
Roffey, Mary 
Burston, Sarah 
Allen, Prudence 
Plivey, Hannah 
Porter, Elizabeth 
Axx, a Eliz. 
Dryden, Eliz. 

Coales, Joan 
Simons, Sarah 

January, 1708^9. 

3 Green, Samuel and 
Hands, Jeffery 

4 Overstreete, Joseph 
Sawell, Henry 
Russell, John 

5 Dutchin, Robert 
Hollyman, Edward 

Mills, William 
Segwick, John 
Marie, John 

Philips, Mary 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Martin. Mary 
Higgs, Elizabeth 
Aldridge, Mary 
Bowler, Mary 
Campion, Mary 
Lenthall, Margtt. 
Fruiterell, Sarah 

5 Redman, George and 

6 Godwin, James 
Crosby, William 

7 Sidnell, John 

8 Eustone, Thomas 
Best, Joseph 
Beswell, William 

10 Bently, Thomas 
Thompson, William 
Lloyd, Hugh 

11 Brandsby, John 

12 Segrave, Patrick 
Clark, Richard 
Timmings, John 
Wood, John 
Wadsworth, Wm. 

13 Godwin, Philip 
Hawkins, Marke 
Smith, William 
Bertie, The Hon. 

Robert. Esq. 
Whitamore, Peter 

14 Kennedy, Robert 
Nost, Thomas 
Colebeck, Ralph 

15 Warrington, James 

16 Thompson, 


17 Wale, Edward 

18 Collier, John 
Eston, Edward 

1 g Wood, Simon 

Wareham, William 

20 Duffeild, Henry 

21 Smith, Thomas 

22 Stears, Edward 
Crows, Thomas 

24 Sheppard, Samuel 
Jefferson, John 
Bust, James 

25 Hulme, John 
Wells, William 

26 Smithson, George 
Cruse, William 
Mills, Abraham 

27 Wood, Alexander 

Whitford, Thomas 
Harding, Michael 

28 Sopp, Robert 

31 Roberts, Thomas 
Morisby, Thomas 
Townsend, William 
Bell, George 

Burgis, Rebecca 
Bowler, Rose 
Dobson, Kath. 
Wood, Anne 
Tylliard, Susan 'h 
Bates, Elizabeth 
Hatton, Sarah 
Cockcroft, Judith 
Graham, Mary 
Collier, Sarah 
Norman, Rachael 
Sherrock, Eliz. 
Boon, Ann 
Bulmer, Mary 
Dodd, Ann 
Davis, Elizabeth 
Mathews, Eliz. 
Cook, Jane 
Newman, Anne 
(?) Newman, 
Matthee, Sarah 
Taylor, Elizabeth 
Davis, CoviH 
Twaits, Tabitha 
Squire, Anne 
Cowley, Penelope 

Hay, Anne 
White, Anne 
Sherlock, Kath. 
Bigney, Eliz. 
Elsworth, Eliz. 
Pye, Mary 
Barnsly, Eliz. 
Ecclestone, Sarah 
Cook, Ann 
King, Rebecca 
How, Jane 
Bagley, Hannah 
Ferris, Margaret 
Somers, Mary 
Horn, Elizabeth 
Morgan, Deborah 
Webb, Elizabeth 
Maynard, Susan'a 
Minchall, Erances 
Stoner, Susannah 
Kynsman, Jane 
Goodwin, Ann 
Wade, Margaret 
Hudson, Erancis 

(a) So the name is spelt in calendar. 

February, 1708-9. 

1 Dipple, John and Smith, Katharine 
Lewis, Thomas Cotton, 



Faculty Office. 


February, 1708-9. 

1 Warden, Win. and 

Woollett, Robert 
Finlow, Samuel 

2 Still, John 
Mercer, Thomas 

3 Withers, Henry 

4 Padmore, John 
Marriott, Ebenezer 
Courtois, Nicholas 

5 Cross, William 
Law, Thomas 

7 Phillipott, Peter 
Morebray, Adam 

8 Wilse, Giles 

9 Barson, Thomas 
Prior, Francis 

Robinson, Thomas 

10 Mitchell, John 
Fryer, William 

Brasier, William 
Wilkinson, John 

11 Clare, Thomas 
Sutton, William 
Whitehead, Thomas 

12 Green, Thomas 

14 Tryne, Abraham 
Pike, John 

15 Shooter, William 
Orton, Thomas 
Chambers, John 
Campbell, James 

16 Pitts, Anthony 
Freeman, William 
Cooke, Richard 
Todd, William 
Guy, William 
Pratt, Nicholas 

17 Lawton, Benjamin 

Northcott, Thomas 
Eddington, James 

18 H alley, John 
Goodar, Abraham 

19 Barker, Henry 
Love, William 
Pruden, Christopher 

21 Hardy, Godfrey 
Martin, Moses 
Harris, Samuel 
Took, Nicholas 

22 Ebbitt, William 
Shirley, William 
Doyne, Phillip 


Puxty, Jane 
Tappin, Ursula 
Bennefield, Sarah 
Brown, Margaret 
Webster, Eliz. 
Lee, Martha 
Hall, Elizabeth 
Alport, Martha 
Meale, Anne 
Cope, Hannah 
Heath, Elizabeth 
Butter, Rachael 
Goode, Susanna 
Lewis, Mary 
Carnall, Susan 

Hind, Elizabeth 
Blake way, Eliz. 

Pettitt, Mary 
Johnson, Fiances 
Mantell, Mary 
Hillyard, Man- 
Batty, Rebecca 
Rose, Mary 
Wright, Eliz. 
Lee, Man- 
Stevens, Martha 
Lee, Lidia 
Chappell, Sarah 
Campbell, Eliz. 
Holland, Hester 
Cue, Ann 
Carrier, Eliz. 
Watson, Eleanor 
Brock, Elizabeth 
Beard, Ann 

Silvester, Jane 
Harrison, Ann 
Randall, Sarah 
D'Brinall, Ann 
Lilley, Ellen 
Shittleton, Ann 

Pearce, Sarah 
Maddison, Eliz. 
Mounsey, Anne 
Fowny, Mary 
Chapman, Mary 
Henman, Ellenor 
South, Jane 

22 Fox, Francis and 
Bannister, William 

23 Jenner, John 
Odell, Thomas 
Arrold, Robert 
Walker, George 

Rissowe, George 
Harrison, Jonathan 
Browne, Joseph 

24 Martin, John 
Prance, Thomas 

25 Carstaners, John 

26 Jones, Charles 
Sare, Joseph 
Wiggin, Abraham 
Gray, Thomas 
Skinner, Henjamin 

28 Jones, Edward 
Silvester, Ephraim 
Rhodes, Christopher 
Whitley, William 
a Keirby, William 
West. Nicholas 



Jenner, Mary 
Maskall, Mary 
Dewberry, Eliz. 

Beake, Mary 
Butler, Mary 
Fenton, Lucy 
Hickman, Esther 
Aynion, Eliz. 
Adams, Cornelia 
Fisher, Elizabeth 
Parker, Mary 
Dirnely, Kath. 
Winyard, Tabitha 
Norwood, Eliz. 
Banbridge, Mary 
Caney, Sarah 
Boteler, Joane 
Guerney, Alice 
Hunton, Rebecca 
Stevens, Ann 

March, 1708-9. 

1 J u g e > George and Geal, Elizabeth 
Stacy, Thomas Boat, Mary 

Tibbington, Thomas Walton, Ann 

West, Thomas 
2 Wilson, John 
Harris, Thomas 
Douse, Daniel 
Johnson, Joseph 
Brewer, John 
Fleming, Webb 

Harrington, Mary 
Thursby, Sarah 
Wright, Eliz. 
Quick, Mary 
Lee, Susannah 
Lomax, Margtt. 
Jackson, Eliz. 

4 Hammond, William Powell, Ann 
Young, William Brown, Emblyn 

Flower, Thomas 
5 Edge, George 
Chitty, Joseph 
Clark, John 

Leggett, William 
Nottingham, John 
Chandler, John 

7 Berridge, William 
Hyron, John 
Whichello, John 

8 Bernard, Thomas 
Wynn, John 
Beaumont, John 
Williams, John 

9 Montague, Edw., 


Benton, Sarah 
Gransien, Eliz. 
Adkings, Eliz. 

Burch, Elizabeth 
Argoll, Elizabeth 

Lemott, Eliz. 
Cartwright, Eliz. 
Fennymore, Alice 
Levingston, Ann 
Whitford, Ann 
Pollard, Eliz. 
Onslow, Mary 
Heath, Arabell 

(a) This is dated 18, but is obviously an error. 


Marriage Licences. 


March, 1708-9. 

9 Bellad, Thomas and 

10 Long - , Robert 

11 Veach, Alexander 
Veazey, Joseph 

14 Roper, Walter 
Main waring, Edw. 
Plumtree, Henry 

15 Edmondson, John 

16 Penny, John 
Herle, Thomas 

18 Church, Bower 

19 Roy, Alexander 
22 Ford, Henry 

Moncour, John 
24 Adamson, Robert 

Broome, Ann 
Phelps, Margtt. 
Hutchins, Jane 
Peach, Mary 
Bayley, Elizabeth 
Pye, Jemima 
Stanley, Dorothy 
Sendall, Jane 
Peacock, Mary 
Hayes, Mary 
Shipley, Jane 
Rowley, Ede 
Ancealin, Eliz. 
Bason, Sara 
Preston, Ann 

March, 1709. 

25 Baker, Robert and Boucher, Ruth 
Wittingham, Wales, Martha 


28 Shelton, Richard Wilson, Frances 

29 Grimmitt, Samuel Holden, Kath. 

April, 1709. 

1 Bradley, Anth'y and 
Blethin, Thomas 

2 White, John 

4 Collier, Joseph 

Atkins, Francis 

5 Woodley, Richard 
Merritt, Thomas 
Smith, John 

6 Whale, John 
Grant, Col. Alex. 
Friend, John 
Prescott, John 

9 Cran, Robert 
Morris, William 

11 Waldron, Francis 
Spencer, Abraham 
Cuff, Richard 

12 Jackson, John 
Mathews, James 

13 Jones, James 
Brett, Timothy 

14 Bilton, John 
White, Thomas 

15 Page, Nicholas 

16 Allen, Archbell 

18 Harris, Robert 

19 Beauchamp, Luke 
Hurlbatt, Francis 

20 Winterton, Thomas 

21 Groves, Richard 

Penn, Mary 
Lynch, Margaret 
Green, Ann 

Ambler, Mary 
Holding, Ann 
Kuweidt, Sara 
Jell, Elizabeth 
Minstrell, Sarah 
Smith, Anne 
Partridge, Mary 
Silverlock, Eliz. 
Stillaman, Eliz. 
Bartrum, Joan 
Duncomb, Eliz. 
Storer, Ann 
Mosse, Ann 
Dancer, Elianor 
Scarth, Alice 
Urquhart, Kath. 
Woolnoth, Alary 
Ebersom, Margtt. 
Eastwood, Sarah 
Brown, Elizabeth 
Hyron, Winifred 
Town, Rose 

Cubbidge, Eliz. 

Davis, Mary 
Mar din, Mary 

21 Howard, Math, and 

22 Sendley, William 
Lilly, Thomas 
Norris, John 
Chapman, Peter 

23 Hollis, Jeremiah 
Stirzaker, James 

25 Allen, John 

26 Abbott, Joseph 
Pearne, William 

27 Lane, Nathaniel 
Haffeman, Robert 

28 Coomes, Joshua 
Legett, Thomas 

29 Bell, George 
Huggins, William 
Bwye, John 

30 Beacham, Ralph 
Callaway, John 

Micheing, Mathew 

Cole, Britannia 
Lucas, Elizabeth 
Smith, Susanna 
Harrison, Mary 
Pearce, Elizabeth 
James, Elizabeth 
Cowman, Ann 
Coo, Martha 
Briggs, Mary 
Kitchell, Sarah 
Holmes, Eliz. 
Lingard, Eliz. 
Hayes, Constant 
Shaw, May 
Clarke, Rachael 
Clarke, Margaret 

Kirke, Francis 

Harnbolt, Joanna 

May, 1709. 

2 Reich, James and Middleton, 


Meadows, Peter Tredaway, 


Mannoock, Francis Wilson, Eliz. 

Willis, William Lucas, Elizabeth 

3 Smith, Thomas 
Pound, William 
Maitland, John 

4 Sims, James 
Bliss, William 
Gunston, John 

Gront, Mary 
Odey, Frances 

Mason, Mary 
Archer, Rebecca 


5 Lancaster, Michael Rudell, Mary 

6 Miller, Samuel Rowe, Mary 
Poole, Charles Gore, Rebecca 

9 Hickman, John Hickman, Sarah 

Battaille, James Hardye, Ann 

Owen, James 
Lambert, Daniel 
Dow, John 
Andrews, Thomas 

10 Jackson, William 

11 Sargeant, William 

Gray, Frances 
Willmot, Mary 
Harris, Hannah 
Terry, Lydia 
Hollis, Ann 
Hemington, Edith 

Watemouth, George Dukes, Elizabeth 
Daniel, Sir Sam. (a) Dormer, Frances 
Massey, Edward Hawkins, Eliz 

Harrison, Robert 
Harding, Peter 
Funge, Geoffery 
Webb, Richard 
12 Taylor, William 

Courtney, Eliz. 
Malen, Jane 
Costin, Frances 
Strugnall, Mary 
Ware, Jane 

(a) Of Over Tabley, Co. Chester ; died 24th 
December, 1726. 


Faculty Office. 

2 45 

May, 1709. 
12 Tidmarsh, Wall, and Simpson, Mary 

Snell, Mary 
Burrud, Abagael 
Smith, Sarah 

Bennett, Nehemiah Blissett, Mary 
14 Sanders, David Willey, Eliz. 

Cooke, Robert 
Smith, John 
13 Tranter, Robert 
Waters, Jasper 

Bayley, John 

16 Allen, James 

Crofts, John 
Causton, William 

17 King, Job 
Warner, Charles 
Colson, William 
Bennett, William 

iS Comber, John 

Porter, Fill 

Gowen, Samuel 

Lambert, William 
19 Louther, Launcelot Haley, Eliz, 

Roberts, William Wingfield, Mary 

Ran, William 

Brittaine, Thomas 

Howard, Joseph 

Lewis, Samuel 

Jacobs, Katherine 

Brown, Judith 
Ellyott, Eliz. 
Martin, Mary 
Butler, Mary 
Cave, Dorothy 
Storey, Mary 
Browne, Easter 
Ingoldsby, Mary 
Peake, Martha 
Martin, Mary 

Daws, Edward 

21 Howard, Thomas 
Paul, Richard 

22 Peach, Peter 

23 Day, Stephen 
Weston, William 
Goodere, John 
Damson, Abel 
King, John 
Wild, Thomas 

25 Wilkins, Thomas 
Hornby, Robert 
Wren, John 

Lawler, Loftis 

Juman, Charles 

Clawdy, Christopher Pagett, Elizabeth 

Mortlock, George Pettiward, Eliz. 

26 Tucker, James Foster, Rebecca 

27 Pinkney, Phillip Clarke, Mary 
Howard, Richard Fitch, Frances 
Ayscough, Thomas Kilner, Mary 
Miers, John Allen, Dorothy 
Borrow, William Easeem, Mary 

Chapman, Eliz. 
Parnell, Eliz. 
Dewill, Elizabeth 

Wood, Ann 
Chambers, Cath. 
Start, Ann 
Miller, Elizabeth 
Garlington, Mary 
Fuzzer, Eliz. 
Chappell, Ann 
Johnson, Sarah 
Keymer, Eliz. 
Proctor, Kath. 
Lott, Mary 
Jenkinson, Cath. 

Whitall, Agnes 
Finch, Rebecca 

Foster, William 
Costen, Thomas 
28 Peisey, Thomas 
Pinn, Christopher 
Bix, James 

Hall, Ann 
Newlyn, Susanna 
Barugh, Mary 
Covett, Mary 
Wilcock, Mary 

Ladbrooke, Richard Pitt, Elizabeth 

28 Conduit, Jonath. and Hilliard, Eliz. 

29 Gurney, Jonathan Debell, Elizabeth 

30 Elliott, Richard Hayward, Cath. 
Ellis, Henry Palmer, Frances 
Price, Pendock Glover, Richard 

June, 1709. 

1 Dolley, John and 
Owens, John 

Hall, Samuel 
Murffin, Daniel 

2 Cornelius, Richard 

3 Milligan, John 
Wordsworth, Thos. 
Golborne, Urian 

Owen, John 

6 Bullis, John 

7 Wells, James 
Willey, Robert 
Mosford, Jeremiah 


8 Roach, Hugh 
Burley, Joseph 
Philipps, Thomas 

9 Wood, John 
Spranger, Abraham 
Stainsmore, Luke 

10 Cooke, Thomas 
Baxter, Thomas 
Wiggs, James 

11 Highems [Hig- 

ham ?], The Hon. 
Francis Sidney 
Leper, Humphry 

Loader, Edward 
Bright, Edward 

13 Carpenter, 

Hall, Thomas 
Bludwick, Joseph 

14 Robins, Thomas 
Allalee, Richard 

15 Wranch, James 
Rossan, Elias 
Beger, William 

16 Nicholls, John 
Clark, Moses 
Griffin, Edward 
Wasey, Christopher 
Plumer, John 
Turner, William 

17 Parkinson, Richard 

Say, Robert 

Passingham, Ann 
Lugg, Susanna 
Lee, Mary 
Hacker, Eliz. 
Gilbertson, Eliz. 
Cook, Mary 
Modhurst, Eliz. 
France, Frances 
Warden, Mary 
Hicks, Ann 
Rutter, Margery 
Philips, Anne 
Jackson, Hannah 

Talbott, Sarah 
Rowland, Sarah 
Owden, Mary 
Lea, Deborah 
Liford, Ann 

Varney, Eliz. 
Pounseby, Mary 
Stevenson, Sarah 
Cavendish, The 

Hon. Gloriana 


Haynes, Mary 
Davies, Hester 
Williams, Jane 

Bowcock, Ann 
Standey, Martha 
Taylor, Elizabeth 
Cottrell, Anne 
Tilliard, Rebecca 
Salisbury, Martha 
Dio-ti Guardi, 

Freeman, Eliz. 
Hickson, Sarah 
Toot, Elizabeth 
Lingteel, Jane 
Mallard, Mary 
Paris, Mary 

Chapman, Kath. 


Marriage Licences. 


June, 1709. 

17 Shawley, and 

Male (?) 
Smith, Thomas 

18 Woodward, John 
Oliver, Mathew 
Mayne, John 

21 Fletcher, Robert 
Walker, Richard 
Nusse, William 
Bidlington, Thomas 

22 Stone, John 
Greene, William 
Pursar, Robert 

23 Wagstaffe, William 

24 Fisher, George 

25 Fishwick, James 
Viner, John 
Gent, John 
Sedges, John 

27 Blewitt, John 
Slatter, John 
Fogg, John 

28 Lawrence, John 
Hall, John 
Lucas, Samuel 
Mills, John 

30 Hammond, Thomas 
Mason, John 

Rookby, Mary 

Taverner, Martha 
Willoboye, Ann 
Ruel, Rebecca 
Silvester, Elianor 
Arundell, Margt. 
Collier, Jane 
Knowles, Love 
Lamb, Margarett 
Bissh, Ann 
Burwell, Jane 
Nicholson, Mary 

Jones, Margaret 
Whitehead, Jane 
Brewen, Sarah 
Lisle ?), Kuphen 
Gibson, Sarah 
Francklin, Judith 
Scott, Elizabeth 
Borris, Dorothy 
Gooddey. Martha 
Randall, Eliz. 
Elliston, Eliz. 
Best, Sarah 
Peters, Hannah 

Hawkins, Eliz. 

July, 1709. 

1 Lessire, Michael and 

Bickerton, John 

Arrowsmith, John 
Symonds, Richard 

2 Kitson, David 
Newlin, Henry 

4 Thorp, James 
Bromfeild, Thomas 
Smith, Thomas 
Ewer, Henry 

5 Gatward, James 
Watten, Thomas 
Phillips, James 
Lea, Ambrose 
Bull, Thomas 
Carlile, John 

6 Roby, Jeffrey 

7 Evans, John 

8 Apsley, Thomas 
Callhown, James 
Newport, Thomas 

9 Nevill, Samuel 

Lamare, Mary 


Butterfeild, Anne 
Clarke, Frances 
Hall, Mary 
Vaughan, Ann 
Boswell, Mary 
Briggs, Mary 
Reynolds, Ursula 
Vandeputt, Hester 
Wall, Mary 
Smith, Man- 
Wynne, Eliz. 
White, Rebecca 
Brown, Sarah 
Comber, Sarah 
Cawce, Margaret 
Evans, Katherine 
Leadsom, Margt. 
Walker, Ann 
Pieripont, Ann 


9 Skinner, David and 
Shelley, Benjamin 
Reeves, Pelsant 
Jackson, John 

11 Stratford, Israel 
Gurden, John 

12 Mathew, John 
Bolton, John 
Mitchell, John 
Ayres, Edward 
Winterborne, Geo. 

May, Nathaniel 
Key, John 

13 Graves, Richard 
Taft, John 
Wright, Sir Nathan 

14 Hurst, Richard 
Virgoe, Richard 

15 Waterfill, Caleb 
Thurman, Ambrose 

16 Preston, Jacob 
Dunn, William 
Turnish, Henry 
Sandon, Joshua 
Large, John 

Tolwell, Thomas 
Cant, John 

18 Lamb, Richard 

19 Bowden, Solomon 
Barwell, Nathaniel 

20 Burchell, Richard 
Duke, Charles 
Halett, Robert 

21 Paggett, Richard 
Allegre, Giles 
Price, Thomas 

22 Morris, Jonah 
Buchols, John 

Wilyam Phillips 
Knight, Thomas 
Wilkins, Speed 
How, Thomas 
Mott, Richard 

23 Smith, William 
Osborne, Aaron 

25 Browne, Thomas 
Francklyn, John 

26 Terry, Francis 

Windham, Ashe 
Gonge, Thomas 

27 Davis, Thomas 
Baker, Joseph 

Stephens, Daniel 
Hewitt, William 

28 Roberts, William 

North, Mary 
Paull, Elizabeth 
Field, Elizabeth 
Lucas, Elizabeth 
Pew, Marv 
Norris, Elizabeth 
Raye, Bridgett 
Haux, Mary 
Tyler, Ann 
Horton, Mathew 

Bellows, Eliz. 
Ginn, Martha 
Collier, Grace 
Robinson, Eliz. 
Tryst, Abigail 
Oakeman, Eliz. 
Hill, Rebecca 
Thompson, Mary 
Blocksom, Ann 
Perry, Elizabeth 
Williams, Mary 
Whinnick, Ann 
Moore, Grace 

Blithe, Dorothy 
Grant, Jane 
Harris, Mary 
Elliot, Sarah 
Smithson, Eliz. 
Chappell, Sarah 
Hoffman, Ann 
Hallard, Eliz. 
Burdell, Ann 
Marriott, Eliz. 
Tayler, Elizabeth 
Webb, Elizabeth 
Calvins, Maria 

Pickett, Mary 
Lawndye, Martha 
Revell, Amy 
Webb, Jane 
Hunter, Mary 
Bull, Elizabeth 
Stubbes, Sarah 
Leigh, Mary 
Adams, Elizabeth 

Dobins, Elizabeth 
Cramp, Mary 
Burton, Elizabeth 
Stone, Mary 
Wyatt, Margaret 

Man, Margaret 
Harris, Elizabeth 
Weeden, Mary 


Faculty Office. 


July, 1709. 
28 Longland, John and Goldsmith, Eliz. 

Barnes, Miles 

29 Morphy, John 
Brown, John 

30 Moore, William 
Boyle, William 

Snowden, Eliz. 
Home, Ann 
Watkins, Hester 
Porter, Rose 
Jones, Judith 

August, 1709. 

1 Symonds, Sam. and 
Applebee, Edward 

2 Buckly, Thomas 
Hodgkin, Joseph 
Chambers, John 
Peirson, Edward 
Bucknall, John 

3 Freeman, Richard 
Anns, William 
Jenkin, Stephen 
Robinson, Francis 
Porter, George 

4 Davies, William 

Ederingame, Thos. 
Cooke, Thomas 
Butterfield, Henry 

5 Browne, John 
Tomkins, Henry 
Bever, Thomas 
Wilson, Richard 
King-, Charles 
Riley, Thomas 

6 Waitman, Thomas 
Rogers, John 
Brown, Jonathan 
Sandys, James 

8 Gregory, Richard 
Heath, Thomas 
Freelove, Mathew 
Taunton, Henry 

9 Padecent, John 
Morgan, Josiah 
Deighton, Henry 
Woodwell, Robert 

Reeves, James 

10 Mountford, Peter 
Warren, Thomas 
Smith, William 

11 Chase, James 
Hulme, Thomas 

12 Myers, William 
Pawson, Joseph 

13 Wilkinson, Thomas 
Harris, John 

15 Barraclow, William 
Bingley, George 

Harris, Erances 
Hope, Mary 
Cooper, Erances 
Spearman, Ann 
Cross, Mary 
Carswell, Mary 
Walter, Ann 
Shelvock, Sarah 
Darwin, Ann 
Tournay, Kath. 
Harris, Elizabeth 
Ashford, Susanna 

Medler, Ann 
Simpson, Ann 
Eagle, Mary 
Riley, Mary 
Wichehalfe, Mary 
Knight, Mary 
Bay ton, Mary 
Parker, Eliz. 
Riley, Marx- 
Harbin, Kath. 
Turner, Elizabeth 
Marshall, Man- 
Lane, Katherine 
Key, Jane 
Luttman, Man- 
Adams, Alice 
Brees, Man- 
Robins, Mary 
Dalyson, Bennett 
Robinson, Eliz. 

Pearce, Martha 
Jones, Susanna 
Chiles, Mary 
Pearce, Phebe 
Beck, Margaret 
Bradford, Health 
Loyd, Elizabeth 

Holmes, Rachael 
Hanson, Mary 
Philips, Susanna 
Hewitt, Sarah 

16 Ryiand, Roger and 
Osborne, John 

17 Carter, John 
Chesterment, Thos. 
Allison, Michael 
Philips, George 
Bowers, John 
Smith, John 

18 Keepe, Edward 
Williams, Richard 
Woollaston, Walter 

19 Johnson, Richard 
Livesay, Charles 

20 Lockey, John 
Bird, Thomas 
Herbert, Thomas 

22 Collins, Richard 
Hatt, Joseph 
Bignell, William 
Arnold, William 

23 Watts, Timothy 
Moystin > John 

24 Falkener, James 
Pembrooke, John 

Stippetts, Thomas 

25 Banbury, Thomas 

Anthony, Earle of 
Osborn, 1 homas 

26 Robins, Francis 


29 Warwick, George 
Reynolds, William 
Andrews, William 
Newton, Joseph 
West, Richard 

30 Fletcher, Robert 

31 Henderson, Jeffrey 
Wheately, Martin 
Webb, William 

Bolter, Ann 
Wagstaffe, Ann 
Newport, Mary 
Hartwell, Ann 
Newman, Ann 
Adee, Ann 
Gainsford, Eliz. 
Merchant, Anne 
Graves, Eliz. 
Johnson, Mary 
Markham, Mary 
Johnson, Martha 
Power, Mercey 
Burrows, Diana 
Hawls, Rebecca 
Fisher, Sarah 
Collins, Sarah 
Hopkins, Mary 
Castlake, Kath. 
Wilder, Ann 
Godfrey, Mary 
Penkyman, Jane- 
Standing, Mary 
Renshaw, Sarah 
Maynard, Man- 
Ewer, Jane- 
Beard, Elizabeth 
Markmullin, Eliz. 
Caswell, Mary 

Townsend, Mary 
Burrows, Elenor 
Vandersluis, Ann 
Oxten, Sarah 
Coleman, Jane 
Antrim, Hester 
Dexter, Samuel 
Walton, Martha 
Frain, Elizabeth 

September, 1709. 

1 Sawyer, John and 
Tredway, William 
Knapp, Robert 

2 Dufrock, John 
Collier, William 

3 Willougby, 

Miles, William 
Dermer, James 
Biggs, Thomas 
5 Rutter, William 
Twells, Isaac 

Gabell, Joseph 

Biddle, Alice 
Child, Elizabeth 
Lash, Alice 
Robinson, Eliz. 
Pawlett, Man- 
Martin, Margarett 

Beardmore, Mary 
Cotton, Eliz. 
Vaughan, Man- 
Turner, Sarah 
Peake, Sarah 


Marriage Licences. 


September, 1709. 

5 Stevens, 

Hyam, William 

6 Stiff, John 

7 Crank, Henry 

Passell, William 
Stagg, Edmund 
Amis, John 

8 Kent, Francis 

9 Grigg, Peter 
10 Morgan, John 

(a) Marple, William 
(a) Pickton, Thomas 

13 Birch, William 
Guy, Richard 
Sharpe, Alexander 

14 Huddlestone, Robert 
Tichborne, Thomas 
Pomfrett, George 

15 De Laplare, Denis 

16 Ree, Francis 

17 Anderson, Robert 
Faulkener, Edward 
Owen, William 

19 Clement, David 
Rowell, Samuel 
Champion, Joseph 

20 Simkins, Walter 
Anderson, Francis 
May, William 
Beaumont, Thomas 

21 Ambrose, Daniel 
Compton, Joseph 

22 Clarke, John 
Heddenton, Clement 
Allen, Stephen 

23 Brampton, Thomas 
Sanderson, William 

24 Trevillian, Joshua 
Noakes, Abraham 

26 Stomford, Henry 
Terrill, John 
Crellins, Peter 

27 Wensley, Philip 
Kindall, John 
Clark, Thomas 
Ashlock, Thomas 
Waters, Robert 
Laundy, Samuel 

28 Brewis, William 

29 Stacy, Thomas 
Webb, Nathaniel 

and Pomroy, Mary 

Boulton, Mary 
Walker, Ann 

Lupton, Mary 
Brandfeild, Eliz. 
Goddard, Sarah 
Morgan, Eliz. 
Emerson, Mary 
Dobs, Judith 
Hughes, Margt. 
Blake, Susan 
Burchell, Eliz. 
Turner, Mary 
Isaac, Jane 
King, Juliana 
Beard, Ann 
Flowerdew, Ann 
Brevall, Kath. 
Higgeson, Eliz. 
Shippy, Laetitia 
Lloyd, Abigail 
Crickett, Sarah 
Cosens, Mary 
Manton, Ann 

Pratt, Mary 
Parce, Mary 
Cole, Mary 
Prior, Mary 
Jenkin, Ann 
Johnson, Sarah 
Halsey, Hannah 
Turner, Katherine 
Harmond, Eliz. 
Edelin, Judith 
Firman, Mary 
Barker, Elizabeth 
Harding, Mary 
Bockett, Hannah 
Southaby, Eliz. 
Holloway, Margt. 
Beacher, Ann 
Underwood, Eliz. 
Peplar, Margt. 
Hunt, Honora 
Owen, Elizabeth 

Spearing, Ann 
Goddard, Eliz. 
Johnson, Mary 

29 Gull, George and Heath, Ann 

(a) These are most likely intended for September 
XX, but are redated 10 in calendar. 

Ambrose, Daniel 
30 Tonge, John 
Paul, William 
Stone, George 
Dey, Edmund 

Jenkin, Anne 
Stote, Margarett 
Eason, Isabella 
Fairhead, Martha 

October, 1709. 

1 Ware, John and 
Mardell, Daniel 

3 Judd, John 

4 Warner, Samuel 
Wood, William 

5 Drury, Richard 
Shaw, Robert 
Curtis, Richard 
Hudson, William 
Webb, Roger 
Hall, Thomas 
Ridett, Ralph 
Bradshaw, John 

6 Brown, Charles 
Parry, Thomas 
Otto way, William 
Richardson, John 

7 Wakefield, John 

8 Burton, Walter 
10 Brown, John 

Green, John 
Hopton, Thomas 
Clark, Richard 

12 Merrey, John 

Cope, Robert 
Brookes, Thomas 
Clayton, Edward 
Futreill, John 

13 Cripps, John 
Mason, John 

Hurst, Edward 

14 Neale, Thomas 
Devall, Paul 
Cook, (a) Rt. Hon. 

Thomas, Esquire 
Blundell, William 
Button, John 

15 Ford, Thomas 
Oakley, Vincent, 


Trunkett, Mary 
Dickenson, Ann 

Penn, Elizabeth 
Perkins, Margt. 
Beacon, Joyce 
Rosse, Eleanor 
Binns, Sophia 
Hale, Ann 
Norman, Mary 
Neale, Mary 
Wellins, Barbara 
Langridge, Eliz. 
Gregory, Sarah 
Tenant, Mary 
Ottoway, Sarah 

Small, Elizabeth 
Speakman, Jane 
Beech, Ruth 
Bingham, Ann 
Barlow, Grace 
Quale, Rebeccah 

Benson, Martha 
Theed, Bithia 
Roebuck, Mary 
Lucas, Ann 
White, Marx- 

Tayler, Margaret 
Clark, Elizabeth 
Beek, Elizabeth 
Hale, The Hon. 

Goddard, Eliz. 
Cumpton, Ann 
Harris, Jemima 
Say and Seale, 



Dowager of 

(a) i.e., Coke of Melbourne, Co. Derby. They 
were parents of Charlotte, mother of Peniston 
Lamb, first Viscount Melbourne. 


Faculty Office. 


October, 1709. 

17 Newdigate, and 

Tayler, John 
Simson, William 
Richards, George 
Walker, Amos 

19 Smith, William 
Cooper, Abraham 
Man, Henry 
Potter, John 

20 Peters, Henry 
Green, Thomas 
Barsby, John 
Guyse, William 

21 Jukley, Thomas 
Loggin, Charles 

22 Rainsford, Richard 
Hart, William 
Ray, Robert 

24 Studman, John 
Wallis, George 
Coney, Edward 

25 Andrews, John 
Lambert, Daniel 
Johnson, James 

26 Haynes, Robert 
Friday, James 

27 Evans, John 
Catt, Robert 

28 New, John 

29 Bonce, John 
Henson, Richard 

31 Purvis, William 
Grosse, John 

Hawys, Mary 

Andrew, Jane 
Evans, Dorothy 
Kidgell, Eliz. 
Ilger, Sarah 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Watts, Mary 
Redknapp, Mary 
Good, Mary 
Lister, Rose 
Underhill, Eliz. 
Chilton, Susanna 
Walby, Sarah 
Laskey, Esther 
North, Margaret 
Howard, Jane 
Juwy, Isabella 
Corcker, Eliz. 
Lion, Mary 
Brown, Ann 
Wilkes, Mary 
Smith, Martha 
Wume, Abigail 
Swift, Mary 
Ridley, Jane 
Cracey, Mary 
Evans, Jane 
Marshall, Ann 
Barwick, Eliz. 
Hayes, Elizabeth 
Zouch, Francis 
Hedges, Sarah 
Palmer, Elizabeth 

November, 1709. 

1 Evans, Edward an 
Warman, Richard 
Tomlin, John 

2 Dawbeney, John 

3 Davies, John 

4 Archer, John 

5 Hoard, Thomas 
Wood, Richard 

6 Day, Michael 

7 Burgis, Thomas 

Hughes, William 

8 Rowell, John 

9 Bassett, John 
Langford, Samuel 
Ladyman, Thomas 
Abbott, Edmund 

10 Spicer, Thomas 
Wall, David 

d Parry, Eleanor 
Ashton, Jane 
Freeman, Grace 
Fogg, Mary 
Jordan, Mary 
Hughes, Mary 
Cole, Hannah 
Barnes, Elizabeth 
Peat, Francis 

Robinson, Mary 
Cawsey, Eliz. 

Ives, Martha 
Salmon, Ann 
Minns, Hannah 
Morgan, Mary 
Kimpton, Sarah 
Hunter, Mary 
Balmfield, Eleanor 

10 Williamson, Rbt.and Hughes, Jane 
Harris, Francis Lee, Sarah 

Stovell, Roger 

Bent, John 

Hill, Rowland 
12 Fowler, Dennis 

Hole, Richard 
14 Bradley, William 

Dyer, Patrick 

Welsh, Ann 
Gregory, Susan 
Grove, Mary 
Sturges, Mary 
Hophon, Rose 
Yates, Mary 
Harrison, Mary 
Smith, Hellen 

15 Cooper, William 
Stonehever, William Sandford, Sarah 

16 Stevens, Thomas Jowing, Eliz. 

17 Moore, William Hardyman, 

King, Ann 
Gildon, Ann 
Parum, Susanna 
Ford, Dorothy 
Tyllyard, Jane 

Evans, John 
Cove, Edward 
Meares, John 

18 Scott, Robert 

19 Adams, William 
21 Standishstreet, John Varney, Grace 

Puplett, Richard Streeter, Eliz 
Davies, Andrews 

Lyon, John 
Frankland, Jeffray 
22 Row, Edward 
Newman, John 


Plumland, Jane 
Sillevant, Ellinor 
Harris, Elizabeth 
Tayler, Elizabeth 

Blaikstone, Thomas Piper, Mary 
Hurst, lidward Rumney, Frances 

23 Ward, Richard 
Trew, Thomas 
Marsh, Robert 

24 Twocock, John 
Norton, William 
Bellas, John 

25 Day, John 

Wild, Frances 
Ottway, Margt. 
Mills, Katherine 
Penford, Ann 
Jones, Alice 
Wigg, Jane 
Meekins, Marge r 
Hibberd, Eliz. 

Savage, Purbeck 

26 Puckford, Jonathan Lego, Rachael 
Chilton, Thomas Clear, Mary 
Whright, Joseph Palmer, Millicent 

28 Cramphorne, Henry Fowle, Ann 
Gale, John Jones, Margaret 

Kilby, Thomas Webb, Elizabeth 

Deaves, Edward 

29 Bristow, Robert, 


30 Mirason, David 
Graham, Andrew 
Brunton, James 
Jackson, Thomas 

Clark, Elizabeth 
Ward, Sarah 

Comant, Rachael 
Cole, Christian 
Young, Jane 
Hay den, Martha 

December, 1709. 

1 Betson, John and Ward, Elizabeth 
Brise, Samuel Whitlee, Eliz. 

Hughes, John 

2 Hugdull, John 
Browne, James 
Pomfrett, Jasper 

3 Nicholas, John 

Lenthall, Cath. 
Pickering, Ann 
Atkins, Mary 
Bowden, Mary 
Towne, Eliz. 


Ma rriage L icences. 


December, 1709. 

3 Browne, Francis and 
Bellamy, James 
Hart, George 

5 Haynes, Benjamin 
Young, Robert 
Clark, Richard 

6 Russell, Thomas 

7 Ward, William 
Milton, Absolom 

8 Bostock, Plowman 
Earl, Jabez 
Rollings, William 
Marsh, William 

9 Bavvois, Isaac 
King, Roger 

10 Stevens, John 

12 White, John 

13 Barnes, Andrew 
Wiggs, Henry 
Howard, William 

14 Smallwood, James 
Clarkson, John 
Iserloo, Englebert 

16 Streatley, Robert 
Richards, John 
Hall, Stephen 

17 Cholmley, William 
Harman, John 
Smith, Walter 

19 Pimm, Edward 
Evans, Robert 
Stevens, Thomas 

20 Whetstone, Sir 

Whitton, James 
Horwood, Edward 

21 Adams, Richard 
Keitley, Robert 
Painter, John 
Bradley, Daniel 
Wix, William 

22 Bedient, Anthony 
Hitchins, Robert 
Chettle, John 

Pazay, Benjamin 
Windham, Richard 

23 Bennett, Joseph 
Vanlochem, Daniel 
Sherrock, John 
Ball, William 

24 Gilbert, John 
Newton, John 

26 Dent, William 
Woodrow, George 
Bincks, Thomas 

Osmond, Mary 
Stapleton, Ann 
Doe, Elizabeth 
Fry, Ann 
Twyford, Mary 
Delves, Eliz. 
Hardwick, Mary 
Vincent, Frances 
Goldsmith, Eliz. 
Buck, Mary 
Joy, Mary 
Fermell, Mary 
Porter, Susan 
Lorimer, Marv 
Hill, Marv 
Tipping, Mary 
Lewis, Mary 
Watts, Elizabeth 
Stanley, Sarah 
Phipps, Eliz. 
Walters, Martha 
Turner, Mary 
Budge, Grace 
Wilson, Margaret 
Leverett, Jane 
Daubrine, Eliz. 
Pettett, Mary 
Allen, Mary 
Walthew, Margt. 
Reynolds, Sarah 
Horner, Frances 
Stevens, Mary 
Summers, Mary 

Leake, Mary 

Garvis, Ann 
Bestwick, Eliz. 
Davis, Elizabeth 
Gibbs, Ann 
Jones, Elizabeth 
Bird, Mary 
Benn, Mary 
Williams, - 

Sibley, Elizabeth 
Selby, Elizabeth 
Clarke, Sarah 
Cox, Elizabeth 
Rimes, Elizabeth 

Sitta, Jane 
Lille, Mary 
Chauncy, Kath. 
Osborn, Rose 
Horley, Eliz. 

27 Hubbard, Thos. and 
Boothby, William 
Heints, George 

28 Johnson, Jonas 

Devoll, Samuel 

29 Durham, Thomas 
Drury, Robert 

30 Swarling, Thomas 
Urling, Samuel 
Chabot, Peter 

31 Cooper, Thomas 
Pembrook, John 
Bryant, Charles 
Raydon, Benjamin 
Woods, Thomas 

Dent, Margaret 
Haws, Elizabeth 
Robinson, Mary 


Vener, Mary 
Smith, Rachael 
Quick, Mary 
Warren, Rebecca 
Guillon, Jane 
Arsen, Mary 
Gillham, Jane 
Cretall, Thorn azin 
Lunn, Mary 
Newcombe, Sarah 

January, 1709-10. 

2 Tibbetts, Joseph and Harris, Elizabeth 
Large, Anthony Worsley, Sarah 

Lucas, Richard 
Usher, John 

3 Page, William 
Brent, Mary (sic) 
Gery, Thomas 

4 Mills, John 
Dove, James 
Pollock, John 

5 Gray, Philip 

Benger, Abraham 

6 Collins, William 
Bass, Thomas 
Button, William 

7 Mathewe, China 
Euston, Thomas 
How, Richard 
Huckly, John 

9 Counter, Thomas 
Dod, Samuel 
Hopkins, James 
Bayles, William 
Thorn a 
10 Weatherby, 
Allen, Thomas 
Hall, Thomas 

Mauder, George 

11 Pease, George 
Rogers, John 
Tochbury, George 
Tayler, George 

12 Macham, Saxbee 

13 Louther, John 
Townsend, Richard Steward, Eleanor 

14 Godfrey, Robert Scarp, Elizabeth 
16 Flacke, Henry Kellam, Hannah 

Kenton, Mary 
Guillam, Mary 
Baw, Mary 
Hurst, Elizabeth 
Bennett, Eliz. 
Bowden, Mary 
Newell, Ann 
Wharton, Judith 

Moody, Mary 
Torrent, Rebecca 
Goodman, Mary 
Linton, Mary 
Brookes, Batteras 
Warner, Mary 
Tandering, Sarah 
Ball, Katherine 
Phitham, Marv 
Hill, Mary 
Ardin, Elizabeth 
Carter, Lucy 

Ansty, Ann 

Webb, Penelope 

Red ford, Ann 
Pease, Margaret 
Cross, Christian 
Reepe, Mary 
Graves, Lydia 
Wintle, Elizabeth 
Boxton, Mary 


Faculty Office. 

2 5* 

January, 1709-10. 

18 Lane, William and 
Richardson, Wm. 
Wood, William 
Hopton, Edward 

19 Martin, John 

20 Neve, Henry 

Cox, John 

Young, Joseph 

21 Goldfinch, John 
Handiside, Roger 

24 Peek, Joseph 
Muzaree, Abel 


25 Bennett, Daniel 
Butchards, William 
Williams, Thomas 

26 Beldom, William 
Meinzeis, William 
Paulfreman, John 

27 Bi £g> J ohn 
Mirande, Peter 

Hassan, Cutts 

28 Irish, Israel 
Tychborne, Elias 
Dobson, John 

30 Cavalier, John 
Albone, Edward 
Goward, John 

* Washington, Wm. 

31 Grundey, Richard 
Sharp, 1 horn as 

Plampen, Eliz. 
Duck, Frarces 
Killeck, Amy 
Nickalls, Anne 
Philippes, Mary 

1 — ] 

Cooke, Mary 
Paine, Susan 
Thornicroft, Eliz. 
Fer.n, Elizabeth 
Wise, Sarah 
Kemster, Sarah 

Holland, Eliz. 
Miller, Mary 
Burrett, Frances 
Bonfoy, Susanna 
Conning, Eliz. 
Kender, Martha 
Buffett, Mary 
Smith, Mary 
Tabor, Frances 
Foyster, Eliz. 
Fryer, Katherine 
Rand, Elizabeth 
Harly, Elizabeth 
Middleton, Eliz. 
Allen, Ann 
Wilkinson, Ann 
Distan, Sarah 
Graveley, Mary 

February, 1709-10. 

1 Spires, Samuel and 
Stist:d, John 
Newman, Samuel 
Nicholls, Nicholas 

2 Rice, James 
Brice, John 
Bayly, Thomas 

Brafeild, Richard 
Edwards, Thomas 

3 Hall, Thomas 

Bannister, Thomas 
Hall, Thomas 

4 De Labatt, Jacob 
Clarke, Joseph 

6 Pyke, Richard 

7 Lacour, Andrew 
Salway, Joseph 
Acworth, Jacob 
Hindmore, Lancelot 

Fearn, Elizabeth 
Nodes, Elizabeth 
Hudson, Susan 
Sice, Mary 
Hesketh, Jane 
Milseng, Lydia 

Hawkins, Eliz. 
Walter, Mary 

Clare, Elizabeth 
Ougham, Ann 
Pontin, Eliz. 
Cuttler, Sarah 
Man, Ann 
Holman, Martha 
Blake, Sarah 
Loton, Esther 
Sandys, Mary 

7 Bloodworth, and Taswell, Eliz 

9 Goddard, William 

Whitaker, Robert 

Ring, John 

Myers, Christopher 

10 Michel, John 
Jones, Philip 
Aldcroft, Charles 
Smith, Joshua 
James, Thomas 

11 Cave, Samuel 
Joseph, Benjamin, 

Bursley, Thomas 

13 Ward, Robert 

Selcken, Peter 
Sexton, Henry 
Readshaw, Joshua 

14 Feilding, Thomas 
Cox, Richard 
Bringhurst, James 
Hicks, Richard 
Goodall, Richard 

15 Chapman, John 
Noden, Ralph 
Searle, Edmond 
Richardson, Thos. 
Lyscombe, Joseph 
Stephens, David 

16 Tauton, Valentine 
Dunckley, Bazil 
Blathorne, Simon 
Stevens, Samuel 
Barnett, Robert 

17 Querk, Cornelius 
Thomas, Lewis 
Wilson, Gabriel 

18 Castanett, Esekiel 
Waite, Arthur 
Hunt, William 
Drake, William 
May, Tristram 

20 , Bastick, James 
Small, Thomas 
White, Daniel 
Ball, James 

21 Cotchett, Isaac 
King, Charles 

Soden, William 

22 Burnell, Jonas 
25 Crause, Peter 

Freeman, William 
27 Hobbs, John 
Bushnell, John 
Jones, John 


Mathew {sic) 
Kincs, Mary 
Adams, Ann 
Walker, Eliz. 
Graham, Mary 
Pincher, Eliz. 
Stevenson, Sarah 
Ambrose, Mary 
White, Margaret 
Dunckley, Mary 
Pecock, Esther 

Bennett, Martha 
Garroway, Eliz. 
Michell, Hester 
Giles, Ann 
Man, Martha 
Stogdale, Jane 
Barber, Susan 
Mash, Joan 
Hicks, Elizabeth 
Sudlow, Mary 
Thompson, Ann 
Luke, Susanna 
Lee, Frances 
Brown, Elizabeth 
Lyscombe, Eliz. 
Davies, Margt. 
Pitcher, Eliz. 
Dennis, Mary 
Crissell, Eliz. 
Poundrell, Mary 
Parry, Jane 
Wallsalle, Sarah 
Crafford, Dorothy 
Evans, Mary 
Wilson, Margt. 
Marshall, Susan 
Russell, Eliz. 
Wilson, Sarah 
Masters, Eliz. 
Fenner, Eliz. 
Phipps, Mary 
White, Elizabeth 
Nelson, Ann 
Griffith, Sarah 
Massey, Eliz. 

Du Maresy, Ann 
Whiteside, Mary 
Butler, Jane 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Coward, Mary 
Wright, Eliz. 
Watkin, Abigail 


Ala rriage L icences. 


March, 1709-10. 

1 Stater, Walter and 

2 Everat, John 

4 Scott, William 
Holmes, William 
Waye, William 

6 Smallwood, John 

7 Jones, Edward 

9 Smith, Anthony 

10 Allen, John 
Hely, Hilliard 
Haddon, John 

14 Stevenson, Gregory 
Lamb, Nathaniel 
Ballard, Thomas 
Goldsmith, John 

16 Shaw, Michael 
Davies, Lewis 
Kelly, Denis 

Sherwood, Robert 

17 Pantall, John 

18 Mitchell, Isaac 
Thredder, Edward 

20 Clutworthy, John 
23 Fowler, John 
23 Herbert, John 
Stone, John 

Lee, Jane 
Searle, Elizabeth 
Aleak, Ann 
Mackintosh, Jane 
Farr, Mary 
Daniel, Eliz. 
Hall, Hannah 
Thompson, Eliz. 
Polston, Eliz. 
Shales, Elizabeth 
Hughes, Eliz. 
Worley, Sarah 
Wright, Anne 
Warner, Eliz. 
Gother, Susanna 
Hughes, Eliz. 
Mowberry, Mary 

Buck, Joyce 
Hall, Esther 
Nicholson, Sarah 

Goodman, Ann 
Carnill, Elizabeth 
Healy, Tabitha 
Mede, Elizabeth 

March, 1710. 

25 Burridge, Walter and Ward, Frances 

27 Brievincky, Adrian Husky, Mary 

28 Starbuck, Thomas Rugg, Frances 

29 Breadcutt, Charles Pew, Mary 
Marriott, Samuel Barnardiston, 

Parnam, John Coultis, Sarah 

31 Best, James Howard, Miriam 

April, 1710. 

1 Brookes, Richard an 

3 Whitfield, Ralph 
Warboyes, Edward 

4 Meers, Richard 
Burrell, Jonathan 
Cleeter, Francis 

5 Smith, Ralph 

6 Elliston, Richard 
Collins, Richard 
Wellman, Thomas 

7 Haught, James 
Pearce, George 
Middleton, Thomas 
Bell, Christopher 
Holt, Peter 

d Leadbeater, 

Johnson, Felicia 
Smith, Ann 
Croot, Elizabeth 
Lawrence, Eliz. 
Warren, Mary 
Cooke, Frances 
Cottingham, Ann 
Russell, Eliz. 
Whitestead, Eliz. 
Ward, Hannah 
Stonton, Mary 
Ridley, Eliz. 
Downer, Ruth 
Remnant, Sarah 

7 Martin, Thomas and 
Aylett, Thomas 
Cox, John 
Hall, Richard 
10 Parsons, John 
Russell, Joseph 
Sutton, Henry 
Tuck, Edward 

12 Willcocks, Joseph 
Younger, Robert 
Weston, Samuel 
Narraway, Joseph 

13 Scott, Benjamin 
Meadley, Robert 

Wilson, Mathias 

14 Reading, William 
Raymond, Robert 

15 Prince, James 
Masey, Joseph 
Ratliff, John 

17 Harrison, John 
Noble, Edward 
Baileman, John 

18 Goodfellow, Thomas 
Browne, Joseph 
Porter, James 
Blankley, Samuel 

19 Holt, Charles 

De Carteret, John 
Clayton, William 
Yarnold, George 
Dare, William 

20 Williams, Charles 

21 Slow, William 
Coker, Thomas 
Eaton, Peter 

22 Boremand, William 
Nunneley, Robert 
Liquorish, William 
Warner, John 

24 Betterley, Thomas 
Ellis, George 

25 Haynes, James 
Huggins, Anthony 

Griffith, Rowland 
Wilds, William 
Poddefant, James 

26 Orork, William 
Skinner, Daniel 
Horner, Thomas 

27 Tandin, Peter 

28 Beauree, Adam 

29 Ash, Richard 
Krull, Joost 
Sanders, William 

Bagly, Mary 
Lack, Ann 
Bloore, Mabella 
Brooman, Sarah 
Bateman, Mary 
Dern, Sarah 
Gurry, Mary 
Levy, Elizabeth 
Gay, Mary 
Cole, Susanna 
Blackwell, Sarah 
Norfleet, Ann 
Knight, Mary 

Eddows, Eliz. 
Langmore, Sarah 
Northey, Ann 
Blaker, Catharine 
Nicholson, Mary 
Robinson, Henry 

Stistede, Martha 
Johnson, Eliz. 
Wright, Sarah 
Bragby, Lydia 
Wreen, Ann 
Cam, Martha 
Wright, Mary 
Williams, Margt. 
Hall, Sarah 
Jordan, Ann 
Roberts, Jane 
Stone, Mary 
Fleet, Elizabeth 

Connop, Eliz. 
Box, Mary 
Linnett, Alice 
Okell, Mary 
Freeman, Eliz. 
Clarke, Elizabeth 
Langley, Esther 
Brown, Margt. 
Parsons, Ann 
Monk, Mary 
Turner, Jane 
Butterfield, Mary 
Symonds, Amy 
Belson, Hannah 
Kent, Mary 
Bromley, Sarah 
Blick, Elizabeth 
Charonnan, Mary 
Cabibell, Eliz. 
Shelton, Eleanor 
White, Priscilla 
Bavies, Margaret 


Faculty Office. 

2 53 

May, 1710. 

1 Fretwell, John and 

2 Morgan, William 
Leng, John 

3 Dashwood, Richard 

4 Radley, John 
Guidott, William 

5 Haddock, Henry 
Bristow, John 

6 Morley, Robert 
Chapman, Thomas 

9 Polair, Henry 
10 Moone, John 

12 Benning, Stephen 
Skelding, George 

13 Towersey, Richard 
Sawyer, Thomas 

Pitner, Ludovius 
Randolph, William 
Stewart, William 
Hildreth, Nicholas 
Saunders, Nicholas 

15 Evans, William 
Stamp, John 

16 Lowden, Samuel 
Elliott, Thomas 
Prideaux, Peter 
Tichborne, John 
Shuckford, John 
Buller, Thomas 
Warren, Francis 

17 Stacy, Robert 
Bredon, William 

18 Lovett, William 
Wise, Charles 

19 Perkins, Phillip 

20 Hunt, John 
Leaper, Charles 
Brown, Thomas 

22 Bolton, James 
Caliis, John 
Vincent, Thomas 
Smith, William 

24 Payne, John 
Goodburn, Thomas 
Burt, Richard 
Stevens, Thomas 

25 South, Stephen 
Bailey, Thomas 
Wittney, Thomas 
Diskett, Thomas 

26 Carthew, Thomas 
Pierson, Edward 

27 Allingham, John 
Bignold, Joseph 


Turner, Elizabeth 
Urlin, Hester 
Lewis, Elizabeth 
Willis, Elizabeth 
Child, Jane 
Brookes, Eliz. 
Smith, Ann 
Kite, Elizabeth 
Burray, Elizabeth 
Baden, Ellenor 
Laurence, Eliz. 
Pickfatt, Mary 
Tomlinson, Anne 

Fossett, Mary 
Williams, Mary 
Kirk, Mary 
Rawlin, Sarah 
Wildboare, Margt. 
Tubb, Jane 
Warren, Eliz.Ann 
Allen, Mary 
Rowett, Mary 
Petitt, Dorothea 
Head, Ann 
Rickett, Mary 
Clerke, Mary 
Williams, Rachael 
Rockey, Sarah 
Meades, Mary 
Ewer, Sarah 
Webb, Diana 
Ruby, Rebecca 
Belcher, Sarah 
Sawell, Eleanor 

Watts, Elizabeth 
Tayler, Sarah 
Berrow, Jane 
Turner, Dorothy 
Gard, Margaret 
Hewlett, Eliz. 
Blake, Sarah 
Hopewell a Is. 

Tupper, Ann 
Langley, Eliz. 
Hassell, Judith 
Griffith, Mary 
Oliver, Elizabeth 
Powys, Sarah 
Brewer, Prudence 
Ware, Ruth 
Goldwyer, Diana 

27 Chappell, and 

Sermon, John 

29 Hart, William 
Smith, Robert 
Robinson, Sir 

Thomas (a) 
Smith, Henry 

30 Duvall, Thomas 
Wantue, Thomas 
Bradshaw, Albion 

31 Dagnall, Samuel 
Baker, Andrew 
Bowsill, Mathew 
Jenner, Samuel 
Hampton, George 
Young, John 

Newing, Susanna 

Baker, Mary 
Dann, Elizabeth 
Butcher, Eliz. 
Hare, Elizabeth 

Williams, Sarah 
Duvall, Elizabeth 
Scalls, Jane 
Webb, Hannah 
Howard, Mary 
Goldsmith, Sarah 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Lattin, Mary 
Porter, Anne 
Towers, Mary 

June, 1710. 

2 Laycock, John and 

3 Russell, William 

Turner, Edward 
Houseman, Walter 
5 Philips, William 
Harrop, Henry 

7 Sancroft, William 
Hanbury, John 
Crouch, Thomas 
Barton, William 

8 Melvill, Thomas 
Smith, Andrew 

9 Tye, Thomas 
Beeston, John 

10 Mapleton, Francis 

12 Harris, John 
Manlerd, Michael 

13 Hicks, Nicholas 
Bickford, Thomas 
Baker, Benjamin 

Field, Robert 

14 Bockett, James 
Perry, James 
Maybee, William 
Harrard, Edward 
Beane, Robert 
Lynell, Joseph 
Goddard, Henry 

16 Toone, George 
Van Deuren, Henry 

17 Doleman, Richard 
Tomlinson, William 
Francis, John 

19 Goose, John 

Smith, Hannah 
Huntley, Tamy 

Feme, Elizabeth 
Comby, Sarah 
Powle, Margaret 

Cotton, Catherine 
Lean, Mary 
Hockley, Mary 
Pulley, Mary 
Romaynes, Mary 
Honor, Elizabeth 
King, Miriam 
Barry, Grace 
Newman, Eliz. 
Recks, Frances 
Drake, Dorothy 
Budder, Mary 
Wicks, Mary 

Newton, Hannah 
Cox, Sarah 
Wyatt, Lydia 
Gawthropp, Mary 
Baylis, Ann 
Grainger, Anne 
Warner, Ansted 

Priest, Susan 
Holmes, Eliz. 
Kember, Mary 
Scott, Anne 
Nash, Ann 
Blower, Eliz. 

(a) Third and last Bart., 1684-1743. 


Ma rriagc L icences. 



June, 1710. 

19 Mullins, Win. and 
Wood, Goddard 

20 Wilkinson, Peter 
Rea, Joseph 
Jackson, William 

21 Morrice, Bezalbel 
Humstone, Francis 

22 Michell, William 
Higgins, John 
Richardson, Wm. 

24 Lund, James 

Brownell, Edward 
Catchmaid, John 
Beaulands, Edward 

26 Moth, William 
Hill, William 
Mallett, John 

27 Cope, Thomas 
Parsons, Peter 
Goadby, John 

28 Highwood, Henry 
Bowman, William 

29 Barry, Samuel 

Symonds, Hann'h 
Brievincks, Eliz. 
Molleneux, Mary 
Branson, Dorothy 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Wells, Elizabeth 
Thorowgood, Ann 
Taylor, Elizabeth 
Clay, Sarah 
Havard, Ann 
Greene, Elizabeth 
Harris, Elizabeth 
Porter,- Hannah 
Warwick, Em me 
Kitchener, Martha 
Holsey, Sarah 
Baptist, Susan 
Cross, Margaret 
Thimble, Mary 
Collyer, Ann 
Harratt, Eliz. 
Shaw, Elizabeth 

July, 1710. 

1 Simpson, John and 

3 Mann, Edward 
Durling, Robert 

4 Cooke, David 
Hopper, Charles 
White, Benjamin 

5 Rood, James 

7 Knight, Christopher 
Robinson, James 

Henley, Thomas 
Hodgkins, Thomas 

8 Crampton, William 

11 Parsons, Richard 
Devall, John 
Sparkes, William 

12 Rooke, Henry 
Balderston, George 
Webster, Richard 

13 Ireson, Daniel 

14 Young, John 
Norton, John 

15 Meller, Richard 
Bayer, Bastian Otto 
Saltt, Michael 
Squire, John 
Clifton, William 

17 Parker, Christopher 
Dinsdell, Thomas 
Wood, Henry 

Laws, Ann 
Tayler, Ann 
Brown, Mary 
Goen, Alice 
Green, Ann 
Tappin, Sarah 
Elkington, Mary 
Dawson, Anne 

Harris, Mary 
Dyer, Esther 
Day, Marv 
Child, Mary 
Winton, Hester 
King, Sarah 
Williamson, Ann 
Lowry, Rebecca 
Weedon, Mary 

Hocker, Susanna 
Ratcliffe, Eliz. 
Merriton, Mary 
Cox, Gratia 
Bentley, Sarah 
Carpenter, Eliz. 
Wall, Mary 
Brome, Margaret 
Mitchell, Anne 
Oxlade, Mary 

17 Spender, Gabriel and 
Elliott, Elias 

18 Henshall, William 

19 Gullenborge, Chas. 

20 Haynes, Nicholas 
Watts, William 

21 Bridge, Thomas 
Lee, Peter 
Hills, Walter 
Bates, William 
Nicholls, WTlliam 
Kemp, Robert 

22 Hope, Nathan 
Pritchett, Thomas 
Gyles, James 
Dowrtes, Edward 
Hannis, Mathew 
Tayler, Thomas 

24 Newland, William 
Tayler, John 
Bolter, Samuel 

25 Hodgson, Thomas 
Revett, Thomas 

26 Turner, Ralph 
Bross, Henry 

28 Thorowgood, 

Harris, James 
Brathwait, George 

29 White, William 
Smith, Charles 
Verrick, Peter 
Cobb, Nicholas 
(a) Winter, Peter 

31 {a) Winter, Peter 

Bartiett, Frances 
Christian, Eliz. 
Foley, Susanna 
Kitt, vSarah 
Jones, Ann 
Watson, Mary 
Bumby, Alice 
Hobkirk, Dorothy 
Bristow, Eliz. 
La Fose, Mary 
Beane, Joanna 
Blackwell, Martha 
Roberts, Eliz. 
Robinson, Francis 
Rolfe, Frances 
Morecock, Ann 
Johnson, Mary 
South, Amy 
Shepherd, Martha 
Holden, Susanna 
Luth, Sarah 
Burrell, Amphyllis 
Knight, Frances 

Lee, Elizabeth 
Barne, Jane 
Hockley, Eliz. 

Singleton, Martha 
Toms, Sarah 
Brown, Ann 
Brotherton, Eliz. 
Bell, Arabella 
Laws, Margaret 
Paine, Sarah 
Pain, Sarah 

August, 1710. 

1 Sudell, John 

2 lies, Charles 
Hughes, Charles 

3 Jackson, William 
Mill, John 
Ogle, Nicholas 
Parker, Joseph 

4 Murry, Thomas 
Spragg, John 
Grimes, Henry 
Parsons, David 

5 Queenell, Henry 
7 Humfrys, Robert 

Foster, William 
9 Hutchins, William 

10 Lingood, Thomas 

11 Yorke, Edward 

14 Maxey, Joseph 

15 Barnes, Robert 

and Baynham, Eliz. 
Milner, Frances 
Hall, Jane 
Morris, Elizabeth 
Betty, Mercy 
Morse, Elizabeth 
Holmes, Ann 
Tubman, Eliz. 
Anderson, Ann 
Johnson, Ann 
Jones, Ann 
Goddin, Ann 
Ford, Elizabeth 
Harward, Eliz. 
Smith, Mary 
Allen, Ann 
Langley, Ann 
Maxey, Martha 
Wood, Sarah 

(a) This is as per calendar, but probably the same. 


Faculty Office. 


August, i 

15 Neville, John and 
Sharp, John 

Mills, James 

Fitter, Abraham 

17 Tate, Bryan 
Nelson, Thomas 
Shaw, John 
McEven, James 

18 Law, John 
Perry, Richard 

ig Whitfield, Charles 
Walter, James 

2 1 Fetherstonhaugh, 

Whadcock, Simon 
Hopkins, Thomas 
Tillear, William 
Owen, Thomas 
Home, John 


22 Hopkins, Samuel 
Fearon, John 
Mailers, John 
Bourman, James 

23 Lupton, John 
Gornell, Thomas 

24 Smith, John 
Smith, Thomas 

Higham, James 
Flint, Francis 

26 Eades, Charles 

Montague, Thomas 

28 Went, Daniel 
Collier, John 
Pick, John 

29 Loringe, William 
Cushe, Thomas 

30 Homstead, John 
Palmer, William 

31 Meares, Mark 
Young, Thomas 
Smith, William 
Tew, John 
Stennet, Johndah 



Clark, Mary 
Hosier, Anna 


Bradley, Rebecca 
Beach, Susanna 
Norton, Mary 
Harrison, Ann 
Darcy, Elizabeth 
Slaymaker, Mary 
Tilliard, Phoenix 
Grimes, Man- 
Waters, Eliz. 
Price, Mary 

Philips, Elizabeth 
Midgely, Ann 
Brown, Ellen 
Read, Jane 
Jeffrys, Judith 
Porter, Ann 

Cox, Ann 
Amswan, Eliz. 
Tewksbury, Mary 
Savage, Eliz. 
Porter, Priscilla 
Denton, Mary 
Brooke, Eliz. 

Yeo, Grace 
Boycott, Anna 

Roberts, Ann 
Raines, Elizabeth 
Goodin, Sarah 
Ingwood, Eliz. 
Lilly, Elizabeth 
Harvey, Mary 
Barnett, Hester 
Millett, Elizabeth 
Wilson, Agatha 
Slaughter, Alice 
Hughes, Ruth 
Ridley, J ant- 
Low, Sarah 
Salkeld, Eli/. 

September, 1710. 

1 Towers, Stephen and Green, Mary 

2 Barker, Edward Rakestraw, Eliz. 
Pamphilon, Edward Wootton, Eliz. 
Stock, John Blanford, Mary 

3 Horn, Thomas Holmes, Eliz. 

4 Wolfe., Stephen Johns, Ann 

4 Hoare, James and 

Edwards, John 

5 Smith, John 
Taylor, John 

Le Grand, James 
Townsend, Samuel 
Hopton, Eoster 

6 Ward, James 
Swindall, Nathaniel 
Hone, William 

7 Neigbours, Robert 
Francis, William 

8 Ball, William 
Baines, William 
Bairwick, Joseph 
Hacker, Thomas 
Dealtry, Benjamin 
Block, William 

9 Turner, John 

11 Bevis, William 
Austen, John 
Gurrey, John 
Springfield, Edward 

12 Easton, James 
Brown, Alexander 
Boreman, John 

13 Hughes, John 
Boye, Erancis 
Fletcher, John 

14 Tatnall, William 

15 Sharley, Joseph 

16 Chandler, Thomas 

Settrenton, Robert 
Melyn, Isaac 
ig Stracey, John 

Le Sac, Sebastian 
Wendell, Tobias 
Tredor, John 
Rogier, Solomon 
Bourne, Hugh 

20 Smith, George 
Frost, Zachanah 
Shoemaker, Jacob 

21 Horsey, Peter 
Gosford, Nathaniel 
Reynolds, Thomas 

22 Hewytt, Arnold 
Vansegar, Jacob 

23 Smith, William 
Chambers, George 

25 Holt, William 
Money, Joseph 
Jenkinson, Henry 

26 Tayler, John 
Wilkison, Robert 
Day, Richard 

27 Rigg, Abraham 
Barneby, William 


Burley, Susannah 
Lamprier, Sarah 
Cheeseman, Eliz. 
Her dice, Kath. 
Moore, Man- 
Curtis, Elizabeth 
Lillia, Susan 
Kirby, Elias 
Hapworth, Kath. 
Richardson, Sarah 
Bailey, Mary 
Harding, Eliz. 
Gardiner, Eliz. 
Sides, Ann 
Prinn, Sarah 
Boulter, Eliz. 
Chandler, Mary 
Golding, Mary 
Ford, Ann 
Kent, Ruth 
Harris, Ann 
Collins, Susanna 
Bunn, Mary 
Symonds, Alice 
Cockcroft, Eliz. 
Morris, Eliz. 
Smith, Jane 
Bowley, Ann 
Lester, Margaret 
Rogers, J one 

Bellamy, Mary 
Clayton, Ruth 
Cal, Susanna 
Peck, Ann 
Wjnkhall, Sarah 
Scott, Susanna 
Tonon, Mary 
Flower, Martha 
Ummant, Ann 
Green, Ann 
Kectch, Christian 
Lee, J cine 
Edlin, Mary 
Cooper, Ann 
Cordell, Eliz. 
James, Sarah 
Elliott, Alice 
Hooper, Eliz. 
Tilman, Eliz. 
Bristow, Mary 
Buggins, Mary 
Heaton, Ellen 
Stow, Mary 
Watkins, Mary 
Edwards, Eliz. 
Brown, Grace 


Marriage Licences. 


September, 1710. 

27 Heardsley, and 

Scotcher, Randolph 

28 Blundell, Nathaniel 
Keigwin, Roger 
Nelthorpe, John 
Broad, Stephen 

29 Tayler, John 


Fudger, Eliz. 
Foresight, Mary 
Loader, Martha 
Heather, Ann 
Ellis, Hannah 
Hutton, Margaret 

October, 1710. 

2 Stevens, John and 
Semor, Richard 

3 Rider, Isaac 

4 Lloyd, James 
Guest, Silvester 
Flexman, James 
Creswell, Samuel 
Bell, William 
Copeland, John 
Eady, John 

6 Morris, Richard 
Coulton, Charles 

7 Puller, Jonathan 
9 Tomson, Jasper 

10 Blithe, Henry 
Baldwin, Triamer 

11 King, John 
Hawgood, Thomas 

12 Warren, Richard 
Seward, William 
Newcomen, Robert 
Boden, John 

13 Holtom, William 
Jackson, James 
Gardiner, Richard 
Lamb, Charles 

14 Goodman, Charles 
Parry, Joseph 

17 Lambert, Nicholas 

18 Wilson, Simon 

19 Rotherford, Edward 
Carr, James 
Gaine, John 

20 Emley, Thomas 
Otway, George 

21 Burback, Dederic 

23 Smith, Thomas 
Dawson, John 
Pelling, Edward 
Jones, Thomas 
Carpenter, Henry 

24 Gregory, George 
Smith, Edmund 
Cole, George 

26 Gibbons, Jeremiah 
Barnes, William 

Sparrow, Faith 
Ashley, We brow 
Somers, Mary 
Malbow, Ann 
Eades, Mary 
Pinner, Sarah 
Jones, Elizabeth 
Williams, Ann 
Read, Alice 
Hyott, Margaret 
Sharp, Vertue 
Mason, Mary 
Bancroft, Eliz. 
Haddock, Joyce 
Harding, Mary 
Jones, Mary 
Stone, Joanna 
Lane, Martha 
King, Jane 
Addis, Elizabeth 
Percivall, Jane 
Evans, Sarah 
Charly, Mary 
Abbott, Ann 
Young, Mary 
Thomas, Margt. 
Moore, Mary 
Whittaker, Eliz. 
Carpenter, Eliz. 
Blanch, Ann 
Pick, Sarah 
Watson, Eliz. 

Hicks, Elizabeth 
Kendall, Ann 
Lee, Grace 
Scarfe, Rose 
Fowell, Esther 
Hill, Margaret 
Peacock, Eliz. 
Barr, Susan 
Morris, Sarah 
Bathe, Sarah 
Walters, Mary 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Barnes, Elizabeth 

26 Kent, John a 

27 Miles, Thomas 

28 Darling, Richard 
Hill, John 
Fidler, Richard 
Christall, George 

Peed, John 

Jackson, William 
Richardson, John 

nd Bond, Sarah 

Ryll, Jane 
Howling, Mary 
Wright, Ann 


Tomson, Mary 
Hocraft, Eliz. 

November, 1710. 

Morrell, Michael and Reves, Elizabeth 
Deane, John Gibbons, Eliz. 

Breadcutt, Charles Symonds, Esther 
Reynolds, Thomas Branteen, Mary 
Wood, Henry Webb, Mary 

Sanderson, Anthony Rowley, Susanna 
Speakman, Thomas Shippey, Sarah 
Cornock, Edward Horsley, Eliz. 

3 Lafton, Magnus 

4 Jones, Stephen 
6 Rogers, George 

Burch, Thomas 
Lott, Joshua 

Colwen, Sarah 
Trott, Jane 
Dawes, Mary 
Elkin, Elizabeth 
Classen, Eliz. 

7 Breadham, Richard Binian, Sarah 

Dolden, Jane 
Howell, Alice 
Harridge, Mary 
Jones, Mary 
Palmer, Elizabeth 
Heckett, Ann 
Myrick, Mary 

8 Lloyd, John 
Codd, James 

9 Cole, William 
Gates, James 

11 Phesant, Richard 
Penrith, William 
Barnard, Jeremiah 

13 Redmayne, Edmund Harvey, Eliz. 

14 Burnell, William Blake, Elizabeth 
Masters, Thomas 

15 Cordwell, John 
Hurtle, William 
Merchant, John 

16 Pearce, John 
Armitstead, James 

Bayles, Anthony 

17 Haggis, John 

18 Ross, William 
White, John 
Bradley, Thomas 
Dickenson, Joseph 

20 Lyons, John 

21 Bishop, John 
Wheeler, Thomas 
Butler, Nicholas 

22 Siar, John 
Keeley, John 
Baggaley, John 
Clift, William 

Cuddon, Eliz. 
Gilbert, Ann 
Walker, Eliz. 
Wilkins, Ann 
Bird, Mary 

Huskins, Mary 
Gwinap, Mary 
Sells, Anne 
Bur din, Mary 
Windover, Eliz. 
Mathews, Mary 
Jevons, Mary 
Butcher, Abagail 
Barber, Elizabeth 
Addington, Mary 
Lodwik, Honoria 
Warner, Mary 
Farmer, Susanna 


i 710-11] 

Faculty Office. 


November, 1710. 

23 Wills, William and 
Davey, Thomas 
Jones, John 

24 Wall, Henry 

25 Cougnard, James 
Grenvill, Richard 

27 Brand, Joseph 
Godwin, Charles 

29 Outrem, William 

30 Harding, Thomas 
Masters, Isaac 
Pollow, William 

Gilbert, Sarah 
King - , Elizabeth 
Hollo way, 
Hollyer, Ann 
Starmar, Ann 
Temple, Hester 
Crouch, Elizabeth 
Sellars, Sarah 
Winch low, Mary 
Hayward, Kath. 
Peate, Elizabeth 
Crockford, Sarah 

December, 1710. 

1 Stoutt, John and 
Grove, John 

2 Stuckley, Jonathan 

4 Hamond, Trice 

Tubbing-, Peter 

5 Tench, Richard 
Ayres, William 
Ashurst, Samuel 
Howard, Samuel 
Turner, Charles 
Berry, Henry 
Castaing, John 

Tucker, James 
Burges, Robert 

7 Nutcher, William 
Fitzgerald, John 
Page, George 
Tharsfield, Edward 

9 Smith, Joseph 

1 1 Dunn, Richard 
Huddle, Edward 
M arris, Edward 
Eyott, Richard 
Atlin, Benjamin 
Martin, William 
Leawell, John 
May, Charles 
Price, Edward 

12 Pettipher, Joseph 
Vickers, Mathew 

13 Wood, Andrew 
Sowerbye, William 

14 Finch, John 
Buller, Nathaniel 
Miles, William 

15 Higgins, Thomas 
^gg^ John 
Baker, Philip 
Moore, Henry 
Lofting, John 
Maudsley, Richard 

Briggs, Eliz. 
Reding, Eliz. 
Shephard, Patient 

Clay bone, Eliz. 
Fowler, Eliz. 
Horton, Ann 
Baskett, Sarah 
Palmer, Sarah 
Finch, Sarah 
Weaver, Mary 
Langston, Sarah 
Bridges, Margery 
Humfrey, Mary 
Ratlife, Mary 
Harvey, Eliz. 
Jarman, Phillipa 
Pearce, Edith 
Deane, Ann 
Swalweli, Eliz. 
Packer, Alice 
Nash, Mary 
Vicaridge, Eliz. 
Wilson, Ann 
Basworth, Eliz. 
Bramston, Eliz. 
Middleton, Jane 
Cadman, Sarah 
Dossett, Sarah 
Bullock, Christian 
Hovenson, Mary 
Wesley, Sarah 
Living, Susanna 
Uvedell, Joanna 
Wake, Margaret 
Ross, Anne 
Hawkins, Mary 
Clisby, Elizabeth 
Rooke, Catherine 
Carter, Mary 
Tayler, Mary 

16 Adams, William and Maynard, Sarah 



Bray, John 
Woods, John 
Saunders, Thomas 

Dancer, Henry 
Harraden, Henry 
Watson, James 
Jones, Richard 

Huntington, Mary 
Burton, Mary 
Frazier ah. 

Steward, Eliz. 
Edlin, Elizabeth 
Wells, Sarah 
Noakes, Alice 
Lewis, Elizabeth 
Sanderson, Frances Cooke, Penelope- 
Bayly, Daniel, junr. Francklin, Ann 








Holmes, John 
Baker, William 
Williams, John 
Eustres, Richard 
Marlow, John 
Simes, Joseph 
Hale, John 
Boune, John 
Cooke, Richard 
Kent, John 
Addenbrook, John 
Jefferies, Edward 
Wilson, Edward 
Williams, Peter 
Baynton, Thomas 
Elkin, Thomas 

Crafts, Rebecca 
Rogers, Kath. 
Grimes, Sarah 
Cowley, Mary 
Drewry, Jane 
Shove, Elizabeth 
Allin, Eleanor 
Murfort, Isabella 
Hewytt, Eliz. 
Hoskins, Darcas 
Fisher, Susan 
Angrave, Mary 
Simpson, Bridget 
Thorns, Margaret 
Ward, Mary 
Caplin, Elizabeth 

Mashborne, Samuel Milliard, Ann 

Cary, Richard 
Welbee, William 
Manning. Henry 
Tayler, James 
Collins, John 
Ford, Robert 

Baldwin, Eliz. 
Cugley, Margaret 
Paine, Susanna 
Johnson, Mary 
Brewer, Jane 
Gawthorne,JonathanClarke, Ann 

Hoppe Detkoff, 

Roberts, Richard 
Andrews, William 
Starkey, Charles 

Gardiner, Frances 

Turner, Elizabeth 
Woodroff, Kath. 
Hested, Anne 

January, 1710-11 

Emmott, James and 
Troyford, Samuel 

Varey, James 
Troy, Timothy 
White, James 
Stephens, Thomas 
Bass, Phillip 
Kemp, Phillip 
Gaguier, John 
Piggott, William 
Cavalier, James 
Scott, Robert 
Leapingwell, Wm. 
Lloyd, Richard 

Harvey, Ann 
Whitby, Anna 

Fazakerley, Sarah 
Dod, Magdalen 
Read, Elizabeth 
Griffin, Mary 
Griffith, Ann 
Beaver, Eliz. 
Phillippe, Eliz. 
Price, Ann 
Fuaconat, Eliz. 
Scott, Man- 
Brooks, Sarah 
Thomas, Mary 



Marriage Licences. 


10- 1 1 

January, 1710-11. 

Tomlinson, Eliz. 
Parr, Elizabeth 
Goodridge, Mary 
Wills, Elizabeth 

5 Barnett, George and Spackman, Dor. 
Brindley, Thomas Mince, Mary 
Norman, James 

6 Science, Thomas 

8 Goram, John 
Doubt, Thomas 

9 Blagdon, Nathaniel Willes, Mary 
10 Oakes, James Short, Sarah 

Farloe, John Evans, Phillippa 

Barnes, John Roberts, Ann 

Browne, Ralph Walker, Beatrice 

Chattertone, James Egan, Ann 

12 Holmes, Ralph Langton, Judith 
Cawstin, Joseph Alsten, Lucy 
Breach, John Miller, Mary 

13 Hocksworth, Robert Skelton, Eliz. 
Pedle, Edmond Hatch, Man- 
Taylor, William Harwood, Ann 

15 Evans, Benjamin 
Purse, Michael 

16 Tew, William 
Bignall, Stephen 
Smith, Robert 
Dravitt, David 
Fisher, William 

17 James, John 
Oldfeild, Joshua 

18 Bayley, Richard 
Jackson, George 
Tillier, Richard 

19 Owen, Michael 
Bacon, John 
Edmonds, Samuel 

22 Smart, John 

Potter, John 

Morphew, Matthew Ray, Sarah 
2$ Raymond, Samuel Higgins, Sarah 

24 Bovey, John Widdowes, Sarah 

25 Robinson, Benjamin Langham, 


26 Goodwin, William 

27 Atherford, John 
Calinsac, Isaac 
Batts, Joseph 
Savidge, William 
Roose, John 
Le Peletier, Peter 

Hatton, Martha 
Spiers, Mary 
Bradley, Hannah 
Watkins, Eliz. 
Spire, Jane 
Bowen, Hannah 
Betton, Elianor 
Tiffany, Ann 
Whiston, Hannah 
Smith, Ann 
Baker, Jane 
Robison, Rebecca 
Lloyd, Sarah 
Cook, Mary 
Wellbelove, Mary 
Medden, Hannah 
Cartwright, Eliz. 

Ewers, Elizabeth 
Cowloord, Mary 
Palmer, Ann 
Allison, Mary 
Savidge, Mary 
Baskin, Mary 
Demarett, Mary 
29 Brotherton, Thomas Kemp, Kathenne 

Dalton, James 
Branan, William 
Finch, Simon 

30 Lloyd, Thomas 
Grant, James 

31 Chambers, Joseph 
Adams, John 
Browne, John 
Stanfeild, Edward 
Kellow, Joseph 

Benny, Martha 
Dennis, Katherine 
Martin, Mary 
Spencer, Mary 
Osmund, Mary 
Brown, Mary 
Neale, Elizabeth 
Thatcher, Sarah 
Hinson, Martha 
Robinson, Mary 

February, 1710-11. 

1 Scott, William and Hope, Grace 
Taylor, Thomas Brookes, Mary 
Goodall, John Hopson, Eliz. 
Darley, Joshua Deale, Deborah 

2 Britiffe, Robert Rant, Elizabeth 
Green, James Skinner, Kath. 
Ellis, William Bejanall, Hannah 
Moses, Abraham Edwards, 


Bird, John Double, Anne 

Grahams, John Maine, Anne 

3 Lisle, Thomas Oldys, Bridgett 
Fellowe, Thomas Grover, Blanch 
Browne, John Dixon, Dorothy 
Grimes, Samuel Hennand, Mary 
Hunt, Richard Boulton, Jane 

5 Collins, John Thompson, Eliz. 
Devall, John Peavet, Lucy 
Smith, John Belcher, Sarah 
Head, William House, Elizabeth 
Chapman, John Sheringham, Mary 
Carshod, William Collison, Mary 
Toward, James West, Elizabeth 
Thompson, William Jones, Elizabeth 
Allison, George Jones, Anne 

6 Stevens, Samuel Living, Eliz. 
Warren, John Johnson, Mary 
Southwell, Thomas Hutton, Margtt. 
Bagford, John Rea, Elizabeth 
Broffe, Ralph Sinister, Mary 
Leech, John Cross, Man- 
Browne, Richard Willson, Hannah 
Labourne, James Arch, Mary 

7 Rhodo, Daniel Mines, Amy 

Le Conte, Christian Pearse, Elizabeth 

Bell, Joseph Tyall, Barbarah 

Rogers, William Bray, Sarah 

8 Le Master, John Davis, Mary 
Stubbs, Gilbert Stubbs, Mary 
Daniell, Faldo Martin, Martha 
Richardson, Edward Lee, Mary 
Syer, Thomas Gascoyne, Mary 
Palmer, George Osborne, Sarah 

9 Clements, Henry Butler, Hannah 
Moulding, John Nash, Elizabeth 
Morley, George Harcourt, Eliz. 
Adkins, George Slatford, Mary 

10 Elford, Warden Williams, Mary 

Collard, Richard Mainwaring, Eliz. 

Beaden, John Hedges, Mary 

Witherow, John Lamb, Margaret 

Bowse, Henry Martin, Ester 

Bawkins, Daniel King, Susanna 

Henry, Baker Glover, Tho. (sic 

Glover, Thomas Baker, Mary (sic] 

12 Master, William Reddish, Mary 

Davis, David Griffin, Elizabeth 

Wheeler, William Smith, Mary 


Faculty Office. 


February, 1710-11. 

12 Jones, Mathew and 
Brocket, William 
Bell, William 

13 Briscow, Gabriel 
Davy, Jonathan 
Cary, George 

Dolton, Joel 

Clement, Thomas 
Stisted, Thomas 

Percey, James 
Cowse, Benjamin 
Gatescarth, Wilfred 

14 Rose, John 
Taylor, James 

15 Armstrong - , John 
Corruthurs, George 

17 Hills, John 

Warner, Joseph 
Jenkins, John 
Blackdon, James 
Parker, Samuel 
Henrichs, Henry 
Roberts, William 

20 Carter, Thomas 
Milsom, Thomas 
Hokins, John 
Taylor, John 

21 Edwards, Nathaniel 
Cole, Thomas 
Durant, Daniel 
Tott, Thomas 

De Shoulder, Math. 

22 Blincow, Christo- 

pher Clarke 
Matthew, Johnathan 
Shoemaker, Win. 
Tronbridge, Wm. 
Lindsey, William 

23 Taylor, Thomas 

Daft, Jonathan 
King, Thomas 

24 MacCullock, Chas. 
Turbitt, William 
Tomkins, Henry 
Saywell, Daniel 

26 Nash, Joshua 
Langthorne, John 

27 Beeson, Edward 

Erwin, James 
Adkins, Thomas 
Gatliffe, William 
Ricourt, Peter 
Cosens, John 

Abraham, Eliz. 
Dring, Jane 
Dutfeild, Mary 
Turner, Gartrude 
Pitcher, Sarah 


Bampfylde, Eliz. 
Wiseman, Arra- 

Pratt, Eliza 
Clement, Mary 
Scott, Isabella 
Butler, Ann 
Hester, Ann 
Newton, Isabella 
Williams, Cath. 
Martin, Jane 
Harvey, Eliz. 
White, Elizabeth 
Shelvock, Mary 
Crafdon, Mary 
Pyrnoy, Sarah 
Williams, Frances 
Eldridge, Cath. 
Litchfeild, Margt. 
Righton, Jane 
Turner, Elizabeth 
Jones, Diana 
Fletcher, Hester 
Roberts, Eliz. 
Thorner, Mary 
St. Almane, Jane 
Powler, Susan 

Crowley, Rebecca 
Dadley, Eliz. 
Nicholson, Eliz. 
Betton, Sarah 

Howmon, Eliz. 
Russell, Mary 
Smithersgill, Ann 
Leonard, Jane 
Beebe, Jane 
Collis, Elizabeth 
Brierly, Hannah 
Sell, Elizabeth 

Ceene, Jane 
Edmunds, Mary 
Bellis, Sarah 
Harrison, Sarah 
Moore, Hannah 

28 Evans, Charles and Morris, Jane 
Hannan, James Houlding, Mary 

Durham, Thomas Fotherley, Mary 
Cooke, John Ernes, Eliz. 

Norwood, William Jenkins, Anne 

March. 1710-11. 

1 Farewell, Nath. and Farewell, Eliz. 

2 Buck, John Badger, Anna 

Elsworth, Marma- Perry, Elizabeth 

Holtum, Christopher Garfeild, Anne 

3 Hopper, Robert Bryant, Eliz. 
Williams, Thomas Jesup, Elizabeth 

5 Vivian, Thomas Hyde, Anne 

6 Moyle, Edward Trotman, Mary 

7 Price, Thomas Howard, Elianor 
De Groot, Sybrandt Meredy, Eliz. 
Harper, Jacob Williams, Amy 
Chedly, Thomas Constantine, Mary 

Maken, William 
Williams, Charles 

Fennell, Mary 

Charlton, Sarah 
Lovett, Sarah 
Orum, Elizabeth 
Stone, Mary 
Every, James 
Upton, Man- 
Roberts, Bridgett 

Weyman, John 
Johnson, John 

8 Cambden, John 
Gilbert, John 
Seeley, Robert 
Upton, John 

9 Trench, Edmund 
Quidington, William Maybank, 

Morphy, Thomas MacMahon, Sarah 

12 Harding, John Grove, Joan 

Stent, Hettesworth Collop, Barbara 
Hall, Thomas Darby, Mary 

14 Vaughan, W'illiam Cheney, Martha 
Waller, William Oakley, Margaret 

Honey cott, John 
15 Hewitt, Josias 

Ward, Richard 

Rogers, John 
17 Bradley, Joseph 

Ritchie, James 

Metlone, Mathew 

19 Singer, Thomas 
Cosin, William 
Hastings, John 

Shephard, Richard Danvers, Amy 

20 Davies, Rowland Corbett, Sarah 

21 Cramp, John 
Paine, William 
Brown, Benjamin 
Fuller, Symon 
Woolle, Benjamin 
Langthorne, George Simpson, Eliz. 

Rolph, Letitia 
Manly, Elizabeth 
Vaggott, Jane 
Eaton, Susannah 
Pye, Anne 
Hagley, Mary 
Clarke, Anna 

Bartlett, Mary 
Hoare, Margaret 
Edwards, Anna 

Hygate, Anne 
Martin, Eliz. 
Pamer, Elizabeth 
Lea, Lucy 
Orris, Mary 


Marriage Licences. 



March, 1710-11, 

21 Nicholson, Rich, and 
Bilvah, Alexander 
Bacot, John 

Newberry, John 

22 Fennell, Richard 
Brabins, Nicholas 
Read, Peter Ham 
Wright, Solomon 

23 Hill, John 
Foxen, George 
Ducket, George 
Bennet, William 
Bridgeman, Edward 
Cockman, John 
Whitworth, Robert 

24 Maynard, Thomas 
Prime, Samuel 

Peake, Elizabeth 
Hawkins, Mary 
Gardiner a Is. 

Bacot, Anne 
Hunton, Anne 
King, Marx- 
Griffith, Eliz. 
Martin, Mary 
Clarke, Eliza 
Smith, .Sarah 
Gibson, Sarah 
Skinner, Grace 
Hews, Mary 
Lourie, Elizabeth 
Ellis, Margaret 
Clegg, Hannah 
Clarke, Elizabeth 
Pratt, Elizabeth 

3 Scudder, John and Shephardson, 

March, 1711, 

26 Armitage, John and 
Harris, John 
Bennett, William 

^Hamilton, James. 
als. Lord Paisley 
Horton, Joseph 

27 Jesse, John 
Paris, Joseph 

28 Cosyn, William 
Calverley, Edmond 

29 Allders, Benjamin 
Moor, Richard 
Wilson, Jonathan 
Betteley, William 

30 Price, Thomas 
Morris, Timothy 
Ick, George 

31 Lord, Edward 
Pearman, John 
Bird, Luke 
Bates, Stephen 
Webb, Moses 

Gardner, Hester 
White, Rebecca 
Wyburd, Anne 
Plumer, Anne 

Gudfield, Sarah 
Apprice, Anna 
Fesse, Anne 
Smith, Eliz. 
Cuer, Elizabeth 
Sherman, Marx- 
Curtis, Lucy 
Pascall, Mary 
Kelsall, Alice 
Eames, Dinah 
Weston, Anne 
Richardson, Anne 
Corbish, Man- 
Spearing, Anne 
Blackman, Eliz. 
Crampton, Mary 
Batt, Sarah 

April, 171 i 

2 Kendall, Samueh/m/ 
Somerset, Timothy 
Hancock, William 
Brodeeirs, Abraham 
Warren, Lionel 
Holmes, Ralph 
Goodwin, Peter 
Spencer, John 
May, Thomas 

3 Rivers, James 
Gillet, Thomas 

Bassett, Sarah 
Duke, Jane 
Hooper, Anne 
Holman, Marx- 
Clarke, Sarah 
Prichard, Mary 
Hiller, Martha 
Flower, Mary 
Bucknell, Sarah 
Faulkner, Sarah 

Lawrence, Arthur 
Haynes, Francis 
Dakin, John 
Colvin, James 
Pipes, Benjamin 

4 French, John 
Gariot, Philip 

5 Quintrill, George 
Birch, John 

6 Raisell, Richard 
Fowke, Thomas 
Billington, William 
Wilkins, Robert 

7 Bradley, Joseph 
Shaw, John 
Glaster, Joseph 
Evans, John 
Hankinson, John 

9 Howard, Mark 
Wheeler, Richard 
Church, John 
Caton, Richard 
Skittell, John 
Milward, Abraham 

10 Jones, David 
Panton, Samuel 
Seare, Edward 
Philips, Toby 

Eden, Samuel 
Norwood, Richard 
Dickins, William 
Sambrook, Thomas 

Stout, Richard 
Terrall, Francis 

11 Morse, John 
Foord, John 

13 Dobsion, Thomas 
Chapman, John 
North, Thomas 

14 White, John 

Boucher, William 
Elder, A a am 
Perkins, Benjamin 

16 Finch, Thomas 
King, S. imp son 

17 Prosser, William 
Castleman, John 
Paine, Matthexx- 

18 Hope, Thomas 
Parrey, Anthony 
Manley, John 
Carter, Frances 
Humfris, James 

Huss, Anne 
Bowry, Diana 
Large, Mary 
Hawley, (a) Henry 
Philp, Mary 
Jeales, Elizabeth 
Pallow, Anne 
Screvens, E.hz. 
Penniall, Sarah 
Miller, Mill 
Miles, Anne 
Kent, Marx- 
Hill, Elizabeth 
Collins, Marx- 
White, Jane- 
He wins, Eliz. 
Ridiatt, Hannah 
Harling, Marx 
Rathborne, Sarah 
Barker, Mary 
Woolley, Diana 
Harris, Anne 
Wood, Mary 
Poyner, Martha 
Jones, Margarett 
Richardson, Mary 
Peddington, Mary 

Davis, Tryphana 
Norton, Eliz. 
Cordin, Elizabeth 

Ansell, Elizabeth 
Benson, Sarah 
Haywood, Marx- 
Smith, Penelope 
Gibbons, Eliz. 
Trevitt, Marx- 
Bailey, Anne 

Keel, Elizabeth 
Powell, Eliz. 
Eaton, Anne- 
Page, Marx- 
Preston, Eliz. 
Dale, Mary 
Janeway, Susan 
Prior, Elizabeth 
Meddowes, Anne 
Hollyoake, Eliz. 
Sedgwick, Man- 
Brand, Tomazin 
Ely, Mary 

(<?) As per Calendar. 


Faculty Office. 

26 1 

April, 171 1, 

19 Venn, Thomas and 

20 Clarke, William 
Child, Henry 
Toft, Henry 
Stayner, Thomas 

21 Franklin, Walter 
Slater, Samuel 
Lewis, Thomas 
Beard, John 
Lee, James 

23 Hersent, 'Thomas 
Collins, John 
Glover, James 

24 Fowler, 'Thomas 
Rogers, Thomas 
Paulferry, 'Thomas 
Harriot, Roger 

2^ Pechbertie, John 
Bassett, Richard 

28 Harrison, Richard 
Fletewood, William 
Metcalfe, James 

30 Heather, Robert 
Walter, William 
Hay ward, Richard 

Jones, Elizabeth 
Calvert, Mary 
Parkhurst, Sarah 
Wigley, Cath. 
Hawkins, Eliz. 
Weekes, Eliz. 
Daniell, Grace 
Jones, Mary 
Bartram, Anne 
Dodshin, Margt. 
Spring, Rebecca 
Brookes, Mary 
Butler, Sarah 
Paine, Judith 
Bosley, Hester 
Davis, Abigael 
Gillam, Hanna 
Cox, Elizabeth 
Apprice, Eliz. 
Woodland, Mary 
Edwards, Cath. 
Renson, Man 
Lattimore, Eliz. 
Deighton, Anne 
Watkin, Barbara 

May, 1711. 

1 Wyatt, Francis and 
Whitehill, George 
Jordan, John 

2 Rosindell, John 
Phillips, Clement 

3 Piatt, 'Thomas 
Shuttleworth, John 

Halsey, Robert 

4 Hall, Thomas 

5 Foster, Thomas 
Huish, Henry 

6 Lucas, Robert 

7 Linford, Henry 
Pengrave, George 
Hodge, George 
Ireland, John 

8 Love, Edward 
Paine, William 
Carver, Jacob 
Winter, John 

9 Br e wis, Edward 
Johnson, Bedford 
Orchard, George 
Walker, James 
Ogden, William 
Osbourne, Joseph 

10 Letecar, John 

Buller, Elizabeth 
Burton, Susannah 
Goulding, Eliz. 
Sugar, Hannah 
Smith, Anne 
Needham, Sarah 
Monck, Frances 



Jones, Elizabeth 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Newton, Anne 
Strutton, Joyce 
Cooke, Sarah 
Bucknall, Anne 
Jordan, Elizabeth 
Scurrier, Margt t. 
Crouch, Jane 
Nevitt, A. 
Heathfield, Jane 
Falkner, Mary 
Curry, Barbara 
Wilshear, Phoeby 
Kever, Elizabeth 
Jones, Elianor 
Atkinson, Sarah 
Eares, Anne 

11 Belgrave, Sam. and Yaxlee, Eliz. 
Smith, Richard Jones, Anne 

12 Smith, William Vaughan, Eliz. 
14 Browne, Mun Kenn, Mary 

Boddington, George Bampton, Eliz. 
Abbot, John Kingham, Mary 

Headson, Thomas Hornoll, Sarah 

15 Coleman, Thomas 
Clendon, John 

16 Wood, Charles 
Rowland, John 
Cotterill, Thomas 
Blalock, John 

17 Joyce, Jeremiah 
Okely, Guy 
Lawson, Alfrid 

18 Nicholson, Robert 

Pyott, Benjamin 
Newell, Gervas 

19 Peacock, Anngier 
Norman, William 
Davis, M at hew 
Savage, John 
Scott, Andrew 
Somerset, Michael 

21 Wilcox, Francis 
Bugbird, John 
Hawkins, George 
Sworder, Ed man 
Paine, Thomas 
Cregut, Jean David Vandereem, 

1 1 anna 

22 Phillips, Isaac 

Holmes, Rebecca 
King, Elizabeth 
Parnham, Sarah 
Pugh, Elizabeth 
Carter, Penelope 
Rea, Anne 
Sawell, Priscilla 
Feild, Elizabeth 
Fitz Hugh, Mary 

Cooper, Elizabeth 

Storey, Love 
Haffenden, El iz. 
Waite, Judith 
Finch, Elizabeth 
Paine, Elizabeth 
Carter, Elizabeth 
Wood, Elianor 
Hawkins, Mary 
Deane, Sarah 
Smitheman, Sarah 
Worg, Marx- 

Lane, John 
Walter, Thomas 
Ashstone, James 
23 Clarke, \\ illiam 


Browne, Sarah 
Bartlett, Eliz. 
Crow, Mary 
Larratt, Comfort 

Parslew, Humphrey Fellows, Mary 

Tolleroy, John 
Adye, Thomas 

24 Price, Richard 

25 Beaumont, John 
Lewin, Thomas 

26 Curtis, Anthony 
Haddon, William 
Hogdson, Thomas 
Thomas, Richard 
Harton, Daniel 

27 Arnold, Henry 

Carrant, Anne 
Brown, Elizabeth 
Cholmley, Mary 
Martin, Sarah 
Brooke, Mary 
West, Dorothy 
Long, Elizabeth 
Potton, Susanna 
Hollybush, Sarah 
Heatly, E ranees 
Price, Anne 

28 Waggit, ChristopherLetford, Mary 

Wylde, John 
Hayes, Robert 
Ingram, Charles 
Kemsey, Thomas 

29 Radoll, Benjamin 

30 Lake, William 
Colhoune, Adam 

Green, Mary 
Morgan, Eliz. 
Oakely, Anne 
Hill, Mercy 
Malbrow, Sarah 
Fage, Nim (?) 
Arundell, Cath. 


Marriage Licences. 


1 1 

May, 171 i, 

30 Dean, Nathan and Le Force, Eliz 
Laverick, Charles Reggs, Sarah 
Fry, Richard 

31 Coomes, Richard 
Eager, Richard 
Edlin, William 

Wheadon, Mary 
Burgis, Eliz. 
Allen, Mary 
Weedon, Eliz. 

June, 1711. 

1 Elkes, Josephs and Cost, Sarah 
West, Richard Hall, Elizabeth 

Taylor, William 
2 Cheney, Richard 

4 Brown, Joseph 
Floy, Samuel 
Edy, William 

5 Cooper, William 

6 Smith, Robert 
Bradshaw, John 

7 Bearrow, Peter De Christian, Eliz. 


Burges, James 
s Roselli, Eucio 
y Corfeild, Richard 
Herbert, James 
Holding, Joseph 
Venables, Samuel 
Robins, William 
Wilson, Thomas, 

Hobbs, Arthur 
Hawes, Henry 
Archer, Peter 

1 1 Tatt, William 
Marshall, Francis 

12 Stubbes, John 

Burton, Mary 
Aribart, Sarah 
Williams, Frances 
Stapler, Eleanor 
Hains, Hannah 
Buckby, M ary 
Ward, Eliz. 
Williams, Anne 

Trott, Sarah 
Wright, Eliz. 
Lewesly, Anne 
Blunt, Jane 
Harris, Anne 
Popping, Mary 


Cox, Samuel 

Embly, Arthur 

Blades, William 
1 j Evans, John 

Wyat, George 

Vitrack, James 
14 Peterson, Eawrence Parker, Sarah 

Wanlass, William Burne, Man 

Barnes, John 

Walter, Eliz. 
Painter, Eliz. 
Dupownsell, Mary 
Marshall, Margtt. 
Gray, Mary 
Laujard, Margt. 

Hymers, Henry 
Dyer, Henry 

Hoskings, John 
*Bransill [Branfill], 

Jefferies, John 

16 Graig, James 
Norris, Edward 
Nevile, Gervase 

17 Clayton, Samuel 

Dell, Margaret 
Benson, Mary 
Moore, Martha 
Chatbun, Anne 

Tucker, Mary 
Braund, Mary 

Darell, Elizabeth 
Baldock, Frances 
Stephens, Eliz. 
Richards, Honour 
Gould, Anne 

Newman, Mary 
Budd, Theophila 
Ferdinando, Alice 
Robinson, Anne- 
Howard, Anne 
Monk, Elizabeth 
Lillie, Anne 
Munday, Cath. 

18 Cam, Jarvis and 
Atkins, John 


19 Pearsee, Joseph 
Pepper, William 

22 Miles, William 
Bourdien, Pierre 
Troutbeck, William 
Whister, Henry 

23 Chip, Charles 
Blyth, Joseph 
Bradshaw, Richard 
Beadle, Eclmond 
Dowager, Robert 
Wooldridge, James 
Dannald, John 
Kingsbury, James 

25 Hunsdon, Thomas 

Moore, John 

Hollings, Joseph 

Powle, Daniel 
27 Mackay, James 

Craddock, John 

Fernly, John 

Smith, John 

a Mackay, James 

Alstone, Robert 
_• 1 Davis, 1 [enry 

Reeve, Rose 
Johnson, Anne 
Chardin, Julia 

Millington, Mary 
Lloyd, Mary 
Wickins, Martha 
Debouch, Mary 
Sibley, Sarah 
Tilliare, Man- 
Case, Jane 
Harby, Elizabeth 
Chandler, Man 
Sculthrop, Sarah 
Bullock, Mary 
Hackman, Jane 
Dover, Elizabeth 
Elder, Sarah 
Lloyd, Mary 
Cleever, Eliz. 
Read, Elizabeth 
Marjercum, Sarah 
Abbot, Mary 
Taylar, Sarah 
Bastin, Susanna 
Day, Marx- 
Abbot, Marx- 
Bates, Mary 
Allen, Deborah 

July, 1711. 

1 Blackborow, Jas.^/n/ 
Portales, James 

Cairnes, Henry 
Lloyd, Meredith 
Eaglesfeild, John 
Mahew, Mart 

4 Burgess, Richard 
Overhill, Richard 

5 Campbell, Alex. 
Pinckney, John 
Avery, John 

6 Merttins, Henry 
Dalton, Chrntopher 

7 Burthan, Bryan 
9 Chad, John 

Foster, Joseph 

10 Spratley, Samuel 
Luck, William 
Desmarett, James 

1 1 Messenger, Edward 
Crabtree, John 
Pursell, John 
Corrance, John 

Hilliard, Eliz. 

Susannah Mary 
Gold, Franc 
Hughes, Lydia 
Southerland, A n n e 
Shave, Martha 
Griffin, Anne- 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Andrews, Dorothy 
Gibson, Hannah 
Langston, Eliz. 
Smart, Joane 
Dalton, Marx- 
Young, Jane 
Butteridge, Mary 
Trevers, Alary 
Munday, Eliz. 
Smart, Bridget 
Nolebart, Martha 
Rust, Mary 
Wannell, Sarah 
Hawes, Mary 


(a) See also June 27, above. Both entries are 
somewhat squeezed in Calendar, and are in darker 
ink than the rest. 


Faculty Office. 


July, 1711. 

12 Messenger, Ed. and Rust, Mary 
Beckett, Thomas Austin, Man 

13 Bartlet, Thomas 
Howell, Thomas 
Barnfather, John 
Golding, Richard 
Drinkwater, John 
Robinson, James 
Whitfeild. I'lrich 

Moore, Hugh 
Jones, Benjamin 
Ewsters, John 
Holdip, Harry 
Neale, Wild man 
Pryce, John 

Bowling, Michael 
Doe, James 
Highmore, Charles 
Davis, Walter 

16 Hall, John 
Cass well, John 
Powell, Thomas 

17 Hog, George 
Tussell, Thomas 
Higgs, Isaac 
Stephens, John 
Bently, William 

18 Langham, John 

19 Mitchell, James 
Eager, William 

20 Savage, John 
Pepys, Thomas 
Porter, Rowland 
Billingsly, Daniell 
Waghorne, John 

21 Guy, John 

23 Haynes, Richard 
Robinson, Robert 
Ryall, Alexander 
Wood, Richard 


Stone, Anne 
Crutendell, Mary 
Marshall, Eliz. 
Covell, Elizabeth 
Barker, Margtt. 
Tyton, Elizabeth 

Humphreys, Mary 
Jones, Martha 
Heme, Trances 
Owen, Elizabeth 
Young, Sarah 

Cordrys, Sarah 
Clarke, Elizabeth 
Needham, Eli/. 
Adams, Rose 
Grayham, Alice- 
White, Elizabeth 
Parr, Margaret 
Britt, Joanna 
Bindlouse, Anne 
Evans, Marx- 
Wright, Mary 
Grishook, Mary 
Croxtell, Grizell 
Street, Melior 
Smith, Mary 
Mount, Mary 
Bosley, Margaret 
Willis, Man- 
Smith, Hannah 
Knight, Elizabeth 
Hancock, Eliz. 
Hailing, Sarah. 
Hollyberry, Sarah 
Martin, Sarah 
Burges, Susanna 

Sabbarton, EenjaminCoor, Katherine 

Carr, Jonathan 
Cosnan, William 
Branand, Nicholas 
Emery, Henry 
Floyer, Peter 
Cribb, Jonathan 

Beadle, James 
Marshall, John 
Street, Simon 

26 Ewsters, John 

27 Hall, Henry 
Hill, Thomas 
Clarke, George 

28 White, Henry 

Stock, Elizabeth 

Philpott, Eliz. 
Hunter, Mary 
Lulham, Sarah 
Jones, Mary 

Robins, Sarah 
Martin, Martha 
Fletcher, Mary 
Heme, Trances 
Gray, Hester 
Lidford, Mary 
Steele, Elizabeth 
Newton, Mary 

28 Jeffes, W'illiam and Phillips, Eliz. 

30 Burchmore, Samuel Cole, Sarah 
Gandy, Charles Wilcox, Anne 

31 Wigg, Henry Spencer, Mary 
Nortloo, William Ball, Hester 
Deane, Robert Beale, Mary 

August, 1711. 

1 Nevill, George and 
Ryall, Robert 

Dee, Edward 
Stedall, Richard 
Pope, James 

2 Redman, John 
Clee, Charles 
Pully, George 
Warren, Edmond 

3 Gardiner, Robert 
Burton, William 
Cowley, William 
Gregory, William 

4 Hayes, Samuel 

Parker, John 
Home, William 
White, Robert 

Swinerton, Richard 

6 Rew, Edward 
Palmer, Robert 
Harwood, Jonathan 
Paine, Richard 
Dewry, Samuel 

7 Hart, John 
Dyer, William 
Rigby, Richard 

8 Weaver, Richard 
Dixon, John 
Hope, George 
Bertie, Phillip, Esq. 

9*Burgoyne, Ino. Esq. 

Knight, Thomas 

10 Pollom, Lawrence 
Baxter, John 
Blackmore, William 
Butcher, Thomas 

11 Willis, Hugh 
Abraham, William 

13 Stevens, Thomas 
Allen, Richard 
Chapman, Thomas 
Claridge, William 

14 Clements, John 
Neale, Matthew 
Gray, Robert 

15 Fawne, John 
King, Samuel 

Hall, Anne 
Hatteson, Eliz. 
Giddins, Sarah 
Lye, Elizabeth 
Blakeman, Hen- 
rietta Maria 
Tucker, Mary 
Morgan, Sybella 
Mervy, Anne 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Strutt, Elizabeth 
Hutton, Jane 
Howard, Mary 
Home, Mary 

Shackell, Mary 
Mercer, Susanna 
Hardin, Rebecca 
Pussell, Eliz. 
Hunt, Elizabeth 
Hodges, Anne 
Goodwin, A bagael 
Newton, Alice 
Walley, Eliz. 
Archer, Grace 
Pindar, Mary 
Hill, Elizabeth 
Watson, Martha 
Williams, Margt. 
Coote, Elizabeth 
Burniston, Anna 

Deane, Elizabeth 
Smith, Ann 
Gascoyne, Ann 
Lowbeart, Lear 
Bates, Mary 
Watts, Priscilla 
Scott, Ann 
Burnett, Mary 
Allen, Martha 
Day, Mary 
Witherston, Ann 
Forward, Sibilla 
Graingby, Eliz. 
Pagell, Anne 
Oatridge, Sarah 
Eccles, Ann 


Marriage Licences. 


August, 1711 

17 a Cullum, Thos. and 
Grattick, John 

[a Cullum, Thomas 

18 Young, William 

Edwards, Robeit 
Lucas, James 

20 Pepper, William 
Turpin, Michael 
Brown, Elias 
Merriday, Paul 
Dilloe, William 
Wall, Henry 
Bayley, Gabriel 
Ramsey, Alexander 

21 Archer, John 
Smith, Robert 
Walkson, John 
Loundes, William 

22 Toogood, John 
Moyle, John 
Sage, Samuel 

23 Yates, Andrew- 
Simpson, Edward 
Holman, John 
Wrigh'c, William 

24 Lambert, Edward 
Cooke, David 
CarringtDn, Henry 
Knight, George 
Walsh, James 

27 Bn.ckley, Charles 
Lambeth, Aaron 
Barnes, John 
Woods, Thomas 
Draper, John 

29 Wormlaighton, Dan. 
Weeks, John 

30 Holman, Joseph 
Page, Abraham 

Stroud, Si vi Ilia 
Dinell, Sarah 
Strode, Savilla 

Watson, Eliz. 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Constable, Mary 
Parrott, Grace 
Baker, Elianor 
Ward, Susannah 
Barber, Elizabeth 
Bellingham, Anne 
Blake, Jane 
Ward, Aveline 
Sands, Anne 
Cleeve, Elizabeth 
Walklett, Mary 
Liyton, Margaret 
Virger, Susan 
Davers, Isabella 
Grubb, Sarah 
Wise wall, Ursula 
Stephenson, Eliz. 
Raven, Dorothy 
Gittins, Anne 
Willmott, Anne 
Burrey, Sarah 
Newce, Jane 
Wheeler, Mary 
Knight, Mary 
Longuevill, Eliz. 
Miller, Anne 
Turner, Judith 
Clasey, Frances 
Watts, Susanna 
Strahan, Rebecca 
Webb, Elizabeth 
Fairclough, Eliz. 
Knight, Elizabeth 

5 Hovendon, and New, Ria 


September, 171 1 

1 Williams, John and 
Burgis, John 

3 Shank, William 
Tromball, Richard 
Woodman, Matthew 

4 Aris, John 
Fisher, Richard 
Frethy, Alexander 
NansDn, Phillip 
Bristow, Thomas 

5 Scott, Joseph 
Yarrow, William 

Browne, Jane 
Hodges, Eliz. 
Worrall, Judith 
Turner, Eliz. 
Woodman, Anne 
Sheppard, Mary 
Collins, Eliz. 
Millington, Grace 
Fisher, Dorothy 
Marsh, Martha 
Hicks, Elizabeth 
Amsdon, Eliz. 

[a) These are as per Calendar, but are probably 
the same. 

Edwards, Benjamin 
6 Linsey, James 
Joliffe, William 

8 Papworth, John 
Baxter, Thomas 
Grewe, Benjamin 
Newton, John 

g Newberry, Thomas 
Geary, William 

10 Coxon, John 

Francis, Thomas 
Gent, John 
Overill, Edward 
Garland, \\ llliam 
Bow, Francis 
Fuller, Francis 
Bedford, Thomas 
Saunders, Richard 

11 Mountague, Samuel 

12 Dudly, Isaac 
Mann, John 

13 Wyngood, William 
Toppin, John 

14 Kingston, John 

Dalton, Christopher 
Cooke, Edward 
Stubbings, Edward 
Hurles, Edward 
Gill, Litcott 

Jenkins, John 

15 Jarrat, James 
Carter, Edward 
Barker, Edward 

17 Notage, Joshua 
Medford, Robert 

Overall, Edmond 
Barrow, Daniel 

18 Stafford, William 

Kidder, John 
Caldicot, Thomas 
1 g Wyner, Charles 

21 Higgs, Thomas 

22 Mackmurdyke, John 
Gill, Elisha 
Carty, Timothy 

24 Houlden, William 
Chamberlain, John 
Lone, Arthur 
Mario w, John 
Plumber, William 

Bird, Elizabeth 
Hobbs, Martha 

Conway, Eliz. 
Wilkinson, Mary 
Allison, Frances 
Stevenson, Mary 
Challener, Elianor 
Barnard, Eliz. 

Roberts, Casandra 
Merridith, Ann 
Horn, Elizabeth 
Standard, Mary 
Shephard, Ann 
Watkins, Martha 
Turner, Jane 
Smith, Christian 
Brown, Sarah 
Hart, Susanna 
Kent, Marx- 
Hopkins, Rebecca 
Jones, Elizabeth 
Anderson, Mary 

Boreham, Susan 
Downes, Eliz. 
Mott, Mary 
Baker, Anne 

Stroud, Martha 
Pooley, Mary 
Smith, Mary 
Acton, Jane 
Gilbert, Ann 

Bulkley, Ann 
Steevens, Mary 
Weeks, Anne 

a) Susanna 
Best, Alice 
Cheney, Eliz 
Crowder, Anne 
Lepee, Anne 
Bristow, Sarah 
Gilding, Anna 
Price, Mary 
Robinson, Anne 
Lane, Margaret 
Stint, Mary 
Lane, Mary 
Sheppard, Eliz. 

(a) This correction is in pencil in Calendar. 


Faculty Office. 



24 Baldwin, Robert and 

25 Forrest, William 
Monk, Robert 

26 Richardson, Thomas 
Baker, John 
Stratton, John 
Read, Thomas 

27 Peirson, Thomas 
Rawson, John 
Woodeson, William 
Tyler, Robert 
Clay, Hugh 

Kirk, William 
Thompson, Richard 
Cooke, Thomas 
29 Londondin, Thomas 
Cherrall, William 

171 1. 

Jeaner, Elizabeth 
Fenton, Elizabeth 
Burre, Elizabeth 
Waters, Ann 
Barrett, Eliz. 
Hoar, Margaret 
Pike, Ann 
Bullen, Sarah 
Cover, Elizabeth 
Blake, Sarah 
Hamins, Anne 
Price, Susanna 
Price, Sarah 
Russell, Eliz. 
Rid:r, Elizabeth 
Brookes, Mary 
Hurdman, Mary 

October, 1711. 

1 Cock, William and 
Jacob, Nicholas 
Martin, Charles 
Marshall, John 
Lowry, Isaac 
Brewer, Charles 

4 Renforth, John 
Knightly, John 
Holmes, Thomas 
Symons, Edwards 
Cook, Thomas 
Lightbown, Alex. 

5 Painter, Richard 

6 Turner, Erancis 
Stallard, Abraham 
Town, William 
Watts, Charles 
Yarnold, John 

7 Shelton, Cornelius 
cS Martin, Thomas 

9 Wilson, John 

James, John 
10 Hartly, Edward 
Jenks, William 
Couthred, William 
Griffith, Jetfery 

12 Boosey, Abraham 

13 King", Charles 

Hougham, Erancis 
Griffith, James 

14 Scarlet, William 

15 Bonnet, John 
Oliver, Richard 
Waer, William 
Slann, John 

16 Glascock, John 

17 Rothery, Edward 
Wilkins, Thomas 

Stretton, Hannah 
Buxton, Eliz. 
Wiffen, Mary 
Sutton, Elizabeth 
Carpenter, Sarah 
Taylor, Eliz. 
Dalton, Sarah 
Wether ell, Sarah 
Bingley, Anne 
Hunson, Anne 
Sandys, Henrietta 
Smith, Anne 
Skinner, Mary 
Pym, Elizabeth 
Snell, Susannah 
Bucknall, Sarah 
Sayer, Elizabeth 
Cressell, Anne 
Adams, Anne 
Wharton, Margt. 
Major, Mary 
Davis, Anne 
Rymell, Anne 
Plumb, Anne 
Atherton, Mary 
Allen, Elizabeth 
Tatt, Mary 

Thorn az in 
Troughton, Eliz. 
Price, Mary 
Grover, Elizabeth 
Wilshin, Mary 
Thomson, Bridget 
Williams, Kath. 
Aarmon, Sarah 
Spurgeon, Eliz. 
Beard, Sarah 
Mason, Mary 

17 Higgins, Thos. and 

18 Fountain, Edward 
Bradley, Thomas 
Settle, John 

19 Haynes, William 

20 Loft, Charles 
Paulli, Jonas 
Graham, HenryVere 
Bayntum, Henry 
Kirk, Thomas 
Litchfeild, Thomas 

22 Allen, Thomas 

23 Holbech, Barnabas 

24 Salter, Thomas 

25 Knight, Daniel 

26 Harford, John 
Oakey, Jeremiah 
Cole, John 

27 Thompson, Joseph 
Glover, John 
Barnes, William 

28 Dove, William 

29 Williams, Kebeccah 
Long, Jacob 

30 Wood, Henry 
West, Thomas 
Lytton, George 
Silvester, John 
Collins, John 
Briggs, Ambrose 
Bispham, William 

31 Davis, William 
Rickards, Robert 
Goodrige, John 
Burgiss, Joseph 
Davies, William 

Thompson, Mary 
Theedham, Mary 
Clarke, Mary 
Yate, Anne 
Whalley, Eliz. 
Loft, Anne 
Baxter, Eliz. 
Warner, Kath. 
Sanders, Mary 
Jones, Mary 
Yarley, Anne 
Butler, Rachel] 
Fownes, Martha 
Matthews, Joyce 
Kate, Arrabella 
Winn, Mary 
Gouldsmith, Mary 
Teagie, Sarah 
Abbiss, Elizabeth 
Glover, Anne 
Gregory, Mary 
Cartwright, Sarah 
Brookman, John 
Daniell, Jane 
Palmer, Mary 
Care, Sarah 
Terry, Elizabeth 
Smith, Sarah 
Francklyn, Sarah 
Rodham, Mary 
Green, Mary 
Barber, Mary 
Hatton, Anne 
Kingston, Eliz. 
Thorne, Frances 
James, Lydia 

November, 171 1. 

2 Hill, lid ward and 
Lawford, Nathaniel 
Blowers, John 

3 Plaistead, James 
Gower, Robert 
Cripps, John 

Harrison, Anthony 
Walter, Thomas 
Hammond, Robert 

Day, Joseph 

5 Ellis, William 
Rycroft, John 
Bartholomew, Philip 

6 Pardoe, William 
Hodgson, Thomas 

7 Smith, Samuel 
Keene, Thomas 

8 Wright, Charles 
Venables, Joseph 

Lawson, Anne 
Brooke, Susann'h 
Williams, Jane 
Tayler, Eetitia 
Walder, Eliz. 
Baron, Secretary 

Clifton, Margaret 
Fletcher, Mary 

Nicholls, Eliz. 
May hew, Eliz. 
Boatham, Margt. 
Knowe, Mary 
Wright, Mary 
Rouse, Anne 
Webb, Elizabeth 
Dipper, Anne 
Carpenter, Sarah 
Dutton, Martha 


Marriage Licences. 



November, 1711. 

8 Chambers, Thos. and 
Stead, Thomas 
Sumner, Thomas 
Hamond, Leonard 
Brewer, John 
g Rowland, Thomas 
Hurst, Thomas 

10 Greenwood, William 
Todd, Henry 

12 Harrison, James 
Jones, Christopher 
Hodgson, Nicholas 
Lammas, John 
Arnold, Ralph 

14 Stephens, Abraham 
Tuton, Robert 
Clark, Richard 

15 Morell, John 

Blackman, Thomas 
Staffe, Thomas 
Nelmes, Thomas 

16 Chappell, John 
Nurse, John 
Dash wood, George 

18 Pounder, Thomas 

19 Lee, Richard 

Swain, Thomas 
Hilliard, Thomas 
Hunter, Henry 
Hooker, Peter 
Chidd, Richard 
Scholey, William 

20 Dun, Philip 
Boddington, Thos. 
Grisell, Samuel 

21 Hodgson, William 
Lett, Anne 
Dugdale, William 


22 Dunkan, David 
Tarrant, William 
Perry, Mat hew 
Watts, John 

2$ Morgat, Peter 

Ares, William 

Tate, James 

Robinson, Nathaniel 

Cobby, Henry 
24 Hewson, Francis 


Hawkins, John 

Temple, John 

Morris, Mary 
Cole, Anne 
Carr, Alice 
Andrews, Eliz. 
Wright, Martha 
Powell, Jane 
Brandon, Anne 
Till, Elizabeth 
Mullins, Joanna 
Ashfeild, Jane 
Edwards, Alice 
Topp, Deborah 
Fouch, Dorothy 

Hodges, Eliz. 
Kemp, Mary 


Taylor, Martha 
Forster, Frances 
Ridsdale, Elen 
Head, Anne 
Clarke, Margaret 
Bristow, Kath. 
Pennall, Man- 
Doughty, Eliz. 
Eyton, Mary 

Morgan, Susanna 
Turner, Eliz. 
Swift, Judith 
Goddard, Eliz. 
Walker, Cath. 
Harper, Elizabeth 
Mernes, Dorothy 
Brussey, Sarah 
Robinson, Mary 
Scott, Elizabeth 
Lindon, Stephen 
Lee, Margaret 

Sheppard, Margt. 
Nodes, Mary 
Randall, Mary 
Langley, Eliz. 
Taylor, Jane 
Clarke, Mary 
Briscoe, Eliz. 
Doux Saint, Mary 
Evans, Margaret 
Goring, Sarah 
Clayton, Eliz. 

Barnes, Mary 
Kiipin, Martha 

24 Barnard, Thos. and 
Dickson, Anthony 

26 Corbett, George 
Anthony, John 
Day, William 

27 Evans, William 
Waldron, George 
Wagster, Joseph 

28 Trugard, Lewis 

30 How, John 

Herbert, Charles 
Hall, John 
Mersing, Nathanael 
Moulding, John 

Glanville, Eliz. 
Page, Jane 
Hawkins, Judith 
Downing, Elinor 
Neale, Hannah 
Watnall, Eliz. 
Clift, Theo. 
Newman, Martha 
Bestly, Eliz 

Fereman, Judith 
Gouge, Rebeccah 
Lewin, Mary 
Bryan, Anne 
Palmer, Jane 

December, 1711. 

1 Eve, Thomas and 

3 Reeve, Francis 
Foord, John 
Dane, Solomon 
Jennings, John 
Cacheret, Michael 
Hilliard, John 
Clarke, John 

4 Marshall, John 
Whitaker, Thomas 
Krull, John Henry 
Wilson, Edward 

5 Hunt, John 
Chapman, Henry 
Price, John 
Peartree, Ephraim 
Wells, John 

6 Keelders, Lewis 

Bickford, Edward 
Cliffe, Henry 

7 Humphreys, James 
Jackson, Edward 
Meeder, Isaac 
Wilson, John 

8 Clare, Henry 
Nieukirk, Henry 
Askew, Robert 
Proctor, Thomas 

9 Trott, John 

10 Winthorpe, 

Attiwell, Nathaniel 
Young, John 
Spanger, Richard 
Durant, William 

11 Siggins, Thomas 

12 Payne, Lawrence 
Head, Richard 

13 Cassell, George 
Morris, John 

Russell, Susanna 
Oden, Elizabeth 
Jones, Margaret 
Holstead, Hannah 
Stafford, Margt. 
Richardson, Alice 
Duncombe, Kath. 

Cole, Margery 
Turner, Christian 
Day, Mary 
Miller, Eleanor 
Newton, Cath. 
Hefford, Elianor 
Stanton, Anne 
Ellett, Jane 
Sandford, Sarah 

Ashdown, Joanna 
Rooth, Elizabeth 
Fisher, Mary 
Cole, Elizabeth 
Atfeild, Eliz. 
Morris, Dorothy 
Leiger, Anne 
Holdstock, Eliz. 
Nicholls, Mary 
Kirby, Margaret 
Leadson, Jane 
Melnorth, Eliz. 

Dybull, Anne 
Wellen, Elizabeth 
Jackson, Anne 
Nash, xA.nne 
Hopkins, Anne 
Dean, Barbara 
Hazleden, Anne 
Holland, Eliz. 
Fish, Rose 


Faculty Office. 


December, 171 1. 

13 Sprigmore, and Wright, Eliz. 

Patrick, John Drake, Alice 

14 Bygrave, Robert Millner, Anne 
•15 Somerset, John Berrisford, 


Barnson, Barnt Cornelianson, 


17 Marshall, John Wood, Sarah 
Booth, Aaron Burrows, Phila- 

Taylor, Jonathan Bulstrode, Mary 

Willan, John Bunch, Susanna 

18 Childrey, Richard Cooke, Sarah 
Lewis, John Sevenoake, Man- 
Smith, John Goring, Francis 
Billingsly, John Smith, Susan 

19 Sands, Robert Sorrell, Anne 
Perry, Francis Turner, Eliz. 
Nutt, Joseph Maining, Ursula 
Hodges, Joseph Hind, Anne 
Avis, Thomas Morgan, Martha 

20 Addanbrock, John Taylor, Sarah 
Herbert, Henry Bigg, Anne 
Cox, William Winchlow, Anne 
Phillips, Joshua Braffett, Anne 
Cabe, William Cole, Sarah 

21 Eyre, John Layer, Susanna 
Morris, John Plumer, Francis 
Arnold, Edward Lovett, Anne 

22 Theed, Richard Cawood, Eliz. 
Hill, John Cronck, Eliz. 
Baker, William Jackson, Sarah 

24 Martheille, John Debusc, Martha 

Mellows, Robert Crowhurst, Mary 

White, Alexander Bowes, Dorothy 

Hamilton, Joseph Millis, Katherine 

Bearman, Francis Barrabant, Anne 

27 Gillcnffe, Thomas Feild, Elizabeth 
Hoddle, John Wilson, Lois 

28 Lane, James Croffts, Sarah 
Whitmarsh, Francis Biscow, Eleanor 
Welch, Joseph Harwood, Mary 
Kimberly, William Meades, Leonora 
Seares, Robert Righton, Rebecca 

29 Brightall, Robert Jennings, S.irah 
Metcalfe, James Deering, Jane 
Quelch, Edward August, Eliz. 
Smith, John Banks, Sarah 
Stone, Samuel Whittle, Eliz. 
Vorley, Edward Watts, Mercy 
Sterne, William Bateman, Ellen 
Goose, William Norman, Mary 
Lacock, Francis Bell, Mary 

31 Cooper, Thomas Honyball, Man- 
Baker, William Jackson, Eliz. 
Hodgkin, Richard Wright, Sara 
Bounee, Louis Dartell, Frances 

31 Brice, John and Fowler, Eliz. 

Robinson, Matthew Hinchman, 


January, 171 1- 12. 

1 Knight, Thos. and Williams, Margt. 
Howard, James Holmes, Mary 
Burchett, John Ellis, Jane 

2 Floyd, Samuel King, Elizabeth 
Woodfall, Henry Andrews, Mary 
Mellichamp, Win. Widdowes, Joan 
Lee, Richard Motley, Margaret 
Neeborne, George Ladler, Susanna 
White, William Price, Martha 
Brasier, William Lawrence, Eliz. 

3 Steenton, John Stonehorse, Eliz. 
Warner, Francis Markham, Eliz. 

4 Rainner, Francis Cartwright, Eliz. 
Blackman, Samuel Smith, Elizabeth 
Farneel, William Green, Hannah 

5 Evans, Richard Scott, Anne 
Reynolds, Samuel Wormall, Mary 

8 Williams, Edward Richardson, Eliz. 
Waite, Daniel Dodson, Sarah 
Feild, Richard Scudder, Mary 

9 Cox, Thomas Gillam, Frances 
Allen, Thomas Townsend, Jane 
May, John Meakins, Man- 
Hall, Henry Warner, Elianor 

10 Perry, Weedon Barnsley, Eliz. 
Broughton, Roger Saunders, Margt. 
Wilkeson, David Fisher, Eliz. 
Johnson, Adam Gunn, Dorothy 

11 Newland, Thomas Enoch, Elizabeth 

12 Buckingham, Thos. Champness, 


Dawson, William Gill, Jane 

Shorter, John Roycroft, Mary 

Wright, Peter Shirly, Eliz. 

14 Heard, Joseph Bridge, Man- 
Gunning, Robert Edmeads, Eliz. 
Bates, Edward Millam, Mary 

15 Redding, Joseph Waterfeild, 

Smith, John Whyle, Sarah 

Simpson, Lloyd Higgins, Paletin 

17 Williamson, George Whiting, Mary 
Foncault, James Mesnier, Cath. 
Dod, William Willshaw, Anne 
Brown, Thomas West, Man- 
Humphreys, Evan Hilbourne, 


18 May, Joseph Woodroffe, 

Carter, Martin Butler, Man- 

21 Wright, Thomas Constable, Martha 

22 Nipson, John Leathes, Frances 
Rogers, John Tyson, Hanna 

23 Hampson, John Dumeny, Dorothy 


a Ma rriage L icences. 

[171 1-12 

January, 1711-12. 

2$ Hales, James and 
"Way, Thomas 

Latham, Thomas 
Mason, Mathew 

24 Coppin, Robert 
Clarke, James 
Richards, John 

25 Clovell, William 

26 Hubbard, Charles 
Hornsby, Robert 

27 Tovey, Benjamin 

28 Addams, Joseph 
Whiting, Thomas 
Skelton, Isaac 
Davis, John 

29 Gregory, Michael 
Singleton, Lawrence 
Carpenter, Thomas 
Storey, Edward 

30 Chernock, Francis 
Bass, Amos 

31 Sid way, John 
Lake, Sir Bybye, Bt. 
Hancock, John 
Chiffens, Abraham 

Hales, Mary 
Gibbs, Elizabeth 
Edwards, Mary 
Mayowe, Eliz. 
Hodder, Phoebe 
Hinton, Amy 
James, Mary 
Bovey, Catherine 
Bowman, Mary 
Burdett, Sarah 
Biddle, Elizabeth 
Freine, Rhody 
Poulter, Anne 
Nurse, Martha 
Waldron, Margt. 
Pretty, Mary 
Green, Sarah 
Williams, Margt. 
Granger, Eliz. 
Hamshire, Mary 
Cooke, Eliz. 
Attwill, Marv 
Glover, Elizabeth 
Woodford, Sarah 

February, 1711-12. 

2 Jackson, John and 

Gifford, John 
4*Jenkinson, Sir Robt. 
[Bart ] 

Parsons, John 
Omer, Peier 

5 Taylor. Thomas 

Ballard, Philip 
Larkin, John 
Blackston, Edward 
Dickins, Valentine 
Shephardson, Sam 
Broadmead, Thos 
Jones, Abraham 
Hennagen, Michael 

6 Window, Henry 

7 Darcy, James 
Turvin, George 

8 Stanbrough, Robert 

9 Franks, Richard 
Gough, John 
Hilliard, Thomas 

11 Carsley, Peter 
Johnson, Thomas 
Fowler, John 
Slater, Richard 
Elliott, John 

Studley, Ann 
Bradbury, Mary 
Scarbrough, Hen. 

M [Henrietta 

Keylock, Mary 
Bayley, Kath 

Baker, Hannah 
Phillips, Mary 
Ashby, Sarah 
Seale, Elizabeth 
Tickner, Eliz 
Sanders, Mary 
Child, Mary 
Clemson, Eliz. 
Hickman, Eliz. 
Hickee, Mary 
Burton, Avis 
Aiding, Sarah 
Carey, Sarah 
Tyler, Margaret 
Davies, Anne 
Fox, Sarah 
Phillips, Mary 
Cooper, Sarah 
Kemp, Anne 
Howard, Fortune 

11 Bright, Thomas and 
\z Elwick, George 
Hull, Robert 
Mickleton, James 
Langton, Joseph 

13 Rigby, James 
Kennedy, John 

Wanley, William 
Gadney, John 

14 Learner, Ephraim 
Tencarr, Isaac 

15 Wright, James 

16 Sharpecliffe, Simon 

Price, Charles 
Jordan, Robert 
Bass, Joel 
Bates, Christopher 

18 Rice, Thomas 
Flack, William 

19 Chrystall, John 
James, Sambers 

20 Garrett, Mathew, Jr 
Pecavi, Samuel 
Faldo, Stephen 

21 Cuddington, Richard 
Harbottle, James 
Jackson, Henry 

22 Richardson, Samuel 
Giilow, Jen kin 

23 Peryear, John 
Holmes, Peter 
Cox, Henry 
Ferrers, Edward 

24 Smith, Andrew 
Johnson, William 

25 Wolstenholme, 

Ward, Joseph 
Peake, Robert 
Gardiner, Michael 

26 Cooper, John 

Paine, John 
Beardsly, William 
Webster, Daniel 
Darby, William 

27 Lcckwood, Richard 
Wright, John 
Blakemore, William 
Truelove, James 

28 Bond, Richard 
Catherens, William 
Pitts, Samuel 

29 Scott, Samuel 
Chelton, Andrew 

Grigson, Marx- 
King, Dorothy 
Smith, Anne " 
Eden, Hannah 
Bovingdon, Eliz. 
Kitchen, Jane 

Bowse, Alice 

Hooke, Mary 
Jones, Anne 
Redding, Mary 

Paine, Mary 
Hovlt, Sarah 
Sanney, Jane 
Craine, Anne 
Humphreys, Anne 
Voss, Mary 
Hooker, Eliz 
Harper, Elianor 
Merry, Man- 
Anthony, Eliz 
Lambert, Kath. 
May, Sarah 
Winn, Deborah 
Hogson, Jane 
Ladimore, Eliz. 
Hollo way, 

Atwick, Eliz. 
Sanders, Anne 
Clarke, Rose 
Gibson, Teresia 
Mills, Joyce 
Rymer, Mary 

Alcock, Marx- 
Shaw, Mary 
Nedham, Eliz. 

Living, Elizabeth 
Ash, Judith 
Glover, Sarah 

Vernon, Matilda 
Marlow, Barbara 
Carriat, Anne 
Vergis, Sarah 
Astell, Elizabeth 
Green, Margaret 
Tayler, Hannah 
Fountaine, Eliz. 
Wilcox, Eliz. 

i7 II_I2 J 

Faculty Office. 


February, 1711-12. 

29 Butler, Thomas and Williamson, 

Nevill, Thomas Holdbrough, 

Eskrigge, James Conen, vSarah 
Yates, John Bowles, Cath. 

Bramon, Robert Brown, Mary 

Parker, Chajs , Esq. Wilson, Cath. 
Portlock, Benj , Esq. Bete, Elizabeth 
Dombres, Anthony Fallason, Cath. 

March, 1711-1712. 

1 Barrow, John and 
Wood, Francis 

3 Grundy, William 
Dissell, Daniel 
Griffes, James 
Stephens, John 

4 Painter, Thomas 

5 Guillim, Thomas 
Long, Jeremiah 

8 Jenkinson, Joseph 
1 1 Wheatiun, John 

13 Owbridge, Jar vis 

14 Whatton, George 

15 Kearsey, John 
Grimstead, Joseph 
Dethick, Henry 

17 Davis, Isaac 
Walton, John 
Spackman, Edward 

1 9 Say, John 

Tresst, Francis 
Tench, Stephen 
Evans, Charles 

21 Hughes, John 
Overton, Henry 

22 Stoughton, Richard 
Jones, Ralph 

24 Carter, Benjamin 

25 Allen, Joseph 
Seton, George 

Cautrell, Mary 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Smith, Mary 
Umfreville, Jane 
Seffton, Rose 
Dowell, Mary 

Littell, Martha 
Cooper, Jane 
Leeson, Anne 
Marsh, Jane 
Wharton, Elianor 
Chard, Sara 
Chappel, Francis 
Warren, Anne 
Norris, Hester 
Marke, Sarah 
Eaton, Kath. 

Henrietta M. 
Colegrave, Eliz. 
Mayo, Deborah 
Bradley, Mary 
Barbin, Phillippa 
Eglestone, Eliz 
Guinnett, Jane 
Bowman, Mary 
Milksop, Mary 
Omens, Eliz. 
Hockley, Mary 
Lamb, Anne 

March, 1712 

26 Smith, (ivies and Davis, Jane 
Hardness [rectius Dicher, Eliz. 

HardresJ, Sir 
William [Bart] 
Cloves, John Bettesworth, 


27 Cawthorne, Alvera Gilliam, Mary 

28 Timens, Martin Blundall, Sarah 
Howlatson, Richard Charriott, Eliz. 

31 Dugdale, Thomas Peake, Jane 

April, 1712. 

3 Wyndham, Sir and 'a Newdigat, 
Francis Hen. Maria 

Perkins, James Billing, Eliz. 

Hinsome, Thomas Bridgar, Margt. 
5 Dancer, Henry Davy, Abigal 

7 Peach, Christopher Smith, Hannah 

Rattenburry, John Hutchins, Joane 
9 Kirby, John 

Davis, William 

Vandenande, John 

Green, Thomas 

10 Smith, Robert 

11 Rugendike, Jacob 

Newman, Mary 
Moyle, Jane 
Flood, Elizabeth 
Bean, Elizabeth 
Risely, Mary 
Potts, Win. Minor 

Young, Dorothy 
Glover, Frances 

12 Bladen, Isaac 
Chaddock, Arthur 
Leibert, Walter von Weight, Sarah 

15 Alworth, Henry Markland, Eliz. 
Adcock, Hugh Fullwood, Anne 

16 James, Peter Angell, Mary 

17 Scarpe, Christopher Warr, Sarah 
Jasper, Edward Brown, Anne 

Dixon, Barnard 
Fleet, Josias 
18 Smith, Thomas 
Basley, Thomas 

Dobbins, Hester 
Sidey, Martha 
Newman, Sarah 
Stafford, Margt. 

Beddingfild, EdmondSherwood, Man- 
Atkinson, William Hill, Anne 

Milner, Bridget 
Haines, Elizabeth 
Allen, Grace 
Collins, Sarah 
Mortimore, Eliz. 

Malin, Edward 
19 Walkinton, Abrah 

Roberts, Peter 

Bather, William 

Phillips, David 
'20 Pattenden, William Wiggs, Jane 
21 Basden, Thomas Staples, Anne 

Johnson, Richard 

Hoare, Edward 

Brogdon, Daniel 

22 Pruden, Francis 
East, Edward 

Church, Randolph 
Long, John 
Piatt, John 
Hearn, Thomas 
"Chester, John 

23 March, Edward 
Hollier, Samuel 
Wiltshire, Patrick 

24 Monck, William 

25 Salisbury, Samuel 
27 Hale, William 

Fisher, Rebecca 
Courtnis, Anne 

Atkins, Martha 

Eyton, Eliz. 
Edge, Mary 
Holloway, Jane 
Brumwick, Mag. 
Feild, Mary 
Wood, Man- 
Tap, Jane 
Archer, Susanna 

Herbert, Eliz. 
Paggen, Cath. 

[a) This is probably meant for "Newdigate" as 

he follows the "t" with a colon and it is on the 
edge of page. 


Marriage Licences. 



April, 1712. 

27 Howard, Thos. and 
Woodstock, Richard 
Dennis, William 
Acreman, Richard 
Cartwright, Luke 

26 Baker, John 
Fisher, Charles 
Sheppard, William 
Wootton, Thomas 
Ireland, Henry 
Webb, Andrew 

28 Spencer, Samuel 
Veck, John 
Storey, Thomas 
Randall, John 

29 Humphrys, James 
Salmon, William 
Lloyd, Thomas 
Wilkinson, Thomas 

Owen, Catherine 
Gale, Alice 
Wright, Rachell 
Court, Bethia 
Davis, Man- 
Barker, Prudence 
Vernon, Mary 
Smith, Anne 
Nunn, Mary 
Crabb, Elizabeth 
Hibbard, Sarah 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Breden, Anne 
Colvin, Susanna 
Wethersly, Eliz. 
Hunt, Jane 
Sebright, Eliz. 
Wright, Jane 
Cave, Henrietta 

May, 1712. 

1 Gray, Francis and 
Mence, Thomas 

2 Spencer, Thomas 
Harrison, John 
May, Thomas 
Heaton, William 
Vernon, George 

3 Richardson, William 
Witham, Nathaniel 
Townsend, Samuel 
Sutton, Christopher 
FitzGerrald, Edward 

5 Collier, John 
Billington, Thomas 
Brumbridge, Henry 

Cocksedge, Martin 

6 Grover, John 
Witfeild, Samuel 
Rigby, Thomas 

7 Platries, Elias 
Abbat, Peter 
Briggs, Jacob 

8 Weston, Peter 
Harwood, Richard 
Green, Charles 
Bartlett, Oliver 

9 Palmer, Thomas 
Harward, John 
La Noire, James 

10 Trench, Samuel 

Lechmore, Charles 
Porter, Robert 

Simson, Sarah 
Dryer, Martha 
Edwards, Eliz. 
Burton, Eliz. 
Sutton, Susanna 
Maddeson, Eliz. 
Baines, Bersina 
Percivall, Anne 
Kentish, Eliz. 
Armstrong, Eliz. 
How, Elizabeth 
Henley, ah. Com- 

mings, Mary 
Bodewin, Mary 
Burt, Catherine 

Brewer, Mary 
Adams, Cath. 
Knapp, Eliz. 
Merry weather, 

Serclos, Anne 
Burrell, Cath. 
Guiding, Mary 
Ilsley, Man- 
How, Mary 
Waylit, Sarah 
Morgan, Eliz. 
Dunmore, Mary 
Sandford, Lucy 
Tine, Mary 

Sandes, Eliz. 
Upton, Anne 

10 Burgess, 


12 Peck, Francis 
Oxlaid, Jonathan 

13 Nutt, Walter 
Swaine, Joseph 
Lowe, Mathew 
Archer, Edward 
Whittle, John 

14 Turner, John 
Sherman, William 
Anderson, Michael 

15 Osborne, James 

16 Coleman, Francis 

17 Hiorne, John 
Day, William 
Brugess, Thomas 
Dennis, John 
Harrison, James 
Huntridge, John 

20 Holmes, Thomas 

Long, Nehemiah 

21 Catesby, John 
Wright, Mathew 
Tooke, Thomas 

Bradshaw, Francis 

Townsend, Thomas 

22 Jones, George 

Mallard, Joseph 
Rooth, Richard, Esq. 

and Handley, Anne 

Goodere, John, Esq. 

Brinkly, Thomas 

23 Whitton, Luke 

24 Seale, William 
Woodley, John 
Watkinson, Edward 

26 Barker, Francis 
Spicer, John 
Harper, William 
Rodbard, John 

27 Riley, Chamack 

28 Hill, Gerrard 
Sheppard, Richard 
Slead, Benjamin 
Gould, James 

[2]g Gratorex, Ralph 

30 Hicks, John 
Leake, Edward 
lllffe, Thomas 
Wootten, William 
Bardin, William 

Pruden, David 

Peters, Martha 
Aly, Margaret 
Freeman, Grace 
Hudson, Eliz. 
Read, Elizabeth 
Trevers, Eliz. 
Bird, Mary 
Ashlock, Honor 
Hill, Elizabeth 
Ellers, Anne 
Jones, Amy 
Gilmore, Elinor 
Pennel, Elizabeth 
Heaver, Eliz. 
Fossey, Anne 
Leakey, Sarah 
Goddard, Anne 
Bailey, Elinor 

Fosset, Elizabeth 
Bull, Mary 
Bull, Jane 


Wiffing, Anne 

Durham, Mary 
Tankervill, Mary, 


Duchess of 

Waring, Martha 
Thorne, Anne 
Pazer, Frances 
Hunt, Anne 
Radford, Eliz. 
Stone, Amy 
Freeman, Eliz. 
Pende, Anne 
Marder, Eliz. 
Bradford, Mary 
Gregory, Eliz. 
Stacy, Diana 
Hill, Eliz. 
Fawlett, Anne 
Fenton, Sarah 
Hawes, Elianor 
Withall, Mary 
Allen, Mary 
Mortimore, Mary 

Ambrose, Mary 


Faculty Office. 

27 1 

June, 1712. 

1 Flower, Thomasa«rf 
Fellows, Ben. Dan. 

2 Smith, James 
Cecill, John 
Hall, John 

3 Seymour, Luke 
Norman, Marma- 

Blay, Anthony 
Hathaway, Richard 

Ridout, Thomas 

4 Shephard, Joseph 

5 Lafforce, Stephen 
Currant, Peter 
Cratcher, Michael 
Paine, John 
Hush, John 
Caldicot, Thomas 

6 Mason, Thomas 
Ashton, Henry 
Bond, Abraham 
Glover, John 

7 Strange, William 
Malson, Joseph 
Riley, James 
Edy, Samuel 
Powell, William 

8 De la Chapel, 

Arm and 

9 Blyth, Samuel 
Price, John 
Rowell, John 
Kelway, Robert 
Rogers, John 

10 Morrice, John 

11 Henly, James 
Clarke, John 
Bushell, James 
Long, Robert 
Kesson, George 

12 Blinkinsop, George 

13 Pym, William 
Vincent, Anthony 
Lonsdale, Henry 
Whitledge, Lorrain 
Totton, Stevens 

16 Sturmy, Tobias 
Wise, Edward 
Denman, Charles 
Morris, Thomas 
Williams, Sir 

18 Stanton, Fredrick 

19 Hale, Overbury 
Collet, Thomas 

21 Lawrence, Edward 

Row, Mary 
Craft, Mary 
Hill, Sarah 
Hood, Rebecca 
Parsons, Dennis 
Bradley, Anne 
Tilley, Martha 

Chapman, Hanna 
Woods, Mary 

Cray, Mary 
Bruin, Elizabeth 
Davis, Mary 
Evans, Mary 
Silver, Joan 
Thornbury, Eliz. 
Jefferson, Eliz. 
Rogers, Mary 
Martin, Mary 
Cowper, Mary 
How, Elizabeth 
Allen, Jane 
Eades, Elizabeth 
Jones, Elizabeth 
Copping, Anne 
Smith, Frances 
Towers, Mary 
Martin, Anne 

Stokes, Eliz. 
Pear, Rachell 
Berry, Mary 
Vere, Elizabeth 
Welch, Anne 
Vincent, Eliz. 
Wilmer, Mary 
Cozens, Mary 
Tinker, Mary 
Hubbard, Mary 
Wilcox, Kath. 
Cannon, Mary 
Carver, Anne 
Parker, Eliz. 
Masrother, Hope 
Goodwin, Mary 
Mason, Hester 
Bradley, Anne 
Stede, Sarah 
Writon, Anne 
Cox, Mary 

Smith, Mary 
Dodwell, Eliz. 
Waldrook, Eliz. 
Hobbs, Anne 

21 Jones, William and Broadway, 

22 Norton, Robert 

23 Pearson, Henry 
Gyles, Nathaniel 
Rookwood, Edward 
Margetson, James 
Westerne, William 

Yarway, William 
Wilkinson, William 

24 Morrell, Anthony 
Andrews, Nicholas 
Cock, William 

Standen, William 

25 Weston, William 
Dalton, Andrew 

26 Tanner, John 
Criswell, Thomas 
Dunstan, Robert 
Bulman, Thomas 
Elphinston, John 

27 Lovering, Robert 
Stockwell, James 
Burford, Thomas 

28 Church, Richard 
Crosby, John 
Serjeant, John 
Tuttle, John 
Crawley, William 

29 Archer, Thomas 

30 Nicholson, Thomas 

Owen, Morrice 
Carter, Thomas 

Pickering, Thomas 
Coleman, W'illiam 

Fletcher, Eliz. 
Woodard, Pheby 
Cawstern, Hester 
Watts, Elizabeth 
Taylor, Mary 
Bateman, Anne 

Amsdale, Eliz. 
Higgins, Man- 
Cotton, Mary 
Lyffe, Mary 

Ogle, Anne 
Smeeton, Anne 
Johnson, Sarah 
French, Sarah 
Carpenter, Cath. 
Wilkins, Eliz. 
Kelley, Elianor 
Moncreife, M artha 
Snell, Dorothy 
Pickett, Eliz. 
Venables, Mag. 
Beasley, Eliz. 
Tomlinson, Anne 
Causton, Mary 
Davis, Jane 
Russell, Eliz. 
Acock, Hannah 

Addison, Jane 

Parsons, Eliz. 


July, 1712. 

1 Kirk, James and Purcell, Eliz. 

2 Whitlock, Richard Piatt, Susan 
Brome, BartholomewShaw, Alicia 
Woolstone, Jeffery Millett, Mary 

3 Allen, Thomas 
Warkman, Robert 
Phillips, Thomas 
Wood, Joseph 

4 Joyfull, Francis 

Ward, Sarah 
Hoskins, Mary 
Ward, Susanna 
Norman, Margt. 

Gould, Mary 

Bareblock, William Evans, Sarah 
5 Sone, John Milner, Mary 

Aberry, John Harding, Jane 

Stebbing, William Bostock, Mary 

St. John, Francis 
Say well, Matthew 


Ma rriage L ice nee s. 


July, 1712. 

5 Lee, Thomas and Asleiy, Dorothy 
Vicars, Samuel Frost, Frances 

6 Williams, David 
Elliot, Joshua 

7 Jenkins, John 
Bibbie, John 
Sears, Joseph 
Watson, Richard 

8 Howard, Thomas 
Odell, John 
Sames, Thomas 
Curwen, Christopher Whitmore, 

King, Richard 
Hind, Michael 

9 Hurford, John 
Barnett, John 
Hussey, Benjamin 
Wells, John 
Bond, Thomas 
Curtis, Richard 

10 Tayler, John 

Eldridge, William 

Russell, Eliz. 
Earle, Sarah 
Sutcliffe, Eliz. 
Spofforth, Eliz. 
Foss, Elizabeth 
Walton, Alice 
Turney, Anne 
Richards, Man- 
Clarke, Jane 

Price, Jane 
Go.odeve, Sarah 
Waters, Lydia 
Joyce, Rebecca 
Williams, Anne 
Lucas, Mary 
Feetam, Mary 
Harman, Hester 
Lovell, Eliz. 
Parker, Alice 

Castleton, Nathaniel, Sandford, Amy 

Williams, James 

1 1 Cross, John 
Sexton, Thomas 
Cox, Edward 
Ellis, David 
Townsend, John 
Collins, William 

12 Wickly, Henry 
Cade, Charles 
Fretwell, John 

Pearcs, Thomas 
14 Sharpe, John 
Brandley, Joseph 
Tilly, Joseph 

Archer, Eliz. 
Humphreys, Eliz. 
Goodspeed, Mary 
Spooner, Anne 
Green, Catherine 
Baker, Eliz. 
Channell, Amy 
Danby, Anne 
Smith, Man- 

Lucas, Prudence 
Heath, Sarah 
Achim, Joannah 
Tolson, Mary 

Clayton, Humphrey Nash, Susannah 

15 Wyat, John 
King, James 
Ay ley, Henry 
Brittan, John 

16 Belcham, Phillip 
Goose, John 
Henly, Thomas 
Rand, Joseph 
Stede, Dutton 

Cooper, Henry 

17 Rider, Edward 

Price, Mary 
Fosket, Sarah 
Reynolds, Sarah 
Gigg, Rebeccah 
Thompson, Mary 
Blore, Margaret 
Martyr, Sarah 
Morise, Hannah 

Nichols, Sarah 
Dent, Sarah 
Betts, Anne 
Robinson, Emelia 

West, John 
Sedwell, William 
Burroughs, Thomas Clarke, Jane 
Shippen, William Stote, Frances 
[8 Spedding, John Willmott, Sarah 

18 Harris, Edward and 

ig Jones, John 

Coombes, Henry 
Dean, William 
Whiston, Thomas 
Nottingham, James 
Whitbee, Charles 

21 Clarke, Joseph 
Banks, Richard 
Etheridge, Wm. 
Richards, Richard 

22 Stallybrass, John 
Deacon, Samuel 
Mazars, Jean 
Lloyd, David 
Brereton, Thomas 

23 Jaques, William 
Pindar, Thomas 
Standard, Edward 

24 Perchard, Hellier 
Seward, Jonathan 
Floyd, William 
Crompton, Adam 

25 Marsh, Edward 
Salmon, Thomas 

26 Crosley, James 
Sarnell, James 
Cripps, John 

28 Foster, William 
Poole, Thomas 

29 Spicer, Robert 
Hind, Joseph 
Robinson, Simon 
Maidman, John 
Green, Thomas 

Silvester, John 
Respice, Thomas 
Chawell, James 

30 Baker, John 
Little, David 
Lawrence, Thomas 
Davis, Morgan 

31 Mann, Charles 
Petersen, Joachim 

Dowers, Jane 
Trotter, Mary 
Bullock, Mary 
Church, Anne 
Nicholls, Eliz. 
Predy, Susan 
Child, Anne 
Faulkner, Eliz. 
Middleton, Anne 
Walker, Penelope 
Matthews, Sarah 
Kirby, Rebecca 
Ricketts, Lydia 
Verge, Anne 
Nicholas, Sarah 
Hasker, Avis 
Burton, Anne 
Evans, Rachell 
Charter, Eliz. 
Denonyez, Marx- 
King, Elizabeth 
Beaton, Anne 
Bladwell, Mary 
Thompson, Mary 
Fryer, Rebecca 
Holt, Mary 
Percivall, Sarah 
Osborne, Anna M. 
Lewis, Margaret 
Sidenam, Frances 
Brough, Man- 
Lewis, Jane 
Webb, Man 
Midleton, Anne 

Cheek, Hannah 
Dawson, Elianor 

Couldrey, Margt. 
Dean, Anne 
Jackson, Sarah 
Rigby, Maria 
Martin, Margaret 
Spofford, Eliz. 

August, 17 12. 

1 Cox, John and 
Dunning, James 
Browne, John 
Pegdan, Thomas 

2 Grace, Hugh 
Howell, Jeremiah 

5 Wheat, Samuel 
Thompson, Francis 

8 Hewson, John 
Smith, James 

Williams, Sarah 
Millis, Margaret 
Shelley, Elizabeth 

Brookes, Anne 
Whitehead, Man- 
Watson, Alice 
Wise, Mary 
Hellward, Eliz. 
Hayman, Mary 


Faculty Office. 


August, 1712. 

8 Reed, William and Goodacre, Mary 
Lawrence, Nathaniel Parker, Margaret 

9 Goodhall, John Pennington, 

Smallwood, Thomas Jackson, Eliz. 

12 Tozer, Thomas Wood, Mary 
Wilder, John Dally, Anne 
Satchell, John Ogden, Mary 
Scrowston, David Hopkins, Jane 
Brent, Daniel Sherlock, Hannah 

13 Bone, John Head, Jane 
Beck, John Hurley, Anne 

14 Bellamy, Daniel Miller, Martha 
Depree, William Hey, Anne 

16 Whitfeild, Robert Archer, Mary 
Mongebart, George Meredith, Mary 
Wilson, Charles Cart, Alice 

17 Firth, John Townsend, 


18 Johnson, Joseph Hollyday, Mary 
Stephens, Joseph Perry, Mary 
Webb, Robert Bullock, Sarah 
Salter, Edward Mills, Deborah 

19 Phillips, Love Doley, Mary 
Chaplin, Richard New, Mary 
Beard, Thomas Mortimore, Sarah 

20 Randall, Robert Cook, Rebecca 

21 Fastnadge, Edward Meads, Elizabeth 
Whiteing, Edmond Allison, Alary 
Clements, Thomas Ansell, Elizabeth 

22 Davis, John Scott, Anne 
Allen, Phineas Davis, Mary 

23 Tench, Edward Wheatley, Adrian 

25 Bromley, Alexander Stevenson, Anne 
Symonds, Robert Thurston, 


Pritchard, John Jordan, Elizabeth 

Peckham, John Thawyer, Sarah 

26 Camaden, Spencer Cowdell, Mary 
Austin, John Foord, Elizabeth 
Wilkes, William Reynolds, Mary 

27 Jemmott, John Wyatt, Mary 
Johnson, John Shutter, Elizabeth 
Tippit, Samuel Powell, Priscilla 

28 Husday, Isaac Maddox, Eliz. 
Nixon, Thomas Robinson, Martha 

29 Morris, Mathew Holland, Sarah 

30 Bullock, Henry Dilley, Anne 
Daniel, Nicholas White, Anne 
Hetherington, Geo. Bowman, Eliz. 

September, 1712. 

1 Webb, Robert and Phillips, Susanna 
Farr, Richard Nicholls, Mary 

2 Kemp, Joseph White, Mary 
Brookshed, John Coomes, Elianor 

3 Hamond, Thomas Bradberry, Mary 

6 Ferris, William and Steevens, Eliz. 

Woolcock, Robert Gampin, Mary 

Slaney, Richard 
8 Gray, Cuthbert 

Appleby, Francis 

Toombes, James 

Bagford, John 
9 Morley, Samuel 
Smith, John 
Brown, Luke 
Caswell, Robert 
Embly, Arthur 
Penn, Richard 

10 Cooke, Edward 
Glover, Thomas 

11 Sames, George 
Squire, James 
Beaverton, John 
Pitts, Thomas 
Baron, George 
Saul, Charles 
Downes, John 
Peele, Richard 
Board, Samuel 

Webb, John 
13 Bassett, Jasper 

15 Wilkes, John 
Beckett, Charles 
Cocker, Gyles 
Albury, Joseph 

16 Looke, William 
Smith, Thomas 

17 Carleton, William 
Chapman, Henry 
Addison, Thomas 
Blundell, Thomas 

Haward, Sarah 
Foster, Margaret 
Somerford, Anne 
Smith, Anne 
Allsop, Elizabeth 
Odingsell, Eliz. 
Brags, Susannah 
Cane, Isabella 
Clarke, Elizabeth 
Sambirch, Mary 

Styan, Elizabeth 
Feild, Elizabeth 
Kirrell, Elizabeth 
Nutton, Jane 
Levitt, Mary 
Archer, Sarah 
Ashley, Elizabeth 
Cook, Elizabeth 
Whittell, Mary 
Rogers, Alice 

Coney, Abagael 
Oliver, Elianor 
Harrison, Sarah 
Brown, Annis 
Robinson, Eliz.. 
Tapscot, Love 
Richards, Eliz. 
Bodymaid, Mary 
Tatton, Alary 
Chidd, Elizabeth 
Hodges, Alary 
Davies, Rachell 

Giddens, Elizabeth Hawkins, John 

Gould, Jeremiah Hands, Elizabeth 

(a, Gould, Jeremiah Hands, Elizabeth 

Shawvell, James Wright, Alary 

Empson, John 
Bigg, John 

19 Freeman, John 
Chancelor, John 
Hart, Richard 

20 Stringer, Thomas 
Sutton, Thomas 
Read, William 

22 Hand, Thomas 
Orde, Edward 
Cleaver, Samuel 
Cowsey, John 

Costin, Winifred 
Williams, Sarah 
Grissall, Sarah 
Tolmege, Bridgett 
Jones, Alary 
Kibble, Mildred 
Street, Frances 
Saunders, Eliz. 
Bateman, Eliz. 
Galloway, Erancis 
Bennet, Alary 
Adams, Anne 
Tapply, Frances 


Hinton, Job 
23 Bloxam, Nathaniel Webster, Alary 
Hendrick, Henry Tilberry, Cath. 

(a) Probably entered twice in error. 


Mai'riage Licences. 


September, 1712. 

23 Chisanhal, Thos. n;zr/ 
Fuller, William 
Tuach, Alexander 
Clerk, John 
Bristow, William 

24 Nicholls, James 

Williams, Evan 
Ganden, John 
Jacobson, Benjamin 
Robinson, Robert 

25 Hardy, Francis 
Lett, John 
Symons, Daniel 
Noy, William 
Gearing, John 
Nash, Samuel 

26 Cooper, Bernard 

Matthews, Eli 

27 Picket, James 
Taylor, Nathaniel 
Young, John 

Glover, John 
Melle, Henry 

Malthus, Sydenham 

29 Gallopin, John 
Shephard, William 

30 Moor, John 
Sutton, Thomas 
Hall, John 

Bymour, Joanna 
Davis, Anne 
Cartwright, Marv 
Tibboll, Eliz. 
Manning, Eliz. 

Lewis, Elizabeth 
Page, Elizabeth 
Felton, Rebecca 
Crutchly, Elianor 
Barrett, Ruth 
Hayes, Mary 
Botsford, Eathell 
Dagnall, Mary 
Porter, Elizabeth 
Skcinges, Eliz. 

Wolfe, Mary 
Rosteran, Eliz. 
Bathe, Elianor 

Powell, Ennice 
Cotterell, Cath. 

Dalton, Anne 
Palme, Mary 
Bedsir, Mary 
Hooper, Eliz. 
Leper, Constant 


6 Jodrell, Paul, and Sheldon, Judith 

October, 1712. 

1 Harrison, Rich, and 
Bates, John 
Shippey, John 
Lyme, John 

Rich, Jeremiah 
Martin, Andrew 
Hodson, Nicholas 
Bertie, Henry, Esq. 

2 Symons, William 
Saunders, Thomas 
Fyffe, William 
Thomas, Badger 
Killeck, William 

3 Ellis, John 

4 Traffles, Thomas 
Beighton, Samuel 
Mould, Samuel 
Farnelly, John 

6 Burbery, Francis 
Archer, William 

Spikes, Mary 
Roberts, Sarah 
Marshall, Jane 
Balday, Elinor 
Wight, Elizabeth 
Schooler, Agnes 
Element, Eliz. 
Henly, Mar)' 
Tatlock, Sarah 
Hallett, Elizabeth 
Spooner, Eliz. 
Bryan, Anne 

Painter, Elizabeth 
Tanner, Elizabeth 
Beighton, Eliz. 
Howard, Eliz. 
Phillips, Anne 
Limbray, Eliz. 
Read, Mary 

Bell, Anthony 
Weight, Richard 
Ayre, Ralph 
8 Fen wick, William 
Penson, John 
Dixon, Thomas 
Hawkins, John 
Edwards, Rice 

Low, Anne 
Danford, Mary 
Lewis, Mary 
Cason, Cordelia 
Edwards, Maria 
Els worth, Eliz. 
Taylor, Mary 
Dole, Philadina 

9 Steevens, BenjamineWallis, Elizabeth 

10 Jary, John 

Howgill, Thomas 

12 Curson, John 

13 Gatliffe, John 
Crudge, William 

14 Farmer, William 
Taylor, Thomas 

Buckston, Rose 
Mathews, Anne 
Pemberton, Rose 
Ward, Susanna 
Thomas, Joan 
Chasely, Susanna 
Leman, Elizabeth 

Courthorpe, William Busbridge, Hester 
Aikman, Patrick Freewolla, Anne 

15 Stacey, Nicholas 
Hale, John 

16 Craford, William 
Heard, Thomas 

17 Wildman, Robert 

18 Welch, William 
Hunter, Joseph 
Rockall, Richard 
Anderson, Andrew- 
Hills, John 

Aldersey, Benjamin Newman, Eliz. 
Maddox, Francis Gould, Anne 
Smith, William 

20 Egerton, Charles 
Freeman, Thomas 
Vere, William 

21 Barton, John 
Cotterell, Robert 
Woods, John 

22 Arnall, Richard 

Rust, Susanna 
Church, Mary 
English, Elianor 
Wiseman, Mary 
Say well, Judith 
Johnson, Hannah 
Trimnell, Eliz. 
King, Anna 
Harrison, Agnes 
Willis, Mary 

(a) Arnall, Richard 

Green, Anne 
Stsbbing, Sarah 
O' Bryan, Eliz. 
Downes, Sarah 
Hutchins, Martha 
Dod, Catherine 
Martin, Elianor 


Cromwell, Eliz. 
Thornton, Eliz. 
North, Anne 
Wright, Anne 
Moss, Jane 

Newby, Joshua 
Gibbs, James 

23 Hart, Nicholas 
Hale, Joseph 
M'Cullock, John 
Megson, Ebenezer Steel, Mary 
Winnock, Edward Hollis, Mary 
Hall, George 

24 Whinnell, Roger 
Higgs, William 
Whitworth, John 
Coomes, Michael 
Ellis, Robert 
Blower, Compton 

25 Osgood, William 

Hannis, Hester 
Brown, Mary 
Jennings, Sarah 
Hall, Mary 
Kirton, Anne 
Edlin, Mary 
Hews, Margaret 
Ellis, Anne 

(a) Probably entered twice in error. 


Faculty Office. 


October, 1712. 

26 Smith, James and 

27 Harding, William 
Dennis, John 

28 Davis, Richard 
Cotterell, Martin 
Hunt, Samuel 
Carrier, John 
Holmes, Zachary 

29 Johnson, John 
Mart, William 
Hill, John 
Brown, Francis 
Roffe, Simpson 
Crogs, Thomas 
Ellis, John 
Boswell, John 

30 Wells, Daniel 
Carter, Garrett 
Mallon, John 
Chapman, John 

Alams, Elizabeth 
Harris, Isabella 
Bray, Mary 
Searle, Martha 
Board, Elizabeth 
Williams, Eliza 
Parker, Mary 
King, Tamer 
Burwood, Anne 
Hayes, Elizabeth 
Mills, Elizabeth 
Humphrey, Olive 
Withers, Alice 
Taylor, Elizabeth 
Brightrep, Susan 
Williams, Jane 
Bratherton, Mary 
Fowler, Mary 
Timberland, Love 

November, 1712. 

1 Tame, Thomas and 

3 Derenancour, John 
Hoare, Gary 
Ryall, Samuel 

4 Sweetland, William 
Hudson, Henrv 

5 Crampton, Andrew 
Odell, Michael 

6 Laundy, Edward 
Evans, Thomas 

7 Gilbert, Francis 
Bridges, Stephen 

8 Stables, Edward 
Thorne, Anthony 

9 Alkin, James 
10 Peters, William 

Williams, John 

12 Brown, Benjamin 
Nankevall, Walter 
Williams, Henry 
Lockey, William 
Hill, George 

13 Dixon, John 
Hitchin, Edward 

14 Wharrie, W 7 illiam 

15 Toppin, William 
Green, John 
Bell, John 

18 Goter, William 

19 Deane, Thomas 

20 Lake, William 
Williams, Henry 

21 Murray, George 

Dafforne, Mary 
Ellis, Cassandra 
Kimpton, Anne 
Gardner, Jane 
Tindall, Mary 
Hands, Mary 
Silvester, Frances 
Osborne, Dorothy 
Smith, Mary 
Booth, Sarah 
Tyrer, Mary 

Deberdt, Susanna 
Knight, Mary 
Nash, Mary 
Flood, Grace 
Tallis, Elizabeth 
Blaydes, Eliz. 
Duberick, Anne 
Cooper, Jane 
Sackeville, Eliz. 
Daniell, Elizabeth 
Adams, Elizabeth 
Lawndy, Mary 
Hawes, Frances 
Roberts, Grace 
Darling, Judith 
Plaw, Jane 
Stowers, Mary 
Hancock, Eliz. 
Parsons, Mary 
Bays, Anne 
Gravett, Anne 

21 Viall, Nathaniel and 

Foord, Peter 
24 Alpe, Richard 

Wiggins, Robert 

27 Gardiner, Edmond 
Cook, William 

28 Carter, Henry 
Baignoux, Timothy 
Lloyd, Edward 

29 Hayes, Francis 
Hay ward, John 
Ragg, Francis 
Moorcroft, James 

Steevens, Isaac 
Thompson, Joseph 

Nicholl, Sarah 
Bonniface, Anne 
Hoett, Hester 
Wright, Anne 
Williams, Elianor 
Sutton, Magdalen 
Woodman, Eliz. 
Renew, Margaret 
Denham, Martha 
Read, Dorothy 
Hewit, Susannah 
Burrowes, Grace 

Careswell, Martha 
Hunt, Mary Crich 

December, 1712. 

1 Smith, James and Christopher, Anne 
Jeoffrays, Edward Gardner, Eliz. 
Rowley, Richard Jenkins, Elizabeth 
Fitzgerald, Maurice Pearne, Mary 
Taylor, Richard Dagnall, Rebecca 

2 Slator, John 
Westcott, George 
Bridges, George 

3 Harvey, Edward 

5 Barlow, Thomas 
Jenks, Isaac 

6 Mare, Mathew 
Mines, John 
Halbord, James 
Jones, Charles 
Gregg, Thomas 
Mandy, Henry 
Munday, Thomas 

8 Ayliffe, William 
Shutter, Richard 
Steward, John 
Courthope, Peter 

9 Forde, William 
Davis, John 
Hopkins, Francis 

Meakins, Eliz. 
Bassham, Sarah 
Wolfe, Anne 
Bynns, Henrietta 
Myers, Mary 
Hornsby, Anne 
Collier, Sarah 
Wharton, Eliz. 
Elliott, Margaret 
Howell, Dorothy 
Lewis, Elizabeth 
Huit, Sarah 
Barnes, Susanna 
Edgington, Eliz. 
Jesopp, Katherine 
Moses, Sarah 
Cox, Anne 
Wilson, Mary 
Gilham, Joyce 
Driver, Mary 
Seers, Mary 

10 Headly, W T illiam 
Sykes, Arthur Ashley Williams, Eliz. 

11 Soden, William Rosell, Sarah 
Bailey, Richard Smith, Elizabeth 
Robinson, John Austin, Anne 
Berryman, William Hall, Elizabeth 
Martin, Thomas Coleson, Frances 

12 Robinson, Edward 
Sear, John 

13 Powell, Mathew 
Taylor, John 

Garrett, Henry 
Walker, Russell 
15 Johes, Thomas 
Satchell, William 

Prince, Mary 
Todd, Susanna 
West, Mary 
Davoe, Mary 
Buckle, Elizabeth 
King, Anne 
Lambert, Anne 


Marriage Licences. 



December, 1712. 

15 Boarer, Hamlet and 

16 Feaver, Francis 
Walter, Mathew 
King, Henry 
Young", Buckler 
Fletcher, William 

17 Welstead, William 
Merry well, John 
Lutwych, Edward 

Murray, John 

18 Anderson, Hugh 
Newman, Thomas 
Crosley, Nathan 

1 g Andrews, Mary 
Martin, Isaac 
Garrett, Richard 

20 Toms, Miles 
Bartlett, John 
Urquhart, John 

21 Atkins, John 

22 Greisell, Thomas 
Davis, David 
Coates, James 
German, John 
Hulls, William 
Banks, Hamond 
Hinkson, John 

23 Maxey, Joseph 
Hurst, Thomas 
Paiton, Samuel 
Lyon, Baptisti 

Parker, Charles 

24 Hornby, George 
Gardner, William 
Co well, John 

25 Clowes, Ralph 

26 Parker, William 
Matthews, William 
Sackler, William 
Smith, Lancelot 
Pike, Thomas 
Davis, Daniel 
Archer, Thomas 

27 Lucas, John 
Copsey, Charles 
Arthur, Owen 

28 Pigg, Thomas 

29 Rousillion, Henry 
Ogden, John 

30 Robinson, Thomas 
Hamilton, Robert 
Stubley, John 

31 Crockford, Henry 

Swinsted, Margt. 
Deale, Sarah 
Frizell, Elizabeth 
Marshall, Mary 
Capell, Mary 
Coffin, Susanna 
Chapman, Mary 
Pinnishing, Anne 

Anton, Sarah 
Weatherall, Mary 
Addamson, Mary 
D'Saye, Jane 
Webber, Robert 
Bowman, Alice 
Mantle, Mary 
Penhallick, Mary 
Paine, Joyce 


Evans, Mary 
Marriot, Anne 
Wilcox, Grace 
Butler, Anne 
Osborne, Mary 
Rogers, Anne 
Taft, Anne 
Bockett, Martha 
Dennis, Elizabeth 
Pace, Martha 
Milner, Christo. 

Woodall, Mary 
Tomlinson, Dor. 
Toms, Mary 
Rogerson, Mary 
Stacey, Elizabeth 
Stringer, Eliz. 
Smith, Anne 
Atlee, Susanna 
Cheeseman, Mary 
Ingram, Alice 
Smith, Anne 
Brown, Mary 
Porter, Hannah 
Bird, Elizabeth 
Holland, Rebecca 
Brooker, Joanna 
Coffin, Lewisa 
Jagger, Eliz. 
Hill, Frances 
Janneway, Margt. 
Hancock, Sarah 

31 Hunt, Robert and Boyer, Hester 

Sumer, Thomas 
Hamilton, Samuel 

Mildmay, Charles 
Chettoe, John 

Winship, Mary 

Hawke, Jacoba 
Ransom, Eliz. 

January, 1712-13. 

1 Waters, Anthony and 
Pinfold, John 

2 Bond, Charles 
Sulleven, John 
Horrell, Joseph 
Smith, Robert 

3 Baker, Henry 
Hunt, Edmond 

5 Scott, Thomas 
Foxall, Zacharias 
Cartwright, Elias 
Feild, Thomas 

6 Glasbrooke, Simon 
Paine, John 
Yaxley, Benjamin 
Sharpe, John 

7 French, John 

Wilkinshaw, Thos. 
Bint, Richard 
Frombter, John 

8 Matthews, Richard 
Fernier, Stephen 

9 Dorsett, Phillip 
Tomkyns, Fletcher 
Seddon, John 
Buck, Thomas 

10 Dove, Thomas 
Ordway, Henry 
Wilson, Christopher 
Vize, William 
Essington, John 

12 King, Thomas 
Hall, Peter 
Jay, Windover 

13 Carrington, John 
Hulse, Edward 
Baker, Thomas 
Ditnall, John 
Downes, Williarn 
Hare, Edward 
Abbott, Leonard 
Kingston, Thomas 

Lewson, John 

14 Francklin, John 
Dobbs, Thomas 
Brown, Francis 
Stiles, John 

Hilliard, Mary 
Jessop, Mary 
Cooke, Anne 
Browne, Jane 
Ripengale, Anne 
Greene, Anne 
Malthus, Hester 
Morgan, Kath. 
Brown, Anne 
Harris, Elizabeth 
May, Sarah 
Leakey, Anne 
Simpson, Anne 
Parker, Sarah 
Flitcher, Sarah 
Farrell, Elizabeth 

Whitehare, Mary 
Saer, Mary 
Price, Anne 

Huffer, Martha 
Duten, Anne 
Hind, Dorothy 
Wynn, Grace 
Crompton, Mary 
Nicholl, Mary 
Smith, Margaret 
Chambers, Eliz. 
Mitchell, Rebecca 
Davis, Mary 

Buries, Elizabeth 
Alsop, Anne 
Davis, Bridget 
Clarke, Jane 
Levett, Elizabeth 
Norton, x\lice 
Geeck, Mary 
Sawyer, Anne 
Hopkins, Kath. 
Shaw, Martha 

Newnham, Mary 
Turner, Anne 
Brookes, Abigael 
Smith, Mary 
French, Mary 


Faculty Office. 


January, 1712-13. 

14 Cock, John and 
Jones, Thomas 
Gillbank, Joseph 
Ryan, Anthony 

15 Isham, Edward 
Page, John 
Whiteway, Samuel 
King, James 

16 Steevens, John 
Trott, John 
Rouse, Isaac 

17 Masterman, William 
Guise, John 
Holyday, William 
Biggs, Christopher 
Mayre, Thomas 
Faithfull, Samuel 

19 Barry, Joseph 
Bud, George 

Frederick, Daniel 
Smith, Robert 
Burdeaux, Peter 
Stanley, Joseph 
(a) Earl of Hay, 

The Rt. Hon. 

Bettenham, James 

20 Browne, Abraham 
Nottige, Alexander 

21 Sharpless, James 
Skingle, Richard 

Arnold, John 

22 Taylor, Thomas 
Boreck, Roger 
Allison, John 
Parrot, Henry 
Lawrence, John 
Charriot, John 
Dorret, Thomas 
Underbome, Dedlof 
Gray, John 

23 Orchard, Francis 

24 Duke, John 
Ferris, John 
Turrell, Robert 
Bailey, John 
King, Joseph 

26 Bellis, John 
Bumm, Richard 

27 Speed, Phillip 

Dorrington, Eliz. 
Weston, Anne 
Harris, Rebecca 
Keble, Elizabeth 
Fenton, Faithfull 
Henchman, Judith 
Higgons, Jane 
Shephard, Eliz. 
Steevens, Mary 
Cadman, Sarah 
Oliver, Susan 
Church, Elizabeth 
Banks, Anne 
Lashley, Mary 
Sands, Elizabeth 
Hewit, Anne 
Weaver, Mary 
Loder, Abagael 
Hay ward, 

Burtwell, Eliz. 
Jenkins, Francis 
Cuenot, Anne 
Hickman, Sarah 
Whitfeild, Anne 

Allport, Mary 
Mathew, Anne 
Brentice, Sarah 
Jeacock, Eliz. 
Stubbs, Dorothy 
Yates, Katherine 

Arnold, Winifred 
Edwards, Sarah 
Best, Rebecca 
Labin, Sarah 
Holford, Kath. 
Legget, Martha 
Pigg", Mary 
Hilliard, Persia 
Hull, Mary 
Cox, Mary 
Rawlins, Mary 
Noakes, Susanna 
Yeomans, Eliz. 
Cordell, Sarah 
Harrison, Eliz. 
Dell, Martha 
Woodin, Eliz. 
Flower, Mary 

{a) Archibald Campbell, created Earl of Hay, 
19th October, 1706, succeeded, 4th October, 1743, 
as third Duke of Argyll. 

27 Hammond, Wm. and 
Williams, Thomas 
Loader, Richard 
Lewis, Francis 

Ridout, Thomas 
Turner, John 
Bybie, Thomas 

28 Brown, James 
Evans, Henry 
Comin, Valence 

29 Simpson, Thomas 
Fleet, James 
Ekington, Francis 
Wrather, Thomas 
Newton, William 

30 Dimsdale, Jeremiah 
Cole, John 
Knight, Francis 
Bell, Charles 

31 Strickland, William 
Brinnen, Richard 
Garrett, Johnson 
Cogan, Richard 
Nicholson, Peter 
Cross, Peter 

Reeves, Elizabeth 
Neale, Elizabeth 
Burgin, Anne 

Bond, Anne 
Choyce, Jane 
Wyat, Elizabeth 
Halfpeny, Sarah 
Murray, Eliz. 
Lucas, Mary 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Malyn, Elizabeth 
Burling, Martha 
Bayly, Rebecca 
Lloyd, Handy 
Cooper, Sarah 
Latimore, Eliz. 
Hannis, Elizabeth 
Fuller, Mary 
Goodin, Frances 
Carle, Mary 
White, Jane 
French, Anne 
White, Elizabeth 
Burman, Eliz. 

February, 1712-13. 

2 Thackeray, John and 
Keen, John 

Hobs, Samuel 
Taylor, George 
Ellis, William 
Russell, William 

3 Goddard, William 
Knight, Thomas 
Parren, John 
Cuttance, Edward 

4 Browne, John 
Gardiner, Thomas 
Harvey, Daniel 
Maddon, James 
Jones, Richard 

5 Tilden, Daniel 
Wakeman, Thomas 
Lighter, Jeremiah 

Frewin, John 
Quarrindon, William 
Davis, James 
Jacobs, Benjamin 
Davis, John 

6 Marriott, Richard 
Lamb, George 
Bull, Joseph 
Bently, Ebenezer 
Holmes, Bryan 

7 Woods, Abraham 

Shrosebury, Mary 
Green, Sarah 
Kimber, Anne 
Fossett, Hannah 
Tudor, Mary 
Letts, Alice 
Derby, Elizabeth 
Hughes, Eliz. 
Swain, Mary 
Reynolds, Eliz. 
Bransby, Mary 
Lawder, Isabella 
Evans, Anne 
Foukes, Mary 
Allen, Mary 
Walley, Sarah 
Treharne, Anne 
Frankland, Eliz. 

Fox, Lettice 
Latham, Hester 
Haynes, Mary 
Sackley, Jane 

Marshall, Eliz. 
Meredith, Joan 
Shephard, Anne 
Holdrop, Jenny 
Evans, Katherine 
Lody, Elizabeth 


Marriage Licences. 


February, 1712-13. 

7 Young, Thomas and 

Jones, Griffith 
Garrett, Edward 
9 Pilkinton, Richard 
Baker, Edward 
Freeke, John 
Ridyeard, William 
Rose, Peter 

10 King, Thomas 
Ayres, John 
Amherst, Jeffery 
Palen, Robert 
Eyre, Charles 

11 May, William 
Porter, Thomas 
Wilson, John